Kandy Skorne

Brutal Beatdown

I managed to finish my Skorne up to 750 pts. It's an admirable force. See more pics here.
I played my first game today (with the new force that is) against Brigh's "Solid Stone" army.
Here's what was in it:
Baldur Stonecleaver x1
Woldwarden x2
Shifting Stones x2
Standing Stone x2
Megalith x1
Woldwatcher x1
= about 600 pts
I got the smackdown on turn two. Starting the game within the Standing Stones, when Xerxis (my warlock) ventured two close, the standing stones teleported the Megalith/Woldwardens out towards me and using their magic channeling ability annihilated him with Earth Spikes.
I can't wait to play again. It's all I can think about. My next matchup is with Renn's Trollbloods.
Life is good. All the kids (except baby) are in swimming lessons now and having a really good time. We bought them all cute towels geared to their little personalities (ie one has monkeys on it).
I currently have two sweet spots open at the end of July with good artists idle.

Prince and Pauper

Here are a couple of worthwhile vids about living well.


And then there's this guy, who is presented as a bit of an oddity, but to me seems like the seeing man in the valley of the blind: he's sane

I've been thinking about this sort of thing recently: live like a king, die without a penny. The federal government is devaluing the currency (just wait until the "stimulus" gets turned into ten times that amount in debt! I hope they find that the public isn't buying it) perhaps faster than what you can earn in interest. What if traditional retirement (ie save up enough to live on the interest) won't work in the future?

Just something that's been percolating for me.

One plan I'm considering is simply not accumulating any assets, only perhaps some use-able commodities. What else can have value but not be considered an asset? What cannot be looted by lawyers or the IRS? Goodwill with a local farmer? A skill that can be turned into cash easily (bike repairman)? Loyal children with good jobs? There's your social security. Is there a commodity that has a shelf-life of 20+ years that can be both consumed, sold or traded with relative ease? Deodorant, Soap, Propane?

Right now I have a negative net worth. A bum walking down the road who picks up a $0.05 can and puts it in his bag is richer than me. His net worth is "positive one nickel".

I think you're starting to get a little paranoid about these economic things... The United States has been in debt since WW2... If the United States crumbles... burdened by debt... you're not going to have to worry about someone taking your assets... Besides only reading what the doom and gloomers are saying perhaps you should look at what other economists are saying as well? Carpe Diem is a blog that only sees good news in the economy (I know, I find it hard to believe as well)

The best thing you can do is keep your personal finances in order... That means paying off that debt and then, if you're sure, the whole FED and Federal govt. is a scam to invest in real assets. Property and commodities... Just make sure you own them...

If you want to be really paranoid, and about something that will probably happen before the US collapses under it's debt... start looking into what peak oilers are saying: Cheap credit depends on cheap energy. Our culture is dependent on cheap energy. Cheap energy is a thing of the past.


Enjoying the site and the videos... I'll be a customer as soon as my own personal debt is paid off!


I really appreciate feedback on the blog. I am open to differing viewpoints. I would like to air various sides of an issue. If what I write is unfounded, then let's hear why.

The only thing I would take mild issue with is the use of the work "paranoid". That means that someone is imagining danger when there is none: an unreasonable fear. I maintain that my concerns are well-founded, and if anything, the majority of Americans are suffering from the opposite of paranoia: there are dangers that are not being recognized. This is not tin-foil-hat-conspiracy-theory. It's everyday stuff that profoundly affects the well-being of common citizens.

Here are some additional thoughts:

Don't drink the water from the pool the Banks have created. It is poison. It will hurt you. You don't need their "products" (so-called). There is a better and healthier way. This from the guy who likes Twinkies! But you get my point.

My sincere hope is that some readers will start looking at things differently. Through my experience as a business owner my life view has changed. I have felt the heavy hand of government. That they can destroy a small business or destroy someone's life, liberty and property is not some imagined threat. It is real. It has already happened to me. I managed to survive. But now that the sharks have ripped off one of my feet, I am much more careful as I swim in the water nowadays.

What hurts small business hurts the workers. That really bothers me.

Through this experience I started to read more and more on politics. Then I dug down to a layer where it was clear that I had to read more about economics and banking. I'm no expert. The more I read, the less informed I feel. However, the study of it has given me ideas for my business, and helped me to understand how things work.

I no longer wish to trade glass beads for my life essence.

I once read a book called "The Religion Worth Having". The thesis of the book was that there is a way-the-universe-actually-is and that the more that a religion, or an individual, or a society conformed to the actual and real laws of that universe the more successful it would be. A ship can't vote it's way around the Strait of Magellan. It must have accurate maps and follow sound nautical principles. I think the founding fathers referred to this as "natural law". That's sort of a blank area for me right now.

PS- some have noticed that I have comments turned off on my blog. I prefer to have people email me comments and then to post them.

Happiness on a Stick

During this last six months I have had "moments of bliss" with increasing frequency. It's usually when I'm driving home. There is a broad lane through a residential area (this harkens back to pioneer days when Brigham Young proclaimed streets wide enough to turn around a yoke of eight horses... something like that) that runs southwards, and as the avenue slopes upwards there are broad green clouds of trees, and between them towering mountains. Now that summer is coming they have a white filigree crown of receding snow, and from the base are long encroaching fingers of greenery. Sometimes the clouds appear as vast fields of bulbous white and pink jade.
It looks like a picture. But it's real.
I know that soon I will be with my wife and children in my hobbit hole. And my heart swells with gratitude and well-being.
Today I was up at 6:00am and started in on the correspondence. I went back to sleep for a cat nap later in the morning. Then around 11am off to a barbecue at the Barrowes. Good eats and good company. My wife made her tried and true succotash. I had some of that, a hamburger (with guac), rice krispie treats, and a brownie all washed down with ice cold lemonade. The Barrowes have had a couple of daughters get married this last year. It's really something to see two families come together. And then the grand-kids.
After that I headed to the studio by my lonesomes to keep a lid on the various processes. By and by a friend of mine (who you know as Sky Marshall Anonymo) showed up with his Warriors of Chaos army to play a game of Warhammer Fantasy with me. I played a client's High Elf army (which I was given explicit permission to do). I will have a Notrep up for that later this week.
It took us about seven hours to finally work around to the end of the battle. His wife came by with Taco Bell dinner. Good stuff.
He also brought his HD recording device and we shot a few videos for Hordes. I am over 90% done with the Skorne army. It's looking really good.
Just heard on www.40kradio.com that the Land Speeder Storm (being released in about a month?) will have the land speeder and five scouts for $30. I'd snap a bunch of those up before they jack up the price.
PS- the Hero of the Imperium special still has one slot open. I am currently booking projects for August as well. I am standing by. I am available for any matter.
PPS- Those interested in the progress of the Pandora's Army special will be pleased to hear that all materials have been ordered. We are doing the following armies: Deathguard, Tau, Imperial Guard, and Wood Elves. The Pandora's Army special is closed now. I plan on reincarnating it later in July, smoother and stronger.

