Blue Table Painting Weekly Project Update

Update: over fifty packages going out!

Here is the complete list of projects we are working on right now.
  • Update Monday July 27th-- six projects have been completed, now in Digital.
  • Active artists: 14
  • Update July 24th.  Reinforcements called in for packing this Mon/Tues and all packages should be on the way.  If you are in the US you should get your models by the Friday July 31.
  • This list is due to be updated again on Friday, July 24th, 2015.
  • BTP historically finishes 100-170 projects every quarter (three months)
  • Right now, the status at BTP is that there is a lump of project going into assembly.  This will get smoothed out as it takes the assemblers 1-2 weeks to get it all done.
  • If your project does not appear on the list, please contact UNLESS you have sent your deposit within the last eight days in which case you should just rest easy.

NM -1Needs Models
R -2Receiving
IN -3Instructions
WA -4Waiting for Assembly
AA -5Active Assembly
WP -6Waiting for Painting
AP -7Active Painting
XUnusual Circumstance

Needs Models
According to BTP records, there are zero models that we need to order.  

Black Templars 02 JRUF
Ogres 01 AFUL

Tau 01 KAUM

War Machine 01 JSNO
Space Marines 01 AAND
Moderns 01 BKIM
Relic Knight 01 JGAT
Imperial Guard 01 MKAR
Ork Biker Boss
Reaper 01 WSAC
*Black Templars 01 BMAN
Lich King 01 JFRA
Chaos Space Marines 01 JROB
Tyranids 01 MFAR
AdMech 01 AZOM

Package is here, not opened yet.
Wood Elves 01 MNGU
Necrons 01 BWER
New Dawn 01 DBAN
Dark Angels 02 BTOB

White Scars 01 NSAS
Warriors of Chaos 01 ASCR
This is a holding area for projects.  A specialist will soon look over your instructions and make sure the document is vetted for the artist.  Projects marked with * mean that we are waiting for you to respond to our email Request for final instructions or there is something else needed.
Space Marines 01 JNEL
High Elves 02 CSCH
Fantasy 01 TROC
Infinity 02 JHOR
Grey Knights 01 AAKE
Mordheim 01 JSJO
Space Marines 04 ASHA
Infinity Tohaa 02 BSMI
War Machine 61 BFRE
Space Marines 02 BLIN iron hands
Warzone 01 CRIN
Black Templars 01 COBR
Eliphas 01 DHER Sovereign fox
Space Marines 01 DGEA white scar
Convergence 01 DCYR
Salamanders 01 JNEW
Adeptus Mechanicus 01 KSMI* new file format required
Blood Angels 01 MRUK* call needed
Khador 02 MCON*
Salamanders 01 NVAU
Death Korps 01 NEVA
Baneblade 01 NWIL
Space Wolves 01 PSAN
DnD 01 PDEA*
Primarchs 01 PMUR*
Infinity 01 RFRE
Wild West 01 SDZY*
Descent 01 TBES
Retribution 03 TSOB
Malifaux Rezzers 01 TMAT
Deathwing 01 TTAF*  supplemental items received 7/27
Contest Marines 01 ADET
Ravenguard 02 NYAX
Warriors of Chaos 04 WLEA

Waiting for Assembly
Assigned to an assembler in 1-14 days, typically but not always.  As of July 22nd, all of these projects are due to be in Active Assembly as of July 28th.
40K Heroes 01 FLOP
Chaos Space Marines 01 MVAR

Active Assembly
This means that an assembler is working on your project and expected completion is in 1-14 days.

 Legion 01 BROU
Wood Elves 01 SRAC
 Tyranids 02 JNIC
Grey Knights 01 CCHA
Grey Knights librarian 01 NEDW
Orks 01 MKLI 
Corsairs 06 DAND
Strongpoint 01 JBAC
Dark Angels 02 LHUL finish in August
Vampire Counts 05 WHUN
Tau 01 SLAN assembly only eta 8/7
Blood Angels 01 ETAY mephiston
Waiting for Painting
Your project is secure at the studio.  Your project will be selected by a painter who is excited about your project in 1-14 days.  On occasion, because of the specialty nature of a project, it takes longer.  For example: your project might need a specific painter or need special skills that only a few painters possess.  In ideal conditions there should be no projects lingering here for more than seven days.

