Every Word is True

When the government comes to a business with a new law saying pay X% in taxes this has several effects:

1) some of the money collected has to go to managing the money collected.
2) some of the money collected has to go to enforcement (auditors, sheriffs and guns).
3) there is a regulatory burden in the form of record-keeping for the auditors should they decide to show up. This means that the business has to hire someone to keep the records
4) In the case of complex laws and record-keeping a further expense is incurred in the form of hiring professionals (tax accountants) to help understand and implement the laws.
5) these new costs then have to fit somewhere in the budget of the business.

For item 5) there are several possibilities of how this will happen:

a) the business can take a hit on their profit margin.
b) the business can increase the price of goods/services to account for the new expense.
c) the business can lower wages.
d) the business can NOT raise wages.
e) the business can cut somewhere else.

I would suggest to you, dear reader, that there is no such thing as a free lunch. That government-mandated benefits are shuffled invisibly into the cost of goods and services.

If that's the case, then who benefits? Who really benefits?

Also check out enconostories

In an almost unrelated note, I was watching a documentary on the removal of IEDs in Iraq. I asked myself, would the IEDs be there at all if we were gone? But then I saw something that made it all clear: in one scene the soldiers were unloading giant crates of Gatorade. That's who is winning the war.

OK, it's later in the day and I stumbled on this. I am very hopeful that people will wake up, get Ron Paul on the Republican ticket so we can get back on track after a hundred years of central planning and bank fraud. In either case it will be wise to live close to the ground.

I'm not saying I agree with this guy entirely. I am much, much more optimistic about the future.

And now a little deeper. I don't normally get this far out, but take a look at these two entirely disparate world views on the same phenomenon. I am not saying that I agree. I am only putting it out there for consideration.

To whit: Naomi seems to be baffled by Obama's seemingly contradictory actions. Her worldview cannot puzzle it out, but in Alex's it makes sense. As a side note, I actually took time to read Naomi's fairly dense book "Shock Doctrine".

A Naomi Klein

B Alex Jones

Sculptor Coming

I'm hiring on an assembler/sculptor in June. Here is a pic of some of his prototypes.

Warriors of Chaos for Sale SOLD!

These available for sale or to be commissioned for painting.


1 x Wulfrik the wanderer

1 x Sorcerer of chaos

15 x marauder horsemen

1 x chaos lord on Daemonic mount

15 x chaos knights

10 x chaos warhounds

10 x chaos knights

20 x chaos warhounds

1 x chaos lord on juggernaut

10 x chaos chosen

1 x Sorcerer of chaos

1 x nurgle Sorcerer of chaos

36 x Chaos Warriors

84 x Chaos Marauders (2 have no base)

Bring your Kid to Valhalla Day

We are now allowing up to one minor age 15-17 per accompanying adult.

Ron Paul 2012

Exploratory committee?

I am beside myself with giddy happiness. More to come on that.

In a related note, on the way back from Adepticon the Federal Government (TSA) violated my fourth amendment rights. They destroyed my property (a lock on one of my checked cases) and went through my things without probable cause or a warrant. Several expensive models were broken and parts were missing.

My civil and human rights were violated by the Federal Government, in my view. One of my elected representatives recently approved of this by voting to keep the Patriot Act going. So, watch out at the polls, sir. I will spare no legitimate, moral, legal effort in removing you.

Realspace Raid- Imperial Outpost

Here's the list I'm taking against Mike today:

More pics

Unlimited Pts - Dark Eldar Roster

Troops: Wyches (11#, 240 pts)
9 Wyches, 240 pts ((C:DE, pg. 89); Unit Type: Infantry; Fleet; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Dodge (4+); Splinter Pistol & CCW; Combat Drugs; Plasma Grenades; Wychsuit; Razorflails x1; Shardnet & Impaler x1; Haywire Grenades)
1 Hekatrix (Splinter Pistol; Haywire Grenades; Plasma Grenades; Phantasm Grenade Launcher; Power Weapon)
1 Raider ((C:DE, pg. 91); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast, Open-topped); Transport Capacity: 10 models; Night Vision; Dark Lance x1; Flickerfield)

