Lifetime Eldar

Hello loyal BTP fan.  What follows is an individual "pitch" I made a while back for the Lifetime of Awesome Eldar army.  Naturally, if you are interested in being my patron, we can adjust the details.

Our Highest Level
At BTP we offer six levels of painting from Level 2 (L2) to Level 7 (L7).  The highest is display quality.

The List
I have first created a 5000 point list.  I can modify or expand this based on your personal preferences and what kind of games you play (e.g., Apocalypse).

1x Farseer on jetbike
2x Spirit Seers (need to use the Iyanden list here)
10x Fire Dragons (in Wave Serpent)
27x Jetbikes
10x Wraithguard (in two Wave Serpents)
20x Swooping Hawks
12x Shadow Spectres (including the Phoenix Lord and an Exarch)
3x War Walkers
2x Wraithknights
1x Revenant Titan
If you play open games like Apocalypse, then that might call for some adjustment in the list i.e. adding more cool things.  I would for example drop the Hawks to twelve total and adding a Warp Hunter from Forge World.
All costs here are comprehensive.  It includes the models, assembly, conversions, magnetization, and painting.

The Project of a Lifetime
Six years ago I thought to myself if I were to die soon, what would be my final army, my pièce de résistance  that is the best thing I could think of.  For this I would do all the things already described but also create a series of Eldar vanes, fluted, repeating and Geiger-esque arrays (sweeping off the backs of vehicles and walkers) that are made from clear resin so parts of the vehicles are translucent like glass, as if fading into existence.  This is something that I have never seen before in this context.  This fades out from the regular painting in a smooth fashion from solid to clear.  Adding in LED lights interiorly would further make this a head turner.
I have included several pics that are a good baseline for what I am thinking, except brighter with a better contrast.

I would want a broad budget of at least $58,000 to do this project.  Naturally, I would expand the army list, adding the coolest and most inspirational items from the Eldar range.  A Phantom Titan is a must here.  I would take a personal interest in the army, give you direct communication with artists and myself and also pull my top artists to work on it and nothing else.

Notes and Conversions
1) The army would look really awesome on specialty bases.  I have attached a few pics of a certain type that might work very nicely.
2) Vehicles should have a full suite of magnetized weapon options.
3) I have played a very similar army list and taken on some tough customers and had a blast with such a maneuverable list.
4) All wave serpents are quoted as a Fire Prism kit with the Wave Serpent weapons in the two slots.  This variant looks extremely handsome with a turret rather than the skimpy wave serpent top-mount.
5) I have included a budget in each case for conversion work, modifications, and extras (such as Forge World upgrades and specialty bases).

Other Versions
There are less expensive versions of this army.  Each one may tone down on the custom parts, LEDs, magnetization and painting level.

I would need a budget of $29,000.  The lion's share of this is for the incredible detail of painting.  I have attached a few guide pictures here, just some things that I have encountered as top Eldar painting.
The total budget needed for the army is $12,000.  Notably less.
Just by comparison, the same project done at the higher of our two base levels (L4) would be $7,000.  Here are some L4 Eldar
Turnaround time will be six months.

If you would like to proceed, I would very much like to go forward on the basis of you giving me a budget then letting me run with creative license (given up front your personal preferences).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working on something fun, creative and notable for the field of miniatures painting.


Here are some pics!   These are not BTP's work by the way.



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