Adeptus Mechanicus 02 ADET
Lizardmen 01 DMAR finishing conversions
Eldar 01 JNIC
*Emperor's Children 01 JRHO
Thousand Sons 01 LMUR
Ravenwing 01 LHUL finish in August 
Blood Bowl JHUG issue
Space Marines 01 CCHE
Red Dwarves 03 SZAG
Retribution 01 CYOA
Historicals 01 CGIA
Flames of War 01 DCLO
Cygnar 01 GLOP
War of Kings re-do Amberlee HROB
Space Marines 01 HMUR
Cygnar 01 JMUR
Sisters of Sigmar 01 NVIT
Imperial Guard 02 RSIS

Active Painting
This means that a painter is working on your project and expected completion is in 1-14 days
It will then go to digital photography where you will get HD pics on Flickr for review.

Tyranids 01 RGOO 
Blood Angels 01 LPIE
Dwarfs 01 AGIL
Lizardmen 01 MKAR
Eldar 01 ALEE
Grey Knights 01 BBUR
Empire 01 BBOW
Assasins 01 CSIM
Grey Knights 01 JAND
Cryx 07 JBAC
Blood Angels 01 JRUP
Tyranids 01 KBEE
Eldar 01 MRUK
Lord of the Rings 01 NWAL
Mimic 01 SMIL
Warriors of Chaos 03 WLEA
Menoth 01 SWIS
Discworld 01 TCHR etc=07/30
Grey Knights 01 WNOE
Blood Angels 03 B SPRO etc=07/31

Blood Angels 01 JMES
Blood Ravens 01 FJOH
Cygnar 03 WPAY
Dark Angesl 01 JDON

Digital Photography
Your project is waiting to get pictures taken.
Infinity 01 DLIU
40K 01 JRAT
Iron Wolves 01 DAND
Space Marines 01 AHYD librarian
Khador 03 RDAV
Generic 01 JWU
Arena Rex 01 JCAM
Titans 01 NROY being repaired 
Eldar 02 SMAT
Anima Tactics 01 BKNO

For a project to be shipped we need approval and payment.  If you want alterations to your project we are more than happy to accommodate.
Chaos Space Marines 01 TJAS
Unusual Circumstances
So many things could be going on here!  Usually we are waiting on something from you the client.  This can also be the temporary home of a project this is getting modifications done.

Space Marines 01 JWON
Grey Knights 01 JWOY
Necrons 01 RHAR
Warriors of Chaos 01 SYEO*
Bretonnians 01 WLEA
Tomb Kings 01 RDES
Zombicide 01 AMED


Sam picking up a new project

As a matter of interest here are projects we have completed in recent months.  We have finished over 1500 projects since Spring 2013.  Lifetime BTP has finished 6000-8000 projects, a record unheard of in this industry. This is also interesting because you can also see the types of armies we are painting, a reflection of the hobby as a whole?

Space Marines 01 LNIC
Nagash 01 ABAD
Warriors of Chaos 01 AAVE
Titans 01 BADR Bio Titan
Assassinorum 01 BGAR
Dark Angels 01 CWEL
Space Wolves 05 CNEL
High Elves 01 CSCH
Space Marines 01 JBEN

Firestorm Armada 01 JSCO
Dragonborn 01 JLAR
Relic Knights 01 JBUR
RPG Figures 01 JLAM
Grey Knights 01 JAND
Tau 01 JMON
Imperial Fists 01 MHAR
Space Wolves 01 PBIR
Space Marines 01 PALL
Dark Elves 01 RARA
RPG Figures 03 RBLO

