White Plume Mountain

Typical Sunday: hanging out with family in the morning. My wife baked a heavenly peach pie. I had crunchberry crunch for breakfast. Not good for me, but a real delicacy. I did a lot of reading. And prepped for the D&D game this Tuesday.

Then off to church. I always feel lighter. I feel close to the people in my neighborhood. But as usual maybe I don't quite fit in with other humans.

I went on a walk with G. He has a bike with training wheels now.

The boys and I went to the studio for our Sunday D&D game. It gives me good one on one time with them. Or one on two rather. I'm running them through White Plume Mountain.

At this moment I am watching Voyager with my wife while the kids get ready for bed. I am already in heaven.

Life of Riley

Went in for a day's work today and got all caught up. It was amazing. My wife and eldest son of nine years came by the studio for a visit. We went out for an ice cream cone and cherry shake at a local old-school soda jerk shop.

If you have a project with a deadline you need to contact me via email on Monday to verify that it is on track.

At this moment I am in my dining room. Through the back windows I can see the mountain line, shrouded with clouds and fog. A thunderstorm is passing through, making the air muggy and the greenery wet. It looks like we are in the mountains of central america more than anything.

A combo pizza was just delivered and the kids are devouring it like a bunch of uncivilized savages.

Before me on a well-lit table is a foot-high stack of D&D books. One of my favorite things. Also my laptop and a flatscreen. I'm watching Voyager season four. Tonight I'm prepping for the D&D game next Tuesday.

It's been one hell of a week. A major unexpected expense for the business threw us into a tailspin, we did our best, but still didn't make it. Depressing on the one hand, but the effort was a stretching exercise.

Now on to a day of rest.

Just In

I got in the studio around 7am this morning, ready to get it all sewed up for the week.

I am still running all the specials for "Hidden Treasure" just below through the weekend.

Hidden Treasures

Read on for various specials!

These Grey Knights on the block for $725. You can pick those up with one of the $600/800 gift certificates detailed below.

Through Friday pick up the Tomb Kings terrain for $1350.

Buyer pays actual shipping. Contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com if interested.

Only terrain pieces included, not boards. Special prices are for money only-- Paypal, Credit/Debit card by phone, check, or MO.

Also running the following specials for an indeterminate limited time (probably through the end of the week):

Hero of the Imperium. Two golden doors opening for that one.

Buy a Gift Certificate worth $800 for our For Sale section for $600 (three available). You can use it right away or hold on to it. Three slots for this one. ONE left!

Pandora's Army: pick up a Pandora's army of 1500+ pts (or 35+ pts for Warmahordes) and get $100 worth of conversion work love added on. Three slots for this one.

All Eldar (less two weapon platforms and wraithlord which have sold) for $4850. The materials cost alone is above $3200.

If you live locally and want to scavenge through our rather extensive trade stock it's 60% off retail. You heard it right. Appointment only, email me.

All this is limited time, limited quantity.


First of all, I realize I'm not posting here as much as before. I intend to remedy that.

Saturday I went into work. It is often my most productive; no distractions. I put on Voyager in that giant studio hall and get crackin'. I'm on season three now. My challenge as usual is to pay the bills. That also means making sure that all BTP workers get work and paychecks. It's an ever-increasing challenge, but my strength to do it is ever-increasing.

The big news is that I've brought on Janene as videographer. She'll still be painting, half and half to start. She brings fresh insight into advertising, videos, and the trade program. I am very interested in trade-ins. Right now we have about two hundred things up in the for sale gallery, I'd like that to be more like four thousand.

Information on the trade-in program.

Our 2012 goal is to consistently get two videos a day up, on average, and at least two Batreps a week. This is likely to be more like one for the time being.

That night I took my wife out dancing at the town carnival. In Utah, the 24th of July is like a second independence day.

Monday, July 25th was a state holiday. All banks and public offices closed. We were lamenting the pathetic-ness of that situation.

I'm also toying with the idea of doing mega-HOTIs. To the tune of 20-50K for 40-100K with a 3-7 year disbursement. Who would want to do that?

