Sunday November 30 2008

Thank goodness for Sunday. Otherwise I would work myself to the nub.

Last night, my ultra-pregnant wife went to bed early at my request. She has really had it and seems to be overly round even for 8 months along. That left me with to put the older kids to bed. I let them stay up til around 10pm.

The little three year old didn't make it to the bathroom and poo-ed his shorts. Not knowing what to do with the stinky product, he wiped it on the wall. That was a fun late-night shenanigan... cleaning that up. I kept my cool with the poor tyke*, though, which I'm always glad of. He's a sweet boy, and I think he actually screws up less than I do.

I watched part of Hellboy II and drifted off into long and strange dreams. In one random dream I arrived at Angela's house (but different than her real one, this one way out in the countryside) with some other painters to help her with a project. Her mother was there trying to get two greater daemons of tzeentch to go to bed. They talked with surfer-dude teenage voices.

Seriously, don't eat a big meal right before bed.

Today, I'm pretty down. This has been a rotten week for my quest for betterment. Well, nothing to do but take a deep breath, pray for the grace and goodness of God, and give it another go the coming week.

I was up at 4am, uploaded a batrep, then went back to sleep. I've been recording the Mork and Mindy marathon on sci-fi. That show brings back a ton of good memories. It seems like such a more innocent age. Funny, because supposedly it was all debauchery.

The downstairs of our house (a finished basement is a common item in Utah) is where the kids and I are lairing these days. I'm taking charge of all the bedtime routines and laundry to take some pressure off my wife, and I'm having a good time. I had the kids get all their Sunday clothes ready first thing so there would be no rush to find socks and shirts at the last possible second. Everything went off without a hitch and we were actually early to church. Sweet.

G is still having trouble in nursery. I think he's getting too old for it. He'll be in a new class next month. Tamara took him home early.

I taught the lesson in Elder's Quorum today, a task I am wholly unsuited for. Oh, sure, I love to do it. I can get up in front of any number of people without any unpleasant sensation. The problem is that I'm an self-centered grand-stander. Anyway, I got to pick a General Conference talk and boy it was like being in the doughnut section-- they're all so good!

Other than that it's been a long and lazy afternoon. The boys are bickering over toys. I put the clamp-down on that, having them gather the offending items to be stowed away for the week (this was mom's idea, I wanted to throw them out). Parenting is tough. When to be hard and when to be soft?

Random idea: use a spark plug for an Ork Zzap Gun. Is that safe?

I brought home three army books today: Dark Elves, Daemons and Vampire Counts (I have to brush up on Renn's army!). I'm going to add a unit of Shades to my super-mobile dark elf army.
*tyke or tike
1. Brit, Austral & NZ informal a small or cheeky child

Saturday- Burning the Midnight Oil

I'm down at the studio for a late shift tonight. I am wrapping up all loose ends.

If you'd like to call me or contact me for any reason, please do so. I will respond promptly.

801 372 8545

Also, a little-known fact is that you can almost always get an immediate response through gmail chat.

I'm down here all by my lonesomes listening to Pete Schiff:

December Specials

Here's the special for December. I'm still booking projects for the last half of the month.

These are really good deals. Artistic License tends to give a good result because the artist will use techniques that he or she is really good at. Artists are always excited to get an Artistic License project.

Give Artistic License* for one of the following armies and get 25% off on Painting:

• Warriors of Chaos
• Vampire Counts
• Tomb Kings
• Tyranids
• Cryx
• Skorne
• Orboros
• Chaos Nurgle (40K or Fantasy)
• Necrons
• Tau
• Space Marines
• Wood Elves

If the order is at least 1000 points you get 30% off the cost of materials.
Minimum order $200.
You should request the special by name.
You can contact me for a quote at I can send an a la carte pricing guide.
*Artistic License means we get to pick how it is painted and based. It needs to be within the genre (ie no pink marines!). You get to pick armament and army list.

In other news. I am in the process of updating the various pricing spreadsheets (eg they will now include auto-calculation for various specials like L2), so you may need to request some of them. They might not be on the website.

Fantastic Friday

I played TWO games today and it was awesome. Completely irresponsible. I have a very plump inbox.

Tomorrow I'll be paying in spades: I'm going down to the studio for a fat working day. Among other things I'll be editing and posting the juicy 90 minutes or so of footage I shot today and yesterday.

Good stuff.

For my part, I am a happy man. I got it all. Keeping it simple.

OK, here's more. I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Mike. We played at 1500 pts. It was really out of sight. All I want to do is play again. It was a very close draw at the end. Every turn was a nailbiter.

This game, then, was 500 points more than the last one.

I fielded my Cold One Knights this time. And another sorceress. And a third unit of Dark Riders.

This game helped me figure out my army's razone d'etre a little more. How does it win? How is it supposed to play? It's really a hammer and anvil type of army-- a big tarbaby unit (the Black Guard) and then a ton of very maneuverable units that harass and harry, picking apart the enemy's cohesion, getting to where they are needed. I think that sometimes if a unit is close combat only there's an enormous temptation to get it "stuck in" sooner than is prudent. I'm definitely like that. I like to do things and I get into trouble.

Anyway, the Cold One Knights (COK) really screwed up during this game, presenting a huge number of problems on account of Stupidity. We call this a "COK block". So, I'm tempted to "fire" them from the roster, but I've decided to leave them in, and just play them better and smarter and choose magic items that will keep them on track (eg the cold-blooded banner that allows for one turn of enhanced LD).

I also need to consider that I won't always be playing against Orcs! Renn is coming along nicely with his Vampire Counts which will be a tremendous challenge. Returning to the Cold One Knights-- they have Fear which will help.

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Well, I think that I've been maintaining the blog for two years now.

Here's the day in a nutshell:

  1. Sleep in.
  2. Studio to pick up metal plates, glue and wrap up some loose ends.
  3. Watch episode of Star Trek: Enterprise while painting up a few Dark Riders.
  4. Get nagged by wife for not helping clean up for Thanksgiving dinner guests.
  5. Whip the kids into shape-- making them clean up while I continue painting.
  6. Get nagged by wife again for not cooking the dishes I was supposed to cook and now it's ten minutes until guests arrive.
  7. Finally go upstairs and appease wife, who finds me dead-sexxy in my chef outfit.
  8. My cranberry relish is to die for.

OK, so Joseph and his wife show up with their little cherubs and we really get a spectacular meal underway. What else? The kids were having a blast watching the muppet show and playing out in the frosty back yard.

After dinner, Joseph and I made flush movement trays for our Warhammer Fantasy armies. It's official now, I have 2000 points of Dark Elves all painted up, with movement trays, everything ready to go. OK, well, maybe one thing missing: the hydra I have was painted by If all goes according to plan I'll be playing a game with Mike tomorrow and will have some vids up.

Then we headed out to Blockbuster to rent a few movies: Get Smart and Hellboy II. We watched the former all four of us as the kids dropped off to sleep one by one. Get Smart was good for a few belly laughs.

Tamie put her swollen calves on my lap during the movie and I worked them into shape. Poor darling, she's a vision of misery. Imagine hauling around a twenty pound bowling ball in your abdomen for three months. The turkey timer is almost entirely extroverted (ie her belly button, in case the metaphor isn't clear).

So, what am I grateful for? That's a pretty long list. I really have it all, everything important, healthy family, great wife, community, church, dream co-workers, and dream job... and clients which really, in a way, make it all possible.

Project Update

As usual, we are working diligently and methodically on various projects. I don't give updates every week because the schedule is so fluid, so changing, that it's hard to pin down. This is natural. All sorts of things can delay (or set ahead!) a project. But I probably should do updates more often. Clients seem to like it.

