Started bright and early this morning. We're working on tying up all loose ends before leaving for Adepticon.
I got it good. I have grown into my burden.
I got a game lined up with Mike Dunn tomorrow in the AM. It's bad timing but I want to get it out of the way and have something to get up on Youtube while I'm en route to Chicago. That's the plan at least. When I come in tomorrow, Renn will have set up the terrain and we'll be going with a Seize Ground mission (that's take objectives) with Spearhead deployment (Table Quarters). By the time Mike shows up I'll be deployed and ready to roll!
My wife and I plowed through about four episodes of Firefly. That series was so good. Space Western. You really gotta see it. Completely badass.
I've had ice-pick headaches the last three days. Don't know what's up with that. I've had forty years of unadulterated good health. Daddy no likey.
Some may be asking what's next for army building. It's Hordes time, folks. I'm gonna round out my Legion. Didn't know I had a Legion army didja? Well, I've never played it. But now with Michael and Sheri I think I might be able to get in a game or two.
Some people are wondering when we're going to finish the War Machine tutorial thing. I'm waiting on Mike Dunn for that one. He takes for-ever sometimes. So, don't hold your breath. But I'm sure it will be up eventually.
Any requests for Youtube stuff? Just don't ask for any tutorials. There are a zillion sites for that already out there.
Between what a man should be and what a man is, there is a gap. Between the commandments and obedience there is a gap. This is filled with the good grace and mercy of the almighty God. And it is by that grace that the gap drawn slowly closed.
Like cosmic braces.

You can't take the sky from me

I have a splitting headache. It's not usual. I don't like it. Maybe a rapid change in barometric pressure. We went from springtime to four inches of snow.
Thank goodness it's Monday! I couldn't wait to get back to work. I tried staying up until midnight on Sunday but it was no use. I passed out early.
Anyway, it was snowing quite a bit this morning. I was up bright and early and got out of the house same time as the kids getting off to school. The magnet order came in today. I ordered about 800 of the magnet type we use the most which is the 1/8" disc. It's great for Tau battlesuits.
The big news is that I finished the Oceanic Eldar and gave the a proper documentation. I tracked down Mike, remembering that he had finished his Blood Angels, so we're due for some Red vs. Blue on Wednesday. It's bad timing since we're making preparations for Adepticon that same day. But it must be done.
We're flying out on Thursday morning. That'll give us time to really settle in, maybe pitch in with the preparations. We plan on travelling light as usual, just some fun pieces and a few backdrop items... and some give-aways.
I'm up three pounds. That's a bad thing. All the sub-standard stuff I'm eating. I've got Tamie making me some healthy food tomorrow starting with a bowl of oatmeal in the morning!
I left work early today, heading up to Cabela's with the family. It's a sporting/hunting goods store. Amazing place. They have all sorts of museum quality displays and also a huge freshwater fish aquarium. I had a blast with the kids-- eating raspberry licorice and feeding the trout.
At this exact moment I'm watching Firefly. I love that show and ever so highly recommend it.
I'm booking orders for April if anyone is interested, still a few slots open for painting late in the month. Things are a bit slow, but not overly so. I gave my magic cards to my wife for safe keeping until we are booked out to a certain level. Unfortunately, the mark I set was too ambitious so I'm not like to see them again for a good long while. Just as well. I need to stay on track.

Pics of the New Sentinel

Plague Giant

Here's a huge figure (giant-sized) from a new company. Don't know anything about them, really. But here's the link.

Beasts of Chaos Rumored List

This is supposedly due out very late 2009. Courtesy of General of Chaos on

Looks like there just tweeking pretty much the same list over and over again now. This one looks like it's going to be wrap. With just a minor twist here or there, but there a 90% chance this is what your going to see come late November/ December.

Great Bray Shaman
Doombull [magicial weapons and mutations only]
note- Lords can buy Chaos Armour for 10 pts

Bray Shaman

Beast Herd [rank up 5 wide]
Centigors [fast cav]

Tuskgor Chariots [2-1 choice]
Minotaurs [become core choice with Doombull]
Chaos Ogres
Dragon Ogres

Chaos Giant
Gorgon - [stat line: M8 WS5 S5 T5 W5 I3 5A]

New rule change: If your General decides not to ambush, your general can have the chance for Beast Herd units to scout. [roll a D6]
1-2: Beast Herds are drunk and do not Scout
3-4: 1 unit of Beast Herds can Scout
5-6: 2 units of Beast Herds can Scout

New models: Bestigors, Mino's, Dragon Ogre, Shamans, Beastlord/Wargor & Gorgon.

Lords can take 100 pts of magic items & 100 points of Chaos Mutations/Gifts. Hero's can take up to 50 points of magical items and 50 points of Chaos Mutations/Gifts.

Some interesting new items or Chaos Mutations/Gifts: [Mutations/Gifts can only be taken once]

* banner that turns Bestigors into Raider's like Beast Herds *
* breath gift * [breaths fire 25 pts]
* extra Two Arm Mutation * [adds +2 attacks to profile 50 pts]
* extra Horn * [adds a extra attack on the charge 20 pts]
* Hoof of Speed [double M5 model 30 pts]
* Stone Skin * [+2 to your armour save 25 pts]
* Staff of Darkoth is a bound item *
* Troll Hide * [50 pts for Regeneration]
* Unholy Beast Strength [+1S for 25 pts]
* Bloodstone Braystaff* [Arcane item that gives a +1LD to Shamans and +2 MR for 50 pts]

Spell Lores: Beasts of Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch are getting there own new lores. Very close to the WoC new lores with minor change to the lists. For Tzeentch player's I was told boon of Tzeentch is in there.

Inside thoughts from play tester's are: That a Doombull with Chaos Mutations can rival a Vampire Lord as a combat character now. Plus Chaos Armour & Stone Skin give him nice protection at 2+ armour save. He expects Doombull to be the most popular Lord choice!

Also by turning the Centigors into Fast Cav there no need to add flyers into a Beast of Chaos army. Between this move and the new Gorgon & Chaos Mutations, BoC should be able to compete very well in 7th edition.

I was told that they feel this list will pretty much go to print. That Games-Workshop and play testers are all happy with the end results so far. Will post more information as I get it. As I asked for the new lores so I can play test with my friends myself.


Plastic Trygon on the Horizon

Evidently, this is the goodie that the Tyranids are going to get on their next revamp. This is one of my favorite models. Here is the Forge World resin Trygon. Can you spot any differences?