I'm also starting up a Pathfinder campaign. Really just running one adventure, but there is solid support around the studio. I have at least six people around the table currently. Got in this letter from a fan:


Xelkireth, here. I didn't want to pollute your Youtube with posts and after-thoughts about Pathfinder. I really do believe Pathfinder is the best d20 system out there. If you go to the boards, you'll see an extensive community and community support. I've actually had questions answered by the editor-in-chief, James Jacobs and their CEO. One thing I love about Pathfinder, is they've flat out said there will not be another revision to the system for at least ten years. One of the things Paizo hated about WotC is the continuous need to buy new editions. I really like that about them. Pathfinder is a bit more powerful, than D&D as far a classes go, but their monsters on on par with the classes, so it all balances out.

Anyways, enough rambling.

Serpent's Skull Miniatures

Here are the models I just ordered for my Pathfinder D&D game. I'm running Serpent's Skull. Pretty Exciting. Here are the figures I ordered for it.


If you have a project with BTP that has a deadline, contact me right away. I have a bunch of them these days I don't want to miss anything.


Visualization of the National Debt

What does a Trillion dollars look like?

Plus more "Ron Paul talks a lick of sense"



I'm halfway through season 2 of Voyager. Just playing it in the background while I work, or rest.

Well, I guess I'm doing one of those two things at any given time. And eating.

While running my Wednesday night D&D game I hit upon a profound realization: I don't like D&D 4E. I'm going to try out Pathfinder. Anybody looking to pass on a collection of such rulebooks?

Finished the Emperor's Children batrep, and plan on starting another tomorrow with Josh. And yet another on Saturday.

I got the rest of the Eldar up. Still not too late to pick up the whole lot for $6400.

Calling All Players

I need locals to play Batreps. If you don't have your own army, no problem I usually have armies to play.

This week I need someone to do a Storm of Magic batrep. I have a Bretonnian and a Tomb Kings army for it. Both 4000 pts.

Contact me via email bluetablepainting@gmail.com

Dream Realm

The Dream Realm is becoming unstable.

Star Trek: Voyager is on Netflix now, all seven seasons, so I'm pretty much knocked out of any useful pursuit for a week. Kidding really, I'll still be getting my regular stuff done.

My wife and I took a walk this morning. The sun was oppressively hot as we strolled Willow around. She is a delight as always: sure to say please and thank you. There was a kind of constant popping noise from the Southeast, like a giant construction grade popcorn popper. I got in my car and started driving around to see what the heck it was. Turns out it was coming from the shooting range, high on a hill near the pass. I don't know what in the world they were doing out there but it involved a lot of guns.

On a walk vid.

My daughter spied a lizard out on the back porch sparking a family-wide lizardhunt. It was a blue-belly fence lizard, a hearty and sizeable specimen. I used to catch them all the time back in Oregon, and I haven't lost the touch. I got him under a plastic cake case-thing.

Went to church as usual, but G. (six years old) forgot to eat lunch so I took him home and we hung out for a while eating pot pies with extra veggies and chocolate pudding. It was enlightening as usual.

I spent the afternoon lounging in bed eating chips and chocolate-covered almonds with my lovely wife. And watching Voyager of course. We're to S1E12 now. I closed my eyes for just a minute around 7pm and then woke up around 12pm when I began to write this post.

Life, as usual, has minor bumps and shocks, but seriously could it be any better? My challenge these days is not to get in a paranoid tizzy but rather just take a deep breath and enjoy.

Job Openings at BTP: Promotions Expert (filled) and Painter

Promotions Expert- This position has been filled.

Looking for someone to promote our miniatures painting studio. This means handling advertising, working with business partners, taking and processing videos and stills, and managing our extensive trade-in program. This is a detail oriented position that requires following complex instructions and acting independently to organize a mass of materials, contacts and information.

See what we do at www.youtube.com/bluetablepainting

The basics you must have to apply:

1) non-smoker (for reals—not that you just quit two days ago)

2) reliable work history (held a full-time job at least one year at some point in time)

3) intimately familiar with miniatures battles games (such as Warhammer, War Machine)

4) lives within 30 minutes of Spanish Fork, UT (the closer the better)

5) equipment: cell phone, email, and car

We will not consider applicants who do not have all of these four qualities. Exception: if you are not local (ie within the 30 minute drive) but still within the US you may still apply as a standby. This means if we do not find someone local you may get a call.

