Another Testimonial

1. All of my interactions with Blue Table staff on any of my projects have been friendly. Even when griping I have never encountered a rude or unsympathetic staff member.

2. All staff I have interacted with proved knowledgeable and were able to answer my questions and were not afraid to ask multiple follow-up questions if they did not understand my answer.

3. I have taken advantage of several of your multiple options and have not had a request for something specific turned down.

4. 11/2/2012 until 12/14/2012 an early Christmas present.

5. I do. When it comes to artistic things, you get what you pay for. Good value doe snot mean cheapest, to me it means I feel that what I received was worth the money I spent. It was.

6. Project was up to Blue Tables usual high standards.

7. Shipping was excellent. They deserve many kudoes, even the tiny fragile fiddly bits were fine.

8. I intend to continue using Blue Table painting to meet my hobby needs.

9. I would, and in fact have, recommended blue table to other people in the market for quality painted miniatures.


Testimoial for 10,000 point Empire Army


I just had a life changing experience watching that video.  It all looks spectacular; you can safely scrap those comments I made before about the state troop feathers and the backpack - don't change them, don't change anything in this Army; your artists' judgement holds true once again.  I'm not sure how to express my gratitude in words, but I can say that it is hard for me to stop smiling and that I have a massive feeling of happiness (a shockwave perhaps) that will probably keep me up most of the night. You guys are easily and obviously the best in this business by miles, Thank you again. 

Can't wait to see the Batrep - if time doesn't permit during the holidays, It's ok, I don't want to pressure the studio

The lenses on the Luminark are very unique and beautiful by the way - a highly Impressive paint blend, and the general is a magnificent sculpt, I just can't stop thinking about the myriad of amazing parts in this army,

Wow ... just WOW ...

You and your team really deserve to have some awesome Holidays, Hope everything is going great,

- T.M. (mind effectively exploded)

Need to trade in some Wraithguard

Anyone have some as they are out even at GW direct.  We need 15x of them.


Got this nice email in today.  So few people bother to say something nice, so it's always something special.

Hey hey Blue table painting!

I wanted to start this email by saying you probably get more complainers than anything else, so i wanted to take this time to personally thank the both of you and your entire staff for my project. Your customer service is second to none and when a problem arose someone was there to meet it head on. I constantly read your blog and watch your bat reps and bought a ticket to Valhalla because it seems like so much fun. everything your company stands for is everything that is right in this world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and i WILL be ordering from you guys again.

Steven P.


Hey hey Shawn BOOM!!

I notice that you use army builder and pen and paper to create your armies. If you have a smart phone, look up battlescribe it's a free app that let's you build armies and store the list on your phone ! It's good for warmachine warhammer ect!


Death Guard and Daemons Trade Incoming

1 Lord
10 Terminators
30 Plague Marines
2 Rhinos
1 Land Raider

Skull Taker
20 Bloodletters
3 Bloodcrushers
10 Flamers
5 Screamers

Deamon Prince and Tzeench special Character from this list.

Hawk Wargames Releases Scenery

Got an email from Dave at Hawk Wargames this morning.


Today Hawk Wargames is pleased to announce the release of a brand new and complete resin 10mm modular scenery system! The range includes a wide variety of architectural styles and parts in a system designed to maximise creative potential and freedom. In total, this release encompasses over 100 new products, all now available to pre-order! (shipping from 6th December).

Upgraded versions of our Premium Large and Mega army deals are also available with a choice of Aluminium hard case or fabric carrying case. For a limited time, customers can upgrade from the standard Premium versions at no extra cost in our Xmas promotion! (Offer ends 2nd January, 2013).

Tickets are also now available for our Open Day and Dropzone Commander Tournament, which will be held on 26th January 2013 - venue: Grand Hotel, Trafalgar Square, London. More information on this event will follow next week!

Our website upgrade also includes the release of our polished acrylic flight stands and innovative Hawk Widgets as separate products.

All this is now available to view and order on our website (

Thanks for reading!

- Dave

Get Well Soon!

[emails like this make it all worth it]

Dear Shawn,

[Just before Thanksgiving] I was rushed to the ER and then the next thing I know I'm having back surgery so again I'm sorry I wasnt able to keep in touch but I will make up for it now I was released on Thanksgiving of all days.

I would like to say few things.  My wife and kids were a great help and a blessing but they couldn't be there all the time while I was recovering. That's when Blue Table Painting came in I had my Nook and was able to watch your battle reports and I also dreamed about my Beastmen army coming from dark forests blending in to woods dark forms moving then a loud bellow from Grunt One-horn and the cries of fear from the humans as they know their fate.

I think I'm just trying to say thank you.

You and your team helped me take my mind off the pain and the worry.


Round and Round

Hello loyal BTP fan, what a delight it is to write a blog post for you today.  I will try and write more.  You have to understand, I've been up at 5:30am and I pass out by 9:00pm tops.

The studio is in high gear.  As time goes on we become more coordinated.  It takes time for people to get to know and trust each other.  I see staff starting to play games with each other.  On Saturday there were like eight staffers (and Mike D.) down for Infinity.  It's a long-term dream of mine to see staff doing spontaneous game days.  That was really cool.

For my part I am laser-beam focused on Inquiries.  That means setting up new projects and also making sure current projects get through.  Several times a week we do a walk through to be sure everything is on track.  We almost all the way through a pretty huge logjam.  Victims of our own success.  But turnaround is vastly improving.  Some projects are making it through in just a week or two.  I'm working very diligently on this.

I haven't had the time to do Batreps, sorry to say.  I really want to get the studio Skaven on the table.

For the next four to six months I plan on consolidating the studio with only moderate gains.  We are focusing on fundamentals, just like a good team.  How good can we make it?  How close-knit can the team become?  Then I think we will be ready for the much greater things that lay ahead.

Breaking Dawn 2 is out this weekend.  I wonder who my wife is going to see that with.  Read more on my personal blog.

Ordering Models

BTP typically orders many thousands of dollars of models per week.  At this time over 90% of projects at BTP are on track.  The remainder are queued up for attention.  If you are a client and you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

 Forge World.  We are looking for clients to order models on our behalf for which we offer an amplification of your money towards your project of 20%.  There are two reasons for this.  One, we have in the past had trouble with Forge World charging our bank account but not registering as transaction completed.  Two, on the net it costs less for us to provide $X of service (assembly/painting) than to buy direct from Forge World.  Currently there are only four projects with FW items needed.   We are currently working with several clients on this type of deal which should see all Forge World items on the way.

We anticipate that within 7-14 days every single model needed for every single project will be in the studio OR on the way.

--Shawn Gately

How to Get a Quote from Blue Table Painting

Here is the information we need to give a quote.  This update is for October and November 2012.

Relax and let go of your cares and worries.  We are here to serve you.
What is your first and last name?
What country are you from?

Rate your readiness.  Are you ready to set up your project right now?  If not, then when?  Or are you just looking for a ballpark quote?  It's all good.  We are here to serve you.

Models Are you providing them?  Would you like BTP to acquire them?  Or can you have them sent from a retailer?

We recommend

Assembly  Are we assembling your models or are they coming ready to paint?    Do you want magnetization of options?  Do you want conversion work?

Painting  Are you looking for "just get it done inexpensively"?  Or are you willing to pay more for higher quality?

Here is a cost comparison.  Let's say an infantry 28mm model costs $10 to paint at L3.  Here are how the other Levels usually play out cost-wise
L2 $7
L3 $10
L4 $15
L5 $20-40 (now you are into the higher "hero" levels
L6 $40-70
L7 $150-350

Levels explained.

Minimum order is $250

Games that we specialize in
Warhammer 40K
War Machine and Hordes
Dropzone Commander
Heavy Gear
Malifaux (and other Wyrd games)

Stay on the same thread (don't change the email subject line)
Don't pay in full.  Only pay the deposit.

Blue Table Painting Service Guide.  More information on the process.

On top of that, we sure know how to rock and roll.

Forge World Order Needed

Looking for a client to place a FW order for us.  You order the models and tell us the USD amount.  We give you a credit for service for that amount plus 20%.  So a $500 order would give you a $600 credit.  It's awesome!

Contact if you can do it.  The minimum is $400 USD out to make the Express ship minimum.  We need $2300 USD ordered but you can do part or all as you see fit.

Skaven and Chaos

First off, thank you for visiting this Blog.  I have now split off my personal blog on to a different location.  I intend to write every day.  We'll see if it happens.  See how I just pre-wimped out there?  "Trying"?  Bah!  I shall do it!

Today at the studio I got in the final models for the studio Skaven:  a Screaming Bell, Doomwheel, Warp Lightning Cannon, and a Hellpit Abomination.  I also got the Chaos book in, so I need to make a vid on that.

That means another Skaven army will be on the block soon.  2500+ pts.

1x Warlord
1x Chieftan BSB
1x Grey Seer on foot
1x Grey Seer on Screaming Bell
1x Warlord on Rat Ogre (war litter)
1x Warplock Engineer
200x Clanrats
6x Warpfire Throwers
6x Plague Mortars
7x Rat Ogres
3x Clanrats
1x Doom Wheel
1x Warp Lightning Cannon
1x Hellpit Abomination

Buy it for $1950.

