6000th Subscriber?

Hey, I just noticed that we're at 5,999 subscribers on our youtube channel.

I wonder who will the the 6000th subscriber.

Check out our shenanigans at http://www.youtube.com/user/bluetablepainting

My goal is to put on more and better content. By the end of 2009 I have the following goals:

  • Two batreps every month
  • More coverage of different games
  • More how-to stuff
  • 10,000 subscribers with 4500 views in the first 24 hours for the typical video (that's one view every 20 seconds).

Origin of the Swine Flu?

Just Can't Kill the Beast

So, that Warp Lightning Cannon finally got painted up. See more pics here. This is for sale at $225. Contact me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for details. The warplock engineer is included.

My day started bright and early at 4am. I started in on the various correspondence. I can't seem to get the Inbox completely emptied, so apologies to the few people still waiting on a response from me, just hold tight, I'll get to you. I know that sounds bad, but I maintain that the customer service at BTP is still pretty high.

Note about Thursday: I'll be out of the studio most of the day, just in during the morning hours.

Also, I got my Magic cards back. It was a joyous moment. About six weeks ago I gave them to my wife to hide from me since my productivity was declining, setting a certain goal for their release. But I don't think I'm going to keep them for long. I've decided to focus on miniatures battles. Like many gamers I can really only concentrate on one hobby at a time.

So many games, so little time.

Anyway, on to the events of Wednesday. I got into the studio around 9am and started getting things warmed up and organized. We got in an unusual number of packages including some trade-in materials (among which: a Baneblade and a half-dozen Ork Bikers). There was also an unusually high number of packages to be packed up. A few were delayed until Friday.

We went out to lunch at Subway. There are plans to do a skit on Friday. We'll see if that materializes. I'm also going to play a game of 40K against Renn on Friday. Against his Bone Knights Space Marines Chapter. 1500 pts I'm pretty sure.

Then on Saturday it's more Space Marine action as I tackle the Ultramarines at 1700 pts. I'm pretty stoked about both games. We'll see how the Oceanic Eldar fare.

I left work a little early at 5:30pm and headed to a recital for the kids at school. Tamie has been faithful at keeping them in music lessons and it's paying off. We have a rule to not overprogram our kids. We both grew up very unstructured and like to be sure the kids don't have a lot of rig-marole forced on them. But they have picked music as an interest and we support that.

Jonah had his cast taken off today. It was pretty foul. (I made time for that, too). His ankle is still not healed up, though (fracture) so they gave him this boot-splint thing. We are monitoring closely.

On a personal note: I'm making a concerted effort to help more around the house. When I come home I dedicate some time to being useful, unbidden, just pitching in for this or that. Then later I get the kids ready for bed early, scriptures/prayers, and off they go to their rooms. However, since it is a half hour or so before they actually have to go to sleep I play it pretty fast and loose with them still being awake. It gives them time to unwind. At some point thereabouts I tell my wife (yes "tell") to go upstairs and forget about home-making duties and get some time to herself for about an hour. This allows her to transition out of her duty-filled day. After that we watch a movie on her laptop in bed, or just sit and talk, or read together, or play a rousing game of checkers. It takes some preparation, but setting aside that time to unwind and harmonize is really worth it. We'll see how long that lasts. Even though I initiated the idea, it was a mighty horse-pill, mentally, to swallow.

The other night, a show called "Neat" comes on the DIY network (or whatever). It's a show about how to organize rooms. My daughter perks up and turns up the volume. She says, Dad this show will help me keep my room even cleaner! I couldn't be more proud. You see, my daughter is sort of the neat-nick of the family which is great because the rest of us are pretty cluttered. It's good to see my kids improving on what they started with. Which reminds me, I was musing with Sarah about how my car can be so messy but the studio so organized.

Vision of an Orb of Flame

In the bright and clear hours of the morning I awoke to the vision of my next army.

I've not said anything (since it reflects poorly on a miniatures studio owner), but I've been in a bit of an army creation wasteland. Normally I have two or three burning desires for armies. Lots of different ideas cooking.

The other aspect to this is that I don't play as much as I'd like. I have a new goal to get in one or two games every week. Play more with the armies I have rather than just always building new ones.

Anyway, it's time for a Daemon army. At Adepticon I saw this winged daemon model (I think I did a post about it a few weeks back) and thought "I need to make a whole army based around this one figure, it is soooo cool!"

As usual, it's hard to describe what I see in my head, and I guess you'll need to be surprised. Tripods of flesh and metal with a glowing, flaming orb floating over the center. Beautiful women as one-winged seraphs, cyclopean pillars of fire with grasping masses of tendrils. And so forth.

Hello Wisconsin!

I'm watching "That 70s Show" season 4.

I meant to get the IG specials up today, but didn't get around to it. Tomorrow it shall be!

In the studio update vid I show a Heru army. That's $950. It's 2000 pts. Good stuff. I think I have more pics of it. It's at least 2000 pts. That's a good price. And good until I chaaaange my mind.

If you're interested in anything, just email me.

Imperial Guard Codex

Courtesy of "The Dude" on www.warseer.com
General info

Release date is 2 May 2009.

The new codex will be 104 pages long.

Pre-orders have already gone up on GW and other sites.

GW stores are now getting preview copies of the Codex.

Rumoured to include at least 2 waves of releases. It is unclear when the second wave will appear.


Army-wide Special Rules


Orders can be issued to any disembarked non-vehicle squad.
Company Commander can issue up to two Orders within 12".
Platoon Commander can issue one Order within 6".
Orders may not be issued whilst embarked unless vehicle has “Mobile Command Vehicle”.
Vox casters allow a re-roll of the Ld test

Orders given at start of the shooting phase. Company Commander places Orders first, then Platoon Commanders. Orders resolved immediately and count as the Squad’s shooting. Receiving unit must pass LD test with the following affects:

Double 1 - They follow the Order and can be given another
Pass – They follow the Order
Fail – They fail the Order, but can act as normal after other orders are resolved
Double 6 - They do nothing and no further Orders may be issued that Turn

Platoon Commander Orders:

“First rank fire, second rank” - + 1 shot for Lasguns only (so 3 at 12", 2 at 13-24)

"Incoming!" - Go To Ground with +1 cover save, i.e. +2 total and the unit can't shoot for that turn.

“Move, move, move!” – Roll 3D6 and take highest when Running.

Company Commander Orders (all of the Platoon Commander ones plus):

"Bring it down" - Twin Links all weapons shooting at tanks, MCs including units or squadrons of them.

"Target on my command" – Forces enemy unit targeted by the ordered squad to re-roll successful cover saves

"Get back in the fight!" - Allows a squad to instantly rally or get up from "Down!" This allows them to shoot & assault in that round as well.


Only Company and Platoon Command Squads and Veterans have access to heavy flamers.

Special Characters

Creed (90pts) replaces Company Commander. TL Hotshot Laspistol. 24" command radius for Orders. Can issue 4 per turn, including unique Order "For the Honour of Cadia!" giving 1 unit Fearless and Furious Charge. He gives 1 unit or vehicle (not squadron) Scout.
Usarker Creed 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 10 4+

Jarran Kell (70pts) Replaces Vet in Company Command Squad. Laspistol & Power Fist. Must have Creed to take him. “Listen Up Maggots!” Use the issuing Officers Ld for Order tests. If 2 Company Command Squads taken, may be deployed separately from Creed, but gets "look out sir Argh!" rule if in same squad.
Jarran Kell 4 4 3 3 2 4 2 8 4+

Captain Chenkov (70pts). Replaces Platoon Commander. 12” Order range. Can upgrade his Platoon's Conscript squad (75pts) allowing Special Order "Send in the next wave!" removing squad immediately and letting it enter from table edge at full strength next Turn. “Onwards you dogs!” Units in 12" get Stubborn.
Captain Chenkov 4 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 4+

Commissar Yarrick (185pts). HQ Independent Character. Bale Eye is Hotshot Laspistol. Iron Will grants Eternal Warrior and 3+ 'get up' save for last wound. Force Field makes enemy re-roll successful wounds. Units in 12" are Stubborn. He and squad re-roll to hit on charge. May take Chimera.
Commissar Yarrick 5 5 3 4 3 3 3 10 4+