Hero of the Imperium Special

Here's a new one. This is a limited offer; two slots.

You get a $10,000 credit (yes, ten thousand) to be used for painted/finished figures for $5500.

Once you pay, the credit becomes available by by degree each month, starting with the first day after you pay, at the rate of minimum $1000 per month.
Or a $5,000 credit for $3,000. It's the ultimate bulk deal.
I personally guarantee to uphold my end of the bargain. I give you my word to act in good faith. No shenanigans.
This is first come, first-served. Please contact me via email at bluetablepainting@gmail.com if interested.


  • You get free shipping for your projects.
  • During the course of the five to ten months we will make at least five videos related to your projects or dedicated/useful to you somehow.
  • You get two shots of free shipping for Forge World stuff (we will cover for shipping, but you cover models).

Multiple people can get together for one of these, but there needs to be a spokesperson. The other people can get credited whatever the agreed amount is, but I need to deal with just one person. So, if Fred Jones is the spokesperson for the group, he passes along Instructions and sets things up by proxy, and tells me shipping addresses. However, if Fred skips town, other people involved retain their credits as long as this is A) set up beforehand (ie it's agreed who gets what and when), and B) they contact me before the models are shipped. Best to just make sure Fred is someone of impeccable character.

For example: a consortium of four people could go in at $1375 each and each get a $2500 credit. Every two or three months one of them would be in line to get a substantial army done (or however you want to split it).

There are a few conditions. The credit is can be used for materials (ie the models/kits) but those need to be assembled and painted by BTP as part of the deal (ie you can't just have us mail you kits).

If you are dis-satisfied in any way, you agree to notify us and let us make reasonable amends. This deal is subject to our normal Terms of Service in our service guide.

The normal discounts for materials are not cumulative with this credit. You pay 100%. BUT (for those that are doing the math) you get an even better discount of effectively 45% on your materials (because you paid 55 cents on the dollar for your credit). In other words you will be getting $100 worth of kit for every $55 you paid.

You can also send your own models to be painted. You don't need to get them through BTP.

The credit can only be used for commonly available materials (for example: not Forge World).
This special is the best deal offered to date. It is not cumulative with other specials. Exceptions: L2, Tank Factory, and Artistic License (those specials are cumulative with this one). Other specials/deals or whatever work with this one only at BTP's discretion.

BTP can reasonably clarify or amend unclear areas of the deal. There are always little gremlins that get in works. We both agree to be reasonable.
Shawn Gately
PS- I almost called this the "Army of the Month" special!

Thoughts on Tau

[Got this from a client]
When you asked if I wanted plague marines or Tau you noted that Plague marines are a tough tourney army. I wanted to say that I agree, but that I also think Tau could be a very viable tourney army and I think the hobby itself is more fun when lots of different races and builds are played. I know from comments on your blog that you likewise are saddened but the advent of cookie cutter builds and certainly enjoyed reading your lament of the 6- and 7-wide movement trays that became so popular. I should note that I have no issues with tough lists, just unoriginal ones.

I ended up proxying out several ideas and looking at a lot of the Tau lists that are posted on the internet I think the reasons folks underestimate the Tau are sevenfold -

1. They insist on running with loads of firewarriors as their troop base instead of kroot. Firewarriors are really NOT good. At range firewarriors do ok, but once folks start closing they must embark the devilfish and move away or die.
2. They forget to add in a bunch of kroot hounds (the punch in the list) to the kroot. I think this is largely because the models aren't particularly sweet and being metal, are so expensive. Having said that, it's NO excuse as there are SO many other alternatives (WFB chaos wolves, flesh hounds of Khorne [just as expensive but better looking], the wolves from Goblin Wolf riders (don't know if this would work as I've never seen the set), Vampire Count Dire wolves [i'm sure some theme could work], heck maybe even get creative with a box of tyranids).
3. They equip their battlesuits with fusion and flamers following the thought that melta and template are 5e essentials for SM, CSM, IG, Eldar etc... This takes the battlesuit away from its core competency - long range death with a move that allows you to constantly stay out of range of basic infantry. JSJ allows you to essentially move 12" while firing. Since every battlesuit you buy will generally have a misslepod, there should be no transports either.
4. They overload on stealth suits (cause they look cool) without realizing that battlesuits can generally do it better and cheaper (except markerlights).
5. They buy stealth suits to use as markerlight carriers without realizing that pathfinders can do it better and cheaper (plus you can use the devilfish for your fire warriors).
6. Adding stealth suits takes elite spots (the firepower of the tau) and keeps you from having full complement of battlesuits. i think you want 1-3 fireknife groups (plasma, missle and multi-tracker), 0-2 deathrain groups (twin linked missle pods with either target array or flamer), and 0-2 firestorm (burstcannon, plasma, and mult-tracker). I think commander(s) should always be fireknife (I hear airbursting frag is pretty decent too though, maybe with a misslepod...). Fireknife eat marines, terminators, transports and characters. Deathrain = transport death, Firestorm = death to infantry.
7. They use vespids because they were cool in Dawn of War even though they could be the most useless unit outside of Necron Pariahs.
8. They steer away from piranhas with a fusion blaster because a SM landspeeder is about the same price but has better BS, equiv defense (doesn't count as open top), and probably has a secondary weapon liek a HF thrown in as well. However, by doing so they take away their fastest unit (and fastest anti-mech unit). The points shouldn't be compared on a relative basis, but rather on a what it brings to your army basis...

Anyway rant over...



[Up at 4am again]

Today we played our first game of Hordes. Renn's Trollbloods vs Brigh's Orboros "Solid Stone" force. I didn't record it mostly on account of some unpainted figures (I wouldn't want your delicate eyes being sullied by white primer). Brigh's army is a tough nut to crack and I think the learning curve is steep. We all learned a lot about how the game is played.

Hordes is more like a game of gladiatorial combat than a wargame of battlefield tactics. It's very rich and complex. I plan on doing some how-to videos.

For my part I managed to paint a unit of Ferox Riders (guys on sabre-tooth tigers), a Cyclops Shaman and a Basilisk Krea. I am holding off on pictures until the entire force is done, 858 points in total. I painted the Krea a lime-green which really makes it look like a toad. Is that a bad thing? Well, I like it.

The typical game of Hordes is played at 750 pts. That's like a 2000 point game of Warhammer.

Got the spreadsheets uploaded for Hordes, too.

