Grueling Trail and UVU Debates

Thank you for those of you who showed up to UVU's US Senate Debate! Every candidate, with the exception of Sam Granato (D), attended the debate. One hundred and thirty GOP state delegates were counted but we estimate that number to be at least 150. We didn't anticipate such a large and enthusiastic crowd to show up. We're sorry that the event went longer than we advertised and we're also sorry for those of you who had trouble finding parking or a place to sit. In the future we won't underestimate the involvement of GOP delegates!

If you couldn't attend for any reason click on the links below to watch the debate on youtube in its entirety. We had difficulties filming/editing/posting the videos so Mike Lee's campaign was generous enough to allow us to use their videos. Each candidate was given an opportunity to respond to the questions asked.

Introductory Comments Part 1

Introductory Comments Part 2

Introductory Comments Part 3

Question to Bob Bennett

Question to Scott Bradley

Question to Tim Bridgewater

Question to David Chiu

Question to Merrill Cook

Question to Cherilyn Eagar

Question to Leonard Fabiano

Question to Jeremy Friedbaum

Question to Mike Lee

Question to Christopher Stout

Closing Statements

We conducted an unannounced exit poll. While there were some who declined to participate these are the results of the nearly 200 who did:

Mike Lee: 49.4%

Cherilyn Eagar: 16.6%

Tim Bridgewater: 16.3%

Scott Bradley: 7.3%

Bob Bennett: 6.7%

Merrill Cook: 1.9%

Christopher Stout: 1%

Leonard Fabiano: .5%

Jeremy Friedbaum: .3%

David Chiu: 0%


James Davis

On Behalf of UVU's Student Government, College Republicans, & Young Americans for Liberty

Pic: me with Mike Lee (running for Senate).

Today I spent the early afternoon at a town-hall Q&A with Tim Bridgewater a Utah candidate for Senate. I took a lot of notes and recorded about 2o minutes of 70 minutes. This was at the Provo Library. This building is amazing, worthy of an entry in itself.

After work I headed straight to the R. Reagan building in Springville for a meet-and-greet with county candidates. That was about two hours. I have to say that was really keen. These are people from the immediate area with local issues. Just as friendly as could be. At this one it wasn't one person up in front, each candidate had a little table and would just talk to people in small groups as they moved about.

I have to say that I feel ever so connected to the process. It's really a relief after years of just writing about it. It's like I got on the plane and actually went somewhere rather than reading the encyclopedia.

I have a lot of footage to edit. It will contain huge stretches of just the candidate talking. And not in very good quality. I really should make an alternate channel for it.

Between that and family and work I am worn out. However, there is only one other major candidate (Cherilyn Eagar), and once I go to something substantial for her I will have the main ones done and can write a preliminary opinion.

In other news: Tamie's brother is staying with us. He has put up a US flag and a Marine Corps flag up on our flag-holder on the front porch.

For my part, I am totally bushed.

Chapterhouse Update: Boneswords


Nick - Sales and Design

Chapterhouse Studios

Interview of BTP by AG Productions

Canned and Dry Goods

I had a dream the other night that I was looking at a map of the US, particularly the mid-west near the Canadian border. On the map were the borders of counties. They were being blacked out one by one, just like water seeping into paper, from the north. A person next to me explained that it was a drop in food production and that soon there would be not enough to go around.

I'm not saying there's anything to it. Most of the time dreams are just an opportunity to look at the waking world in a different way.

It made me think about my own food storage and how to shore it up. In the last year I've been thinking of what a safe store of value would be. Common men like me really don't have a lot to invest in a hard commodity like gold or silver. But we can invest in canned goods or other types of long-term store-able food and supplies (yes, I like to hyphenate where not necessary). This is a great investment because it holds value while still be usable in a pinch. Even if there is not a famine, you might lose your job.

It is my belief that regular investments are not safe anymore. Additionally, the TRILLIONS ($1,000,000,000,000) being created by enormous deficits (current and former administration by the by) has yet to begin to circulate fully through the banking system. That's where the money supply is going to explode. So, the old stereotype of the crustified geezer hoarding his coins in his mattress is going to turn into the new stereotype of the smart young person who changed his cash into commodities (re: billboards for cash4gold everywhere).

This is as simple as buying a flat of durable goods every time you visit the grocery store and stowing them in garage or under bed. Most stores have blocks of this type of goods next to the door. Remember to buy food you like.

Mormons are counseled to keep a year's supply of food on hand. And if not, then to build it up incrementally. This is wise even if there is not an emergency. It also has the beneficial effect (if embraced by a society generally) of making them shock resistant. Creating shortages of food is a classic way for a government to bring its population to heel and make them give in to demands they would not normally give in to. It is a shield for your human rights.