Troops: Wyches (11#, 240 pts)
9 Wyches, 240 pts ((C:DE, pg. 89); Unit Type: Infantry; Fleet; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Dodge (4+); Splinter Pistol & CCW; Combat Drugs; Plasma Grenades; Wychsuit; Razorflails x1; Shardnet & Impaler x1; Haywire Grenades)
1 Hekatrix (Splinter Pistol; Haywire Grenades; Plasma Grenades; Phantasm Grenade Launcher; Power Weapon)
1 Raider ((C:DE, pg. 91); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast, Open-topped); Transport Capacity: 10 models; Night Vision; Dark Lance x1; Flickerfield)

Elite: Incubi (6#, 225 pts)
4 Incubi, 225 pts ((C:DE, pg. 86); Unit Type: Infantry; Fleet; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Incubus Warsuit; Klaive)
1 Klaivex (Klaive; Onslaught)
1 Raider ((C:DE, pg. 91); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast, Open-topped); Transport Capacity: 10 models; Night Vision; Dark Lance x1; Torment Grenade Launchers; Night Shields; Flickerfield)

Elite: Incubi (6#, 225 pts)
4 Incubi, 225 pts ((C:DE, pg. 86); Unit Type: Infantry; Fleet; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Incubus Warsuit; Klaive)
1 Klaivex (Klaive; Onslaught)
1 Raider ((C:DE, pg. 91); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast, Open-topped); Transport Capacity: 10 models; Night Vision; Dark Lance x1; Torment Grenade Launchers; Night Shields; Flickerfield)

Fast Attack: Reavers (6#, 162 pts)
6 Reavers, 162 pts ((C:DE, pg. 91); Unit Type: Jetbikes; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Skilled Rider; Wychsuit; Close Combat Weapon; Splinter Pistol; Combat Drugs; Reaver Jetbike; Bladevanes x6; Splinter Rifle x4; Blaster x2)

Fast Attack: Reavers (6#, 162 pts)
6 Reavers, 162 pts ((C:DE, pg. 91); Unit Type: Jetbikes; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Skilled Rider; Wychsuit; Close Combat Weapon; Splinter Pistol; Combat Drugs; Reaver Jetbike; Bladevanes x6; Splinter Rifle x4; Blaster x2)

Heavy Support: Voidraven Bomber (1#, 205 pts)
1 Voidraven Bomber, 205 pts ((C:DE, pg. 93); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast); Night Vision; Deep Strike; Aerial Assault; Supersonic; Void Lance x2; Void Mine; Shatterfield Missile x4; Night Shields; Flickerfield)

Heavy Support: Voidraven Bomber (1#, 205 pts)
1 Voidraven Bomber, 205 pts ((C:DE, pg. 93); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast); Night Vision; Deep Strike; Aerial Assault; Supersonic; Void Lance x2; Void Mine; Shatterfield Missile x4; Night Shields; Flickerfield)

Troops: Kabalite Warriors (10#, 115 pts)
10 Kabalite Warriors, 115 pts ((C:DE, pg. 89); Unit Type: Infantry; Fleet; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Splinter Rifle x8; Kabalite Armour; Blaster x1; Splinter Cannon x1)

Troops: Kabalite Warriors (10#, 115 pts)
10 Kabalite Warriors, 115 pts ((C:DE, pg. 89); Unit Type: Infantry; Fleet; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Splinter Rifle x8; Kabalite Armour; Blaster x1; Splinter Cannon x1)

HQ: Archon (1#, 105 pts)
1 Archon, 105 pts ((C:DE, pg. 84); Unit Type: Infantry; Fleet; Night Vision; Power from Pain; Independent Character; Kabalite Armour; Plasma Grenades; Power Weapon; Haywire Grenades; Phantasm Grenade Launcher)

Validation Report:
1. Dark Eldar Army: Kabal; c-1. File Version: 1.20 For Bug Reports/www.ab40k.org; b-1. Roster Options: Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Normal Mission
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
HQ: 1 (1 - 2)
Elite: 2 (0 - 3)
Troops: 4 (2 - 6)
Fast: 2 (0 - 3)
Heavy: 2 (0 - 3)

Total Roster Cost: 1999

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com


Currently playing Mike D. a 2000 pt game of 40K for a Batrep.

Happy Easter

It's my favorite time of the year. Spring in Utah. It's raining, the trees are in bloom, there are tulips everywhere.

Happy Easter everyone. I'd like to say that I was deep in thought about the meaning of the resurrection of Christ, but I really just forgot all about it. Sigh.

