KINGMAKER Campaign Guide


The call has gone out!  Adventurers are needed to clear the land of monsters and abhumans.  You have answered the call, and with parchment charter in hand, you have arrived at the foot of the mountains.  Here there is a fortress you will call your home base.  Your patron is a Paladin of Erastil named Oleg.

New players, who know nothing about DnD, are welcome.

The Kingmaker adventure path came out in 2010 when Pathfinder was young and just taking the mantle of Dungeons and Dragons.  The sytem was new with just a few books.  We’re going back to that age with a classic low fantasy feeling.  We are keeping it simple.

In the Kingmaker setting, the players are chartered to explore and tame a section of wildlands and establish civilization in the area.  This is a homebrew game where I will integrate standard encounters from various adventures into my own story.  Things will be "by the book".

We are playing at “Difficult” level.  All encounters as written will be double the challenge.  So, if the book called for four Orcs, you would be up against eight Orcs (or four Orcs and something bigger).  The Pathfinder systems has mathematics for this.

You will be level 7 by the time we are done (210,000xp for a party of six).

As the DM, my objective is to give you the true Pathfinder experience by running the adventure exactly as written without any deviation or mercy.  All rolls are out in the open.  Let the dice fall where they may.

There are six chairs for the game.  If new players are introduced, they will have a test run to see if they fit with the group.


Campaign Rules
Show up to every session.  If an emergency calls, arrange to have another player run your character.  This is a commitment, you’ll block out your schedule for the next twelve weeks.
Honor system: no looking things up online.
Only one person in the group can have an accent.  Inflections OK (for example: your character is gruff).
There are six chairs.  I will fill out the party to six characters with NPCs if needed.
You will update your character after every session.
XP is acquired as a playing group, so all characters will be the same level, level up at the same time.
XP awards are halved (re: difficulty level)
If your character dies you come back at the same level, with standard starting equipment.
We are using the three action economy from PF2 (you can do three things during your turn)
Game Jobs
You will have one of the following roles--
·         Caller (keep track of initiative and make sure people take their turn quickly and run timer)
·         Chronicler (keep a session blog of what happened during the session, the date and timeline)
·         Stat-Master (provide the DM with a printed sheet of character stats for each session)
·         XP-Master (keep track of experience points, individually by player if needed)
·         Truancy Officer (call players before the session to be sure they are coming)

Character Generation
Books used: Core book, and any book puplished by Paizo.
Starting Level: 1
Advancement: Medium.  A group of six players will need 12,000xp to advance to second level.
Unusual races are allowed.

Your alignment needs to be compatible with Chaotic Good.
If you choose Chaotic Neutral, it means you are associated somehow with the Fae creatures of the land.
You will need to choose a motivation, a reason you have responded to the call.

Ability Scores:  Purchase with standard fifteen points (Core Book p15)
Wizards get a bonus +2 Intelligence
Wizard sub-classes get a bonus +1 Intelligence
Humans get the following on top of anything else they get:
1) +1 to a statistic of their choice
2) +4 skill points per level
3) One bonus feat at first level
4) +100gp of equipment
There is no racial Darkvision.  If your character would have Darkvision, you may instead take a +1 to a statistic of your choice.

Starting Character Wealth: Average (Core Book p140)
You may change the cosmetics of an object.  For example: if your Rogue would look really cool with a hand crossbow, but you want the stats of a longbow.  Or if you want your alchemist to have a alchemical fire launcher, you could just use the rules for hand-thrown flasks of oil.
Have a backup character or two.

You will need a painted miniature for the game.  We can also make a fun outing to a local game shop to pick up miniatures.  It takes a huge amount of money and effort to make an adventure “all models” (on the order of two hundred figures) and it’s encouraged for players to pitch in with assembly and painting skill.

Changes to Spells
Cantrips (and Orisons) take one action.
Spells take two actions as a general rule.
Spells that take longer to cast in their description take that same amount to cast.
Magic Missile- Takes only one action for one less missile, and one extra missile for one extra action.

Wholesale Account Structures for Spring 2020

This is the best special.  You pay an amount to have a reduced rate credit on tap.

This is a limited offer; two slots.

$800 for $1200 (painting L3/4 only)
$1200 for $2200 (painting L3/4 only)  this is the best rate
$9,500 for a $19,000 assembly/painting credit
$5,000 for a $9,300 assembly/painting credit
$3,000 for a $4,500 assembly/painting credit
$2,000 for a $2,800 assembly/painting credit

Once you pay, the credit becomes available by by degree each month over five to ten months. The disbursement counts as a payment.

This is the best shot.  Not cumulative with other specials.  Can only be used for new projects (not to pay off old ones).
This is first come, first-served. Please contact me via email at if interested.

If you want higher level painting that sometimes takes longer.