Here's how to use them (or just email me a list):

More on Fractional Reserve Banking

I've been hunting around for more information on this topic. I found this potent article:


The essential part that I'm trying to verify is if the "reserve" is a portion of the total deposits (what we're taught in "It's a Wonderful Life" and what most people believe), or if the "reserve" is the base amount of the deposit and the remainder is conjured out of thin air. Naturally, if the latter is true, then there is a great motivation to keep that under wraps and perpetuate the former idea in the minds of the masses.


Yesterday I headed off to the studio around 11am after a breakfast of biscuits and gravy.
For the last few weeks there has been a logjam in Assembly and that is just now working through. And then a logjam in Painting, but today the projects were flying off the shelves. Everything lined up perfectly.
I spent the afternoon working on the Skorne project. Wednesday is the trial run and I need to have at least 500 points worked up.
I'm booking projects for late July and early August. Best to get started early. There is still one golden spot open for the Pandora's Army special. I am working to see how that can be a permanent fixture; there has been a positive response from all parties.
The studio Redjaw Orks and Oceanic Eldar are both on the block, $1900 each. They are 2200-2400 pts apiece. I plan on creating a Stompa and Scorpion Grav Tank respectively for each which will be a separate deal. This price is a limited time offer, I will probably take them off the block sometime in the near future. Email me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for details.

Skorne Update

Here are some of the Skorne I've painted up so far. Point-wise it's about half-way through. Um, but really not truly half-way, just trying to keep my steam up. The tradition Skorne colors are brass and red (sound familiar?). But I decided to go with this green-turquoise color. I think it's working.

Colors used, all Vallejo:
Foul Green
Cavalry Brown
Oily Steel

After I take pics I see all sorts of flaws that need to be smoothed out. Things not visible in person. It's really unfair.

The bases still need some grass on them, too.

Happy Father's Day

Setting up a Project

Hey all. Here is how to set up a commission. I have updated this. Notably, I got rid of the old Tank Factory special and replaced it with the "get one painted, get another painted free" type special from recent months (minimum three pairs = six vehicles). That one is a better deal and more accessible.

Also note the Trade-in deal also allows you the option to just get regular kits (not assembled or painted) shipped to you, as well as getting your models assembled/painted. See below for details.


Thanks for your inquiry.

Getting a Quote
As a general rule of thumb it costs $500-1200 per 1000 points in an army. This is if we provide everything (models, assembly, and painting). This varies based on a number of factors, mostly the quality of painting you choose. If you just want painting only (ie you have your models already assembled) the cost is about half of that.

Attached is a spreadsheet outlining all costs of your project. Or you can download a generic sheet for your army here.

Here is a video on how to use the spreadsheet. You do not have to fill this out yourself. I will be happy to work from an emailed list.

You have three options to get a quote:
A) Fill out the sheet yourself This spreadsheet will auto-calculate all costs associated with your commission. If you are providing and/or assembling your own models you will naturally zero out those totals.
B) Send a list of what you’d like done. What models need assembly? Cleaning? What models are you providing? What models would you like us to provide? I’ll send back a detailed quote.
C) Call me and I will set everything up over the phone with you. 801 372 8545.

We have several specials available. Only one can be applied.
1) Level 2—models can be given a basic paint job. Save 30% off painting.
2) Artistic License—we decide completely how a project is painted and based. Save 10% on painting.
3) Combine Level 2 and Artistic License. Save 35% off painting
4) Tank Factory—Get three tanks painted and get three painted free. See below for details.
5) Tradein—trade in your current range (in print) kits and models as part of your payment. This can be combined with other specials. Details below.

Scheduling a Project
This project will be scheduled officially for completion in 25-35 days. If you need your project for an event (like a tournament), please make that known, we can often accommodate that.

To schedule a project, we need the following things:

1) The models (or a list of models to be acquired).
2) A deposit as indicated on the Project Breakdown spreadsheet
a. Pay by phone with major Credit Card 801 372 8545
b. Pay via Paypal to bluetablepainting@gmail.com
c. Pay by MO (see website Service Guide for details)
3) The Instructions .doc sheet filled out and returned.

Terms of Service
I would recommend that you look over our Service Guide .

Minimum Run Size
Generally speaking, Levels 2-4 are reserved for whole units of models or vehicles/monsters. Levels 5-6 are for individual hero types.

Contact Information
Also keep up to date with our Daily Blog: http://www.bluetablepainting.blogspot.com/ I keep that updated almost daily.

I’d be interested to know how you heard of Blue Table.

If you want to contact me for any reason:
Email at bluetablepainting@gmail.com
Phone number is (801) 372-8545
Facebook ID is bluetablepainting http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=633040196
Google Chat ID is bluetablepainting


PS- if you have any problem with the spreadsheet, just let me know—I can send the quote as in-line text.

Tank Factory Special
Here are the details-- they must be in pairs. There must be at least three pairs (six vehicles). You can't have a two chimeras painted regular price and then get two baneblades done for free. But you could have a chimera and a baneblade done then get two more of the same done free. Tanks don't need to be the exact same to count as a pair, just similar (so you could pair up a Hellhound and a Chimera).

All the vehicles in a project need to be roughly the same color scheme. Doesn't apply to Forge World. Must ask for the special by name before the project is underway. Normal assembly rates apply.

Trade In
Here are the trade-in rates for Spring/Summer 2009. I'm offering service credit in trade for models (you can also get kits, see below). Read this completely as I have recently improved almost every aspect of this program! .
You can usually get a much better deal going to the secondary market (local shop, ebay) on your own. However, the advantage of trading in with us is that you are likely to be able to unload disparate items without a lot of hassle (e.g. finding various buyers, setting up payment, lots of minor questions). .
If you want to trade in, we need a list with retail values and condition (e.g. new in box, new on sprue, assembled, primed). The rates below are a multiplier. If the entry says 0.30 it means you would get $30 for $100 worth of retail items. Just take the retail total and multiply it by the number. You do not need to figure this out; you can just send in your list of stuff to bluetablepainting@gmail.com .
In the past I have only allowed for half or less of a project to be paid in credit this way. But for the time being I am lifting that restriction. . I just know there's someone who goes out to their garage, surveys the mass of unpainted models, sighs then turns out the light. This program will hopefully allow someone with the "white primer horde" to finally show up with a painted army. As an added bonus, your models will get a good home where they will be painted and loved. .
We don’t need painted figures. Exception: if they only have a little bit done with them; not too thick, not too many layers. Primed models are OK, again not too thick. .
You can also get a credit of at least $10 to help with your shipping costs. This is on request. .
If you want to trade-in figures, but don't have a project ready, that's OK, I will confirm your total and then you will have it on tap for when you want to use it. .
This trade-in is recorded as a payment on your project. It is non-refundable except at our discretion (eg you can’t refuse the project and then get your trade-in amount refunded as cash). Trade-in can be applied to cost of models, assembly or painting as you wish. This means you can also just get models sent to you (this is limited to models that are commonly available, eg not Forge World)..
Generally, we only need in-print models that are currently in production. .
These rates and conditions may change so it is recommended to check in every once in a while. I am likely to update the numbers about once a month. The plan right now is to update every first of the month. Fairness is the guiding principle. .
Forge World 0.49 . Assault on Black Reach Models:
Complete set of orks $9 credit
Complete set of space marines $9 credit
Space Marine Dreadnought $5 credit
Small rulebook $5 credit
Template sprue (complete) $3 credit . Chaos Space Marines 0.23 . Daemonhunters 0.20 . Daemons of Chaos 0.29 . Eldar 0.20 . Imperial Guard 0.35 . Necrons 0.20 . Orks 0.25 . Space Marines 0.35 . Tau 0.25 . Tyranids 0.26 . Witch Hunters 0.21 . Warhammer Fantasy 0.25 . Hordes 0.25 . War Machine 0.25 . Battlefleet Gothic 0.11 . Lord of the Rings 0.17

