Lifetime Eldar

Hello loyal BTP fan.  What follows is an individual "pitch" I made a while back for the Lifetime of Awesome Eldar army.  Naturally, if you are interested in being my patron, we can adjust the details.

Our Highest Level
At BTP we offer six levels of painting from Level 2 (L2) to Level 7 (L7).  The highest is display quality.

The List
I have first created a 5000 point list.  I can modify or expand this based on your personal preferences and what kind of games you play (e.g., Apocalypse).

1x Farseer on jetbike
2x Spirit Seers (need to use the Iyanden list here)
10x Fire Dragons (in Wave Serpent)
27x Jetbikes
10x Wraithguard (in two Wave Serpents)
20x Swooping Hawks
12x Shadow Spectres (including the Phoenix Lord and an Exarch)
3x War Walkers
2x Wraithknights
1x Revenant Titan
If you play open games like Apocalypse, then that might call for some adjustment in the list i.e. adding more cool things.  I would for example drop the Hawks to twelve total and adding a Warp Hunter from Forge World.
All costs here are comprehensive.  It includes the models, assembly, conversions, magnetization, and painting.

The Project of a Lifetime
Six years ago I thought to myself if I were to die soon, what would be my final army, my pièce de résistance  that is the best thing I could think of.  For this I would do all the things already described but also create a series of Eldar vanes, fluted, repeating and Geiger-esque arrays (sweeping off the backs of vehicles and walkers) that are made from clear resin so parts of the vehicles are translucent like glass, as if fading into existence.  This is something that I have never seen before in this context.  This fades out from the regular painting in a smooth fashion from solid to clear.  Adding in LED lights interiorly would further make this a head turner.
I have included several pics that are a good baseline for what I am thinking, except brighter with a better contrast.

I would want a broad budget of at least $58,000 to do this project.  Naturally, I would expand the army list, adding the coolest and most inspirational items from the Eldar range.  A Phantom Titan is a must here.  I would take a personal interest in the army, give you direct communication with artists and myself and also pull my top artists to work on it and nothing else.

Notes and Conversions
1) The army would look really awesome on specialty bases.  I have attached a few pics of a certain type that might work very nicely.
2) Vehicles should have a full suite of magnetized weapon options.
3) I have played a very similar army list and taken on some tough customers and had a blast with such a maneuverable list.
4) All wave serpents are quoted as a Fire Prism kit with the Wave Serpent weapons in the two slots.  This variant looks extremely handsome with a turret rather than the skimpy wave serpent top-mount.
5) I have included a budget in each case for conversion work, modifications, and extras (such as Forge World upgrades and specialty bases).

Other Versions
There are less expensive versions of this army.  Each one may tone down on the custom parts, LEDs, magnetization and painting level.

I would need a budget of $29,000.  The lion's share of this is for the incredible detail of painting.  I have attached a few guide pictures here, just some things that I have encountered as top Eldar painting.
The total budget needed for the army is $12,000.  Notably less.
Just by comparison, the same project done at the higher of our two base levels (L4) would be $7,000.  Here are some L4 Eldar
Turnaround time will be six months.

If you would like to proceed, I would very much like to go forward on the basis of you giving me a budget then letting me run with creative license (given up front your personal preferences).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working on something fun, creative and notable for the field of miniatures painting.


Here are some pics!   These are not BTP's work by the way.

BTP Studio Tau Army (in red)

This army is likely to get out of hand fast.  I have a few prototypes done and a vid with the first simple practice models rolling off the line.  This army will be just topping 5000 points by the time it is done.

I've got a special deal going:

OK, here's the deal guys.  There's only one spot for this.  If you set up a NEW Tau project of 2500 pts or more by June 13th, then our little team (me, Mike D., Katie and Amberlee*) will paint your army right away and at the same time as the BTP studio Tau.  You will also get to interact with us via Skype, phone or whatever medium works to join in on our little fun painting sessions.  Turnaround should be 2-3 weeks**.  Contact with the subject line Red Tau.  Oh, and that's the other part: you get your color scheme the same as what we're working on.

Also, we'll be making a Forge World order right away so you can get some of that sweet action.

Cost is likely to be as follows $800-1000 for materials (you can get your own models), $1100-1300 for painting, $500-700 for assembly (you can send your models already assembled).

Upgrades are available such as magnetization.

*Plus stand-ins as needed
**From the time ALL the materials arrive in the studio.  Times may vary up or down but not by much.

