Expedited Services

If your project is Expedited it means we are guaranteeing a set turnaround time.  You pay an extra amount for this.

The time starts when all your models arrive in the studio.  If you have stragglers, that delays the time.

As part of the deal, you have to check in once a week and mention your specific deadline.  You will be issued your deadline the first time you check in.  You will send an email asking explicitly "What is my exact deadline?" on your first check-in.  The reason for this is that it can't be set until all the models are in the studio.

The cost is factored from the assembly/painting cost for your project:
+20% for an eight week deadline
+30% for a six week deadline
+40% for a four week deadline

The end mark is the day that we get pictures up of your product for final review.  If you have revisions that need to be done, we'll make them reasonably quick, but it doesn't count against the time.  Once we put up those pictures, the clock is off!

We are highly, highly motivated to meet the deadline.  If we fail to meet it, then you get the amount you paid reverted into a credit for assembly/painting OR for www.bluetablestore.com  It's not refunded.

Champions 2040

Rough draft.
This is based on the Millenium City book.

The year is 2040

In 2030, Salt Lake City was reduced to rubble.  Even though the populace was in the process of a near complete evacuation there was a massive loss of human life.  The country and the world rallied, and with the help of newly emerged heroes a gleaming metropolis was rebuilt. 

  • Buildings are 3D printed on site by massive printers that are brought in by helicopter.  Human workers put on finishing touches.  This has allowed exotic architecture.
  •  Amazon and Google merge to become “Amazoogle” one of many emerging corporate states operating in the framework of regular governments.
  • Uber still exists and has a fleet of car-sized flying drones that operate as flying taxis.
  • Low altitude flight lanes exist for flying cars.  These look more like huge four-propeller drones and are mostly used by automated package and taxi services.

  • In 2028 a teleporting hero (who can only go places he has seen) undertakes the years-long journey to Mars.  Once there he starts ferrying people and cargo to form a martian base.  It is now a city of 20,000 inhabitants.  Terraforming efforts are underway thanks to a separate hero “Plantman” who creates vast forests that start producing breathable air.
  • Most things are run now by quarter-sized discs of glowing blue metal called “blues” or “batteries”.  Houses, cities, cars… pretty much everything.  Adapters for combustion engines are created and almost every car on the planet is switched to electric power.  The global power structure is shifted as fossil fuels go extinct.  This power source originates in the US, and puts the country into an enviable and prosperous state.  Naturally, this is also weaponized into power weapons.
  •  Various hyper-intelligent heroes create  new technologies, but these are usually hidden, guarded, or just not generally adopted.
  •  In 2033 a child hero dubbed “Hyperspace” was able to achieve faster than light travel and survive in space, but has an initial few terrifying experiences jetting into the vacuum and darkness of the void.  He is being trained to reach and explore interstellar regions.  He is now a teenager and has explored the solar system and made three trips to Alpha Centauri. He can travel one light year in an hour.
  • President: Kimberly Noel Kardashian.  Second female president.
  • Netflix bought out Disney.  It only costs $3.99 a month.

  • Androids (droids) are commonplace, but laws prohibit them from too closely approximating humans.  Droid rights is a hotly contested topic, the slavery of the time.  If robots are sentient, then they can’t be treated as slaves.  People are really worked up about this.  “Robosexuals” are generally reviled, but not persecuted.  Mocked but not jailed.  It’s the civil rights issue of the time.  Imagine walking down the street holding hands with your semi-sentient sex doll.  That.
  • Drugs of all kinds can be easily “printed” on molecular home printers.  Not everyone can afford them, so there are centers (like Kinkos) that will print them.  It becomes impossible to ban substances anymore.  Governments at all levels take it on with education.  In 2025 there is a massive wave of home suicides using printed ultra-kill capsules.
  •  Minority Report pre-crime is a fully real thing.  Predictive behavior allows for intervention.  However, people are not arrested for pre-crime.  It is only used as probable cause which usually leads to low level mediation.  For example: if someone seems apt to a violent act, they might start getting texts steering them to help lines and social services.  They might be watched.
  • Heroes gaint massive cult followings, if they operate in the open. 
  • Social Media!  The common form is a Public Relations AI that does all the media for you using behavior prediction to make posts for you.  Cell phones are a thing of the past.  Blue-powered microdrones hover or crawl around the typical citizen and record their behavior, posting as desired using customer-created algorithms.  Basically your phone is a floating personal assistant- out of the way hands-free.  Pet-droids are common. 