Campaign for Liberty Update

March 27, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,
Principled freedom activism requires informed workers with a strong grasp of the ideas we champion. The more immersed we are in the reasons for our beliefs, the better we are able to communicate our message and achieve our goals. These recent books should be of great interest to members of Campaign for Liberty.
For the book on the financial collapse, how it started, and what to do about it, see Tom Woods's newest masterpiece Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse (Regnery, 2009). Woods explains how the Federal Reserve, Fannie and Freddie, and other government programs meant to subsidize housing caused the real estate bubble. He sheds light on the whole crisis, critiques the bailout, provides an accessible explanation of the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle, discusses past booms and busts including the Great Depression, and discusses the importance of sound money to a free, functioning economy. The book anticipates the other side's arguments and refutes them in an understandable way. Meltdown is short, comprehensive, a pleasure to read, and could not be more needed today.
Presidential power has been a top issue under the last couple presidencies, but the abuses go far back in our history. Who were the best presidents, from the standpoint of liberty, peace, and prosperity? Who were the worst? Ivan Eland ranks the presidents in his well-researched and well-written tome Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty (The Independent Institute, 2009). While most historians, pundits, journalists, and political scientists tend to favor "great" presidents who waged major wars and expanded their own power, Eland judges America's chief executives on the basis of how closely they adhered to the Constitution, avoided unnecessary war, and protected Americans' personal and economic liberties. Find out why Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan tend to be overestimated while overlooked presidents like John Tyler and Warren G. Harding are the true greats.
Now that the Bush years are over and the Obama era is well underway, it is an important time to reflect on why government power, whether controlled by the left or the right, is a great danger to liberty. Lew Rockwell's newest book, The Left, the Right, and the State (Mises Institute, 2009), identifies the threats to liberty coming from both sides of the modern political spectrum, is uncompromising in its analysis of statist ideology, and points the way toward a principled alternative: freedom. Rockwell dissects socialism, economic ignorance, central planning, environmentalism, anti-capitalism, and invasions into economic liberty; he critiques warmongering, the drug war, nationalism, and corporatism; he defends the free market against all its enemies and finds threats to liberty in government operations ranging from drunk driving laws to the census. For a full understanding of what we freedom lovers are up against, this beautiful book is a must-read.
If you have not yet read Andrew Napolitano's blockbuster A Nation of Sheep (Thomas Nelson, 2007), what are you waiting for? The book is a wonderful treatment of the war on terror's threats to our liberties, public complacency in the face of government lawlessness, the danger of censorship, as well as the importance of a political culture that respects individual rights. And don't miss his forthcoming book Dred Scott's Revenge: A Legal History of Race and Freedom in America. This book explores the origins of American slavery, the problems with early America in sticking to its ideals, the history of segregation and Jim Crow, the Tuskegee Experiment, the trouble with legal positivism, and how both parties exploit racial tensions. The Spanish edition is currently available for pre-order here.
These books will help you arm yourself in the battle for our liberties and articulate the ideas we believe are essential to a free society. For more information on Campaign for Liberty's core principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, check out our Education section at

In Liberty,
Anthony Gregory
Editor-In-Chief, Campaign for Liberty

Reading Binge

I'm about to go on another reading binge.

This time the topics are: US Constitution and Economics. I have already ordered two related books from Ron Paul's reading list. However, can anyone recommend a book or two on these topics that offer a differing viewpoint?

Plowing Ahead

Yesterday (Thursday):
Up to Provo Temple, then back to the studio for a late night. I got it pretty much all wrapped up. And I mean I really got it all sewed up.
We had unexpected family from out of town and my wife was up north visiting leaving me with Griffin and Willow. She is 14 weeks old now, and getting more interactive. She smiles and squirms when I "dance" with her (letting her grab my thumbs and then moving to the music). So, it was a slow and delightful day at home.
I also made some serious inroads on the Oceanic Eldar finishing two Wave Serpents, an Autarch on fighting platform (counts as a jetbike-- it's a converted vyper), and four Jetbikes.
I am twiddling my thumbs... ready to set up projects. I'll be pulling a part-day shift tomorrow so you can expect there to be a good response time.
I am entertaining a new idea: maybe the government isn't so bad, overall. I'm a political explorer and this is an avenue that needs to be looked at, to be intellectually honest.

Liberty Fix

Your rights are natural and CANNOT be rescinded by the making of a law.

Show and Tell

Check out these Black Templars.

I am just twiddling my thumbs. Ready to set up projects now to be slated for completion.

At this moment in time I am watching a special episode of Ben 10 with my kids. We love that show.

Today was super busy. We got a ton accomplished. Sarah is still going to bill some projects tonight. What did we accomplish:

  • Serious inroads to cleaning and organizing the bitz buildup in the assembly room (I think we sorted at least 300 sprues)
  • Packages up and out.
  • Prepping and processing of about ten new projects.
  • Four or so new projects reviewed and checked in.

    My Eldar came out of assembly. I added some of my own mods to them and they are ready to paint. It doesn't look like I have an opponent for this weekend, though.

Belly Laughs x12

I got about twelve good belly laughs out of this web production. I think it's about an hour long all told.

Spiderman to the Rescue

This is a really heart-warming story:

When my daughter was about four I would call my wife's cell and impersonate the various personalities that she loved on TV.

Golden Daemon

For those that may not be aware, the Golden Daemon is possibly the most prestigious award a miniatures painter can win. It is the pinnacle of the craft.
Anyhoo, I came across this site that records them year to year. Quite inspirational. Just a lot to look at and plenty of inspiration.

Oceanic Eldar Update- War Walkers

Ron Paul Fix- "Handle this in a deliberate fashion."

Google makes it ever so easy to find your representatives in congress (you have three: two Senators and one Congressman). Just start by typing in "Virginia Senators" for example. The official pages are usually right at the top and with a few clicks you can get them an email or a phone call.

I just googled "Senators from Utah" and the top entry was this:

U.S. Senate: Senators Home

I clicked on it and got the two phone numbers right off.

I then called and in both cases got a delightsome and pleasant young lady on the other end who took down my short message: "I am calling to encourage Senator X to support House Resolution 1207. Hey thanks, and have a great day!"

Total time: four minutes.

No need to call Chaffetz. I know he is doing the right thing.

Wow. Someone talking about the Constitution. At all.

Engine Idle

Well, folks, I'm just sitting here with my Inbox cleared waiting to set up some new projects.
Ho hum.
I have lots of ideas and a mountain of expertise and game knowledge. I'm ready to put that at your disposal.
If you like the Oceanic Eldar you can commission an Eldar army. Get a price sheet for Eldar here.
Here is a video on how to use the spreadsheet. You do not have to fill this out yourself. I will be happy to work from an emailed list.
I am available at
You can almost always get to me on gmail chat. That's a really good way.
PS- would you like a Stormlord or Shadowsword? Here is the special I'm running:
$280 all told
$330 for the Hexblade (with all six variants magnetized/modular)
Shipping is $9 for US/Canada and $25 overseas.

Quick Quiz

Please read this article.

1) What is the constitutional grounds for granting the power to sieze private firms and break contracts to the Treasury?

2) Name two other ways in which large "systemic" companies can or should be regulated.

3) Fill in the blank. The type of government in which the President and the board of a private bank (ie the Federal Reserve) can seize control of a private company is called a _____________.

4) Define "the economy" as used in this article.

If anyone answers, I will post it here later. So, stay tuned.

Labor of Love: functioning land raider


I am about to clumsily put some thoughts down. This is a rough draft.

There is a simmering anger in our country. I think that we are rightly upset and that good will ultimately come of it. However, I do not believe that violence is the way.