Big Trade Incoming

I've got four boxes coming in this Tuesday.  If you want to lock it down with a sight-unseen purchase contact me at  So, what you see below is a temporary price very likely less than what it will be once we take pics.

UPDATE: this stuff has arrived at the studio and is looking good!

Otherwise it will be up in the webstore in about a week.  Some things here don't have a price on them.

You can make an offer or wait for them to go up.

Partial Painted
Land Raider Terminus (bunch of lascannons)

Dark Eldar
Ravager, magnetized dark lances

Painted (red, like my Eldar)
Forgeworld Eldar Revenant Titan with diorama base $450 (this for the single Revenant Titan)

Forgeworld Cobra (new model)
3 OOP metal Fire Prisms
2 Falcons w/magnetized weapon options
3 new plastic Fire Prisms
3 Wave Serpents
Partial Paint (Mottled Blue)
5 Wave serpents (missing windshields and bases)
Primed (Black)
9 Fire Dragons (metal)
29 Dire Avengers
3 Dire Avengers Exarchs with Dual SC
2 Dire Avengers Exarchs with dire sword
Farseer with 2 swords, finecast
3 warlocks w/swords
2 warlocks w/spears
Dire Avengers new on sprue
9 Dire Avengers
1 Exarch with Shimmershield
24 storm guardians with metal arms, 4 meltas
2 Wraithlords with Missile Launcher, Bright Lance and 2 flamers

High Elves
See here for purchase info
BTP Painted
60 Island of Blood Spear Elves
30 Phoenix Guard
30 White Lions
Painted (not by BTP apparently, I have no idea what this will be)
24 IoB Swordmasters
2 Wizards
1 Hero Character w/sword
2 Eagles
2 White Lion Chariots
10 Dragon princes
2 Eagles (Bald Eagles)
1 Scout
Battle Foam (comes with the High Elf lot, I don't know if it fits everything I haven't seen it yet)
1 720 bag with trays to hold the high elves


Box of archers
Imperial Guard

Forge World (unassembled in plastic bags) $200 for this death korps stuff (on hold for WS through 10-11)
50 Deathcorp infantry
1 command squad
2 commissars (both standing poses, missing "tank" commissar)
1 command upgrade kit (swords and pistols)

Painted (poorly)
2 Hive Tyrants Lashwhip, bonesword, heavy venom cannon
1 warrior w/ venom cannon
6 warriors w/ deathspitter
1 zoanthrope new model, metal
3 raveners w/ rending claws (oop metal)
3 Tyrant Guard with lashwhips, metal
2 lictors
2 zoanthropes OOP metal
Carnifex with scything talons, barbed strangler
Carnifex with crushing claws, scything talons
Carnifex TL devourers
23 Hormagaunts
2 rippers
12 genestealers oop
38 spinefist gaunts
4 fleshborer gaunts

Primed (Black)
1 Hive Tyrant, wings, scything talons OOP metal (needs repairs)
23 Hormagaunts
1 genestealer OOP
4 spinefist gaunts
1 warrior w/ deathspitter
3 raveners w/ scything talons (oop metal)
23 Hormagaunts
2 rippers
1 fleshborer gaunt


New in Box
High Elf Archers
2 High Elf bolt throwers (plastic)
2 Dark Eldar Scourges
Blood Angel Death Company
Striking Scorpions (Finecast)
Space Marine Captain
Wave Serpent
Dark Elf Battalion
War Priest (avatars of war character)
3 Imperial Guard Valkaryies
3 Imperial Guard Chimeras
2 Ork Gretchin mobs
Pain boy, finecast
2 Tau Piranhas
5 metal melta gun pack

Army Transport
1 Motor pool bag for the Tyranids

Rat Ogre Kingdoms Concept Army

This is a concept army that we want someone to turn into a commission.  We would need a budget of $1700 to $2700 (possibly more) depending on the size, extensiveness of conversion work, and level of painting.

Here is my recommended army list.  You are welcome of course to change this if you make it a commission.

Warhammer Forge Skaven.

Tyrant  300 pts
Slaughtermaster (Vermin Lord) 300 pts
Bruiser BSB 175 pts
Butcher 150 pts
Ironguts x8 (Rat Ogres with Heavy Weapons) 350 pts
Rat Ogres x12 325 pts
Rat Ogres x6 150 pts
Leadbelchers (Rat Ogres with steampunk style cannons/guns) x4 150 pts
Thundertusk 250 pts
Ironblasters x2 350 pts

=2500 pts

Golden Tickets

For October I am putting up two HOTIs.  Two shining keys to wargaming goodness.

These are $3000 for $5000  For those of you who do the math you know that's good.

Details here.

Calling the Eldar Home

Did I sell you the Oceanic Eldar?  I'd like to get that traded back if you are done with it.

Plus I'm on the look for Eldar.

And I need 50x or more Termagants.

Fallen from Planet Zamunda

This week I am playing Art Director, checking every bolt on the ship to be sure it is all running well.  I'm downstairs at the studio with fourteen artists making the rounds again and again.  We're in dense and hostile jungle doing something that has not been done before: bringing professionality and reliability to the miniatures assembly and painting industry.  We are creating an industry from scratch.

At this moment I am watching one of my favorite 80s movies, Coming to America.  The clock has just turned past 12:00 midnight.  The last few months I've had deeper and more frequent spiritual experiences.  It's like I'm becoming enlightened.  And at the same time I am aware of my own ignorance and superstition.  They are falling from me like dark scales.  I am open to new ideas.  I know that I don't know.  I see truth and insight wherever I look.

At the studio I get multiple revelations per day.  How things can be run better, more streamlined?  What obvious things am I missing?

I'm killing sacred cows to make idea-burgers.

"We are well rid of those material things."

Family life is a pleasure as usual.  I love my kids and there is an almost un-ending peace and delight in my household.  I know it sounds trite, like it can't be true, but seriously I have a lot to be grateful for.  It's easy to lose sight of what's important when it's right there.

So, I'm really beating the bottoms of my feet sore making the rounds as art director this week, but the two weeks before that I actually took some time off from the studio.  No email or anything, just making batreps at night during week one.  Then we took a family vacation to Snowbird.  I think that might be the location for Valhalla 2013, still looking into it.  We'll be announcing dates for that in October.

Snowbird is awesome beyond belief.  I've gone there every year for like eight years now and it never hit me that I might have an event out there.  Right in front of my face.  We'll see what numbers they get back with.  Oh, and it's looking to be a six or seven day event this coming year.  We're going to really make it a whole spread.

In the meantime we are gearing up for October 10-13 Valhalla.  Got my friend Nick coming out from Worthy Painting and also Dave Lewis from Hawk Wargames.  Hugely awesome.  And Miniwargaming.  I'm stoked.  There's still one glorious ticket left for that.

My Car

Fungus Nids- Shawn's Dream Tyranid Army Update

Here's what I have now.  Just the kits and nothing assembled or painted yet.  It's creeping up on 2500 points.

2x Flying Hive Tyrants
2x Tervigons (as troops)
3x Hive Guard
3x Venomthrope (using forge world meiotic spores, the awesome way that I like)
3x Zoanthropes
1x Tyrannofex

Awesome models.  They make me happy just looking at them.

What I'm short is Termagants.  This one aspect is really putting me behind and I am hoping that someone will trade me in some Termagants.  I need like 50x of them.  Probably more, really.

10x Termagants
10x Termagants
40x Termagants for spawning

A good friend of mine, the collector of the first and second rounds of fungus nids, is sending me the following.  These are all done up to the correct color scheme already.
3x Pyrovores
2x Spore Pods
6x Shrikes (yes, I love shrikes and play them)
60x Hormagaunts

If I could add anything?  A Doom of Malan'tai for sure, got a cool tail from the flying hive tyrant kit waiting for that.  Just need a Ravener body.

And two more Flying Hive Tyrants just for kicks.

Probably a unit of Ymgarls, which I have.

What I really want to try is a massed carpet of gribblies, just wave after wave of horrible claws and fangs herded by four or more Tervigons that barf out swarm after swarm of objective-holding termagants.  In that case I would replace the Flyrants with swarms of hormagaunts, bringing it to 120x all told.  Would need a Tyranid Prime or four to herd them.  Might be fun to try out the addition of nine more zoanthropes and see how that sweeps across the board-- they are also critical synapse creatures and very difficult to get rid of.

Dwarf Army on the Block

Soon you will see  Dwarf army up on the block in the webstore.  It's a trade-in.  Here is the complete list.  3085 pts with no magic.  Tooled up it hits 3500.  Should be up in about a day.  If you want to jump on it send an email to (ATTN Tradestock).

It has magnetized movement trays.  It's a strong mixed list ready to hit the table and I'm sure the price will be attractive.  Also the points add up.