  • Supers are a new thing.  Only fifteen years, so it’s still emerging.
  • To be a proper super-hero is one in a million.  There are about five hundred supers in the US, and ten thousand worldwide.  However, only about half of these are documented, the remainder are underground or unknown.  It is supremely rare to have powers. 
  • There are ten-times these numbers of supers that simply have minor power.  Even these allow for them to distinguish themselves in all sorts of professions.  Most of these low-level supers are helpful.  They are not powerful enough to make waves and defend themselves solo, so they usually place nice and integrate into a group for protection.
  • And by another factor of ten for Omega level supers.  One in ten supers has a world-shattering power. These creatures can take out whole countries.  Rumors of a hero that can stop time exist—he is a masked hero that claims to have lived twelve-thousand years between ticking of seconds.  He engages in performance art such as re-painting all cars in a city green, or turning all chairs and desks in a top secret installation upside down.  A three year old having a tantrum sunk the island of Kauai with gravity powers. It is beneath the waves.  She survived.  Another super-villain with molecular transmutation powers has destroyed the gold market by creating five hundred tons of gold.  He lived large until he was assassinated.
  • Copycats are common.  In this universe all our comic book heroes exist (eg the Avengers) and they are often imitated by ultra-cosplayers who have the real powers to back it up.  Other media, like anime or wargames, have this phenomenon as well.  There’s an east coast gadgeteer operating as the “Space Marine” for example.
  • Supers are a huge problem.  Countries and corporate states go out of their way to recruit and support them.  Special ops teams of supers are used to trouble-shoot problems.  Usually other supers.  Branches of law enforcement and military are created to respond to the threat.
  • Super-stars.  Some supers are incredibly famous and wealthy.  One such hero “Tracker” can find anybody, anywhere with just a trace of DNA.  He is in high demand, but is also hunted by people who don’t want people found.  Solution- get rid of all the DNA.  Also, he can’t find a body (but knows that the person is dead).  But yeah, this guy is super-rich.
  • Costumes are generally practical.  Not a lot of bright spandex out there. 

Local Low Levels
These demi-heroes are usually based on 100-150 points, and have fairly regular human stat-lines.  They would get crushed in a real supers fight.  They are often well-equipped and have above average defensive measures (side-arms, light body armor, escape plans, bodyguards and so forth).

Reflex (aka Slappy, Josh McGee) a man with super-reflexes, so fast that he can hit bullets out of the air, or catch arrows easily.  He is not a speedster.  He works as a computer programmer.  He types and processes at 2500 WPM.  He needs specialty computers to keep up, and will literally destroy a regular keyboard.  He wears specialty gloves to absorb high impacts.

Drama Mama (aka Sally Elders) A mother of eight, who has a limited mental power, anyone that listens to her gets caught up emotionally in what she says, going along with her nonsense.  She can only affect one person at a time.  She is also a fitness model (blonde, short hair).

Amputator (aka Darrel Drummond) A potentially very dangerous creature.  At short range (2m) he can perfectly cut off a limb, including a head, creating a perfectly healed stump on both sides.  He works at the hospital.  He does not like being called "Amputator".

Levitator (aka Vertical Babe, Babe Persons) She can fly, and has high strength, but can only go straight up or down.  She works as a contractor with a personal website for those that might need her very odd powers.  Sometimes in construction but also to get to difficult to reach places.  Often as a guide to exotic locales.

Amnesia (aka Mindwipe, Blackout, Shelley Warren) A teenage girl who can make someone completely forget the last one minute to one hour.  She has to touch the target's skull and look into their eyes.  After using her power she also forgets a similar amount of time.  She is very clever with it, and has an AI that updates her in the event of a blackout.

Horchata-man (aka Juan Gonzaga) He can create a liquid identical to horchata.  It manifests out of his hands.  It's kind of super-gross.  It's theorized that he could have more powers, such as to duplicate other liquids.  People are mostly grossed out by his body-created liquid and won't drink it.  The thing is that he can create firehose intensity streams.  As a local joke he is called up as a firefighter.  He's tried to make other liquids, but for whatever reason he has a mental block and can only make different flavors of horchata.

The Angels (aka Joseph and Estelle Stuart) Fraternal twins age twenty with the power to restore the human body.  Some of their clients make themselves sick again with bad mental state.  Needless to say they are fabulously wealthy and live on a private and incredibly secure compound in the eastern hills.  Normally the range of their power is touch, but working together they can increase the radius to a few meters and do mass healings.  They used to travel the world and do work in poorer countries, but after a bad experience they now keep to their compound or take short well-guarded forays into the world.