The following projects are finished, awaiting documentation (digital photography), or will be done very soon (2-5 days):
Big Daddy 02 CL
Tyranids 01 BH B
Gritty Orks 02 BC
Tau 10 TO
Space Marines 01 JR red/yellow
Decapitator 01 JD
Alien Terrain FLDLV
Wyches of Thoth 02 BV
AI 02 MN bombers
Crimson Fists 01 RB
Blood Bowl Dark Elves 01 AA
Khador 03 MW
Tyranids 01 ED by nov 22

The following are under the brush (or soon will be) and have an expected completion time of 5-10 days:

Old West Buildings 01 CC
Gritty Orks 03 BC
Heroes 01 ML
Black Templars 01 RH
Mortifactors 01 ST
Imperial Guard 01 JF
Iyanden 03 BH
Salamanders 01 DD
Cygnar 01 RC
Eldar 01 DD
Assassin 01 AK
Alien Terrain
War Machine 13 BF
Deathwing 03 CG er
Khorne 04 JB

The following projects are in Assembly or are just exiting Assembly:

Dark Elves 01 TB
War Machine 14 JL
Heroes 01 ML
Black Templars 01 RH
War Machine 12 JL
Salamanders 01 DD
Cygnar 01 GV
Tau 03 SL
Imperial Fleet 02 EB

The following projects are in a holding pattern-- waiting for materials, instructions or something else:

AI 02 MN
Chaos 04 JC Deathguard 02 HT
Tomb Kings 01 RY

Tzeentch Lord 02 AC
Warmaster 02 GQ
Dark Elves 01 RC
Assassin 01 AK

Sisters of Battle 02 CS
Khorne Daemon Princes 01 MS
Wood Elves 01 JL
Ultramarines 02 SA
Vampire Counts 04 LG
Ultramarines 02 DS

The following projects are coming up in the next few weeks:

Warmaster 02 GQ
Wood Elves 01 JL bf
Tzeentch Lord 02 AC
Tau 03 SL
Ultramarines 02 MN
Deathguard 02 HT
Dark Elves 01 RC
Dark Elves 01 TB
Imperial Fleet 02 EB
Cygnar 01 GV
Sisters of Battle 02 CS
Tomb Kings 01 RY bf and er
Chaos 04 JC termies
Khorne Daemon Princes 01 MS

See how time-consuming that is? And in 48 hours it will all be switched around as packages go flying in and out. We are careful, we keep good track of everything.

Now, if you didn't see your project, or you have ANY questions at all, I am completely at your disposal.

Turkey Humor

A young man named John received a parrot as an early Christmas gift. Theparrot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary. Every word outof the bird's mouth was rude, obnoxious and laced with profanity. Johntried and tried to change the bird's attitude by consistently sayingonly polite words, playing soft music and anything else he could thinkof to 'clean up' the bird's vocabulary.
Finally, John was fed up and he yelled at the parrot. The parrot yelledback. John shook the parrot and the parrot got angrier and even ruder.
John, in desperation, threw up his hands, grabbed the bird and shovedhim in the freezer.
For a few minutes the parrot squawked and kicked and screamed. Thensuddenly there was total quiet. Not a peep was heard for over a minute.
Fearing that he'd hurt the parrot, John quickly opened the d oor to thefreezer. The parrot calmly stepped out onto John's outstretched arms andsaid 'I believe I may have offended you with my rude language andactions. I'm sincerely remorseful for my inappropriate transgressionsand I fully intend to do everything I can to correct my rude andunforgivable behavior.'
John was stunned at the change in the bird's attitude. As he was aboutto ask the parrot what had made such a dramatic change in his behavior,the bird continued....
........'May I enquire as to what the turkey did?'
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I LOVE the Money Fire!

Here's an interesting article snippet:

"... So why weren't these structured debt-instruments "stress tested" before the markets were reworked and the financial system became so dependent on them?

"Greed. Because the real purpose of these exotic investments is not to provide true value to the buyer, but to maximize profits for the seller by increasing leverage. That is the real purpose of MBS, CDOs and all the other bizarre-sounding derivatives; higher profits with less capital. It's a scam. Here's how it works: A mortgage applicant buys a house for $400,000 and puts 10 percent down. His mortgage is sold to Wall Street, chopped into pieces, and stitched together in a pool of similar loans. Now the brokerage can use the debt as if it were an asset, borrowing at ratios of 20 or 30 to 1 to fatten the bottom line. When Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken into conservatorship by the government, they were leveraged at an eye-popping 100 to 1. This shows that nearly an infinite amount of debt can be precariously balanced atop a paltry amount of capital. This explains why the $4 trillion aggregate value of the 5 big investment banks and the $1.7 trillion value of the hedge funds is now vanishing more quickly than it was created. Once the mighty gears of structured finance shift into reverse, deleveraging begins with a vengeance pulling trillions into a credit vacuum."

Dump your money in a giant hole
(humor- warning some foul language)

PS- I'm not saying this is right or it's what I think personally. Just some information.

Also, some game-related stuff and fluffy Thanksgiving fare is forthcoming.

Designed to do Good and Right


I find myself with a few free moments this holiday morning and I wanted to respond to one of your blog posts.

"Remember: Government can't do anything. It is contrary to the laws of physics. They can only move existing resources around. Only personal industriousness can create. Taxation is the power only to destroy."

I respect what I think you're trying to say here, that government, deriving its funding and authority as it does from the populous, cannot help but be viewed as a parasite from a certain perspective. I don't think however that your comment above does our government complete justice. For example, our government protects our boarders from enemies, (both foreign and domestic), provides for roads and utilities which vastly increase our quality of life, provides (in theory) a neutral system by which to arbitrate disputes, and many other benefits that add up to peace and freedom. I suppose you can argue that peace and freedom come from the people and a lack of government, but I believe that it is the government as intended who maintains this status.

Where I can't fault your logic is what our government has become in these troubled times. Where once we claimed to have a "free market" economy, now when a business falls to the pressure of supply and demand, we don't let it fall, we prop it up, hoping to overt the inevitable demise of the institution. One of my friends said something lately in regard to the noises about baling out the auto industry that I found particularly appropriate.

"I wouldn't buy their cars, why then should I pay to have them make more cars?"

At best we are supposed to have a symbiotic relationship with our government, benefitting from its existence, but not having it draw so heavily upon our resources that it significantly impairs our ability to generate goods, services, and wealth.

I think, say 100 years ago, we had this level of freedom. Now though, companies and special interests have grown so large and our political system has grown so polarized between conservative republicanism and liberal democrats, that we no longer elect people to represent us who act in service to their constituents. In point of fact our current system makes it very difficult for a person to get re-elected who truly acts in the best interest of the people and the country as a single unified entity.

This is because most campaigns are funded by special interests, special action groups, and companies who want to be remembered favorably when a law maker takes office. To get laws past, the law maker then has to make deals with other law makers (who were elected under the same circumstances and who are beholden to other groups and companies.) (For the record, I view our political parties as esentially special interest groups, much like unions or lobiest groups.) The law, designed to do something good and right, gets bundled with other laws such that the end product is that while the one law gets past, a bunch of other laws do as well which may not be representative of the elected officials and his constituents' beliefs. The representative of the people should be free to vote as his people and his conscience dictate, not such that a few privileged companies and interest groups will fund him again or so that a different law he will propose later has a chance of passing muster.

If you haven't done so already, I recommend reading a book by Michael Z. Williamson called Freehold.

The book depicts a free society in which government is but a shadow of our current system, where self-reliance is the standard, and where there are no social safety nets to speak of. It is a work of fiction, but depicts with disturbing clarity the difference between what we could become and what true freedo really means.

Best wishes to you and yours.