3500 Pts - Dwarfs Roster - BTP Studio Dwarfs

Dwarf Lord (1#, 170 pts)
   1 Dwarf Lord, 170 pts (General; Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shieldbearers)

Runelord (1#, 140 pts)
   1 Runelord, 140 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Master Engineer (1#, 70 pts)
   1 Master Engineer, 70 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Master Engineer (1#, 70 pts)
   1 Master Engineer, 70 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Runesmith (1#, 70 pts)
   1 Runesmith, 70 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Thane (1#, 65 pts)
   1 Thane, 65 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Thane (1#, 65 pts)
   1 Thane, 65 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Thane (1#, 65 pts)
   1 Thane, 65 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Dwarf Warriors (20#, 225 pts)
   19 Dwarf Warriors, 225 pts (Always Strikes Last; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)
      1 Veteran (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Dwarf Warriors (20#, 225 pts)
   19 Dwarf Warriors, 225 pts (Always Strikes Last; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)
      1 Veteran (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)
   10 Thunderers, 140 pts (Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)
   10 Thunderers, 140 pts (Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)
   10 Thunderers, 140 pts (Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)
   10 Thunderers, 140 pts (Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 45 pts)
   1 Bolt Thrower, 45 pts (Bolt Thrower)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 45 pts)
   1 Bolt Thrower, 45 pts (Bolt Thrower)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 90 pts)
   1 Cannon, 90 pts (Cannon)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 90 pts)
   1 Cannon, 90 pts (Cannon)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 90 pts)
   1 Cannon, 90 pts (Cannon)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Ironbreakers (20#, 290 pts)
   19 Ironbreakers, 290 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield)
      1 Ironbeard (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield)

Miners (15#, 190 pts)
   14 Miners, 190 pts (Always Strikes Last; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Pick; Heavy Armour)
      1 Prospector (Hand Weapon; Pick; Heavy Armour)

Airborne Assault (1#, 140 pts)
   1 Gyrocopter, 140 pts (Flyer)

Airborne Assault (1#, 140 pts)
   1 Gyrocopter, 140 pts (Flyer)

Artillery Battery (4#, 120 pts)
   1 Organ Gun, 120 pts
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 120 pts)
   1 Organ Gun, 120 pts
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Validation Report:
Army Subtype: Dwarf Army; Edition: 8th Edition; Game Type: Normal Game
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 310 (0 - 875)
Points of Heroes: 405 (0 - 875)
Points of Core: 1010 (875 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 840 (0 - 1750)
Points of Rare: 520 (0 - 875)

Total Roster Cost: 3085

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

Labor Day Specials 2012

Extended through September 4th.

Happy Labor Day all!  We are moving along at a clipper pace today.

Got a few specials running today:

Order an army get your HQs painted up free.  Contact us for details as there are limitations.  Does count for Warmahordes (but just one, your warcaster/warlock).

Putting two HOTIs on the block.  Get 'em while they're hot.  See here for details.

801 372 8545

BTP Staff are here to help you in any matter.

Shawn's Dream Painted Army- Bright Tyranids

 Here is the list that I want, the army I would like to own and play.  This is in reference to the "BTP Dream Painted Army" vid I put out this week.

It is a mixed list with a lot of flexibility-- trouble-shooters and trouble-makers, with plenty of scoring ability (six Troops plus more from Tervigons).  Punching power and synergy all around.  It makes me happy just to look at it.

Color scheme forthcoming.  I'm thinking a mineral blue for the flesh with a pale earthy blue drybrush (very pale bluish skin) with a brick-red carapace with a tinge of orange.  Accent color: venomous pale green (lime green).

3000 Pts - Tyranids Roster

HQ: Hive Tyrant (1#, 255 pts)
   1 Hive Tyrant, 255 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Synapse Creature; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Scything Talons; Old Adversary; Wings; Leech Essence; Paroxysm)

HQ: Hive Tyrant (1#, 270 pts)
   1 Hive Tyrant, 270 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Synapse Creature; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Scything Talons; Old Adversary; Acid Blood; Wings; Leech Essence; Paroxysm)

Elite: The Doom of Malan'tai (2#, 130 pts)
   1 The Doom of Malan'tai, 130 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Claws & Teeth; Reinforced Chitin; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Absorb Life; Fearless; Psychic Strength; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Spirit Leech; Warp Field; Cataclysm)
      1 Mycetic Spore (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Hardened Carapace; Lash Whip; Ripper Tentacles; Deep Strike; Fearless; Immobile Pod; Limited Sentience; Transport Spore)

Elite: Zoanthrope Brood (4#, 220 pts)
   3 Zoanthrope Brood, 220 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Claws & Teeth; Reinforced Chitin; Synapse Creature; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Warp Field; Warp Blast; Warp Lance)
      1 Mycetic Spore (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Hardened Carapace; Lash Whip; Ripper Tentacles; Deep Strike; Fearless; Immobile Pod; Limited Sentience; Transport Spore)

Elite: Hive Guard Brood (3#, 150 pts)
   3 Hive Guard Brood, 150 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Claws & Teeth; Hardened Carapace; Impaler Cannon; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk)

Troops: Genestealer Brood (12#, 231 pts)
   11 Genestealer Brood, 231 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Reinforced Chitin; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover)
      1 Broodlord (Unit Type: Infantry; Hardened Carapace; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Psyker; Implant Attack; Scything Talons; Aura of Despair; Hypnotic Gaze)

Troops: Genestealer Brood (12#, 231 pts)
   11 Genestealer Brood, 231 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Reinforced Chitin; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover)
      1 Broodlord (Unit Type: Infantry; Hardened Carapace; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Psyker; Implant Attack; Scything Talons; Aura of Despair; Hypnotic Gaze)

Troops: Termagant Brood (10#, 50 pts)
   10 Termagant Brood, 50 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chitin; Claws & Teeth; Fleshborer; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Move Through Cover)

Troops: Termagant Brood (10#, 50 pts)
   10 Termagant Brood, 50 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Chitin; Claws & Teeth; Fleshborer; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Move Through Cover)

Troops: Tervigon (1#, 175 pts)
   1 Tervigon, 175 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Claws & Teeth; Synapse Creature; Brood Progenitor; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Spawn Termagants; Cluster Spines; Dominion; Catalyst)

Troops: Tervigon (1#, 175 pts)
   1 Tervigon, 175 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Claws & Teeth; Synapse Creature; Brood Progenitor; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Spawn Termagants; Cluster Spines; Dominion; Catalyst)

Fast Attack: Tyranid Shrike Brood (3#, 150 pts)
   3 Tyranid Shrike Brood, 150 pts (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Reinforced Chitin; Scything Talons; Wings; Synapse Creature; Shadow in the Warp; Lash Whip & Bonesword)

Fast Attack: Tyranid Shrike Brood (3#, 150 pts)
   3 Tyranid Shrike Brood, 150 pts (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Reinforced Chitin; Scything Talons; Wings; Synapse Creature; Shadow in the Warp; Lash Whip & Bonesword)

Fast Attack: Gargoyle Brood (10#, 60 pts)
   10 Gargoyle Brood, 60 pts (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Blinding Venom; Chitin; Claws & Teeth; Fleshborer; Wings; Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk)

Heavy Support: Mawloc (1#, 170 pts)
   1 Mawloc, 170 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Claws & Teeth; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Burrow; Deep Strike; Fearless; Hit & Run; Terror from the Deep)

Heavy Support: Tyrannofex (1#, 265 pts)
   1 Tyrannofex, 265 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Armoured Shell; Claws & Teeth; Stinger Salvo; Thorax Swarm (grubs); Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Fearless; Rupture Cannon)

Heavy Support: Tyrannofex (1#, 265 pts)
   1 Tyrannofex, 265 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Armoured Shell; Claws & Teeth; Stinger Salvo; Thorax Swarm (grubs); Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk; Fearless; Rupture Cannon)

Validation Report:
c-1. File Version: 1.44 For Bug Reports/; b-1. Roster Options: Imperial Armour, Named or Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Normal Mission; Hive Selection: Standard Roster
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
HQ: 2 (1 - 2)
Elite: 3 (0 - 3)
Troops: 6 (2 - 6)
Fast: 3 (0 - 3)
Heavy: 3 (0 - 3)

Total Roster Cost: 2997

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

This will backfire in the long run


Hello Again

I haven't written for quite a while.  I appreciate all those who have frequented this page.  I believe many have been encouraged by my words.  That's really neato.

At this particular moment I am in my downstairs study.  It's a room where I keep it nice and neat.  I have a gallon pitcher of water and my special cup.  I drink a lot of water.  It's quiet and peaceful.  My three-year old darling daughter is here with me quietly watching Dora the Explorah.  I'm listening to this:

My wife baked a peach pie this afternoon.  She just now came down and served me a slice..  It was good, but didn't turn out like she wanted as our stove is unreliable.  We need a new stove.  It would give me great happiness to give her a new stove.  I want that so much.  Plan and work.

Jenn Air Stove
Wolf Stove
Those are like "dream stoves"  Holy cow.  Like five grand each.  But that lady deserves the best.  She's stuck through the lean times.
Regular Stove  More like what we're used to.