I got up around 5am, put on some TV to get me back to sleep then slept in until about 8am. I had some Life cereal with bananas. Cut down the middle then in slices. Then Willow got up and we watched Blues Clues while I worked on my home-brew RPG.

Speaking of which, I'm working on an RPG played with cards. Something simple enough that it will play combats super fast, abstracted a bit. And simple enough that my kids can play it. I've got some preliminary cards done up. It's just for fun, I don't plan on doing anything with it. Here's an excerpt below.

I went out to hack at the dandelions in the front yard. They are back with a vengeance. I just despise those weeds. I have a two-prong hoe that I hack them with. It doesn't get at the root, but it feels good and prevents them from seeding. I also swept up the gutter in front of our house. I really need to fix up a lot of things around the house, but that's being put off for other projects probably until next year.

Then off to church. I must say that many years of forming the habit make it go smoothly, and that's saying something with four kids. The three older kids can get themselves ready now, with the odd mis-buttoning of a shirt. Plus the five-year-old can't tie his shoes yet. I got in a bit of a dispute with my wife this morning. I'm arguing for dress loafers no laces, and she thinks they should learn to tie their shoes. I put on a flowery tie. Yup, super-smooth. I sucked down some ramen noodles (to which I added some frozen mixed veggies) and we were out the door.

Once home I proceeded to vegetate in my pajamas, moving my computer to the dining room in order to watch sci-fi and work on my RPG thing. I chewed out the kids for their various bickering and interruptions. A neighbor made them some pajamas of pale green and yellow with frilly frills for the girls. They looked like a bunch of spritely sproutlings going off to bed.

How do I feel? My mind is at ease generally. I have so much to write down, so much to say, so many thoughts: the mercy of God, Gatelynomics, and working up practical solutions for the new building. I am super happy. My family is a delight. I like being at home with them. My wife looked like a hindu goddess in purple and gold with a lavender-colored flower in her hair, her eyes shining like two deep spheres of arctic ice.

Action: Attack

1. Choose an attack action card from your hand and without showing it, place it face down on the table along with up to two Effort tokens. This represents how much exertion you are putting into the attack. Once your hand leaves the card the attack is set, there is no taking it back. You are now the Attacker.

2. Declare the target of the attack. Some attacks may allow or require multiple targets. At this time check to see if the target is within range of the attack. If not, the attacker may redirect the attack.

3. The target of the attack now becomes the Defender against that attack.

4. The Defender may now play a reaction card to counter the attack. This is first priority, on top of the back and forth of further responses. The Defender may play the card in tandem with up to two Effort tokens. Note: this reaction does not have to be one of the common defenses listed here, it may be any reaction.

a. An Evade is an attempt to completely get out of the way of the attack without moving hardly at all.

b. A Block turns aside an attack with another weapon or a shield.

c. A Dodge is an attempt to get out of the way of an attack by physically moving out of the weapon’s reach.

5. Responses. The side that the Defender is on may now play a response. Then back and forth, and resolve as under Take an Action.

6. The Attacker now reveals his attack and adds up his Accuracy.

a. The base Accuracy of the weapon he is using.

b. The Accuracy of the attack card.

7. If the Accuracy is equal to or higher than the Defense, then the attack is successful. If not then the attack misses.

8. If the attack is successful the Defender takes damage.

a. The base damage of the weapon he is using.

b. The number of Effort tokens put into the attack at +1 per token.

c. Critical Hit. +3 Damage if the Accuracy exceeded the Defense by three or more.

9. Subtract the Defender’s armor from the Damage. This is how much Health the Defender loses. Set that amount of tokens aside.

Ultimate D&D edition

For those considering Ultimate D&D in October, would it make a difference to you if we did 3.5 or 4.0? Email me! bluetablepainting@gmail.com

Dream Ticket: Paul/Lee 2012

Also, check out this vid at 1:43

This was when he was just getting started, something like eight months before the election. I'm approximating here. But I called it "future Senator".

Fallen Knights

Army concept: evil Grey Knights. Sort of the chaos version of them. Dark and splendorous.

Use GK list with new GK models but painted black, gold and red. Maybe carve or scratch out their lettering and give them demonic back banners instead of Pauldrons.

Or maybe just make (finally) an all Dark Paladin army using chaos terminators.

Subsidiary models, like the Weaponsmith would be dark versions, mutants and hideous aliens. Or cowled figures, machinists.