While being interrogated by Pilate, Jesus responds:

My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight..

Read the rest here.

This is part of the clarity that I am beginning to attain in my life. The question: what is the fundamental truth of the universe? How do things really work? Is there really an eternal light body fused with my physical body? I get the sense that some drift through life with the idea that these are questions for old age. It seems more like to me that these are questions for the early teens! Get the basics out of the way then everything else makes sense.

Now back to not fighting. It's a question of real power. The Christ laid down a way to live. Turn the other cheek. Do good to those that persecute you. It is so counter-intuitive, and at first seems more of a burden. However, it taps into a deeper reality. A day of fasting and prayer is more powerful than a night of breaking windows and burning cars. The reason is that the former alters the sub-strate of reality itself and though the effects are not immediate, they are in the end more lasting.

It is the magma underneath that moves the tectonic plates. It's a slow process but one by which mountain ranges are thrown up or ground to dust.

There is a soul in man. After death there is another world, different than this one in some fundamental ways, but no less complex and beautiful. Here are some differences:

1) Everything that you say, do, and think is recorded internally.
2) In the spirit world you will remember everything perfectly and will be able to recall every detail of your life.
3) The meat mask is gone, the way you really are is apparent, sense-able, and obvious when you meet others there.
4) People are allowed to form congregations of like-minded individuals.

When someone blows themselves up in a crowded market, there sure is an awkward moment on the other side. "Excuse me sir, but why did you just do that? I was just trying to buy some bananas." This is only delayed for those that give the orders for bombs to be dropped. "Oh, hello, you're the one that gave the order for that building to be blown up. I was working late cleaning the floors and never got to make it home to my family. What was so important that you had to do that?" There will be some hard questions. How will it get sorted out?

So, imagine a society where you can see plainly on someone's face, as if it were radiating from them, what sort of person they are. How would that change things? I imagine some would be embarrassed until they found like individuals, their comfort zone so to speak. Some communities will rip each other to shreds in Jerry Springer-esque fashion, and a never-ending row of it.

If a soul with "issues" is stumbles into a community of virtuous individuals, he or she will feel deeply ill at ease and will leave soon enough. Conversely, self-disciplined, reasonable and happy individuals will create for themselves a paradise.

This happens to a limited extent in this life (eg sex offenders list), but for the most part it is all sorts of types all mixed together.

I am not pining away for some paradise to be achieved in the next world, so let's just lay down. I am saying that the two are interconnected. Read on.

Now get back to the original idea. Government in general is usually an agent of oppression. But in the grand scheme of things it is better to be persecuted than to be the persecutor. For my part I found my peace in the New Testament. Jesus showed the way to deal with an oppressive state. The State will be gone tomorrow. Mastery of self and loving all men as a brother is forever.

In a hundred years, everyone now living will be dead. We will either be obliviated (ie the humanist view, in which case you had better fight like a rabid dog over every penny) or in a preliminary stratification in the spirit world.

This is not a weak position. It is the strong position of the long-view. The fortified point of The Truth. A place to be at peace, ready to act or be restrained as required.

I am very optimistic about the future. The best is yet to come.

Well, I feel like I am stumbling here so I'll leave off. This is what I've been thinking about recently. It's a rough draft.

Movie Dad Review

My life has hit a new low. I'm watching a movie called Pirates of the Salt Lake. Er, a local production.

When I was just out of High School and going to a singles branch I met a girl named Paula. We were good friends. One night she showed up at my house ordering me to pack my bags. We drove all night to Salt Lake City, a place I had never before been. And on to various other adventures in the desert and city blah blah. Flash forward to heading home two days later. As we were driving by the Great Salt Lake I insisted that we stop for a swim. The shore is composed of decomposing algae which has the texture and smell of a six inch layer of human feces. And it's swarming with brine flies. The lake is two feet deep as far as you might care to walk out. Determined I headed out, swam around for a little bit and then trudged off for a rinse. Gross.

The real natural treasures are up in the mountains.

I thought Stephen King had co-wrote this one. Great fun for teens and adults but unless you want your younger ones wetting the bed, skip it. I would have liked to have gone to see it with my wife.

City of Ember
A fun little tale with some political overtones and not too scary. There is one scene where they are chased by a giant cavern mole. And in another scene the mole eats someone (no blood or violence shown). The sets are incredible and the story worth paying attention to. It was about the right speed for a goldfish like me. My nine-year old daughter was engrossed. Again, very evocative... great sets and memorable characters. It made me want to read the book.

It was a long and lazy Sunday. We went to the dedication of the Draper Temple... My daughter and I that is.


The new Imperial Guard releases are imminent. Here is a clip from the Valkyrie entry.
This box set contains one multi-part plastic Imperial Guard Valkyrie. This 128-piece, finely-detailed, miniature can be assembled in a number of ways and with a number of weapon options, including: rocket pods, a lascannon, a multi-laser, Hellstrike missiles and pintle mounted Heavy Bolters. Model supplied with a large oval base and an all-new clear-plastic flying base that will secure it in a heightened flying position.
I wonder if you can make a Vulture out of it as well?


Today we put in the soil for a garden. Our Victory Garden. It was a good wholesome family activity.

In the evening we went to an Elder's Quorum activity; potluck and volleyball. That's the only sport that holds any interest for me. Well, and swimming. I am absolutely destroyed. My body needs more regular activity.

Ron Paul Fix- "A gross distraction from what we should really be dealing with."

I have my Ron Paul sign up in my front yard still, a permanent fixture. I plan on changing 2008 to 2012.

Oceanic Eldar Update- War Walkers

I finished the three War Walkers tonight.

They have magnetized weapon options: six each of Starcannons, Missile Launchers, and Scatter Lasers (24 shots!).

It is worth noting that War Walkers are (one of?) the only vehicles where if you put two of a weapon on it it does NOT become twin linked. It just has two of that weapon and can fire both of them which is in my estimation an enormous advantage.

Math-hammer gives the following kill rates per volley (three war walkers, each carrying two of the weapon):

Scatter Laser vs T4 Save 3+ (Space Marines) = 24 shots = 3-4 kills
Scatter Laser vs T4 Save 6+ (Orks) = 24 shots = 9-10 kills

Starcannon vs T4 Save 3+ = 12 shots = 4-6 kills
Starcannon vs T4 Save 6+ = 12 shots = 4-6 kills

It is this writer's opinion that the Scatter Laser is better for play where you don't know who you are going up against. It also has the advantage of being more reliable against light vehicles.

Scatter Laser vs AV 11 = 24 shots = 12 hits = 2 glancing, 2 penetrating. Almost certain death.

No bright lances for the War Walkers. Those are going on the Vypers, a shoal of tank-killers that can get where they are needed. Vypers are weaker than their Space Marine counterparts, the Land Speeder, in my estimation. They cost about the same but are open-topped. Still, they are very hard to pin down and I've had a tremendously good experience with them.

