New models up for sale- Lord of the Rings, 40K, and Lizardmen

Note that this is all subject to change as I sell it off, it will all be gone soon.  These prices are low, it's for sight-unseen.  If I take pics it will be to post them on my webstore, and then it will cost more.  Contact if interested

Warhammer Lizardmen- $90 for the lot (of Lizardmen)

1 Stegadon with big bow and 5 skink crew. Steg painted and half of platform painted other half has base coat.
8 Cold one riders no base coat
16 Sarus warriors no base coat
1 Sarus scar vet painted
1 Skink priest no basecoat
1 Sarus on carnosaur. Sarus half painted. This is the old metal model.

Warhammer 40k
1 Trygon painted- $30
1 forge world vulture gunship with punisher cannons (half assembled piece or two fell off but still have all the pieces) no base coat or paint- $70  SOLD!

LOTR- $180 for this lot
39 Uruk hai warriors all painted 2 missing swords 3 broken pikes
9 Uruk hai crossbowmen 5 painted rest have base coat
4 Uruk hai heroes all painted
5 Berzerkers 3 painted 1 half painted 1 base coated 1 broken sword
11 Uruk hai engineers 5 painted rest have base coat 2 broken
3 Ork Trackers all painted
21 Ork warriors 6 painted rest have base coat few are broken
25 Uruk Scouts 4 painted rest have base coat few are broken
3 Ork heroes 2 painted 1 base coat
18 warg riders all painted a few are broken (mostly spears or needing to be reglued on warg)
1 Troll painted
1 Ballista painted broken but have all pieces crew listed as engineers
24 Haradrim Warriors no base coat
6 Haradrim raiders 5 horses painted, 1 raider painted 2 missing part or spear 1 horse needs rebasing
4 Haradrim Command 1 painted, 1 half painted, 2 base coat
1 warg rider hero painted
3 Dunland rangers 1 painted rest have base coat
2 Arnor heroes painted
5 Arnor warriors 2 painted rest have base coat
22 Arnor rangers with no base coat
23 Arnor rangers with base coat
1 Arnor ranger painted

Ship is $9 in US, $25 overseas, Canada, or $35 to Oz

* Broken, generally just missing a weapon
* Few anywhere from 2-6
* Base coats are black GW spray paint



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