Oooh, or pre-heresy thousand sons variant integrating soon-to be released tomb kings pieces. Warsphix as Dreadknight. Tall and stately guardians of ivory pyramids as Terminators.

Maybe this bad girl as a storm raven.

About the New Building

What I can chew = 100
Valhalla = 65
New Building = 65

That's my life in a nutshell. I am being stretched.

Projected growth = 30

Let's talk about the new building. It is on a half acre in downtown Spanish Fork. Without going into detail, it's a very real possibility that we could own it, thus fulfilling a long-time dream of mine to actually own the ground. This will set the stage for bigger and better things for the company, my family, BTP workers, the local community, and the gaming community throughout the nation and the world. It's a big rock in the pond.

As for the building itself it's fifty by eighty feet with two levels. That's 8000 square feet. Our current studio is just over 2000 square feet. So that's quadruple the space, enough to grow in for many years to come. And quite affordable. On top of that, there is a 1500 square foot double-bay warehouse out back.

Both levels feature a main room, open and spacious.

Built in the Forties, the building is build like a bunker with fourteen inch concrete on the bottom (even one interior wall downstairs is 14" concrete) and triple brick on top, virtually without flaw. There are enormous beams and steel reinforcements in the main structure along with massive pillars of wood. They don't make them like that anymore.

The downside is that the building was pretty gross. A bit like "Hoarders", smelly, a mazework of ramshackle "improvements", oddball side rooms, dead flies, an archaeological dig of decades of businesses. As usual we are coming in and making it beautiful. Not a small project. I can't go overly into detail. Hopefully you will see the finished product at the end of May. It will make you cry tears of joy.

It's the money. Raising funds for this has been a real beast. I was talking with James today and he reminded me of all the schools and infrastructure being build overseas. And it just makes me terribly upset. Not that I want a government handout, but it would have been more productive to keep those resources stateside, just saying. Smalltown businessman struggles, pacing the floor late at night, while billions just "go missing" in the middle east.

Sorry to end on a sour note.

Time to fight for my dream. Fight.

Got this from a fan

Hi Shawn, here's a copy and paste of a post I put up in "the truth hurts" and "beasts of war" forums concerning WFB. If you have any thoughts on this I'd love to hear it..

"Maybe I missed some kind of legal ramification, but why havn’t we, the Warhammer gaming community, created our own worldwide, internet based gaming standard? What I mean by that is a website that balances games such as GW through a community based voting system. It would be completely grass roots to start with, free, and open sourced. So basically you have a website where each member has an account with an associated email, and each member gets one vote per multiple choice item. For example:

What should the toughness of a Steam Tank be?

A) 10
B) 7
C) 8
D) 6
E) 5

Each item would have some kind of time length for the voting, after which the majority wins and then this becomes THE standard for the game – WORLDWIDE, and there’s nothing stopping the community from revising the new ruling after it’s been played for a while.
It’s time for the players to take control of the game. We’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, on the product and we deserve better. We have the models and the books, all we need is for continuous play balance via community based input. I’ve been considering starting this site myself, but I’m not that savvy about web page creation, html, etc., but I might just start a simple site to get the ball rolling..

I know there is direwolf, but it’s not enough. There needs to be one independent website that EVERYONE goes to for reference. The GW armybooks would just be a starting point… One main thing I would stress though, is to avoid nerfing as much as possible, and instead focus on boosting – that way players don’t have to shelf their models, and if anything it should promote sales of new models.."

L7 and L8

We are now doing L7 and L8 work. For infantry as follows (approximate mid-ranges):

L3 $7-9
L4 $10-14
L5 $30-40
L6 $45-65
L7 $150-200
L8 $350-450

The only problem now is our photography!


It's been insane. I can't seem to get my feet. May is set to be the hellstorm of the century. I need to work like a madman to set up new projects for the month. I am ready.

More to come. Just letting you know I'm alive.

Put some new stuff up for sale.

Three Joys

A thing can bring three joys:
The joy of Acquiring.
The joy of Having
The joy of Giving

The first joy is that of the collector, whose gratification is to get something but not to use it. To put it on the shelf. Someone who has clothes in the closet with the tags still on. Or a Miniatures collector who just put the figures in the display case.