For my wife's birthday recently I bought her some new dishes.  That's quite a story.  It starts with a book "You were Born Rich" which I picked off the shelf of Sarah's.  It's old stuff just re-hashed like it has been a zillion times.  In short: your reality is perceived into existence.  A bit of quantum physics in there.  Anyway, that taught me the concept of a "vacuum".  Get rid of your old stuff on faith, then create a clear picture of the new thing you want to move in.  Vacuum creation is first.  So, I suggested this to her and it bored into her mind.  She admitted that she didn't like the dishes she had: crowded hand-me-downs all chipped up and mismatched.  She veritably had a nervous breakdown just getting them out of the house.

Anyway, the new dishes are here.  They are just what she wanted after looking at hundreds of sets.  They are bright, blue, yellow and green.  Mediterranean style or something. 

Also, we went to see Arsenic and Old Lace at a local playhouse.  That was last night.  The Hale Theater.  For me it did drag on a bit, but my wife loved it and that sort of thing is important to her so I'm re-programming my mind to like it.

I haven't written too much because I've been undergoing some strange, wonderful and mighty changes the last six months.  I published like two hours of ramble on religion on my gatelymusings youtube channel, but  privatized them again as I don't think people get it.  As a lifelong Mormon there's too much context to spell out to make it make sense to anyone but me.  Long story short: I am a Mormon only as a member of a community and because it is important to Tamie.  I believe something different.  Not entirely incompatible, but notably different.  And for me much deeper, that makes sense of past and present.  Sigh.  I can't really explain it.  Suffice it to say I feel more energetic, more at peace, and more hopeful than I've ever been my entire life.  I feel so good.  That said, I don't know right now if there are others out there like me.  I'm a one-man church right now.

At the studio we have an ambitious vision.  It is clearly spelled out and I am keeping it present in my mind.  Quite simply we are headed towards 10x growth by the end of 2013.  This will represent a meager 10% market share.  In order to achieve that we are making strident improvements.  Notably moving the artists into pods of four who work in tandem to complete projects better on all levels.  That mainly will mean a better turnaround.

We will be going to a lot more conventions and in a LOT more organized fashion.  Recently Rob (our marketing guy) and I went to Gen Con and really beat the street to make connections.  My feet are bruised and blistered even two days later.  We worked so hard and overcame adversity.  Like Questing Knights going through the dark forest.

Hear me well: BTP is getting stronger by the day.  Even now we're effectively a new and better company.  It's hard to get better.  My brain hurts sometimes.  And when a company grows and changes people tend to leave, which is tough for me.  But new people come in and that's exciting.

And now the week in pictures:

 My kids all have fine beds in their rooms, but this is how it usually ends up.  Those kids sure do love each other.  They have a good time.
 Willow eating a cupcake at my nephew's missionary farewell.
 I like a woman with a healthy appetite.
 Willow giving her grandpa a hug.
 My boys on the first day of school.
Me at Gen Con with this super-cheerful cosplay woman.  Super neato.

Underneath it All

Inside every atom is a hyper-compression of sub-sub-atomic particles.  As a full-grown man is to a strand of DNA that contains his entire blueprint.

In every atom in the universe is a blueprint for the universe.  In you is the seed of every form of life that was, is and ever could be.  Every idea on every world past, present and future.

Worlds without end.  Time is One.

The universe is a solid chunk.  Life is everywhere.   But only man can choose.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.  It is unfolded step by step until you are ready.  You are taken out of this dimension to the blank slate of infinity.  A single point smaller than a grain of sand floats out from you and...


Awesome- Ron Paul Talks about Money

Week in Pictures Early August 2012

 Griffin and I hamming it up and taking pics in the back of church class instead of paying attention.
 Willow at church cutting paper.
 Willow hamming it up.
 Jonah getting a haircut.
 Rob, our new Marketing guy.
 A BTP Artist Ben1 in a kurta with makeshift turban.
 Willow's life is hard.
 Oh, it's so difficult.
 Why can't you just give me what I want?
 Sarah with eye make-up.  A memorable moment.
 My darling wife and I on the upper balcony at Sundance Valhalla.

 Willow happy with her drink.
 Business lunch with Rob and Sarah at July Valhalla
 Amazing sunset in front of my house.
 At the Riverwoods for family pictures. 
 I think I took a better pic here of Willow just with my plain old camera phone.
Tamie and Griffin.

Infinity Beta Special

Over the weekend and Monday of August 9th to 13th 2012 we are running a special for Infinity.

UPDATE: Now extended to Monday August 20th.  Time limit extended to four weeks.

You pay $325 for a 200 point Infinity army.  That's a regular sized game, usually 8-12 models.

Purchasing info and site.

1) We pick the models.  However, we are working with Corvus Belli, the makers of Infinity and other experts to ensure a competitive and fun build.  We will also take requests and follow them where possible.
2) From the date of payment you are guaranteed a maximum three week turnaround.  We will have pics up for your perusal within four weeks.  If not, you get a $100 credit with BTP.
3) The models are painted L4, to a higher standard.
4) You get a Battlefoam Infinity Beta case to carry your new army that you love around in.  This is no extra charge, it's part of the special for ordering your Infinity army during the dates of this special.

Antelope in the Street

Just put "Antelope in the Street" on my vision board.  Will take a pic when it happens.


I'm forwarding this to you from a Portuguese friend of mine.

Hello Shawn
We´re trying to spread the word of the Thrud Bowl Auction which reverts entirely to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
Its a blood bowl tournament and all the money that is gathered in it is for helping the children with cancer.
and then you can also see more here:
And thats about it  :) If you have some buddies that like Blood Bowl,please forward him this mail  ;)
I hope everythings ok with you and the Gately family  ;)

Reinforcements Special

I have a vision.  I want to sell you BTP fans four armies by Monday August 8 2012 at 10am mountain time.  I am willing to provide the following service in exchange for this happening.

When you purchase a 40K army of $850 or higher from our webstore during that time you will get one unit as a bonus.  Choose one:

1) an additional HQ of your choosing (painted to L5)
2) an additional unit of your choosing (ten infantry OR the equivalent painted at L3)
3) an additional vehicle of your choosing (up to a land raider-size painted at L3)

The additional item can be shipped with the army when it is completed or (if you are in the continental US) shipped separately (the main army is shipped right away). There are some reasonable limitations.  For example you couldn't pick a Forge World vehicle.  I reserve the right to review and approve the reinforcement unit.  You are of course welcome to ask me up front if the reinforcement unit you have in mind is OK.

Here is a listing of the armies we have available.

Note that this special does apply to commissioned army types from the webstore.

Additionally you will have my goodwill.  I will be grateful.

Ork Mega Army could be and should be Yours!

Pick up studio Ork mega army for $2250.  This is the next twelve hours.  Details on the army here.  Put in coupon code "orktastic" when checking out for $1000 off!  Don't let it pass you by, you'll be sad...

Also, had a client back out of a HOTI.  Would you like it?  Probably won't do more than one this month.

I've been thinking recently of re-doing this army, that I converted up many years ago.

Just a single thought.

Job Openings and BTP

We have several positions open in the company right now.  Please see Sarah if you have questions.  Send an email to apply.   We are going through a full interview and review process for each position.

If you know someone that might be good for this have them apply!  But please oh please only recommend people who you objectively think would be good at it.  Would you hire them at your own business?

Send an email with a subject line as follows "Position-- Your Name".  So, if I were applying for Terrain I would put as the subject line "Terrain-- Shawn Gately".  Get this exactly right down to the precise letter.  Then include a short, well-organized cover letter that talks about your background (as related to the job) and your qualifications.

Inquiries-- setting up projects with clients and ordering materials.  This is a customer service, phone, email type of thing and requires extensive game knowledge and enthusiasm.  Starting pay is $400 per week.

Terrain-- making terrain obviously but also sort of running and organizing that whole area.  You are expected to be able to plan and execute custom terrain sets from very general instructions.  Shawn can help you at first, but you should be able to do it on your own at least soon.  Starting pay is $400 a week.  You can be paid by project or just flat or by the hour on this one. 

Trade Stock-- quoting people for credit on their old stuff, splitting it up into lots and taking pics.  Oh, and uploading it to the webstore.  You need to know most pricing right off the top of your head as well as ability to do quick mental math (totals and percentages).  Good math sense is a must here.  Starting pay is $400 per week.

Front Desk-- Do I need to explain this?  Starting pay is $8 per hour.  Goes to $12 with good reviews in 12-24 months.

Cleaning-- A standard list of custodial stuff as well as general maintenance.  Starting pay is $8 per hour and can go to $10, but that's usually a slow go.  We need someone who is completely reliable, cheerful, and has "pepper in their stepper".  It's usually 8am to Noon five days a week with extra time for special projects.

We also need new Assemblers and Painters.  We are looking for Plug and Play-- people who already have the skill, enthusiasm and game knowledge.

All except Trade Stock and Front Desk are a starts immediately situation.