Admech 01 MGU
Ancients 01 ECRI
Anime Kits 01 MRIS
Beastmen 01 SMER
Blood Angels 01 AJAV
Blood Angels 01 AKEN Allen K.
Blood Angels 01 SPRO
Blood Angels 01 SWIL
Blood Angels 02 AJAV
Blood Angels 02 SPRO
Blood Angels 02 SPRO
Blood Angels 03 SPRO
Blood Bowl 01 BTEW
Blood Ravens 02 JRIV
Chaos Space Marines 01 CSTE
Chaos Space Marines 03 SOSB
Chaos Space Marines 05 OSER
Chaos Space Marines JMAC
Convergence 01 NBRI
Cryx 01 TANS
Cryx 06 JBAC
Cygnar 02 MVEL
Cygnar 02 WPAY
Daemons 01 AFUE
Daemons 01 CMAR
Dark Angels 01 BTOB
Dark Eldar 01 CCHE
Dark Elves 01 JROJ
Descent 01 SFOX
Dwarves 01 CBAY
Eldar 01 ACHU
Eldar 01 CFOX
Eldar 01 FPER
Eldar 01 JWAL HOTI
Eldar 01 JWAL HOTI
Eldar 01 LWIL
Eldar 01 MIZZ
Kitty got claws
Eldar 01 MWOL
Eldar 02 JMIL
Elysians 01 PSCH
Empire 01 MCHR
Erkenbrand 01 JOHA
Fantasy Dwarfs 02 SZAG
Fantasy Scenery 02 JWEN
Firestorm Armada 01 JGRA
Freeblades 02 RKOE
Generic 01 SMAR
Goblins 01 KSKO
Grey Knights 01 AMUR
Grey Knights 01 JBLA
Grey Knights 01 MBAK
Grey Knights 01 SCOH
Grey Knights 02 JBLA
Hero Forge 01 JLEO
High Elves 01 KMOY
High Elves 01 OSTR (Wood Elves)
High Elves Phoenix 01 TBJU
Hordes REIT
Impact 01 PRAN
Impact 01 SWEI
Imperial Assault 01 BMCQ
Imperial Assault 01 PHOD
Imperial Guard 01 ASPR
Imperial Guard 01 CCOO
Imperial Guard 01 CNEL
Imperial Guard 01 JBEN
Imperial Guard 01 TBRE
Imperial Guard 02 BSTE
Infinity 01 BFLE
Infinity 01 BMUR op. icestorm
Infinity 01 MANS
Infinity 01 Pan O SSCH
Infinity 02 EMAH Nomads 2 mdls
Infinity 04 AFEL
Infinity Aleph 03 JHOR
Infinity PanO 01 DMAR
Infinity Yu Jing 01 CNEL
Infinity Yu-Jing 01 JHOH
Khador 01 JBAC
Khador 01 JTLU
Khador 01 MTHO
Khador 01 RDAV
Legion 01 FWAC Archangel
Legion 01 MCOL
Legion 01 MRIS
Legion 02 AHIC
Lizardmen 01 JMIL
Lizardmen 01 TLEH
Lizardmen 02 JMIL
Magnus 01 CZAV
Malifaux 02 TMAT
Malifaux Outcasts 01 ABAC
Menoth 01 AING
Menoth 01 MRUK
Mice and Mystics 01 WLOR
mimic 01 CSTA
Mirai 01 SBAR
Misc 01 AFIG
Miscellaneous 01 JTHO
Modern wargaming 01 DLIU
Napoleonics 01 JLEE
Necrons 01 JHOR
Necrons 01 PWAL
Necrons 01 VWES
Okko 01 BJAM
Orboros 01 MLON
Orboros 02 JETT
Orks 01 JRAM
Orks 01 MRUK
Orks 02 DBRI
Orks 02 RDAV
PHR 01 dropzone commander