Rallying Cry

It is very late almost midnight. I am still clearing backlog from Adepticon, but should be caught up early tomorrow. I am very actively setting up commissions for April, I'm ready to go.

We started converting up Space Hulk terminators into a squad of 1x Sanguinary Priest, 3x Thunder Hammer, and 2x Lightning Claw. And a Land Raider Redeemer. Those will be up for sale. I have bought Space Hulk sets with the intent of scavenging the Termies out of them for use in conversion work for the upcoming Blood Angels.

I went to a Mike Lee town hall tonight, spending about two hours in the process with plenty of recording and notes which I plan on organizing in some form. I took J. with me. I must say it was a most pleasant experience. I feel so connected to the process now, I really like it. I have a lot of work to do before the May 8 caucus.

Mesa Nids: Mass Invasion

Here is the finalized list for Mesa Nids. 5300 pts. This army is up for sale now.

Pics here. This is not a complete set.

See why this army is called The Great Devourer:

Some models will not be completed for another week, but they will be completed no less than seven days from this post:

4x Pods

5x Shrikes

3x Pyrovores

6x Ymgarl (these will be made from Space Hulk genestealers)

1x Swarmlord (ninja-style)

1x Tyranid Prime (mega-conversion)

1x Broodlord (mega-conversion)

Some models are not on the army list

6x Pods

30x Termagants (these are held in reserve for spawnings from Tervigons)

Hormagaunts have metal plates on the bottom to keep them steady.

I will be putting this army on the block for $5500. I am not desperate to sell them, and with some good financial planning never will be. This is about $200 less than the normal price for bulk purchase. I will give a further $100 off for payment via check or MO.

HQ: Hive Tyrant (1#, 235 pts)

1 Hive Tyrant @ 235 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Lash Whip & Bonesword; Scything Talons x2; Synapse Creature; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Hive Commander; Armoured Shell; Leech Essence; Paroxysm)

: Tyrant Guard Brood (3#, 180 pts)

3 Tyrant Guard Brood @ 180 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Bonded Exoskeleton; Rending Claws; Scything Talons; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Blind Rampage; Shieldwall)

HQ: The Swarmlord (1#, 280 pts)

1 The Swarmlord @ 280 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Bonesabres; Synapse Creature; Alien Cunning; Blade Parry; Psychic Monstrosity; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Swarm Leader; Leech Essence; Paroxysm; Psychic Scream; The Horror)

HQ: Tyranid Prime (1#, 105 pts)

1 Tyranid Prime @ 105 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Bonded Exoskeleton; Devourer; Synapse Creature; Alpha Warrior; Independent Character; Shadow in the Warp; Lash Whip & Bonesword; Toxin Sacs)

HQ: The Parasite of Mortrex (1#, 160 pts)

1 The Parasite of Mortrex @ 160 pts (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Bonded Exoskeleton; Implant Attack; Rending Claws; Wings; Synapse Creature; Host Organism; Implant Parasite; Independent Character; Shadow in the Warp; "The Sarge is Acting Strangely...")

Elite: Deathleaper (1#, 140 pts)

1 Deathleaper @ 140 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chameleonic Skin; Flesh Hooks; Reinforced Chitin; Rending Claws; Scything Talons; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Fearless; Fleet; Hit & Run; It's after me!; Killing Strike; Move Through Cover; Pheromone Trail; Stealth; What was that?; Where is it?; Where'd it go?)

Elite: The Doom of Malan'tai (1#, 90 pts)

1 The Doom of Malan'tai @ 90 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Claws & Teeth; Reinforced Chitin; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Absorb Life; Fearless; Psychic Strength; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Spirit Leech; Warp Field; Cataclysm)

Elite: Hive Guard Brood (3#, 150 pts)

3 Hive Guard Brood @ 150 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Claws & Teeth; Hardened Carapace; Impaler Cannon; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk)

Elite: Pyrovore Brood (3#, 135 pts)

3 Pyrovore Brood @ 135 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Acid Blood; Acid Maw; Claws & Teeth; Flamespurt; Hardened Carapace; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Volatile)

Elite: Venomthrope Brood (3#, 165 pts)

3 Venomthrope Brood @ 165 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Lash Whips; Reinforced Chitin; Toxic Miasma; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Spore Cloud; Toxic Touch)

Elite: Ymgarl Genestealer Brood (7#, 161 pts)

7 Ymgarl Genestealer Brood @ 161 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Hardened Carapace; Rending Claws; Alter Form; Brood Telepathy; Dormant; Fleet; Move Through Cover)

Elite: Zoanthrope Brood (3#, 180 pts)

3 Zoanthrope Brood @ 180 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Claws & Teeth; Reinforced Chitin; Synapse Creature; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Warp Field; Warp Blast; Warp Lance)

Troops: Genestealer Brood (11#, 222 pts)

