Some Music

A fan of our youtube channel is in a band, so against my normal policy you can see his vid here.  Well, listen really since it's audio only.  A lot of effort to learn an instrument and keep a band together.

Sounds a little like Rush.

Turtle Found

The other day we got a call from our neighbor asking if we had a lost pet turtle.  Yes, last summer our turtle went missing.  So, a year later "Milky Way" had chugged East exactly thirty feet, dug under the fence and somehow survived a harsh Utah winter in an old lady's yard, happily surviving on bugs and greens.

Good for him!

Now he's Willow's pet and she's whiling away the afternoon as he crawls around in the grass nearby.  The perfect pet for a three year old.  That animal exists for the entertainment of that girl.  And she is so kind and gentle and protective of the little creature.  He's an animated one, not just hiding whenever anyone is near.  He plows through high grass, bushes, towels, and bowls of water.

I've been playing D&D with my two boys, Jonah (10) and Griffin (7).  We made the toy room into our D&D room.  It is a sheer delight.  They are totally stoked about it, we've played every night for three nights.  This is the first time they seem to be actually getting it.  Griffin is actually just old enough to sit through a ninety minute session.  I can't tell you how proud I am to find them sneaking D&D books to bed so they can read them after supposed bed time.

On Saturday I came across a garage sale and picked up a washer and dryer for (what is now called) the BTP house.  And a microwave and toaster oven!  I love garage sales.  Apparently it's like two blocks from Renn's place and they were all up playing Mordheim the other night.

Me?  I'm not feeling well.  Something is terribly wrong with my left elbow.  I have to cradle it carefully.  It feels like a hot ice pick is in there and the stress of it has moved up my arm, to my shoulder, neck and now my head.  It's like my whole left side is crumbling.  I don't like to talk about it, but it seems dissimulous to not say the bad things, too.  My wife got back from a three day conference and tended to me, though, rubbing arnica gel on me which has made me feel a ton better, de-stressing the whole area.  Oh, how I love that woman.  There's nothing like a long marriage to a good woman.  She is more poised and regal than ever.  She's so mature and refined.  It's like being married to a queen; humble royalty.

In spite of that, I still consider my life to be like heaven.  It's really super.  I am myself.  My life is zen-like.

Stay on the beach or move inland, but you can't put up a "No Hurricanes" sign.  That's me.  I'm like a tempest.  I do what I do.   I am naturally doing the right thing.  I am clay in the Maker's hands.

One more HOTI is available

Last one.  See below for details.

Very limited time.  I'm hoping to get it set up tonight.

Surprise Lots

NOTE: I have completely suspended this program.

Here's how it works.  You pay $6.00 per lot.  You choose a game and race for each lot that you purchased.  You will receive $15-30 retail of models from that race.  We pick.  They could be new on sprue, assembled, or painted (for better or worse!).  You don't pick what you get, that's the catch.

This is kind of like that thing where I was selling the bins full of 40K or Fantasy baggies, except you get to pick what army you get.

Contact Thomas at if you want to purchase some lots. Or call 801 372 8545. We need money via CC (by phone or email) or Paypal. Paypal address is

Buy direct from our website.

Here are the choices

Any of the major published races
Exceptions: we are out of Tau, Daemons, Sisters of Battle,
Low on Necrons.

Warhammer Fantasy
Any of the major published races
We are still inventorying so check first.

War Machine
Limited to just the general game- can't pick a faction except War Machine or Hordes
For War Machine we just have Legion, Cryx, Menoth.

$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)

We combine shipping so you pay only the one flat amount even if you get multiple lots.

Sigh of Relief... for now


"A complete inversion of law whereby you have no legal recourse for the abuse of authority."

In a rare move, a federal judge has struck down part of a controversial law signed by President Obama that gave the government the power to indefinitely detain anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world without charge or trial — including U.S. citizens. 

Mother's Whaaaaaa?

My eyes popped open this morning.  Holy Crud-mobile Batman!  It's Mother's Day!

Fortunately my wife had the foresight to buy herself a bunch of gifts which she placed by my bed, ready to be wrapped.  Actually, she was even wiser than that and provided gift bags.

I heard footsteps upstairs and thought Holy Crud! She's up already and making herself breakfast!  So I ran upstairs (as you may recall I'm sleeping in the guest room, more on that) to find McKenna already making Mother's day breakfast for her.  Hooray!  So, I piggybacked on that to make it "our" breakfast and all was well.

Or as Gately says: You snooze, you will probably get out of some work.

Anyway, it was off to church where my wife and I work in the Primary as teachers.  Giving parents a two hour a week break from their kids basically.  I view that as community service.

For fun?

Police beat a man to death while he begs for mercy, crying out to both God and his mortal father.  But was it really for fun?

Warning: this is graphic.  You will be sad afterwards.

Custom Terrain Sets

Custom terrain is $400-900 for a table's worth.  That's 16-24 pieces. As the budget goes up we increase complexity and/or quantity.  You pay half down and give rough instructions (two or three sentences usually) and we get started.

Turnaround is the same as standard 3-5 weeks with a 12 week outside limit (very odd to take that long, almost never happens).  We don't ship terrain outside the continental US except 1) you absolve us of any damage, 2) you pay actual shipping.

