Beginning of March Special

If you set up an army (minimum 50x models) and order your models through BTP you will get 40% off the cost of your base models.  This is for the actual model kits, not the assembly and painting cost.  It has to be part of a commission.

This special is running through the eve of Saturday, March 2, 2013.

Consignment Program for Painted Armies

Here's how it works.

  • You have a painted army.
  • You send us a description or pics of your army.
  • You decide your price.
  • You send us the models.
  • We do touchups and pictures.
  • We list them on our website, setting whatever price we want.
  • When they sell you get paid your asking number.
Here are the options for what you want.
A) cash option.
B) trade credit option (we will order models for you or do assembly/painting or you can get things from the webstore)
C) webstore credit.

While you can set whatever price you want, note that we will be selling them for an amount higher than that and the higher your price the longer it will take to sell your models.

We're only looking for decent armies/collections.  If your army is crusty or not painted then you should refer to our regular trade program.  We don't mind if there are some unpainted models sprinkled in there.

All inquiries should go to
We are allowed to use the models for demo games.  This helps sell the models.  You allow us at least twelve weeks to sell your army.  If you want your army back you just pay our regular shipping and we send them back to you.

Tau Army for sale

Could easily be 3000 points kitted out.
HQ: Commander Shas'o (5#, 312 pts)
Commander Shas'o 312
Crisis Bodyguard [75]
Crisis Bodyguard [87]
Gun Drone [10]
Shield Drone [15]

HQ: Commander Shas'o (3#, 273 pts)
Commander Shas'o 273
Crisis Bodyguard [72]
Crisis Bodyguard [71]

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 161 pts)
Crisis Battlesuit 161
Crisis Battlesuit [50]
Crisis Battlesuit [62]

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 173 pts)
Crisis Battlesuit 173
Crisis Battlesuit [46]
Crisis Battlesuit [62]

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 181 pts)
Crisis Battlesuit 181
Crisis Battlesuit [50]
Crisis Battlesuit [62]

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 170 pts)
Crisis Battlesuit 170
Crisis Battlesuit [62]
Crisis Battlesuit [62]

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (2#, 132 pts)
Crisis Battlesuit 132
Crisis Battlesuit [63]

Elite: Stealthsuits (4#, 125 pts)
Stealthsuits 125
Stealthsuits [30]
Stealthsuits [30]
Team Leader [35]

Troops: Fire Warrior (12#, 135 pts)
11x Fire Warrior 135
Shas'ui [25]

Troops: Fire Warrior (12#, 135 pts)
11x Fire Warrior 135
Shas'ui [25]

Troops: Fire Warrior (12#, 135 pts)
11x Fire Warrior 135
Shas'ui [25]

Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 65 pts)
Piranha Light Skimmer 65
2x Gun Drones [0]

Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 65 pts)
Piranha Light Skimmer 65
2x Gun Drones [0]

Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 65 pts)
Piranha Light Skimmer 65
2x Gun Drones [0]

Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 85 pts)
Piranha Light Skimmer 85
2x Gun Drones [0]

Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (3#, 85 pts)
Piranha Light Skimmer 85
2x Gun Drones [0]

Heavy Support: Broadside Battlesuit (3#, 235 pts)
Broadside Battlesuit 235
Broadside Battlesuit [75]
Broadside Battlesuit [75]

Heavy Support: Hammerhead Gunship (1#, 125 pts)
Hammerhead Gunship 125

Heavy Support: Hammerhead Gunship (1#, 170 pts)
Hammerhead Gunship 170

Valhalla 2013 Season


[Read the whole thing! If you have any questions or wish to purchase a ticket contact or phone 801 372 8545]

Airport is Salt Lake City (SLC), or Provo, UT. The Train Station is in Provo.  The location is about twenty minutes out of Park City.  The lodge overlooks Deer Valley Reservoir, a small lake in the mountains.  Witt's Lake is also nearby.

We cater to Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, War Machine and other notable systems.  Between guests and staff there are plenty of people to play almost whatever type of game you like.

April 29 to May 4
August 26-31
October 21-26

Monday 3pm to Saturday 8pm.

You don't have to have to have an army, we can usually provide a studio army, or create a special commission for you- available for pickup at the event.

Book your air travel into the Salt Lake City airport (SLC) or Provo airport for Frontier Airlines. The local train station is Provo.

Tickets available on our webstore.  You can also make special payment arrangements or ask any questions at 

A ticket gets you the room for the six days (five nights), as much food as you can eat, event, and some limited transportation.  We make a few airport runs the start day and the end day so you don't usually need a rental car.

Event Pass
Find your own lodging, but eat and play with us. All events, meals and on-site amenities are included.

Shuttles to and from Zermatt resort in Midway TBA.  So, you can buy and event pass which is everything except lodging, you stay at a local location of your choosing.  Zermatt is a great place for this.  It is 15 minutes away from the lodge.  Zermatt Youtube channel.