10 Genestealer Brood @ 222 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Reinforced Chitin; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Scything Talons)

1 Broodlord (Unit Type: Infantry; Hardened Carapace; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Psyker; Scything Talons; Aura of Despair; Hypnotic Gaze)

Troops: Hormagaunt Brood (20#, 160 pts)

20 Hormagaunt Brood @ 160 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chitin; Scything Talons; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Bounding Leap; Fleet; Move Through Cover; Toxin Sacs)

Troops: Hormagaunt Brood (20#, 160 pts)

20 Hormagaunt Brood @ 160 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chitin; Scything Talons; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Bounding Leap; Fleet; Move Through Cover; Toxin Sacs)

Troops: Hormagaunt Brood (20#, 160 pts)

20 Hormagaunt Brood @ 160 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chitin; Scything Talons; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Bounding Leap; Fleet; Move Through Cover; Toxin Sacs)

Troops: Termagant Brood (10#, 50 pts)

10 Termagant Brood @ 50 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chitin; Claws & Teeth; Fleshborer; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Move Through Cover)

Troops: Termagant Brood (10#, 50 pts)

10 Termagant Brood @ 50 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chitin; Claws & Teeth; Fleshborer; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Move Through Cover)

Troops: Tervigon (1#, 180 pts)

1 Tervigon @ 180 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Claws & Teeth; Stinger Salvo; Synapse Creature; Brood Progenitor; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Spawn Termagants; Scything Talons; Dominion; Catalyst)

Troops: Tervigon (1#, 180 pts)

1 Tervigon @ 180 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Claws & Teeth; Stinger Salvo; Synapse Creature; Brood Progenitor; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Spawn Termagants; Scything Talons; Dominion; Catalyst)

Troops: Tyranid Warrior Brood (6#, 280 pts)

5 Tyranid Warrior Brood @ 280 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Hardened Carapace; Synapse Creature; Shadow in the Warp; Lash Whip & Bonesword; Scything Talons)

1 Tyranid Warrior (Barbed Strangler; Lash Whip & Bonesword)

Fast Attack: Gargoyle Brood (10#, 60 pts)

10 Gargoyle Brood @ 60 pts (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Blinding Venom; Chitin; Claws & Teeth; Fleshborer; Wings; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk)

Fast Attack: Harpy (1#, 160 pts)

1 Harpy @ 160 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Hardened Carapace; Scything Talons; Spore Mine Cysts; Stinger Salvo; TL Stranglethorn Cannon; Wings; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Fearless; Sonic Screech)

Fast Attack: Ravener Brood (6#, 180 pts)

6 Ravener Brood @ 180 pts (Unit Type: Beasts; Reinforced Chitin; Scything Talons x2; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Acute Senses; Deep Strike; Move Through Cover)

Fast Attack: Ravener Brood (5#, 175 pts)

5 Ravener Brood @ 175 pts (Unit Type: Beasts; Reinforced Chitin; Scything Talons x2; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Acute Senses; Deep Strike; Move Through Cover; Devourer)

Fast Attack: Tyranid Shrike Brood (5#, 250 pts)

5 Tyranid Shrike Brood @ 250 pts (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Reinforced Chitin; Scything Talons; Wings; Synapse Creature; Shadow in the Warp; Lash Whip & Bonesword)

Heavy Support: Mawloc (1#, 170 pts)

1 Mawloc @ 170 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Claws & Teeth; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Burrow; Deep Strike; Fearless; Hit & Run; Terror from the Deep)

Heavy Support: Trygon Prime (1#, 240 pts)

1 Trygon Prime @ 240 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Scything Talons x2; Bio-electric Pulse w/Containment Spines; Deep Strike; Fearless; Fleet; Subterranean Assault; Synapse Creature; Shadow in the Warp)

Heavy Support: Tyrannofex (1#, 265 pts)

1 Tyrannofex @ 265 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Armoured Shell; Claws & Teeth; Stinger Salvo; Thorax Swarm (grubs); Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Fearless; Rupture Cannon)

Heavy Support: Tyrannofex (1#, 265 pts)

1 Tyrannofex @ 265 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Armoured Shell; Claws & Teeth; Stinger Salvo; Thorax Swarm (grubs); Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Fearless; Rupture Cannon)

Total Roster Cost: 5188

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

Why Your Army Sucks Part One: Movement

[I lifted this whole-cloth from It's one of the best articles I've read for a while. The picture is just for decoration.]

So taking a look at all the various armies in Fantasy and thinking about the ‘Ard Boys lists that Stelek and everyone else has been pumping out for 40k really got me thinking. Many people have a reasonable idea or at least a theory where to start to make a good army. I think the point that many miss however is what makes a BAD army.