Here's the list

2x Ethereals
1x Battle suit Commander (based on Farsight with mod to arm)

1x Battle suit Commander (based on XV84 suit from Forge World)
1x Cadre Fireblade

11x Battlesuits (I'm going to make them out of the stock kits at first for the first run but later get them XV89s from Forge World) with of course a suite of magnetized weapons

48x Fire Warriors
20x Kroot Warriors
6x Devilfish (you read that right)
6x Stealth Team
2x Riptide
16x Pathfinders
9x Piranhas
1x Razorshark (going to magnetize this one to also be a Barracuda)
6x Broadsides
2x Hammerheads
4x Remoras
1x R'Varna Battlesuit
 So, that's a lot of fun stuff.  May add some deluxe stuff later.

BTP Necron Army

Now with Seventh Edition and Maelstrom of War missions, you need a mobile army and/or good board control.  You have to get to and hold an objective at any given point, blowing an opposing unit off if need be.

Most people are unlikely to go Unbound completely and the likely more accepted army type is going to be Battle Forged.  With that in mind, it's time to get a BTP studio Necron army up and running again.

Transports for Troops now become super-scoring for a Battle Forged list which is an enormous advantage when paired with the survivability of Necron transports

Here's the list of models needed.
Nemesor Zandrekh (magnetized to represent also Overlord on Command Barge, can also stand in for an awesome looking Overlord)
Orikan the Diviner (can also stand in for a cool Cryptek)
2x Catacomb Command Barge (the Lord magnetized so that he can go on foot as a Lord in a Royal Court)
5x Crypteks (converted from P
2x Triarch Stalker
5x Deathmarks
10x Necron Warriors
2x Ghost Arks (magnetized to be Doomsday Arks as well, no passengers)
20x Immortals
3x Night Scythe (two are magnetized to be Doom Scythes as well)
12x Canoptek Wraiths

Found this great post on the Necron Catacomb Command Barge in 7th Edition.  This plays into exactly what I was saying at the top.  The beauty is that the way I am constructing this army, it can magnetize into either this OR an Annihilation Barge, which will allow for a traditional setup FOC or to make some kind of sick madness with four Lords on Command Barges.

They have become immensely better defensively, but what made them amazing in 5th was their offensive capabilities. Couldn't be locked in combat, 24" movement and practically guaranteed to kill 1 vehicle each turn for 180 points.

afaik, Its offensive capabilities (with the possible exception of anakyr's mind in machine (which was disabled last FAQ) ) are exactly the same as 6th, where it was solid, but you could never move far enough to sweep stuff and getting tar-pitted was a huge problem. Its defensive capabilities however...

Any shooting less than strength 6 you allocate to the chariot and take no damage. Anything higher 7-9 you allocate to the rider and make armour/invuln saves against, so it can't get blown up from a single shot. CCB now has WS 4 in combat and AV13, so power fists will struggle to destroy it. And the best part would probably you can issue and accept challenges, meaning its is far less vulnerable to tarpitting. Basically you have an AV13, 5 W/HP fast skimmer/walker for an 80 point upgrade on your lord.

I'd say its role has changed. Now the CCB is a way of turning a normal lord into a faster moving destroyerlord, effective at hunting enemy special characters within squads, since the Lord+CCB counts as a single model and the remaining squad members have no other models to attack. The way to go is probably deck out a lord with WS, MSS, 2+, 3++ & Tesseract Labyrinth and while acting as a fire soak, hunt the biggest/baddest/most costly single model character/MC/vehicle the enemy has. These will definately be strong again.

Biggest down side is the base for the CCB is so large that denying RP with a consolidation move will be so easy...

BTP Paint List


Dark Prussian blue
Pale Blue
Royal blue
Sky blue
Foul green
Scurvy green
Deep green
Black green
Russian uniform green
Camo olive green
Lime green
Glorious gold
Polished gold
Oily steel
Gunmetal grey
Tinny tin
Royal purple
Warlord purple
Scarlet red
Carmine red
Cavalry brown
Hull red
Hot orange
Parasite brown
Sand brown
Mahogany brown
Saddle brown
Chocolate brown
German black brown
Foundation white
Flat black
Black grey
Somber grey
Light grey
Stone grey
Lemon yellow
Sun yellow
Tan yellow
Ochre brown
Flat flesh
Light flesh
Pale sand
Dark sand

Flames of War collection

Update: purchase on Thursday April 24th and get it for $1890!  Holy crap.  What... up.   Has to be Paypal or a local with cash/check.