Willow: resident cuteness expert
Willow: resident cuteness expert
Pinups 01 SCAM
Reaper 01 BBIN
Reaper 01 MCOL
Reaper 01 MKRI
Reaper 02 BBIN
Relic Knights 02 DCLA
Relic Knights 02 QBAC
RPG Figures 01 ASMI
RPG Figures 01 GVAN
Smaug 01 DSTA
Space Hulk 01 JBRI
Space Marines 01 BLIN
Space Marines 01 JKEI
Space Marines 01 JMES
Space Marines 01 MRED
Space Marines 01 NYAX
Space Marines 01 RFLO
Space Marines 01 RHUG
Space Marines 01 SNOO
Space Marines 02 ASHA
Space Marines 03 ASHA
Space Marines 03 TSOB
Space Marines 04 ASHA
Space Marines 05 ASHA
Space Wolves 01 KPOR
Space Wolves 01 PMCN 2x heroes
Space Wolves 02 ABEY
Star Wars 01 DFIS
Star Wars 01 JAMA
Star Wars 09 PHOD
Star Wars 09 PHOD
Super Dungeon Explore 02 JCOO
Tanks 01 SLYM
Tau 01 JAND
Tau 01 LMAC
Tau 01 WTUR
Tau 03 SSWI
Terrain Boards 01 JSAP
Toad Dragon 01 CJOH
Trollbloods 01 DSAW
Trollbloods 02 DSAW
Trollbloods 02 JLAM
Tyranids 01 ADAK
Tyranids 01 BMUL trade
Tyranids 01 CEMI
Tyranids 01 JLAN assembly only
Tyranids 01 JNIC
Tyranids 01 RLAD
Vampire Counts 01 KROM
Vampire Counts 01 SORO
Vostroyans 01 ABAD
War Machine 59 BFRE
War Machine 60 BFRE
Warriors of Chaos 01 AROY
Warriors of Chaos 01 CALB
West Winds 01 AFOR
White Scars 01 JWAL HOTI
White Scars 01 JWAL HOTI
Wood Elves 01 PFIE
X Wing 03 TOXB
X-Wing 01 CONE


Checking Out
If you have changed your mind about your project for whatever reason, and BTP agrees to it, maybe you can take one of these things instead:

Active Project Update for July 15, 2015

Here is the complete list of projects we are working on right now.
  • BTP historically finishes 100-170 projects every quarter (three months)
  • If a project is waiting for painting or waiting for assembly it means that an artist will start working on it usually in 1-14 days.  Deadlines are normally one week from the time an artist checks out a project, unless it is a large project.
  • Right now, the status at BTP is that there is a lump of project about to go into assembly.  This will get smoothed out as it takes the assemblers 2-3 weeks to get it all done.
  • If your project does not appear on the list, please contact UNLESS you have sent your deposit within the last eight days in which case you should just rest easy.
  • At this time, BTP has it on record that no projects that Need Models (NM) are being ordered by us, so if you understand that we are ordering materials for you, then contact us right away.  It is also possible that a NM status means that the models are still on the way.

NM -1 Needs Models
R -2 Receiving
IN -3 Instructions
WA -4 Waiting for Assembly
AA -5 Active Assembly
WP -6 Waiting for Painting
AP -7 Active Painting
D-8 Digital
C-9 Completed
P Packing
X Unusual Circumstance

