How to Get a Quote from Blue Table Painting

Here is the information we need to give a quote.  This update is for October and November 2012.

Relax and let go of your cares and worries.  We are here to serve you.
What is your first and last name?
What country are you from?

Rate your readiness.  Are you ready to set up your project right now?  If not, then when?  Or are you just looking for a ballpark quote?  It's all good.  We are here to serve you.

Models Are you providing them?  Would you like BTP to acquire them?  Or can you have them sent from a retailer?

We recommend

Assembly  Are we assembling your models or are they coming ready to paint?    Do you want magnetization of options?  Do you want conversion work?

Painting  Are you looking for "just get it done inexpensively"?  Or are you willing to pay more for higher quality?

Here is a cost comparison.  Let's say an infantry 28mm model costs $10 to paint at L3.  Here are how the other Levels usually play out cost-wise
L2 $7
L3 $10
L4 $15
L5 $20-40 (now you are into the higher "hero" levels
L6 $40-70
L7 $150-350

Levels explained.

Minimum order is $250

Games that we specialize in
Warhammer 40K
War Machine and Hordes
Dropzone Commander
Heavy Gear
Malifaux (and other Wyrd games)

Stay on the same thread (don't change the email subject line)
Don't pay in full.  Only pay the deposit.

Blue Table Painting Service Guide.  More information on the process.

On top of that, we sure know how to rock and roll.

Forge World Order Needed

Looking for a client to place a FW order for us.  You order the models and tell us the USD amount.  We give you a credit for service for that amount plus 20%.  So a $500 order would give you a $600 credit.  It's awesome!

Contact if you can do it.  The minimum is $400 USD out to make the Express ship minimum.  We need $2300 USD ordered but you can do part or all as you see fit.

Skaven and Chaos

First off, thank you for visiting this Blog.  I have now split off my personal blog on to a different location.  I intend to write every day.  We'll see if it happens.  See how I just pre-wimped out there?  "Trying"?  Bah!  I shall do it!

Today at the studio I got in the final models for the studio Skaven:  a Screaming Bell, Doomwheel, Warp Lightning Cannon, and a Hellpit Abomination.  I also got the Chaos book in, so I need to make a vid on that.

That means another Skaven army will be on the block soon.  2500+ pts.

1x Warlord
1x Chieftan BSB
1x Grey Seer on foot
1x Grey Seer on Screaming Bell
1x Warlord on Rat Ogre (war litter)
1x Warplock Engineer
200x Clanrats
6x Warpfire Throwers
6x Plague Mortars
7x Rat Ogres
3x Clanrats
1x Doom Wheel
1x Warp Lightning Cannon
1x Hellpit Abomination

Buy it for $1950.

Big Trade Incoming

I've got four boxes coming in this Tuesday.  If you want to lock it down with a sight-unseen purchase contact me at  So, what you see below is a temporary price very likely less than what it will be once we take pics.

UPDATE: this stuff has arrived at the studio and is looking good!

Otherwise it will be up in the webstore in about a week.  Some things here don't have a price on them.

You can make an offer or wait for them to go up.

Partial Painted
Land Raider Terminus (bunch of lascannons)

Dark Eldar
Ravager, magnetized dark lances

Painted (red, like my Eldar)
Forgeworld Eldar Revenant Titan with diorama base $450 (this for the single Revenant Titan)

Forgeworld Cobra (new model)
3 OOP metal Fire Prisms
2 Falcons w/magnetized weapon options
3 new plastic Fire Prisms
3 Wave Serpents
Partial Paint (Mottled Blue)
5 Wave serpents (missing windshields and bases)
Primed (Black)
9 Fire Dragons (metal)
29 Dire Avengers
3 Dire Avengers Exarchs with Dual SC
2 Dire Avengers Exarchs with dire sword
Farseer with 2 swords, finecast
3 warlocks w/swords
2 warlocks w/spears
Dire Avengers new on sprue
9 Dire Avengers
1 Exarch with Shimmershield
24 storm guardians with metal arms, 4 meltas
2 Wraithlords with Missile Launcher, Bright Lance and 2 flamers

High Elves
See here for purchase info
BTP Painted
60 Island of Blood Spear Elves
30 Phoenix Guard
30 White Lions
Painted (not by BTP apparently, I have no idea what this will be)
24 IoB Swordmasters
2 Wizards
1 Hero Character w/sword
2 Eagles
2 White Lion Chariots
10 Dragon princes
2 Eagles (Bald Eagles)
1 Scout
Battle Foam (comes with the High Elf lot, I don't know if it fits everything I haven't seen it yet)
1 720 bag with trays to hold the high elves


Box of archers
Imperial Guard

Forge World (unassembled in plastic bags) $200 for this death korps stuff (on hold for WS through 10-11)
50 Deathcorp infantry
1 command squad
2 commissars (both standing poses, missing "tank" commissar)
1 command upgrade kit (swords and pistols)

Painted (poorly)
2 Hive Tyrants Lashwhip, bonesword, heavy venom cannon
1 warrior w/ venom cannon
6 warriors w/ deathspitter
1 zoanthrope new model, metal
3 raveners w/ rending claws (oop metal)
3 Tyrant Guard with lashwhips, metal
2 lictors
2 zoanthropes OOP metal
Carnifex with scything talons, barbed strangler
Carnifex with crushing claws, scything talons
Carnifex TL devourers
23 Hormagaunts
2 rippers
12 genestealers oop
38 spinefist gaunts
4 fleshborer gaunts

Primed (Black)
1 Hive Tyrant, wings, scything talons OOP metal (needs repairs)
23 Hormagaunts
1 genestealer OOP
4 spinefist gaunts
1 warrior w/ deathspitter
3 raveners w/ scything talons (oop metal)
23 Hormagaunts
2 rippers
1 fleshborer gaunt


New in Box
High Elf Archers
2 High Elf bolt throwers (plastic)
2 Dark Eldar Scourges
Blood Angel Death Company
Striking Scorpions (Finecast)
Space Marine Captain
Wave Serpent
Dark Elf Battalion
War Priest (avatars of war character)
3 Imperial Guard Valkaryies
3 Imperial Guard Chimeras
2 Ork Gretchin mobs
Pain boy, finecast
2 Tau Piranhas
5 metal melta gun pack

Army Transport
1 Motor pool bag for the Tyranids

Rat Ogre Kingdoms Concept Army

This is a concept army that we want someone to turn into a commission.  We would need a budget of $1700 to $2700 (possibly more) depending on the size, extensiveness of conversion work, and level of painting.

Here is my recommended army list.  You are welcome of course to change this if you make it a commission.

Warhammer Forge Skaven.

Tyrant  300 pts
Slaughtermaster (Vermin Lord) 300 pts
Bruiser BSB 175 pts
Butcher 150 pts
Ironguts x8 (Rat Ogres with Heavy Weapons) 350 pts
Rat Ogres x12 325 pts
Rat Ogres x6 150 pts
Leadbelchers (Rat Ogres with steampunk style cannons/guns) x4 150 pts
Thundertusk 250 pts
Ironblasters x2 350 pts

=2500 pts

Golden Tickets

For October I am putting up two HOTIs.  Two shining keys to wargaming goodness.

These are $3000 for $5000  For those of you who do the math you know that's good.

Details here.


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