Thank you so much. Just a few responses like this showing up in my Inbox make it all worthwhile.
I am entertaining the idea that some "moving around of resources" by Government might be within the proper role. I am not rejecting any ideas outright at this stage, though things are shaping up.
Now some random, unrelated thoughts.
The reader also needs to remember that I am a fanatic... a zealot... a religious nut. I believe that there is a radiant and complex and eternal spirit body fused to my physical form. Current earthly conflict is rooted in, and an extension of, a conflict that began before the earth was formed. It was a fight between coercion and freedom, voluntary vs. involuntary obedience, blindness vs. seeing, the concentration of power by force and the dispersion of power to the individual.
It is the Mighty Eternal Father who laid his hand on your head countless millenia ago and gave you your Freedom. It cannot truly be taken away. There is no power that can take it. God Himself will not take it from you. The decree has gone forth in the Heavens.
The Creator gave you your Rights.
I will go on... All matter obeys God on a sub-atomic level. The universe gives obedience voluntarily and recognizes and honors him because he is Just. He walks the razor's edge of Celestial Law. There is no turning aside from it. There is an exception: Man. To us it is given to choose for ourselves, to learn for ourselves, and to decide whether we will rebel or obey. And if we rebel, to decide in this life to repent, or not.
There is an illusion in this life, a forgetfulness, but we are fitful and turning in our slumber. I know others who can feel it too. Perhaps as you read this, your eyes will well up, and a spark will flare inside your mind...

Dreams of Slaanesh...

As usual, I'm thinking of the next army. This one might be-a ways off, but if you want to steal the idea, I can give you a quote...

The dual release of Daemons of Chaos and Chaos Daemons for 40K raises the interesting prospect of a dual-use army, that can be for 40K or Fantasy.

Mount the models on rounds. If these are magnetized (round magnets on the underside of the base). Then, a bordered movement tray is mounted with metal plates and the gaps where the circular bases don't cover are filled and then based to match-- disguising the gaps. Voila!

Now on to the list. This is a very quick and deadly army. In WHF you have spells to manipulate the board and give firepower, but you don't really need that. With movement TEN, your units are effectively ranged... a charge of 20". That's what daddy is talking about.

2x Heralds of Slaanesh on Seekers
1x Greater Daemon of Slaanesh (FW version is awesome)
36x Daemonettes (six units of six-- the sacred number of Slaanesh)
12x Seekers of Slaanesh (Daemonettes on steeds of slaanesh)
6x Fiends of Slaanesh

One possible conversion for the Seekers I was thinking of: give them snake-like bodies (the lower part). This is a classic slaanesh archetype hailing back to Dechala. Of course, the regular Seeker models are really slick.

Dark Elves Complete List

Here is my finalized list for my Ice Elves, so called. The only models I don't have so far are the harpies (need a box of Daemonettes) and the Shades. If you have either and would like to trade materials or service, let me know. Other than that I just need to convert up the Highborn on dark steed and I'm set.
If anyone has suggestions about my list, of any kind, I am wide open. My regular email is
As for the studio Warhammer Fantasy rumblings, excitement is high. Evidently Mike and Renn played a game of Vampire Counts v Orcs yesterday. Amazingly, we scrounged up 1250 pts of Bretonnians just from miscellaneous parts (does include 200 pts of Empire Greatswords, though!) and so that's rolling. Can't wait to see what Josephus does with those.
2250 Pts - Dark Elves Roster - Ice Elves 2000 plus

Highborn (1#, 230 Pts)
1 Dreadlord @ 230 Pts
General; Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Eternal Hatred
1 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts
1 Chillblade @ [50] Pts

Noble (1#, 118 Pts)
1 Master @ 118 Pts
Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Eternal Hatred
1 Lifetaker @ [30] Pts

Sorceress (1#, 172 Pts)
1 Sorceress @ 172 Pts
Druchii Sorcery; Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Eternal Hatred
1 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts
1 Dispel Scroll @ [25] Pts
1 0. Power of Darkness @ [0] Pts
1 1. Chillwind @ [0] Pts
1 2. Doombolt @ [0] Pts
1 3. Word of Pain @ [0] Pts
1 4. Blade Wind @ [0] Pts
1 5. Soul Stealer @ [0] Pts
1 6. Black Horror @ [0] Pts

Sorceress (1#, 172 Pts)
1 Sorceress @ 172 Pts
Druchii Sorcery; Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Eternal Hatred
1 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts
1 Dispel Scroll @ [25] Pts
1 0. Power of Darkness @ [0] Pts
1 1. Chillwind @ [0] Pts
1 2. Doombolt @ [0] Pts
1 3. Word of Pain @ [0] Pts
1 4. Blade Wind @ [0] Pts
1 5. Soul Stealer @ [0] Pts
1 6. Black Horror @ [0] Pts

Cold One Knights (6#, 217 Pts)
5 Cold One Knights @ 217 Pts
Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Eternal Hatred
1 Dread Knight @ [43] Pts
Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Eternal Hatred
1 Banner of Cold Blood @ [15] Pts
6 Cold One @ [0] Pts
Thick-skinned; Causes Fear; Stupid

Dark Riders (5#, 117 Pts)
5 Dark Riders @ 117 Pts
Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Spear; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred; Fast Cavalry
5 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts

Dark Riders (5#, 117 Pts)
5 Dark Riders @ 117 Pts
Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Spear; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred; Fast Cavalry
5 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts

Dark Riders (5#, 117 Pts)
5 Dark Riders @ 117 Pts
Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Spear; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred; Fast Cavalry
5 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts

Black Guard (19#, 307 Pts)
18 Black Guard @ 307 Pts
Warrior Elite; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Halberd; Heavy Armour; Eternal Hatred; Immune to Psychology; Stubborn
1 Tower Master @ [27] Pts
Warrior Elite; Heavy Armour; Eternal Hatred; Immune to Psychology
1 War Banner @ [25] Pts

Reaper (3#, 100 Pts)
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts
War Machine; Eternal Hatred; Repeater Bolt Thrower
2 Crew @ [0] Pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred

Reaper (3#, 100 Pts)
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts
War Machine; Eternal Hatred; Repeater Bolt Thrower
2 Crew @ [0] Pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred

War Hydra (3#, 175 Pts)
1 War Hydra @ 175 Pts
Fiery Breath; Monsters and Handlers; Causes Terror; Eternal Hatred; Large Target; Regenerate; Scaly Skin
2 Beastmaster @ [0] Pts
Hand Weapon; Eternal Hatred
2 Beastmasters Scourge @ [0] Pts

Harpy Coven (9#, 99 Pts)
9 Harpies @ 99 Pts
Beasts; Flyer

Shades (6#, 200 Pts)
5 Shades @ 200 Pts
Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Eternal Hatred; Scouts; Skirmishers
1 Assassin @ [120] Pts
A Killer Not a Leader; Always Strike First; Hidden; Khainite; Hand Weapon; Eternal Hatred; Poisoned Attacks; Scouts
1 Touch of Death @ [30] Pts

Total Roster Cost: 2241

Created with Army Builder
Copyright (c) 1997-2005 Lone Wolf Development, Inc. All rights reserved.

Daemonic Delight

Shawn, buddy, I hope you don't take this as a criticism to your ability to shoot video and take photographs, but your equipment is NOT doing these amazing models you guys build justice.I have not been able to stop drooling over this figure your team put together for me. The colors are just mind-blowing, and the scratchbuilding, WOW.I think you need to put a new camera on your list this Holiday Season!!!AMAZING work! I just can't get over it.

Best, Virgil

SHAWN & THE GREAT FOLKS AT BTP!!! The Nurgle Demon Prince arrived uncathed and after I opened the box and held it under the light, I just fell on the floor and did the Curly Dance of Joy!!

What an amazing and beautiful job. I think my nephew is going to go crazy with this thing!!! Holy smokes, that's just beautiful.

You guys are the BEST!!!
THANK YOU, and I know we are bound to do business again!!! Keep up the great work.
Happy impending THANKSGIVING too!!!

Best, Virgil in Florida.