Dia de los Padres

For Father's Day I got a very nice little present: Seasons 4-7 of Star Trek: TNG. That completes the set for me.
Last night my wife and I fell asleep on the couch, watching episodes of Seinfeld. We were exhausted from various trips (two family reunions, in each case a long drive with seven people in the van). I woke up in the middle of the night, our legs tangled and cramped. So I nudged her and got her to get up and go to bed. She said, "Shawn, don't you dare sleep down here, get to bed right away." To which I mumbled, "Sure thing dear, I'll be right up." Six hours later the dawn was breaking.
Pretty much a lazy afternoon. Over the weekend I put together most of my Skorne. I'm behind the rest of the group who are in some cases nearly through painting.
I went our for a walk. Oh, yesterday it was raining really hard; waves of marble-sized droplets surging like silvery ripples of wind-on-grain down the street. At the end of the street is a simple public park, just a lawn but sunken down with a drainage grate in the middle. It's sunken about four feet. The whole thing was full, and there was a stream of water flowing into it. And there was a bubbling geyser in the middle where water was back-flowing into the now-a-pond. It was amazing. I headed out there to be sure that some neighbors houses weren't flooding and to see if they needed help (no cause for alarm turns out).
There were about eight neighborhood kids out there waiting for cars to come by and douse them as they plowed through the water.
I am getting profound satisfaction from family life. Good food, too. My wife cooked me two meals today; biscuits and gravy for breakfast and steak and chile verde for dinner. Everything cooked and seasoned to perfection.
Speaking of food, baby Willow is now eating solid food at six months old. Her current repertoire is rice and green pea mash. She is highly aware of the rest of us eating. She sees the food going in the mouth and she lunges forward to get some.
Happy Father's Day all.

Life and Liberty

"Give me Liberty or give me Death." is no idle phrase. It is the seed of the idea of Freedom: liberty is more valuable than life.

The President's Oath of Office is ever so short:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

So, when I hear a president say that he is going to keep the American public "safe" my response is:

"Well, thanks for taking care of the second most important thing (life). Now how is it going with the preservation of the Consitution? How vigilant are you that my civil liberties are being protected?"

40K Radio Live Show

Be sure to check out their down-load-able webzine. What a wargame magazing should be (not a catalogue cough*whitedwarf*cough)

Rogue Trader RPG

The Rogue Trader RPG was put out on the market by Fantasy Flight Games today.
It retails for $59.95
I can't say much more about it. Today is free RPG day so you can get some free pre-made characters.
I can see it is a different system than Dark Heresy, which is a plus by my count since it seems simpler. Dark Heresy was rich... and complicated. Cumbersome.

Oh Great!

Hey guess what's coming out in early August? The Ork Battlewagon upgrade kit. Included are the deff rolla and the lobba, among others.

Summer Breeze

It's midnight. I'm down at the studio.

That pic is of my interpretation of an Eldar Falcon. All parts are magnetized. I made an option for a prism cannon, but the crystal looks like a giant carrot, so I'm going to change the color.

With the help of some earplugs I'm managing to sleep through the night. I'm a light sleeper: birds chirping, dogs barking, and other nocturnal shufflings wake me up and I can't get back to sleep.

My mother-in-law has been in this week, which I mentioned before is yummy for my tummy. I've eaten great food breakfast lunch and dinner all week long. This morning it was scratch baked biscuits and gravy with some ice cold acai-berry juice.

The Hordes stuff is in and I should have my faction under the brush early this coming week. Renn and Brigh were getting in a practice battle today over lunch. Our goal is to have our factions all painted up and ready to roll by this coming Wednesday.

I have one (one) slot left for the Pandora special. I may have only sporadic communication over the weekend. If you want it, go ahead and send the $500 deposit. I will confirm and get things underway this coming week. It has been a real brainbuster to get these armies up to the points while keeping the cost reasonable, but I've got at least six good options cooking. It has been great for the creative energy.

The family and I headed out to a family reunion at an old pioneer outpost. That place reminded me of some of the dilapidated or abandoned mining, logging and farming settlements we would come across traipsing around the backwoods of Oregon. I took a nap in the car. I was getting cranky.

So it was around 10pm that my wife dropped me off at the studio to pick up my car and finish up some webwork.

My sincere thanks to those that visit this blog and the youtube channel. I really appreciate those that have supported Blue Table Painting.

Q&A Dragon Wings

hey guys question..where would be a good place for me to find say wings for a demon prince???

You can order Balrog wings (or other types) from GW.

Sometimes you can find a workable set for cheap at a local toy shop (by scavenging from a toy of some kind).

Look up "McFarlane Dragon" on eBay. These resin kits are really good and there are like 40 types of wing on them. They cost about $20 each though.

Pandora's Army Update

I am holding out two more spots for this during this week. I plan on ordering materials this coming Monday. I have been meeting with both assemblers and painters talking about the possibilities.

More to come.

Beads for Land (part one)

Before we begin today's exercise, I want you to first think about your income. How much do you make every month? Now I want to think about that as your life. Out of the eighty years on this earth, how many of them will you spend at work? Money is a representation of your time, an ultimately limited and invaluable commodity.

Additionally (by way of preface), please do not take the tone of this article as conspiracy-theory, or a rant against the injustice of the system. Think of it more as a product review, or perhaps a customer's feedback about a company or an industry.

When a bank receives money on deposit (say, from you opening an account) it is allowed to put this money "on reserve". This means that the bank can loan out ten times that amount. This is called "fractional reserve banking". They keep a fraction on reserve.

So, if a bank has $1000 on reserve it can make a loan for $10,000.