Catachan Devil Gunnery Sergeant "Stonetooth" Harker. Veterans Upgrade. Armed with “Payback” Heavy Bolter. FNP, Relentless, Catachan Devils (him and squad Infiltrate, Stealth and Move Through Cover). His may not take Granadiers.
Gunnery Sergeant Harker 4 4 4 3 1 3 2 8 5+

Lukas Bastonne (Cadian Noble). (?) Pistol &CCW. Veterans Upgrade. Allows squad to always try to rally regardless of casualties etc. After all orders issued he may issue his own order like a Platoon Commander.
Lukas Bastonne 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 10 4+

Iron Hand Straken (90pts). Replaces Company Commander. Shotgun, Plasma Pistol & Refractor field. Bionics allow him to strike like a MC in CC. FNP. He and Squad are Fearless. He and Units within 12” get Furious Charge and Counter Attack.
Colonel Straken 5 4 6 4 3 3 3 9 3+

Guardsman 'Sly' Marbo. Elites Independent Character. Demo Charge, Sniper Pistol, Poison (2+) CCW. Hit & Run. ALWAYS in reserve and when deployed, may be put within 1" of ANY model. Can then shoot and run away.
Sly Marbo 5 5 3 3 2 5 4 7 5+

Mogul Kamir (40pts) Replaces Rough Riders Sgt. Mechanical horse (D3+1A on charge) and gives them Rage.
Moghol Kamir 4 3 3 3 2 3 3 8 5+

Captain Al’rahem (70pts). Replaces Platoon Commander. 12” Order range. Unique order allows a unit to consolidate D6” after shooting (possibly just Lasguns). All units in Platoon (including Chimeras) MUST Outflank. Claw of the Desert Tiger = Instant Death PW.
Captain Al’rahem 4 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 5+

Nork Dedog (110pts). FNP. "Look out sir Argh!" rule. If he dies in assault, inflicts D6 S6 hits on enemy. If Nork Taken, Command Squad cannot have Bodyguards. “Loyal to the end” - Nork never target for summary execution. If his Commander is executed then Nork retaliates. Remove the Commissar.
Nork Dedog 4 3 5 5 3 3 4 8 4+

Knight Commander Pask of Cadia (50pts). Leman Russ Squadron upgrade. BS 4 to one weapon (possibly more if Tank stationary). +1 AP vs vehicles & reroll to wound vs MCs. Cannot disembark if the Tank is destroyed.


Primaris Psyker: 70pts
Force Weapon
'Lightning Arc' - S6 AP5 Assault 2D6
'Nightshroud' - Enemy has to pass Ld test to shoot at his unit.
Primaris Psyker 4 4 3 3 2 3 3 9 5+

Commissar Lord: 70 pts
Refractor Field. Options for Carapace Armour, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist.
"Aura of Discipline" - Any unit in 6" may use his Ld for Morale, Pinning and Ld tests for Orders. Has Summary Execution. Not executed by Commissars.
Commissar Lord 5 5 3 3 3 3 3 10 5+

Company Command Squad: 50pts
1 Company Commander. Laspistol, CCW, Frag, and Refractor Field (5+ inv). Upgrade to Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Plasma Pistol, PWeapon, PFist. May take Melta Bombs. No longer IC.
4 Vets. Lasguns and Frags. Upgrade 1 to Medic, 1 may take Regimental Standard, 1 may take Vox. 1 may take Heavy Flamer. Replace 2 with Vet HW Team with Mortar, Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Missile Launcher, or Lascannon. 4 without an upgrade can take Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Meltagun, or Plasmagun. May all take Kraks, Carapace, Camo Cloaks (applies to Officer and advisors too). Can’t have Commissar. May take Chimera.
Medic: Feel No Pain
Regimental Standard: Re-roll Morale & Pinning tests within 12”
Company Commander 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 9 5+

Regimental Advisors: 30pts. 0-1 of each advisor (0-2 Bodyguards) per Company Command Squad
Officer of the Fleet
Forces opponent to subtract -1 from all reserve rolls and re-roll outflank dice
Officer of the Fleet 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+

Confer +1 to reserve rolls while still alive. Outflanking units may re-roll which board edge they enter from.
Astropath 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+

Master of Ordnance
Can call in a S9 AP3 Ordnance shot with unlimited range if he doesn't move that turn. Shot scatters 2d6 on a "hit" & 3d6 on a arrow, deduct BS if within LoS.
Master of Ordnance 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+

Can allocate an unsaved wound from Officer to them.
Bodyguard 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 7 5+

Other Advisors
Commissars: 35pts
Squad upgrades. Bestow Stubborn on attached unit. Summary Execution. Weapon options are the same as the Officer or Sgt in the attached squad.
Commissar 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 9 5+

Ministorum Priest: 45 pts
0-5, don't take up FOC. Rosarius, Las Pistol & CCW. Swap Las Pistol for Shotgun. Take Eviscerator. Re-rolls to hit for attached unit, except Ogryns & Ratlings.
Ministorum Priest 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 7 5+


Psyker Battle Squad
1 Overseer, and 4 Psykers 60pts. + up to 5 more Psykers. Laspistol & CCW.
“Soulstorm” – 1 model fires a Range 36, S=number of psykers in the unit, AP d6, Heavy 5" blast.
“Weaken Resolve” - Drops Ld of enemy in 24"=number of psykers in squad.
The Overseer or Mentor will shoot D3 of them on any Perils of the Warp result.
Overseer (Mentor) 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 9 5+
Sanctioned Psyker 2 3 2 3 1 3 1 9 5+

5-10 men, 16 pts each. Hotshot Lasgun, Hotshot Laspistol, CCW, Frag and Krak.
Deep Strike. Can take 2 special weapons. Sgt can take Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs. Can take Chimera.
'Special Ops' Special Rule picked before battle gives a bonus to one of the two deployment types:
Behind Enemy Lines - Scout and Infiltrate + first round of shooting causes Pinning
Recon - Scout and move through cover
Arial Assault - Re-roll to scatter dice for Deep Strike and Valkyrie disembarks
Stormtrooper Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 3 2 8 4+
Stormtrooper 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+
Hotshot Lasgun 18 3 3 Rapid Fire
Hotshot Laspistol 6 3 3 Pistol

Techpriest Enginseer
No FOC Slot. Can have up to 5 servitors. Two can have Heavy Bolter, Multi Melta or Plasma Cannon. Servitors are “mindlocked” if Techpriest dies. Fixes on 5+ with +1 for each tech servitor. No option for Chimera.
Techpriest 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 3+
Servitor 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+

Bone'ead +2 Ogryns 130pts. Up to 4 more for +40pts each. Stubborn, Furious Charge, Bulky (2 transport spaces). May take Chimera.
Bone head 4 3 5 5 3 2 4 7 5+
Ogryn 4 3 5 5 3 2 3 6 5+
Ripper gun 12 5 - Assault 3

3-10 per squad. 10 points each. Stealth & Infiltrate.
Ratling 2 4 2 2 1 4 1 6 5+
Sniper Rifle 36 X 6 Heavy 1, Sniper


Imperial Guard Platoons
1 command squad and 2 infantry squads
0-3 Infantry squads
0 - 5 heavy weapons squads
0 - 2 special weapons squads
0 - 1 Conscript Platoon

Platoon Command Squad: 30pts
1 Platoon Commander
4 Guardsmen. Lasguns and Frags. Upgrade 1 to Medic, 1 may take Platoon Standard, 1 may take Vox. 1 may take Heavy Flamer. Replace 2 with HW Team with Mortar, Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Missile Launcher, or Lascannon. Up to 4 without an upgrade can take Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Meltagun, or Plasmagun. May all take Kraks. May take Commissar & Chimera.
Platoon Standard: +1 Combat Res in assaults.