Money Belt

In Utah, we just elected a new Congressman. He's the representative from my district, in fact. He's a fiscal conservative of a Ron Paul-esque stripe. Keep your eye on this guy.

The guy he beat, Chris Cannon, voted for a lot of "emergency" spending. I looked it up. I say good riddance to him. I pretty much just want one thing from my elected officials: STAY IN THE BUDGET!

I would love to see programs and departments get cut.

CONGRESSMAN CHAFFETZ: Yeah, I do. You know, when I read a quote from Barack Obama who just said, quote, we've got to focus on making sure that we're creating those 2.5 million jobs. It's not the proper role of government to create the jobs. It's the business community. It's the local business community that creates the jobs. It's the proper role of government to get out of the way. And somehow we think that government's going to come in and solve everything and be this nanny state, and I absolutely reject that. Absolutely reject it. They have promised to put root beer in every drinking fountain and it ain't gonna happen.

CONGRESSMAN CHAFFETZ: Well, I think looking at our microcosm in Utah, people are absolutely fed up across both sides of the aisle. They clearly wanted change but, look, they want somebody who's going to stand up and tell it to them like it is, and I think that's the success of our story. . . I was outspent by a 12-year incumbent Republican. I beat a Republican, beat one of our own. I was outspent by $600,000, but I had no paid staff, I did no polling, I gave out -- I said no free meals. You come to a Jason Chaffetz meeting, I'm not going to buy you a free meal. We had no campaign office and we said I'm going to be debt-free, there's no -- if I don't raise the money, I'm not going to spend it. And I won by huge numbers. I won by 20 points and I was outspent by $600,000. And I think that's going to happen more and more across the country as people just get absolutely fed up and disturbed by what their government is doing and not doing.

Read the rest of the interview.

Remember: Government can't do anything. It is contrary to the laws of physics. They can only move existing resources around. Only personal industriousness can create. Taxation is the power only to destroy.

Terrible Banners

Check out these horrible banners. I would never use any of these on my models.

If I were the person who drew these, I'd be embarrassed.
PS- I know there are a few people who will think I'm serious. I'm joking. These banners rock.
And if you thought those sucked,

It's Chef Time

First off, I'm not going to culinary school or any such thing.

My wife is the queen of entering contests. And (apparently) winning. She won a half-day at a culinary school, and thus it was that me and four other hapless husbands found themselves making a gourmet thankgiving meal up at an art institute in Salt Lake.

I was naturally resistant at first. Why learn any cooking at all when I'm married to Tamara, who is an infinite expert on the subject. But as the day wore on, I really got into it and my stuff actually turned out really well.

I got a really cool chef's jacket, too. And we got to bring home a ton of food. My cranberry sauce turned out amazing. And brining the turkey is definitely the way to go.

So, for Thanksgiving I'm actually going to help my wife with the cooking. I'm feeling a lot more confidence.

It costs $80,000 to get a degree at this school. Ridiculous. For less than that, not to mention not working full time for free for four years, you can just start your own show on a shoe-string. I've got a pretty dim view of higher education. I think it's a racket.

More pics here.

Wake Up Homeless in the Land of Their Inheritance

Thought some might be interested in this:

Space Marine Humor

Here's an old chestnut that might be new to some readers...

"My Lord, I bring news."
Typhus Marburg paused in his study of the situation map of the
dreary little planet his forces were engaged in ravaging. "Yes?"
"Lord. Starships have appeared in the outer system and are on course
for a landing. They have been identified as elements of the Flesh
"Yeah? Tell them to sod off and find their own world. Tell 'em we
got here first."
"Sire, you misunderstand. They are here to defend this world!"
"What! Why? It's a sorry state of affairs when the followers of
Chaos start to defend the weakling Imperium from each other!"
"Um, Lord... the Flesh Tearers are a loyalist chapter."
"They are? With a name like that! Are you sure they're not one of
"Positive, My Lord."
"Have you been able to call for any assistance?"
"The Astropaths have contacted other forces nearby. Unfortunately
this has also alerted other loyalist forces in the sector and they
are also headed our way."
"Bugger. So who gets here first then?"
"The Alpha Legion, sire."
"It never rains, it only pours, hey?"
"The Alpha Legion is one of ours."
"It is?!"
"I'm confused. You're telling me that a mob called the 'Flesh
Tearers' isn't one of ours but a mob called the - what was it
"The Alpha Legion, sire."
"Right... a mob called the Alpha Legion is one of ours."
"That is correct, sire."
"So who else is showing up to this barney then?"
"The Blood Drinkers."
"One of ours?"
"One of theirs."
"The Iron Warriors."
"One of theirs?"
"No. One of ours."
"Go figure."
"The Dark Angels."
"Now I've heard of them. Followers of Slaanesh aren't they?"
"No, I think you're thinking of The Fallen, sire. The Dark Angels
are Loyalists too."
"Bugger. So who else then?"
"The Emperor's Children."
"Oh, that one's too easy. They're obviously loyalists with a name
like that."
"Um, not exactly my Lord."
"Yes, Lord. They're one of ours too."
"This is silly. All the really evil sounding names are being used by
weakling loyalists while it seems as though the forces of chaos have
got the naff monikers. Are there any more of these I should know
"A few, Lord."
"OK then, spell it out for me, starting with Loyalists that sound
like traitors and then moving onto traitors that sound like
"I will attempt to do so, Lord. OK - the Loyalists that sound like
traitors... the Marauders, Rampagers, Destroyers and Storm Lords
(all White Scar second foundings in point of fact)."
"I like the sound of the Storm Lords. You sure they aren't one of
"Quite sure. Then there's the Blood Drinkers and the Flesh Tearers -
both of which are Loyalist second founding of the Blood Angels."
"With names like that I'd always assumed they were more bone headed
followers of the blood god."
"Not so far, My Lord. Then there's the Red Talons..."
"I thought they were renegade pirates."
"No Lord, that's the Red Corsairs."
"Oh. OK. Continue."
"The Brazen Claws are loyalists too."
"Good name for a Khornate force though isn't it?"
"Yes Lord. Then there's the Black Guard (not to be confused with the
Black Legion which IS one of ours), the Revilers, and the Raptors."
"Hold on a minute! The Raptors? They're definitely ours. Hell we've
got a small unit of them attached to our forces haven't we?"
"My Lord, those are the troops known as Raptors but there is also a
loyalist legion with the same name."
"Must get a bit confusing for the loyalists then?"
"I imagine so, My Lord. There are also the Doom Eagles, the Silver
Skulls, and the Iron Hands (not to be mistaken for the Iron
Warriors, who are ours)."
"Bloody hell. Is that it?"
"There are also some lesser known chapters that also seem to cause
occasional confusion."
"Such as..."
"The Doomfarers are one that our forces have occasionally
"Oh yeah. Those yoyos. So what about the Chaos forces that sound
like loyalists then..."
"Well as mentioned earlier there are The Emperor's Children, The Iron
Warriors, the Thousand Sons, the Lunar Wolves (who changed their
name to the Sons of Horus and then to the Black Legion)..."
"Well at least they're easily IDed as one of ours now. The Black
Legion eh? Now that's a proper name. Just postively oozes evil from
every pore."
"Yes, Lord. To continue, there are also the Word Bearers, and the
Alpha Legion."
"The Word Bearers? What kind of silly name is that for a Chaos
"They used to be missionarys sire"
"We you'd think that once they switched to our side they'd change
their name to something a little more in keeping with being evil mad
men. I mean come on 'The Word Bearers'? It's a silly name."
"Yes my Lord"
"You know, I think the forces of Chaos should have proper Chaos
names. There's no room for mistakes when you're called something
like 'The World Eaters' or 'The Death Guard'..."
"Actually Lord, both those chapters had those names when they were
"You're kidding."
"No, My Lord."
"Yeesh. I would have thought names like that would be a bit scary
for the average imperial citizen. I mean "Yay we're being rescued by
the World Eaters" just doesn't sound credible while "Aargh! Flee!
It's the World Eaters" seems much more likely."
"Yes, My Lord. I believe the latter is more likely these days
"Makes no bloody sense at all."
"Yes, My Lord."
"Kill 'em all and let the Chaos Gods sort 'em out I say."
"Sounds like a completely reasonable approach to me, My Lord."

