This just in: BTP Batreps better than chocolate!

Hey Shawn,

This is a total non-sequitur and has no importance, so feel free to ignore it.
A funny thing happened to me today. I had just gotten through lunch, a very scrumptious meal of shell pasta with cheese, when I remembered that I was missing something. It felt like I needed some desert or something and maybe had a chocolate bar in my back pocket. Actually, I could begin to taste the chocolate bar in my mouth, the way you can when you are really looking forward to eating something. Then I remembered - it wasn't a chocolate bar after all! It was that BTP had posted a new batrep on YouTube that I can now go watch, with hoards of wonderfully painted figures charging at each other over a wonderfully modeled battlefield!
I just confused that with chocolate.

Keep up the batreps, guys, they're awesome!


Operation Mountain Fortress Update

I have temporarily pulled all vids and posts about the project just for the time being. Everything is proceeding apace, but I must draw the curtain at this time. I expect it will be opened again sometime in early December, but there is a lot of work to be done.

Please do not send money or inquire about the project. However, your prayers and positive thinking are much appreciated.

I am pretty much dying to tell you all about the awesome stuff that is going on.

Update: I spent about four hours yesterday/today with two members of our "panel" and was much enlightened and encouraged. Panel = six experienced veterans of industry and business.


Today I am going to take a shot at intensive Twittering.

Pay me Tonight

If you have a project outstanding, or owe BTP some cash, tonight's a great night for that.

Cryx Incoming

I have a Cryx trade-back army coming in.

Pics here

They are L4/6 split the highest we usually do. Cost is likely to be $850-950. You can pick them up for $800 if you want to save me the trouble and nail them down in the next few days. $300 deposit seals it (non-refundable).

Unit Name QTY
Lich Lord Terminus 1
Deathjack Helljack 1
Helljack Plastic Kit (Corruptor, Reaper or Slayer) 1
Bane Knights (6 models) 1
Brute Thrall 3
Mechanithralls Box (6 models) 1
Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls (4 models) 2
Pistol Wraith 1
Skarlock 1
Withershadow Combine (3 models) 1

It Snowed

It snowed last night. Not very much. Just enough to leave a two inch crust everywhere but the street. Family and Shawn are all snug in the rabbit burrow.

My wife stayed home "sick" from church today. She's reading the seventh Harry Potter book so that means no showers, no housework, and no personal hygiene for three days. Thankfully she'll be done tonight. I resent it. I just hate Harry Potter and those gorramn Twilight books. So, I took the kids to church and dropped them off at various classes/nursery. Really nothing to say there, just whiling away a dreary winter Sunday afternoon.

I played a boardgame with my two boys. Those two just love their dad.

I ate a whole chocolate strawberry bar. Ugh.

Then later tonight we'll play a game of who gets fed up and puts the kids to bed first.

Batrep Upcoming

I just played a 3000 pt game of Warhammer Fantasy against Mike Dunn. He played a lion-themed High Elf army and I played the Industrial Orcs.

The Industrial Orcs are for sale. They easily have 3500 pts in there. Great army.

Next up: 40K and War Machine

An Overview of the Orks

[Guest Article by Porky ]

I love the Orks. They are are one of the defining forces of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and a lot of fun to collect and play. I have been interested in them or collecting them for the best part of two decades so I know more than a little. What's my understanding then?
Well, here it is.

The Orks are an ever-present threat, spread throughout the galaxy of the 41st millenium in vast numbers. Wherever in the galaxy a spacefaring species travels it will find Orks and can expect to have to fight them. The Orks live for conflict and are always ready for battle. In fact,
their basic nature and entire civilisation are perfectly suited to waging war. Their fungus-based physiology makes them immensely tough as individuals, their spore-driven ecosystem means they will never be hungry or short of workers and their pre-programmed skills mean that
basic knowledge need never be learnt. Most importantly of all, the natural psychic energy of the Orks sees them drift into ever larger groups and gears them up for war. When an Ork population reaches critical mass it will burst out into the surrounding space and wash across world after world. This is the Ork Waaagh! and it is a force of nature to be feared.

