Space Marines for Sale (on hold)

OK guys, I got a Space Marines collection on the block. I estimate retail value in excess of $800.

$425 shipped in US.  $375 for local pickup. UPDATE: not for sale currently

Marine Devastator Squad / Unopened
Ironclad Dreadnaught / Unopened
Defense Line / Assembled Unpainted
10X SM Squad / Painted - Missing 2 Packs – Metal Leader
10X SM Squad / Assembled Unpainted
5X Scout Squad / Assembled Unpainted
5x Assault Squad / Assembled Unpainted
5x Command Squad / Assembled – Crimson Fist Pads – Unpainted
Drop Pod / Painted
Razorback / Assembled Unpainted
Predator / Partial Assembled Unpainted
Whirlwind / Assembled Unpainted
3x Bikes / Assembled Unpainted
Whirlwind / Assembled Painted
Stormtalon / Assembled Unpainted
Razorback / Assembled Painted
Thunderfire Cannon / Assemble Painted
Ironclad Dreadnought / Partial Assembled – Based
Ironclad Dreadnought / Assembled – Painted
3x Dreadnought / Assembled Painted
Terminator Assault Squad / Partial Assemble – Unpainted
2x Librarians
2x Captains
Psychic Power Cards
Tactical Objectives Cards
SM Data Cards



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