Thinking purely in Warhammer Fantasy terms it really comes down to one of two things. Either A) Your army book sucks or B) Your army list sucks. But why? In Fantasy it is really essential to be able to compete in most of the phases of the game. Competing doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be good at it per se, just have to be able to have an answer to it.

In my mind the areas that a good army needs to compete in (or against) are as follows:

1) Fast Movement
2) Difficult Terrain Movement
3) Unit Shooting
4) Artillery
5) Powerful Melee
6) Tarpit Melee
7) Spell Casting
8) Magic defence

Fast Movement & Difficult Terrain Movement

First of all let’s look at movement. There are two items within movement that really stand out. Fast movement; including fast cavalry and flyers and difficult terrain movement; skirmishers and a few rare units like Black Knights and White Lions. Both movement points are all about control of the board.

Fast cav and flyers are generally very good at board control. A careful player will use these units to march block opponents and strike at small vulnerable units like war machines, lone casters, MSU (Multiple Small Unit) units and the like.

Having an answer for fast movement is essential. This is why block-hammer is dead. If you are outmanoeuvred, you cannot dictate how the battle plays out. If you can’t control the board you are just relying on scoring a win based solely on luck or stupidity on your opponent’s side – neither of which are reliable methods.

A common foil for fast movement is of course having units with fast movement yourself. If you lack them, you need something that can reliably handle them even if you can’t catch them. Often this falls down to missile armed troops or artillery depending on the fast unit in question. Most multiple model units that fly or are fast cav are generally quite fragile. With enough missile units to cover all the possible approaches you will likely cut them down before they do any damage. Nastier critters like dragons are better faced off against with artillery such as bolt throwers or cannon.

The bad side with all of the shooting is that if you fail to shoot them down in a turn or two these fast units they will be in your deployment zone before you know it and will be delivering their payload of whoop-ass without reprisal. This makes the missile (and spell) approach to be a little less desirable than your own flyers or fast cav. This is emphasised even more if the enemy fast units outnumber your shooting units.

Terrain movement is not as important as fast movement, but is still essential. If you have no reliable methods to handle units that can hide in terrain you are at a serious disadvantage in facing them. Skirmishers can march block safely from terrain and if a block unit is stupid enough to charge them they are likely going to be stuck in said terrain for the rest of the game. That’s almost as good as destroying them.

Skirmishers also fill a similar role to that of fast cav and flyers - threatening war machines and other weak targets. Some skirmishers are more designed with combat capabilities in mind. These units have the additional threat of being able to easily execute flank or rear charges to support the more solid fighting units in an army. These can turn a risky combat for the skirmish controlling player into a for sure victory against the right foe.

One thing that both skirmishers and fast cav are excellent for is for character escort duties. In these cases, they are more like ablative wounds for the character instead of added character effectiveness. Spell casters in fast cav allows for a quick closing method to get them in range of juicy targets with their best spells, whereas an unprotected caster is in real danger of being killed before they do their thing.

Combat characters with fast cav or skirmishers can also be a real pain if they have access to a descent ranged weapon like the High Elf Sea Farer Bow. Melee characters are a little less useful in these units, and act more as a strengthening buff for the unit itself for when they get that flank or rear charge.

Bottom line for both of these points – if you are not in control of the battle, you are on the defensive. If you are on the defensive – you are losing.

Some GOOD Adepticon Coverage

This is from Bill at Terrainaholic. A stand-up human being and all around good guy.

Paging Bill Anderson

Could you please email me?

Among other things I am trying to find Jay. I didn't get to talk with him before I left. It was not from lack of will, just of memory.

The Results May Suprise You

Pic: venomthrope (not painted by BTP).

Armies being played at Adepticon:

Daemonhunters = 0
Necrons = 2
Witch Hunters = 5
Dark Eldar = 5
Tau = 8
Eldar = 9
Daemons = 13
Orks = 14
Space Wolves = 21
Tyranids = 21
Chaos Space Marines = 26
Imperial Guard =39
Space Marines = Still King at 40

I was surprised to see Tyranids come in fourth. I suppose that it takes a while to get them together. Tyranid armies had the following in them generally: Tervigons, Trygons, Mawlocs, Hormagaunts, Tyrannofex, Doom of Malan'tai, Hive Guard. Mostly the new stuff. One or two spore pods. I think the Doom/Pod combo was popular.

Lots of Thunderwolf Cavalry. All sorts of conversions for that. Not very many Eldar armies.

Almost all Guard armies were transport and vehicle heavy. "Leaf Blower Junior"?

Safe and Sound

Just a quick note, we arrived in Spanish Fork safe and sound, my wife and I. Our flight was delayed a few hours. We learned later that earlier in the day, in San Francisco, there had been some issue with the hydraulics which took a few hours to repair.

I have one or two more vids for Adepticon to process. I am eager to get going tomorrow. I have a lot to catch up on.