On top of that, Vypers are the only good Fast Attack choice, bringing some effectively Heavy support to three more slots. Anyone care to stand up for Warp Spiders or Swooping Hawks or Shining Spears?

I am eager to see how the Night Spinner performs. It has a 7" template, range 12-72" Guess (ie Barrage) with S6 AP -- . The huge template is going to land somewhere. That's definitely strength of the weapon. It almost can't miss. Against horde armies it's bound to just shred masses of lightly armored infantry.

I should have pics up soon. They are beautiful, but unbased. There was some input on youtube saying that I should do sandy beach bases in line with the army theme, but I have decided against that. I plan on doing standard brown ground and static grass bases. I think this will accent nicely and make them stand out properly on a regular playing board.

I added another color, a sort of ocean surf green (Vallejo mis-named foul green). It's really working well. I am completely pleased. Tomorrow morning I plan on doing a prototype Dire Avenger.

The Striking Scorpions came in. I plan on doing them in a non-standard color. Possibly a ghostly armor color like my ice elves army.

In other news...

I was up early this morning building my Thallid deck. It sucks. It is a travesty. I am missing nine certain cards to make it work gooder: Theolon of Havenwood x3 Mycoloth x3 Fungal Behemoth x3

We are graced with balmy spring weather. The ice and snow have all melted out of the valley. It's gorgeous. We went for a family walk this afternoon after dinner.

Dark Menoth- SOLD!

Soon, I will have a Menoth army on the block. I don't know how many points this is, I estimate in the 1400-1800 range, more than plenty for any game of War Machine.
This was painted by artistic genius Josephus. Claim your part of Josephus lore now!
Here is the preliminary list:
Protecorate of Menoth Box 1
Amon ad Raza L6 1
Feora Priestess 1
Grand Scrutator Severius 1
Revenger 2
Devout 3
Devout 2
Dervish 3
Redeemer 1
Redeemer 2
Castigator 1
Crusader (special order) 1
Reckoner 2
Choir Acolytes (blister of 2 models) 3
Choir Acolytes (blister of 2 models) 2
Deliverers Unit Box (6 models) 2
Flameguard Unit Box (6 models) 1
Holy Zealot Monolith Bearer 2
Holy Zealots (blister of 2 models) 4
Holy Zealots Unit Box (6 models) 2
Knights Exemplar Unit Box (6 models) 1
Knights Exemplar Unit Box (6 models) 1
Warpriest and Acolyte (2 models) 1
Warpriest and Acolyte (2 models) 1
Idrian Skirmishers (6 models) 1
Idrian Skirmishers (2 models) 2
Knights Examplar Errant (6 models) 1
Knights Examplar Errant (2 models) 2
Solos L5
Reclaimers 3
Wracks (3 models) 2
Gorman Di Wulfe 1
Exemplar Seneschal 2
Rupert Cavolo 1
High Paladin Vilmon L6 1
Covenant of Menoth L5 1

This brought a tear (of mirth) to my eye...

Seven Seas

Part of a set of Nurgle Vehicles.

Another spectacular day. I awoke again at 3:30am, tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't, my mind already boiling with ideas.

I had to give up computer games, which I love, for my business. I don't have time for them.

The kids were home sick today.

I finally got a slow leak in one of my car tires repaired.

I played a two-headed giant game of Magic with the assembly guys. We're doing the tie-breaker tomorrow.

The studio was full of sound, and light, and activity today. A veritable emergency room of work, and thought, and inspiration.

Right now, at this moment, I am watching Pirates of the Carribean 3 with my wife. Good times.

I am ever so grateful for my good life, my good home, my good business, and my good family.


Next time you drive down the street where you live, think: How many of these houses are owned outright by their inhabitants? Then another question, if you think of how many of those houses still have mortgages, what percent of the net is owned by the bank and what part is owned in equity by the inhabitants (think of renters as proxy inhabitants-- they just pay the mortgage vicariously)?

I imagine that at least half the land underneath homes is in possession of the banks. How is that? They didn't fence the land, cultivate it, or build the homes on it. It's the power of "leverage" folks. The power to buy up $100 worth of goods/land/homes with only $10 then sell it back to the citizenry for double through the "miracle" of compound interest.

Where does all that money go? How is power shifted from the common man?

How is it that in a city that the land does not come into full possession of the inhabitants and their children in a single generation?

I'm trying to figure this out.

It affects me because I am homeless. I don't own a home, nor any significant portion of equity in a home; squatting on bank property. My grandmother Mary Gately lived in a historic house in Ashland. When she died her squabbling children had to sell the house. I wonder what the facts are behind that.

So, part of it is stupidity and ignorance. I bear part responsibility for not playing it smarter. I should have worked harder, lived more frugally, and kept myself in the clear.

When I listen to the news, through all sorts of various sources (print, radio, television, internet) I can't escape the sensation that it's smoke and mirrors. We are being kept distracted by trivialities while the real theft is in progress.

Now back to the beginning. Imagine a city where every single home is owned lock, stock and barrel by the inhabitant of that home. How would that affect the economy of that town? I daresay it would increase savings, disposable income, and allow for entrepreneurship to the tune of 20-30% of the total gross income of that city.

I dream this for myself. I want to own the land. I want to have security and peace. And most of all I want to see the demise of the banks. They are not needed.

I leave you with this scripture from Revelation 18. I am not claiming this is what it has reference to, this business with the banking system just reminded me of this. All of these thoughts are for your consideration-- do they have merit? What are the answers?

9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her [Babylon], shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,

10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:

Response from a Reader
I have often wondered this myself. My wife and I are in the process of getting and staying out of debt entirely. We moved from Nashville, TN to an outlying small town about 40 miles away. City life was not for us, and where we are at now, the folks will gladly help you in any way. We do not have children, and do not know if we ever will. When or if we do, I want to be able to leave them knowledge of how things should be done, the way our grandparents and their grandparents did things. The idea that debt is natural and a credit score is needed is stupid. Cash is the best way, if bartering isn't available.I am not yet thirty years old, but I wish that I would have learned these principles when I was younger. I no longer want to work for the man, nor do I want to keep giving him more and more of my money for things that I do not approve of.Government for the people no longer exists. The government is still by and of the people, but the people are being lied to and fear is the new biggest motivator. Imagine America during World War 2. You didn't see posters for government bailouts or car manufacturers needing money. You saw Rosie the Riviter and Uncle Sam. You saw automotive plants convert over and make military vehicles. Think about how many warships, tanks, and ammo WE made here. Now look at today. Companies cannot afford to make things here anymore. We are taxed to death and have nothing to show for it in the end except a life of debt and a loss of jobs. Is it all the governments fault, no, but it is our fault since it is our government.Sorry for the rant, but I agree with 99.9% of everything you post on your blog. Your congressman does in fact rock, and we need many, many more like him in Washington and every local government. We need to start voting out all these worthless leaders and get in people who don't care about party lines and instead care about the people. Until then, I will keep paying off my debts, then start investing more and more in my future. I refuse to be a government and debt slave any longer. I encourage others to do the same.Thank you for the blog. I check it every morning, and look forward to seeing cool models and interesting facts.
A fan,


The oceanic eldar and the 6 way baneblade chassis are flat out awesome!