Infantry Squad: 50 points
9 Guardsmen and a Vet Sergeant with Lasgun and Frag Grenades. Sgt has Lasgun or Las Pistol & CCW or Shotgun.
Options: Sgt may take Bolt Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs. Remove 2 and replace with HW Team with Mortar, Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Missile Launcher, or Lascannon. 1 may take Grenade Launcher, Flamer, Meltagun, or Plasma Gun. 1 may take Vox. Entire Squad may take Kraks. May take Commissar & Chimera.

Any number of Infantry Squads (and ONLY Infantry Squads) in a Platoon may choose to merge into any number of larger squads.

Heavy Weapons Squads: 60pts
3 HW Teams with Mortars. Upgrade to Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Missile Launcher, or Lascannon. May take Kraks. No Chimera. No Vox.

Special Weapons Squads: 35pts
6 Guardsmen. Can take 3 Flamer, Melta Gun, Plasma Gun, and Sniper Rifle. Any may take Demo Charge in addition to Lasgun. No Vox. No Chimera.

Conscripts: 80pts
20 Conscripts with Lasgun & CCW. May add up to 30 more. No Options.

Platoon commander 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 8 5+
Sergeant 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 5+
Guardsmen 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+
Heavy Weapons Team 3 3 3 3 2 3 2 7 5+
Conscript 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 5 5+

Veteran Squads: 70pts
1 Vet Sgt + 9 Vets. Lasgun (Las Pistol & CCW for Sergeant)
Replace Lasgun with Shotgun. 3 may take Grenade Launcher, Flamer, Meltagun, Plasma Gun, or Sniper Rifle (1 may be Heavy Flamer). Remove 2 and replace with a Vet HW Team with Mortar, Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Missile Launcher, or Lascannon. Sgt may take Plasma Pistol, PW or PF. May take Chimera.
May purchase any and all squad Doctrines for 30pts each:
Demolitions – Grants the squad Melta Bombs and 1 demo charge
Forward sentries – Camo Cloaks + Snare Mines (Defensive Grenades)
Grenadiers – Carapace Armour
Veteran Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 3 2 8 5+
Veteran 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+
Veteran heavy weapons team 3 4 3 3 2 3 2 7 5+

Penal Legion: 80pts
1 Penal Guard and 9 Penal Legionnaires. Lasgun & CCW. Stubborn & Scouts.
“Desperados” - Roll D6 for their 'Crime' at start of game:
1-2: Gunslingers - Lasguns become Assault 2
3-4: Psychopaths - Furious Charge, Fleet & Counter Attack
5-6: Knife Fighters - +1CCW & Rending.

Penal Guard 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 5+
Penal Legionnaire 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 5+


Chimera: 55 pts
Tank, Amphibious, Mobile Command Vehicle. Multi-laser, hull Heavy Bolter, searchlight and smoke launchers. 5 people can shoot out.
Options: Upgrade Multi-laser to Heavy Flamer or Heavy Bolter (NO Autocannon); hull Heavy Bolter to Heavy Flamer; Add Storm Bolter or Heavy Stubber, Hunter-Killer Missile, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Camo Netting.
Chimera 3 12 10 10

Fast Attack

Rough Riders: 55pts
1 Sgt and 4 Rough Riders, + up to 5 more. Hunting Lance, Laspistol & CCW, Frag & Krak. Lance strikes as S5 I5 Power Weapon on first charge, but no 2 CCW. Can have 2 of the following as well as Lance: Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Meltagun, Plasmagun. Sgt may take Melta Bombs.

Rough Rider Sergeant 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 5+
Rough Riders 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+

Recon Sentinel Squadron: 35 pts
1-3 Recon Sentinels. Open Topped, Scout, Move Through Cover. Multilaser.
Replace Multilaser with Autocannon, Heavy Flamer, Missile Launcher, Lascannon. Add Searchlight, HK Missile. Entire squadron can buy Smoke Launchers and/or Camo Netting.
Recon Sentinel 3 3 5 10 10 10 3 1

Spearhead Sentinel Squadron: 55pts
1-3 Spearhead Sentinels. Lose Scout, but will be enclosed and have more options for heavy weapons such as the Plasma Cannon and possibly Multi-Melta.
Spearhead Sentinel 3 3 5 12 10 10 3 1

Fast Tanks Squadron
Squadron of 1-3 of any of the following:

Hellhound: 130 pts.
Tank, Fast.
Heavy Bolter, Inferno Cannon
Hellhound 3 12 12 10
Inferno Cannon Template* 6 4 Heavy 1
*Template can be placed up to 12” from the model

Banewolf: 130 pts
Tank, Fast.
Heavy Bolter, Chemical Cannon
Banewolf 3 12 12 10
Chemical Cannon Template 1 3 Poison (2+)

Devil Dog: 120 pts
Tank, Fast.
Heavy Bolter, Melta Cannon
Devildog 3 12 12 10
Melta Cannon 24 8 1 Small blast, Melta

Any tank may replace Heavy Bolter with: Flamer or Multi-Melta. Add Extra Armour, Searchlight, Heavy Stubber, HK Missile, Dozer Blade.
The entire squadron can buy Smoke Launchers or Camo-Netting.

Valkyrie squadron: 100pts
Squadron of 1-3 Valkyries
Skimmer, Fast, Scout, Deep Strike, Transport 12 models. May not carry Ogryns
Extra Armour, Searchlight, 2 Hellstrike Missiles, Multilaser
May exchange Multilaser for Lascannon, Hellstrike Missile for 2 Multiple Rockets Pods. May add door (sponson) Heavy Bolters.
Valkyrie 3 12 12 10
Hellstrike Missile 72 8 3 Ordnance 1, One use only
Multiple Rocket Launcher 24 4 6 Heavy 1, Large Blast.

Vendetta squadron: 130pts
Squadron of 1-3 Vendettas
Skimmer, Fast, Scout, Deep Strike, Transport 12 models. May not carry Ogryns
Extra Armour, Searchlight, 3 TL Lascannons
May exchange 2 TL Lascannons for 2 Hellfury Missiles. May add door (sponson) Heavy Bolters.
Vendetta 3 12 12 10
Hellfury Missile 72 4 5 Heavy 1, Large Blast, One use Only

“Grav Chute Insertion” – Embarked Troops may DS at any point in vehicle’s movement, re-rolling scatter, but if they roll an arrow they take a Dangerous Terrain check.

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Squadron
Vehicle Squadron of 1-3 Leman Russ variants in any combination

Leman Russ Battle Tank: 150pts
Leman Russ 3 14 13 10
Battlecannon 72 8 3 Ordnance, Large Blast

Leman Russ Demolisher: 165pts
Demolisher 3 14 13 11
Demolisher Cannon 24 10 2 Ordnance, Large Blast

Leman Russ Exterminator: 150pts
Exterminator 3 14 13 10
Exterminator Autocannon 48 7 4 Heavy 4, Twin Linked

Leman Russ Vanquisher: 155pts
Vanquisher 3 14 13 10
Vanquisher cannon 72 8 2 Heavy 1 +1D6 penetration

Leman Russ Eradicator: 160pts
Eradicator 3 14 13 10
Eradicator Nova Cannon 36 6 4 Heavy 1, Large blast Ignores cover saves.

Leman Russ Punisher: 180pts
Punisher 3 14 13 11
Punisher Gatling Cannon 24 5 - Heavy 20

Leman Russ Executioner: 190pts
Executioner 3 14 13 11
Executioner Plasma Cannon 36 7 2 Heavy 3, small blast.

All variants have Smoke Launchers and Searchlight. May exchange hull Heavy Bolter for Lascannon. May take sponsons with Heavy Bolters, Multi-Meltas, or Plasma Cannons. Add Heavy Stubber or Storm Bolter, Dozer Blade, HK missile, Extra Armour. Entire squadron can take Camo Netting.

Camo Netting improves a stationary vehicle’s cover save by +1

Lumbering Behemoth - a Leman Russ that remained stationary or moved up to 6" can fire its turret weapon in addition to any other weapons it may fire [depending on movement] - even if the turret weapon is ordnance.

Artillery Squadron
1-3 artillery tanks in a squadron in any combination.