Best in Show

Here are some random pics. I was looking for cool Tyranid color schemes and found some. So, these aren't the best models in the show by any means. Best in show, in my opinion, was Melle from Dicehead Games. The Sisters of Battle costume was blowing my mind. It's in one of the vids. Call me crazy, but I got a really good vibe from her and husband Shane.

Speaking of which, as you know we've been at Adepticon in Chicago. Four days. I have uploaded copious amounts of video.

Seen on a Shirt

When injustice is law
Rebellion is duty

I am not a minion of Evil,
I am upper management of Evil.

Adepticon Day Zero Getting There

The most important thing to remember about Adepticon is that I'm still taking orders! I am still answering emails! So, make the trip stress-free and keep me busy!

That's three exclamation points in one paragraph, I think you get the point.

My wife and I headed out at 3am. Everything went smoothly with the flight. Well, see for yourself.

Caucus Race

I went to the caucus tonight and was voted Precinct Chair. That means (other than a lot of meetings!) that I represent something like 1,000 families in May, voting for who will be republican nominee for Senator.

It's like a super-mega-vote.

What a weighty matter. It's time for me to ante up and really put the hours in to do the job right. I'll tell you all about it later. It's late and I'm super-tired.

I will be up early tomorrow and ready to book projects for April. It's still a little light.

Sad But True

OK folks, just need one more cash injection for Adepticon. I'm putting both Space Marine armies on the block for $1400 (that's Imperial Fists and Space Wolves). Come on. I know you want them!

Limited time offer. Like 18 hours.


I decided to run as a Delegate in my precinct. I spent yesterday afternoon and well after dark beating the pavement door to door for that. Tonight is the caucus. I plan on reporting a lot more on that.

Naturally, if I'm elected to represent our precinct (about a thousand families) I will have to be sober and diligent. I will have to look ever so closely at all the candidates. This is for Senator. One in a hundred is a fair concentration of power.

Knights of Legend

Found these really, really cool figures.

I think they would make great commanders.

Costs to have us do them would be as follows:
$5 for assembly
$10 for assembly with scenic type base (eg corking)
$60 for painting L5 (or $50 each in a run of 3+)
$90 for painting L6 (or $80 each in a run of 3+)

You can have the models sent direct to the studio from eBay.

Adepticon Warning!

If we are doing something for you for Adepticon you should contact me TODAY!!!

If mailing something we will send it Express most like. We can also bring your item physically.


Great, Just Great

I was so wiped out this afternoon that I went to sleep at 6pm. Just for a "nap". Now I'm up, refreshed and ready to go at 12:30am.

I plan on making the best of it and cranking out ye ole Inbox. If you are waiting for a response from me, I apologize for the delay and intend on getting back to you soon.

PS- just got this in from the Downsize DC organization:

If you asked us what surprises us most about the world we live in, this would be high on the list . . .

* Statists control nearly everything
* Statist arguments dominate the national debate
* And yet, public opinion is still largely anti-Statist

Remember, Statism is the belief that . . .

* Your life needs to be engineered by a select group of people (Congress, the President) from the top down
* People must be threatened with violence in order to make them comply with these designs and dictates
* People who don't submit to these threats, should actually suffer violence, in the form of imprisonment, the loss of property, and possibly even death, depending on how much they resist

Social engineering, threats, and violence -- these are the sordid reality behind all the euphemistic talk we hear from Statists about things like compassion, order, safety, and security. Whenever someone proposes the State must do something, we should ask . . .

* Will the proposal protect your freedom to live your life as you see fit -- provided you don't impinge on the equal freedom of others to do the same? Or . . .
* Will the proposal itself threaten you with violence, instead of protecting you from it? Because . . .

If it protects your freedom, then it's in keeping with the idea of Constitutional government and human liberty. If threatens you with fines, imprisonment, etc., then you're talking about Statism.

Sadly, nearly everything discussed in the national debate is Statist. Consider the current so-called healthcare bill. It's jam-packed with threats of violence . . .

* You must have health insurance of a kind dictated by politicians
* If you don't buy health insurance then you'll be fined -- your hard earned property will be stolen from you
* If you try to avoid the fine, then minions of the State will find some way to take the money from you
* If you try to hide your money so that it can't be seized, eventually men with guns will show up at your door to kidnap you, and hold you in confinement
* If you try to resist this kidnapping then the men will draw their guns, and if you continue to resist they will shoot you

This is the grim truth about the healthcare bill, and about nearly everything our government now does. Statism equals violence. And yet . . .

Many people are blind to this reality. They cannot see the gun that's implicit in what they advocate. And because they can't see the gun, they can't see the inherent contradiction in their beliefs.

Threatening and initiating violence against others contradicts compassion, order, safety, and security.

