Long Sunset

The big news today is that we did our first webcam battle report. I got to the office around 10am and started clearing out the various tasks when E. arrived (a friend of the studio) with all the hardware so we just did it that way instead of a regular battle report on Youtube. This is how it will be in the future most likely. However, we will notably upgrade the quality on all levels.

The current plan is to get two "arms" clamped on to the edges of the table and have two moveable webcams running that can hover above the battle. Then, do at least one good battle report every week.

In other news, terrain-making is in full swing with our first large project (a decaying city) booked. If the venture is a success we're likely to move Assembly downstairs, painters into what is now the assembly room and recover the World Room only as display and playing (and the webcam battle report thing).

The Industrial Orcs were completed today and I got to play with them in a 2500 point battle. Normally I like to do studio/personal armies myself or at least have a good hand, but I gave in this time (just like YOU will someday) and had Heather do them. They look so good. I almost want to cry.

Here's what needs to get added:
80x Goblins (order of the wrench-- robed and monk-like) probably with a mix of stuff but mostly bows. Goblins with bows are awesome, so I'm looking to trade-in a bunch of Battle for Skull Pass archer gobs anyone?
6x Fanatics (bomb squigs) or something else this is up in the air. Six fanatics costs 150 pts which might be better used in the army list
3x Chariots
and some Fast Cavalry would really help. I'd say Boar Boyz but I have my doubts. River Trolls? All great models.

I thought I wouldn't like all the war machines but I have to say that 6x bolt throwers is AWESOME. I vaporized a giant in a single volley.

Three night goblin shamans in a unit of goblins was just outstanding. Their spell list is beyond belief.

Flash back to last night. I took the kids to the pool. As the sun set on the distant mountains the bubbling human noises and shrieks of child-like glee seemed like a paradise on earth. Likewise tonight I took a walk in a prolonged sunset with K. She is growing into such a responsible girl. She wants to have money and a purse and some independence. She wants to hold my hand but only two fingers.

Life is good. I feel like I am floating upwards; new vistas of possibilities and goodness are opening up. Even the setbacks seem to me just new lessons.

PS- I think we will stream our Sci-fi rpg sessions, too! That would be keen!

Webcam Battle Report- Ogres vs Orcs

This is version 1.0 a very crude first attempt. The game should start by 12:30pm mountain time.



Even the thickest of the thick could figure out what this is.


Want one finished (model/assembly/painting) from BTP? $290 is the current cost.

Done Deal

The Terrain-making workshop is a done deal. We're setting up over the next four days and after that we're ready to start in on terrain projects. Would you like to be first up?

Terrain Fest for a solid Month

OK folks, it looks like I might be renting a substantive area adjacent to the studio for a month or two just to do terrain. On top of that, I might make it a permanent thing which will require quite a push.

So, I'm taking orders for terrain starting now. You can get the pre-fab stuff (a la GW) as always, but more importantly get custom sets of BTP-style terrain. How I run it is you set a budget of $200-600 (or more even!) and give a general description of what you want. For example: Desert science fiction terrain. We then produce a set that will densely populate a single table OR reasonably populate two tables.

For a higher budget we make more terrain, more expansive (larger) terrain, and/or more detailed terrain. It takes a bit of trust, but anyone who has followed our exploits will know that we do genius terrain. We need that broad artistic license to follow our muse.

As another option, you can describe exactly what you want and I will quote like any other project.

We already have all the materials and tools, they're stored in my garage for the time being. My wife will be glad to have it all cleared out.

So, any takers?

PS- I'm still looking for lots of AT-43. I'm willing to trade in at 50% for almost anything you want (or I have quite a bit of stuff on hand).

Enlightenment or Conditioning

I just absolutely loved this article. A must read in my book.

Chaos Divided- For Sale

Got the chaos space marines up for sale.

See pics/prices here.

I am willing to do combination deals for a purchase of 6+ lots (10% break).

Note that some models are not painted by BTP. This is noted in the individual description.

On the Hunt

Looking for AT-43 esp. Red Blok and also books from Star Drive (Alternity) settings. Willing to trade materials/service/goodwill.

UPDATE: found the Red Blok stuff I needed, now looking for UNA.

And science fiction terrain (embellishments).

