White Plume Mountain- notes for the day

In the many bizarre sub-realms of Keraptis is the lair of the manticores.

These are just preliminary notes.

Vid- the thing I like about WPM
Nostalgia- modern twists
Comic book movie treatemnt

Nostalgic feel, keep the old school flair
- setting of an active volcano, cast the volcano as a character where it has a personality and lends a mood.  It's an ever-present force, like a threat
- Nods to styles of old school writers eg Gary Gygax (presence of healing/safe areas)
- Three portions have distinct elements and environments Water/Steam, Dark/Void/Necro, Earth/Gems
- Trap areas that can harm monsters and are part of strategy eg electromagnet room, metal heating corridor
- Roving intelligent dangers that play into the story.

I also listed the sets of terrain I already have that can be purposed into the adventure and the sets of terrain that need to be created.

Looking at Raging Heroes for Manticore figures



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