Now, let's say that you walk in and want a loan for, say, a car. If the amount of the loan is $15,000 the bank is allowed to make that loan on the basis of $1,500 in deposits (the reserve). So, where does the other $13,500 come from? It doesn't come from anywhere. That other 90% of the money wasn't saved, invested, or deposited. The bank did not have it. It was conjured from nothing based on your signature to repay.

This is called "fractional reserve banking". It's not conspiracy theory, just a fundamental fact of how the banking system works.

But this is ever so different than how the common man thinks it works. I always thought the bank loaned out money that it got on deposit. That's how it's explained in "It's a Wonderful Life".

Let's go back to your car loan for $15,000. Let's say that over the course of the loan you pay back the principle plus $3,000 interest. What is the bank's profit? $1500 on reserve has doubled to become $3000 in interst payments from you. Not only that, but you also paid back the invented money to the tune of $13,500.

You paid back money that never really existed.

The real kicker is that it's possible that you were the very person that has the $1500 reserve dollars on deposit. Because the bank is allowed to leverage your money at ten to one you have made yourself an indentured servant.

One more time, slowly. If you keep $1500 on deposit at your local bank, and then take out a loan for $15,000 from the same bank, you will pay them back $18,000 over the course of X years. On your own money.

Look it in the eye: a bank is a creature that produces no tangible good or service. It takes an apple, stores it, lends out ten fake apples, and collects thirteen real apples. A bank is not only the least valuable business on the street, it actually has a net negative affect on the community in which it resides.

I'd like each person reading this to think of his or her private debts. Now imagine that each one is only really worth one-tenth of its value.

In some cases, reserve money is leveraged out at even more ludicrous rates of 30:1 or 40:1. Your home could possibly be backed only by $5,000 of reserves.

This is worse even when considering the purchase of a home. Let's say a man buys a modest home for $200K. Conservatively, he will pay back $100K interest on top of the $200K in principle, representing perhaps two or three years of his life working to pay money for only $20K of real money on deposit. He has been made an indentured servant.

Right now you are paying into this system. Even if you rent (you're just paying indirectly through your landlord).

It is through this means that the banks are able to buy up the town and make everyone squatters on what is now their property. Seriously, think of what the total property value in your city is. Let's take a town with 10,000 homes in it, each worth a value of say $200K. So, a bank with 200 million on deposit can effectively provide loans for everyone to "own" their home. The truth is that they have traded beads for the land and made every inhabitant a feudal serf. A well-dressed, well-fed, well-housed serf.

This leveraging of money (ie taking deposits and then inserting ten times that in invented money into the pool) also makes prices higher. About ten times higher. Houses and cars are so expensive because of the inflated money supply. Easy credit makes prices go up.

It is a swindle of mind-breaking proportions.

By the time you die you will have indirectly built a summer home for a Banker somewhere. You will have built his yacht without so much as a thank you in return.

It breaks a fundamental law of the universe: "by the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat thy bread all the days of they life". Or if you prefer, "you can't get something for nothing."

So, what to do about it? Here's what I'm working towards. First, pay of my debts. Sure, it rankles me that they are collecting on money that doesn't represent an honest investment. But that's all right. It is not for me, but for God to deal as he sees fit. I hope He is merciful to them.

Then, I plan on taking the maximum amount of my deposit-money out of the system so they can't ensnare other people into debt with it. I will deal in real commodities directly with my fellow man.

Where necessary and possible, I will keep my debts with fellow-citizens and pay interest to them instead (PS- I am looking for an investor in BTP).

I will do what I can to provide my children with homes that are paid for so that future generations can live free.

I will live humbly and live within my means.

Now, some may be thinking that the "services" (so called) that banks provide are voluntary. No one has to buy them. That is true to a great extent, and ties into the call that I am making with this article (which is to get as far away as possible from this dirty business). Bear in mind the effects of the inflation of the money supply. You can't get away from this because everything you buy (especially a house, car, college education) is significantly more expensive because of the effects of invented money.

Imagine that a band of counterfeiters moved into your city and printed off millions of dollars to buy local goods. They could argue that they are enriching local businesses and indirectly making it possible for them to make their house payments. But the fact is that the town is drained of actual goods and services that are transferred to the counterfeiters in the net transaction. It gets worse. There is now an increased supply of dollars chasing after the same amount of goods. They have caused inflation.

Of course, the federal government would say that the counterfeiters are "stimulating" the economy!

Even though it (fractional reserve banking) is legal, this is the same net effect that a bank has on the local community.

It is my opinion that the banks mask the real value of things. If they were to be cut out of the loop, a home might cost only $10,000 or $30,000. You really could save up and pay with cash (or even better, commodity-backed money). Divide everything by ten.

"But Shawn," I hear someone wail, "don't you know that the labor and materials just to build a home is on the order of $70,000." Yes, perhaps, but its $70K of inflated money! The lumber, nails, and labor were all distorted in value by the vast ocean of credit.

As Pete Schiff has pointed out, all the Credit is not the cure, it's the cancer.

Now imagine for a moment a world where there is no lending on interest, and there is no fractional reserve banking. Puzzle it through. How would that play out? Would everyone be in the streets with no home, no car? I suggest to you, gentle reader, that the opposite is true. You would own your home, own your car, own the land, own your life.

Now this can't be right, because wages would be a tenth, wouldn't they?

Other Misc.
You cannot opt out of this system. Taxes are levied in order to ensure the existence of the banks. I'm talking about bailouts. Bail out the toilet paper factory. At least they are producing something you can use.

Government should never provide bailouts. If a company needs an influx of cash they should get it from customers and investors. If there is no customer or investor then that business has no right to exist. We should all be very leery of something

Right now there is talk of setting up regulatory systems by which a "systemic" company (read: too big to fail) can be kept straight. No! If a company is that big it needs to be broken up vis a vis the anti-trust laws. Government should ensure fair play and healthy competition. Is that right?

I'm hearing often now cries out against "Fascism" or "Socialism" but never a peep about "Oligarchy".

[PS- as usual, I am open to hearing new information. This is what I have so far. I am a political explorer.]

Pandora Still Going Strong

Still accepting project for Pandora. There's been a great response, better than any other special to date. This morning I sat down with some of the Artists and went over some ideas and we had such a level of excitement for it that we want to do more!

Update: for Warhammer Fantasy we are accepting five "nixes" (three for 40K). We are flexible on this matter. If you own four armies we can guarantee no duplication.


The underslung death rolla was really not sitting well with me. Not proper orky-like. So I got this new one from Forge World (a client piggy-backed it for me on an order).
Daddy likey.

Change to Trade-in Program

You don't need to have the retail values for your trade-in list. No need to look that up if you don't want.