The second joy could be more rightly named the Joy of Using. This is the one most thought of as the main purpose for a thing, whatever it may be. For a miniatures collector it looks like an army well-used and well-loved.

The third joy is least considered, if at all. That is the satisfaction of giving something up. Selling it or seeing someone else gain use of it.

As for miniatures and me, I love the first part first. I love to make a new collection of figures, or conceive of and orchestrate its creation. But I hardly use them at all and I'm ready to give them up for something new in just a few weeks.

I Hate Named Characters

Fun = making up your own stuff.

Unfun = playing someone else's character.

Masses of Clanrats

Now running a limited quantity special (two slots) for Skaven clanrats/slaves.

$3 per model for painting L3. Will need broad artistic license. Minimum run = 100.
$2.50 per model for painting L2. Will need broad artistic license. Minimum run = 150.

If you want us to acquire figures and assemble them as follows:
$1 per figure (for Isle of Blood)
$1.50 per figure (for regular)
$2 per figure for assembly.

This is for CASH only. Sent via Paypal or CC by phone is OK. Also check or MO.

June Valhalla- availability

I have four Drop Pod tickets (flat $550 and we put you up with what is available) and one couple's room. First come, first served. About eight people are booked right now.

We have decided on Thor's Golden Hall. The date is reserved and we're getting it all set up. We are also likely to use Freya's Locks (right next door!).

This event is for Warhammer Fantasy.

Thoughts on Ultimate D&D part 1

Now that Ultimate D&D 2011 has tickets officially on sale, I can't stop thinking about it. As you read on, bear in mind that this is a work in progress. I am open to hearing comments from those who are thinking of attending- bluetablepainting@gmail.com

The dates are October 4-9, that's arrival on Tuesday and checkout on Sunday AM. That means four solid days of roleplaying. My plan is to set it up so I have minimal work duties, if any at all. I would really like to take a week off for this essentially.

There are eight chairs at the table. Right now, I plan on having two assistant DMs.

As a DM I like to create a world that is very difficult. I gain no pleasure in simply killing off characters, but I do very much like to see a party stretched to the limit. Parties that bicker or backstab tend to not last long. I gear encounter difficulty accordingly: if you do not work together as an eight-part machine you are likely to get torn apart. So my main concern is getting a group who will operate cooperatively. Players who like to run off solo or do random stuff for no apparent reason are likely to end up not so well.

What if your character dies? Naturally, it's no good to pick up a ticket then sit it out. I will have plenty of opportunities to pick up an NPC or for backup characters to be introduced. In Lolth's domain there are things worse than death... I often see death as simply one thing on a list of "changes" that can happen to a character, all of which become part of an enriching tale; curses, transformations, and setbacks.

Players will make two or more characters. As the party forms up

I plan on creating a backstory and sending it out ahead of time. Part of that includes a synopsis of what the party will have gone through already (in G1-3 and D1-3). I will very likely give a list of equipment to "purchase" or choose from that represents all the various items to be picked up through those adventures. I imagine that a party would have been changed quite a bit through hundreds of miles of the underdark. Or possibly there will be a master list that the party will have to distribute amongst themselves at the beginning, with two or three personal items chosen from the broader spectrum of published items.

I will definitely allow PC-type races from the Underdark. I would prefer that most of the party be heroic types of standard Player's Handbook fare. We are after all trying to capture a little of the magic of D&D in the 80s. Should I limit races and classes to the classics? Maybe I will!

It is highly likely that I will limit character creation to a core set of books. I already ran a campaign where I allowed every class, race and power from the entire genre and it was fun but certainly out of control. Which ones should I use?

At the same time, taking a few personalized items, possibly key or powerful ones is very much part of making a character. I imagine that at least a few participants will want to reincarnate a beloved character from previous campaigns. My main concern is keeping power level even. It's no fun to be the guy whose turn takes ten seconds because he doesn't have very many options. I want everyone to be in the mix.

I plan on using the original module only as a guide, making up my own stuff. I want to capture the essence of the original module and if it can be done, that sense of wonder that early modules evoked. Be warned, I don't even look at the formulaic guides for making encounters. I will look at the party's roster and make sure that things are of appropriate challenge level. But not tailoring encounters for or against (well maybe a little of that just to spice it up). I like to make rich, textured encounters with a lot going on then step back and say "I wonder how they will handle that?"

