White Scars Army List

I saw this over the weekend at a local small-time tournament. Took #1, cause it hit HARD, shot well, and MOVED!

"White Scars" Space Marines Amy List.

Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan [Warlord]
Space Marine Chaplain w/ Bolt Pistol & Corzius Arcanum - on Space Marine Bike

x3 Techmarine w/ Power Weapon, Servo Harness & Space Marine Bike

x3 SpacesMarine Bike Squadrons
- x5 Bikers (normal)
- x2 Bikers w/ Meltagun
- x1 Sargent w/ Power FWeapon (Lance)
+ 1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-Melta

Fast Attack
x3 Land Speeder Squadron
- x1 Land Speeder w/ x2 Multi-Meltas


What he did was take 1 squad and add the Techmarine, Kor'sarro Khan, and the Chaplain as one big mega-death squad.

The other 2 squads were Combat Squad'd so the Sarge and Melta Bikers, and the Attack Biker are one squad - the other 5 are another squad.  He has the Techmarine join the melta-heavy squads.

The aggressive squads (Meltas/Sarge and Techmarine) would zoom forward and take care of problems and issues, the 5-man gunner bikers would focus more on Objective holding.

The death-squad would go after high-priority targets (such as Warlord) and the like.
The 3 separate landspeeders move to assist.  Generally they go after tanks (dual meltas good for that).

While this has no direct Anti-Air, the twin-linked bolters on the bikes along with ALL THE MELTA tends to shoot down good numbers of flying things.

- there's my two cents.

Fan and Friend
Alternatively - talking to the guy.
You can drop the 3 Land Speeders,for a Stormraven Gunship
- 1 Stormraven w/ Hurricane Bolters.  [this leaves the list 5 points shy, so Extra Armour on the flyer]



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