Huge List of Testimonials

I've kept a file of hundreds of positive feedbacks for BTP over the past few years.  And here they are.

About the Old West project you did for me.  It was fantastic. One thing that really struck me was she said she felt much more emotionally attached to the game because she could identify with the characters. When I ran several games at Nashcon and later at game stores in the greater Nashville area, people loved the figures and were really excited that I was creating these all female posse's. The painting quality is so good that even from a distance, it's clear that the figures are very well done, which was often noted by spectators.

I'm almost done paying for the car I lost this year, so I'll be saving up for the next batch of painting. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do with the next, larger batch. We will have to work out a budget and let the painter decide which figures she thinks deserve more attention. I think it will lead to less confusion and give more freedom.

I greatly appreciate the high quality of the work that was done. It helped bring my girl friend closer to the subject by allowing her to relate more to the game. It cleary was a hit. I need to set up time to take more photos. In fact, they are encouraging me to put more paint and detail on my terrain because it now looks too plain next to these miniatures!

·         Just got the Tau and the Trolls and once again Blue Table has exceeded my expectations.  The Tau were close to a perfect match for the examples I sent to you and fit in with my existing range perfectly.  In addition the communication and service could not have been better…I was also blown away by my Trolls at L3 I could not be happier…they are well painted and based and look stunning on the field.

·         The tanks have arrived and they look just awesome.  My wife says that
I was 'misty eyed' while opening the package and setting everything
up.  Thank you so very much for painting this army for me.

·         thank you for making my life a little better...its really cool when someone that you idolize tells you that you´ve done a good of the best painter/assembler/miniature business man telling Me that i´ve done a good work with the drop ego hit the roof so hard that my wife had to strap me to the bed so i could sleep at night...hehehe...THANK YOU.

·         Shawn, I finally made it down to the vacation place and waiting for me was a gorgeous collection of orks.  Once again you guys delivered a great bunch of beautifully painted figures . . . I am very proud or our collaboration.  The ork boy with the flag sitting on the barrel really put a smile on my face.
Thank you so much to you guys and also to Sarah who did a fabulous job on the packaging.  No casualties on the way!
Anyway, thank you so much, and it's always a pleasure doing business with you.

·         Hey Shawn!  Happy to report that the models arrived with no breakages and they are looking AWESOME!  Great job on the packaging once again.  Thanks for everything!

·         Hi Shawn i received the red hunters SM army, there was no damage to any of the models ( thanks Sarah ) i like your take on the vulkan army lots of infantry models interesting, look forward to trying them out on the table, if i video a batrep in the future some think am looking to do i will send you a link so you can take a look.  Please pass on my thanks to the guys who worked on the army, thanks Shawn.

·         Just wanted to let you know the order arrived today and in perfect order with no breakage. Wow the pictures were great but in the flesh as it were they are even better, it's simply amazing what a great paint job does to what were once tired old out of production models. This will certainly brighten up the look of my High Elves on the table and as soon as funds allow i'll be calling on your services again. Can i just say what wonderful customer service you guys give, the sort it seems that only fellow enthusiasts can be capable of. Feel free to post these words to the website, if they help to convince one more person to use your services then it's been worth it. For all those gamers out there that want nicely painted models but lack the necessary skills and or patience to do the work themselves you only need to think of Blue Table really can't say enough how happy i am with the results. Keep up the great work.

·         Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safe and sound--no breakages. Good job with the extremely fast turnaround. Minis look great.

·         The Pandora's army arrived an hour ago, and I have to say that they look AMAZING. The pictures on the site certainly do not do them justice. Once again you guys have well exceeded my expectations. I cant wait to show the knights to the guys at my gaming club. They've been dying to see them and I guarantee that they will be as speechless as I was. You guys will definitely be seeing more business from me in the future.

·         Hello, good day, evening or happy new year, depending on when you receive this due to the time zones.
I got the Pandora's army today, a chaos force that will have many hours of playtime in the table in short notice. It was all intact as near on the shagoth, hos arms and horns was lose, fix t in a fortnight. Other than that it was in perfect shape whit lots of cool conversations and eye candy for everyone. Really nice painting and my best thanks to whom ever it was that worked on this, as well to your package specialist who manage to send it to me unharmed. And a really nice touch that they was standing up as I unfolded the plastic around them. The Dragon ogres looks great, as well as the halberd wielding champion, these models, whit the "kraken" shrine will be my most precious models, they really stand out.
I really love it. Hope you have a nice day and wish all in the studio all the happiness lamps in the world. 

·         I got your Vampire Counts army for Christmas and I wanted to say a big Thank You to you and to every at BTP for signing that autograph sheet for me. It was an absolutely incredible gift! I've got it framed and hanging on my wall at home. The army is absolutely amazing! I'm totally blown away by it and in case your'e wondering my Red Hunters army is undefeated so far. Anyway I just thought I would say thank you to you and everyone at the studio for helping to make my Christmas spectacular. Have a wonderful new year! 

·         Description:!

I just got the warshrine in the mail. Amazing! Looks even better in person than in the photos.

I'm in the process of moving at the moment but as soon as I get settled in I'll look into commissioning an entire army.

Thanks again!
·         Just wanted to let you know I got the figures, and they look wonderful, Shawn.  Thanks to both you and my specific painter for an exceedingly well-done and professional job!
·         Shawn,

You were right.  I haven't given a single pat on the back in the last few
projects.  That is a travesty as I've been extremely happy with
everything that's you and the crew have produced.  Sarah continues to do
a fantastic job packing.  Not a single ork casualty in the latest box of

Krieg Tank Project:  Man these things look awsome!  I was blown away with
how everything turned out.  The basing on the Sentinels and the Valkyries
is awesome!  I think they've turned my luck around as I've been placing
higher in the tournaments now that everything is painted.

Wood Elves Expansion:  The dragon is stunning.  Fits in perfectly with
the rest of the army.  The dryads and the Warhawk Riders are as high
quality as ever.  Thank you for turning them around so quick (2 weeks)!

Ork Expansion:  I just got these guys yesterday and folks who don't even
know what a Space Ork are think they are the coolest looking models ever.
 The Battlewagons came out exactly as I had envisoned, particularly the
HtH one.

In summation you guys continue to produce a quality product at a great
price and you will continue to have business from me for as long as your
painting.  Obviously, please pass this onto the crew and have a blast at

·         Description: my names dave im from scotland
the above link is of my son watching you all at blue table and i think you might find it fun
my son luke loves you guys as soon as he hears blue table his wee head swings around and cant take his eyes off the screen my wife reminded me that when she was pregnant i was watching with with volume up and almost every morning when luke gets his breakfast its morning show to batreps or notreps to everything. as a family here we all love you at blue table, i guess you could say this is fan mail. Lol

·         I forgot to mention it in my last email, but the last of my Skaven arrived, Shawn, and I'm not sure if I told you yet just how awesome they are.  In fact, in this latest shipment, not one of the models was damaged in any way, which is impressive to say the least.  Give my compliments and thanks to Sarah!  The models themselves are, as always, just amazing, and I can't say enough good things about the quality of work.  I now have an amazingly painted Skaven army of around 4000 points thanks to you, and I couldn't be happier with it.  Seriously awesome army.  I've been raving about BTP to anyone and everyone who cares to listen, and I hope I've sent at least a little business your way in the process.  Amazing, amazing work, Shawn, I really can't thank you enough.  This is the Fantasy army I've always dreamed of, and you and the team have made it come to life in a spectacular fashion.  Thanks so much!

·         Just got my Nurgle Terminators and Chaos lord and could not be more pleased! Packaged perfectly as always and the terminators will match my army very well.  The surprise was the Chaos lord.  As a reminder I asked that you modify the Forgeworld Nurgle sorcerer that I had and make him into a Chaos lord.  As I already have the model painted straight I asked for you to convert him to the extent that I could play them together and they not look like two of the same model.

Once again your guys exceeded my expectations! Thanks for everything Shawn and I cannot wait to see the next two projects in the pipeline!
·         The models are amazing I am thoroughly impressed the turrets are beautiful and will be great fun to use and paint.  The thunderHoofs are the most intimidating I have ever seen and my friend absolutely loves them.  It is save to say I am a satisfied customer.  I will be recommending you to everyone I know.  Thank you and you have a customer for life.  

if the models only look in reality almost similar to the vid, I would say, this is going to be the best paint job I have ever seen from you!!
Is Joseph the only painter of this army?

if it's so, please say many thanks to him an give him a kiss and a great hug!!!

·         Your package has arrived on Saturday, 8th. No major damage could be detected. The figures and tanks look terrific.
Thanks for the excellent job.
·         Hi there,

my two chimeras arrived.
Thank you very much, it's a really good paint job and they fit very well into my renegade Army.

Thank you Sarah, they arrived absolutely safe, not even a tiny scratch or so - wonderful.
·         I just wanted to recognize the outstanding support BTP provided me - throughout the entire process of selecting, painting, and shipping my Warhammer armies, and beyond that!