If They Ever Found Out

Deep End

It was stormy last night. I was pacing up and down in front of my house, thinking, last night, watching dark clouds gather overhead. The pitter patter of rain drove me to the porch. My soul was singing, deep and beautiful. Then it began to rain in earnest, raindrops the size of bumblebees dive-bombing the pavement. Then the lightning and resounding thunder as the summer grew dark. The whole family gathered on the front porch with blankets, milk, and M&M cookies, counting the seconds between sky-rending flash of light, and foundation-cracking cloud-grumble.
I slept through the night last night.
Today I managed to finish up the rest of the Ork army (except for the Stompa, which will be a separate deal-- yes, I'm selling the Orks). It's 2400 pts now. Here are the new additions;
14x Kommandos (five from the box set and nine conversions, some from the old ork nob bodies)
1x Painboy (for the Nobz on foot unit)
1x Nob on Foot (bringing the total to seven nobz on foot, painboy makes eight)
1x Burnaboy
1x Snikrot (insanely cool figure-- he also allows the Kommandos to come in from any table edge without rolling, plus they can charge the same turn)
1x Ork Dreadnought (counts as a Troop with Mekboy HQ)
Ayup, that about rounds it up.
I've got several takers for the Pandora's Army special, and I'm furiously cooking up ideas for it. The door is still open if you're interested.


The Magic cards are gone. That's an albatross off my neck. If I added up all the time I spent on that in the last three months I probably could have painted up two whole armies. And had something to show for it.
So, anyhoo, we're sitting around in the break room and we're all jonesing for some D&D. Renn and Brigh were in the last campaign I ran, and they have fond memories of it. And the new guy is also an avid fan of the game. And I'm really wanting to run an adventure. But I resisted. I really don't have time for extraneous stuff. I have to focus on miniatures battles.
Well one thing led to another and we decided to pick up Hordes. As some of you know this is my favorite game. No worries, I plan on doing the same amount of Warhammer Fantasy and 40K.
I already have a Legion army pretty much done. I just need some troops to round it out. Here's what I have:
I also have Trollbloods on hand, all new in box. They've been stowed away for about a year. Just a few models needed to get that rounded out to the 600 point mark (what we've decided on).
The round-out models are actually en route. I hope to be painting them up by the weekend. Sweet.
I'd love to sell that little Space Wolves force. I'd part with it for $175. That'll give some cash to fund new projects.
Speaking of which, more is coming for the Orks. A Stompa is in my hot hands (it can double as a battlewagon) which brings it up to a sweet 3000 points. What else is cooking? A quite converted unit of Kommandos with Snikrot. And a painboy on foot for the Nobz unit. Oh, and a super-converted Deff Dred. Oh, man it's all so kewl and really pushes this army to Apocalyptic proportions. Aaaand then we're done with the Orks.
What's next? Hordes.
PS- I've been cooking up a special for Summer. The deal is $950 for a 2000 point army. The catch? We pick everything. You only choose 40K or Fantasy. We will produce at least a relatively competitive list. And nothing weird for paint scheme. I don't know if anyone will take me up on this, but we'll see.

War Machine: incoming and old stuff

Oh dear. I stumbled on this, a new faction for War Machine called the Retribution of Scyrah. I couldn't even believe how cool these models are. And they're supposedly plastic and modular, even better.

The first book, Warmachine: Prime was released originally in 2003, with a revised edition,

Warmachine: Prime Remix released in early 2007. All of the subsequent books have been expansions of Prime. Each expansion usually introduces new warcasters, warjacks, units, and solos, as well as new model subtypes - such as cavalry units - that add new strategies and complexities to each faction.

Warmachine: Prime - 2003

Warmachine: Escalation - 2004

Warmachine: Apotheosis - 2005

Warmachine: Superiority - 2006

Warmachine: Prime Remix - 2007

Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast - 2007

Forces of Warmachine is the name of a series of expansions that will focus on a themed army as opposed to having additions to all of the factions. So far, only one book has been released, although it has been stated that more will be announced in the future.

Warmachine: Legends - 2008

Currently under development is

Forces of Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah - 2009

Warmachine Mk2 - 2010
with a planned release in January alongside stat cards for all the models in the game. Mk2 is a complete reworking of the game, with every model available changed and/or recosted, alongside the changes to the rules set.

April 2009 saw an open "Field Test" of the Warmachine Mk2 rules, hosted on Privateer Press' website. Players could download a full set of rules, plus rules for every model in the game, and post feedback to Privateer Press through an online field test website.

2010 will bring "Faction Books" for all Warmachine Factions, showcasing all faction models for the four factions plus the Mercenaries. Confirmed in a banner on the Privateer Press website for September 2009 is a new faction, the Retribution of Scyrah.

Advice on Eldar from GPK

Hey hey Shawn, working on my list and pics for the Eldar.

And now for a little pep talk. I play Orcs (3800) Tau (6400 points'ish) and Eldar (4420 points'ish) and I just watched your bat-rep video and I must say your army is awesome, just plain great. Your tactics need a little work.

I play lists very similar to yours, and win loss ration with my Eldar is something like 48wins 8losses of those wins 8 are in 5th ed and 0losses in 5th ed.

Ok warwalkers, when in doubt scatter-laser - 3 warwalkers 6 scatterlasers = 24 shots play lady luck (I usually take 2 teams of these yum)
- always ALWAYS try to take a farseer to give them guide, and to Doom your enemy.
^Against marine armies star cannons are godly.

Rangers are good if they are pathfinders, and if a target is 'doomed', a re-roll to wound is massive. (Again farseer)

Don't reserve your scorpions, infiltrate them close to pathfinders, most enemies will try to get your snipers after you start dooming them, and scorpions are my second favorite (tied with banshee's) Eldar close combat choice (harlequins are by far my beloved). If you can get scorpions into an assault against troops, just watch them tear things up, even marines and terminators.

Vypers are good, scatter lasers or bright lances.

Dire Avengers - Must have Exarch must have bladestorm, again play lady luck with these, bladestorm the poop out of some unit and then charge right in!

Ok lets not see any more losses, we here at GPK are counting on you Shawn, we are counting on the Oceanic Eldar to slaughter those uncultured pesky humans.

Sleep Deprivation

Hey all!

I'm up bright and early. Mild-mannered and relatively quiet baby is still an awake baby.

I just put up some new stuff in the For Sale section of our website:

I also have some stuff on the block informal-like here:
I just updated this gallery so I should still have everything.

You can buy it and check out with Paypal (you should email me to let me know, linkback is not reliable) or just email me and pay however you please. I can always take a credit card by phone at 801 372 8545.

I will give reduced rates for bulk purchases (min. 4 listings) and will also combine shipping ($9 max for any number of listings).