The greenskins, as the Orks are commonly known, have been central to Warhammer 40,000 since the origins of the game in the Rogue Trader book of the late 1980s. They featured in the first ever scenario in that very book and were some of the first models to be released for the game. In that first edition alone, they were the stars of not one, not two, but three full sourcebooks! Since then they have been the subject of three more of their very own codices and twice been a starter force, first in the second edition boxed game and now in the current Assault on Black Reach box, on both occasions squaring off against the Space Marines. They even got a major game of their own with Gorkamorka, which saw the survivors of a crash landing battling for scrap across the deserts of a distant world.

On the battlefield the Orks are generally a direct, brutal force, but one with plenty of cunning. An Ork army may be led by a Warboss, a Big Mek or a Weirdboy. The Warboss is the biggest Ork in the army and a fearsome fighter, often accompanied by a retinue of experienced warriors
almost equally tough. The Big Mek is a crazy Ork engineer with ambition who has access to the wacky Shokk Attack Gun and Kustom Force Field. The Weirdboy is a kind of Ork shaman who absorbs and focuses the psychic energies of the Orks, often with little or no real control, and
unleashes them on the enemy. A Weirdboy may develop over time into a Warphead, a psyker of even greater power.

Ork armies built using the current Codex: Orks seem to be composed of lesser or greater quantities of four basic things. First there are the mobs of Ork Boyz and their lesser cousins the Gretchin, then the clanking and rattling Deff Dreads and Killa Kans, then all manner of
ramshackle vehicles, whether Warbikes, Warbuggies and Wartrakks, the mob-carrying Trukks or squadrons of Deffkoptas, and finally the enormous tank-like Battlewagons, well-armed and -armoured and usually filled with even more Orks. These break down into what might be termed the Ork horde, the Kult of Speed, the Kan wall and the steamroller.

The fabled Ork horde consists chiefly of large mobs of Ork Boyz kept in line by their bigger comrades, the Nobz. Ork Boyz carry shootas or sluggas for ranged combat and choppas for when the fighting gets closer, while Nobz may carry larger and more powerful weapons, including the
feared power klaw. These mobs often charge directly at the enemy and, when the moment, is right let rip with their famous battle cry - “Waaagh!” - inspiring them to even greater feats.

The Kult of Speed is broad concept. It certainly consists of a mass of the lighter Ork vehicles, which hurtle forward with riders, gunners and any brave Gretchin crew hanging on for dear life. It is also likely to include mobs of Ork boyz and Nobz packed into lightly-armoured Trukks bolted together Gork knows how and racing towards the opponent's lines, while Deffkoptas may buzz over all, loosing off rokkits in all directions.

The Kan wall would be any force with a sizeable number of Deff Dreads or Killa Kans striding forward, pincers snapping, buzzsaws whining, pistons squeaking and steam hissing, possibly with some Nobz in crude but effective Mega Armour stomping alongside. With a Big Mek as your boss
you can fit even more Deff Dreads into an army and really terrify the enemy.

The steamrolla sees the army fit in as many of the solid Battlewagons as possible, kitted out with all kinds of Mek toys, including the famous and destructive Deathrolla. With weapons blazing from every opening, the Battlewagons rumble forward to drop their Ork passengers into the heart of the fighting, only the heaviest or most powerful weaponry is able to blast through the layers of thick armour plate.

There are several other common units which complement the army types, among them the Lootas with their cobbled-together heavy weaponry, the Stormboyz arcing over the battlefield on dangerous rokkit packs and the Kommandos sneaking forward to set up ambushes. There is also the Looted Vehicle, allowing you to field a great vehicle from one of the other Warhammer 40,000 model ranges, 'improved' and made properly Orky of course. The many specialised units available mean that while the army may seem unsubtle an Ork warboss is able to pull off plenty of low tricks.

This long history means that they have a dedicated following and are always adding new players who love their direct approach and happy-go-lucky attitude. The current range of models is enormous and many are regarded as the best incarnations ever made. Just as the Orks love to hammer weapons and vehicles together from whatever gubbins they have to hand, so an Ork army is a varied and colourful force, with many parts mixed and matched and vehicles modified to a lesser or greater degree. In terms of colour schemes, the Orks' division into clans mean
that several tried-and-tested patterns exist, but experimenting is definitely Orky and the sky's the limit. One thing that can be said is that Orks do not much like cleaning, so dust, dirt and flaking paint are the order of the day.

The Orks are often seen as comic relief in a game world which can be grim. Although the comedy has been toned down over the years, the Orks remain an unpredictable army, with weapons malfunctioning and vehicles going out of control left, right and centre. Many units and weapons have fun special rules like this to keep both players on their toes.