Oceanic Eldar

In case you don't follow the Youtube stuff. This is a must-see.

I have three war walkers that are up next. And 20 Dire Avengers.

Cute Baby

He aqui, some pictures of my newborn daughter. She's about three months old.

Even the Nids Wore Green

One of my favorite color schemes for tyranids. This was nicknamed the "Salsa Nids". They have a distinct southwestern flavor!
At this moment in time all the kids are in bed. Only little Griffin is up keeping me company in the living room watching Land of the Lost. He is a sweet, bright and energetic little tyke and usually the last one in bed (though I usually follow up in the early hours to be sure he is tucked in).
Flashback 18 hours. I was up at 3:30am. It starts with an almighty urge to take a piss, but then I can't get back to sleep, so I answer some emails, have a bowl of cereal (Life) and then drift off to Frasier. This can't be healthy.
My wife managed to finish all the corporate and personal tax stuff, which needs to be in by March 15. That was the big thing of the day, that those were ready to pick up at our accountant's office. It's like a biopsy; will it be good news or bad news? It seems like a horrible waste. I don't see how my money is the government's business. It's intrusive and wastes the time and careers of all those tax accountants who would otherwise be improving our lives in a non-contrived way. But I won't get into that. I wonder how many man-hours are wasted on just the paperwork...
I heard back from my "End the Fed" friend and I'll be out on the street corner soon with some signs. Got to do something.
I was greeted upon arrival home by my adoring fans. My wife had our traditional St. Patrick's day meal ready: corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and various other fixins. We spent part of the evening out in the mild pre-spring weather doing some yard cleanup. I taught Jonah how to check the oil in the car.
Things are proceeding apace at the studio, everything on track and on schedule.
I am currently booking projects for April. I am at your disposal if you'd like to set something up.
Limited Specials
I haven't mentioned this before but I do have the better part of a Bretonnian army on hand. I can't remember what exactly is in it, but I would provide the models at no charge if anyone wants to commission it. Contact me at if you are interested.
If you would like to commission a Hive Fleet Medusa army you can get 20% off on your painting. There is one slot open for this. You can get the discount on your next expansion of that same army, too.
I am also opening up one slot for a Tau army with 20% off on painting if we get to pick the color scheme. I've been hankering to try one with dusky red armor, with grey and white as highlight colors. It will look something like this. But with a darker shade of red. You can get the discount on your next shot expanding this army, if you want.

How do you know you're shopping in Texas?

Major Policy Change

Blue Table Painting will now accept personal checks as follows:

For a new client we will accept a check for the deposit on your project.

For old clients (ie more than ten projects) we will also accept a check for the final payment.

For any client we will accept a check for the final payment, but with a waiting period for the check to clear.

An Article about the Stock Crash

This reminds me of a program that NPR did about this same subject.

Step by Step

As usual, I started Sunday on "E" and ended on "F". Sometimes I go to church with such a bad attitude, like "what's the point?" but always glad in the end that I did. The best part is when church is just getting out and everyone is chit-chatting in the halls. Did I say this before? My three-year old son is slowly adapting to his new class. My wife or I always sit in with him. He needs a nap around that time.
Sunday school lesson was on Pride, and a classic from the archives. This is always a horse pill for me because I am quite bone-headed in certain aspects of my life. A whole lot of lip-service but not much real change in the last 10 years. Holy crap, I'm forty.
My children are healthy and sturdy-limbed. I love them ever so much. I really lucked out in the kid department, I'm really having a good time as a dad. I found a note written by my daughter (soon to turn 10): "Dear Dad, Thank you for all that you do like playing with us, being very funny and keeping us safe." Wife, kids, home, God, community, and hobby. It's all a beautiful recipe.
My wife made a great dinner: potatoes, cheese, broccoli, and meat. And an ice cold cream soda.
Really not much to say. Everything is groovy. I'm ready to get cracking tomorrow morning.
I feel inclined to make my usual disclaimer, in case there are new readers. I do not consider myself especially good or righteous. I am always a little reticent to talk about church or spiritual stuff. I include it for the sake of completeness and also in hopes that maybe someone will be uplifted.
Response from a Reader
Hey there Shawn,
I just read your blog tonight "Step by Step", I needed to hear something uplifting, so thank you! I am not extremely spiritual, but was raised a catholic and went to catholic elementary school... You don't know my current living situation, but my wife, myself and my four boys live in one of my parent's houses, it is a huge house and we have a downstairs apartment, we are living here while our house nearby is in the process of being built... Here is something I had emailed to a few friends of mine, and thought I'd send you a copy so you know why I felt uplifted reading your blog...
Wow, I am thankful today... People don't really consider themselves thankful when everyone is safe, they take it for granted...
To give you some background, the house we are living in right now is massive, probably close to 6,500 square feet and about 23 or more rooms... two exterior work rooms, 3 car garage, etc... Now we only live in a small portion of it though, and the downstairs where we are is not connected to the inside house, so most of the time we stay downstairs in our apartment. My studio/office is on the second floor and is isolated on one wing of the house. The rest of the house is largely unoccupied, especially this time of year...

To give you an idea of the house, it is all made of logs, each log is about about 18" thick, so it is very sound proof. You could stand in a room upstairs and yell as loud as possible and someone downstairs wouldn't hear you.

We've been here alone for some time, my parents are at one of their houses in Jackson Hole and my Grandmother (who was living with us since the holidays) has been in the hospital going on close to 3 weeks now (they said she can come home in about 2 weeks!), it has been quiet and isolated here... just the way we like it.

Well, this evening I came up to my studio to get my art schedule for tomorrow ironed out. We are in a severe storm watch right now, with about 20" of snow expected tonight at our altitude, it is about 20 below zero outside right now... So I get up here at about 6pm and start working.

At about 6:15 the fire alarm starts to go off... Now keep in mind that over the last few months, whenever my wife cooks something the alarm goes off because it is over sensitive in the kitchen in our apartment, so I hear it go off and don't think much of it. I figure that she is cooking... I know it is a bad thing, but the smoke alarm going off is really kind of normal now and we have gotten accustomed to it going off and don't react.

At about 6:18pm, with the alarms going off for about 3 minutes, my studio phone rings.... it is my wife "I'm not cooking anything..." is all she says to me. So suddenly it hits me that there is a fire alarm going off and I jump up and run into the house.

I start going room to room, I am kind of frantic, I cover the main floor and move upstairs, nothing... I get to a bedroom on the far end of the top floor and open the door... it is like something out of a movie, the entire room is ablaze with a massive fire. The smoke is thick and nearly impossible to see anything. It is really like something you see in a movie, just not real... it wasn't hot like you'd expect for some reason, it was just there... the glow from the flames made an erie reflection around the room... I just charged into the room without thinking.