Saturday November 20 2008 Fishing

I've got Dark Elves on the brain. Heeeeheeee... they are so cool.

Ever try and give a cat a bath? Well, that was what it was like to get me to go with my wife to a culinary school half-day how-to-cook thing today.

Say, that reminds me of a story. When I was a kid we had some feral cats living in the neighbors wood pile (no, not a cord of firewood, actually a giant pile of haphazard scrap wood from torn-down houses). I decided to make one my pet, so I put out a metal cage and baited it with some meat. After catching the angry, growling feline, I extricated it and gave it a gentle hug. Surely love and kindness would tame the little beast. This miniature puma clawed its way on to the center of my back and latched on with its talons. I ran inside, hunched over, shrieking for my mom and sister to help me. They fended the creature off with a broom, leaving me to clean my wounds.

More about the cooking school thing later. For the record, this doesn't mean I'm going to cooking school now. I think everyone knows what I think about paid education.

After that little shindig we headed over to Tamara's sister's house to drop something off, but ended up just hanging out for an hour. I got a call from the Bishop saying a family is moving in today.

Once back in the Ward boundaries, I headed over to lend a hand and managed to unload a size-able trailer by myself. A little Easter Island determination is all it takes! The family was also having a football party of sorts and so I headed in for some root beer and chips. I think this is the most football I've watched in my life.

Let's back up a bit. So, I'm out by myself (the latecomer doing his penance) and a moving guy says "why aren't you watching the game?" to which I replied I was the latecomer and needed to get things done. "Yeah, but you're missing out on friends and family." he replied. Well, this balding buddha in suspenders made a light go on. Sure, I don't like football, but that's not what it's about. So, I think I'm going to start following it at least cursorily so when someone asks who I'm rooting for I'll have an anwer rather than, "I don't watch that game." It's not about the game, it's about being part of the human race.

Just like fishing isn't about catching fish.

I had K come over to give me a hand, and that was some good daddy-daughter time; work ethic and duty to the community. She loves football. I got to know this new family in the ward, too. They are really great, fresh from sunny Florida, all smiling and quick to top off your soda. I was favorably impressed with the lot of them.

After that I was bushed, but I headed down to the studio to tie up some loose ends. Air Marshall Anonymo came down to check out his Marauder Bombers (pics and vid of those forthcoming). I also picked up my Dark Elf book and Warhammer rulebook for review. I can't wait for my next game. I am totally stoked. I'm within spitting distance of having 2000 pts of Dark Elves all painted up.

My wife was fast asleep when I got home. She is so pregnant and her feet and ankles are painfully swollen. When children come into the picture, love is complete.

Quthyx, lord of nature. This was in a dream I had. A man with a crown of wood and blue-green skin.

Dark Elves vs Orcs Battle Report

Here is my fabulous 1000 point army I used in my game against the Orcs today. My army had 33 models.

Cost to commission this army in December is $678 (eeeeverything included and shipped in the US-- overseas $16 extra-- within 30 days-- includes 35% off on materials). Substitutions OK, but may alter price.

1000 Pts - Dark Elves Roster - Ice Elves 1000

Noble (1#, 128 Pts)
1 Master @ 128 Pts
General; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Eternal Hatred
1 Lifetaker @ [30] Pts
1 Enchanted Shield @ [10] Pts

Sorceress (1#, 172 Pts)
1 Sorceress @ 172 Pts
Druchii Sorcery; Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Eternal Hatred
1 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts
1 Darkstar Cloak @ [25] Pts
1 0. Power of Darkness @ [0] Pts
1 1. Chillwind @ [0] Pts
1 2. Doombolt @ [0] Pts
1 3. Word of Pain @ [0] Pts
1 4. Blade Wind @ [0] Pts
1 5. Soul Stealer @ [0] Pts
1 6. Black Horror @ [0] Pts

Dark Riders (5#, 117 Pts)
5 Dark Riders @ 117 Pts
Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Spear; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred; Fast Cavalry
5 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts

Dark Riders (5#, 117 Pts)
5 Dark Riders @ 117 Pts
Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Spear; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred; Fast Cavalry
5 Dark Steed @ [0] Pts

Black Guard (15#, 255 Pts)
14 Black Guard @ 255 Pts
Warrior Elite; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Halberd; Heavy Armour; Eternal Hatred; Immune to Psychology; Stubborn
1 Tower Master @ [27] Pts
Warrior Elite; Heavy Armour; Eternal Hatred; Immune to Psychology
1 War Banner @ [25] Pts

Reaper (3#, 100 Pts)
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts
War Machine; Eternal Hatred; Repeater Bolt Thrower
2 Crew @ [0] Pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred

Reaper (3#, 100 Pts)
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts
War Machine; Eternal Hatred; Repeater Bolt Thrower
2 Crew @ [0] Pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Eternal Hatred

Total Roster Cost: 989

Created with Army Builder
Copyright (c) 1997-2005 Lone Wolf Development, Inc. All rights reserved.
Battle Report Starts Here!

Lizardmen- Juicy Tidbits

I don't know what this eyesore is. My guess is Chakax, Eternity Warden which costs $15.

Here's what is impressing me. These models look great. Kroxigor haven't been that impressive in previous editions, these at least look moderately beefy.

Stegadon sprue, packed to the gills like all the plastics nowadays. Never thought I would see it.

Got some mixed feelings here, but you can't argue with the substance. This model is tremendous.

Friday November 21 2008 Cranial Ridges

This picture is just too cool. It's a Dark Elf Sorceress. I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Mike D. today, the maiden voyage for my DE army that I've been picking away at. In the game, the sorceress is a deadly opponent with some wicked spells.

At this moment I am at home with my own three kids, and three more little ones from a neighbor, a full house. They are all playing quietly, watching Zula Patrol, or playing board games. Very nice. I am ever so proud of my fourth grade daughter. She made sure everyone had dinner and that the kitchen got cleaned up.

I am currently booking projects for December. Please contact me for any matter large or small.

I have not kept up on the blog as faithfully as usual. When I get home at night I am just ever so tired. Just these last three days. I don't know why. Instead of doing a final run like I usually do, I just fall asleep. But then I'm up at 3am. It's lame.

As always, my mind is boiling with politics, taxes, business, sales, and other worries. However, under all this is a swelling sense of peace and well-being. I look up at the sky and I see a vast and brilliant galaxy of friendly stars, a countless chorus of radiant brothers and I know that I am just a pilgrim in this world, a passer-through. I am a spiritual being having a material experience. I am ready to go. I am ready to stay and fight.

Josephus is back from vacation and he brought back some daemons that were out of sight, beyond amazing stuff. I wanted to shoot some footage of it, but barely had time to get the Warhammer Fantasy batrep done.

What else can I say? I could sure use some orders rightabout now.

Wednesday November 19 2008

Picture: some ships I made for AI, Tyranids. I'm playing a game this Saturday.
The base is only temporary. They will have regular AI bases when done.
For some reason, the last few nights I've arrived home, I am absolutely tired; eyelids heavy and ready to collapse on the couch. Strange.
I took G for a walk yesterday morning. He was riding on my shoulders. It was like carrying around a sack of cement and it whacked out my back. Ouch. But I think it's feeling better now.
I got up bright and early this morning and started cracking on emails, as usual. Sarah and I got a LOT done today. I've got a morning show AND another video still to post.
I am beat. I'm going to bed. I had better get up early tomorrow to catch up.