Basilisk: 125pts
Open Topped.
Basilisk 3 12 10 10
Earthshaker Cannon 36-240 9 3 Ordnance, Barrage, Large Blast

Medusa: 135pts
Open Topped. Can take siege bombs.
Medusa 3 12 10 10
Medusa Cannon 36 10 2 Ordnance, Large Blast.
Medusa Bunker Buster 48 10 1 Heavy 1, Blast.

Hydra: 75pts
2 Twin Linked Hydra Autocannon
Camo-netting costs extra
Hydra 3 12 10 10
Hydra Autocannon 72 7 4 Heavy 2

Colossus: 140pts
Open Topped.
Colossus 3 12 10 10
Colossus Siege mortar 24-240 6 3 Ordnance, Large Blast
*Must fire indirectly*

Griffon: 75pts
Open Topped.
Griffon 3 12 10 10
Griffon Mortar 12-48 6 4 Ordnance barrage, Large Blast

All tanks have Smoke Launchers and Searchlight. May exchange hull Heavy Bolter for Lascannon. Add Heavy Stubber or Storm Bolter, Dozer Blade, HK missile, Extra Armour. Entire squadron can be enclosed and take Camo Netting.

Manticore: 160pts
Manticore 3 12 10 10
Storm Eagle Rockets 24-120 10 4 Ordnance 1D3, Barrage, Large Blast

Deathstrike: 160pts
Deathstrike 3 12 10 10
Deathstrike Missile 12-960 10 1 Ordnance barrage, D3+3” Radius Blast, Ignore Cover, one Use only
Special Rules:
- Cannot be fired on Turn 1. Each turn roll a D6, weapon can be fired on a 6. Modifiers: +1 per turn, -1 for each crew stunned or weapon destroyed results sustained. Can always be fired on the roll of a natural 6.
- Any weapon destroyed results received are ignored, the only effect they have is to delay the launch.
- Hits on vehicles in the area of the Deathstrike Missile are not calculated at half strength but at S10.

Darth Vader absolute frustration

Oregon Pilgrimage

We like to get to Oregon every year. Last year we couldn't make it due to financial constraints. This year we just "made it happen". I grew up in Ashland, Oregon; elementary, middle, and high school as well as getting a bachelor's degree in Spanish from Southern Oregon University. My wife and I lived for our first two magical years as a young married couple up on Holly Street, in the hills above the public library.

Ashland was a logging town when I was growing up. My parents managed the Marc Antony hotel (a famous landmark). We lived on the fourth floor. My mom caught me once spooning oatmeal out the window trying to hit passers by.

As a 40th birthday present I got the use of an RV for a week. So, we packed up and headed out. The first night was a misery, navigating the treacherous pass into the valley in this giant boat, snow flurries swirling round in the darkness. We tried to stay at an RV park, a depressing place, uninhabited like the opening scene of a horror movie, with shapes and scrawny animals moving like ghosts on the edge of vision. I couldn't get to sleep so we were just there for a few hours before I just bit the bullet and hit the road. I got 30 minutes of sleep.

Awaiting us was a house all to ourselves. About a year back Tamie's grandmother passed away and Tamie's mother now maintains her house (built just about two years back) as a guest home. So, we had full reign of the place, clean and new, but populated with beloved memorabilia of Gramma Ernie. It was a perfect base of operations.

We spent two full days just camped out in the RV in Ashland's Lithia Park. The park is actually more like a wildlife preserve, about two miles into a small mountain-shrouded valley. Hot buttermilk pancakes and a cool spring morning, gently tapping away on my computer with the RV door open to the stream. In the early dawn hours there are just hikers and bikers going to and fro.

I went out to eat with various relatives, including a family dinner at my (last remaining) grandparent's house. Gramma's place still has those curving yellow vinyl chairs I grew up with and smells of California beach: sand and eucalyptus and pets.

Notably, my aunt Paula is living in the valley again. She's sixteen years my senior and was always a beloved figure; quick with a smile and a kind word.

I could have spent a whole week in Ashland, exploring the nooks and crannies of it again. I spent a half day just going and shooting footage of nostalgic locations. But now that chapter is closed. Yes, I know I said that last time. But really this time. I realized that my current life is much more exciting. I've lived a good life. Very full.

We also spent a day in Brookings on the Oregon coast. Upon arriving at the beach, my youngest son (now four) dropped his pail and bucket and ran out across the black-grey sand to one of the numerous rock outcroppings and began to climb. He didn't look down. Griffin is like a pygmy frat boy, living life to the hilt without looking back, heedless of danger or consequences. I got up to him and helped him to a safer place. I don't like to overly inhibit his explorative nature. It was a magical moment to play in the scattering surf, and explore streams and piles of mammoth driftwood with the kids.

Best part of that trip was picking up a mountain of fresh seafood at a local food shack; cod, shrimp, salmon, clam chowder you name it. Steaming mounds of it.

The journey back was at night, and treacherous. We will plan that timing out better next time.

Other than the actual driving, the pilgrimage was a great success. Good times were had by all. And for those that might care, here are a few snippets.
Ashland's public library. My parents took me here every week. Even at a young age I was a voracious reader.

Grandma Gately's old house, a historic pioneer home, now renovated and owned by someone else. I have this repressed fantasy that I'll be able to buy it back someday. There's a giant tree out front that used to have a massive bee hive.

Sunset on the way back.
Deer in Lithia Park.
Spring is my new favorite season (used to be Autumn).
My daughter suspended in time. In Lithia Park there are steps leading up into the forested hillside to the foundation of an old house. Local folklore says that it was a witch's home that burned to the ground in some dark ceremony. Surely a bunch of rubbish, but there you have it. My girlfriend and I (when I was a junior in high school) used to go there and hang out.
Lithia Creek. I have waded, jumped, and hiked it.
When my wife and I were first married, there was a huge flood which changed the topography of the stream and park, wiping out childhood haunts forever. Most notably two wading pools, and three waterfalls.

There is a mineral spring here. The water is carbonated and full of odd elements. Supposedly good for you.
One of the numerous churches I attended around age fourteen. I got a sudden urge...
The LDS "institute of religion" across from the high school. This is a beloved place for me, a refuge in the storm during difficult years. I graduated from Seminary here.
A two bedroom house my father and his friend built when I was twelve. It was heated by a pot-belly stove, and in the summer cooled by mountain breezes coming through all the open windows. There were three cherry trees in the back yard, each a different species. At this age I started playing D&D. We lived here nearly until graduation of high school.
A Black Walnut tree, a wizened old protector from the days of the Old Forest. I resorted here on many summer days to read and watch passers by.
Interior of the LDS institute.
Blossoms in front of the public library.

A Trillion Suns

Picture: this is a shot from my beloved Litha Park in Ashland Oregon. Do you see the deer in there?

I'd like to just barf out some random thoughts and musings.

When I look up at the night sky I see innumerable worlds inhabited by celestialized humans, trillions upon trillions of them. Paradaisical planets. I am extremely optimistic about the future. Our world is only dark temporarily, and even that is part of a wondrous process.

I've been on a political journey, which some have been following the last eighteen months. In the last few months, this has become about economics, and not so much about politics. The two are intertwined of course. I think that the solution lay in economic policy, and that as a people (perhaps worldwide) there are certain things that are accepted which are not right (eg fractional reserve banking). These things take away the freedom of man.

I feel inclined to give a positive word tonight. Perhaps someone is thinking about throwing life away. It is natural to lose hope on occasion. I say to you directly and clearly: things will get better. Great things are in store for you. Keep your chin up and see through the dark night. I assure you that even adversity is part of God's great Plan. As the offspring of the Almighty (your spirit's genetic code is the same as God Himself) you have a divine connection with Him, and a right to have communication. But be patient.

The cosmos is immensely complex and beautiful. The human soul has to be brought forward incrementally by stages. It is not wise to give too much to a soul that is not ready. Step by step. I don't think I know very much. I need to prepare myself for the next phase.

I am eating more healthy. We are part of a co op with local farmers and producers, and we picked up a whole ton of great natural local food today. I am making some incremental changes to my diet. Nothing drastic. I don't want the vow that binds too tightly to break itself. So, I'm getting rid of soda first, and cutting consumption of "treats" in half. Also, when I'm feeling peckish I have some water first. Sarah has been a good influence on me in this regard.