I plan on going to see Inception for the THIRD time in the theater this week. Here is a spoiler article that talks about six (six) ways to interpret the film. It's a complete mind job.

A fan sent in this link for Goblin spell cards

Check out this absolutely stunning terrain

I would LOVE to get some of this and paint it up. I'd say $30-50 per kit (not including the cost of the model, but including assembly/painting).

Walk in the Park

It's just after 10pm. All sorts of fireworks are going off all around the neighborhood. In Utah July 24th is Pioneer Day which is celebrated pretty much like a second Fourth of July. The Pioneers arrived here in the 1840s and started terra-forming the sagebrush desert into the habitable paradise you see today.

I played my first game of Eighth Edition Warhammer with Sky Marshall Anonymo. Renn was kind enough to lend me his Skaven and we played at 2750 which did not seem overly pointed at all. In fact, I would say Warhammer Fantasy is a good game to play at 3000 pts for sure, easy as pie. But make it an eight foot wide board. Played against Warriors of Chaos infantry by the way.

Here's a funny song you might enjoy, about haircuts

We didn't get to finish our game unfortunately, but it was most satisfying. Sooner or later I'm going to have to get in the ring with Renn and his dirty trixx so it helped to learn the Skaven from the other side. They are the best army in 8th edition in my opinion. Very very nice. Great figures and just over the top in 8th edition.

Sarah's husband celebrated his birthday tonight. We went up the canyon to a delightful shaded park in the shadow of the mountain with a mild river going by. It was just the right temperature and we ate good American food. I threw the old leather pumpkin around with Josephus and in general enjoyed the company of some good folk, though I did have a murderous tension headache.

I still got those Chaos Space Marines on the block as a bulk deal ($1900) until Monday around noon. Then they will get split up.

I'm booking projects for August now, and a little underbooked so a speedier turnaround.


I'm looking to trade for AT-43 specifically Red Blok.

Also looking for sci-fi tiles.

Chaos Space Marine Army

Just got in a size-able Chaos Space Marine force.

The sum of all the parts will be in the $2400-2600 range. If I found a single buyer to clear it all out in one fell swoop, without a lot of hassle (read: taking pics of everything) and in a reasonable period of time it would be $1900. I am feeling confident it will all sell for a reasonable amount.

New Pics from Isle of Blood

Picked this up from Dakka:

Chieftain - 45 Halberd - 2 sub-total - 47pts Warlock Engineer - 15 Warplock Pistol - 8 sub-total - 23pts 20 Clanrats - 80 Spears & Shields - 20 Command Group - 20 sub-total - 120pts 20 Clanrats - 80 Shields - 10 Command Group - 20 sub-total - 110pts 2 Rat Ogres - 80 1 Packmaster (not shown yet but required by the rules) - 8 sub-total - 88pts Weapon Teams; Poisoned Wind Mortar - 65 Warpfire Thrower - 70 The other one that appears to be a Warpgrinder - 60 sub-total - 195pts (this is odd, however as none of the revealed units can legally take a warpgrinder, if it is included we can look forward to some Gutter/Night Runners as well I assume) EDIT: Actually, the 'warpgrinder' may in fact BE a packmaster, in which case the list would come to 523 points instead Total - 583 points (assuming that guy is a warpgrinder)

Fires of Industry

The Industrial Orcs are proceeding apace. Sixty boyz are already put together.

The Black Orc Warbosses were mostly finished today including a worthy battle standard bearer. Next are the various war machines. All these are being expressed as WW1-looking big guns. Snotling pump wagons as grot-tank-type things. Some other infernal machines are percolating in my ant brain.

Behind the scenes I came within a micron of switching to Dwarfs. But I chose to stay the course. The thing with the industrial orcs is that they are being made from scrap bitz. That's not to say they're cheaper overall on account of the labor involved with conversion work. The big factor is the models are on hand and I'm really itching to get them in a fight.

Dwarfs are probably next. I've never done a Dwarf army and they really are not my style. But it's time to get out of the box.

I got Mike D. on the line to come in and play a game this Saturday. I don't know whether I want to get my feet wet in Warhammer 8th ed. or to get in a game of War Machine with my Retribution reinforcements. Either way Mike is in trouble.