We just got in this rather extensive collection of Flames of War.  You can purchase it as-is for $2190.  This came in as a trade and we have just barely unpacked it.  This is the no questions asked price.  There are likely some repairs that need to be made.  However, the collection is generally in usable condition.

Contact Shawn at for info or purchase.

Regular BTP shipping rates apply ($9 in US, $35 to Oz, and $25 most other places).

Purchase by April 25, 2014 and get $100 off.

Flames of War

German SS Heavy Tank Company (fully assembled, very well painted)
2 Command Teams and 1 Panzershrek Team painted

6 Tiger Tanks painted.
9 Grenadier Pioneer teams with flamethrowers painted
3 Nebelwerfer Launchers with Observer and Platoon Leader painted
2 3.7mm AA guns with Platoon Leader painted
Soviet Guards Tank Battalion (fully assembled and partially painted)
10 T-34 Tanks painted
16 Rifle/ Rifle MG teams primed, some painted
4 ZiS 76mm Field Guns primed, some painted
6 T-34-85 Tanks partially painted
6 82mm Mortar tubes with Observer and Platoon Leader primed
4 Katyusha Launcher Trucks with Supply Truck, Observer and Platoon Leader, partially painted
1 Battalion Commander, 1 Battalion XO and 1 Commissar partially painted
Falschrimjaeger Company (fully assembled and painted)
1 Command Team, 1 XO Team, 3 Knee Mortar teams, 1 Puppchen Launcher team,
4 120mm Mortar Teams with 2 Observers and 1 Platoon Leader
4 80mm Mortar Teams with 2 Observers and 1 Platoon Leader
2 20mm AA Gun Teams with 1 Platoon Leader
9 Rifle/ MG Teams with 1 Platoon Leader
9 Rifle/ MG Teams with 1 Platoon Leader
6 Rifle Pioneer Teams with 3 Flamethrower Teams and 1 Platoon Leader
3 Henschel Ground Attack Aircraft
5 Heavy Machine Gun Teams with 1 Platoon Leader
2 Flak 88mm Gun Teams with 1 Platoon Leader
2 Air Drop Objective Markers and 1 Destroyed Tank Objective Marker
2 75mm Recoil-less Rifle Teams with 1 Platoon Leader
Grenadier Company (90% painted)
3 Sniper Teams
1 Company Commander, 2 Observers, 1 XO and 1 Panzershrek Team (primed)
6 Pioneer Rifle/ MG Teams with 2 Goliath Demolition Carriers painted
6 Rifle/ MG Teams with 1 Platoon Leader painted
6 Rifle/ MG Teams with 1 Platoon Leader 80% painted
4 Scout Bike Teams Painted
1 Supply Truck Objective Marker primed

Miscellaneous German Units (varying states of painting)
10 Sdkfz 251 Half Tracks (primed black)
2 King Tiger Tanks (primed black)
3 Flak Nests (primed black)
2 SturmTigers with Ammunition Objective Marker primed black
6 Panther Tanks (1 fully painted, 5 primed black) 1 Bergepanther Recovery Vehicle, primed black
2 Sig 150mm Field Gun Teams primed black
2 75mm Field Gun Teams (1 painted 1 primed)
4 Omaha Beach Concealed Rocket Launchers, 2 Concealed HMG Nests painted
4 Pak 40 75mm Gun Teams with Platoon Leader, All painted, 1 gun primed
4 105mm Howitzer Teams with Staff Team, Observers, Platoon Leader and 4 Tractors partially painted
3 Nebelwerfer Launchers with Observer and Platoon Leader partially painted
2 Pak 43 88mm Gun Teams with Platoon Leader partially painted
4 80mm Mortar Teams fully painted
6 StuG Assault Guns painted
5 Panzer IV Hs painted
3 Panzer II Luchs Scout Tank partially painted
2 Marder II Tank Hunters painted
2 Armored 37mm AA Half Tracks painted
2 Sdkfz 223 Scout Cars primed
11 Assorted Trucks, Scout Cars and Staff Vehicles partially painted
4 Panzer III Tanks partially painted
7 Bailed Out Tank Markers primed and 1 Pinned Marker painted
Soviet Infantry Horde (All assembled, not primed)
4 Maksim HMG Teams
3 PTRS Anti Tank Rifle Teams
3 82mm Mortar Teams 1 Staff Team
2 45mm Field Gun Teams
4 Sniper Teams
27 Rifle/ MG Teams
4 Command Teams
3 IL-2 Sturmavik Ground Attack Aircraft
Flames of War Books
1 River of Heroes
1 North Africa
1 Stalin's Onslaught
1 Festung Europa
1 D-Day
1 Bloody Omaha
1 Fortress Europe
1 Villers-Bocage
1 Ostfront
1 Hammer and Sickle
1 Operation Cobra
1 Afrika
1 Core Rule Book 2nd Edition
Terrain (Fully Painted and Assembled)
3 Rubber Pond Sections with 5 Stream Sections
13 Rubber Road Sections
2 Rubber Fields
1 Resin Bridge
2 Resin HMG Bunkers, 1 Resin Field Gun Bunker
1 4-Story Apartment Building (can be used complete or splits into two ruined halves)
1 Ruined Villa
2 Rubble Houses
1 Ruined Factory
2 Rubber Minefield Sections
1 Large 3 Story Factory (can be used complete or splits into two ruined halves)
3 Pine Forest Woods Sections.