You can also buy approximate copies of sets that we have already done as follows.

Alien Spires = $350 (16 pieces, or 24 pieces at $450)

Eldar-esque Ruins with Alien Foliage = $450
Forest Ruins = $450
Water Temple = $850
Hellish Temple = $850

Add set of objective counters to a Temple set = $75
Burned out Village = $550
Elfin Ruins = $450

Elfin Ruins deluxe = $850

Runic Ruins = $400 (20 pieces), $600 (30 pieces), $800 (40 pieces)
Desert Spires = $650 (this was shown as "Jade Spires", and you can have regular trees instead of alien puffballs)

Steampunk Factory = $625

Ruined Imperial Outpost on Alien Planet = $550

Bombed Out City (you can get a burned out vehicle to match your game case-by-case) $850

Burned out Village Building = three for $120
Alien Kelp Tree Cluster = six for $120

Let's keep Elise employed!  She will be caught up in 10-14 days, so set up now so we can dovetail your terrain right into the schedule.

Getting the second and final part of the Chaos Dwarfs ordered.   Here is the final list:
1x Prophet Sorceror on foot
1x Prophet Sorceror on bale taurus
3x Daemonsmiths
40x Infernal Guard
20x Infernal Guard with fireglaives
3x Magma Cannon
2x Deathshrieker Rocket
1x Dreadquake Mortar
2x Hellcannon

Also working on 4x Bull Centaur conversions as well as possibly some Hobgoblins.

Comes in at more than 3500 pts.

Are Re-education Camps Coming?

Here's an interesting article.

I spent some time this morning actually reading this 326 page military document.  I wonder if soldiers will uphold the Constitution or follow orders?

Hero of the Imperium 2012

All right folks, here are the details.  Contact if interested or if you have questions.

This is a limited offer; there is only two golden slots left. This is the absolute best special that BTP offers, and we don't do it very often. Indeed, it's possible that we may never offer them again.

You get a $3,000 credit to be used for painted/finished figures for $2150.

Once you pay, the credit becomes available by by degree each month, starting thirty days after you pay, at the rate of minimum 1/5 the total amount per month over the course of five months. I sometimes fulfill them at a faster rate.

This credit cannot be used to pay off current or past projects. It's only for new, future projects.
On a case-by-case basis you can also pick up second-hand armies we have for sale.

It's the ultimate bulk deal.  Please contact me via email at if interested.

There are a few conditions. The credit can be used for materials (ie the models/kits) but those need to be assembled and painted by BTP as part of the deal (ie you can't just have us mail you kits). Some miniatures lines are not available through this deal (eg Forge World).

If you are dis-satisfied in any way, you agree to notify us and let us make reasonable amends. This deal is subject to our normal Terms of Service in our service guide.

You can also send your own models to be painted. You don't need to get them through BTP.

The credit can only be used for commonly available materials (for example: not Forge World).
This special is the best deal offered to date. It is not cumulative with other specials. Exceptions: L2, Tank Factory, and Artistic License (those specials are cumulative with this one). Other specials/deals or whatever work with this one only at BTP's discretion.

BTP can reasonably clarify or amend unclear areas of the deal. There are always little gremlins that get in works. We both agree to be reasonable.
Shawn Gately

About Ninety

About ninety new lots went up today.  Still working on vid.  Almost everything is going on the block for Spring Cleaning and to make way for new armies.

Terrain is still forthcoming, too.

Valhalla Rough Sketch

I spent some time tonight cruising around for pics that seemed to approximate what the final version of Valhalla will look like.  In short, we want to build a resort for wargamers (and other events) that can accommodate 100-400 visitors.  Or maybe a lot less.  Valhalla represents people from around the world getting together, families getting closer (on vacation!), and the freedom of owning the land and property free and clear.  I will probably move the studio up there, too.  I'm thinking two main large facilities, and then some peripheral buildings.

The goal is to break ground in 3-6 years.

So here's to dreaming big for the future...

Toxic Nids incoming

First off, we got a ton-load of miniatures going on the block tomorrow, spring cleaning style.  Stay tuned for that, it's all set up I just need to do the vids tomorrow.

I have a size-able Tyranids army coming in on trade.  It's got battlefoam trays with it (no case, but we can provide for an extra charge of $180).  Here's links to the pics

Tyranids 1:
Tyranids 3:
Tyranids 4: 
Tyranids 5:
Tyranids 6:

  • Hive Tyrant
  • Trygon
  • 3 Zoanthropes
  • Doom of Malan'tai
  • 2 Lictors
  • Deathleaper
  • 8 Shrikes
  • 31 Gaunts
  • 8 Warriors
  • Tyranid Prime
  • 20 gargoyles
  • 3 Tyrant Guard
  • 4 Brood Lords
  • 32 Genestealers
 If you want to pick it up sight unseen and lock it down the cost is $1290.  We can of course expand the project by adding new models and have them painted to match.

If it were me I would add:
1x new awesome Winged Hive Tyrant
3x Hive Guard
32x Termagants (maybe more, you will need 20x per Tervigon)
2x new awesome Tervigons
2x Alien Seed Pods

Also, got a Nurgle Warriors of Chaos army incoming.  Lock it down as-shown as-is for $750.

As usual, if interested contact me at and I will help you through the process.


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