Their relatively recent and effective Codex: Orks is the icing on the cake and contains far more information than can be covered here, with greater detail and more accuracy of course. Have a read of it and grab your army - the Orks are more than ready to rumble!

Open Friday and Saturday

I am working both Friday and Saturday. I'm available for any matter. We're eager to get new projects set up.

Got in a trade of Tomb Kings, lots of different stuff, today. I'm ready to make a Tomb Kings Turbo army on the spot. 2000 pts for $850, finished. Trays +$80.

And also 1x Slayer, 1x Skarre, 8x Bile Thralls.

Still got all those Orks on standby, too.

New Orks

Got some painted Ork stuff, including a few heavily converted and well-painted pieces, up on the block tonight.

See here.

Want some? Email me at to set it up.

Mind Your Tempo

[Guest Article]

Hey Shawn

I want to say thanks for pubishing my Power Core. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Because of you, my local wood elf player started bringing a ton more glade guard and they really can be effective.

Heres another article I wrote. It uses references to MrMalorians youtube channel and a Chess site. If you dont feel this appropriate to be associated with you or BTP but still wish to use my article, feel free to edit it out. Its in a word doc and I also just pasted it below.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Robert B.

Mind Your Tempo

Warhammer, though less air tight than card games or Chess, can use similar strategies to overcome opponents. I want to touch on specifically the most valuable commodity when it comes to miniatures conflict: Time.

More specifically, we are going to use the word “Tempo.” Anyone with experience in Chess or even Magic The Gathering will understand how valuable Tempo is in achieving victory. ChessOps describes tempo as “In chess, a "tempo" is a gain in time-units (represented by moves). When one player gains a tempo, it effectively means that his opponent has been forced to waste one or more moves.”

Basically, what we want to do is optimize our turn to force our opponents to waste theirs. We can do this most blatantly in the movement phase and the magic phase because these actions directly force a reaction from the opponent. Also, we don’t want to screw anything up either. Thinking about the time related to position will make or break a plan.

When it comes down to gaining or maintain tempo in the movement phase, you must evaluate your plans compared to the opposing armies. Simply, maneuver your army to optimize your plan while denying opportunities to your opponent. Now, this isn’t really that simple and cannot be completely covered in any article. Here are just some ideas and examples to best use tempo to your advantage.

First off, have a plan. This should be done before your army ever hits the table. While composing your force, you should have a basic outline to the role each unit plays and how each unit cooperates with each other. This is a pretty basic idea. If you have an aggressive force, play it aggressively. If you have a gun line, avoid running up the board to get into combats. Having a plan before the game sounds more daunting than it actually is. If you have an idea of how your units can best combat a variety of army builds this step is already complete.

Unlike in Chess where White automatically has a tempo advantage, I would argue that tempo is won or lost in deployment. Whoever gets first turn gets to dictate how the battle will be engaged. But the power allowed in the first turn is determined by the threats posed by deployments. Reacting to your opponents set up while composing your force to play out the plan that was designed during list building is the key to limiting the potential of the enemy forces. Second turn doesn’t automatically deny a tempo advantage. Ex: There are some Dwarf war machines in a corner opposite High Elf fast cavalry. The Dwarfs risk early combats. The Dwarfs can then deploy some shooting infantry beside the machines to take care of the cavalry, protecting the machines to focus on heavier units. Because of the threat of the shooting infantry, the power that the fast cavalry posed was weakened, even if they have first turn. That is probably the biggest difference in terms of tempo from Wargames compared to Chess.


Force your opponent to make mistakes. “Tactical Uncertainty” is a great tool for this. (Please see MrMalorians Orc Tactical Team Podcast Episode 31) With units like Miners or Ambushing Herds, you force your opponent to either a) worry about their random appearance and stifle battle plans or b) ignore them and suffer the consequences when the units do arrive forcing an unexpected reaction (and hopefully redirection of play.) Other than those few units, maneuver your army to force an opponent to react in ways that are not necessarily beneficial to their overall plan. This is the more complicated part. Trying to gain tempo off of more experienced generals becomes really difficult because they are also using their moves already in anticipation of oncoming threats and to pose greater threats of their own. Hence the beauty of this game as a competitive outlet.