The Statist is inherently hypocritical, wanting to be protected from threats and violence when his own interests and beliefs are at stake, but wanting to use threats and violence to impose his interests and beliefs on others. This is not government, this is thuggery. Statist thuggery.

And yet, everywhere we look we see this thuggery wrapped in the flag, and marching to patriotic music. Statist thuggery is . . .

* Taught in our schools and universities
* Preached by our politicians
* Presented as the only option by the major established news media
* Defended in advertising by every special interest beneficiary of Statist violence
* Invoked nearly every time someone says "there ought to be a law"

These are the things we can know today, about our strategic situation. We are out-gunned . . .

* Statist propaganda is heard all day long by everyone, everywhere, every day
* While the arguments against Statism are rarely heard

The healthcare debate is a case in point . . .

* We've seen bunches of TV ads by groups like AARP arguing for more Statist involvement in healthcare
* But I've seen only a handful of ads arguing against the healthcare bill, and NONE _advocating_ LESS State involvement
* Likewise, many politicians and media pundits are arguing against the healthcare bill, but very few are saying we ought to have less government involvement overall

So here's what we can know before Congress even votes . . .

If we end up losing the healthcare fight it will be for these reasons . . .

* Statist propaganda is heard all day long by everyone, everywhere, every day
* While the arguments against Statism are hardly ever heard

And yet, despite all this, most Americans continue to be anti-Statist on most issues most of the time. Just look at the opinion polls about the healthcare bill. This surprising state of affairs leads me to wonder what would happen if the case against Statism could be heard at the same volume, and with the same frequency, as the case for it?

I cannot help but believe that, over time, the Statist mindset would completely vanish. In other words, if our ideas do so well now, with so little exposure, and in the face of so much negative propaganda, then just imagine how well they would do if they had the same hearing that Statism gets?

Surely our ideas would prevail.

So why aren't our ideas heard as loudly as the Statist propaganda? In part it's because Statism is spread using stolen money. This shouldn't be surprising. That's the nature of Statism. But it's still our responsibility to fight back, and doing so effectively means we must . . .

* Find and recruit those who already oppose Statism
* Persuade and recruit those who don't yet agree

And as we grow, we can build the very outreach, marketing, and especially advertising tools necessary to change the national debate.

This is where we are headed. This is what we're trying to do. Do you want it done? Please help it happen. You can contribute via credit card on our secure server, or access PayPal, or find our mailing address, here:

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
President & Vice President, Inc.

P.S. Jim Babka is scheduled to be on the radio twice today. Details are available at the blog.

Willow Mart

A month ago Willow started walking. It was that magic moment where the baby has a wide-mouthed grin as she takes a few shaky steps, arms outstretched to me. Magic.

Now she prefers walking and has started to try dancing and running. All in just a few short weeks, begging the adage "they grow up so fast".

Yesterday at Wal Mart she was unstoppable; grinning ear to ear, making beeping-grunting "I want it" noises as she lurched down each aisle. She's my little compulsory movement chaos spawn.

Earlier this week my wife and I had our cub scouts on a field trip to the local airport. I mean the po-dunk little Spanish Fork airfield. There I found out that owning a plane is not out of reach for the common man. A little single-propeller is the same cost as a car. I then had a picture in my mind of flying a double-prop out to Adepticon: four passengers and 2oo pounds of gear. Well, it's fun to dream, anyway.

Last night I went to a Mike Lee rally. It wasn't at all like some other rallies I've been to: full of slogans to whip up the crowd. It was calm, collected. Here's a guy who doesn't want to go up and "do" something, but rather go up with a pair of pruning shears. That one man won't be in bondage to another. I could go on about that, but I'll leave that for another post.

My car died again yesterday. Another round of car repairs. And the timing couldn't be worse.

Last night I managed to suppress my gag reflex long enough to watch New Moon with my wife. Pathetic.

In the Door

Tasha moved. We're sad.

However, that leaves an entry-level type position open. Anyone local want to talk to me about this? Email me at for details.

I need someone who already lives within like 15 mins max from studio. Looking for super-cheerful and willing to do anything (legal and moral) with a smile and no questions asked.

Probability of Destruction

[I picked this up off]

I'm trying to answer the question: "What is the probability that a given weapon will destroy or immobilize a vehicle on one round of shooting?" As a newbie Sisters player, I've tried to run the numbers for an Exorcist, and I'm gonna run the numbers for other popular weapons as soon as I verify my numbers. I know that my formula doesn't account for multiple hits, but that only makes these estimates conservative.

In your experience, do these numbers sound about right?