Meanwhile back at the homestead... My lovely wife headed out for some Indian take-out as soon as I got home from work last night. While she was doing that I got the kids ready for bed, always an adventure. I brought home some of the D&D figures (the cheapie plastic ones that were donated) and they played with those in the tub. After sopping up soapy water off the bathroom floor with a pile of dirty clothes I got them in their jammies just in time for mommy to get home.

After that, we retired to our "bower of love" with a jam-packed tray of steaming-good food; chicken vindaloo, vegetarian coconut korma, rice (of course), sweet bread, tandoori chicken, ice cold chocolate milk, and a pitcher of ice-water. We watched "Pushing Daisies" on Netflix. Tamie loves that show.

It was during this episode that Mike D. called to set up our game. Tamie has the idea that I'm doing things with her all day Saturday, but guess what? I'll be down at the studio playing Warhammer and that's that. Saturday night is a different story.

The D&D campaign is on hold. The more I think of doing a next shot I can't help but get an almighty hankering to do some sci-fi. I've got an almighty good idea for it. If only you could see what's in my head...

Letter "I"

There's no "I" in TEAM. But there is one in "YOU'RE FIRED".

Terrain Special

Blue Table Painting is currently taking orders for pre-fab terrain. Get the pricing sheet here.

This sheet has all the GW stuff for Warhammer and 40K.

For August I'm running a special for pre-fab Terrain:

  • 25% off on painting for Artistic License (that's a lot by the way)
  • $50 credit if your order is $400 or more
  • $100 credit if your order is $800 or more
You don't need to give Artistic License to get the other credits.

Ride the Kick up the Layers

I've been in Oregon for five days. Quite an experience which I will share more at length in the future. It was like being in another world.

After my wife picked me up at the SLC airport on Tuesday we went out on a date. We saw Inception (my second time). Great movie, I'm tentatively saying it's the best movie I've ever seen. I'm going to own it. And the soundtrack.

Mother of Broods

Check this out.

The Government Can!

Awesome, just couldn't pass this one up!

Sneak Pics of New "Isle of Blood" figures

August Releases

Pink Horrors of Tzeentch
Seekers of Slaanesh
Daemon Prince
The Changeling
Warhammer Battle Magic: Daemons of Chaos (English)
Hunt for Voldorius book
Temple of the Serpent book
Fear the Alien book
Bloodcrushers of Khorne
Kairos Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch
More Famous Familiars
Traitors of Chaos


This movie rocked. It was like watching a Drama and three action movies all at once. Great sci-fi, exciting all the way through, and very tightly written. There was never a *groan* moment with somethings stupid that made no sense. I can't wait to see it again, and in the theater.

War Machine Special

War Machine special, two slots only: 50% off on your cost of models, and half-cost on the upgrade to L4/6 split (normally increases painting cost by 1.5x but with this special it's 1.25x) if you want that. You can stick with the L3/5 split standard.

Retribution Tactica 01

Got this very insightful email from a viewer:


I just watched your bout against Khador. First off, I want to suggest you put video links from youtube on the privateer press forums. They have a battle report section that gets a lot of traffic. You'll also get a lot of good critiques there.

As far as your list goes, you said you ordered some new stuff. That's good, because it seems like certain areas of your current list are falling flat. This is what I can say about this list. Rahn isn't a big time jack caster, so bringing 2 Phoenix (a huge amount of points) AND a Chimera might be overkill. Most of the more competitive Rahn lists have a single Phoenix and a Chimera and no other jacks. Rahn isn't about providing mismatches with your opponent, as far as hitting power is concerned. Rahn's game is to control the board and set up his own units/jacks to make meaningful charges/attacks with little or no retaliation. Bouncing telekinesis off of your two arc nodes could have prevented Beast-09 from charging and could have provided a turn to further pummel the infantry ranks with your Shyeel Mages. I can't stress how good 2 units of them are with Rahn. The trouble you're having with your dawnguard isn't necessarily your playstyle, it's the unit. That unit isn't meant to be a tarpit (what the WM/Hordes community calls a high defense/high ARM unit that just sticks to you...like tar). The Houseguard Halberdier's Shield Wall is perfect for that role, at ARM 18 in Shield Wall. A full unit of them plus their Unit Attachment is a perfect example of a tarpit unit. The dawnguard would likely follow up behind them while the battle mages flank either side. Also, Battle Mage Magisters are AWESOME. I mean completely and utterly auto-include with the Battle Mage units.