I didn't want to take the time to go get the fire extinguisher down stairs, in my mind I knew the 45 seconds or so it would take me would be too long... I took a blanket from the bed and begin beating out the fire. It is bad and I am getting burnt. I kick out a window and begin picking up burning debris and throwing it outside into the darkness below. My wife is on the bottom floor and later tells me that she sees flaming debris falling down into the snow outside.
After a few minutes the fire is under control and I I finally get it all out. The bed is burnt, the oil stove is destroyed, there is a huge humidifier unit in the corner and the plastic has melted into an unrecognizable blob... the window that I kicked out is trashed. It is horrible in there!
Luckily all is well now, and the structural damage is extremely minimal, mostly cosmetics like the stove, carpet, window, etc. The main structure is ok and the log wall construction only has minor scorches that I think will sand out and can be re stained with no problem. After some minor investigation, I have determined what happened...

Each room has an oil stove that automatically turns on when the temp in the room falls below 40 degrees. This is a necessity out here because of pipes freezing in the floors and walls. Even though that room is not used, it still has the heat. With the temp outside hitting twenty below, that room just got too cold and the oil stove kicked on. From what I can tell, a pillow from the bed had fallen off and laid up against the oil stove. One of the dogs must have gone up there to lay on the bed and when the dog jumped off she probably kicked a pillow down and it has laid up against it for who knows how long.

It was a very scary experience. Had my wife not called me, I may have not even really investigated the situation for another 2 or 3 minutes which could have been enough to have lost the entire house, the fire was almost out of control beyond my capabilities to put it out by the time I got there, so a few more minutes might have been the end!

The nearest (real) fire department is about 70 miles away... There are some volunteer guys in the town about 35 miles north, but they don't even have a truck... there is no outside water right now, the outside pipes are drained and turned off for the winter months... We would have had PLENTY of time to get the kids out, clothes, photo albums, the two vehicles, etc., heck, I'd even have had enough time to get my computer equipment out of my office had it gotten that bad... but it really makes you think about "what if"... I'm going to be 37 years old this year and I've never had a house fire before, wheww...

So, with all that being said... I highly recommend everyone checks their smoke alarms and makes sure they are all up to speed and have batteries checked, etc... The smoke alarms in this house are hot wired into the electric, so they are constantly on and have mini battery backups in case of a power failure. I can't tell you how many apartments or houses we've rented that had no smoke alarms, or just had wires hanging out of the ceilings where they should be, and you always say "it won't happen to me"...

Having 4 sons and my wife, the responsibility to keep them safe is something that weighs heavily on me, constantly looking out for them and taking care of them is a full time job in itself (and one I am happy to have)... Someone up there was looking out for us tonight and although I am not extremely spiritual, I do pray and know that we were watched over!
My drama for the weekend is over! :)
-anonymous reader

Ocean Eldar Update

Today is the big day! I started in earnest on the studio Eldar army.

I am working on six vypers and two night spinners. I have three war walkers, twenty dire avengers, four jetbikes, and two wave serpents in process.

We had a sort of mini-paint-fest down at the studio. Lord Anonymo, Sarah, Renn, James and I were all crowded around. Sarah is working on the Lizardmen.

Everything is working out just great. No pics yet, sorry. I had to leave the studio in quite a hurry. The only thing the vehicles need is some kind of freehand. I'm thinking it needs to be: elongated runes, a wing pattern, or glittering fish scales. Still looking around for ideas.

This is my dream army. It has loads of my favorite units. I picked units I like rather than what is necessarily competitive. I plan on adding a unit of Striking Scorpions (with infiltrate), three more Vypers, and wow I think that's it. After that there will just be a two Elite slots left, every other force org. slot will be used.

Here is the army list as I have it so far. Suggestions?

2000 Pts - Eldar Roster - Eldar code: Ocean

HQ: Farseer (1#, 153 Pts)
1 Farseer @ 153 Pts
Unit Type: Jetbike Infantry; Psyker; Doom ; Guide ; Turbo-boosters; Ghost Helm (GH); Rune Armour (RAmr); Spirit Stones (P:SpStn); Eldar Jetbike (EJB); Shuriken Pistol (Sp); Singing Spear (SSpr); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat) (x1)

HQ: Autarch (1#, 130 Pts)
1 Autarch @ 130 Pts
Unit Type: Jetbike Infantry; Fleet; Independent Character; Master Strategist; Turbo-boosters; Forceshield (FShld); Eldar Jetbike (EJB); Scorpion Chainsword (SCs); Shuriken Pistol (Sp); Reaper Launcher (RL); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat) (x1); Haywire Grenades (HayG); Plasma Grenades (PG)

Troops: Dire Avengers (11#, 272 Pts)
9 Dire Avengers @ 272 Pts
Fleet; Avenger S-Catapult (ASC)
1 Dire Avenger Exarch @ [44] Pts
Fleet; Bladestorm (BS); 2 Avenger SC
1 Wave Serpent @ [120] Pts
Energy Field (Wave Serpent); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat); TL Missile Launchers (TL-ML)

Troops: Dire Avengers (11#, 272 Pts)
9 Dire Avengers @ 272 Pts
Fleet; Avenger S-Catapult (ASC)
1 Dire Avenger Exarch @ [44] Pts
Fleet; Bladestorm (BS); 2 Avenger SC
1 Wave Serpent @ [120] Pts
Energy Field (Wave Serpent); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat); TL Missile Launchers (TL-ML)

Troops: Guardian Jetbike Squadron (4#, 139 Pts)
3 Guardian Jetbike Squadron @ 139 Pts
Unit Type: Jetbike Infantry; Turbo-boosters; Eldar Jetbike (EJB); Shuriken Cannon (SCan) (x1); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat) (x2)
1 Warlock @ [63] Pts
Unit Type: Jetbike Infantry; Psyker; Conceal ; Turbo-boosters; Rune Armour (RAmr); Eldar Jetbike (EJB); Shuriken Pistol (Sp); Singing Spear (SSpr); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat) (x1)
1 WP Conceal @ [0] Pts

Fast Attack: Vyper Squadron (2#, 150 Pts)
1 Vyper Squadron @ 150 Pts
1 Vyper @ [75] Pts
Bright Lance (BL); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat)
1 Vyper @ [75] Pts
Bright Lance (BL); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat)

Fast Attack: Vyper Squadron (2#, 150 Pts)
1 Vyper Squadron @ 150 Pts
1 Vyper @ [75] Pts
Bright Lance (BL); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat)
1 Vyper @ [75] Pts
Bright Lance (BL); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat)

Fast Attack: Vyper Squadron (2#, 150 Pts)
1 Vyper Squadron @ 150 Pts
1 Vyper @ [75] Pts
Bright Lance (BL); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat)
1 Vyper @ [75] Pts
Bright Lance (BL); TL Shuriken Catapult (TL-Scat)

Heavy Support: Night Spinner (IA) (1#, 170 Pts)
1 Night Spinner (IA) @ 170 Pts
Twin Linked Shuriken Catapult; Night Spinner; Holo-Field (Vehicle) (H-F)

Heavy Support: Night Spinner (IA) (1#, 170 Pts)
1 Night Spinner (IA) @ 170 Pts
Twin Linked Shuriken Catapult; Night Spinner; Holo-Field (Vehicle) (H-F)

Heavy Support: War Walker Squadron (3#, 240 Pts)
1 War Walker Squadron @ 240 Pts
1 War Walker @ [80] Pts
Starcannon (StrCan); Starcannon (StrCan)
1 War Walker @ [80] Pts
Starcannon (StrCan); Starcannon (StrCan)
1 War Walker @ [80] Pts
Starcannon (StrCan); Starcannon (StrCan)

Total Roster Cost: 1996

Created with Army Builder
Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Lone Wolf Development, Inc. All rights reserved.