I've purchased 2 custom armies from BTP and could not be happier for the following reasons:

1.) People just stop whatever they're doing when they come by the table and see my armies in action! That's because my armies look amazing.
2.) Quality of customer service cannot be beat - you speak to Shawn directly, and he always keeps his word; his goal is your total delight with the results.
3.) Even after I received a model that wasn't quite designed as I wanted - with zero hassle - I was simply able to return it to them and they worked with me until it was fixed exactly to my specifications, and they were happy to do it! They even sent out pictures before shipping it back to me so I could approve changes.

Blue Table Painting is a rare resource in the world of table top gaming assembly and painting services; you're not just purchasing a set of figures - you're purchasing a high quality, uniquely-produced work of art! But it's all the little things you get along with the product that truly sets Blue Table Painting apart from the rest.

Thanks BTP!

·         Just wanted to take a moment to compliment you all on the work you've done for me. The Blood Angels have just arrived, and, as I'm sure you've heard before look much better in person than they did in the gallery. I felt like a kid on Christmas as I was opening up the box and carefully unwrapping the figs. I've got to say I was a little disappointed when I unwrapped the last one. I was having too much fun with the whole process.

An arm fell off one of the Chaplains in transit, and it took all of about a minute to fix it and touch up the join.

You all do great work. I couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely be in touch for a future project, and I'll be keeping an eye on the blog to take advantage of some future specials I'm sure.
·         Sorry it took me so long to get around to this. I got my Blood Angels army a few days ago and I just wanted say how absolutely fantastic they are. Not a single model was broken in transit. The conversions are great and the models look amazing. I am totally blown away by the detail. I'm wondering who painted them. They did a fantastic job.They really wouldn't look out of place in a codex. I want to thank you for your spectacular service. This is my third army, and I'm sure it wont be my last. Thanks so much for all your help with this project! 
·         First of all, i wanna say i love your work and some of the miniatures you have painted are literally jaw dropingly stunning.

Secondly i would like to extend a thank you too you, i had always been a little embarrassed about my miniature hobby of which i'm ashamed to admit, but upon finding some of your videos on youtube and seeing someone so happy in embracing their hobby, it caused me to take a look at myself and evaluate how i felt.

Needless to say, i have now have a job of my dreams managing a local games workshop and i indulge in my passion greatly, i had always looked at the management potions and wanted to apply but lacked the self confidence.

Watching your videos showed me there is nothing to be ashamed of in my hobby.

·         Hey Shawn, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy your work and your Youtube stuff.  I've been reading your blog for a long time and I respect the heck out of you as a small business owner and a person.  You are definitely one of the good guys.  Stay in the fight brother!  Thanks for all the work you put into your Youtube videos, it is truly appreciated.
·         I ordered the tzeentch lord on disc out of your treasure trove special and I couldn't be happier, it is a beautiful model that I'm extremely excited about using in battles to come. Thanks again you guys.
·         After engaging your studio's services on multiple projects, I really love the way your team goes out of its way to delight customers! Giving Azhag to me rather then a regular wyvern, being extremely flexible, patient and responsive to my needs even when I couldn't make up my mind - it really is a delight working with your studio!

My latest project, the 2.5k pts O&G project blows me away! Abundant freehand (with no extra hidden charges!) and a gorgeous rustic paint scheme that screams orcs to me. I'm happy to know my upcoming tank project is almost done and I'm loving the video blurbs you're doing to keep me up-to-date with their progress!

For those who are thinking of engaging your studio's services, know that this studio get the thumbs up from me (and I have worked with multiple studios so I know what I'm talking about). I know your customers will walk away satisfied and I wish your studio every success!
·         Received in perfect order and it is more amazing in person  than the pictures indicated...thank you so much!  I don't know who actually did the conversion and paint, but please extend my sincer gratitude for such a wonderful job...I truly wish that I had the resources to have you do more, but this is a special treat for me...Shawn thank  you for allowing the trade of D&D material for the project
·         I shouted out WOW!!! when I opened the photos of my project.  It was exciting to see how my vision translated into real life.  Everything looks phenomenal.   I see a long future with Blue Table painting.  I'm already dreaming of armies and terrain projects to come.   I'll be looking at the project photos every day until the models arrive.

I'd like to know the painter.  I love the attention to the details that I can see.  You got the Great Company emblem perfect.

·         today I received my necrons and love them! I thought they looked good in the pictures but actually seeing them in person is absolutely no comparison whatsoever. The level of detail and attention that the artist put in really made a huge difference. The models were also packed so well that there was not even one breakage! Once again i would like to thank you shawn not only for your great turnaround, expertly painted models but your great customer service which truly makes blue table painting a cut above the rest.
·         Just wanted to let you know I received my Gabriel Seth mini last night in the mail and it was amazing. The pics looked good but the quality of the work when you see it in person just blew me away.   I’ve been a fan of your site and work for a long time now and this experience has more than lived up to my expectations.  Please pass along my thanks to the painter and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
·         I just got the Pred Today. And OMG it is amazing!!!!!! It is the centerpiece of my army. Thank you so much and everything was perfectly packaged!!!!
·         First off I apologize for the tardiness of this e-mail. I received my Dark Elves about two weeks ago and they were perfect! It has been the fourth army I have received from blue table and you guys have continued to produce impressive work and I cannot thank you enough for your customer service. Another big thanks for featuring my army in one of your battle reports! Next time you see John please thank him for staying up for 24 hours to finish the game. Again, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to help get this project completed. The way you do business makes the customer feel less like a customer and more like a friend, and that is the best part of blue table painting. Thank you again. 

·         Oh excellent Shawn! I'm very glad to hear that. By the way the models for the Skaven arrived today. Let me say this Shawn, there are many reasons to use Blue Table Painting for business, from the ease of ordering exactly what you want and receiving it in a timely manner to the reassurance of being able to reach you anytime to know the status of my order. But what keeps me coming back each time? The amazing work your team does on each an every model. Tell Brigh that he has truly outdone himself with these models. I now see that even my epic conversion for a Mechanical Hellpit pales in comparison to his work on that living Plague Furnace. The slave conversions were a wonderful idea, Shawn, and work so well with the theme of the army that I'm astounded no one ever thought of doing it before. And I can not stop raving about those gutter runners. Here I just thought you guys were going to take the old tired gutter runner model and just paint it up pretty. I stand by my previous statement that those gutter runners are sheer genius, and when I get more time and money I will defientely being order more of those. 
·         Hi, sorry i know you use this email for quotes etc, but i just wanted to take this opportunity to express my love for what you guys do. I watch your vids on youtube, infact i think the first one i saw was the Tyranid and Blood Angels Batrep you did, i just loved them. I collect Tyranids mainly and my friend has Blood Angels so that vid caught my eye (i was looking for ideas on weak spots of the Blood Angels). I think the work you guys do is fantastic and wish i had the skills you guys do to make my models look great. Oh and i love the conversions you've done for various Tyranid models, especially the Tervigons. Anyway hope you find time to read this, all the best.
·         Recieved all in one piece sir!!!  THANK YOU!  Very happy.. 
·         I have been meaning to tell you about all the compliments and attention the White Wolve Skyclaws and Rune priest received at the 40K tournament I participated in last weekend.  My Wolves went 1-2 by the way.   Players kept stopping by my gaming table to ooh and ahh over the White Wolves and ask questions - especially about the Mark of Wulfen model. 

Comments on the latest studio update - Tell Sarah that Anime is better in japanese, only you have to read the sub titles.

Also check out "Murder Princess"  I really enjoyed this brief anime series. has anime also Funimation and

While at the tournament I picked up an Island of Blood set.  Another player just happened to have his High Elves there for trading for the skaven so we made the trade and I now have two of everything.   I will be sending you the Griffon Rider and one of the mages, probably after the first of the year for painting up hero level for me, I'm painting the rest myself....scarab red and fortress grey.

I'm a total BTP youtube fan....I check for video several times a day.   You have my permission to show off the Space Wolve gaming board if you like.   I really enjoy when you go around to each artist and show what they are working on and get their comments.

Anyway, just wanted to share...
·         I don't know if anyone has done it recently, but I believe that more praise in the world where it is due can only be a good thing, and I want to say thank you for all the effort and love you put into BTP and the upcoming tournament.

As you know, I am in Japan, but I will hope that one day when I have the time, the funds and the lovely wife's permission, that I can make it all the way over to Utah to join a tournament that truly cares about the players and telling a story!
·         I'd just like to say many thanks for the excellent job you guys did on my first project. Some serious postal problems here in the UK have meant that the models only arrived here yesterday, although they've been in the UK for some time. Trouble at immigration I guess, no passports, unwilling to co-operate, heavy unclassified weaponry etc etc
·         Hi there!
I am just starting into Warhammer 40K, and I ran across your youtube channel quite randomly. I am living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, so I cant do much as for ordering stuff (being a student means low budget, unfortunately), however, I just wanted to say that what you've been doing for while now is just great! You are running a shop very well, supporting the local business, while maintaining a channel with frequent updates that are all entertaining to watch, to say the least, and you all are always good sport, smiling, and having fun, which is communicationg to the fans that watch you everytime.
To resume the only thing I could say to you, is even if it is your "hell month", even if it is sometimes hard to do, please keep going, you are doing an amazing at entertaining people and producing quality services.  GO BLUE TABLE CRUE! :)
·         I have just recieved the Death Gaurd Army that you made for me.  I would like to thank everyone involved in making this army, for the brillient quality product I have recieved.
·         Good Afternoon Mr. Shawn,
     I have just opened the box with the Storm Ravens, and I think that you guys have once again displayed the quality I have come to expect from BTP.

