Active Project Update for July 15, 2015

Here is the complete list of projects we are working on right now.
  • BTP historically finishes 100-170 projects every quarter (three months)
  • If a project is waiting for painting or waiting for assembly it means that an artist will start working on it usually in 1-14 days.  Deadlines are normally one week from the time an artist checks out a project, unless it is a large project.
  • Right now, the status at BTP is that there is a lump of project about to go into assembly.  This will get smoothed out as it takes the assemblers 2-3 weeks to get it all done.
  • If your project does not appear on the list, please contact UNLESS you have sent your deposit within the last eight days in which case you should just rest easy.
  • At this time, BTP has it on record that no projects that Need Models (NM) are being ordered by us, so if you understand that we are ordering materials for you, then contact us right away.  It is also possible that a NM status means that the models are still on the way.

NM -1 Needs Models
R -2 Receiving
IN -3 Instructions
WA -4 Waiting for Assembly
AA -5 Active Assembly
WP -6 Waiting for Painting
AP -7 Active Painting
D-8 Digital
C-9 Completed
P Packing
X Unusual Circumstance

NM Zombicide 01 AMED
NM Space Marines 01 AAND
NM Moderns 01 BKIM
NM Retribution 01 CMEY
NM Convergence 01 DCYR
NM Relic Knight 01 JGAT
NM Descent 01 JBAC
NM Chaos Space Marines 01 JROB
NM Tyranids 01 MFAR
NM Tomb Kings 01 RDES
NM Fantasy Orcs 01 RMAR
NM Discworld 01 TCHR
NM Ork Biker Boss
NM Reaper 01 WSAC
R Deathwing 01 TTAF
IN Thousand Sons 01 LMUR
IN Space Wolves 01 PSAN
IN Contest Marines 01 ADET
IN Space Marines 04 ASHA
IN Infinity Tohaa 02
IN Space Marines 02 BLIN iron hands
IN Grey Knights 01 CCHA
IN Warzone 01 CRIN
IN Corsairs 06 DAND
IN Space Marines 01 DGEA wh scrs
IN Cygnar 01 GLOP
IN Eldar 01 JNIC
IN Adeptus Mechanicus 01 KSMI
IN Blood Angels 01 MRUK
IN Salamanders 01 NVAU
IN Grey Knights librarian 01 NEDW
IN Death Korps 01 NEVA
IN Baneblade 01 NWIL
IN Space Marines 01 PALL
IN Tyranids 01 RGOO
IN Infinity 01 RFRE
IN Wood Elves 01 conversion
IN Retribution 03 TSOB
IN Malifaux Rezzers 01 TMAT
IN Vampire Counts 05 WHUN
IN Salamanders 01 JNEW
WA Adeptus Mechanicus 02 ADET
WA Lizardmen 01 MKAR
WA Orks 01 MKLI
WA Chaos Space Marines 01 MVAR
WA Blood Angels 04 SPRO
WA Wild West 01 SDZY
WA Infinity 01 DLIU
WA Emperor's Children 01 JHRO
WA Blood Ravens 01 FJOH
AA Generic 01 JWU
AA Menoth 01 SWIS
AA Space Marines 01 HMUR
AA Khador 02 MCON
AA Red Dwarves 03 SZAG
AA Dark Angesl 01 JDON
AA Assasins 01 CSIM
AA Historicals 01 CGIA
AA Blood Angels 01 JRUP
AA Blood Angels 01 LPIE
IN Descent 01 TBES
AA Cygnar 03 WPAY
AA Titans 01 BADR Bio Titan
AA Blood Angels 01 ETAY mephist.
AA Tau 01 SLAN assembly only
WP Firestorm Armada 01 JSCO
WP Flames of War 01 DCLO
WP Lizardmen 01 DMAR
WP Eldar 01 ALEE
WP Anima Tactics 01 BKNO
WP War of Kings re-do Amberlee HROB
WP Cygnar 01 JMUR
WP Eldar 01 MRUK
WP Mimic 01 SMIL
WP Eldar 02 SMAT
WP Imperial Guard 01 TBRE
WP Warriors of Chaos 03 WLEA
WP Imperial Guard 02 RSIS
AP Lord of the Rings 01 NWAL
AP Empire 01 BBOW
AP Retribution 01 CYOA
AP Grey Knights 01 BBUR
AP Arena Rex 01 JCAM
AP Blood Angels 01 JMES
AP 40K 01 JRAT
AP Cryx 07 JBAC
AP Sisters of Sigmar 01 NVIT
AP Khador 03 RDAV
AP Nagash 01 ABAD
AP Dwarfs 01 AGIL
AP Space Marines 01 AHYD librarian
AP Dark Angels 01 CWEL
AP Space Wolves 05 CNEL
AP Iron Wolves 01 DAND
AP Space Marines 01 JBEN
AP Grey Knights 01 JAND
AP Tyranids 01 KBEE
AP Space Wolves 01 PBIR
AP Dark Elves 01 RARA
AP RPG Figures 03 RBLO
AP Chaos Space Marines 01 TJAS
AP Grey Knights 01 WNOE
AP Titans 01 NROY
D Blood Bowl JHUG
C Relic Knights 01 JBUR
D Space Marines 01 LNIC
D Imperial Fists 01 MHAR
P Reaper 02 BBIN
C Warriors of Chaos 01 AAVE
C Assassinorum 01 BGAR
C High Elves 01 CSCH
C High Elves X CSCH
C Dragonborn 01 JLAR
C RPG Figures 01 JLAM
C Grey Knights 01 JAND
C Tau 01 JMON
C Star Wars 09 PHOD
C Blood Angels 03 SPRO
C Blood Angels 02 SPRO
P Tyranids 01 JNIC
X Grey Knights 01 AAKE
X Space Marines 01 CCHE
X Eliphas 01 DHER Sovereign fox
X 40K Heroes 01 FLOP
X Space Marines 01 JWON
X Grey Knights 01 JWOY
X Primarchs 01 PMUR
X Necrons 01 RHAR
X Warriors of Chaos 01 SYEO
X Bretonnians 01 WLEA




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