Rat Ogre Kingdoms Concept Army

This is a concept army that we want someone to turn into a commission.  We would need a budget of $1700 to $2700 (possibly more) depending on the size, extensiveness of conversion work, and level of painting.

Here is my recommended army list.  You are welcome of course to change this if you make it a commission.

Warhammer Forge Skaven.

Tyrant  300 pts
Slaughtermaster (Vermin Lord) 300 pts
Bruiser BSB 175 pts
Butcher 150 pts
Ironguts x8 (Rat Ogres with Heavy Weapons) 350 pts
Rat Ogres x12 325 pts
Rat Ogres x6 150 pts
Leadbelchers (Rat Ogres with steampunk style cannons/guns) x4 150 pts
Thundertusk 250 pts
Ironblasters x2 350 pts

=2500 pts



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