Tamie and I went to a Home Show tonight. We are broke, of course, but it was fun to get ideas and make some plans. And it was great to get away again together.

Pleasure Cruise

Sarah and I got started bright and early on Friday morning, getting things tidied up and going over each project to see if they needed some updating.

At long last we got Sarah's Lizardmen on the table. I was shooting for a "simple" 1400 point game. I realized a few turns in what a complicated game Warhammer is. It would be better to do more of a tutorial, more on that later.

The Lizardmen army is about 2200 pts and looking good. It need some refining (ie, needs a saurus scar veteran on foot, and movement trays). We plan on using Chakax the Eternity Warden as the model for the army commander (you can always just use him as a regular hero.

After that leisurely episode, we got to work. It was like an emergency room with artists coming and going, touching up this project or that, and getting things packed up (didn't make it to the PO, though, will do first thing Monday and confirm).

The big news is that we finished a Death Korps of Krieg army. Oh, and Renn is ready to roll with his Bone Knights, those are done now, so it's just a matter of time before I get to test my mettle against them.

Date Night
Once home, I found a heavenly sponge cake baked up from scratch. My wife is the most amazing cook. We got dressed up and went out for the night, to eat some Thai food. We both love it. I can't get enough. For the years before I met my wife, I heard (of course) the rumors about how difficult it is. I was really worried about all the drama and weeping that might ensue. However, I've found the opposite to be true once within the blessed bonds ; we have got along famously. Tamara seems to be more warm and delightsome than ever. There really is a folding and deepening of love as the years have wheeled on. Nevermind the children, which are the culmination of dedication and true love. Fifteen years married. We agreed last night that it seems more like eight years.

Interesting factoid: Tamie and I were engaged three weeks after our first date. Don't recommend it for everyone.

A gift from the self esteem Fairy.

Ron Gets His Props

I really, really liked what I saw in this video. Very nice. In terms of diplomacy, I opine humbly, that the Obama administration is taking a step in the right direction. I'm interested to see how it plays out.

Anyway, here's your Ron Paul fix.

PS- I have ordered "Open Veins of Latin America" which is the book Hugo Chavez gave to Barack Obama. I am eager to see if there is something of value there.

Here's some food for thought about Economics.

Chopstick Painting

I found out recently that Josephus is developing a painting technique where he paints with two brushes in hand at the same time.


Well, he did it again. My son took a dare and injured himself. This time jumping from some playground equipment.

He broke his ankle. So, that's more money out of pocket for medical expenses.

My wife went to the school to have lunch with him and she found him surrounded by five girls, all pretending to be his nurses, and that he was injured in "battle".

One Fine Day in the Emerald City

The day started early, at 6:30am. I managed to keep up on emails and reduce the net down to 49 yesterday, and today again down to 25. But not to zero as I had hoped. Still plugging along.

I am currently booking projects for painting in mid-May (need to get a head start to account for acquisition of models and assembly). I've had a few people ask me if they can send in their models (already bought and assembled) for just painting and the answer is YES, definitely yes.

It was a flurry of activity as the Machine hums to full bore again, projects coming in and out in an intricate dance. We are nearly done with a Death Korp of Krieg army; that looks so good. We also have an Eldar Yme Loc craftworld force done and ready for digital photography on Friday.

On Friday I'm going to be playing a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Sarah (her first game) using the studio Lizardmen (which she painted- and are for sale- details forthcoming). We'll probably just do a 1000 point game. Vids and commentary coming on that. I'll be playing Dark Elves of course.

I am processing a Morning Show that we did before I left for Oregon. I hope to have the enormous amount of Oregon footage processed in about a week, not that it is of great interest to anyone.

My seven-year old son sprained his ankle today. I think that he A) likes his crutches, and B) liked getting out of school.

In other news, my wife has lost her voice. I could make all sorts of jokes, but I shall refrain. It's tough for her to get the kids organized, and doubly so since I'm staying late nearly every night this week. I am hoping to take her out somewhere nice this Friday.

Call of War

Imperial Guard

Just a heads up: I am formulating some specials for Imperial Guard. Out in May.

I will have one for massed infantry and another for tanks.

Back in the Shire

Coming back to the studio was like slipping into a warm coat on a wintery day, fresh from the dryer.

I came in to find Sarah, Joseph and Renn gathered round doing their various duties and chatting animatedly. Sarah commented that the studio ran remarkably smooth in my absence; everyone knows their duty and when to show up. That was nice to hear.

I have doven in headfirst. I have 74 emails in my inbox (after clearing out the detritus), which is a super-high amount. I plan on having that cleared out by tomorrow. I am prioritizing inquiries. Getting new projects set up is the top issue, so by all means don't hold off on that.

I repeat: don't hold off just because I am on my heels. This will all be caught up by tomorrow afternoon.

For those interested in details, we arrived in Salt Lake City this morning at about 1am. We had hoped to arrive before midnight, but made a wrong turn earlier in the Oregon outback. In the past I joked about White City being the armpit of Oregon, but now I have been to Aber, the Anus of Oregon. I'll be suing the county for the cost of grief counselling on account of having failed to properly warned travellers away.

"Joked" is the key word here. All of these places, of course, have their own beauty. So, chuckle (knowingly if you live there) which is the appropriate response to my regional ribbing.
Note: Denio, does not have a gas station any more. So be careful to have enough gas to get from Winnemucca to Lakeview or vice versa. We were lucky, but I would hazard to say other travellers have been caught there.

To be home, and take a nap on my beloved couch, catch up on some Daily Show, eat a hot breakfast, and take a hot shower (in a bathroom rife with micro-civilizations grown from my own body's flakage) is like slipping into a familiar coccoon.
I found the studio in good order this afternoon. Everything billed, lined up and projects ready to go.

Tainted Love

Sarah's favorite commercial, evah.

Week in Oregon

Today marks one week that I've been in (or travelling to) Oregon. We are coming back today.

I shot a lot of footage, and plan on making a meaty entry very soon.

I am eager to get back to the studio and get cracking.

There is also a notrep coming up with my Eldar vs. Renn's Bone Knights. As well as the rematch with Mike's Blood Angels.

Money Supply

I will here combine two items, each on either side of the scale for you to weigh them, or perhaps to add something to the weighing platforms.

The first is this article about Money Supply:

Pay closer attention to this section:
The main functions of the
central bank are to maintain low inflation, and full employment. The U.S. Central bank may attempt to do this by artificially stimulating demand by affecting the nation's money supply via lower (or higher) interest rates. Furthermore, deficit spending on the authorization of the U.S. Government is designed to artificially stimulate aggregate demand for products and services within an economy.
Another means, of stimulating demand would be changes in both consumption taxes, and personal income taxes. The argument for either, as per the efficiency to which the additional dollars are being utilized, would determine their overall effect on the GDP of a nation, and whether or not a sustainable stimulus is in effect. For example, a dollar given to a tax-payer (tax credit) for purchases of products or services (stimulating monetary velocity), versus a dollar given to an additional construction laborer - infrastructure redevelopment (for example, also stimulating monetary velocity).
The main debate amongst economists in the second half of the twentieth century concerned the central banks ability to predict how much money should be in circulation, given current employment rates, and inflation rates.
Some economists like Milton Friedman believed that the central bank would always get it wrong, leading to wider swings in the economy than if it were just left alone.[26] This is why they advocated a non-interventionist approach.
Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve,
Ben Bernanke, has suggested that over the last 10 to 15 years, many modern central banks have become relatively adept at manipulation of the money supply, leading to a smoother business cycle, with recessions tending to be smaller and less frequent than in earlier decades, a phenomenon he terms "The Great Moderation" [27]
However these assumptions may very well prove ill-conceived by the ongoing financial/economic crisis of 2008-present. History will judge whether or not the now classical thinking of interest, and money supply moderation, have proven effective in preventing recessions, severe or mild. Furthermore, it may be that the functions of the central bank may need to encompass more than the 'jigging' up or down of interest rates in order to influence money supply, in the sense that these tools, although valuable, do not in fact control the very volatility, nor directly the velocity, of money supply in a nation's economy.