Naomi Klein Dishes it Out

Naomi can expound financial issues to me any day.

Monday November 17 2008 Hit the Ground Running

Picture: a Reptus Warrior by Reaper miniatures. Check out his shield.
I was up bright an early, with a long race ahead. First things first, I constructed an alternate back carapace to the Tyranid Bio-Titan. The first one was too flat and looked like a horse-shoe crab. You can't see the new one yet, but will likely see it all finished in about a week. I am please with how it turned out, that was a brain-child long in gestation.
I also managed to finished to repeater bolt throwers for my Ice Elves army, so I'm not ready to take all comers in Warhammer Fantasy. It's high time to have a game!
Joseph is out this week (but still working on the second installment of Wyches of Thoth).
Sarah and I tag-teamed the various administrative tasks down at the studio, getting out a half-dozen projects or so, and getting Payroll ready for disbursal.
I am still booking projects for December, and running the various specials outlined below.
Once home, I was surrounded by my angelic snooches. G wants nothing more than to ride around on my shoulders, even in the house. He lays his sweet head down on my hair like a pillow.
A friend of Tamies came by tonight, her daughter is Kay's age. We sat around and shot the bull about dating, marriage, and what makes men tick.
For politics, I am going to engage in a new excercise and entertain the possibility that all is well and that the gov, is doing a good job. Look forward to that.
Right now, I am about to settle in with the good woman to watch an episode of Heroes. Sweet.
Thanks for reading, and thanks to all our clients. Each one is precious, I have absolutely not illusions: we are lucky to be in business.

A Founding Father Reincarnated in Our Day

"First, consider the effects of inflation by which we mean the Fed’s increase in the supply of money, on the value of the dollar. By increasing the supply of money, the Federal Reserve lowers the value of every dollar that already exists. If the supply of Mickey Mantle baseball cards were suddenly to increase a million fold, each individual card would become almost valueless. The same principle applies to money: the more the Fed creates the less value each individual monetary unit possesses. When the money supply is increased, prices rise—with each new dollar now worth less than before…

“All right, some may say, prices may indeed rise, but so do wages and salaries, and therefore inflation causes no real problems on net. This misconception overlooks one of the most insidious and immoral effects of inflation: its redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the politically well connected. The price increases that take place as a result of inflation do not occur all at once and to the same degree. Those who receive the new money first receive it before the prices have yet risen. They enjoy a windfall. Meanwhile, as they spend the new money, and the next wave of recipients spend it, and so on, prices begin to rise throughout the economy—well before the new money has trickled down to most people. The average person is now paying higher prices while still earning his old income, which has not yet been adjusted to account for the higher money supply. By the time the new money has made its way throughout the economy, average people have all this time been paying higher prices, and only now can begin to break even. The enrichment of the politically well connected—In other words those who get the newly created money first: government contractors, big banks and the like—comes at the direct expense of everyone else. These are known as the distribution effects, or Cantillon effects, of inflation, after economist Richard Cantillon. The average person is silently robbed through this invisible means and usually doesn’t’ understand what exactly is happening to him. And almost no one in the political establishment has an incentive to tell him.

“When the value of Americans’ savings is deliberately eroded through inflation, which is a tax, albeit a hidden one. I call it the inflation tax, a tax that is all the more insidious for being so underhanded: most Americans have no idea what causes it or why their standard of living is going down. Meanwhile, government and its favored constituencies receive their ill-gotten loot. The racket is safe as long as no one figures out what is going on.

-- Ron Paul, “The Revolution” pages 143-144

Saturday November 15 2008 Deep Space

Rhinodon. One of many items I have on the block now.

The cage door opened, but we weren't ready to venture out. Maybe Ron Paul will run again in 2012.

Anyhoo. Aren't you tired of my constant jib-jabbing about politics? Yeah, me too.

We are currently booking projects for December. I still have those specials running (see below). If you are flexible on composition and license, we can be flexible on price.

My thoughtful daughter likes to come out and putter around in the garage while I'm making terrain (which I was for most of today-- I've got a Daemonhunters display board and a TON of tyranid hive ship terrain cooking). She comes up with most insightful sayings, like this one:

Sometimes, when you make a mistake, it gives you new ideas.

It was a crisp autumn day, with highs in the mid 50s, good terrain-making weather. Well, not really, I was freezing my buns off as the sun sank down and the temperature dropped into the 30s. My wife made a lunch of grilled chees sandwiches with tomato soup.

I am possibly going to phase out terrain-making from BTP's repertoire. It almost invariably brings heartache of some kind.

I also have ready to paint the last round of the studio Dark Elves:
10x Black Guard
10x Dark Riders
2x Repeater Bolt Throwers

I'll see how much of an in-road I can make on those.

I had hoped to finish the construction of the tyranid hive ship terrain, but didn't quite make it. I gave up really, just so tired. I then took the kids to Macey's to pick up some milk. Macey's is closed on Sundays so Saturday is always really busy, it's almost like a town market. All are in high spirits, and I usually see people I know there. I carried G. on my shoulders where he is on top of the world, like a little prince. When he gets tired I can feel him lay his cherubic face on my head. As always, I ended up picking up like ten things besides milk.

That little trip gave my ultra-pregnant wife some much-needed rest. She's plowing through the Twilight series of books, pretty much all she's good for these days, but like we say; "pregnant lady gets a pass." She is highly uncomfortable, and I try to accomodate as much as possible.

We are happy in our little lair. I feel a deep and abiding sense of peace. I am on a quest to find equilibrium, to divest myself of material things, to be a wise steward, to live well within my means, and to serve others.

Imperial Guard Rumors

The studio imperial guard army is for sale by individual model
Purchasing information here.

[I lifted this from My own comments to follow]

Army wide special rule: I think it’s called Platoon Drill or something like that. Basically, units from the same platoon may ignore intervening squads when shooting. So enemy units targeted in this way do not receive the 4+ save. Apparently this only works if the Platoon command squad is alive and within 12” of the rest of the platoon. I’ve been told that this is just one of the abilities guard Platoons may get, but only as long as the chain of command is intact (whatever that means). So loosing your HQ Command Squad may be a really bad thing.

Doctrines are for sure gone (I think we all knew this), but have been replaced by more mutable platoons. Instead of Armoured fist squads you can buy Chimeras for a whole platoon. Or buy the whole platoon grav-chutes to give them deep strike, or drop the heavy weapons from squads and give the platoon Scout. Veteran squads become upgrades to platoons (i.e. they are not elites anymore).

Apparently infantry platoons let you attach certain types of support vehicles to them(kinda like back in second edition). Things like sentinels, hellhounds and demolishers can be attached to platoons. They still take up a FOC spot, but become part of the platoon and so will benefit from the Platoon Drill rule.

The Leman Russ can be bought as a squadron so you can get 3 for a single FOC. They can not be attached to platoons however.

Sniper Squads can now infiltrate, get stealth, range finders and all models in the squad have sniper rifles (and BS 4!).

Like the Land Raider, a new plastic sprue for the Leman Russ has been made that will allow plastic demolishers and a 3rd variant (my money is on the Exterminator).

The Baneblade in NOT in the new codex. It just doesn’t work (i.e. overpowered) in games that are not Apocalypse in size.

However Stormtrooper squads can now take Valkyries as transports. Both will be getting a plastic kit. Valkyries follow the rules for skimmers I’ve been told. Again, they want to keep flyers and super heavies out of “normal games” but give people the ability to use them with all the special rules in Apocalypse and Planet-strike (if the ever get around to that.)

This last one makes me wonder what’s they are doing, but apparently there is a new HQ in the book; Inquisitor and Retinue much like the elites from the current Daemon Hunters/Witch Hunters books.

My Comments

Assuming this is all accurate...

