Alien Temple Notes

Epic Terrain Time

Moving or drifting elements
Creatures as terrain
Melting/extending PVC
Surface parts/walls
Water features
Round pools with floating crystals
Repeating animal statues (visit dollar store)
Ivory or white as base color?

More to come

You old people set up a system by which the young would pay for the old, but you did it before the young were born. You stole from the utterly defenseless, those with no voice. It is time for you to return that which you have stolen. Sadly, the government cannot return what they stole from you. Your fellow thieves have left you holding an empty bag.

What's up with that?

Pics forthcoming.

Saturday I took my daughter to a daddy-daughter dance at the middle school (she's twelve now). It was fifties theme. My wife made her a poodle skirt out of red felt. And me in jeans and white t-shirt. The dance was in the school foyer, perhaps a hundred people. Imagine an area, round in shape with a promenade on the second level and a split staircase straight across from the door. The entire place was decorated in black and white checks with red balloons. I refrained from cutting the rug with the typical vigorousness so as not to embarrass her.

A student band played, all dressed up fifties style. The lead singer was in a black dress with no-doubt style blonde hair. This girl absolutely belted out the tunes. It was overwhelming. And some Johnny Cash, too. I frankly was astounded at how talented they were.

Check out Kenzie James and the Knockouts on Facebook!

I'm so very proud of my daughter. She's growing up to be so responsible and creative. She keeps her room clean without being asked.

Over the weekend I acquired Starcraft 2 for my boys' laptops and we set them up on the kitchen table to play cooperative games. Cookies and corn dogs. My wife was the hero of the day, figuring out all the technical aspects. So, now playing Starcraft 2 is a "family activity". Quite a neat work around. But seriously, it is a source of great camaraderie. Today (Monday) when I got home, they were both ready to play. I guess it's the modern equivalent of a board game.

First head-to-head game with my ten-year old son I was taking it easy on him, but then he showed up at my base with twelve Void Rays and wiped me off the face of the map. Good for him!

My six-year old plays Zerg.

Next stop: miniatures battles.

Sunday the EQ prez came by and released me from teaching in Quorum. I asked him directly if it was on account of all the false doctrine, but he assured me that was not the case. Which I found surprising because I went out of my way to teach the opposite of what the manual said in some cases. I've got a new calling to organize service projects.

When I was about to go on my mission, my uncle (a bit of a mystic) sent me an excerpt from a book. It was the story of two cats. A woman had to put her two cats down (for whatever reason, just stay with the story). As she was taking them out of the car one of them bolted out of the car and dashed into a storm drain. The other one went peacefully purring into the vet and got put to sleep. The other one went feral.

At the time I just found it to be a curiosity and it didn't make much sense. Now I think I get it. that's what's up with me. Someday on gatelymusings I will bore you all to absolute tears about my religious journey. It will be only a matter of curiosity, though, as I won't tell you what to believe.

Monday morning I met with Sarah and my wife. I explained all financial aspects of the company and made Sarah CFO. So that's off my plate now. Plan: make terrain and vids. We'll see how that works out.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I had a political type meeting (about 300 people!) on Saturday AM. It was fascinating as usual, like all four hour meetings are, but the notable part was when there was a motion to extend the meeting by ten minutes and debate on the motion took longer than ten minutes.

Ron Paul or Bust

Ron Paul isn't just a presidential candidate. He's the LEADER of a MOVEMENT!

For me, it's Ron Paul or nothing. All other candidates are effectively the same.

Necrons (01 JB)- project completion

Cygnar (01 JR)- project completion

Treasure Trove-- January 2012

Thank you for visiting the Treasure Trove sale page for January 2012

NOTE: video with details is now processing

Please do not pick up any of these lots from the website directly. Instead, email us at for availability
UPDATE: More lots going up Thursday afternoon.

Contact Shawn at if you are interested in anything. Or call 801 372 8545. We need money via CC (by phone or email) or Paypal. Paypal address is Check availability before buying.

For larger lots I will take offers. Email me with your best shot and I will put you on the roster, deciding usually within 1-48 hours.

$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)

We are considering offers on these lots so don't be shy. No offense taken. Bulk deals also welcome (and given!). All lots are limited time, limited quantity.

Be sure to refer to full lot title and #. This is first come, first served. Whoever gives get the go ahead and gives me money gets the lot.

#1 1x Hell Talon painted L3 (not by BTP) as-is no base $230
Upgrade Hell Talon to L4 by BTP and get a base made for +$110
#2 Skorne Titans $130 SOLD hh
#3 Chaos Vindicators x3 $70 SOLD?
#4 Dark Eldar Force $120
#5 Blood Angels Army $850 pics SOLD! jd
#6 Various Vampire Counts (110+ figures) $440
#7 Glade Riders unit $30 SOLD!
#8 Azure Knights Army $1472

#9 Civil War Historicals $110
#10 Imperial Fists Vehicles $380
#11 Chaos Space Marines $440
#12 Chaos Daemons starter army $210 SOLD ng
#13 OOP Termagants $35 SOLD
#14 Various Imperial Guard $380
#15 Purple Nids $85 SOLD!
#16 Green Nids $70 SOLD! vm
#17 Broadsides Pair $60
#18 Hordes Bin $220 SOLD!
#19 Necrons Army $375
#20 Warriors of Chaos Bin $90 SOLD bf
#21 Warriors of Chaos Army $1550 SOLD! vm
#22 Ogre Kingdoms Army $2395

#23 Skorne Kits $45 SOLD hh
#24 Trollbloods Kits $50 SOLD hh
#25 Orboros Kits $115 SOLD! ac
#26 High Elf Army $1550
#27 Dwarf Army $1105 SOLD! vm

Daemons (01 NG)- project completion


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