I ask, how can an institution that (apparently) does nothing except increase the money supply moderate inflation? Bear in mind that inflation is not "increasing prices". That is only the effect of inflation, which is truly the increase in the supply of whatever is used as money.

Now in the other scale, these quotes from "Meltdown" by Thomas Woods:

Virtually all analysis of the economy today... takes for granted that regulatory tinkering is all that is needed to patch up an otherwise sound monetary system. To the contrary: the system itself is the problem, and the sooner we cast away the foolish web of superstitions that stand in the way of serious productive discussion of the issue, the better off the American people will be...

Over the course of history, societies have most often chosen gold and silver as money. Soon enough, governments decided they wanted a piece of the action, and kings and other rulers began to stamp their faces on the coins and monopolize the production of money. This, their people were led to understand, was a rightful attribute of sovereignty to which their leaders were entitled… what government monopolies on money production actually meant was that the rule could now loot the population by clipping the coins and debasing the currency, inserting some amount of base metal into previously pure coins and pocketing the difference himself…

Paper money suite governments rather better than coins of precious metal, since they could enrich themselves and their friends without arousing the suspicions and public hostility… It was also easier to blame scapegoats—wicked businessmen, speculators, and the rest … of people the population is taught to hate—for the rising prices that paper-money inflation caused…

Governments tend to oppose monetary systems based on precious metals because they impose restraints on ambitious politicians. Gold cannot be infinitely reproduce [ie you cannot just whip out $2,000,000,000,000 (trillions) of gold to finance a war or “stimulate” the economy] as can paper money. Even if paper money is used under a commodity standard, the paper is a money substitute that can be converted into the commodity whenever people demand it… Not surprisingly, government prefers a system in which the paper money cannot be redeemed into anything. Then it can increase the supply of money without restraint.

Unable to print all the money it wants, government under a commodity standard must resort to borrowing or taxation, both of which are more obvious and meet with sterner resistance than the silent means of inflation…

--p 110-114
This power, to create fiat money, is a sort of One Ring that binds all other issues to it. Notably the power to make war, an incessant string of wars, and to enrich or enslave individuals or segments of the population by suppressing or expanding their economic activities.
What do you think tripling the money supply is going to do?
I do not pretend to understand all of these matters completely. I am a political explorer. I am sharing with you my discoveries.
If you have something to add, please email me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com I am interested in getting additional facts and insights.

"There really is no time to think about this... just send in the money"

More "fun" at borders INSIDE the US. I was wondering when this would happen.

I present these for consideration. My understanding is that an officer can Detain you for any reason while he determines if a crime has been commited. You don't have to answer questions or allow yourself to be searched, but you can't take off. Is this true? If so, then this is why this guy couldn't just drive off.

Terrain Fest Approacheth

Hey folks, just a preliminary heads up that we are likely to do a Terrain Fest in May. Now is the time to set it up!

We no longer do terrain on demand. I plan on doing two or three runs every year, during the warmer months.

So, if you'd like to get an order in, now is the time. We plan on doing somewhere between eight and twelve projects, so space is limited.

Here's how it works. You set a budget and give general guidelines and we get to work. For example: "I need $300 worth of desert terrain for 40K".
We need broad artistic license.
Also bear in mind that there is a premium for more complicated sets. "The interior of an Eldar Craftworld" is huuugely more complicated than "arctic wasteland".
You will also get more terrain for less if you piggback on sets we are already doing.
We do high quality stuff. We don't skimp on the quality of materials.
Here is the preliminary list of terrain types we are doing. You are not limited to this. You can have your own ideas.
Desert Ruins (fantasy and sci-fi)
Pine Forest
Arctic Wasteland
Jungle City
Savage Tundra
Toxic Dump
Here are some pics of past projects.

I recommend setting a budget of $200 to $800. Every $200 will cover (ie provide enough terrain to play a game, not cover every square inch!) one or two tables depending on density and complexity (ie it takes more terrain to cover a 40K table properly). We will need a half-down deposit.
Shipping is a flat 10% of the project. This still is usually less than the actual cost since shipping companies generally charge for volume for packages this large. That means per square inch if you can believe that.
If you are interested, contact me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com to reserve your slot.
PS- For a $200 set of terrain you will usually get 8-12 pieces of terrain, depending on type, size, scope, complexity and detail.

Bretonnians Ride Forth

I have the following Bretonnians in the studio. They are unpainted and in new condition, mostly new on sprue:
Men at Arms x20
Archers x12
Pegasus Knights x4
Knights x24
If you commission the models you can get the materials for 95% off. That's about $10 for the lot.
You can drop up to one unit type if you want. Contact me for details or if interested:


Hey all. I am nearing the bottom of the Inbox. If you are waiting on a response from me, just hold tight. It will all get taken care of.

I am working on getting up a Notrep between the Oceanic Eldar and Blood Angels. It was a good game and a rematch is coming! I also plan on making some hopefully useful comments about the game.


Last night I was sitting on the couch watching a movie with my wife and my baby daughter, Willow.


She is quite the little miracle. She is a temperate baby, smiling and chewing on her fingers. She will quietly go along with what we are doing for hours on end, without so much as a fuss. She never really gets worked up about anything-- when she does cry (rarely) we rush over because something must really be distressing her. She is now four months old. Can you believe that?


She likes loud noises. There was a scene in our movie where a fire station alarm goes off and there were sirens. Her eyes got big and she let out a shriek of delight, squirming her baby body as if to try and get into the screen. She loves noise, music, alarms and will sleep through the loudest environment.


She also likes to be held above my head (firmly supported) and rocked slowly as if she were flying. I sing the junior bird song to her and she smiles.


I went out this morning for a walk, but returned quickly for the camera. I took a round of "beautiful stuff" pics. The trees are in bloom. It's like a coral reef of lime green and pale lavender, and on the surface of the ocean are clouds.


Brightly colored flowers have been planted and bulbs are blooming.


My life is so good it's scary. My kids are healthy and happy. I've got a good wife and a good job. I am ever so grateful from the bottom of my heart. I give the glory to God, who is kind and merciful. I accept from him both good and ill, at His wise will and pleasure.


Stomach... Turning

I watched this video this morning. It's a plea from Tim Pawlenty the governor of Minnesota for the Federal Government to control spending.

This seems to be similar to what I hear coming from the Republican side generally. I'm glad to hear it.

Where were you guys the last eight years?

All of a sudden they're getting to their roots.

You guys had your chance. You had the reins and you didn't limit government, you did an end run around the people by printing money (you'll notice that he mentioned taxes and borrowing, but not printing). You spent outside your means.

Republicans have lost the moral high ground on this issue. I don't trust them.

I just hope the American public doesn't forget that BOTH parties are untrustworthy by the time of the mid-term elections.

I am supporting any candidate that will support the Constitution closely and who will be the faithful guardian of the purse strings. I just want one thing: live within your means. Tax more if you have to (at least then we'll feel it and it will be honest*), but don't do an end run around the taxpayer by borrowing (on interest) or printing money (which causes inflation).

I am hopeful. I do not want to tear something down. I want to build something up.

*I believe if people were taxed more directly, and actually felt the pain directly from all this government spending, then it would come to a halt in a jiffy. The fact is that the common man simply does not understand how he is getting robbed discretely (example: through the devaluation of the dollar by the increase of the money supply). It's not a small amount. It's taking away a full third of your life. Taking... away... your... life.
PS- as a business owner I get to see a small part of the inside story of how the government fleeces the sheep. And fleeces them hard, to the tune of "you could have a fat retirement egg from the money they are taking from you and mis-spending".

