Flames of War Late Gepanzert SS-Panzergranadierkomanie Germans on the block

This army is for sale at $2895 plus normal BTP shipping ($9 in US, $25 most other).
Board is also for sale for $550, but local pickup only.  Do I even need to tell you how spectacular this is?

List of exact models included at the bottom.

Gepanzerte SS-Panzergrenadierkompanie

Total: 5685pts

Earth and Steel Pg154
Every platoon slot is filled except Flame-Thrower platoon. Nearly all platoons have full strength including options.

Points for the army are as follows:

-Gepanzerte SS-PanzergrenadierkompanieHQ
Combat Infantry x3 @285pts each
-Gepanzerte SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon (3x)
Combat MG 395pts
Armored SS-Heavy Platoon
Weapons Artillery 285pts
-Armored SS-Mortar Platoon
Weapons Armor 300pts
-SS-Armored Cannon Platoon
Weapons Anti-Tank 1880pts
-Armored SS-Anti-Tank Gun Platoon
Regiment Artillery 195pts
-SS Self-propelled Infantry Gun Platoon
Regiment Anti-Aircraft 80pts
-Light SS-Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon
Regiment Reconnaissance 180pts
-SS-Scout Platoon
Corps Heavy Armor 960pts
-Schwere SS-Panzer Platoon
Corps Medium Armor 435pts
-SS-Panzer Platoon
Corps Assault Gun 325pts
-SS-Assault Gun Platoon
Corps Infantry 230pts
-SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon
Corps Reconnaissance 230pts
-Light SS-Panzerpah Platoon
Corps Artillery 365pts
-Motorised Heavy SS-Artillery Battery
Corps Rocket 175pts
-SS Rocket Launcher Battery
Corps Anti-Tank 210pts
-Heavy SS-Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon
Corps Anti-Aircraft 115pts
_SS-Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon


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