Cartwheel (aka Ruby Slippers) Yes, her parents named her that.  She is seventeen years old and a master gymnast.  Her power is to reduce personal impacts.  She can fall from a great height or hit the floor hard and bounce back, which combined with supernatural dexterity, make her by far the most accomplished gymnast in the world.

Mars Baby (aka Mars, Wynne Stover) The first boy child born on Mars has red skin.  He is now eight years old and has limited teleportation powers.  He can only jump after one minute of meditation and can go to any place where his living cells can be found.  He senses them like a web in his mind.  The range is currently limited to a hundred meters, but that range is expanding.

Muscle Man (aka Corinth Sapper) A Brazilian ex-pat who is a proper brick.  Big and muscly he can bench press a bus.  He's a performer that travels six months out of the year.  Well-respected and loved the world over.  Husband to Sparkler.

Sparkler (aka Dorla Sapper) Descended from icelandic pioneers, this mormon mom can create colorful explosions from paint that resemble metallic fireworks.  She uses this in performance art with her husband on the road.  Little known fact, she can use her powers to deadly effect when needed, causing smoke and deadly fire to rain out of common painted surfaces.  Her children have various even lower level powers as well.

Delta Level Heroes

Zero endurance not allowed.
Character concepts need to be at least semi-serious.  This isn’t “The Tick” or “Mystery Men”.  But it’s also not Blade Runner.

Tau and Chaos Incoming

Got a Tau and Chaos trade coming in.

1X Dark Apostle
1X Abaddon
1X Lord Discordant
1X chaos Space Marine Box
2X Havocs boxes
1X Plague marine box
1X Ethereal
1X Darkstrider
1X Cadre Fireblade
3X Fire Warrior/Breacher boxes
1X Pathfinder box
1X Broadside
1X Hammerhead
3X Riptide
1X OOP Commander Upgrade Pack
1X OOP FW Vehicle Launcher Upgrade Pack


Several unbuilt gun drones, 
8X Tactical drone sprues(16 drones) with flight stands, 
17X Built markerlight, 
18X built gun drones, 
4X Pathfinder specialty drones
1X custom Farsight
1X custom Cadre Fireblade, base painted/primed
1X Shadowsun(metal) with her drones. She is magnetized for both head options as well as several weapon option for some reason. painted, drones unpainted
1X Devilfish that may be missing some parts
2X Devilfish built, 1 poorly primed, 1 beautifully painted
2X Hammerheads, both seem to be base painted
48X Fire Warriors with pulse rifles, all but 3 painted
10X Fire Warriors with pulse carbines, painted 
6X stealth suits, 4 of which are the beautiful old sculpt! 5 painted, one primed
8X Pathfinders(OOP metal), including one rail rifle. Painted
12X crisis suits. Unpainted, but beautifully based, dynamically posed, and magnetized for all options. Rare 5 CIB's included!
A bunch of extra parts including some third party
CSM half of Shadowspear NOS
DG half of Dark Imperium built
most current Codex's for: DG, Tau, And CSM, as well as the Tau datacard

Sisters of Battle

+ HQ +
Canoness: Power maul, Relic: Book of St. Lucius, Storm bolter
Canoness: Chainsword, Relic: Blade of Admonition, Storm bolter
+ Troops +
Battle Sister Squad
. 2x Battle Sister
. Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Storm bolter
. Battle Sister w/ Special Weapon: Storm bolter
. Sister Superior: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter
Battle Sister Squad
. 2x Battle Sister
. Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Storm bolter
. Battle Sister w/ Special Weapon: Storm bolter
. Sister Superior: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter
Battle Sister Squad
. 2x Battle Sister
. Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Storm bolter
. Battle Sister w/ Special Weapon: Storm bolter
. Sister Superior: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter
+ Fast Attack +
Dominion Squad
. Dominion Superior: Bolt pistol, Combi-melta
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
Dominion Squad 
. Dominion Superior: Bolt pistol, Combi-melta
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
Dominion Squad 
. Dominion Superior: Bolt pistol, Combi-melta
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
Seraphim Squad : 4x Seraphim
. Seraphim Superior: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
+ Heavy Support +
Exorcist (razorback with missilelauncher)
Exorcist (razorback with missilelauncher)
Retributor Squad 
. Retributor Superior: Bolt pistol, Combi-melta
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
Retributor Squad 
. Retributor Superior: Bolt pistol, Combi-melta
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
Retributor Squad 
. Retributor Superior: Bolt pistol, Combi-melta
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
+ Dedicated Transport +
Immolator: Immolation Flamer
Immolator: Immolation Flamer
Immolator: Immolation Flamer
Sororitas Repressor: Heavy flamer, Storm bolter, Storm bolter
Sororitas Repressor: Heavy flamer, Storm bolter, Storm bolter
Sororitas Repressor: Heavy flamer, Storm bolter, Storm bolter