Privateer Press Plastics Confirmed

I could NOT get a decent picture of these guys. So, go to the site and take a look at them yourself. They are on 40mm bases, bear in mind, so bulkier than a terminator.
I hope there are plenty more plastics coming in from Privateer Press.
And the Megalith. More eye candy.

Ron Paul Fix- War Powers

Holy crap! A one-two post on religion then politics. Will it never end? I really feel sorry for you poor readers. I sometimes think about quitting it. But it's just part of the journey. All of these things are related to the business. It's all rolled into one.

I wonder if I have lost clients over political views. Well, oh well. I got to a point where I just couldn't stay quiet about it. My workers are getting robbed to the tune of 10% of their income every month.

If Ron Paul runs in 2012 I am absolutely going to be over the moon.

OK, one more, about earmarks. This is illuminating.

The Day Dawn is Breaking

Up at 3:16am.

I would like to express my deep sense of optimism. The world is getting better.

Have faith. Be of good cheer. The dawn is breaking.

The Great Lord of the Universe regards the human entire family with tender paternal concern. The evils of this world are for but a brief moment. The good of this world is the first glimmering light of that which will come.

There is a living God who knows your name. The father of your soul.

Spicy Burger

More and more blisters are being sold as bitz only, reducing the discount given to retailers by 10-15%. This is a slow but steady squeezing of the Independent Retailer.
I was up brighter and earlier than I hoped today, at a crisp 4am. I got to work, then went back to sleep. I spent some time with the missus talking money and politics over breakfast. I had sausage, toast and scrambled eggs. And ice cold milk. That's the fat of the land.
My main concern is getting projects set up. The crew now is absolutely great, so dedicated. We just want to be put to work.
The big news of the day is that we did a battle report for War Machine (Cygnar vs Khador). I have set a rough goal to increase our business in the Privateer Press department to about one-fifth of all projects. They are a really great company. I also heard they are starting to do some plastics, can anyone confirm on that?
Anyway, for the battle report I had two people come in, both experts with fabulously painted armies as well as Mike Dunn with his professional photography equipment (his family is in the wedding documentation business). So, I'm expecting something extra special in that department in about five days after all the footage has been processed.
Over lunch I started teaching Sarah how to play Magic.
Saturday (tomorrow) some of us are going to get together and paint. I'm going to produce a prototype for the studio Eldar army. Still not sure if I'm going to go hot or cold.
I have sold most of the studio armies. What's left?
A 750 pt Space Wolf force for $350
A bunch of Imperial Guard
Ice Elves for $1700 (nigh unto 3000 pts)
A horde of D&D figures and our terrain (I'd love to see all of that go to a good home, $400 sees the lot of 50 figures and 50 pieces of terrain). This is a temporary deal, I will probably change my mind.
That Daemonhunters studio army didn't even have time to hit the frying pan. Those are sold. That was a huge army. Ridiculous.
We are also stoked about Adepticon. For one horrifying moment I thought I bought the plane tickets for the wrong weekend, but my wife took care of it all just right. My wife is so awesome. I really lucked out to get such a forgiving, frugal, and responsible woman. Not to mention a great cook. Oh man, that never gets old.
Of course, with advent of baby home-cookin has fallen by the wayside, but that's all right. Willow is such a good baby. Easy to get along with. I'm telling you I'm having a completely different experience with the last daughter than the first. I am much more mature is the big difference. Things don't get on my nerves as much.
So, Tamie brought home burgers, but she got a spicy one and I'm not very tolerant of spicy stuff. But a huge glass of ice cold milk put out that fire.

Tax Graph

This is from my good political nemesis Eric D. The Riddler to my Batman. The Liz Lemon to my Jack Donaghy.
So, what's your input? What does this mean?
I have a question. What income puts one the top marginal tax rate? What does "marginal" mean?
Ask and ye shall receive. Check this out:

Don't Talk to the Police

I've watched this I think four times now. I get something new each time.

3.5 Trillion Dollar Crab... Stupid Naysayers!

Flying By

Second part of the Swords of the Prophet.

I've started to take off part of Thursday, sort of like a day off. I am caught up on my emails (except for a few which require me to be at the studio).

But back to this morning. I got up bright and early, put up a few Youtube videos but then went back to sleep. It was delicious. I'm like an old guy now. I use a heating pad. That thing keeps me toasty at night.

I'm forty. What oh what shall I do for my mid-life crisis? I've decided to have three small ones rather than one big one. Any suggestions? Nothing illegal or immoral please. Irresponsible is OK.

I headed down the studio to wrap up some business. Among other things, we finished up a booster draft (four of us played in that) for Magic. Loads of fun, I can't wait until the next one.

What else? My main focus right now is to get projects booked for April.

While I was in Provo today I saw a guy holding a sign in the middle of a main thoroughfare: Abolish the IRS, Abolish the Fed. Of course, I stopped to see what was going on. He explained, "I got tired of doing nothing." Just one lone guy doing the only thing he could think of.

My Congressman Rocks!

About five minutes of fishing on the Google and I found all the contact information I needed about my three representatives. Everyone has ONE congressman (for the House of Representatives) and TWO Senators (that represent the whole state in the Senate).

I found out that all three have offices in the same building, and it's right near one of my well-trod routes in Provo. I doubt they spend much time there, but I do plan on making regular visits.

Time Adventure

Thunderhawk Completed



I understand it as follows:

The US Treasury takes in taxes (that's the IRS). They also cut checks. When congress wants to give money to whoever, it is a check from the treasury.

When they are broke they do not have to stop. This is called deficit spending. Reducing the deficit means to "not overspend by as much as before". When your personal household does this it means that they are overdrawing your bank account or writing bad checks.

But the Federal Government does not have to play by the same rules.

They order the Federal Reserve (a cartel of private banks) to create the money. The Fed does not have this money on "reserve". There is no investment, no gold, no reserve, nothing that backs this up. There is a checkbook but no checking account.

The money enters the system. The total number of dollars available is increased. The checks are cut and the money is distributed to the organizations selected by Congress's bill. These organizations get to spend the dollars at the value they have in 2009 (before inflation takes effect).

Then the money is deposited in banks where they get to lend it out at about ten times what was deposited.

The money later has to be paid back to the Federal Reserve with interest. The piece of the puzzle that I'm missing is "who gets the interest?"