Just try to remember that Rahn has A LOT of board control elements. You want to use those elements to reposition your opponent's models. Retribution simply does not have the hitting power or hit boxes to go toe-to-toe with Khador; no army in the game does, really. That's Khador's trap, if they can lock you up in combat, they WILL wear you down eventually. That's why Rahn is such a great matchup against Khador. He can literally prevent them from getting locked in combat until they have hardly anything left.

If you have the models, and are going to play 50pts (like you said in the video), try something along these lines:


Dawnguard Sentinels (full unit)
---Sentinel Unit Attachment
---Soulless Escort (makes them a lot more survivable)
Houseguard Halberdiers (full unit)
---Halberdier Unit Attachment
---Soulless Escort
House Shyeel Battle Mages
House Shyeel Battle Mages

Arcanist (to manage your jacks and free up focus from Rahn)
House Shyeel Magister
House Shyeel Magister
Eiryss, Mage hunter of Ios

This list literally makes me cringe, thinking about playing against it. That is tons of magic attacks for Rahn's feat, tons of board control, lots of sticky, swampy models to wade through...

This list would be SO hard to beat.

The more years I play this game, the more I realize this game is really similar to old, Roman-style military tactics. You line up in formations and move in one, concerted movement.

You can use anything I say in this in your blog, by the way.


FW Incoming

Just made a Forge World order today. I expect it in early this coming week. Here's what's in it.




Description: OGRE RHINOX CAVALRY 1 Quantity: 1

Description: OGRE RHINOX CAVALRY 2 Quantity: 1



Saurus Warriors: Hand Weapons vs Spears

A client asked me to do a test of which is better: Saurus with hand weapons/shields or spears. Here's my erudite and enlightened response:

No need for a test. You have to choose between an extra rank of attacks (but not when charging) or a 6+ ward save to the front. Oh, and the spears cost extra, probably enough to buy two whole 'nuther Saurus warriors.

On the other hand, you'll probably save less than half a wound a turn with the shield save, while five attacks is likely to produce an extra wound reliably, plus peel off a rank now and again.

The question is, are you benefited more by the extra two Saurus you could have bought with the points you spent on spears OR killing X amount of enemy models.

It's a toughie. It's really a matter of getting your points back and WHEN. This is a matter of timing, folks. If you have two extra Saurus warriors sitting on the tail of the unit, they are probably going to be sitting around for two or four turns until they step up into a fighting rank. HOWEVER, they are beefing out your ranks that whole time, making sure you are 40% more likely to have an extra one at any given moment. And remember, ranks are doubly important in 8th edition: they give you a rank bonus and sometimes Steadfast.

With spears, you are out those two Saurus warriors but probably coming out a net half a point ahead each turn from killing things.

In the end, though, you have to go with Hand Weapon and Shield. Here's why: Lizardmen are an offensive army. You're probably going to be charging a lot, and especially now that infantry can get in the fight a lot faster (no march-blocking and additional average charge distance). Couple that with an army that also has Stegadons marching along, you've got to keep it aggressive.


PS- One other thing to consider: giving your Saurus spears doesn't get rid of the hand weapon! You just now have the option of fighting with spears. And since spears look better I'd definitely do my Saurus with spears!

Email comments to Shawn @ bluetablepainting@gmail.com

Hey Shawn!

This is just a response to your recent blog post about Saurus Warriors. It has nothing to do with projects or business or anything, so feel free to completely ignore it or whatever.
You made the point that Lizardmen are a basically offensive army, making shields the better option because the bonuses with spears are lost when charging. I disagree - in my opinion, Lizardmen have never been an offensive force, they rely on taking charges with tough infantry, forcing the enemy to fight on their terms and blasting them as they do so.

While I'll admit that there are many builds of a Lizardman army that can perform very well offensively, the most powerful is a defensive one, probably led by a Slann in a TG bunker for some buffs and long-ranged firepower, supported by Saurus blocks and Skinks to cover flanks etc. This army has very little in the way of a weak point because all of its models are probably going to be Ld 9, Cold Blooded with a BSB in range and hopefully Steadfast.