Carnival of Nurgle reference

Prototype Blightking

Servants of the Abyss

Random Reinforcements

Random Reinforcements
1) Each player rolls up four random units.
No named characters.
Re-roll duplicates.

No unit can be more than 25% of the total points being played
Re-roll useless or less useful units.
Each player has the option to include Forge World units when rolling for any pick.
First, roll one HQ.
Second, roll two Troops.
Third, roll one from Fast Attack, Heavy, Elites (you choose).
Fourth, select a transport
You should now have your starting army of around 750 points.

2) Players then choose a point level that works for everyone.  .
Armies must be a battle-forged.  You'll build a Battalion.
Command points not used
Players will need to expand or shrink unit size to make the point level.
Any units can be split into two smaller units of roughly equal size (like combat squads)

3) Play one game.  Game 1

4) Players choose a unit from Fast Attack, Heavy or Elites, that is NOT from a battlefield role they already have.  Don't roll.  Pick.
The Solo: choose a single model with points cost of 75 or less to join your army.

5) Play one game.  Game 2
You should now have six or seven units in your army, possibly more from splitting units.
You should be at around 950 pts.

6) Players roll up one unit from the last remaining battlefield role (it will be Fast Attack, Elites, or Heavy Support).  Also add one unit of Troops of a type you don't already have.

7) Play one game. Game 3
You should be at around 1100 pts.

8) Players choose one unit from Troops that they do not already have, unless you already have every Troops choice available (in which case you can pick).  And also roll up one unit from a battlefield role of your choice from among: HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support.
Players now have seven units

9) Play one game. Game 4
You should be at around 1300 pts.

10) Players roll up a flyer (the battlefield role of flyer)

11) Play one game. Game 5
You should be at around 1750 pts.

12) Players choose one unit from any from among: Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support.
Players also get one more HQ of choice.

13) Play one final game.  Game 6
You have now played six games, built a Batallion detachment and concluded your Random Reinforcements experience.

Other rules
When rolling up a choice, similar entries may be counted as one entry.  For example: Grey Knights have three types of Land Raider, the player could, if he wanted, count that as only one entry.  If that option is rolled up the player can choose which type of Land Raider to take.  This is at the player's option.

When rolling up a choice, the player decides ahead of time which sources to include: such as Forge World, Blackstone Fortress.  However, Legendary models are not allowed or considered.

Expedited Services

If your project is Expedited it means we are guaranteeing a set turnaround time.  You pay an extra amount for this.

The time starts when all your models arrive in the studio.  If you have stragglers, that delays the time.

As part of the deal, you have to check in once a week and mention your specific deadline.  You will be issued your deadline the first time you check in.  You will send an email asking explicitly "What is my exact deadline?" on your first check-in.  The reason for this is that it can't be set until all the models are in the studio.

The cost is factored from the assembly/painting cost for your project:
+20% for an eight week deadline
+30% for a six week deadline
+40% for a four week deadline

The end mark is the day that we get pictures up of your product for final review.  If you have revisions that need to be done, we'll make them reasonably quick, but it doesn't count against the time.  Once we put up those pictures, the clock is off!

We are highly, highly motivated to meet the deadline.  If we fail to meet it, then you get the amount you paid reverted into a credit for assembly/painting OR for  It's not refunded.

Tau and Chaos Incoming

Got a Tau and Chaos trade coming in.

1X Dark Apostle
1X Abaddon
1X Lord Discordant
1X chaos Space Marine Box
2X Havocs boxes
1X Plague marine box
1X Ethereal
1X Darkstrider
1X Cadre Fireblade
3X Fire Warrior/Breacher boxes
1X Pathfinder box
1X Broadside
1X Hammerhead
3X Riptide
1X OOP Commander Upgrade Pack
1X OOP FW Vehicle Launcher Upgrade Pack


Several unbuilt gun drones, 
8X Tactical drone sprues(16 drones) with flight stands, 
17X Built markerlight, 
18X built gun drones, 
4X Pathfinder specialty drones
1X custom Farsight
1X custom Cadre Fireblade, base painted/primed
1X Shadowsun(metal) with her drones. She is magnetized for both head options as well as several weapon option for some reason. painted, drones unpainted
1X Devilfish that may be missing some parts
2X Devilfish built, 1 poorly primed, 1 beautifully painted
2X Hammerheads, both seem to be base painted
48X Fire Warriors with pulse rifles, all but 3 painted
10X Fire Warriors with pulse carbines, painted 
6X stealth suits, 4 of which are the beautiful old sculpt! 5 painted, one primed
8X Pathfinders(OOP metal), including one rail rifle. Painted
12X crisis suits. Unpainted, but beautifully based, dynamically posed, and magnetized for all options. Rare 5 CIB's included!
A bunch of extra parts including some third party
CSM half of Shadowspear NOS
DG half of Dark Imperium built
most current Codex's for: DG, Tau, And CSM, as well as the Tau datacard


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