Heart of Stone

Another beautiful Sunday.
I woke up at 4am. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I played around on Army Builder for a while. Then I hit the hay again just around daybreak and slept in to a respectable 10am. My darling wife made me biscuits and gravy with sausage for breakfast. Washed down with some lime-ade in a tall glass of ice. Yumsters.
Church was edifying as usual; a time to jot down some ideas and get my head on straight. My main challenges as you know stem from business and money. The trick is to keep the right priorities on the top of the list. The rest will follow. That said, the work has to be put in. I don't think I've been working hard enough, or really organzing myself very well. I've got about five ideas to try this week.
That's the challenge of the young father. I've got to do right by family and community, but also make sure the bills are paid.
In the new testament, it is very rare for Jesus to do anything for someone that they cannot do for themselves. He provides only the miraculous intervention after the possible has been done. The healing of the man with palsy is illustrative in my view. The man and his relatives had to make a journey on their own initiative, overcome an obstacle (a trial of their faith) first, then the miracle. Even after that, the man is told to take his bed and go home. He is not carried home.
I think this also shows that Jesus's business is the transformation of souls. I may not have physical deformities (which are for this life only), but I have spiritual leprosy; things that cannot be cured or change on my own impetus. God has the power to change the nature of the human heart-- to convert both body, mind and spirit into something beautiful. This is what I have sought in my life. The first step is to realize that the leprosy isn't getting any better.
Reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures:
And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh. --Ezekiel 11:9
PS- Guess what happens the morning after you eat ten large oatmeal-raisin cookies?
PPS- don't mean to come across as preachy, just thought I'd open the old brain-pan a creak and in case anyone wants to take a look-see.

Redjaw Clan Orks- Army List for Battle Report

1908 Pts - Orks Roster - Redjaw Clan

[missing from list: 10x boyz, 15x Kommandos, 1x Snikrot, 1x Deff Dred]

HQ: Big Mek (1#, 100 Pts)
1 Big Mek @ 100 Pts
Choppa; Kustom Force Field; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!; 'Eavy Armour; Cybork Body; Mek's Tools

HQ: Warboss (1#, 145 Pts)
1 Warboss @ 145 Pts
Power Klaw; Slugga; Twin-linked Dakkagun; Stikkbombs; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!; Attack Squig; Bosspole; Warbike

Elite: Burna Boyz (12#, 180 Pts)
10 Burna Boyz @ 180 Pts
Burna; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
2 Mekboy @ [30] Pts
Kustom Mega-Blasta (x2); Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!; Mek's Tools

Nob Bikerz (6#, 425 Pts)
5 Nobz @ 425 Pts
Count as Troop Troops; Big Choppa (x2); Power Klaw (x3); Slugga (x5); Twin-linked Dakkagun; Feel No Pain; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!; Cybork Body; Warbike
1 Painboy @ [90] Pts
'Urty Syringe; Twin-linked Dakkagun; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!; 'Eavy Armour; Cybork Body; Dok's Tools; Grot Orderly; Warbike

Elite: Nobz (7#, 303 Pts)
6 Nobz @ 303 Pts
Big Choppa (x2); Choppa (x1); Power Klaw (x3); Slugga (x5); Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-weapon (x1); Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!; 'Eavy Armour (x6); Ammo Runt (x1); Bosspole (x1)
1 Trukk @ [55] Pts
Big Shoota (x1); Armour Plates; Wreckin' Ball

Troops: Boyz (30#, 245 Pts)
29 Boyz @ 245 Pts
Choppa & Slugga; Rokkit Launcha (x3); Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
1 Boyz Nob @ [41] Pts
Power Klaw; Slugga; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

Troops: Boyz (30#, 245 Pts)
29 Boyz @ 245 Pts
Choppa & Slugga; Rokkit Launcha (x3); Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
1 Boyz Nob @ [41] Pts
Power Klaw; Slugga; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

Fast Attack: Warbikers (3#, 115 Pts)
2 Warbikers @ 115 Pts
Choppa; Slugga; Twin-linked Dakkagun; Exhaust Cloud; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Warbike
1 Biker Nob @ [65] Pts
Power Klaw; Slugga; Twin-linked Dakkagun; Exhaust Cloud; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Bosspole; Warbike

Heavy Support: Battlewagon (1#, 150 Pts)
1 Battlewagon @ 150 Pts
Armour Plates; Boarding Plank; Deff Rolla; Grabbin' Klaw; Grot Rigger; Stikkbomb Chukka; Wreckin' Ball

Total Roster Cost: 1908

Created with Army Builder
Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Lone Wolf Development, Inc. All rights reserved.

Rumbling Forward

Friday was a fast-paced sprint to the finish line. We managed to get all the Orks done and looking good in time for a battle report (which we played today, Saturday-- I've got 70 minutes of footage to edit for that). Almost everything is caught up. I even spent some time cleaning the place up.

I made a fateful decision today. The Magic has got to go. We're playing it too much. I can hardly expect to be successful at business if I allow such idleness into my life. I haven't played computer games for many years for the same reason. Oh, I want to, but it's just one of those things that needs to get sacrificed. So, I had my wife pick up my collection and stow it. I'm going to see if I can find a buyer.

I am working on getting things booked out to a more acceptable level. I've got to kick it into high gear. So, needless to say, I'm standing by if you have inquiries or orders! There is still one golden spot open for each of the IG specials.

Things are going great at home. My home is a loving and warm place; like a brood of badgers in a burrow. My wife is upstairs cooking oatmeal raisin cookies and making me a sandwich for dinner. The kids are enjoying a long lazy day-- they stacked every pillow and blanket in the house on the couch. They were proud to show me "Mount Comfortable" when I got home.

Today, the big news today is that I managed a battle report with the studio Orks. There is only one thing left to paint for them: a unit of Kommandos led by Snikrot. That will bring it to about 2300 pts. I'll have part 01 of the batrep up tonight for sure. And I still plan on finishing up the Ultramarines rematch, too.

I will always love you

I fell asleep on the couch with my wife. We were both wrecked. Summer is so draining, but in a good way. Everything blends into one, kids sleeping helter skelter; the smell of sweat, grass, and dirt. What time is it? 10pm, 2am?
I woke up at 4am with Tamie's foot in my back, my right arm freezing and left arm roasting. So, I got her stumbled off to bed and I started getting some webwork done. I apologize for no videos in the last week. It is time-consuming to process them. I enjoy it to be sure but it takes a back seat. I had a lot of paperwork to get done.
At the studio things are proceeding apace. The logjam in Assembly is breaking up and the painters are in full swing. Sarah is on summer hours for June so I'm putting in a few late nights. Read: playing Magic with Renn.
I am currently getting projects set up for July, so inquiries are welcome. We are ready to go!
I am in the home stretch with the Orks. I spent some time in the assembly room putting together the battlewagon (tandem project with Renn).
After work yesterday the whole family headed to Macey's for some vanilla ice cream and root beer. My wife made a potato and bacon casserole for dinner. I want that for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Tamie is such a great cook. She really has a talent with the spices; to take the ordinary and make it into something so tasty.