Units this large and powerful in any army can get pulled out of position and flanked easily by charging. I'm not trying to debate the merits of a particular army list, but I'm making the point that if Saurus are your line infantry, they need to be supported by a general and in a position where they can't get flanked, outnumbered etc. Offensively this becomes tenuous at best.

Not only that, but the basic mechanics of the game are against you. If you purchase spears for your Saurus, you lose the option to take the Hand Weapon and Shield combo in the event that you should charge. The new rules are that you can never choose a Hand Weapon over a special weapon. And why would you charge? There is very little incentive to do so, considering that you are no longer striking first, so that Initiative 1 is looking pretty slow no matter what your equipment. At least if you get charged and have those spears, you have the 20+ attacks to put the hurt on the enemy and win combat.

Just my two-cents as a Lizardmen players.


Up for Air

The last few days have been a whirlwind with almost every studio army being sold. Bittersweet that.

Today I took my daughter out for breakfast, asking her where out of anywhere would she like to go. We went to the swankiest McDonald's in the valley. After that we drove up north to the local game shop to pick up some 8th edition Warhammer books, and a couple of copies of No Quarter (the War Machine magazine).

I spent a few hours catching up at the studio then headed home to lounge around watching "Lie to Me" (a detective-type series) on Netflix and perusing the new Warhammer rulebook.

One major note: there were rumors that to win a game you would need to double your opponent's VPs and indeed the book reads that way, but an errata insert changes that to beating your opponent by 100+ VPs. That's a lot less margin than before and very satisfying to my mind.

Baby Willow woke up at 5:30am and we tried to get her back to bed, but she was having NONE of it. So that's when we got up. But she also went to bed at 5pm and now we are praying that she sleeps through the night. I especially hope so because I am ever so tired.

Right now I am working on the studio Retribution army as well as getting the studio Industrial Orcs done. They should be all assembled within a week and painted by the end of the month.

War Machine special, two slots only: 50% off on your cost of models, and half-cost on the upgrade to L4/6 split (normally increases painting cost by 1.5x but with this special it's 1.25x) if you want that.

Treasure Trove

Status updates for Friday. Still running

This is a limited time offer, I don't know how long it's going to run. It's first-paid, first-served. I can take Paypal or credit card by phone.

Some items are already on our website in the Gallery For Sale section or in the For Sale section (usually for larger items). You can look them up if you want to see some early pictures. However, don't buy anything from the website yet, I'm going to lower the prices pretty much across the board.

Terrain is NOT included!

Prices for whole armies:
Oceanic Eldar (comes with what pictured, verify before buying) VID SOLD!
Bone Knights pics and list Sale pending SOLD!
Menoth $750
Tyranids Wave 1 and 2 SOLD!

Death Korps Infantry x90 SOLD!
Death Korps Heavy Weapon Teams x12 SOLD!
Cadian Infantry x100 $355
Cadian Weapon Team Trios (three each) $40 per trio
Imperial Guard tanks: $75 each (Vanquisher is gone)

Prices for Various
5x Blood Angels Terminators $110 SOLD
1x Sanguinary Priest $20 SOLD!
6x Ork Barricades $35
Shadowsun and drones $45
Tzeentch Wizard on Disc $45
Five Warhounds on magnetized base $45 (two lots available)
Empire Wizards $19 each
Heather's Wizard with glittery gems $20
Skaven Doomflayers $24 each
Swarmlord Ultra $115
Rifleman Dread SOLD!
Group of five Ork Boyz $29 (nine lots available)
Group of four Ork Nobz $24
Group of seven Slaanesh Daemonettes on foot $12
Group of six Seekers of Slaanesh $28 SOLD!
Eldar Aeronautica fleet (five models?) $28 SOLD!
Tyranid Aeronautica fleet (five models?) $28 SOLD!
Kings of War Undead (70+ pcs) $120
Space Hulk $395

email or text Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for questions or to purchase or for availability. Phone 801 372 8545

Shipping is $9 in US/Canada and $25 to the other countries we ship to.

Everything sold as-is, as it appears. This is bargain basement, so I'm looking to clear it out without a lot of followup.

Goose Egg

Today was pretty depressing. Zero sales. But a few (rare) complaints. Terrible, just terrible. I feel like crap.