Warriors of Chaos Raw Materials

I have been taking stock at the studio and I have various bins full of goodies; unpainted figures mostly new in box/sprue. Warriors of Chaos, Lord of the Rings, Space Marines, and Bretonnians are the principle actors.
If you are interested in commissioning at least half of the Warriors of Chaos (pretty sure at least enough here for two armies) you get the materials at half off. Total retail value here is $626.
Unit Name QTY
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (2008 release) 2
Harry the Hammer Limited Edition 1
Lord of Nurgle on steed 2
Lord of Tzeentch on disc 1
Nurgle Chaos Sorceror (2008 release) 1
Wulfrik the Wanderer (2008 release) 1
Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut (2008 release) 1
Warriors of Chaos (12 models) 2
Marauder of Chaos 76
Chaos Warhounds (10 models) 3
Marauder Horsemen (5 models) 2
Chaos Knights (5 models) 2
If this were my army I would put the Harry the Hammer on foot and use the extra basework parts as embellishments on the chaos knight bases.

Trade In Program Update

I'm starting a new program. I'm running it through through May at least. I'm unlikely to discontinue it. I'm offering credit in trade for models.

You can usually get a much better deal going to the secondary market (local shop, ebay) on your own. If you want to trade in, we need a list with retail values and condition (eg new in box, new on sprue, assembled, primed). The rates below are a multiplier. If the entry says 0.30 it means you would get $30 for $100 worth of retail items. Just take the retail total and multiply it by the number.

The advantage of trading in with us is that you are likely to be able to unload disparate items without a lot of hassle (finding various buyers, setting up payment).

In the past I have only allowed for half or less of a project to be paid in credit this way. But for the time being I am lifting that restriction. I just know there's someone who goes out to their garage, surveys the mass of unpainted models, sighs then turns out the light. This program will hopefully allow someone with the "white primer horde" to finally show up with a painted army.

We do not need or want painted figures.

If you want to trade-in figures, but don't have a project ready, that's OK, I will confirm your total and then you will have it on tap for when you want to use it.

This trade-in is recorded as a payment on your project. It is non-refundable except at our discretion (eg you can’t refuse the project and then get your trade-in amount refunded as cash). Trade-in can ONLY be applied to assembly and painting, not to the cost of models.

Generally, we only need in-print models that are currently in production.

These rates and conditions may change so it is recommended to check in every once in a while. I am likely to update the numbers about once a month. The plan right now is to update every first of the month. Fairness is the guiding principle.

Forge World 0.45
Assault on Black Reach Models (we don't need these) 0.00

Chaos Space Marines 0.22
Daemonhunters 0.17
Daemons of Chaos 0.32
Eldar 0.22
Imperial Guard 0.24
Necrons 0.20
Orks 0.22
Space Marines 0.31
Tau 0.28
Tyranids 0.29
Witch Hunters 0.17

Lizardmen 0.32
Dark Elves 0.25
Warriors of Chaos 0.27
Other Warhammer Fantasy 0.20

Hordes 0.24
War Machine 0.22
Battlefleet Gothic 0.11
Lord of the Rings 0.17

Tidal Wave

Picture: an Arvus Lighter (published by Forge World) I saw at Adepticon (we didn't do this one).

I awoke at 2am this morning. I spent a few hours catching up on emails. I was at the studio by myself today-- all the regulars were off duty. It was like a ghost town. Tomorrow is going to be a storm of activity starting in the AM, though, a virtual town parade.

I have ONE (one) slot left for the ATT special, so if you're thinking about it, it's time to quit your hemming and hawing.

I still have a few open slots for the end of April. I am ready whenever you are.

If you are ever in Provo, Utah, be sure to swing by the BYU creamery which is an old time soda fountain burger joint slash grocery store. The stuff in there is local, the ice cream is high octane fresh churned. And I ate a burger that was the best ever. I mean ehever. The meat was juicy and crusty and imperfect and just salty enough on a fluffy yellowish bun with fresh fixins.

I am about to watch 30 Rock with my delightsome wife and then hit the hay.

Better Shots of Red Orktober

Courtesy of Lathan M. I met and interviewed with this kindly fellow at Adepticon.

Red October is a submarine movie. Good stuff.

April Specials Update

Update on April Specials: I still have two slots open for the ATT special. I have three slots open for the Massed Infantry special. No takers thus far for the Press Gang Special.
These are repeated below for your convenience.
One client thought of the idea of having the pairs of vehicles done as one whole vehicle and another as the wrecked version.
ATT- Armor Two by Two
Get two vehicles painted and get two more painted free.*
Massed Infantry Special
Get 100 infantry painted L2 for $345. Now's your chance!**
Guardsmen, Gaunts, Skaven, Orks. Those would be good ones.
Press Gang Special
Get your Privateer Press models (Hordes, War Machine) at 35% off. If you choose Artistic License you get 20% off on your painting. Get 40% off on your books if ordered with an army.***
*Here are the details-- they must be in pairs. You can't have a two rhinos painted regular price and then get two land raiders done for free. But you could have a Rhino and a Land Raider done then get two more of the same done free. Tanks don't need to be the exact same to count as a pair, just similar (so you could pair up a Fire Prism and a Wave Serpent). All the vehicles in a project need to be roughly the same color scheme. Doesn't apply to Forge World. I have four slots open for this (limited offer). Must ask for the special by name.
**Here are the details-- Needs to be simple infantry (eg not loaded up with every accessory). L2 is our most basic work. They need to be all of similar type (ie not ten squads of different colors/types). I ahve four slots open for this (limited offer). Must ask for the special by name. If you want us to buy the models I may be able to get them at a better discount, too.
*** I have two slots open for this (limited offer). Must ask for the special by name.
I've found that when I run specials things come up that I haven't thought of, so I reserve the right to reasonably alter or clarify the specials.

Vrock Demon from Ultraforge

I got to see this miniature in person at Adepticon. It was about to be painted by my good colleague Tim McCowan. I must say I was very impressed. It has a lot of detail and is worthy of being a centerpiece of any collection.

Here is the text about the figure from the Ultraforge Site.

The original Vrock was sculpted by Jeremy of Ultraforge. We can proudly say that every bit of this miniature has been sculpted with the closest attention to detail and we are very proud of the results.

The Vrock Resin Kit comes un-assembled and un-painted. Each of the 5 pieces included in this kit (two arms, one body, one head and one staff) are cast from a very high quality gray resin. This miniature stands approx. 6 inches in height when assembled and is most suited for 30mm wargames.

Our professional casting house is among the best in the world and we are confident you will be fully satisfied with the quality of your purchase. Please be aware that while every effort is taken to create a flawless miniature no casting method is perfect and slight imperfections occasionally occur. These imperfections are nearly unnoticeable and can be easily removed or filled during assembly.

If you order a Vrock then congratulations for being one the first to receive our latest and greatest mini. Happy painting!

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

[This was transplanted from http://www.counterpunch.org/goekler03242009.html ]


A significant majority of Americans, polls repeatedly tell us, list terrorism as one of their greatest fears. Like most of our media-inspired interests and worries, however, this one has little basis in reality.

In actual fact, unless you’re serving in a war zone, the most dangerous person you’re ever likely to encounter – by several orders of magnitude – is the one you see in the mirror every morning.

Not some shadowy arms dealer peddling second hand nukes. Not some dusky Jihadi with a song on his lips and a suicide belt around his middle. Not some mad scientist, bribed by the forces of evil to cook up a bio-bug capable of ending life as we know it.

Here are the hard facts.

The single greatest killer of Americans is the so-called “lifestyle disease”. Somewhere between half a million and a million of us get a short ride in a long hearse every year because of smoking, lousy diets, parking our bodies in front of the TV instead of operating them, and downing yet another six pack and / or tequila popper.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, between 310,000 and 580,000 of us will commit suicide by cigarette this year. Another 260,000 to 470,000 will go in the ground due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. And some 85,000 of us will drink to our own departure.

After the person in the mirror, the next most dangerous individual we’re ever likely to encounter is one in a white coat. Something like 200,000 of us will experience “cessation of life” due to medical errors – botched procedures, mis-prescribed drugs and “nosocomial infections”. (The really nasty ones you get from treatment in a hospital or healthcare service unit.)

The next most dangerous encounter the average American is likely to have is with a co-worker with an infection. Or a doorknob, stair railing or restaurant utensil touched by someone with the crud. “Microbial Agents” (read bugs like flu and pneumonia) will send 75,000 of us to meet the Reaper this year.

