Battle Reports- Standards and Details

Welcome Batreppers!

My studio is about twenty-five foot square, with a single table in the middle.  When you arrive*, I will have the place tidied up and the terrain set up.  Sometimes, you may need to set up the terrain in which case a bin will be on hand.

I am located near Liberty Park in downtown Salt Lake City.  If you want to set up your first round, contact me at 

I will have two side tables ready.  These are for your armies and equipment.  You will set up your painted armies there for a preamble video showing your forces.  During the report, keep the table clear of dice and other paraphernalia, as well as soda cans etc.  Don't break the illusion!

You will use my camera, getting it all on a single SD card.  We don't edit our batreps.  I just string them together and upload them.  So be sure to get it right the first time!

Make sure the door to the main house is closed and locked the whole time.

A battle report is worth a credit of $X, agreed on ahead of time.  This amount is a total for both players, not each.  So, if it were a $50 credit that would be the total to split between the two players.  Thus, a friend and yourself could theoretically get whole new armies by just doing so many battle reports.  If you did twenty at (say) $50, that would be $1000 retail.

The credit can only be used for commonly available items, that would come through a local game shop (such as Games Workshop plastics, but not Forge World).  You can pick up your items at Blakfyre Games in Pleasant Grove or my studio.  If you give me seven to fourteen days heads up, I can have your items ready for pickup on completion of the battle report.  But you can just keep your credit on tap if you want.  You can also use your credit on  Tell me ahead of time which lots you want.

Camera work should be steady and stay focused on the actions (dice rolls, models, or speaker).  Don't drift off!  Look through the camera lens when filming.

I have painted armies you can use.  Be careful with them, put everything back when done, and set aside any broken figures for repair.  If you use your own army, it has to be completely painted with no proxies (but alternate sculpts are allowed and encouraged!)

Clean up when you're done.

Elements of a professional grade battle report:

  • Batrep is a product demonstration
  • Have fun.  Show two humans having a good time with good sportsmanship
  • One Take
  • Rated G
  • Show figures in best light, no figures jumbled together
  • Keep food and drink on side tables
  • No shirts with logos
  • 16mm dice with clear pips, no logos/symbols
  • Keep camera steady and on the action
  • Enthusiastically narrate what is happening
  • Educate both novice and expert
  • No music in the background
  • Stop the action periodically to show how a unit works or make comments on tactics
  • Look up rules off camera, then show what you found (page number)
  • WYSIWYG is preferred but there is wiggle room on weapons/armament 
  • Tabling your opponent on turn 02 doth not a batrep make!   Unless you want to talk tactics for an hour after that

Armies available:
Grey Knights

Beasts of Chaos
Dropzone Commander (two armies)

You can do a battle report for 40K (the best option), or Age of Sigmar, or skirmish games such as Kill Team and WarCry.  Infinity, War Machine, any of those would be cool.

If you finished a battle report in three hours, that would be a surprise.  It usually takes four or five hours, with filming, to get one done.

If you are good at it, you will be asked back and paid more.  Looking forward to meeting you.


*smelling good.  You should be showered and deodorized.  I will notice.

Hero of the Imperium- Summer 2019

This is a limited offer; two slots.

$5000 for a $10,000 assembly/painting credit
$3000 for a $5,000 assembly/painting credit
$2000 for a $3,000 assembly/painting credit

Once you pay, the credit becomes available by by degree each month over ten months.

This is the best shot.  Not cumulative with other specials.  Can only be used for new projects (not to pay off old ones). 
This is first come, first-served. Please contact me via email at if interested.

Alex and Patricia Wedding

BTP Paint List 2019

You will need the following Vallejo brand paints.  Bold means an essential paint.

Scarlet Red
Carmine Red
Gory Red
Cavalry Brown
Hull Red
Bright Orange

Lemon yellow
Sun yellow
Ochre brown

Foul green
Scurvy green
Deep green
Black green
Russian green
Lime green
Middle Stone

Dark Prussian blue
Pale Blue
Royal blue
Sky blue
Light Turquoise

Royal purple
Warlord purple

Pale Sand
Dark Sand
Parasite brown
Brown Sand
Saddle brown
Chocolate brown
Charred Brown
Mahogany Brown
Dark Fleshtone

Black grey
Sombre grey
Light grey
Stone grey
Pale Blue grey

Flat flesh

Glorious gold
Polished gold
Oily steel
Gunmetal grey
Tinny tin

Beasts of Chaos- Something Beasty This Way Comes

April 20th, 2019
About Centigors
Played them once. I wish I had a herd of twenty. First off, they are Brayherd and gain the benefits there-of. If you do the analysis, they have the cost of two Gors. They have two wounds and the same save, so they have the same survivability. However, they have slightly better damage output and a white hot blur Move of 14". And can run and charge. So much better in almost every way than a regular unit of Gors. I would definitely take them over Gors every time point per point.

April 18th, 2019
Got myself a present: five heroes for my Beastmen from Mierce Miniatures.  This will bring me up to three Beastlords and three Bray Shamans.  More than plenty.  I can rotate them into my squads as champions to make it all look so good.