Probability that an Exorcist destroys the given vehicle armor value in one salvo:
AV 10
Destroy: 57.51%
Immobilize: 69.59%

AV 11
Destroy: 48.13%
Immobilize: 60.25%

AV 12
Destroy: 36.75%
Immobilize: 48.13%

AV 13
Destroy: 22.95%
Immobilize: 32.44%

AV 14
Destroy: 6.26%
Immobilize: 12.2%

Any help appreciated,

P.S.: If you're a statistics kind of guy, here's the way I calculated the values:

Probability of a single missile dealing the desired damage (P1):
Easiest calculation, should be straightforward.
P1 = (P to hit)*( (P to penetrate) * (P of desired damage) + (P to glance) * (P of desired damage))

Probability of n missiles dealing the desired damage(Pn):
This is where the multiple hits issue comes in. The formula assumes, basically, that only one missile actually hits and the other n missiles miss.
Pn = sum from 1 to n of (1-P1)^(n-1)*(P1)

Probability of a salvo dealing the desired damage(Ps)
The probability that a number of missiles is fired is 1/6, and the probability that the given number of missiles is fired is Pn.
So, Ps = 1/6*P1 + 1/6*P2 + ... + 1/6+P6, or simplified to
Ps = 1/6* (sum from 1 to 6 of Pn)

Space Hulk Needed

I'm looking to pick up some copies of Space Hulk. Any leads?

I will give a service credit of $170 for one (or $100 cash). This includes a consideration for shipping costs.

For used, unpainted, components all intact: $130 (or $75 cash).

For used, unpainted, some non-figure components missing: $100 (or $60 cash).

In all cases all the figures must be present. I have money on hand. As soon as the box arrives I will confirm and send check/Paypal. I will also account for Paypal fees on request by adding 3% to the total.


Galadriel had it Right

Freedom is an over-used word. Almost too much.

To me, freedom means to run my own life. For good or ill. Who is calling the shots in my life?

Government can be the protector of freedom, ensuring a safe environment in which to run my own life. It can also do the opposite and take away my options.

An over-sized or intrusive government, no matter how well run, still reduces the quantity of "running my own life".

If you spend half your waking life working, and the government taxes away 20% of that, it means that 10% of your life was taken. If you live to eighty, you spent eight years in a labor camp by my reckoning.

Remember, even if you got a tax refund, you were still taxed quite a bit indirectly. At this time I estimate in the 30-50% range.

I don't trust another man to run my life. And I don't trust myself to run another man's life. No one is that wise and benevolent. It's not right to use the power of government to force another person to live the way I want them to.

It's the damned Utopians. These are people who have some grand vision and decide to crack a few eggs to make it happen. There will always be men who take the reins of government and cause a few hundred (or million) murders then go home and sleep well thinking "it was for the greater good". Or scaled all the way down to the city council who plows under a trailer park to make way for a Target. Or the giant mass of 20,000 pages of Federal Law in the middle.

The critical difference is there the are voluntary Utopians (good) and involuntary Utopians (bad).

I live in a Voluntary Utopia. I know it works. As I have explained in earlier posts. People banding together in a common cause, for their own good, is a beautiful human pursuit. Just as long as they do not rope others in against their will.

But I don't care how good your plan is, keep your hands off my life! Even if that means I'm an idiot who won't save for retirement and has to eat dog food in his golden years. Then again, in the current scenario I'll spend eight years in the government labor camp, watch the Feds blow it on this and that, then still be chowing on Alpo at age sixty. Worst of both worlds.

The answer: cast the One Ring into the Fire! Like Galadriel we must turn away from thinking that we are wise or good enough to run another man's life.

Mike Lee Rally Saturday

If you live local you'll want to look into this.

Hello Everyone, My apologies to those who have already received a similar email from me, but I just wanted to let as many people as possible know that Mike will be holding a rally in Provo this Saturday. Please invite as many friends and neighbors as you can to come. This will be a great opportunity for them to meet with Mike, ask him questions, and learn about his positions on the issues that are important to our state and nation. With caucus meetings just around the corner, we need to give as many people as we can the opportunity to hear from Mike. Here are the details: Saturday, March 20 7:00 - 9:00 pm Spring Hill Suites 1580 North Freedom Boulevard, Provo Thanks so much for all of your support - with your help, Mike will be Utah's next senator! --
Jennifer James
Volunteer Coordinator

Here's an email I got from a good freedom-loving friend of mine:

Mike Lee is the best candidate running for Senate in Utah right now.
I have met with him several times and asked him some tough questions.
His responses were Constitutionally based and further, were based on
correct principles of freedom and liberty.

One of my friends, Connor Boyack is one of Mike Lee's leading
supporters. He set up his web site and is managing several aspects of
his campaign. No candidate is perfect because we are human, but
getting Mike Lee in over Bennet, Bridgewater, Eager, etc. will be a
nice step forward.

-- SMA

Report on Battle Reports

I've got about five hours of footage to edit for two batreps. But my laptop is old and crusty. I went to buy a new one yesterday, but the one I have my heart set on is out of my price range. It's really depressing. Plus Adepticon expenses are going to put a crimp on during the coming weeks.