I did wrap up the D&D adventure tonight. Twelve session run, not too bad, and a good time was had by all. I have a Scout camp thing tomorrow all morning. I really don't want to be away from the office, but duty calls.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the huge good things in my life. But some days it rains, ya know?

Common Tyranid Specialty Organisms (Zootaxy)

Here's some links and prices for our specialty organisms. I made this for a client and thought I would share with all.


$145 unpainted, +$75 painted

Swarmlord "Ninja Style" and Tyrannofex Omega
$195 unpainted, +$75 painted

Tervigon (the typical one we do), Parasite of Mortrex (one of the many different ones we have done, almost all unique), and Doom of Malantai (again, one of many varations).
$145 unpainted for Tervigon
$65 unpainted for Parasite or Doom

I do give bulk discounts for runs of more than one.

Tyranid projects we have done this year. Check out the specialty creatures!


SOB Window Needed

Looking for the round clear windshield part from an Immolator. Can anyone provide me one?

Tyranid Zootaxy

Tyranid projects we have done this year. Check out the specialty creatures!


Retribution Update: Rahn

I've been working up my Retribution army. I'm up to about 60 pts maybe more. For War Machine I'd say 50 pts is average for a game and plenty of complication for a typical wargame.

I've nicknamed my warcaster (Adeptus Rahn) "Rahn Pahl". Get it?

More pics.

Here's what I'm adding this coming week:
1x Hallyr and Skarath
1x box House Shyeel Battle Mages
1x box Stormfall Archers
1x box Dawnguard Riflemen

Got an email from a youtube-watcher:


I enjoyed your Retribution v. Menoth game quite a bit. I thought I would offer you a couple minor tips on list building for Rahn. Replace the Hydra with a Phoenix. Believe me, you want that arc node. Rahn becomes a board control nightmare when he has arc nodes. I'd also heavily consider the light jack version with an arc node as well if you aren't already taking it. Also, replace the Ghost Snipers to make the Dawnguard unit full sized. Ghost Snipers are awesome models and have great fluff, but they don't do much for Rahn lists. House Shyeel Battle Mages are his bread and butter (or as they are affectionately known in the Warmachine community: "Kittens with Mittens".). You really can't go wrong with taking 2 squads of these guys in a Rahn list. Makes his feat turn that much more devastating.

Hope that helps a bit. Rahn wins a lot of the big PP sanctioned tournaments. You've picked yourself a strong caster.


War Machine and Hordes

I'm on the hunt for trading in Privateer Press stuff. Let me know what you have!

I also do trade-ins for just straight-up kits. You don't have to get it assembled/painted.

Just put up the Retribution a la carte pricing guide.

Testimonial: Getting it Right

Dear Shawn,

I just wanted to recognize the outstanding support BTP provided me - throughout the entire process of selecting, painting, and shipping my Warhammer armies, and beyond that!

I've purchased 2 custom armies from BTP and could not be happier for the following reasons:

1.) People just stop whatever they're doing when they come by the table and see my armies in action! That's because my armies look amazing.

2.) Quality of customer service cannot be beat - you speak to Shawn directly, and he always keeps his word; his goal is your total delight with the results.

3.) Even after I received a model that wasn't quite designed as I wanted - with zero hassle - I was simply able to return it to them and they worked with me until it was fixed exactly to my specifications, and they were happy to do it! They even sent out pictures before shipping it back to me so I could approve changes.

Blue Table Painting is a rare resource in the world of table top gaming assembly and painting services; you're not just purchasing a set of figures - you're purchasing a high quality, uniquely-produced work of art! But it's all the little things you get along with the product that truly sets Blue Table Painting apart from the rest.

Thanks BTP!


Evil Twin Special

As you all know I'm working on an industrial-age themed Orc army for Warhammer Fantasy in anticipation of 8th edition. A few posts down is the list, but this is still in process. The minimum buy-in for a 2500-3000 point themed army (whole army on magnetized trays) is $2500*. Deposit would be $1250. If you want to jump on, I just need a deposit, we can hammer out the details later. One thing for sure, it will be at least 10% less than what you would pay a la carte. You'll be part of the process and get a mostly identical army to the one I make for myself. Some details may vary, of course, it's more like "Fraternal Evil Twins". I have a lot of ideas.