Skills needed:

1) Take and edit professional quality video

2) Take and edit professional quality pics/stills

3) Texting, email. We need you to be accessible almost constantly; comfortable with quick communication

4) Sense of organization, both people and materials

5) Type at least 50 wpm without flaw, faster is better test here

6) Proficient with Microsoft Word/Excel, Army Builder, Photoshop (just the basics is fine)

Skills and equipment that would be helpful:

1) Search engine optimization

2) Web design, development, code

3) Experience in advertising

4) Equipment for video and stills

5) Able to assemble and/or paint miniatures

6) Familiar with the history of miniatures battles companies

7) Contacts in the gaming community

8) Laptop or other relevant computer equipment/software

How to Apply:

Contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com with a cover letter that addresses the four “basics” items above and the “skills needed”. Organize in an easy-to-read format. Resume is a must, please include as an attachment. Important: please put "Promotions Expert Needed- Your Name" as the subject line.

Pay starts out low until we can determine if you are going to substantively contribute to the success of the company. Starting is in the $1200-1400 a month then builds up to $1400-1800 within the first six months with satisfactory performance, and then possibly to the $1800-2400 range as the business grows.

College students need not apply.

The job is not limited to the description. The official job description is "whatever is needed for the studio to succeed, whatever morally/legally that is asked".

PS- under no circumstance during the process should you divulge information related to protected class: race, gender, age, religion, marital status, etc. We are only interested in you as it relates to performance of the job.


Looking for someone to paint miniatures for wargames. This is fine detail work with complex instructions.

See what we do at www.youtube.com/bluetablepainting

Looking for:

1) non-smoker

2) reliable work history (held a full-time job at least one year at some point in time)

3) familiar with miniatures battles games OR background in a related field of art

4) lives within 30 minutes of Spanish Fork, UT (the closer the better)

What we value:

1) reliability (you do what you say you're going to do)

2) cheerfulness

3) familiarity with the hobby of miniatures battles

4) experience assembling figures


Contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com with a short cover letter that addresses the “looking for” items above. Resume helps but is not necessary. Important: please put "Painter Needed- Your Name" as the subject line.

College students need not apply.

PS- under no circumstance during the process should you divulge information related to protected class: race, gender, age, religion, marital status, etc. We are only interested in you as it relates to performance of the job.

Warrior's Return

I'm completely settled at the new studio. I'll be doing my regular today, Saturday, catching up and tying up loose ends. I'm most productive when there are no distractions.

Arriving home is like stepping into a fairlyland. The aspens are whispering and the sunlight softens to green as it passes through them. My lawn is covered with clover, their pink bulbs shrouding the house in a thick sweet scent. Tall flowers of red and yellow are blooming, tended by swirling bees, in front of my rose-brick house. As I open the door, the kid come to greet me with hugs and kisses, "Dah-dee, Dah-dee!" My wife leaves off the stove, wiping her hands on her apron, to give me a hero's welcome with a kiss.

So, pretty ****in' awesome. That's how I'm doing.

News items:
1) I may be opening two new positions today: painter and videographer/promotions. Locals only at this time. That means within 30 minutes of the studio, though for the latter position I may open it up more generally later on.
2) Still a few drop pods available for our 40K/War Machine Valhalla coming up August 11-14.
3) Still running our $5 painting special for certain massed hordes.
4) Starting up the Pandora special again.
5) Eldar infantry up on the block. Vehicles and jetbikes should be up by Monday.
6) Still got that IG Elites army on the block for $1150. Just the models as-is. I think (but am not sure) that it's about $1800 retail.

Worthy Painting

Worthy painting has a new logo. I recommend them. It's a UK-based painting service.

Like him on Facebook.

Whatever you do, get on this guy's docket as soon as you can. His stuff is really stupendous.