Miniatures and terrain figure prominently into the works. That's what puts the "Ultimate" in Ultimate D&D (well, the loads of great food, too). We'll be making a custom figure for every character, at least one per player. I doubt there will be less than 200 painted figures to represent every single monster and NPC in the entire adventure, including some amazing stuff. And of course the final encounter against Lolth herself!

The number one rule is: reeeeelax. If you're particular about your D&D then this is probably not for you. This is a casual group.


"My name is Gregory. I am a thirty something wargamer, and I just got my order from Blue Table Painting in the mail. I have to say I really did feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The miniatures turned out great, which is really saying something since my armor color is black, an interesting color to create details on.

"Even more than the miniatures, I found Blue Table's customer service top notch. I never once called and got an answering machine. Every time I sent a question through email it was responded to so quickly I remember thinking 'does this guy ever sleep'.

"Finally when the minis arrived, they came with a letter of assurance stating that if anything was not what I wanted then all I needed to do was let them know, or to feel free to call them with any technical support I may need. Top notch service through out the transaction. I definitely recommend Blue Table Painting to my friends, and for anyone that loves the idea of miniatures more than they love the idea of spending all there free time making and painting there figures. Once again thank you Shawn, and Blue Table Painting for a job well done."


Interviews with Terrainaholic

Several people did interviews with me at Adepticon. I'll be round them up here.

Be sure to check out Terrainaholic. He does terrain on commission.


Oatmeal Cookies

After a night of blackout sleep I got up to find my darling children already running the household. My eldest daughter (now 11) came in with a bowl of cheerios covered with globs of honey. That was one of my favorite childhood breakfasts, so I made some for myself.

We now prepare a bin on Saturday with all the church clothes needed for the boys and that saves a lot of time on Sunday morning. Once back from church it was time to vegetate. I'm watching Flash Forward, a sci-fi TV series. Very nicely done.

My wife made some oatmeal raisin cookies. The microwave was on the fritz so for dinner I heated up some baked beans and corn (out of the can) with brown sugar sprinkled on them, one of the few bachelor dishes I know how to make.

Involuntary Snowcone

I had such an eventful day that I am just too dead dog tired to talk about it. Sarah and I spent about ten hours up at Sundance today scouting out alternate venues for Valhalla and boy oh boy we did not walk away empty handed. Footage and reports forthcoming.

We currently have a "Drop Pod" special running which is $550 flat for Valhalla-- you just need to get here. And that means the airport or train station where we will even pick you up. We then figure out your accommodations as we see fit. This has worked out in the past. We have various other options notably a room for a couple ($990). Remember, once you buy your ticket you put away your wallet. We treat you like a king for four days, three nights.

Remember, it's all food, lodging, game events (ie wargames), and most transportation. The June Valhalla is almost certainly going to be here. Just wait til you see the places we are considering. Plus there is a whole resort for the wives or for late-night outings. As we understand it at this time that's live music, restaurants and spas.

On the way down from one location, very high up in mountains, I was backing down a side road. There are twelve foot embankments of snow at this time of year (they will be long gone in June, for the Warhammer Fantasy event) and I had the window open so I could hand my head out. Well the side view mirror scooped off a basketball-sized chunk of snow and deposited it on my lap, my seat, and down my boots.

This place is so beautiful it will break your heart. It looks like Narnia.

More information


I started bright and early today, something like 6:30am. I got dressed in a hurry and headed out before all the kids were up. That's how I avoid that whole mess. I said a quick prayer with my lovely wife and out the door I went. My car's heater doesn't heat up fast enough for me to get warm before the seven-minute drive is over. Maybe if I thought ahead.

Sarah and I spent part of the morning looking for alternate and backup Valhalla sites. There are a ton of good places up at Sundance, but we weren't able to get a hold of too many places. How do these businesses stay in business when they don't pick up? I am becoming increasingly irritated by flaky people.

I found out today that Shannon dreams of being a funeral home director. She's like Wednesday Addams a bit with morbid regard.

The studio is heated up white hot again. I am doing quite a log-rolling dance to keep everything running smoothly and I am currently on top, which means I am pretty much caught up and answering emails as soon as they come in. I have five (five) people with the lash lain to them pretty heavy down in assembly and we are on track to be caught up soon with the exception of a few very involved projects.

