New books

Today I got up, made a fire in the fireplace, then took the dog for a walk.  It's super-cold outside so the creature can't go very far.

I am feeling very healthy today.  My strength grows.  I am looking forward to a time when I can get back to working out every single day.  Love that.

I dropped by the local game shop and picked up a Riptide and a Heldrake and a bunch of books: Seraphon, the Everchosen (two for Age of Sigmar), and Tau: Kauyon.  I'll be doing reviews of those.  I hung out for a while, chowing two Snickers, and joining a War Machine escalation league (I'll be playing Convergence).  Met Nick and Jason.

I headed to the studio and did my housekeeping.  I also interviewed two painters, both very engaging and promising.  I am ready to take two new major projects in the last half of January.  Watched some DS9 in the background.

I met with Drew, the main assembler, and updated his project log so that clients can see progress on our public page.  His Khorne warband is almost done being painted and we scheduled an Age of Sigmar battle report for Friday.

Took an inventory of paints to be sure my artists are well stocked.

 It is now nightfall, and I think all admin items are addressed, so I'm headed out.  See you all tomorrow.



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