Trade-in Rates for June 2009

Here are the trade-in rates for June 2009. I'm offering service credit in trade for models. Read this completely as I have recently improved almost every aspect of this program!

You can usually get a much better deal going to the secondary market (local shop, ebay) on your own. However, the advantage of trading in with us is that you are likely to be able to unload disparate items without a lot of hassle (e.g. finding various buyers, setting up payment, lots of minor questions).
If you want to trade in, we need a list with retail values and condition (e.g. new in box, new on sprue, assembled, primed). The rates below are a multiplier. If the entry says 0.30 it means you would get $30 for $100 worth of retail items. Just take the retail total and multiply it by the number. You do not need to figure this out; you can just send in your list of stuff to bluetablepainting@gmail.com
In the past I have only allowed for half or less of a project to be paid in credit this way. But for the time being I am lifting that restriction.
I just know there's someone who goes out to their garage, surveys the mass of unpainted models, sighs then turns out the light. This program will hopefully allow someone with the "white primer horde" to finally show up with a painted army. As an added bonus, your models will get a good home where they will be painted and loved.
We don’t need painted figures. Exception: if they only have a little bit done with them; not too thick, not too many layers. Primed models are OK, again not too thick.
You can also get a credit of at least $10 to help with your shipping costs. This is on request.
If you want to trade-in figures, but don't have a project ready, that's OK, I will confirm your total and then you will have it on tap for when you want to use it.
This trade-in is recorded as a payment on your project. It is non-refundable except at our discretion (eg you can’t refuse the project and then get your trade-in amount refunded as cash). Trade-in can be applied to cost of models, assembly or painting as you wish. This means you can also just get models sent to you (this is limited to models that are commonly available, eg not Forge World).
Generally, we only need in-print models that are currently in production.
These rates and conditions may change so it is recommended to check in every once in a while. I am likely to update the numbers about once a month. The plan right now is to update every first of the month. Fairness is the guiding principle.
Forge World 0.49

Assault on Black Reach Models:
Complete set of orks $9 credit
Complete set of space marines $9 credit
Space Marine Dreadnought $5 credit
Small rulebook $5 credit
Template sprue (complete) $3 credit

. Chaos Space Marines 0.23


Daemonhunters 0.20


Daemons of Chaos 0.29


Eldar 0.20


Imperial Guard 0.35


Necrons 0.20


Orks 0.25


Space Marines 0.35


Tau 0.25


Tyranids 0.26


Witch Hunters 0.21


Warhammer Fantasy 0.25

. Hordes 0.25


War Machine 0.25


Battlefleet Gothic 0.11


Lord of the Rings 0.17

Renn an Immortal?

We stumbled on this old photo of the 1812 Kentucky Dirby winner.

Ork Horde Gathers

Sorry kids. Daddy can't push you on the swing today. He's busy painting his Orks.

Over the weekend I managed to bring the horde to the following counts of stuff that is all painted:
30x ork boyz (40 more to go)
1x Mekboy with Kustom Force Field Projecta
10x Burna Boyz (with a mekboy in there, that makes 11)
1x Warboss on Bike, the Forge World one
9x Warbikes (can be Nobz)
1x Trukk

Still to be painted:
40x ork boyz
1x Snikrot
1x Ork Dreadnought conversion
1x Battlewagon (kitbash of ork battlewagon kit and a baneblade)
15x Kommandos

And that easily makes 2000 points.

My goal is to really hit the brushes and get them ready to play a game this coming weekend. Models that I actually have on hand add up to 1850 points. I ordered a box of Kommandos and plan on rounding that out to a unit of 15 with converted regular models, and the Snikrot which I already have. We're set.

Got a Little Captain in You?

When I was about thirteen my father's alcoholism intruded on my consciousness. When he was sober, which was most of the time, he was a great hero of a man; a well-read-genius-early-riser-entrepreneur. But when mom left on vacation (?), and he fell off the wagon, he was pitiful, disappearing from our lives and from work. Friends would come by looking for him. His best friend (a woodworker) was also our neighbor, and he would check in on me to give me quarters for the arcade and to be sure I had enough food.
One night, mother laid sheets out over the bed, and a bucket nearby for the puke. Well, for some reason I can't remember I was alone when he came home. He missed the bed and ended up vomiting everywhere. Looking over this scene I made a quiet, but dead-serious decision. I decided to never drink. Not one drop as long as I lived.
I saw how it destroyed our family. And how hard it was to leave it. It is only in hindsight that I see clearly the purpose of the AA meetings.
When I chose to be baptized as a Mormon at age 15 it only reinforced the decision. Mormons observe what is called the "Word of Wisdom" which is a vow to take care of one's body, eat properly, and stay away from harmful substances (specifically mentioned are coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco-- though proper use of the last two are outlined e.g. alcohol for cleaning wounds).
Naturally, during high school my friends discovered the liquor cabinet. On occasion, they would try and prevail on me to join in, but to no avail. I found that after standing my ground a few times, the group would not only let the matter be, but defend me. I was the constant designated driver.
One time, they put vodka in my chocolate milk as a prank. I tasted it, and went and made myself throw up. Point made.
There was one time, while my friends were in college (I did not go until I was 23) and I was feeling particularly worthless. I was sitting in the dorm room looking at the mini-fridge thinking I'd do anything to numb the pain. Maybe getting hammered would to the trick. But in that timeless moment I turned away.
How much easier it is to nip bad habits in the bud. Or not even start. I would highly recommend making this vow to any young person. I think it has removed a major complication from my life; sweetened it as it were.
I find commercials for alcohol laughable. Superimposed over it I see my father, pale-faced, ralphing his guts out. A great man brought low. How can they paint such a pretty picture when in a certain percentage of cases (not everyone ends up an alcoholic) a man's life is ruined? And children.
A line from a song by Cake: "excess ain't rebellion, you're drinking what they're sellin" It occured to me that by not drinking I was a sort of rebel against the status quo.
After my father passed away, I got to speak with his friend (our neighbor). He said that whenever life was overwhelming for my dad, he would hit the bar and go on a binge. But that after he got the news that he had cancer, he was walking down the street with him, and he passed by the bar, only pausing briefly on the sidewalk. I think in the end he put his demons to rest.
But how much better to stay clean from day one.
PS- I make my usual disclaimer here. I don't make or pretend any claim to supersalient virtue. I am just a regular man, with problems on my own. It is my hope that perhaps one reader may be influenced for the good.


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