If we live through those social encounters, the next greatest danger is “Toxic Agents” – asbestos in our ceiling, lead in our pipes, the stuff we spray on our lawns or pour down our clogged drains. Annual body count from these handy consumer products is around 55,000.

After that, the most dangerous person in our lives is the one behind the wheel. About 42,000 of us will cash our chips in our rides this year. More than half will do so because we didn’t wear a seat belt. (Lest it wrinkle our suit.)

Some 31,000 of us will commit suicide by intention this year. (As opposed to not fastening our seat belts or smoking, by which we didn’t really mean to kill ourselves.)

About 30,000 of us will die due to our sexual behaviors, through which we’ll contract AIDS or Hepatitis C. Another 20,000 of us will pop off due to illicit drug use.

The next scariest person in our lives is someone we know who’s having a really bad day. Over 16,000 Americans will be murdered this year, most often by a relative or friend.

After that, it’s an overdose on “non-steroidal anti-inflammatories”, acetaminophen or aspirin. About 7,600 hundred a year, perhaps due to the aftermath of those tequila poppers.

Next most dangerous thing is going to work. About 5,500 of us will buy the farm due to “occupational trauma”.

If that’s scary enough to skip work, we might want to skip lunch, too. Next most dangerous thing is the food we eat. About 5,200 of us will hurl our lives away due to “foodborne agents”.

Another 4,000 of us will drown. A significant percentage will be fishermen found floating with a high blood alcohol content and an unzipped fly.

As the data clearly shows, the things that genuinely threaten us are the ones we are most likely to ignore or simply accept. (We’re statistically far more likely to be killed by a lightning strike than by an action of Al Qaeda, for example.) The ones that we’re scared witless of – and spend trillions of increasingly scarce dollars to avert in our boundless paranoia – are less likely to harm us than a bag of peanuts. (Deaths in America due to peanut allergies average 50 – 100 per year.)

Deaths of Americans due to terrorist activities, according to the US State Department, have averaged less than 15 per year since 2002. And all of those occurred abroad. The majority were in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. (Civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan were not counted due to the fact those occurred in war zones.)

Executive Summary:

The things we fear most may be least likely to occur, which means the time, trauma and treasure we invest in them is a complete waste.

Security itself is an illusion. It is a perception that exists only between our ears. No army, insurance policy, hazmat team, video surveillance or explosive sniffer can protect us from our own immune system, a well-intentioned but clumsy surgeon, failing to look before crossing the street, an asteroid randomly hurtling through space or someone willing to die in order to do others harm.

In this sense, the only things that can truly make us more “secure” are not things. They are the courage to face whatever comes with dignity and intention, and the strong relationships that assure we will face the future together, and find comfort and meaning in doing so.

Imagine, then, what might happen if we simply quit listening to the scaremongers and those who profit from our paranoia. Imagine what the world could look like if we made a conscious choice to live out whatever time we have with courage, compassion, service and joy.

Terrorism is an act of the weak. But so is walking through the airport in our socks.

We can make better choices.

John Goekler uses imagination, agitation and applied complexity science to help organizations act with greater coherence, effectiveness and joy. He works primarily through Change Factors.

Campaign for Liberty Worker Detained and Questioned: recording made public

April 6, 2009
Dear Friend of Liberty,
Campaign for Liberty’s very own Steve Bierfeldt has become an unexpected Internet sensation -- and the latest target of over-reaching federal government agents.
You see, Steve was detained by Airport Police and TSA officials shortly after the Campaign for Liberty regional conference in St. Louis.
The officials rudely berated and harassed Steve for 30 minutes in a secluded room at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Fortunately, Steve was able to record nearly all of the interrogation with his cell phone.
Steve’s alleged “crime”? Carrying $4,700 in checks and cash from Campaign for Liberty, along with various other materials from our conference.
The local and Federal agents harassed Steve. They were belligerent, cursing and using insulting language. They threatened to turn Steve over to the DEA and the FBI, all the while refusing to inform him of his legal rights or explain how cash and checks threatened airplane or airport security.
Throughout the interrogation, Steve remained polite but resolute and declined to answer the invasive questions without an adequate explanation from these federal and local agents as to why they needed to be answered. Without telling Steve what law he was accused of breaking, they continued their harassment.
Although they grew increasingly frustrated that he remained committed to exercising his rights, intervention from another officer eventually led the police to reluctantly release Steve.
Last Wednesday, Steve appeared on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch to discuss the flagrant violation of his rights and to promote the importance of each of us defending our civil liberties.
Now, Steve’s appearance on Freedom Watch – which features several minutes of the audio tape – has gone viral.
Click here to watch the segment [links below], which has become one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.
Steve’s ordeal is a reminder to all patriots that liberty is constantly under fire, and we must remain vigilant and prepared to stand up for our rights.
In Liberty,
John Tate
President, Campaign for Liberty

Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Is a computer the modern equivalent of your "papers"? You can't be searched and your effects seized unless there is a warrant with probable cause. Do I understand this right?

I really liked this following entry from the Donklephant Blog:

Definitely worth a read.

I, for one, do not like my possessions being rifled through at the airport. I have considered not flying any more.

Frankly, I am far more worried about drunk drivers than I am about terrorists. It seems that communal effort (ie tax money) would be better spent on solving more egregious problems first. Last I checked at least 15,000 people are killed annually by drunk driving. The fact that other problems are not more publicized is a clue as to how it really works.

In regards to the most recent liberty post: I don't think this is a systematic attempt to take away the rights of Americans. I think this is the people in the TSA being poorly trained, ignorant of the law, and a broad and unreasonable mandate from the dept. of homeland security. While how these two officials acted is terrible and they should be reprimanded, retrained, or suspended for their harrassment when a well trained federal official (FBI) showed up the man was released and allowed to get on his plane.
What further complicates the issue is that the people one would least like to be in the security industry are the ones most drawn to it. How many of us have interacted with jerk cops or security guards who beleive thier badges give them the right to trample others rights? Sadly, these people are not weeded out and trianing is sorely lacking at the federal, state, county, and city level. This isn't an attack on our freedoms, rather it is a sad testimony to the poor training and ignorance of our peace officers/security services.
-- Jonathon Howard

I really appreciated your most recent series of articles on freedom and the most dangerous man in the world. Those statistics not withstanding, it should be pointed out that it is very easy to prove that no terrorist attacks have happened, it is much more difficult to prove whether or not the huge budget we push into counter terrorism is the cause.
In affect, the very same numbers used to point out what people die from might in fact be proof that the dollars spent are working. Simply a second opinion if you will.
I would frankly like to see a collective review of drug laws and antidrug/the war on drugs in the united states. We spend millions, possibly billions depending on how you want to calculate the numbers, fighting a battle against drug use which stems from the 1980s. This while drug usage in the U.S. is up, not down, and while we legally allow our citizens to use tabacho and alcohol every day (and die from both in many cases.)
To the man who says he doesn't want his stuff searched while going on the plane, I have to say that a small inconvenience to make sure I don't crash into a building mid flight is an entirely reasonable price to pay in my view. Sadly, I am in full agreement with those who feel that the search and seizure laws have been trampled lately. One of the few things that I fully support our president having done lately is the disbanding of the Cuban prison we used to get around social and legal pitfalls to do morally reprehencable things.My two cents;)


MN: Thank you. What I hope to do here is to point things out and hopefully have some readers re-think things taken for granted. The first fact is that at an airport checkpoint you are being searched, and your bags may be searched. The second fact is that this is done without probable cause (there is no reason to suspect you particularly of criminal activity) and without a warrant.
So I ask you noble reader: are the airport searches against the fourth amendment? Is there a way to get security without giving up rights?
How about forbidding air travel all together? That would make things 100% secure. Ridiculous? Just putting it out there. Where are your limits? Where would you draw the line?
You put forth an interesting argument, and possibly very persuasive. Since there have been no terrorist attacks in the last X years, then the efforts must be working. Why then do we never hear about foiled attacks? We hear about the coast guard intercepting ten tons of cocaine.
Of course it's a moot point since once government expands in any area it rarely ever contracts. Even if a program is not working it still gets funded.


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