Drop Pod

This gets you a single or larger bed, probably in a two or four-bed room with one, two or three other gamers. We put you in the best place that's open.

Captain or Master
Single or Double-occupancy, 1 Queen or King bed, luxury accommodations. This includes food and lodging for up to two people.

Common Areas
There will be plenty of wargaming tables all set with lavish terrain. There is also a game room with a billiards table, or similar games. Goodies to be had at any time you like. Want to come out at 3am and make a plate stacked with delectables? Go on ahead! (just be sure to have your robe on!).

Tickets do not include airfare. Some transportation is provided gratis; we're making a few pickups at the airport and train station and may be running shuttles from the lodge to Park City.

Food is an important part of Valhalla.  We serve three meals a day plus extras and snacks.  You don't have to purchase this, it's part of the ticket.

Gaming Events
Over the four days we offer a variety of custom terrain to play on, rotated in according to the needs of the guests. We are emphasizing friendly play. The boards will be world-class and with plenty of space to move around.

Painted armies only.  You don't need to have an army, you can use a house army if you want.  We bring up a variety of armies.

We will have other games available such as Space Hulk, Necromunda, Game of Thrones (for example). All painted up of course. While initial events are geared to 40K or Fantasy, there is no reason not to play some of the others as well. We will have studio armies available for use (no charge of course) for casual play. The plan is to have all sorts of games up there. A lot.

We are interested in doing something different than a typical tournament where a small handful of people come out on top. We would prefer to do a spectacle with an element of storytelling. The various table represent key battlefields on a particular planet.

Prepared Armies
Bring your own army to the event if you'd like. (That will be the normal thing.) Also, you can have your army created by BTP in advance and ready for you to use at the tournament. We have studio armies as well, limited quantity, for common use.

Terms of Service
  • We reserve the right to refuse service.
  • If on account of some act of nature or unforeseen circumstance we can't use the main facility we will have a backup location of comparable nature.
  • Utah taxes may apply.
  • Pictures in this post are of various locations that we might have the event. Actual locations will be comparable and may vary!
  • You will agree to a code of conduct, which is basically "be extra courteous to others". With so few people everyone needs to be on best behavior. You are an honored houseguest and so guest-like behavior is the order of the day.
  • 18+ yrs is recommended, however please call us if you are interested in bringing a 14-17 year old (must be accompanied by an adult).
  • We do not serve alcohol.  However, if you are discrete, you may bring your own. This is a non-smoking facility. Areas are available for smoking outside.
  • You will not be sold to or solicited while at the event. You are welcome to "talk shop" with Shawn, but you won't be approached by vendors.
  • Food will be provided buffet style for all meals. Snacks and beverages are included in the ticket cost and available self-service throughout the event.

Private Valhalla
You make your own guest list, bringing out family and friends (even kids).

We can host you in Sundance, the location that you are familiar with.

Four days, up to sixteen guests: $11,800
Six days, up to sixteen guests: $17,400

We can add an adjacent cabin (schedule permitting) at +$4600 (four days) or +$6400 (six days) which would accommodate up to six guests (three rooms).

We would get additional information about guests such as special diets and what games you like to play.  There is a whole tailoring process.

Alternatively you can come to our new location.  Here is a playlist

That would accommodate at thirty-six guests and have a tag as follows:

Four days $22,800
Six days $31,900

This is thirteen bedrooms with a total of twenty-three beds plus six queen-sized sleepers.  Some guests would be two to a bed, couples typically.  Six of the rooms could be considered suites and would be the higher end of a very nice hotel.  In fact, not even available as the views and acre-age is just out of this world.

Valhalla is ON!

Valhalla Introductory Rate (get it while it’s hot)
$950 Drop Pod
$1750 Captain’s Quarters
$2150 Master

These dates are all Monday to Saturday
June 17-22
August 5-10
October 21-26

More details coming.

Contact with questions or to purchase

Competitive Dark Angels List- Hits Hard

Librarian Lvl 2
Librarian Lvl 2

Deathwing Command Squad with Devastation Banner, Apothecary, Plasma Cannon, and Thunder Hammers

Four Tactical Squads, all as follows:
10x Marines, one with Plasma Cannon, one with Meltagun

Ravenwing Darkshroud

Two Ravenwing Attack Squadrons, each as follows
6x Bikers, two with meltaguns, one veteran sergeant with power axe and melta bombs

2x Attack bikes with multi-meltas

Land Speeder Typhoon

Aegis Defense Line with Quad Cannon

= 1998 pts

Want one?  Contact

Let's Roll!

Necron Custom Army on Webstore

The first of many, you can now make your Necron army on our webstore.

Try it out!

Know what you're getting.  It's direct, fast and easy.  For the first three takers we are guaranteeing total turnaround of three weeks or less or you get a $50 bill in your package (minimum $600 army).

Friday Night

It's a long shot, but if anyone wants to set up a project tonight (yes Friday!) I'll be around all evening.

For a major project I'm ready to sweeten the deal.


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