Call to Arms Program

At BTP there are two options for getting your project assembled and/or painted:

A) Your project goes through the regular process where a pool of painters chooses projects based on inspiration and everything floats along like rafts on a river
B) The Call to Arms program.  Read on!

A new project of army size or larger qualifies for special treatment.

Your army will be done by appointment and finished by a team of artists (headed by myself and a veteran artist) in about an eight day span.  You claim your slot by placing your deposit.  You will have access to the group while we work via webcam and/or Skype.

Additionally, you will receive a detailed recipe of process and materials/paints used in the creation of your army, two videos (including possibly artist interviews, director's notes, a battle report, army overview, and/or how-to), and a signed and dated picture with all artists that work on the project.

I have made open the following slots.  It takes about a week.  Your project will be completed, with in-progress pics approved, by the last day.

May 2-9 open
May 9-16 open
May 16-23 open
May 23-30 open

You just need to get in your deposit to claim the spot.  Your models need to be in a week in advance of your appointment.

You will be ready to pay the last part of the project on the day it's finished.

Here is an example of the suite of update videos for a large project

 Note about existing projects:  it may be that you already have a project going with us.  I am working those through as quickly and efficiently as possible with the objective of finishing all by February or March of this coming year (or today depending on where you are in the process).  Starting in 2016 it is my intention to have all major projects done in this Call to Arms way, an entirely pleasant and exact process that you will totally love.

If you have an army-sized project in the works and would like to bundle it with a new (and similar) project then you can snatch up one of the slots.

For those that have that minority of projects that are delayed, I apologize, this program will actually help move things along more quickly.  I know it sounds counter intuitive, but the math is solid.



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