I have a few people interested in this already. We'll see what happens there, but don't let that stop you. There's no reason it can't be Evil Triplets!

Another advantage is that you'll be in the commuter lane. You'll get your army when I get my army. I don't get my army until you get your army! And I plan on jumping on this.

This army list is easily 2500 points, probably pushing 3000. It's a face-crunching, neck-stomping, waaagh-bellowing Orc horde.

At this time I'm thinking of this as the general look, but replace the white icons/bannerstuff with red.

Here are the current assembly specs. You don't see the 100 goblins because I already have those done up. In fact, you may want to make quite a few adjustments to my list and that's all right. The goblins are a real cash sink which could be spent elsewhere.


The theme throughout is metal, chains, rivets and black powder weapons. These are industrial-age orcs with WW1 technology; emerging tanks. They should be strongly enough warhammer fantasy, but have elements of 40K orks. Motor technology should be very low tech, like steampunk.

On all counts, please feel free to use your artistic license and explore new ideas on the details (but not the general thrust).

All units that would go on a move tray need to have plating.

45x Orc boyz with choppa and shield: shields are crude metal plates or faces. Some with faceplates. For the choppas I would prefer 40k-type arms where possible—with rivets and metal plating. Chains, hooks, metal plates and rivets!

15x Orc boyz with spears: the spears should be crude ork hook weapons on long poles, maybe some with the hooks at the end of chains. Like the thing that dangles from the roll bar on the ork trukk kit or the chaos marauders kit. No medieval type spears. Also with shields.

6x Spear Chukkas: 40mm square bases, largish orc with cannon-gun-like contraption that shoots a spear (spear head should be visible, maybe even a wad of them). And a few goblin assistants/reloaders.

4x Black Orc Heroes: corking or slating please. I’d like them custom made with plastics and/or included metals. 1x Banner bearer (minotaur banner with extras—an element of dark metal)

o 1x battle standard

o 2x great weapon (but with holstered weapon and shield)

o 1x hand weapon and shield (but with holstered great weapon)

o There’s a

3x Orc Shaman: rebase the Confrontation figures included on 25mm GW standard bases. Again with corking, barking or slating. The guy with the clock… um replace that with some other GW-based totemic item.

2x Doom Diver: 50mm square base (or chariot base OK), think giant-mouthed mortar. Again, a smoke-belching, cogs and gears contraption that is hauled to the battlefield and dropped into the mud with a few defensive stakes/spears stuck into the ground. And of course the shooting of the goblin thing going on. Use your imagination. Maybe basilisk guns? And a grot getting into the breach? I have included a box of plastic regular goblins for conversion here. I’d like something eye-catching here.

Rock Lobbas: Make from wide-mouthed FW lobbaz. 50mm squares with crew.

3x Goblin Fanatics: do something different here. Whatever your sick imagination comes up with. 25mm rounds please.

4x Snotling Pump Wagons: think Grot Tanks. Definitely NOT crewed by snotlings. Maybe just a single grot pilot and/or rigger. No guns obviously, but they need spikey or crunchy or mangly stuff on them. Tracked preferred.

100x Night goblins (already done)

*This can be as low as $1700 (with a $850 deposit) if you want a scaled down version, probably around 1750 pts.

Cinco de Julio

It's July 5th. BTP is open and ready for business. I'll be down at the studio all day today.

Lake Shore

I dreamed last night that I got off work in another city and headed down to the lake. My grandpa Len was down at the docks. He had built a boat, every plank lacquered and every fitting polished, ready for an afternoon outing.

I motioned to a young relative to wait a moment for me while I went out to the end of the dock, just to get a moment to myself. The dock was more like a looking point, with very broad steps going up to an arbour at the end. As I reached it I looked out over the lake; the purity of the sound of lapping waves, the water like liquid aquamarine tide pools, the rustle of trees on the distant shoreline. It was a moment of bliss and indeed I became weak-kneed with absolute joy.

Then I glanced back at the boat to see my grandpa standing there next to the boat so tall and straight.


As for the last few days: I've been exhausted. Friday night we went to drive-in movie (Toy Story 3) with the relatives. It was like a mini-camping trip. I have to say I enjoyed that a lot more than a regular theater.