The most important place to think about tempo along with positions, possibilities, and probabilities is declaring charges. First off, this is another part of a turn where the opponent gets direct to make direct actions to affect the turn such as fleeing. Be aware of possibility that charges will not be completed and the board may turn out looking very different. When multiple charges on a single unit, think about the possibility of a unit fleeing on the last declared charged and having 2 or more units fail charges marching forward towards an empty point. Will they be stuck in the middle of nowhere or is that position still a strong placement? Also consider secondary targets that may be good units to try and redirect into. Another thing to watch out for is charges getting in the way of other charges or even fleeing units from flee results or panic checks. Again timing is the key here. The controlling player gets to decide which order the chargers are moved after all of the reactions and such has been dealt with, so think carefully about possibly getting in less than perfect positions that can clog up other plans or give your opponent more time to deal with it. Remember: charge range is determined after reactions and after you pick a unit to move so it might be helpful to try and move the chargers that are more likely to make their destination before taking bigger risks on farther charge distances.

On the same note, when deciding the order of combats is effected by position relating to tempo. The combats are fought out and resolved one at a time, meaning the controlling player should take into consideration a couple things when deciding the exact order of executing each combat (pg 46.) What is the probability of winning and breaking the combat? Do you want to pursuit to better position yourself or do you want to try and tear down the unit? Where will this leave the board and how will it affect the other pursuits and the following turn? Who has control of the next turn is a very powerful part of tempo when deciding actions following combats. That general has immediate control over the battle right after the combat results meaning they can use the pursuit to gain some distance to hit a deeper part of the field or they can completely reform to help their brothers in arms somewhere else on the board. There are plenty of separate situations that can occur, but the key to keeping your tempo advantage is to consider the time it takes for units to act and at what point of the game is the time (turn) allocated to the competing generals.

One can lose tempo quite easily as well. When an army needs to “redeploy” or when a general starts to panic shuffling his units around to deal with threats appropriately, they have lost tempo. Here is a classic situation that every general has encountered at one time or another. There is a unit on the board that is right where another unit needs to be or is blocking the effective unit from getting to where they need to be. The turn or two it takes to shuffle the pieces around to correct the mistake gives the opposing general ample time to set up the charges they want or gain positional advantage (even positional advantage for combat resolution). Shooting armies get the extra time to shoot at the jazz stepping soldiers trying to re-arrange themselves in the midst of battle.

Tempo should not be ignored when it comes to casting either. Again, this is a part of the game where the opposing player can make direct reactions. And again, the key to using tempo as an advantage is to plan. For simplicity sake, we are going to ignore using spells to enhance the rest of the game and just focus on the mechanics of the magic phase.

Magic is fickle and it is at best unreliable. This doesn’t mean one can’t be prepared to use it. Prioritize your spells by order of casting and by how many power dice should be allocated to it. Some generals like to shoot off their big scary spell first and some like to burn as many dispel dice as possible to make more favorable margins and cast the more important spells later in the phase. Whichever works for you, go for it. But the key is to have a plan. If an opponent is constantly looking over the spells they generated and biting their lip trying to think about it right there on the spot, you know you can lock down their magic phase because they are unprepared. Personally, I have my rules of thumb I go by when casting against certain army builds. For the last year or so I have taken almost exclusively the Tzeench deck in W.O.C. (pg. 108) and I know how many dice I need to throw at each spell and I know to throw my direct spells at immune to psych builds, pandemonium against casty armies like VC especially, and Call to Glory when I’m playing a grind out attrition game. That I have the situations to use my spells and the dice allowance I’m comfortable with, I can use my preparation to better think about the order of spells and how they should affect the board even if the winds of magic aren’t feeling generous.
Every spell cast forces the opponent to react. Having three “medium” spells may be just as tough to deal with as that huge “Ubber” spell because the dispeller needs to try and minimize the casting. This is not hard at all for the dispeller if allows for the casting wizard to have broken concentration first spell because of bad planning (not necessarily bad luck. Double 1’s…what can you do?)
Last little bit of my personal magic phase advice: when casting against dwarfs, just give up.

The key to tempo advantage is to have a plan, a back-up plan, and another plan. This requires some reading of rule books, critical thinking (I find brainstorming with other generals to be quite helpful), and of course, more gaming. Practice just magic phases for an hour with buddies. Practice just the movement phases or set up combats, declare which units flee, pursuit, or hold and play out the different scenarios of how the board would be positioned after declared charges or after pursuit moves. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. So consider how the time affects the game play the next time you rock up to a table.