Golden Chair

In the coming months I will be opening one shining door of opportunity for a single Artist.

I am looking for a local non-smoker with good work ethic, love for the hobby, and an eye for art. You must already live within thirty minutes of the studio. I'm just putting a feeler out there at this time.

Vote for Ron Paul in the Primary

In the News

Saw this in a lead paragraph today:

At least 45 suspected militants were killed by missiles launched by U.S. drone aircraft in Pakistan's northwest in less than 24 hours, local intelligence officials said Tuesday.

The United States thinks that suspicion is a good reason to deprive someone of his or her life? To blow up a whole group of people, blasting their limbs from their bodies.

I wonder when it will be US citizens.

Who is OK with this? Seriously, if you think this is a moral foreign policy I'd like to hear from you.

Trade-in Program

We trade in models. We will take them painted/unpainted, new/used.

Unload your tons of second-hand dust-collectors out in your garage without any trouble. Get new shiny models in return.

Here's how to do it:
1) email us your list of models bluetablepainting@gmail.com
2) you will be given an offer in the form of an in-store credit with what follows as the terms
3) if you accept you mail us the models
4) we confirm receipt via email and your credit is ready to use

When you send your list please tell us the condition of each item:

  • painted/unpainted
  • primed/unprimed black/white
  • assembled/unassembled
  • in-box/on-sprue/loose
If you prefer, you can just send the models and we will assess them when they arrive. No need for a list or anything. Just include a piece of paper inside, on top of the models, saying "Trade for assessment" and your contact information.

Not painted by BTP? Pics are very helpful but not absolutely needed. If you do not send pics we assume they are painted poorly.

The amount of the credit is usually 20-50% of the retail value of the models. Most of the time the credit is in the 20-30% range.

Hot items like recently released armies and Forge World will be at or near the top rate. We sometimes go above the 50% of retail.

A credit is like a gift certificate. You can use this for:
  • New models that we order and then ship to you (new in box). There are limitations, see below.
  • Spend on other models that we have for sale.
  • Spend on BTP products and services. This includes assembly and painting. But you can also get hard goods and tickets from our internet store.
  • Convert it to cash. You get the money sent via Paypal or cashier's check. This takes 2-7 business days to be sent. This is done at 50% meaning $2 of a credit becomes $1 cash.

You can usually get a much better deal going to the secondary market on your own (local shop, eBay for example). The advantage of trading in with us is that you are likely to be able to unload disparate items without a lot a lot of hassle (pics, various buyers, questions, payments).

If you send models and they are painted or primed too thickly to be useful except as scrap, or the models are notably damaged in transit, the trade value reverts to 10%. Or they will be returned. Best to tell us up front.

When you get the credit offer it will automatically include $10 or more to help with your shipping costs.

You can keep your credit until you are ready to use it. If you are overseas you pay $25 for shipping on each box we send. US shipping is $9 and Canada is $15.  Shipping can be paid with the credit itself if you want.

If you use your credit for us to assemble/paint a project you can't refuse the project and get refunded in cash.

There are some limits on what new models we can get for you. They have to be things that are commonly available through our distributors. Most games are available. Forge World is a notable exception. We cannot order Forge World things for you unless you convert your credit to money (at the 2:1 rate), in which case we are glad to do it. Some lines like Flames of War may be more difficult to acquire or have less than a 1:1 rate (ie it may take $120 credit to get $100 of Flames of War, it varies).

Credit is for retail value of the models or services. It does not stack with other discounts.

Again, we can get most lines no problem (Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Kings of War, Wyrd Miniatures, etc.)

Send models to
Blue Table Painting
55 East 100 North
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Include a piece of paper with
  • Your contact information (name, phone number, address)
  • The amount of credit you were offered
  • Date
  • Invoice/List of contents
We also trade in Vallejo Paints, per bottle as follows:
$0.90 for new or pretty much new
$0.75 for 75% or more full and in good condition.
$0.50 for 50% or more full and in good condition.
$0.25 for 25% or more full and in good condition.

We would just trust your judgment.

That's for like a gift certificate.