Saturday I headed down to the studio to get some work it. I came home around noon, did some yard work out front with the kids. I'm trying to teach them the value of work; make them break a sweat, and also take in a sense of satisfaction for a job well-done. After that the whole fam piled in the minivan and we headed to the bank where I paid the kids in cash (giving the baby a dollar so she wouldn't feel left out) then headed to Wal Mart for some groceries. The kids are starting to get a better sense of using money. One is saving for something.

While I was there with the other kids my wife jetted up to Provo for some Indian food*. I just can't stay away from it. It's like food for the heart and mind, too. At home I piled up a plate with a giant cup of ice-cold milk on the side and fired up some Red Dwarf and then fell asleep. I was in and out the whole day... Exhausted as I said.

*Tandoori chicken, chicken vindaloo, rice, sweet breads (double order), pompadons and something with peas and squash in it. All extra extra mild.

Dark Metal Orks

Those paying attention to the Youtube channel maybe saw the blurb about the Tundra Orcs idea for Warhammer Fantasy. I have abandoned that idea since then, and taken down the video. It's an idea that's too top-heavy requiring too many specialty parts and conversions. Granted, that's what we do for clients all the time, but for an adult-onset ADHD type like myself I need to strike the iron while it's hot.

So, I changed the army type to a industrial-age WW1 themed Orc army. Sort of a dark metal steampunk thing. Here's the list I'm toying with, roughly:

3x Black Orc Warboss
2x Orc Shaman
6x Goblin Shaman

30x Orc Boyz
30x Orc Boyz

40x Night Goblins (I have these already painted up)
40x Night Goblins
20x Night Goblins

3x Fantatics

10x Boarboyz

6x Spear Chukkas (burly orcs with speargun-like weapons and goblin assistants)
2x Rock Lobbaz (big gunz-- I ordered a couple of FW lobbaz for this)

4x Pump Wagons (grot tank-type items)
2x Doom Divers (wide-barreled cannon)

The huge upside of this army is that I have all the parts needed on hand. Amazingly, I found sixty Orc boyz on hand mixed in with all the bitz around the studio. So, that takes care of that, just got to put them together.

Color scheme is going to be red, black and rust. And of course green skin.

Provident Living: Things to Buy Used

Ten things you should always buy second-hand.

Starting Lizards

Here's some advice for a client I wrote about starting a Lizardmen army in 8th edition:

8th ed is now a game about killing things. This is good news for Saurus Warriors. You want to run them with spears because the extra attacks and wounds are probably going to outweigh the benefit of surviving. In the old edition it was paramount that the front rank survive so that it could hit back-- not so anymore because the front AND second rank hit back regardless of how many casualties are inflicted. It's maximum carnage.

With spears you get a THIRD rank. Since everything is strict initiative order, even if you charge you're still hitting on Init ONE. It makes a solid block of Saurus Spears not need to charge AND a real tough nut to crack. Drop two Scar Vets in there and it's just absolutely beyond ridiculous.

Run your Saurus in huge blocks, at least 25 I'd say, and you'll shred your way across the battlefield.

Slann Mage Priest is easily the best choice to lead your army. Access to the new ramped up Lores and that he can be taken in any point-size army (well at least 1500) make him versatile. Losing a few second-rank attacks on his count is a downside, but not very big.

Should be easy to get it up to 1000 pts in a jiffy!


Want to start a Lizardmen army? Get an a la carte price guide here.

Or have us set it up for you flat rate with a Turbo army!

Blood Angels Testimonial: Another Death from Above

Hey Shawn,

Sorry it took me so long to get around to this. I got my Blood Angels army a few days ago and I just wanted say how absolutely fantastic they are. Not a single model was broken in transit. The conversions are great and the models look amazing. I am totally blown away by the detail. I'm wondering who painted them. They did a fantastic job.They really wouldn't look out of place in a codex. I want to thank you for your spectacular service. This is my third army, and I'm sure it wont be my last. Thanks so much for all your help with this project!


Fit for a (Tau) King

Check this out, from Chapterhouse.

Stands 30cm (approx 12") tall. That's well into Warhound range.

Want one finished? Cost would be $200 assembly and $400-1000 for painting = (L-1)*200

We can start right away.


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