This system creates an invisible crushing wave across the whole nation. You, the common man, feel its effects but do not quite understand what is happening. You are told that the country is in "recession" and are expected to accept this as part of life. Various parties are blamed.

I do not understand everything. But I do know this: my life is not my own. At any time a low-level bureaucrat from any number of state or federal agencies could bring down the might of Government on me. And don't think it couldn't happen to anyone. There are tens of thousands of pages of laws, code and regulations (most of this tax code). Have you read them?

I must pay income taxes. I must collect income taxes from my workers. The threat? Imprisonment or confiscation of my property. However, I recently got a little blurb in my Social Security notice saying that the program is likely to be insolvent by 2016 (PS- keep paying into it). Sounds like I'm a loser in the Social "Security" program. The short stick.

I do not trust government. I do not trust large corporations. I definitely don't trust the media (any kind). The consolidation of power into monolithic blocks has the end result of crushing the common man. However, a corporation generally does not have a police force that will arrest and imprison you for not buying their product. They can be overthrown relatively easily by the masses.
Enron is gone. The IRS is forever.
I do trust my local community. The closer a government is to the people, the easier they are to change if there is a problem. It's my opinion that my ward (congregation) could handle almost any problem. I know this because we do. A city is a good level of government in my estimation. This is where the lion's share of tax revenue should be going (which it's not). A State is the largest size goverment that there should be, with only a little tiny Federal level government doing some very, very basic things.
How would you feel if State Farm came and arrested you for not paying your premiums? Well, Social Security is like an insurance program. Only it is enforced with threat of fine and imprisonment.
Your labor is your life. By the time you die you will have spent ten or twenty years in service to the federal government. The government (composed of men who swore this one thing: to uphold and protect the Constitution) will have taken away part of your life.
Are you signed up for Selective Service? They can draft you into the military and spend your blood on foreign soil.
Who is behind all this? I believe that if I pull back far enough, and put enough of the puzzle pieces together, there will be an empty space in the shape of something.
For my part, I am studying and getting involved as much as possible. And what I do with this blog. But most importantly I'm voting Independent. It's been a hundred years of pillaging under the two parties we have now. That they point fingers at each other is an elaborate charade in my estimation-- both covering for the same fundamental regime. A two headed monster.
Now some comments by my good friend Eric D.
Have to take issue with one section:
"When they are broke they do not have to stop. This is called deficit spending. Reducing the deficit means to "not overspend by as much as before". When your personal household does this it means that they are overdrawing your bank account or writing bad checks."
Its not writing bad checks, but spending using a credit card financed by other countries like China, Russia, and much of Europe buying US Treasury Bills. This is still potentially very bad should say China invade Taiwan and call in their debt because we act to defend that country. This actually isn't a big a threat as it sounds as the Dollar is actually still a pretty good investment compared to most other countries.
However, we cannot simply stop deficit spending altogether, a lot of good programs would cease and the recession would certainly get worse. The deficit is a severe problem that needs to be fixed rapidly through some revenue increases (Cap & Trade program on CO2 emissions, raising the marginal tax rate on those that make more than $250,000, etc.) but mostly through the reduction of spending on bad programs. It is important to note that economic recovery significantly helps reduce the deficit as incomes rise. Reducing the deficit needs to be done quickly, but cannot be done immediately.
Unrelated, I know there is a lot of misinformation out there about the concept of raising taxes on the rich. When Obama talks about raising taxes on those people that make more than $250,000 by 3% most people think that means you have to pay 3% more on your entire income. Instead, its only raising on income above $250k. So if you make $350,000 the first $250,000 is taxed at the existing rate and you pay 3% more on the next $100,000. Bottom line is that if you are making $350,000 a year you are only going to pay an additional $3,000 in taxes or .085% more of your total income. Also please note that this rate only goes to the levels it was before Bush took over which if you remember the economy was spinning at a good clip at that time. Also keep in mind that is about 10% less than what the top tax rate under President Ronald Reagan.

How to Set Up a Project

We are now booking projects for April. I have a number of specials going. Details:

Getting a Quote
As a general rule of thumb it costs $500-1200 per 1000 points in an army. This is if we provide everything (models, assembly, and painting). This varies based on a number of factors, mostly the quality of painting you choose.
If you just want painting, cost is about half of that. If you just want assembly and painting (ie you are sending your models unassembled) the cost is about $350-800 per 1000 points in an army.
This is a generalization and applies to whole armies. It doesn't work reliably for single models!

You can download a generic sheet with exact prices for your army here. You do not have to fill this out yourself. I will be happy to work from an emailed list. This is how to fill it out:

You have three options to get a quote:
A) Fill out the sheet yourself This spreadsheet will auto-calculate all costs associated with your commission. If you are providing and/or assembling your own models you will naturally zero out those totals.
B) Send a list of what you’d like done. What models need assembly? Cleaning? What models are you providing? What models would you like us to provide? I’ll send back a detailed quote.
C) Call me and I will set everything up over the phone with you. 801 372 8545.

We have several specials available. Only one can be applied.
1) Level 2—models can be given a basic paint job. Save 30% off painting.
2) Artistic License—we decide completely how a project is painted and based. Save 10% on painting.
3) Combine Level 2 and Artistic License. Save 35% off painting
4) Tank Factory—ten tanks painted for $400, assembled for $200. See below for details. Can be combined with Artistic License.

Scheduling a Project
This project will be scheduled officially for completion in 25-35 days. If you need your project for an event (like a tournament), please make that known, we can often accommodate that.

To schedule a project, we need the following things:

1) The models (or a list of models to be acquired).
2) A deposit as indicated on the Project Breakdown spreadsheet
a. Pay by phone with major Credit Card 801 372 8545
b. Pay via Paypal to
c. Pay by MO (see website Service Guide for details)
3) The Instructions .doc sheet filled out and returned.

Terms of Service
I would recommend that you look over our Service Guide .

Minimum Run Size
Generally speaking, Levels 2-4 are reserved for whole units of models or vehicles/monsters. Levels 5-6 are for individual hero types.

Contact Information
If you want to contact me for any reason:
Email at
Phone number is (801) 372-8545
Facebook ID is bluetablepainting
Google Chat ID is bluetablepainting


PS- if you have any problem with the spreadsheet, just let me know—I can send the quote as in-line text.

Tank Factory Special
· $400 for painting ten tanks
· $700 for painting twenty tanks
· $200 for assembly of ten tanks

For this special we need some leeway with color scheme. A complicated pattern or type might cost more.

How fast can we get it done?
Generally, a 3-4 week turnaround. Unless you send the models, then that takes less time.

 Large tanks, like a Land Raider or Necron Monolith, count as two tanks.
 A Baneblade counts as three tanks. Assembly is $90—the Baneblade has something like 250 parts.
 Small tanks, like an Ork warbuggy, count as half a tank.
 Exposed crew, dozer blade, unusual upgrades, or set of chaos spikes count as a regular trooper, at $4 for painting, $2 for assembly.
 Tau Piranhas and Land Speeders count as regular tanks. They are smaller but are not less time-consuming to paint.


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