KINGMAKER chronicles


Desnus 1
I have a feeling I am going to prefer life on the road. Interacting with people and trying to please them back in Cuus’s alchemy lab is insidious. But today, I’m breaking out – like a seed in the ground – let this old carapace die in the dirt, because I’m going up. Newness often comes from the death of things, and I’m ready for something new.
I’ve decided to record these travels for future reference. Weeks ago, Cuus aided me in finding a band of explorers seeking to go South to “see” the land. One of which is a half-orc like himself. There are two others in our party but stayed behind one more night to celebrate in Brevoy. Karn, the half-orc and I set out early this morning. We might as well have stayed and partied, however, because we didn’t make it far before running into a pig dog den. My qlaive skills are rusty and I only managed to cut one of the dog’s ears off. If Karn hadn’t been there with his great-ass axe to chop their heads off, I’m not sure what would have happened. Karn is an easygoing, and skilled Summoner, I think he will make a great member. I suppose our encounter was profitable, we found Alchemist’s fire and a few other treasures (Bacon) – as well as a taste of the life that lies before us. I hope the future tastes like bacon. As much as I wanted to smile at Karn or suck the life from one of the pig dogs, I refrained. I can’t have anyone knowing my origins yet. I will spend my first night on the grassy green ground enjoying the darkness like a comforter. Spring is softer here out in the un-tread lands. It’s welcoming and dangerous.


Desnus 2
I got bacon again today. But before that, our two party members caught up with us; Rosalee the Cleric and Nisa the HobGoblin Fighter. I could see them more clearly now that we were out of Brevoy. Rosalee sparkled in the sunlight a bit and was kind enough to heal all the bite wounds I had clumsily acquired from the pig dogs. Shortly into our trek we visited a very abandoned town, so abandoned all that was left was a needle and rope. As we carried on, we began to follow stone signs with the marks “OTP”. There were no more run-ins with pig dogs – only beautiful prairie flowers, and no trees to micturate behind. As the sun was setting we fortunately arrived at “Oleg’s Trading Post” ( I’d hoped it stood for “Oh Thanks Pal”). The trading post was simple; a few buildings, animals and hired hands. Oleg also seemed simple, and at peace, and racist, maybe? I suppose he may not like dealing with most people, which is relatable. Rose sensed good things from him. On the other hand, even Nisa noticed Oleg’s wife, Svetlana was disrupted by her surroundings. Luckily, I did not taste any of her discontentment in the meal of bacon and bread she made us for dinner. It was delicious. I noticed she did not wear a wedding band, and wondered how far her discontentment had gone. During dinner conversation we learned more of “OTP”; including the loss due to bandits at the start of each month. Oleg had almost lost his hand in the most recent raid – if Svetlana hadn’t offered up her wedding ring in exchange. It’s safe to say, we’re all up for an adventure and made a deal with Oleg concerning the bandits: Free stay at OTP, 3 potions, 50 gp and 10% off items we buy from Oleg – if the bandits stay away for 8? Weeks. Svetlana kindly kicked their pet pig out of the trough so that I could take a dark bath before bed. As we headed to our sleeping quarters, I noticed Svetlana headed to the shack nearby, obviously to sleep. 

Desnus 3
Sure enough, morning came and we had bandits for breakfast. No, but I wish.
The bandits did arrive as Oleg anticipated and our first combat as a party ensued. The four bandits proved to be skilled archers and took out Karn along with his summoned eidolon, Shima. Once we knocked out their leader, Nisa and I were able to chase them down. This time my glaive skills returned to me and I slashed them. Nisa’s archery skills really saved us too. Rose tended to Karn’s injuries. She was surprisingly nimble despite the ale I saw her add to her oatmeal this morning. We decorated the tree near the entrance to OTP with bandit-ornaments to ward off future hostility. Then we gathered our new possessions: four horses with saddle bags. I ended up with a brown horse, which I bestowed the name Mousse. We spent the evening resting at OTP. Rose celebrated our victory and offered her flask to us. I was surprised at her offer. Why is she being kind to me?