Robert B.


Chess Ops:


Big Fat Book

Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos

Thanksgiving Schedule

BTP will be out on Thanksgiving Day, but in operation both the day before and after. I am eager to set up new projects and plan to catch up and make some vids.

Make No Small Plans

As I mentioned before we are working on something big. Blow your skull into meaty chunks with the mere mention of the concept big. Berserk charge to the top of the hill for Glory or Ruin big.

The year that I started the business (we are coming up on seven years) I had a dream. I saw an expansive field in California. Workers and machines were kicking up dust as they dug foundation trenches and poured cement. As far as the eye could see. A short ways ahead of me I saw Walt Disney, surveying all calmly in a dark suit. He turned to me and said,

"Shawn, they didn't believe I could do it either."

I am gathering a panel of six experts in their fields, all accomplished men of business, to help me lay the groundwork. It will take a week or two before I get it all in order for public consideration.

It is 4:12am. I am starting to clear my Inbox. It is important to me to keep up on my communications with you, o BTP client. However, it might take through Tuesday to get around to it so please bear with me. If you have a time-sensitive thing or just want to ping your quick item to the top of the list then just re-send. Or text me. Or Google chat me. Don't be shy.

DO NOT stop the inquiries! I am ready to set up new projects and I'm eager to keep things white hot through Thanksgiving. I will be taking Turkey Day off but will be in the office and cracking on Friday and Saturday. Most staff will still be plowing full bore


Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency. Remember that our sons and grandsons are going to do things that would stagger us. Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty. Think big.

Daniel Burnham, Chicago architect. (1846-1912)

On a Whim

Well, we're creeping up on seventeen years married.

Tamie and I went out to sushi spontaneously last night. We like a new place up north called Blue Fish. I highly recommend, they are noticeably better than any other place. Then we went to a fancy candle shop where the owner and assistant were by themselves. Reason: it was snowing now and the strip mall was deader than a doornail. We ended up talking with them for like forty minutes about marriage and relationships. I couldn't believe the stuff we talked about with these two complete strangers; sitting on victorian-era-type couches and chairs surrounded by crystal and wax.

Heading home the storm hit with a fury and on the freeway we were going only about 30mph. Fortunately I brought my computer and the car-plug and so I got the schedule all worked out for projects this week. Yes, I am even working on dates. My wife doesn't mind most of the time as I get flexibility at other times.

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn feeling refreshed. A crust of snow was over the neighborhood, sheltering branch and concrete in quiet and white.

I basically lounged around, reading the Beastmen army book then realizing that I'm wasting resources on Warhammer Fantasy and I need to get cracking on 40K. I mean, I had 132 Glade Guard painted up. That would be like two Space Marine armies. Good grief.

Then off to church where it was a mostly complete waste of time. The kids are up and down for drinking fountain and bathroom and pencil-sharpening. Willow is now in the terrible twos and does everything at maximum volume and without stopping and shrieks to high heaven when taken to the foyer, an absolute terror just fighting me at every turn, struggling and squirming with those thunder thighs of hers. Tamie makes herself conveniently absent for this or that dropping the trouble all on my lap. Blargh!!!

It's like hefting cement blocks to get those kids to do anything. It's bonecrushing.

At least we get a little bit of peace when the kids are off to nursery or primary. Those people are sure taking a hit for the team. Unbelievable.

Hyperbole and a Half

Check out this site it will give you a possible case of multiple-chuckles.

And one about Dogs don't understand basic concepts.

Impending Doom of Ork-ness

All right, I went through all those Orks.

2x Warbosses
54x Nobz (yes that many)
39x Shoota Boyz
46x Slugga Boyz
2x Painboyz
6x Deff Koptaz
10x Warbikers (can pass as Nobz or be converted as such)
12x Lootaz
3x Mega-Armor Nobz (metal ones)
13x Big Shootaz
12x Rokkit Launchaz
14x Kommandoz (4x metal ones)
4x Battlewagons
11x Stormboyz
1x Trukk
1x Big Mek

If you want to commission an Ork Turbo army you can do so at the following rate:

Orks 1500 pts for $1450
Orks 2000 pts for $1700
Orks 2500 pts for $1900

Get a $200 credit for conversion work if you set it up in the next ten days. Limited QTY (1). This is for a mixed Ork army (not the Nobz list).