Ninth Game, not done yet (April 14, 2019)
2000 points against my son's same Skryre list, only with a Verminlord Warpseer
My List:
Beastlord General 90
+Mutating Gnarlblade (+2 damage, so he has six attacks and each does 3 damage)
+Unraveling Aura (command trait giving him an unbind attempt)

Beastlord 90

Bray Shaman  100

Bray Shaman  100

Bestigors x30 300

Gors x20 160
Gors x20 160
Gors x20 160

Ungor Raiders x10  80
Ungor Raiders x10  80
Ungor Raiders x10  80
Centigors x5   80

TuskGor Chariots x5 (all separate units) 300

Marauding Brayherd Battalion (+1 to charge rolls on turn of Ambush)  180


Eighth Game, incomplete game, possible win (April 7, 2019)
2000 points against my son's same Skryre list, only with a Verminlord Warpseer
My List:
Beastlord General
+Brayblast Trumpet
+mutating gnarlblade
Bray Shaman
Bray Shaman
Bestigors x30
Gors x20
Gors x20
Gors x20
Ungor Raiders x10
Ungor Raiders x10
Ungor Raiders x10
Centigors x5
TuskGor Chariots x5 (all separate units)
Marauding Brayherd Battalion (+1 to charge rolls on turn of Ambush)

I had to use a lot of proxies.  I need to add a whole bunch of models if I'm going to use this Warscroll.  There are only two that are suitable for a Brayherd-based army, and this one requires a lot of bodies, notably three units of Gors, which can really run up the bill.  The only thing I can think of is to run min units of ten each (80 points).

We played the mission "shifting objectives" and only made it to the bottom of the second turn with score of 9-5.  With so many bodies on the table, I showed up, made a ton of great charges (only two failures out of ten rolls) but ran out of steam by the time I got the Skaven down to five models on the board (three Stormfiends, Thanquol, and a Verminlord).

I think the key to winning with this army is to play aggressively and get so many bodies on the board.  Here, those Primal Call points are the key to getting that extra beast meat on the board.  It takes at least three points to summon anything at all, and at one point a turn, you're only going to get five a game, not much but enough for a unit of Gors to show up and swarm an objective late game.  However, if you station a Bray Shaman next to your herdstone and whack a unit for D3 mortal wounds (and +D3 Primal Call points) before it charges off, and then again the shaman can do it to himself the following turn, netting you a total of six Primal Call points (on average) and that means a unit of ten Bestigors can pop up in ambush at the end of the second turn's movement phase.  Let me tell you, that unit can turn the tide at a critical moment.

Seventh Game, Seventh Loss (March 31, 2019)
Update: this game actually turned into a tie, and with better play I could have turned it into a win by a narrow margin.

Darkwalkers List (allows Warherd minotuars to ambush)
Desolating Beastherd (batallion)

Doombull (Darkshard)
Bray Shaman (Stranglevines)
Bestigors x30
Gors x30
Ungors x10
Ungors x10
Razorgors x5 (individual units)
Bullgors x3
Bullgors x3
 = 1520

My regular opponent is my thirteen year old son who plays Skryre Skaven:
Arch Warlock
Stormfiends x6 (2x mortars, 2x shock, 2x ratling guns)
Acolytes x5
Acolytes x5
Acolytes x5
Lightning Cannon


It is 2019.  January 1st marks fifteen years in business.  Scoreboard: clocking in at over 8000 projects.  I am about to turn fifty. My predominant feeling is one of accomplishment. I feel like I've accomplished a lot in life.  I've had my adventures and many profound human experiences.

My other feeling is "what's the point of that?"

When I saw my father dying, the cancer having spread to his bones, and I was given time alone with him to say goodbye, he grabbed my hand and he was trying to say something, but only his lips moved, like a skeleton burning in desert of agony. I could only thing "what's the point of this?"  Here was a man, admittedly a tragic hero, who had made his mistakes but also soared to the heights of recovery and love.  In his later years he was absorbed into a different family by his common law wife.  They knew him as a different man, adored him. He was a different person.  But it didn't matter in the end.  Just... suffering.  Now it's fifteen years later and I realize that his story doesn't have to be my story.  That was then.  This is now.

In October 2014 my wife of twenty years and I went down to file our divorce papers.  As we left walking back to the studio she was shaking with emotion.  I had never seen her like that.  Twenty years.  "What was the point of this?"  And it's an endless cycle of this same thing.

Even the joys of life are repetitious. The existential crisis of boredom.

Here are my highlights:
I grew up in Southern Oregon in the eighties, a magic place of forests and books. 1969-1987
I served a Mormon mission in Santiago, Chile. 1990-1992 (left the church in 2014)
I went to Southern Oregon University for six years. 1993-1999
I owned a game shop selling miniatures battles stuff.  1997-2000
I was an elementary school teacher (fourth grade) 1999-2003
I ran a company Blue Table Painting. 2004-2019+
I saw my five children born by two different mothers- 1999, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2016

It feels more like writing a book. What's the point of writing a book? Maybe I'm on a cosmic reality show-- mind-blanked and driving a meat puppet for the entertainment of my intergalactic subscribers. 

Wanted List

I am looking to acquire the following models (through purchase or trade). I would prefer assembled but unpainted (but other conditions OK).  Current in-print edition models only, please.

1x Skaven Lightning Cannon
60x Skaven Clanrats (plastic, in print)
1x Verminlord Skreech
1x Thanquol and Boneripper

Mierce Miniatures "Shaggoths"
12x Dragon Ogres
1x Dark Elves Dragon

1x Lord Arcanum on Dracoline
1x Astreia Solbright
6x Evocators on Dracolines
1x Sequitors
6x Vanguard Palladors
6x Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows

Genestealer Cult:
3x Trucks of any type
10x Jackals/Wolfquads
4x various new characters

1x Durthu (or a regular treeman with the bitz needed)
6x Kurnoth Hunters
10x Dryads
1x Drycha Hamadryeth

Nighthaunt Army 

Whatever composition

5x Eldar Cockpit covers

15x Eldar Rangers
3x Rhinoxen-- Just need the bodies, but riders too is OK

Send information/offers to

My standing offer for any models on my list is a webstore coupon for 70% of the retail value of your trade.  Bear in mind that since most of my items are discounted generously, you are likely to get a favorable retail to retail trade.

We can also work out for money.  I pay 50% of retail for models in favorable condition, and 30-40% for not-so-great.


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