Desnus 4
Today we rode 25 miles South West to explore and look for the bandits hideout, but were halted by an enormous centipede. I was tempted to turn and run. However, Nisa reminded us that we are here to face our foes, and conquer them. Before I realized it, the damn Pede snatched my horse Mousse and nearly took out Karn. My glaive kept missing the centipede’s shimmy-ing movements. The other members advanced against it. Karn, in his Orc-ferocity gave a final blow, killing the Pede and then falling unconscious. It was too late, Mousse had become dessert. I grieved the abrupt loss of my sweet new transportation. 
After attending to Karn, the others wanted to move on to explore the area. Despite the numbness of losing my horse, I noticed the area was very beautiful. It was a wooded area decorated with unusual trees. We also came across large foliage protruding from the ground, as well as, enormous, red bulbas things. Radishes! Karn fed part of one to Shima, soon enough it was fast asleep. Rose observed that the radishes are sleep inducing. Just beyond the magical radish patch we came across sleeping fish-like creatures. The party discovered that they are troglodytes and evil. Nisa stealthily crept up and killed all four of them all in their sleep, while we watched. After we passed a toppled stag statue, we decided to gather a few radishes and head back to OTP. We arrived at dusk and presented Oleg with an enormous radish as a gift. He loved it. We took inventory and bought potions and things from Oleg. At dinner Svetlana inquired whether we had found her wedding ring. Karn named the wooded area we explored “ Rad Nap Hollow”.

Desnus 5
Today was mostly a rest day to hang around OTP (“Old Trog Poop”). In the evening Nisa was sneaking around the main building trying to get an idea about Oleg. But she uncharacteristically tripped knocking a bunch of things over. Oleg came in, laughed and helped pick it up. We headed to bed, but were awakened at 1am (Desnus 6) by visitors entering the trading post. Rose and Nisa jumped up and went to spy on the scene. Karn sent his eidolon as well. The main visitor with an eloquent quiver and a scar over his left eye, handed Oleg a scroll case. Oleg whistled and Kestrel his hired hand joined the scene. Oleg invited two of the men inside and nervously searched until he pulled out some paperwork. Things seemed to be peaceful so we headed back to bed. Kestrel and Osgood also tried to join us in our sleeping quarters but were sent to the shed by Oleg.

Desnus 6
It was a misty morning – we were all up early to keep an eye on the visitors. Especially Nisa. Had she even gone to bed? After Kestrel made us breakfast, we finally introduced ourselves to the visitors. The main guy’s name was Keston Garrus, and had three men with him; half elven triplets called the Kel brothers. We discovered that they were paid to come from Brevoy and help OTP. Rose, with her charisma, revealed that their attitude towards us was unfriendly. Rose and I split off from the group and followed them a bit, with a sense motive Rose discovered that they are here for other reasons than what they told us. Oleg pulled us aside and requested that we don’t fight with Keston. Tonight we decided to take shifts doing a night watch. Where is our HobGoblin? I thought she was on first watch with Rose, but the last thing I saw was her clothes on the ground in our quarters and some chortling black creature rolling in the mud. I was too tired to care. Abruptly woken from my sleep again, I hear Nisa mumble something in the dark about “..welcome.” and then Oleg barges in to wake us up with news: “Keston is dead.” He suspects it was the bandits and asks us to look around with him. Oleg wrapped Keston in a tarp and the Kel brothers spoke of Keston’s past revealing he was banished and ended up becoming a mercenary in Restov. Karn invited them into our party, but they did not seem interested, maybe they are too grieved to think of that right now.

Kingmaker Previous Session Notes

Serenith 14: 
BANDIT HUNT: It is dusk and the party goes bandit hunting! Left the burning wreckage behind and headed south. Twas a clear-moon lit night as we headed towards the forest and a river. Cross a river and discover the bandit camp. As we approach, Nisa investigates and finds a ravine, 20+ captives tied up, 10 horses and 1 donkey (dumbass). There is a cliff on one side. Nisa gives a sword to one of the captives (Dingle) and tells him to start freeing the others. Rose enlarges and shields herself – dang, that's a lot a Assimar – Barth takes on Bear's Endurance and prepares his spells, Alu receives Mage's armor and Protection from arrows, and Nisa rolls in the mud. Woot, ready for for battle.