If it were up to me it would probably look like this:
1x Warboss
1x Big Mek
1x Trukk
60x Boyz variously armed
6x Nobz on foot plus a painboy
6x Nobz on bike (one of which could pass for Warboss) plus a painboy
1x Battlewagon with Deff Rolla
11x Stormboyz (maybe)
12x Lootaz

I can add or modify anything you want. You can also order an Ork army a la carte. Any models on this list are 50% off (the cost of model).

Here's one possible color scheme.

Also, I am bringing back the Spikey Steel Boot special. We can start instantaneously.

Ork Mass

I just got in an Ork army on trade, ready to paint. It has so much stuff in it that it's going to be a project just to organize and catalogue it.

Also got in an Ogre army, ready to go. 20x Ogres (various sorts), 24x Gnoblars. Probably about 1000 pts depending on how you put it together. Cost would be $650 to get it all done up (painting, trays and everything, $550 if you give us complete license sight-unseen). A solid start.

Here it Comes?

The regime is surviving by printing money: at this stage there is no other way.

Martin Rupiya, professor (war and security studies), University of Zimbabwe.

Go Warp Lightning, Gooo!

I was up bright and early this morning working on client contacts.

I ate Indian food for breakfast and lunch.

You haven't heard from me because the major news item can't break just yet. It's something so big that there's no use talking about it until we have a lot more information. It's a bit of a preoccupation. It will blow your mind. Sometime next week.

That giant Tyranid army came in. It's huge. I have it on hold for a buyer so by this coming Tuesday it will either be shipped out or it will be on the block.

Also we're building a studio Skaven army. I'm doing it clanrat-based (no Plague-anything, nevermind that I can't pronounce the word apparently). Screaming Bell. So far I got 120x Clanrats done, all on magnetized trays, and six weapon teams. It's three pairs from the Isle of Blood kit, but I did conversions on every one to make them unique. Same for the command units, the banners are all different.

I've got 80x regular (non-IOB) clanrats coming, along with a Screaming Bell (actually already in for those observant folk out there), and two Doomwheels. And some other stuff. Oh, a Hellpit Abomination is going to get in there. Home conversion for Warp Lightning Cannon.

This will be for sale of course. I'll probably split it up.

Oh, and I got a Menoth army tradeback coming. It's pretty big and will probably be on the block for about $900. If you dig around for Menoth JC I think it's that one.

Personally, I'm doing great. I got a cleaning at the dentist the other day. That's a good feeling. I actually spent about half the time talking, the gal couldn't get me to shut up. She was a delight. I am watching Darker than Black all the way through for a second time. Absolutely amazing series, very moving, deep plot, neato ideas, and touching music.

Empty Hands

I just woke up. This following may be a bit cryptic, but I think I need to write it, and write it now. I make absolutely no claim to special-ness. I am not a particularly good person. I do not mean to be preachy or "Oooh I'm special". I am sure plenty of other people have insights and spiritual experiences. That said, it's apparent a lot of people read this blog and get some kind of inspiration from it. Here goes.

Empty Hands
There is no bargaining with God.

In order to receive something my hands must be empty, completely empty. I must come before the throne of Grace knowing to my very core that I have nothing to offer. Even the promise of future obedience is laughable. Personal worthiness, personal righteousness, these things are illusions. They do not exist.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

It's the first one*, and the only one in present tense. For me, I have stopped seeking after Heaven, thinking it was far away. I realized I was already in Heaven. Time is all one for God.

Before the beginning God gave man his freedom to choose. This re-programmed our souls so that we could receive something so great it was beyond comprehension. This is one of God's great challenges with His children. In order to receive we must accept. My hands must be empty. We are able to receive joy but we can also go into the next life and out of raw dreamstuff create Hellworlds for ourselves; made from guilt and punishment. He can't stop us from drinking bleach.

16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

18He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

19And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

My greatest challenge in the last year has been to relax and stop fighting God, to allow him to give me what he wills. Even the bad things are good things. I am often faithless, trustless, and so I sink.

*Beatitude: Matthew 5-7 Sermon on the Mount


I wrote this following a while back. For some reason I think now is the time to post it.

Early in the morning I wake up and for like a half hour my mind is racing. It's more clear than usual. But then I get on with my day and everything is disrupted.