First, as I predicted, more tanks will be allowed, and high time in my book. I had an IG army with like seven heavy support options, but could only take three at a time. So sad.

I would be glad to see models from another range, ie Inquisition, in other lists. The more the merrier.

I didn't see anything about Storm Troopers as troops choice, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was in there. And a plastic kit for them. This is along the lines of new Core-type plastics with each new army update.

I am sorry to see doctrines go away. More customization is better. Of course, this is being accompanied by streamlining and expanding choices overall in new army lists, so that is a step in the right direction.

Better Dead than Red (Tau)

Are Tau Communists?

This article blew my mind. Neatly written.

Friday November 14 2008 Possibilidoom

Hey all. The big news today is that we're working on a HUGE terrain set-- a Tyranid hive ship terrain set. It's turning out really keen. More to come on that.

The Post Office has been closed on account of a massive computer crash. Packages are going out tomorrow from another city. Sorry for the delay.

I managed to paint up a unit of Dark Riders for my game with Mike Dunn tomorrow (which might not happen-- I have a ton of terrain to do still). Oh, and a sorceress. Her cloak was a custom build by Brigh and made out of a translucent material, which proberty I tried to preserve.

I am on the hunt for Aeronautica Imperialis bases. Does anyone have any for trade of purchase.
My favorite 40k army is Eldar.

Reader Feedback on "Pure Transaction"

After reading you "Pure Transaction" blog entry I have one question and one Observation:

Question: Would you flesh out your "banks are not helpful" comment?
I think it relates to the barter idea but I'm not sure.

Long Winded Observation: :^)

Pure barter is a great idea, theoretically. But it requires that all people
accept the notion that whoever approaches them for whatever services they provide are of some direct or indirect benefit to them. That requires an understanding of basic economics that must have been instilled at a very early age. If I agree to repair my neighbors computer or fix his sons car, or put a new roof on the guys house that overheard a converastion I was having about roofs, I am expecting that I can also get what I need from someone else in the same manner. It is a fantastic idea and one I have fantasized about from time to time. (Heinlein wrote a novel I read when I was in my 20's that described this world beautifully, just can't remember the title). BUT, we are so entrenched in the idea of money as a measure of work/value that it is unlikely in the extreme to happen. The barter systems that I've seen so far all are a Kind of a tax evasion scheme, (services are still measured in any variant of 'barter dollars', that may as well be cash). They must do this because the are not wide spread and just cannot live in a monetary environment.

The Socialist ideal is that ultimatly everyone works at thier absolute best for the betterment of everyone around them. (a pipe dream for all except maybe ants and bees).
Pure barter would fall under the far right mentality. It is to a lesser extent unlikely, but none the less improbable, simply because people would need to think more about what the value is of themselves, and that of society to them, in order to comprehend the benefit. It is far easier to focus on the notion of money. Additionally those who wish to aquire power would find it far more difficult to do so.

I have recently, grudginly accepted the possiblilty of, the idea that people are becoming 'sheep like'. They do very little thinking about how the world works beyond the Movie they want to see, or the Dinner they want to eat, or the car they want to drive, or how taxing the rich will help them. This mentality is what permits the few to control the many and introduce monetary measures in the first place. Reagan was the exception to this, and is the reason why I resist fully accepting the 'Sheep like' theory. I still hold onto my faith in peoples reasoning ability.

Money is not necessarily a problem, but it does put the onus on all of us to be more aware of what those in governement are doing and act accordingly.

My personal political bent is Libertarian. So I spend alot of time being frustrated. :^)


My response:
Thank you.
I don't think barter is practical for everything. But more of it would be better I think. And definitely getting away from Banks. At least for the time being, it's not required to carry any sort of debt. Still puzzling through it.

Banks take more out of the system than they put in. A lot more. I believe they thrive on subterfuge and have carefully and methodically indoctrinated the general populace with poisonous thinking. "Without us the economy would grind to a halt... doom! Boo!" So, if 200 colonists land on a new world, they can't get anything done unless there is a Banker in there, they would have us believe.

Oddly, I'm living in the socialist dream. It's real for me. A quaint Mormon neighborhood where no one is left behind. Women who have given birth have meals delivered. Yards are unfenced and create communal parks. People in the three block radius are carefully and rigorously taken care of. The HUGE difference, which must never be forgotten is that it is VOLUNTARY. I gladly give 10% of my income plus fast offering. It is a delight. But I don't have to do it.

I am suspicious of anything that is done by force. If Social Security is so damn great, then why not make it voluntary? All these crap-tastically managed government schemes (yes, pejorative) are all just involuntary insurance programs. More to come on that.

More Reader comments:

Thank you for your time. I've always enjoyed these types of dicussions, (My wife calls them arguments. She rolls her eyes and sometimes kicks me under the table whenever I engage in them. :^) ).

I agree that banks are unecessary on a small scale. However, when a monitary based society reaches a certain critical mass it become almost a requirement. What if you needed to pay someone you did not know through the mail, or to complicate matters through electronic transfers?. You need some sort of central store to keep your money in to facilitate these things. Checks and EFT's need to be trusted in some way,... so these services are provided for in the form of banks. Then there is the matter of loans to do whatever it is you need more money for that you do not have. Our economy is based on currency, so the transfer and accounting for it are necessary. The Barter system removes all of this, but we would necessarily need to drop the whole idea of currency.

Banks are supposed to be private organisations, so in a free market, you can take your money to another bank if you don't like the current one,... it keeps people honest. But introduce an element into the mix that is all but immune to our wishes, and you now have a chance for that element to do what I think you describe. Too much reporting to said element about what we are all doing with our money, (a supremely personal thing given what money is and is used for), and we sacrifice liberty and personal freedom, subordinating ourselves to its will. This information is nobodys business but ours and those that we trust with that information. If banks were treated like the business's they are, abuses of the trust they enjoy would occur no more often that any other business. Those abuses could be easily handled in a healty society.

I recall a story that was recently related, (I thinks it was Rush Limbaugh), about the early days of the colonists. They originally tried a Socialist type of society where all people were supposed to work collectively, for the good of all. So they stored all of the food in common stores that all could take from. Housing and other needs were collectively build and maintained, or stored for all. But it soon became apparent that there were an unacceptable number who did not pull thier weight. They scrapped the Socialist system in favor of a more capitolist one, (Capitolist is not quite right, but the actual name I want escapes me at the moment). Each person or family was given land that was thier personal property, that they could do with what they wish to produce what they needed for themselves. This was a better system that rewarded productive participation and obviously punished laziness. I am completely certain people still willingly gave food, help and support to those in need. BUT, people could still directly appreciate the fruits of thier labor for themseleves. Work harder and they live better. So far as I know, money and banks were completely unecessary.

They still, however, lived in a currency based society on a global level. If they needed/wanted goods and services from foreign countries, it was required to have thier currencies. So I suppose it was inevitable that our fledgling union would have developed the first bank locally to establish our worth in the global market and inevitably move our society in a similiar direction.
With reguard to your community, I think it is more the Capitolist system that the Socialist one, and is an admirable one to boot!.

I don't know if you are familiar with the "Free State Project", . But essentially they are trying to gather together 20,000 liberty minded and politically active people together in one state that can sway that state to become more in line with what our founding fathers envisioned. This is an encouraging endeavour along the lines of what we have been discussing.

Thought Soup

"Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?"
First off, I go off quite a bit about delicate topics. I am only a fellow-journeyer. I am very much in the formulative process, at least with politics.. If you have something to say, I am open to hearing other views, and may very well post them on the blog. If you are courteous and thoughtful, I would love to hear it.

About a year ago, I decided to make almost anything an open topic on this blog. I knew this would alienate some people, but I decided that I really didn't care. I'm going somewhere with this. What's the point of owning a business if it's not personally fulfilling. I found myself coming to work and dreading it. Stupid, huh? So, I re-tooled the operation. Smaller and simpler.