Final notes:
  • If your trade is less than $200 retail (ie we would credit you around $50) then it might not be worth the postage to send it in.
  • If your trade includes Dwarfs, Orcs, Space Marines, High Elves, Skaven or Goblins the first thing out of my mouth will be "are they from a starter kit?". You absolutely must tell me if your models are coming from Assault from Black Reach, Isle of Blood or similar box set. These models have almost no value. They are worth something, but not much. For example: if Isle of Blood retails for $100, and you have half the contents, then I am likely to credit you only $10 for that. Alone it's not even worth shipping.
  • Terms are subject to change without notice. The policy is: let's be reasonable.
*Old terms:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Most of the time I feel like Bill Murray in "The Man Who Knew Too Little". Why is life going so great for me?

Saturday I just couldn't wait to get down to the studio. It was just me and Mike D. all day. I'm pretty much caught up after one hell of a move week. Joseph came down and compulsively finished his Flames of War terrain. We ordered a combo pizza, that's my fave. We were going to do a Fantasy batrep but that fell through. I have a client's Tomb Kings army lined up for that.

We put up a bunch of new 40K stuff for sale.

It has been a week of flaring emotions for me, irritated at times, but mostly elated. Walking into the main room at the new studio is a complete high. It's like a bit of heaven on earth, a reflection at least; light, space and happiness.

I got home about 6pm and my wife took off to visit a friend in the hospital. Evidently that takes five hours. But yay for me I got to spend time with my pretty much perfect kids. I can't get enough of them.

I dug out my box of old D&D stuff, things I wrote by hand and on word processor from 1986 to 1996. Just for inspiration. The big news is that I'm going to run a simple D&D adventure, just to slake my thirst. We're going old school: Player's Handbook only.

Materials for studio Dark Eldar arrived. It's a venom heavy super-fast force. I can't wait to play it. Should be up and running in plenty of time for Valhalla August 11-14.

Serfs Rising Up


I got up around 5am this morning, still fired up to get to the studio. I caught a quick catnap then bolted out the door around 7am or so, scarfing down a bowl of granola and raisins.

We bought a few new rugs for the studio. It needs a lot more furnishings to feel complete, though, and especially a lot of plants. Green, as in leaves of green, is our accent color. Just perfect. The studio has room to about triple in size and capacity. Our goal is to double in the next eighteen months (before the end of 2012). Other than a few odd boxes we are all settled in. It's just starting to feel like home.

We had a studio-warming party tonight. I was pretty sad at first as it seemed that it would be a "damp squib" but it heated up to about twenty people and spirits were high. I gave a rockin' speech. My wife was wearing her aqua indian outfit, all flowy and blingy. I'm so proud to be seen with her.

I got in a trade of dwarfs today, a good starter army with some refurbishment. I'd probably charge around $320 for it. Just about forty infantry a few characters and war machines. More on that later.

I also got in a bunch of Skaven stuff. Making a studio Dark Eldar army, too. I think I mentioned that already.

Also, Zanna finally broke me down and I'm going to run a D&D game. Probably Wednesday nights.

I got home to a hero's welcome, all the kids rushing to greet me. My wife and I sat on the porch of our rose-brick home, flowers blooming out front, in the sweet summer air, the dimmest of sunsets washing over us as our little ones raced around on the grass. Willow must have kissed me fifty times.

Life is especially sweet today. I am about to pass out. Good night.

Flight of the Chinorks- Ork Nob army for sale

Cost = $875

2x Warbosses
28x Nobz
3x Chinork helicopters

Comes with "some" foam if you want it as an extra.

Imperial Guard Elites

Just got in a trade. A load of Imperial Guard. I would love to turn this into a commission, but you can buy the lot for $1175.

This could be a finished work for $3600-4200. It's really something special.