“Thank you.  I look forward to more commissions.  I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  I was a little apprehensive about the color scheme, but it works well.”
·         Just wanted to let you all know i did get my packing firday AM very happy with the fast shipping. I did not get to look through them all. But i did get to look at Gazzy, Ork warboss and some Stormboyz. Now i will not lie, when i seemn the pics online for the 1st time. Was not what i pictured for "goffs". So i though tto my self hmmm well let me get the models in my hand and go from there. I was a little nervous. But..... I looked at them for a little bit and said to my self  "OMG I love it, They are goffs but not goffs" They grew on me very quick. I was a little dispointed that there was no checker work on the other orks besides Gazzy. But after looking them over i AM very pleased with the product. And for the service that BTP provides. And i can't wait for my next order around. I say i got about another 40-60 to be painted. But with all that being said. I am very pleased with the work you all have done. Again give the artist my regards very well done. And when we do bussnes again i really like him to be the artiest if it is possiable. But we will work all that out later when my next order is put in. Untill then have a great day.
·         Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who had a hand in the Valhalla Orks I received! The quality, and variety that came out of that giant box was completely unexpected!

I had a steady stream of other players coming over to peer at the models, and it seemed they all found something different each time they came over. The general comments were "Cool" or "hey, you gotta see this one" and "Thats the best dread I've ever seen"

So I wanted to say a huge thank you to you, and all the crew there at Blue Table Painting!
·         I am a thirty something wargamer, and I just got my order from Blue Table Painting in the mail. I have to say I really did feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  The miniatures turned out great, which is really saying something since my armor color is black, an interesting color to create details on.  Even more than the miniatures, I found Blue Table's customer service top notch.  I never once called and got an answering machine. Every time I sent a question through email it was responded to so quickly I remember thinking 'does this guy ever sleep'.  Finally when the minis arrived, they came with a letter of assurance stating that if anything was not what I wanted then all I needed to do was let them know, or to feel free to call them with any technical support I may need. Top notch service through out the transaction. I definitely recommend Blue Table Painting to my friends, and for anyone that loves the idea of miniatures more than they love the idea of spending all there free time making and painting there figures. Once again thank you Shawn, and Blue Table Painting for a job well done." 

I know every endorsement is a plus, and I meant it too; you guys do a great job... and how do you answer those emails so fast ;)
·         I'm dropping you a line simply to let you know how very thankful I am to you and your company.  Before I happened upon your YouTube channel a couple years back, I was an avid roleplayer and M:TG player.  After watching a few of your videos, however, a whole new world of gaming was opened up to me.  I had always thought tabletop wargaming was too much of an investment, too complicated, too time consuming, too much.  You, Sarah, Ren, Brig, and the rest of your staff have since taught me otherwise.  I've always been an artist, but painting miniatures was like learning something entirely new.  Having another extension for my art and avenue for my creative thought is exhilarating.  Though, unlike other miniatures Youtube channels, you haven't made tutorial videos on painting figs, your channel has helped me the most because its given me constant example of a level of craftsmanship for which to strive and how the hard work it takes to create an army pays off in a big way in the end.  I have now gone so far as to create my own fantasy miniatures game that I'm really proud of.  My first playtest group is getting together tonight and it got me to thinking how far I'd come in the hobby, mainly because of you.  I knew I couldn't hold my praise of Blue Table Painting in any longer and so decided to contact you.  I'm currently getting some more armies together and when I've finished, I'll be bringing all my business to you.  Thank you so much for all you've done for me.

·         Hello Shawn and the rest of the BTP gang,

I have been meaning to email you for a while now.
But I want to thank you for all the inspiration you put out there.
So, thank you.
The phrase: "I hope you have had your inspiraton for the day." Isn't lost on me and ,I dare say, all the other people who watch your video's.
I know the youtube video's are a good means to promote the studio and stuff you do, but I think you have a bigger impact in inspiring people.
What kind of impact?
Before I started watching your videos I would play WFB with unpainted figures, maybe just some bases.
We enjoyed our games, following the rules and do our best not to kill eachother.

Now I try to always get a painted army on the table and enjoy this. Your videos inspire me to do different colourscheme and experiment more with colour.
I an not somebody to stick for long with one army anymore. I tend to sell the armies I paint for a nice price so I can start a new army. This is an idea I got through you guys.
Don't worry. I am not in the business painting up stuff for other people.
With games we now try to mix stuff up and experiment with the rules as well, all differences to how we played.
In short: you have inspired me to have more with WFB. You bring the fun in funtasy ;)

So thank you and keep up the good work.
·         I received the package today.  I looked at the models and was happier with how they look in person vs over the internet.  Tell your painter on my behalf, “well done.”  I am very pleased they are exactly what I was looking for. 
·         I have been painting miniatures and playing Warhammer for about four years now. Since I live in a small town without a family, I have plenty of time for my hobbies. What can sometimes dampen your spirit is the lack of inspiration and for this problem, I started poking around on YouTube and eventually, I found BTP. While there are several channels worth subscribing to, yours is the one that has given me the most inspiration to assemble and paint my own armies.

I think inspriation is the key word to what you do. You present armies that are painted to a specific theme and a high standard, you have battle reports in a way that clearly shows that games should be played in a fun and friendly way and you have the more recent videos where you discuss news, economy and politics in a way that never feels like you try to push your opinions on the viewers.

Inspiration is also a very powerful thing. By showing people how the armies can look like and how the games can be played, you are not only doing great marketing, but you are also doing the community a great service. And that is for free and on an open forum where everyone can see. Not a lot of companies do that.

So when you say that GW has made a lot for the wargaming community by keeping their products alive and updated for many years, you are absolutely right. But you should also know that by doing what you do now with BTP, you are doing a lot for the hobby as well. In every genre of modern culture, there have been pioneers to lead the way. And with BTP, you have shown that miniature painting and wargaming are no exceptions to that. To you Sir, I take my hat off.

Live long and prosper!
·         Hi Shawn,

Just thought I’d let you know, the best man gift arrived yesterday and it looks fantastic!

I gave it to John today and he really loves it – he told me he’s got a new leader for his battle company, plus intends to use the diorama as an objective.   :)
 A complete success story!
·         I received my Grimaldus and Retinue miniatures on Saturday, and they are totally awesome, they look fantastic!! I can't thank you guys enough.  Hope to do more business with you in the near future.
·         Shawn, I just wanted to say thank you! I just got my harbinger back and the pictures did not do It justice. I didn't even notice the the circle model dead on the base like I had asked until I saw it in person. You have the beginnings of a long time customer and I've already started my second project with you if you haven't seen yet. Thanks again for working with me throughout the process!
·         Good morning people of blue table painting,
I wanted to take a moment of time to say thank you for the hard work and time you put into your projects.   Just a few short months ago I went out on a limb and ordered some items. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your professionalism and how great the customer service I received was.  The turnaround from ordered to complete and in my hand was very reasonable.  I have been so pleased that I even used your service for my brother’s birthday present this year.  (He has stated, that it’s the best present he has received in years.  That being said, I participated in my first Warhammer 40k tournament this last Saturday. Even though I did not come anywhere near winning I learned a lot and had a blast. The best part of the tournament came at the end when I won 50.00 for the best painted character.  They took pictures and he will even make it in a local magazine.  So thank you for making my first tournament memorable and for the outstanding work on my guys.
·         Hi Shawn,
·         I received my models today. I'd like to take this opportunity to say - they're absolutely brilliant! I love the work and will definitely be getting more models painted by you. The Green Knight's sword and barding are particularly amazing - I can't believe the hand painted pattern on the barding! The Grail the Fay Enchantress carries and her gem are brilliant - they are so realistic I could actually be holding a mini golden grail and a ruby/blood red gem! The basing is amazing and you can very definitely believe that the model is on a real battle-field fighting in a real war. The shading in Silvaron's horn is amazing and the shading on all the metal-work is phenomenal. I am incredibly happy with the finished result and as I said earlier, I will definitely be having more models built and painted by you!

Please give my thanks to the people who worked on my models.

·         Shawn & Sarah

My pc is down currently and I did not want to take the foreaver time it takes to send out an email from my iPod.

Thank you all a ton for the work you put intoy army and the care you have taken of me since.

In a long weekend of gaming at the ToS GW tournent in Vegas I have our all your buisness cards and wore your shirt Friday and Saturday.

In 5 games through 3 days I went 3-1-1. With 3 favorite opponent scores. Our army would have won best painted had I entered it. I did not because I didn't paint the army.

