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A week of Adventure
[this game info last updated: 05/25/2016]

During the week, we will be having ten sessions, each of three hours.  In between sessions there will be wargaming tables, boardgames and other diversions available.

The adventure takes place in the Pathfinder campaign setting of Golarion in the River Kingdoms.  It is a plug-in adventure of my own devising based on the acclaimed DnD classic White Plume Mountain.

In the White Plume Mountain adventure three artifact level weapons are stolen by the wizard Keraptis who challenges their wealthy and influential owners to recover them.

I am creating an adventure where every single encounter has lavish terrain and miniatures.  This is something that has never been done before to this scale.  Some encounters will be set on whole wargamer quality tables that are thickly populated (six feet by four feet).


1) play maturely.
2) be committed. Show up to every session.
3) send me an updated character sheet after every session. 
4) Smell good.

System and Books

We will be using Pathfinder.

Players are discouraged from perusing DM-specific books such as the Bestiary series.  In-game use of  knowledge from DM-specific books is not allowed except where a skill might allow your character to know something (like Knowledge).  However, this is not always a problem since I end up modifying things in appearance of substance enough to preserve the mystery and excitement!

Feel free to use stuff from the Inner Sea World Guide as in-game knowledge with the following qualifications:  1) your character could realistically know that information and 2) bearing in mind that what is printed there represents common knowledge-- rumor, speculation, and misinformation!

Be warned:  I take a lot of creative license with published materials. 

The DM

I am a veteran referee, having run about twenty full campaigns, innumerable one-shot adventures, and designed three systems myself. I have played since I was thirteen (I am now forty-seven).

I do not like to slow down the game for rules disputes. If you would like to discuss a rule, or you feel I have made an erroneous ruling, please let it sit until after the session if at all possible. However, I want my players to feel comfortable with how the adventure is being run.  Use your own good judgement.

Let the dice fall where they may! 

Character Generation

You should love your character and play the character that you want within the following guide:
1)    All characters should be of roughly the same power.
2)    No character should have an unusual or unbalancing power.
3)    Characters should be cooperative by nature.  (No loner berserker vampire dwarves)
4)    Not too strange, please.

You will start at 8th level and for the sake of simplicity you will go up one level after the finish of session two, four, seven, and ten.  Your character will be 12th level at the end.  Of course, you will need to return for further adventures in the 2017 season.

You will make two characters.

You will order and send up to two character models, as well as any alternate parts for modifications, to BTP ahead of time and we will paint them up to Hero level for you. You may also commission further models if you want.

If you die during the adventure, we will insert your next character (starting at 8th level).  You won’t be sitting on the sidelines!

You will have 78 points to allot among your six basic statistics. Each time you attain a new level, one of your attributes may be increased by one point.  This is instead of the increase given every four levels as per the Core Rulebook.  Minimum score is 8 and maximum is 15. 

These are modified by race.  Thus a gnome could assign 8 points to Strength and end up with a modified Strength of 6 and then assign 15 points to Dexterity and end up with a Dexterity of 17.

Your alignment must be compatible with neutral good. That means no evil alignments allowed. Chaotic Neutral is likewise not permitted.

Classes and special rules
You may create your character from the Core Rulebook and the following supplements:
·        Advanced Race Guide
·        Advanced Class Guide
·        Advanced Player Guide
·        Ultimate Combat
·        Ultimate Magic
·        Inner Sea Races

I am open to consider customization and other rules sources as long as it doesn’t get strange.

Hit Points
Hit points calculated on an average as follows (pre-CON adjustment):
1d4   = +3hp
1d6    = +4hp
1d8    = +5hp
1d10 = +6hp
1d12 = +7hp

Money and Equipment
It is assumed that through adventuring you have both acquired and lost money. For this adventure, you are answering a summons in classic hero form.  For customization you have the following:

·        3,000gp of mundane equipment (the remainder is converted to coins/gems as you wish)
·        8,000gp of magic items with no one item in excess of 1,000gp (this is for like scrolls, potions and such) (the remainder is converted to mundane equipment as you wish)
·        12,000 for minor magic items, with no one item in excess of 3,000gp
·        24,000gp for a single quest item.  This is a magic item given to you by a benefactor before the outset of the adventure.  You may split into two items if you wish.  (the remainder is converted to scrolls/potions).
·        36,000 for a single heirloom magic item.  This is a magic item that is of personal significance to your character.  The larger magic items must be DM approved.

Additionally, there will be a stash of magic items to part out at the beginning of the adventure as well.

Death is generally permanent in my campaign.  Powers of resurrection are not used lightly by clerics in this adventure.  If you wish to have a character raised, you will need to send me an explanation as to why the spirit of your character would want to leave their ultimate paradise in the next life to return to Golarion.

If you have other questions, contact me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com

Shawn Gately

White Plume Mountain- notes for the day

In the many bizarre sub-realms of Keraptis is the lair of the manticores.

These are just preliminary notes.

Vid- the thing I like about WPM
Nostalgia- modern twists
Comic book movie treatemnt

Nostalgic feel, keep the old school flair
- setting of an active volcano, cast the volcano as a character where it has a personality and lends a mood.  It's an ever-present force, like a threat
- Nods to styles of old school writers eg Gary Gygax (presence of healing/safe areas)
- Three portions have distinct elements and environments Water/Steam, Dark/Void/Necro, Earth/Gems
- Trap areas that can harm monsters and are part of strategy eg electromagnet room, metal heating corridor
- Roving intelligent dangers that play into the story.

I also listed the sets of terrain I already have that can be purposed into the adventure and the sets of terrain that need to be created.

Looking at Raging Heroes for Manticore figures


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