It is 2019.  January 1st marks fifteen years in business.  Scoreboard: clocking in at over 8000 projects.  I am about to turn fifty. My predominant feeling is one of accomplishment. I feel like I've accomplished a lot in life.  I've had my adventures and many profound human experiences.

My other feeling is "what's the point of that?"

When I saw my father dying, the cancer having spread to his bones, and I was given time alone with him to say goodbye, he grabbed my hand and he was trying to say something, but only his lips moved, like a skeleton burning in desert of agony. I could only thing "what's the point of this?"  Here was a man, admittedly a tragic hero, who had made his mistakes but also soared to the heights of recovery and love.  In his later years he was absorbed into a different family by his common law wife.  They knew him as a different man, adored him. He was a different person.  But it didn't matter in the end.  Just... suffering.  Now it's fifteen years later and I realize that his story doesn't have to be my story.  That was then.  This is now.

In October 2014 my wife of twenty years and I went down to file our divorce papers.  As we left walking back to the studio she was shaking with emotion.  I had never seen her like that.  Twenty years.  "What was the point of that?"  And it's an endless cycle of this same thing.

Even the joys of life are repetitious. The existential crisis of boredom.

Here are my highlights:
I grew up in Southern Oregon in the eighties, a magic place of forests and books. 1969-1987
I served a Mormon mission in Santiago, Chile. 1990-1992 (left the church in 2014)
I went to Southern Oregon University for six years. 1993-1999
I owned a game shop selling miniatures battles stuff.  1997-2000
I was an elementary school teacher (fourth grade) 1999-2003
I ran a company Blue Table Painting. 2004-2019+
I saw my five children born by two different mothers- 1999, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2016

It feels more like writing a book. What's the point of writing a book? Maybe I'm on a cosmic reality show-- mind-blanked and driving a meat puppet for the entertainment of my intergalactic subscribers. 

Wanted List

I am looking to acquire the following models (through purchase or trade). I would prefer assembled but unpainted (but other conditions OK).  Current in-print edition models only, please.

1x Skaven Lightning Cannon
60x Skaven Clanrats (plastic, in print)
1x Verminlord Skreech
1x Thanquol and Boneripper

Mierce Miniatures "Shaggoths"
12x Dragon Ogres
1x Dark Elves Dragon

1x Lord Arcanum on Dracoline
1x Astreia Solbright
6x Evocators on Dracolines
1x Sequitors
6x Vanguard Palladors
6x Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows

Genestealer Cult:
3x Trucks of any type
10x Jackals/Wolfquads
4x various new characters

1x Durthu (or a regular treeman with the bitz needed)
6x Kurnoth Hunters
10x Dryads
1x Drycha Hamadryeth

Nighthaunt Army 

Whatever composition

5x Eldar Cockpit covers

15x Eldar Rangers
3x Rhinoxen-- Just need the bodies, but riders too is OK

Send information/offers to projects@bluetablepainting.com

Check www.bluetablestore.com 
My standing offer for any models on my list is a webstore coupon for 70% of the retail value of your trade.  Bear in mind that since most of my items are discounted generously, you are likely to get a favorable retail to retail trade.

We can also work out for money.  I pay 50% of retail for models in favorable condition, and 30-40% for not-so-great.

Hero of the Imperium- Spring 2019

This is a limited offer; two slots.

$5000 for a $10,000 assembly/painting credit
$3000 for a $5,000 assembly/painting credit
$2000 for a $3,000 assembly/painting credit

Once you pay, the credit becomes available by by degree each month over ten months.

This is the best shot.  Not cumulative with other specials.  Can only be used for new projects (not to pay off old ones).
This is first come, first-served. Please contact me via email at bluetablepainting@gmail.com if interested.

Incoming Beastmen Trade

They all are built/sand glued on bases but unpainted.  Round bases.

30 bestigors, 30 ungors, 20 gors, 2 ghorgons, 1 cygor, 1 giant, 6 minotaurs, 10 chaos warhounds, 2 spawns, 1 doombull, 1 beastlord, 3 shamans (2unbuillt), beastmen living spells, herdstone.

Incoming 40K Trade


5× necron characters
34× warriors
5× immortals

Ghost ark
Triach stalker

33×boys (on hold)

1x Mekk with shock attack gun
1x Mekk gun

Magnus the red 
10× rubric marines
15× possessed 
2× sorcerer 

8× tactical marines
10× intersessors (on hold)
Captain in Gravus armor

Ancient (banner bearer)

Drop pod
Predator tank
5× terminators
Grey knights character (which one?)

12× seraphon
8× serphons on cold ones
17× storm cast eternals 
16× bloodreavers
6 × forge world nurgle bile troggoths (?)

Bretonnian Army for sale

- 2 units of 10 bowmen (both incl. sergeant, banner and musician) + 4 Protections
- 1 unit of 40 spearman at arms (incl. sergeant, banner and musician)
- 1 unit of 10 knights of the realm - can be played as errant knights (incl. champion, banner and musician)
- 1 unit of 5 questing knights (incl. champion, banner and musician)
- 1 unit of 12 Grail knights (incl. banner and musician)
- 1 unit of 8 Pegasus knights (incl. champion)
1 unit of 5 mounted sergeants (incl. Chef, banner and musician)
- 1 sorceress on foot
- 1 sorceress on Pegasus/horse
- 1 paladin/knight on foot
- 1 trebuchet (incl. 5 characters)
- 1 bear trainer and bear
- 1 jester
- All units have their moving base
Cost is $1200
Ship is free in US, $30 to most other

Wholesale Accounts for the Aspiring Warlord

If you're like most gamers you have a garage full of unpainted models.  Or you assemble them and push around your grey horde every week at your local shop.  But no longer!

How it Works
You pay a certain amount every month and get a credit for more than what you paid. When you are ready to set up a project you just draw from your pool and we get it done.

Even at the lowest level you could get an army painted every three or four months.  And at a wholesale rate.

You get painted models.  We get regular payments.  It's a one year commitment-- a handshake deal.  I have the artists on hand to take care of it.

But wait, there's more...
For the duration of your deal you get wholesale cost on the models for your projects.  Whatever we pay, that's what you pay-- usually 25-30% off.

Level One
$200 per month for a $300 credit
Percentage off = 33%
At this level you can get L2/3/4 work done
At the end of a year you'll have four or so armies painted up.

Level Two
$500 per month for a $800 credit
Percentage off = 42%
At this level you can get L3/4/5 work done

Level Three
$1200 per month for a $2200 credit
Percentage off = 45%

Level Four
$4000 per month for a $8000 credit
Percentage off = 50%
At this level you will have a private dedicated team working on your projects

Level Five
$8000 per month for a $18000 credit
Percentage off = 56%
At this level you will have a large private dedicated team working on your projects
I mean, what would you even do with this.  It's like getting six huge armies a month done.  I guess a company might need this to subsidize kickstarters.

You pay shipping: $10 flat per package in the US, and $30 overseas (most places)

Can I get multiples of the same deal?
Yes, you can.

When do you pay?
The fifteenth of the month, unless arranged otherwise.

How long does the credit last?
One year.  Just have to set up the project.

For what can I use my credit?
Assembly, conversion, and painting services.
New projects only-- you can't pay for current projects (set up before 12/12/2018) with your credit (either the deposit or the final payment).

Does this combine with other credits, offers, coupons or discounts?
Nope.  This is the best shot deal.

Shawn, what makes you think you can get all this done?
Track record.
I have already done many of these types of arrangements and discharged hundreds of thousands of dollars of work.

What happens if I can't make the payment?
We just put your account on hold until you can get it started again.  It's paused.


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