It was all in all anexcelemt weekend where I walked away with best space marine player in the world.
·         Shawn,

My army arrived today. I had a crazy day at work, it was late before I had a chance to even open up the box. I was a little bit gleeful all day though as I realized it had to be the BTP Tau army in the mail.

Nothing was damaged, thanks to superb packing, and the models look great on the table. I can't wait to duke it out with some friends this weekend. 
Awesome job on the bases! Every model carries the theme perfectly. I can't believe the Shadowsun model doesn't tip even though she's all out on a branch like that. Awesome.

·         Shawn-

Just wanted to send you a quick thanks to you and your team, received my Chaos Daemon in the mail today and it looks great!

Please pass my thanks along to everyone involved including assembly all the way through painting and packing/delivery.

This is my third project with BTP, and every one has been an easy and great experience.

You and your staff keep up the great work, and I look forward to future projects.
·         Hey Shawn,
    I just received the Grey Knight Paladin commission.  I really like what you guys have done here.  The banners are amazing, as are the hand drawn detailing on the characters.  I was a little iffy on the reddish coloring at first, but now I can't see them being done any other way.  I hope to be contacting you in the future to add some more Paladins to my small army.
·         Hi Shawn,

Apologies to take up your time, as this isn’t an order placement as such. I also imagine you receive a fair few emails sung to this kind of tune, and understand if you’re too busy to reply with the business to run and orders to take.

Well, I’ve been following BTP for a few years now and trying to remember how I stumbled across the company. I recall finding the website and then becoming a regular blog and YouTube follower a few years back. Seeing the detail, the creativity and the sheer craftsmanship that goes into the projects the BTP team produce has been massively inspiring and a real treat to behold in the photo galleries and vids.
·         So inspired were we (my wife and I) that we’ve taken up painting miniatures on a regular basis, for at least a year now, with no real intention at first (I dabble in 40k, but my wife has no interest in playing tabletop). But we’re growing as artists, enjoying a relaxing hobby that (we have pondered), if we mature to the standards set by talented studios such as BTP and the like, may well consider commissioning our services as painters and modellers.

So that was it really, I didn’t want to bog you down with a long email about this and that. I’m sure you’d rather I was requesting a large project from the studio (ah if only December didn’t require the purchase of gifts for many people). I just wanted to say Thank You for first being so open with your studio, I feel like by following the progress of BTP over the years, I’ve gained not only lessons with regards to the hobby, but also key business skills on how to run a successful company.

Yourself and everyone at BTP have been truly inspiration on many levels and I look forward to following the studio for many a year and becoming a client in the near future.

Thanks & keep up the fantastic work
·         Get your Feet back. 
So I can finally work myself up to give you the right amount of Feedback you deserve in my opinion…
The models arrived here on January 12th according to customs, although I couldn’t pick them up before Monday 16th, but that was because customs had its annoying ways on it and that doesn’t really concern your part on the project but mine. Overall it seems to just be complicated or expensive to get through German customs…
 When I first saw the package I though “oh my god it will all be wracked” because the box did look very beaten. But due to the excellent packing nothing severe happened to the models, four minor damages of hair ends breaking off and such so no deal at all nothing a touch of superglue couldn’t fix. The only real damaging occurred to one of the flying bases, that for what ever reason broke in half.
Overall I have to say that the packing did an excellent job and I can’t come up with anything on how to improve their work.
 Communication by E-Mail works very well even from over her in Germany the responses are always very fast. One, to me, important mail was missing though. That would be the one stating that the package with the models I sent to you had arrived at your Studio.
It was during Christmas madness time so that counts as an excuse, still it would have been nice to know so I could have stopped worrying about it sooner.The models themselves look superb. I love how they turned out, especially in such a short time. Some models have a few minor colours misplacing, not sure if that is the right phrasing. For example did some models with longer hair have some of the armour colouring on the hair as well. Other then that they look just how imagined them, but that might be something that the quality check could and should have seen.
Other then that I am very very happy with the models.
Also I would like to specifically praise the assembly, modelling and repositioning done. The poses and overall modifications to the models are incredibly super! I can’t hank you enough for that; you do have some absolute experts on that part. 
My overall résumé would be to defiantly do it again… and as soon as I could come up with another idea or need to expand or create a new army I will absolutely contact you again.
Keep up the good work and thank you again.
·         Hey Shawn,

 I just got back from playing marine out in the field and i had that package from you guys waiting for me on my bed. Freaking awesome t-shirt design you had made up, i have to chuckle to myself every time i look at it, and that 6" movement template is fan-tastic! Easily top ten gifts of all time that i've ever received, i guarantee ill have that tee shirt til im 80yrs old.
I will put a couple items in the mail for you later this week when i get everything back in order, and once again thank you, hopefully i will get to meet you guys in person at adepticon if you are going this year and i can buy you a beer.
·         Dear Blue table painting, As I am writing to you lads and ladies, I find it some what funny that this is the first time I am writing to a company to thank them for what a great job they do. What i find even more ironic is that its to a company that not only I have I never brought any product from, but also that its to a company that is located on the other side of the world form where I live. I also asked my self why did I have the need to say thanks. I mean I have been following you for may years and seen so much and enjoyed so much already. To this I have no real answers - just now seemed to be a good time. In this regard I would first like to thank you Shawn personally for the passion you bring to the running of your business and life in general. As some one starting on his own road many of you comments over the years when it comes to life and business have been most insightful and for that I am very thankful for (even if some pearls of wisdom need to be taken with a pinch of salt). As for you coverage of the hobby I love how you have inspired me to try new gaming system and I have a growing circle and khador army in the works to go along with my many fantasy and 40k minis (need to by more storage space). Further everyday when I turn on my PC and look at my youtube feeds I am always excited to see if there are any new videos for you lads (but only if the phone lines were not stolen in the night). The best part about seeing the new videos - is that i want to get back to my work space and start painting or pick up the dices to have a game. Now i could go on but really what I am trying to say is that the stuff that BTP does has an amazing impact on the enjoyment I get out of life and for that i am truly grateful, and as I write to you now i think this might be the realization that has prompted this letter in the first place so once again thank you.
     Thus I come to the end of the is letter with the hope that you chaps are able to go        for strength to  strength  in the years ahead, and that I will be able to enjoy the journey with you.  All the best.
·         Dear Mr. Gately, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I, as a consumer, appreciate everything you are doing with BTP.  Obviously the talent and workmanship is spectacular, but in the YouTube videos people get to see the quality of the staff and that really reflects well on BTP and you personally.  The passion they have comes out in each of them and quite frankly, it's inspiring.  I highly recommend your company to any and all game enthusiasts I come into contact with.  If I had the discretionary finances, I'd just drop a ton of money on your company (with no strings attached) for no other reason than I like what you are doing, both as an entrepreneur and a game enthusiast.  I literally pray you have undreamed of success. 

·         I have seen my photos for my project Space Marines (01 MLP) and the work done on the banner is exquisite. Please tell Cameron a heartfelt thank you for going above and beyond anything I could have imagined, his creative license broke barriers. It truly has put a renewed inspiration into me. Christmas came when I saw it, and I almost let several man tears fall.

·         Just wanted to say I got the projects late Wednesday and they’re perfect!  Nothing broken, twisted, bent or missing.  Painting looks excellent and the packing was superb!  Thanks very much!

·         The Legion of the Damned dreadought arrived yesterday.
Thanks and thumbs up to the packing team as despite the many fiddly bits, banners, and parchment on the mini there was no shipping damage.

The dreadnought itself looks even better in person than i had hoped. Great job, the flames came out very well and I love the base.

·         I got the minis today and they do look pretty cool in person, much better than the pictures.

·         I wanted to let you know I picked up the Ultramarines yesterday and unwrapped them today.  Incredible!!  They match my Ultramarines better then I could have hoped for.  They look great!!  That was a tough bill to swallow, but it was well worth the cost.  I assume it wouldn't be an issue to add to the army in the next couple months?  Now that I have it all out on the table, I see I have a couple missing units that I need to add.  Another great job from you guys.

·         The package arrived on Saturday, Oct 27.   The model is OUTSTANDING!  Thanks.  

·         Shawn, Just wanted to let you know that I got my project in the mail the other day.  I've put the entire army together, and they all look FANTASTIC.  I've played a couple games already, and have had nothing but success with the army, and nothing but compliments on the amazing paint job!  Everyone asks about them, and I always tell them that I ordered the entire army through BTP, and of the incredible customer service that was provided!  On Tuesday, I'll be playing in an apocalypse battle with my entire force, the Deathwing Assault and Breakthrough Task Force.  In fact, people don't ask me if I'm coming to an event, or what army I'm bringing anymore, people only ever ask "Are you bringing your Deathwing to...." or similar questions!

Thanks again for the outstanding service, and the outstanding product!
·         Description:, all received safe and sound (uk postal strike delayed things a little).
                The models look great in real life, the photos don’t do them justice.
Thanks again for the great quality service.


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