Dark Heresy Session 01 Prologue

[This is a pre-game warmup done on our Dark Heresy newsgroup-- as some of you may know I have started a Dark Heresy campaign that will have woven in our battle reports]
As you speed over the aquamarine waters of Reth, islands rise and disappear. They are little more than an amorphous shape of white sand surrounding a thick central mass of trees that look like dark green clouds.

The sky above is a brilliant green pale green, like a thin sheet of malachite. The sun is large and diffuse, as if a great lamp were held behind a sheet of glass. The Aquila lander rattles gently. The air is acrid and smells of worn military equipment.

Since Inquisitor Burrow summoned you on board the Wanderlust, showed you his inquisitorial signet, and pressed you into service, he has not spoken at all. Now, he comes out of reverie, tilting his wide-brim hat back so youc an see his black eyes.

With a casual motion of his hand he bids youlook out the window.

"See there, we're coming up on Altalemu now. There are about five hundred souls on that island. They live in paradaisical conditions; no enemies, plenty of food, good health, long life, and mild summer year round.

"They do not know the horrors that lurk just out of sight. They do not know that billions of souls labor on dreary forge worlds day and night to buy their security with steel and blood.

"Is this the pinnacle of man? Is a life of ease what we should aspire to? Is this what we seek? If the enemies of the Imperium were to disappear tomorrow, should we all live on worlds such as this?

"Answer, if you can."

Rocking slightly in his seat, Barbosa Callidon ceases his mutteringlong enough to answer: "As a light will invariably create a shadow, sotoo does the happiness of these people cause suffering to otherselsewhere. Such a life, while enjoyable, is not the stuff of theImperium. All must give as they are able, and take as they require.These people take everything they want and need from others, and givelittle in return.”

"Don't make no diferece to me either way Lord" As Stygga diggs in her ear."I'm at home any where you send me"
"Gime my 'Vera' (Auto gun) and some shells. Point me at the Gits. Yousays who gets it. I make em lay down, for ever"
"Sounds like a good lot to me lord"

Preacher Mirsad's face twists into disgusted scowl at Barbosa's typically'psyker' answer."Always speaking in riddles..." he thinks to himself. He tightens his grip onhis war hammer and replies in a voice that fills the cabin..."It is not given to men that they should take as they desire. Only the ImmortalEmperor, blessed be his name, has the right to take. All others must do as he willsthem. His will is that men must be made strong through war, hunger, and trials. There are nocivilians in the battle for survival. All those who will not fight become the enemies of Him OnEarth."Mirsad pulls out his Aquila necklace and touches each bead in turn as he mumblesthe Emperor's Divine Works softly to himself.

Busy thoroughly servicing his lasgun, Kaltos glances up to reply. “AllI need is my trusty lasgun a couple charge packs and something to shootat.......but if you ask me these people live a life of blindignorance. There’s always going to be a conflict whether its a greatbeast or a Tyranid hive fleet.”“But I must be here for a reason or you wouldent have asked for myservices.”

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