Options and Updates for BTP Clients

If you're getting this email it is just a preliminary response.  We are working on our emails as quickly as possible and should be caught up soon.

Currently, BTP has fourteen artists and six administrative staff.  We are working through our projects as quickly as we can and still keeping our quality up.  You can see new projects going up all the time on our Flickr page.

I am in the process of hiring two or three new artists to give more attention to our clients.  I have the first of them showing up for full-time duty on Monday, November 4, 2013.

There are only a very small proportion of projects that don't have models already ordered (if that is needed) and /or already in the studio.  The remainder will be en route and ready to get to an artist's table soon.

Some projects are past the twelve week mark.  While we don't like this, it sometimes happens.  If this is the case with your project there are some options available to you.

1) Hold Tight!  If you want, just take a deep breath and let us get to your project in order.  While we are always happy to respond to a client, and will do so if you contact us, it does help us actually get ahead with the actual projects to dedicate that time to painting rather than emails.

2) Instant Gratification.  You paid money for your project.  If you'd like I will give that money as a credit plus 20% extra for a webstore coupon.  I'm putting up new models and even whole armies all the time.  And the majority of these are at less than would normally be charged, so you really get a lot of "bang for the buck".  Your project will be cancelled and you will get a gift certificate coupon right away and you can use it as soon as you like.

So, if you paid $600 for your project, you would get a coupon for $720.  And that could buy over $900 worth of models!

The coupon is good for six months, so you have all that time to pick something awesome.  This is only an option if your project is not already in assembly or painting.

3) Money Reincarnation.  This is the same as #2 except the amplification is 10% and you get a store credit for assembly and/or painting to use in the next year.  You might want to do this if for any reason you've lost interest in your project.  Maybe  you will want something different.   The catch: you need to wait until 2014 to put in your new project.  However, this give you time to think over what cool new thing you might prefer to have.

4) Help from a Friend.  If you're all right with it, I will find a good independent painter to complete your project.  I know more than a few.  You won't pay any extra, but the project will be completely taken over by this other entity.  It's no longer with BTP.  You will pay your final payment to the new person.

Remember, we have multiple full-time staff working on keeping up on communication with you.  You can always call the front desk at 801 372 8545


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