Advance Scout Report

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Advance Scout Paul brings us these images and links from around the immaterium. Thanks!

Also a thank you to Check them out!

I have also sprinkled in my own opinion, which of course is an invaluable addition.

Chaos Revenant Titan. This model is an insane project to undertake. But it looks completely wicked.

Supposedly some kind of Elysian buggy. Not too thrilled here. Elysians are pretty scrawny. But they have a cool back story. You can make a whole army of them (using the Imperial Guard codex) ordering through Forge World. I love the Drop Sentinels. They have their own army list, too, in Anphelion Project.

Tallarn greens. I'd be glad to see this resin Forge World line flushed out.

Supposedly some kind of turret for an Eldar super-heavy. I've never seen it before.

Ogryn greens. Will these be plastics?

Currently the metal/plastic O'Shovah is a direct/bitz order only item. I like this one a lot better. The current model is pretty static.

Seekers of Slaanesh plastics are coming. This looks to be a vanguard there. But what's with the paint job? I like the shape of the model for sure. But not a fan of the rider. I like the metal ones that are seductively straddiling their mounts. Huge fan of the more human-looking metal models. But they're stuck now seeing as the foot plastics are out and have set the tone for the daemonettes...
This just in from DG-
The color of the Seeker is due to the fact it is a resin prototype. It isn't painted merely cast from a translucent dark redresin. The black is where the resin is too thick for light to shinethrough. There is also a pic floating around of the Deamon Princefrom the WoC book in the same resin.

Something to do with Elysians I bet.

From the UK games day:

Lord of Change is on display again.Chaos Reaver is looking good with a fresh paintjob.A Elysian buggy of some type.A smallish one-man Eldar Falcon looking piece (probably a super-heavy turret work in progress).

New Tallarn GreensPlastic Daemon PrincePlastic Seekers of Slaanesh

Oh and they're making a 40k movie called ULTRAMARINES, direct to dvd 70 minutes.

OK now for release rumors! There was a dark eldar codex that was sent out for playtesting in the UK, but ended up not being powerful enough, so it went back to the drawing board. They're expecting 2011 currently. After tyranids, they're going to release a necron codex, then finally the dark eldar.
So that's about all I have right now. I am subscribed to almost 200 gaming blogs and forums, mostly GW products. I'll shoot you emails from time to time with things I find if it's helpful.




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