NM Zombicide 01 AMED
NM Space Marines 01 AAND
NM Moderns 01 BKIM
NM Retribution 01 CMEY
NM Convergence 01 DCYR
NM Relic Knight 01 JGAT
NM Descent 01 JBAC
NM Chaos Space Marines 01 JROB
NM Tyranids 01 MFAR
NM Tomb Kings 01 RDES
NM Fantasy Orcs 01 RMAR
NM Discworld 01 TCHR
NM Ork Biker Boss
NM Reaper 01 WSAC
R Deathwing 01 TTAF
IN Thousand Sons 01 LMUR
IN Space Wolves 01 PSAN
IN Contest Marines 01 ADET
IN Space Marines 04 ASHA
IN Infinity Tohaa 02
IN Space Marines 02 BLIN iron hands
IN Grey Knights 01 CCHA
IN Warzone 01 CRIN
IN Corsairs 06 DAND
IN Space Marines 01 DGEA wh scrs
IN Cygnar 01 GLOP
IN Eldar 01 JNIC
IN Adeptus Mechanicus 01 KSMI
IN Blood Angels 01 MRUK
IN Salamanders 01 NVAU
IN Grey Knights librarian 01 NEDW
IN Death Korps 01 NEVA
IN Baneblade 01 NWIL
IN Space Marines 01 PALL
IN Tyranids 01 RGOO
IN Infinity 01 RFRE
IN Wood Elves 01 conversion
IN Retribution 03 TSOB
IN Malifaux Rezzers 01 TMAT
IN Vampire Counts 05 WHUN
IN Salamanders 01 JNEW
WA Adeptus Mechanicus 02 ADET
WA Lizardmen 01 MKAR
WA Orks 01 MKLI
WA Chaos Space Marines 01 MVAR
WA Blood Angels 04 SPRO
WA Wild West 01 SDZY
WA Infinity 01 DLIU
WA Emperor's Children 01 JHRO
WA Blood Ravens 01 FJOH
AA Generic 01 JWU
AA Menoth 01 SWIS
AA Space Marines 01 HMUR
AA Khador 02 MCON
AA Red Dwarves 03 SZAG
AA Dark Angesl 01 JDON
AA Assasins 01 CSIM
AA Historicals 01 CGIA
AA Blood Angels 01 JRUP
AA Blood Angels 01 LPIE
IN Descent 01 TBES
AA Cygnar 03 WPAY
AA Titans 01 BADR Bio Titan
AA Blood Angels 01 ETAY mephist.
AA Tau 01 SLAN assembly only
WP Firestorm Armada 01 JSCO
WP Flames of War 01 DCLO
WP Lizardmen 01 DMAR
WP Eldar 01 ALEE
WP Anima Tactics 01 BKNO
WP War of Kings re-do Amberlee HROB
WP Cygnar 01 JMUR
WP Eldar 01 MRUK
WP Mimic 01 SMIL
WP Eldar 02 SMAT
WP Imperial Guard 01 TBRE
WP Warriors of Chaos 03 WLEA
WP Imperial Guard 02 RSIS
AP Lord of the Rings 01 NWAL
AP Empire 01 BBOW
AP Retribution 01 CYOA
AP Grey Knights 01 BBUR
AP Arena Rex 01 JCAM
AP Blood Angels 01 JMES
AP 40K 01 JRAT
AP Cryx 07 JBAC
AP Sisters of Sigmar 01 NVIT
AP Khador 03 RDAV
AP Nagash 01 ABAD
AP Dwarfs 01 AGIL
AP Space Marines 01 AHYD librarian
AP Dark Angels 01 CWEL
AP Space Wolves 05 CNEL
AP Iron Wolves 01 DAND
AP Space Marines 01 JBEN
AP Grey Knights 01 JAND
AP Tyranids 01 KBEE
AP Space Wolves 01 PBIR
AP Dark Elves 01 RARA
AP RPG Figures 03 RBLO
AP Chaos Space Marines 01 TJAS
AP Grey Knights 01 WNOE
AP Titans 01 NROY
D Blood Bowl JHUG
C Relic Knights 01 JBUR
D Space Marines 01 LNIC
D Imperial Fists 01 MHAR
P Reaper 02 BBIN
C Warriors of Chaos 01 AAVE
C Assassinorum 01 BGAR
C High Elves 01 CSCH
C High Elves X CSCH
C Dragonborn 01 JLAR
C RPG Figures 01 JLAM
C Grey Knights 01 JAND
C Tau 01 JMON
C Star Wars 09 PHOD
C Blood Angels 03 SPRO
C Blood Angels 02 SPRO
P Tyranids 01 JNIC
X Grey Knights 01 AAKE
X Space Marines 01 CCHE
X Eliphas 01 DHER Sovereign fox
X 40K Heroes 01 FLOP
X Space Marines 01 JWON
X Grey Knights 01 JWOY
X Primarchs 01 PMUR
X Necrons 01 RHAR
X Warriors of Chaos 01 SYEO
X Bretonnians 01 WLEA



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