AMBUSH: Nisa is attacked from the cliff behind with raining arrows, and receives a crap ton of damage. The Stag Lord whispers in her ear something about knowing herself and her enemies. She books it into the trees near us. Stag Lord knows our names. Pig dogs - Alu bombs them, Barth also attacks them. Rose Stomps and does sound damage to Sag Lord. The fight continues with Barth casting some sick spells, and NIsa picking off bandits with her bow. We decide to make our way around and up the cliff to find Sag Lord, Alu hitches a ride on the Great Rose, meanwhile bats bites bring her hp down even more. Barth casts a strong spell, but it is eluded. We kill Sag Lord only to find he was a slave wearing Stag Lord's mask.

CHASE: We mount horses and chase after the Sag Lord beyond the cliff. There is a Druid with him, and Rose casts silence, but it doesn't affect him. Nisa continues to hit with arrows! Barth casts Oppressive Boredom and Color Spray and Stuns them. Alu takes their weapons and Bombs them. Eventually we kill Stag Lord! However his Druid sidekick absorbs into the Rock like a moody teenager, and we have to kill a whole hour before finishing him off.

BOOTY: helm, amulet, ring

Battle Reports- Standards and Details

Welcome Batreppers!

My studio is about twenty-five foot square, with a single table in the middle.  When you arrive*, I will have the place tidied up and the terrain set up.  Sometimes, you may need to set up the terrain in which case a bin will be on hand.

I am located near Liberty Park in downtown Salt Lake City.  If you want to set up your first round, contact me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com 

I will have two side tables ready.  These are for your armies and equipment.  You will set up your painted armies there for a preamble video showing your forces.  During the report, keep the table clear of dice and other paraphernalia, as well as soda cans etc.  Don't break the illusion!

You will use my camera, getting it all on a single SD card.  We don't edit our batreps.  I just string them together and upload them.  So be sure to get it right the first time!

Make sure the door to the main house is closed and locked the whole time.

A battle report is worth a credit of $X, agreed on ahead of time.  This amount is a total for both players, not each.  So, if it were a $50 credit that would be the total to split between the two players.  Thus, a friend and yourself could theoretically get whole new armies by just doing so many battle reports.  If you did twenty at (say) $50, that would be $1000 retail.

The credit can only be used for commonly available items, that would come through a local game shop (such as Games Workshop plastics, but not Forge World).  You can pick up your items at Blakfyre Games in Pleasant Grove or my studio.  If you give me seven to fourteen days heads up, I can have your items ready for pickup on completion of the battle report.  But you can just keep your credit on tap if you want.  You can also use your credit on www.bluetablestore.com  Tell me ahead of time which lots you want.

Camera work should be steady and stay focused on the actions (dice rolls, models, or speaker).  Don't drift off!  Look through the camera lens when filming.

I have painted armies you can use.  Be careful with them, put everything back when done, and set aside any broken figures for repair.  If you use your own army, it has to be completely painted with no proxies (but alternate sculpts are allowed and encouraged!)

Clean up when you're done.

Elements of a professional grade battle report:

  • Batrep is a product demonstration
  • Have fun.  Show two humans having a good time with good sportsmanship
  • One Take
  • Rated G
  • Show figures in best light, no figures jumbled together
  • Keep food and drink on side tables
  • No shirts with logos
  • 16mm dice with clear pips, no logos/symbols
  • Keep camera steady and on the action
  • Enthusiastically narrate what is happening
  • Educate both novice and expert
  • No music in the background
  • Stop the action periodically to show how a unit works or make comments on tactics
  • Look up rules off camera, then show what you found (page number)
  • WYSIWYG is preferred but there is wiggle room on weapons/armament 
  • Tabling your opponent on turn 02 doth not a batrep make!   Unless you want to talk tactics for an hour after that

Armies available:
Grey Knights

Beasts of Chaos
Dropzone Commander (two armies)

You can do a battle report for 40K (the best option), or Age of Sigmar, or skirmish games such as Kill Team and WarCry.  Infinity, War Machine, any of those would be cool.

If you finished a battle report in three hours, that would be a surprise.  It usually takes four or five hours, with filming, to get one done.

If you are good at it, you will be asked back and paid more.  Looking forward to meeting you.


*smelling good.  You should be showered and deodorized.  I will notice.

Hero of the Imperium- Summer 2019

This is a limited offer; two slots.

$5000 for a $10,000 assembly/painting credit
$3000 for a $5,000 assembly/painting credit
$2000 for a $3,000 assembly/painting credit

Once you pay, the credit becomes available by by degree each month over ten months.

This is the best shot.  Not cumulative with other specials.  Can only be used for new projects (not to pay off old ones). 
This is first come, first-served. Please contact me via email at bluetablepainting@gmail.com if interested.


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