Life is too short. Follow your dreams.

I've been expanding on that idea recently. I realized that I really don't want any assets. In business I have given away the idea of Empire. And in my personal life I have decided that I want to divest myself of almost all assets. I don't want to own anything substantive. I will be perfectly happy to drive a used putt-putt car.

I call it "The Happy Peasant". Only the Will of God could make me change my mind. Owning material things is a burden. I do think, though, that sometimes people can use wealth as a way to bless the lives of their fellow man. But for me, I think I'm going to figure out how to live with security, frugality and peace. What is the minimum needed for that?
I have a good marriage and three (soon to be four) lovely children. I have a sure testimony of the goodness and reality of Diety. I know that God lives. If I die, I get to be with HIM, and if it is His will, I will stay and perform any duty that is asked of me. And I care not for my own life. Other than that, just need food, shelter, and fuel. I think I'm golden.

The problem with owning things is that the sharks start circling. I won't belabour the Reader with the list of non-producers in society who have managed somehow to affix themselves like barb-toothed ticks to the life and labor of others.

I started thinking about the times I was happiest in life, and I realized they were proportionately INVERSE to how much money I had. For example: when I was 13 and we lived in Ashland we had an enormous black walnut tree out front. I climbed up there and nailed in a board as a backrest in the crook of a tall branch, nailed in a small box to keep my penny candy in, and spent many an afternoon just reading books. So simple.

As an adult, I experienced complete Peace in my Soul as a missionary. All my possessions fit into two suitcases.

Life as a young married man was idyllic even though we ate on the coffee table in our little apartment.

Less things more life.

Credit Cards are evil. And I don't say that with any reservation. I think that Usury is a blight on humanity. Life doesnt' take Visa. Visa takes away life.

The fruits of your labor is the manifestation of your life.

So, I'm in the process of simplifying. A lot. First order of business is to get rid of debts. This dovetails nicely with the process of divesting myself of material goods. Which reminds me: I put up more new stuff for sale:

My new retirement plan: have a massive coronary at age 65. Hopefully I can finish my mortal mission by that time. The human body was designed to run out. Death is part of the journey.

Nothing for Something

Democrats in the U.S. House have been conducting hearings on proposals to confiscate workers "personal retirement accounts” including 401(k)s and IRAs รข€” and convert them to accounts managed by the Social Security Administration.

Chaos Mortals

Here are some Level TWO Chaos Mortals (L4 for hero types).

Download the spreadsheet here.

Pure Transaction

I've been thinking a lot about banks, taxes and the "economy" recently. Here is a foundational idea that is forming.

Goods (and services) only come from raw materials and labor. There's no way around it. Someone has to do the work.

A pure transaction between two humans, for example: Harward Farms hauls a bed full of corn to the street corner. I pull up, pick out a dozen ears, and pay in cash.

Still not completely pure. If I pulled up and traded materials that I had produced by the labor of my own hand, that would be a pure transaction. It is the most honest transaction. Barter. How did I get so far from barter?

A transaction is sullied by government interference: the corn is poisoned by property taxes (if they are improperly used), income taxes, business debt (ie interest) or over-regulation for example.

Everything I buy is poisoned by taxes. The more hands get into the process, the more sullied the transaction becomes.

Another Idea: some taxes are OK. Some are pure and have a good purpose and are needed. But that's not what we have in the US.

This, and many other heretical notions (such as "Banks are not Helpful") are flying around inside my head. The sheep has stopped chewing the grass and is now looking around... at the shears, the slaughterhouse, and between cracks in the fence.

I am very optimistic. A tree grows slowly. A fever takes a long night to break. But the rays of dawn are creeping over the world.

Disclaimer: I am NOT encouraging people to avoid or evade taxes. Let your bonds chafe you.

Booking for December

Right now we're booking projects for December. Anything you want can become reality. I am on standby via:
Also, there are a lot of single figures for sale on the BTP website. If you buy something, it's best to email me after buying something.
Here's the special for December:

Give Artistic License* for one of the following armies and get 25% off on Painting:

Warriors of Chaos
Vampire Counts
Tomb Kings
Chaos Nurgle (40K or Fantasy)
Space Marines
Wood Elves
If the order is at least 1000 points you get 30% off the cost of materials.
Minimum order $200.
You should request the special by name.
You can contact me for a quote at I can send an a la carte pricing guide.
*Artistic License means we get to pick how it is painted and based. It needs to be within the genre (ie no pink marines!). You get to pick armament and army list.

In other news. I am in the process of updating the various pricing spreadsheets (eg they will now include auto-calculation for various specials like L2), so you may need to request some of them. They might not be on the website.

Black Knights

This is an army concept pitch.
The new Chaos Knights are so amazing, oh, and the Marauders, too. A really cool army would use the Bretonnians list (for all heavy cavalry) with chaos knights as stand-ins.
I'd start with three units of Chaos Knights (using the Knights of the Realm and Questing Knights entries) each nine strong. Marauders converted to have bows would make up the supporting role (using the Yeomen entry). A few war machines crewed by chaos marauders (perhaps drawing from the LotR line, or just using the mind-blowingly good Hellcannon model) make up a respectable back line. And they can take care of problem units .
The new Chaos Knights box retails for a modest $22.
Another idea: convert a few Chaos Knights with bat wings (using the Pegasus Knight entry). Dark Pegasus Knights.
Hero types and Prophetesses are easily converted using the basic Chaos Knight kit pieces. Same for battle standard bearer (a requirement in a bretonnian army).
Instead of "Virtues" they would have "Curses".
Cost is as follows, approximately:
$4 per model for cost of cavalry model
$5 per model for assembly
$15 per model for painting
$12 per model for painting (with artistic license)
$11 per model for painting at L2
$10 per model for painting at L2 with Artistic License
You'd need about 40-60 mounted models, I think, for a full army.

Firebase #8 now available

Finding Joy in the Journey

I believe that among the greatest lessons we are to learn in this short sojourn upon the earth are lessons that help us distinguish between what is important and what is not. I plead with you not to let those most important things pass you by as you plan for that illusive and non-existent future when you will have time to do all that you want to do. Instead, find joy in the journey—now.


This is a really cool figure just put out by Avatars of War.

Lizardmen Update

Just a few pics of upcoming Lizardmen stuff.
In keeping with what was done with Dark Elves, a new unit of core plastics will be coming out (re: the Corsairs); the Temple Guard. Those were always my favorite models. Helmets made out of dinosaur skulls are pretty awesome. The Kroxigor and Terradon are metal.
- plastic Temple Guard, 10 per box, £12 / $25
- plastic Stegadon, 1 per box with options for all three variants, $40
- metal Kroxigor, 1 model per blister, $20
- metal Terradons, 1 model per blister, $17
- Barbed Razordon Hunting Party $25
- Scar Veteran wity army standard $15
- Tiktaq'To, Master of Skies $17
- Chakax, Eternity Warden $15
They're due out in February

Cash on the Barrelhead

Hey all! This was an interesting and useful article.

What's going to turn things around for you, for me, in the midst of this financial crisis?
Let me tell you the Parable of the Appliances, a true story about love, loss and financial salvation.

Tanks a Lot!

See all ten tanks here.


I just got the rather large box from you containing my Emperors TankCompany and the Baneblade. I could not be more blown away! The paintjob was first rate, considering the price I was extremely pleased at thelook of the set, and would recommend to anyone sitting on a bunch of unpainted tanks to jump on the tank company deal!!!

In addition I was simply amazed at the packing job...10 tanks and a Baneblade: Antennas, guns, accessories, and all the other fiddly bits and not a single broken piece...again nothing broke durings hipment...unbelievable.

Blue Table Painting remains my single best source for mini painting,value on the dollar and quality remain second to none.

Keep it up Shawn!
J. Lamb


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