I'm going to save up. I'm determined now.

Money Bomb for Rand Paul

Just got this from the desk of Ron Paul. I've donated now twice to Rand Paul's campaign (that's his son). I would recommend anyone to do the same.

I would jump in front of a bullet to get someone like Rand Paul in the white house in 2012. I am just sick of the Feds, the IRS, and most of all the Banks. I want honest money and self-determination for me and my workers! That's freedom.

*Not a fan of Sarah Palin.

Dear Friend,

My son Rand is running a great campaign in Kentucky. Through hard work and your support, he is winning! We have a real chance to send the most principled, limited government leader to the United States Senate in a generation.

But now, he needs you more than ever.

The big government establishment has turned on their fundraising machine to try and defeat Rand. According to media reports, Rand's challenger has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past several weeks. The sources? Disgusting! PAC's, special interests and the banking industry - all of whom are opening up their wallets for Rand's opponent.

Remember when AIG took billions of taxpayer bailout dollars not once, but twice? Well, I have it on good information that AIG's chief lobbyist just held a high dollar, big money fundraiser for Rand's rival. I am sure you can figure out why.

Rand has shrewdly purchased all the television airtime he needs from mid-April through his May 18th Primary. The commercials are produced, the voter data is being assembled and a tremendous turnout machine is being put in place.

Rand's career politician opponent is lashing out - he has turned on an attack machine of vicious distortions and outright lies. Rand is working hard to knock them back and fight for our principles.

But, Rand does not have enough money to stay on TV and fight off the establishments smear tactics over the next few weeks. Unless he gets a substantial infusion of cash, he will not be able to purchase airtime from March 24 through mid April. And with all of his opponent's lies and fear mongering, he needs your help to stay on Kentucky statewide television during this critical time.

On Tuesday, March 23, the grassroots have organized a Money Bomb for Rand. If we have a successful day, Rand will be able to purchase the airtime he needs for the next few weeks and fund the last several mail pieces he will need down the stretch. You can donate directly at Rand's website,

We need you more than ever. I dearly hope I can count on your support. We have a tremendous opportunity, and if we come together on March 23, I know we can win.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

Zootaxy of Tyranids

As many people are thinking of having Tyranids done, I thought I would codify the options a bit. Super-important to note here that you can have your Tyranids painted any way you like. These are just established paint schemes. Recently we've developed some really good ones.

This post might be updated as time goes on and we develop new things.

Shroom Nids
It's hard to see it in the pics, but the Shroom Nids (ie mushroom nids) are pale, otherworldly and ghostly, but they have a lot of subtle colors going on. They are very alien looking, very cold and hard.

Salsa Nids
Hungry yet? The hive mind is. This color scheme is extremely striking with a yellowish green of ripe avocado and the red-orange of a sun-ripened tomato. It's a delicious combination and very striking on the battlefield.

Arctic Nids
This color scheme is frozen solid. The carapace gives the impression of solid ice. Dark talons are a stark contrast and suggest to the mind hardness and poison. The ice-work bases are extra, but you can have any type of basing style you like. I recommend Rubble.

Mesa Nids
With a jade carapace and purply-khaki-brown skin areas, these really stand out yet have a warm, organic feel to them. This is my own personal army's color. Poison is purple or lavender and hard talons are blue-grey. This type is available with slate/mesa type bases which are perfect. You can still get other base types.

Deep Nids
This is a double contrast: warm/cold and dark/light. With some purple mixed in it's a very striking contrast without being gaudy. For this scheme I recommend Battlefield or Rubble basing (not snow as they are here).

Underbrush Nids
This is one of the most evocative color schemes. It has a lot of subtle tones in there: fleshy purples and cold skintones and russet shading. This is topped off with natural vegetation for camouflage as if they are alien commandos stalking through the forest. This type is only available at a L4/5 split.

Hades Nids
This color scheme features a deep organic blackish-purple for the shell and a pale skin for the fleshy areas, accented all around with bloody veins and interior musculature. This is an older, more established type for us.

Cave Nids
This is forthcoming. It's a white skin (with brownish undertones, very pale, but slightly warm) with a black carapace.

Coral Nids
This is a tremendously striking color scheme with bluish turqoise carapace and orange-yellow. More to come on this one. I highly recommend. You will not be sorry. We have a few samples done up but pics are not forthcoming. This available only in L4/5 split (1.5x painting cost for extra detail).

Magma Nids
This is a black carapace with orange and yellow flesh. There is an extra cost to "crustify" the carapaces (this is optional) and for the lava basework. This is the most daring of all the color schemes and looks just great on the battlefield. I believe we can do a cleaner, more appealing paint job on this than we have in the past.


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