Shawn's Wish List

Check often as this list is updated daily

I love models.  I love this hobby.

1x Forge World Elspeth on Dragon
1x Forge World Goblin Boss on Giant Spider
3x Tau Broadsides
1x Tau Stormsurge
1x Tau Riptide
20x Fire Warriors

2x Ork Mek Guns (for conversions, need all the bitz too)
30x Skaven Clanrat plastics (the new ones, but not from isle of blood)
8x Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortars
24x Poisoned Wind Globadiers (or conversions/alternates)
3x Warp Grinders

Nurgle Daemons
1x Bloab Rotspawned (need the whole kit all parts)
30x Plaguebearers
6x Plague Drones
2x Heralds of Nurgle

Spiderfang Tribe
3x Arachnarok Spiders
1x Goblin Boss on Giant Spider
30x Spider Riders

here it would be cool if they were assembled
30x Savage Orcs
10x Savage Orc Boarboyz
1x Savage Bigboss
Any various characters

1x Ejhin de Vanth (this is a confrontation figure, plastic preferred)


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