In 2008 I had a dream. I have lots of dreams. They are wonderful, but there are a few where the quality is sublime. It's beyond describing, but I will try. It feels like a timeless state, drenched in joy, where colors are sharper and clearer. In some of them I see a rent in the air where a blossom of pure color and happiness is coming through. My whole soul starts to hum like a tuning fork that is stuck very hard. Without the actual experience of it, the whole thing seems like a hollow shell, and it's that experience that I can't convey through writing. I know it was real, more real than anything in this world, the entirety of my mortal experience is outweighed by it.

I think this dream is really a memory of the pre-existence, masked with some symbols so my mortal mind will be able to handle it.

I am on a ridge with a procession of other people; on a footworn path. To my left there is an expansive valley filled with thick jungle foliage. The sky above is not blue, but it has twenty blazing vari-colored suns. This is our homeworld. It is the galactic core. The procession is casual, with people in pairs or threes talking* as we go along. They are dressed in loose colorful clothing with cheerful patterns. Then ahead I see a distant temple. It looks a bit like the Timpanogas temple but a lot larger. It's atop a tall mesa of rock**, and the building comes to the very edge.

I wake up inside the temple, in a room that overlooks the previous scene. The windows go from floor to cieling. I hear a thought "oh, he's awake". As I get up I see a handful of people in the room all standing. They are listening to a central figure. This is Heavenly Father. In the center of the room is an architectural model of a temple, like the one that we are in, something that is to be created***. A woman sees me and smiles. She is my sister. Someone who I am supposed to know well, a friend and ally. Heavenly Father then breaks the gathering and the others begin to converse among themselves. He then moves across the room to stand in front of me. He touches me on the right shoulder. And that's when I know.

I am His son.
He would extinguish a trillion suns for me.
I know Him well, and personally. I can see His love for me.
I am everything in His eyes.
I am nothing compared to His greatness.
All mankind are my relatives.
He will not let me go.
I am perfectly safe. There is no condemnation.
In the Heavens, dreams, visions, and feelings are the normal way of communication.
We are a race of creators.
He takes joy in his creations, and ultimate joy in his children.
The plan of salvation really is a plan. It's a complex blueprint for how things work. Not just a series of commandments, but how our very souls are wired.

In the months following this dream I was a bit scared. I thought "who can see the face of God and live?" I thought my number was up.
It became unbearable to be in this life. Nothing in this life seemed worth staying for compared to that place.
It also seems ludicrous to go to church to seek God. Why should I go to church? Church should come to me! This vision opened a quarter-sized portal in my soul. I feel it constantly, like a light is streaming through it. How can I keep being so dark sometimes? I'm sorry for that. Of course, church is still needed just for a different reason. It's important to be around other humans.
I started to feel perfectly comfortable around people. I don't think anything could bother me. I think that Heavenly Father is pleased with his children as a whole and just feels saddened when they drink chlorine bleach.
So, now God is "that guy I met". When I pray I think about this dream. That's the being to whom I am praying. I know Him.

*in these dreams talking is really more like thinking out loud. With a glance meaning is conveyed.
**I have seen this architecture once before in a dream, on my mission, a temple that can only be accessed by flying.
***is it the Earth?

Philosophy of Government: self-rule?



Old Chimeras

GW came out with a new Chimera recently. I need the one from just before that, where the tracks are separate pieces. Or any similar kit.

I am currently crediting $30 each for these kits. They can be in parts or sprues I don't care.

Or if you just want to send in track pieces, that would be helpful.


Screeching Tires

It is 3:20am. I am already working. I'm standing by to serve you in any way. Contact me via email for any matter.

Please see my "Pedal to the Metal" email below. I am extending all of those specials through today (Monday).

Pedal to the Metal

I'm at the studio today (Saturday) most of the day. Standing by to set up projects.

email me at or phone at 801 372 8545.

I need to round up some money today. Payments on current projects are appreciated.

I'm also putting up a few items cut-rate. Just for today, maybe as long as through Monday:
Oriental Empire army $390
See vid of it

Tau Army (Great for beginners) $520

Imperial Guard Cadians Army Group Deal (100x infantry, 9x weapon teams, 3x Tanks) $720 (Great for beginners or a second army for a guest/friend or an expansion to an existing Imperial army) This is the deal of the year, I highly recommend scooping it up.

Death From Above!