Flames of War Late Gepanzert SS-Panzergranadierkomanie Germans on the block

This army is for sale at $2895 plus normal BTP shipping ($9 in US, $25 most other).
Board is also for sale for $550, but local pickup only.  Do I even need to tell you how spectacular this is?

List of exact models included at the bottom.

Gepanzerte SS-Panzergrenadierkompanie

Total: 5685pts

Earth and Steel Pg154
Every platoon slot is filled except Flame-Thrower platoon. Nearly all platoons have full strength including options.

Points for the army are as follows:

-Gepanzerte SS-PanzergrenadierkompanieHQ
Combat Infantry x3 @285pts each
-Gepanzerte SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon (3x)
Combat MG 395pts
Armored SS-Heavy Platoon
Weapons Artillery 285pts
-Armored SS-Mortar Platoon
Weapons Armor 300pts
-SS-Armored Cannon Platoon
Weapons Anti-Tank 1880pts
-Armored SS-Anti-Tank Gun Platoon
Regiment Artillery 195pts
-SS Self-propelled Infantry Gun Platoon
Regiment Anti-Aircraft 80pts
-Light SS-Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon
Regiment Reconnaissance 180pts
-SS-Scout Platoon
Corps Heavy Armor 960pts
-Schwere SS-Panzer Platoon
Corps Medium Armor 435pts
-SS-Panzer Platoon
Corps Assault Gun 325pts
-SS-Assault Gun Platoon
Corps Infantry 230pts
-SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon
Corps Reconnaissance 230pts
-Light SS-Panzerpah Platoon
Corps Artillery 365pts
-Motorised Heavy SS-Artillery Battery
Corps Rocket 175pts
-SS Rocket Launcher Battery
Corps Anti-Tank 210pts
-Heavy SS-Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon
Corps Anti-Aircraft 115pts
_SS-Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon

Some Comments on Dwarfs

Hey Shawn,

I hope this is the right email to get you on. Just watched through your review on the Dwarfs book. I'm mid way through building an army. It's my first fantasy army so I can't say I know what's really good off the bat but I thought I'd point out a few things you missed, in case they interest you.

The first is some of the big points & type changes. First you mentioned Longbeards. These cost 1 point more than before but you no longer need to take any warriors to have them. Rangers moved from Core to Rare and are a separate entry rather than an upgrade for other Core.

The Cannon went up 30 points, making it cost as much as an Organ Gun. Now you glanced over the Organ Gun, but they seem to me one of the best things in rare. You roll two artillery dice to see how many hits you get. Roll one misfire and you are merely -1 to hit. You have to roll two to get onto the misfire table. The thing is, for 25pts you can take the rune of forging which allows you to reroll misfires. Very powerful.

Gyrocopters changed a lot. They used to be 140pts in Rare, so 80pts in Special is kind of crazy. Another small but amazing change is the Runelord/smith which give all weapons in their unit the armour piercing rule (amongst many other cool things)

Finally there is a runic banner called Strollaz's rune (35pts) that can be fun to get onto many units as it gives them vanguard. Given dwarfs big weakness is movement speed, a 12" move before the first turn is rather powerful, especially if you give it to several units

Anyway, just wanted to share. I've been a big fan of BTP for a while and love your videos (especially the batreps, probably the best out there). Hopefully one day I can afford to come across the pond to Valhalla.


Martin P.


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