1 Creed and Kell (metal)
2 Banner & medic (metal)
1 Old female commissar (metal)
1 wounded guardsman (metal)
4 Imperial Officers (metal)
9 Psykers (metal)
16 Kasrkin Plasma Gunners (metal)
18 Kasrkin Melta Gunners (metal)
13 Kasrkin Flamers (metal)
14 Kasrkin Grenaders (metal)
16 Kasrkin Vox casters (metal)
68 Kasrkin Infantry (metal)
14 Kasrkin Squad Leaders (metal)

2 magetized leman russes
3 partially assembled leman russes
4 leman russes unopened (3 of them in the squadron boxed set)
2 Hellhounds partially assembled
4 valkryies partially assembled

2 Baneblades, one primed

A lot of the infantry are primed red/rust and some are painted red/black. By a lot I mean approximately thirty of them. Roughly.


This Sunday seems to stretch on interminably. I am ever so eager to get back to the studio and keep getting things set up completely. That said, thank goodness for the Sabbath, for if it were not for forbiddance to work, I would surely work myself to death.

In other news of awesome awesomeness I got in my Ron Paul promotional stuff I ordered: 6x yard signs, stickers and four shirts.

I woke up early this morning, as usual, having gone to sleep at perhaps 9pm. My wife was off to Stadium of Fire-- an enormous annual display of nationalistic pride here in Utah. I stayed home with Willow and she fell asleep watching cartoons while I answered emails and plotted out the studio Dark Eldar army.

I had cottage cheese and fresh peaches for breakfast. They were a tad under-ripe. My wife was going to make peach pie, but the peaches are not quite ready for that.

I relaxed all morning. Willow cut herself a bit on the thumb and cried until we put a bandaid on it, then started crying "thank you, thank you, thank you". She's so polite and good natured. Is there such a thing as the perfect baby? She is a darling. But on account of that, and my eldest daughter (nearly twelve now) hurt her back. Both were all better by the end of the day. But it meant I stayed home with the girls while my wife headed to church with the boys. Too bad, I would have much liked to have gone.

I slept for at least a few hours. Hamburgers on the grill for lunch. I tried putting peas on mine, crispy ones from the garden. It was OK. My brother-in-law happened by right around that time and helped to get the grill prepped, just fine by me as I find that to be an insufferable chore.

Then more sleeping. Indeed my wife has been sleeping the last three hours I think. Myself, I am exhausted to the bone from the move, having moved each item a second time (once as a group to move it all over and a second time to get it all in the right place). Not too bad, and not nearly as back breaking as the cleanup and preparation labor that Sarah and family were doing; longer hours and heavier lifting.

I went for a walk around 6:30 but it was still blistering hot. And muggy. But the yards, houses, flowers, mountains and white steeples were gorgeous as ever.

I watched Gulliver's Travels all the way through with the various children coming and going. For dinner, two microwave pot pies (chicken) and chocolate pudding.

I am ever so eager to get back to work. I think if I wake up at 2am this morning it won't be too soon to get out the door! It's like Christmas!

Fourth of July

I would write extensively on what the Fourth of July means to me, but it would be the same laborious griping that you've endured for years on this Blog. I long to be free from the burden of the my own country's massive central government. That's the same freedom that my ancestors fought for.

It takes constant effort, struggle and maintenance to secure true freedom. Make no mistake, freedom is a dangerous thing-- it means taking responsibility for myself. It's like keeping up a yard. Every week, every day, I have to go out and pull the weeds. I admire the American revolutionaries because they ponied up and got the job done.

As usual, my family life is an enchanting paradise of loveliness. My kids are delightful and responsive. I get home and they run to greet me. My wife makes me food.

The move is pretty much complete, we just need to set up this and that. I had hoped to get a video up over the weekend, but it never seemed like it was quite in the condition where I wanted to show it off. We are going to get some furnishings and plants on Tuesday.

Blue Table Painting is open for business as usual on the Fourth. I will be in more hours than usual, actually.

Update on the move

This post will be updated regularly for the next few days so check back.

We are in the new studio now. The new address is:

55 East 100 North
Spanish Fork UT 84660

Mail and packages are being forwarded from the old studio so don't panic if you got the old address on something.

All the contents of the studio are at the new studio and we are roughly operational over the weekend, open to new inquiries and setting up new projects. By Monday morning we will be fully operational and back to our usual business. I will show you around then. In the meantime here is a teaser video with a glimpse of the new place near the end.


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