[Guest Article]

Deepstriking. A phenomenon returning to the tournament setting. And this just because last April the most awesome special rule for deepstriking came out and made it very competitive. Most of you will already know that I am talking about the ‘Descent of Angels’ special rule from the Blood Angels Codex. Some of you might think: “what makes this special rule so awesome then?” well before I explain that I will first talk about deepstriking (at tournaments) in general.

Deepstriking was rarely used, and especially at tournaments it was rare. Outflanking was more common. Some explanations for this is that deepstriking is risky and random business, which you don’t want at tournaments, because if you scatter 12” and then hit something (which is likely) you have to roll on the mishap table and got a 1/3 chance to lose the unit, 1/3 chance you opponent may place it and 1/3 chance it comes on later. Drop pods are an exception but therefore they are used way more. Another downside of deepstriking is that you can’t assault on the turn you deepstrike while most units able to deepstrike are combat oriented units. People don’t like the randomness and danger of deepstriking in tournaments while there are safer options.

This changed with the ‘Descent of Angels’ special rule, this rule says that you can re-roll unsuccessful reserve rolls and only scatter 1D6” which is a mayor difference. Blood Angels Vanguard Veterans do it even better and can even assault on the turn they deepstrike. Since you only scatter 1D6” deepstriking is now more reliable (given you play Blood Angels). An example of deepstriking with Blood Angels:

A 5-man assault (combat) squad with 2 meltaguns has successfully rolled for reserves and now comes in by deepstrike. You want to place them exactly 7” away from an enemy tank (some may it is impossible to be exactly 7”away but with some practice you can do it). If you’re 7” away and you do not scatter your 1st model will be 7” away but the ring you build around it is only 6” so you place the 2 meltas in front to get the 2D6 penetration. Now say you did scatter exactly 6” away from the tank, your middle man would be 13”away from it, but the meltas (again in front) 12” so they can still hit it, and being meltas they are still S8 Ap1, even with 1D6 penetration a high chance of penetrating and destroying the tank. But the exact opposite could happen too 6” directly to target, what you do then is build the ring away from the enemy unit, because you don’t want to get in 1” of it, then you have to roll on the mishap table, and since only 5 man are in the unit you can do that and now the meltas are 2” away and any infernus pistols you might have are also within halve range, giving you 3 melta shots with 2D6 penetration, say good-bye tank.

This is the big deal about the ‘Descent of Angels’ special rule. It is way more reliable and has a very nice tactic hidden in it. But there is another thing to deepstriking, your opponent doesn’t know what will happen until it happens and so he or she won’t be able to react until it’s too late. Deepstriking also gives a nice surprise.

On that note I am building an army with this tactic as it’s backbone. I am planning on going to tournaments with this list.

Librarian - 190
- Jump Pack
- Infernus Pistol
- Unleash Rage
- Sanguine Sword
- Epistolary

Sanguinary Priests - 315
- 3 Priests
- 3 Jump packs
- 3 Power weapons
- 3 Infernus Pistol

Assault Squad 1 - 250
- 10 Assault Marines
- 2 Meltas
- Powerfist
- Infernus Pistol

Assault Squad 2 - 250
- 10 Assault Marines
- 2 Meltas
- Powerfist
- Infernus Pistol

Assault Squad 3 - 250
- 10 Assault Marines
- 2 Meltas
- Powerfist
- Infernus Pistol

Assault Squad 4 - 250
- 10 Assault Marines
- 2 Meltas
- Powerfist
- Infernus Pistol

Assault Squad 5 - 195

- 10 Assault Marines

- Flamer

1700 Points in total.

The idea behind this army is that it completely is in reserves at the beginning of the game, and as soon as they enter the board (75% will on turn 2) they hit hard and fast. Most units will become combat squads giving me lots of small fast and manoeuvrable units. Blood Angels are very strong in combat and with so much units and some priests I am very likely to get some furious charges making them more devastating in combat. All the meltas and infernus pistols are meant to destroy enemy tanks, transports and heavy infantry. Another nice thing about this list is that most of it is troops and in that way I’ve got very high chances of claiming objectives (actually everything is troops since the rest are independent characters). Another funny thing is that you render opponents anti-tank almost useless, killing a 18 point marine a turn is not what it’s meant to do, but it’s the only thing it can do against this list since there are no 200 point predators and demolishers driving around.

To finish off I hope you liked it if you’ve got any questions let them know. And in the future “Strike from the skies brothers!”


BTP Correspondent from the Netherlands


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