With the advent of Tomb Kings I am very excited. Great new models and I have always loved Tomb Kings. I even made an army from my pre-BTP days. It was called the Hidden Oasis. I even won a few games with them. If I beat you down at the local club it was cause for ridicule; "hey everybody, Carl lost to Shawn, come over here so we can mock him!"

I took a walk around the neighborhood just to clear my head. There is a LOT going on that I can't tell you about with Valhalla and the new studio. You will hear it all in June most like. We suffered a pretty hard reversal last night, but I am rolling with it. The major challenge now is it will take $X per week to do the improvements we need to make before moving in. Overages on time have now put me in the unenviable position of paying rent on both places. Again with the log-rolling dance. So, I thank those who have made orders and been supportive. Please don't stop. A) I promise to give you good service and entertainment for years to come in this new and wonderful place, and B) show you how it went when we are done. It's quite a miraculous transformation of this old building. I can't stress enough what a positive impact this will make on the community, all our families, and the gaming community. This place will bring joy to your eyeballs for years to come.

Frankly, I have a hope and a dream that perhaps a supporter will come forward, maybe best in the form of just pre-ordering a year's worth of work. We really need to come up with money to make the place use-able.

I got home around 8pm and watched some cartoons downstairs with my wife and my darling Willow. She's got eight teeth on top and eight more on bottom now. There's no stopping those chompers. And now I go the reward of a full day's labor: a good solid night's sleep.

Necrons Rising

I got a bunch of Necrons on trade. We want to make an Artistic License army (super rusted and corroded, like just risen from the swamp) out of them with the following cost:

$190 for the models, $190 for assembly/conversions, $490 for painting = $870

You can pay in halves ($435/435) or thirds ($290/290/290).

2000+ pts

Necron warriors x48

Scarab swarms x9

Destroyer x9

Destroyer lord x1

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Keynesian View: Someone speaks up

As you know, I like to post alternate viewpoints on this blog. This following is from a reader and fan. I much appreciate the input. I will not be posting counters this time, I'm just going to let this one stand.

Please note that this is way different than what I think personally. I don't have time today to speak to it.

Dear Shawn,

I am in the UK (yet I lived in the states for six years) and studying economics, specifically market failure and inflation. Looking back on Ron Paul and the media's reaction to the FED, I can only say (in the most unbiased way possible) that you are only hearing one side of the story, and a lot of it is, I daresay, irrelevant and to an extent untrue. To make my point I will start by giving you an overview of economic history since WW2; Keynesian policies were just adopted as they have shown themselves as the solution to market failure, in other words a recession. Those policies state that the government has to create jobs and cannot under any circumstances leave the market in the hands of the private sector ( which is what classical economists thought was the way to go, and this led to the Great Deppression).

To create jobs, a central bank would fuel the economy with money relative to the inflation rates. Now you may think that inflation is a bad thing, but that is not necessarily the case. You see, inflation is the amount of money for a good. An expanding economy has more and more goods, and therefore more and more money has to be printed (in a way, it is a sign of an expanding economy). But the big businesses did not like this policy as it meant that banks had less power than before, and so monetarism took over in the 70s, and acted as a balance between classical economics and Keynesian economics. Monetarism is very similar to classical economics (which remember brought the Great Depression), yet insisted on stable inflation rates to keep up with the expanding economy, which is a Keynesian idea.

So everything worked fine, until the housing bubble burst and banks went down the drain. Without loans, businesses started to fail. The private sector just failed. A monetarist in this scenario would say the fed should continue printing regularly and not do anything, and if this would have happened we would be in a much bigger mess. You see, a Keynesian would say the government should increase spending to revitalize banks, who will invest once again, and get the economy back up.

National Debt at this point is completely irrelevant, because the government's role is to support the people, and not itself. By bringing the economy back by spending more than they have, they are securing the country's future, as once it is back to normal the debts can be paid off. This is where I think Ron paul got it wrong; you see printing money is actually helping the economy as it encourages banks to invest once again. And the argument that Keynesian policies brought the country into the deficit is completely invalid, as it is currently bringing the country out of the deficit.

So you could blame it on monetarist ideals and the private sector, since they would have let the economy simply die. I think Obama's administration should spend money to help instead of watching the economy drown any day. I am not saying Ron Paul should not be trusted, but before you decide which side to root for, take a look at the true, unbiased, whole story. To do that, I would avoid Fox news...

Thanks for bearing with, and can't wait for more Batreps!!


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