Chittering in Dark Tunnels

Skaven are up on the GW main site.

These are pre-order at this time.

First off, note that the clanrats are 20 per box for $33 which is a comparatively good price. I predict that clanrats will be cheaper or be better in very, very huge masses. Over the years, GW has increased the complexity of the figures. They are covered in detail now, nearly 1.5x harder to paint. Which is great, no complaints.

On the other hand, Storm Vermin are $49.50 for 20 per box. Still not bad. And surely they will cost more points. I predict that they will be in Core now. That's what is generally happening with the re-write of every army book (eg Dire Avengers in Eldar, Berserkers in Chaos).

Plague Monks are another strong kit, also 20 per box and currently for $35. That kit is solid, very detailed, evocative, and with a lot of cool extras. My favorite Plague Monk accountrements are the book and the scroll that they are holding.

I also predict that the Doom Wheel will be in multiple unit types. It will be a hero mount (like the cauldron of blood) and maybe a Special. Maybe like a Stegadon. Just making predictions.



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