Interesting article: # homeless vs # vacant homes

Simply put: this is a result of the banking system. Humans would be better off without them. The article suggests that the US government should "do something". That is not the case. The US government caused this problem by legalizing counterfeiting (ie chartering banks to practice fractional reserve banking). Quit "doing" things.

All your bases are belong to us
Take a look at these two articles.

You could probably hit a US base with a thrown rock.

How big is Iran anyay?

I did some reading and found out that Iran is about triple the size of Texas. They have a fourth the population of the US.

How far away is Israel from Iran? I find that I need more information. A lot more information.

Details on Wholesale Account for BTP

You get half off listed price (ie the spreadsheets) for assembly and painting services.

Minimum order is $3000 per month (actual wholesale payment).
You can still order your models through BTP if you want.
This is for a one month trial. We will revisit terms at the end.
The specifications for your projects need to be relatively generous, they need to be simple.
Level 2-4 work only. Some L5 OK, but has to be a relatively small proportion.
Needs to be someone who is not a current client.

I am using this program to pick up slack in the labor pool.

Awesome Article by Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s full comments on the Occupy Movement:

That in a way is a challenging question, because along with that question, I get a lot of times asked about the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement started here, gets big, a lot of different people come in. I think the same thing has happened with Occupy. I put them together—I put both groups together. Because I think both groups are unhappy about what’s happening in Washington, and around the country, and the economic conditions. But their complaints are somewhat different.

The Tea Party people basically say the debt is too big and we should shrink the size of government. Occupation seems to be more addressing the subject of the very rich, and I think that can be a mixed blessing in the sense that in my talk already I’ve criticized many people on Wall Street and the people who get rich because they get special benefits from the government, whether they get contracts or whether they benefit from the devaluation of the currencies, or whether they get their bailouts, yes, we should address that. I think the Occupy people are.

But people who are wealthy in a free market who give an honest service or an honest product and they are rewarded by the consumer, they’re quite different. They have to be protected. We shouldn’t be jealous or envious of those people. So you can’t put them all together. So in many ways, I identify with both groups. There are some things the groups have changed a little bit. The first time the tea party movement was noted was December 16th four years ago when there was a spontaneous fundraising rally for our campaign. But it’s changed a lot. A lot of people come in. But I think it’s healthy.

I think if some people like to paint Occupy left and the Tea Party people right, but I think it makes my point. There’s a lot of people unhappy, and they’re not so happy with the two party system because we have had people go in and out of office, congress changes, the presidency changes, they run on one thing, they do something else. Nothing ever changes. And I sort of like it because I make the point that if you’re a Republican or Democrat the foreign policy doesn’t really change, even though there’s a strong Republican tradition of the foreign policy I’ve been talking about where we don’t get involved in policing the world. Does the monetary policy change? Do they really care about reining in the Fed? Would the Fed bail out all these countries around the world? More and more people know that now. But monetary policy doesn’t change

Do we ever cut back? No. There’s no pretense to cutting back. They’re not even talking about cutting back. They’re talking about a token cut to proposed increases. All that talk about cutting a trillion dollars over the next 10 years, they don’t even want to start until 2013, and then they want to string it out. And it’s just cutting what’s automatically built into the budget.

But the Tea Party and Occupy people are just tired of it all. And they would like to see changes. And if the conditions get much worse, the demonstrations on the streets could get much worse, too. And that’s what we have to be aware of. But fortunately we still live in a free enough society where they can speak out. If they violate property rights, if anybody violates property rights, they do it at risk. Because that means they’re practicing civil disobedience and they might have to suffer the consequences. But there are sometimes people believe civil disobedience in order to make a point on what’s wrong with our laws that’s, they have to understand, that’s the risk they take. But basically I think it’s healthy on both sides, both the Tea Party movement and the Occupy movement.


We need to do more Batreps. I'm working on the following:

Orboros vs Khador
High Elves vs Ogres (Maybe Dwarfs instead of High Elves)
Necrons vs ???

Gatelynomics 101

New vid up:


Hi Shawn,

I’ve always enjoyed your blogs, in the past I’ve occasionally been put off by the economics stuff but I have to say the Gatelynomics series is really interesting.

In the past I’ve had the same issue as your Wife, Kidney Stones. About 8 years ago I had my first that was around 1.5cm across as well, interestingly enough in the uk they seem to favour Lithotripsy to deal with all but emergency cases. Basically a large machine pressed against your side with ultrasound gel between you and it, “pounds” you with ultra sonic waves that cause the stone to break up. You actually get to see it happening on the little monitor which is basically like a video game of asteroids with the operator targeting the stones.

It works well for some stones, not for others, luckily for me it was very successfully, although it took 7 treatments that time to fully remove the stone.

More recently I’ve had a few cases but the newer machines tend to deal with it in a few visits.

To parallel the Private/Public medical costs debate, in the uk as you are probably aware we have a totally free and good quality health service, however via Work I have a medical insurance (free as part of my work package but I do get taxed on it (which is interesting because effectively I’m being taxed on a benefit that actually removes cost from the public health service)).

So, in effect I can go “private” for a max fee of £100 per year regardless of number of “issues” (a sort of insurance excess) or I can go public.

Ironically the Lithotripsy machines are so specialist the private hospitals don’t have them, so you actually get treated at the NHS hospital, by the same staff, on the same machine, the difference, 0 wait time, although the wait times on the NHS are low (<3 months for non-urgent stones, and instant for emergencies)

In general I tend to go Private as it costs me very little, and I think the money the NHS are able to charge the insurance company helps them fund the machines for other users.

Anyway thanks for the Gatelynomics series and other videos, finding them very interesting, I’ve just started my own company (part-time) providing wargaming basing materials ( , on Youtube as well ) and any tips you have would be appreciated.



Inspiring Ron Paul Fix



So Far, So Good

So, what's going on in the world of Gately?

It was quite a busy week on account of the Treasure Trove sale thing and that was nice. It's normally slow over Christmas week which makes me a bit of a scrooge as clients and employees scatter to the four winds. However, this week was strong and I was pleasantly astounded to come in and find that staff were showing up early (like 7:30am) to put the heat on our various projects. Everything was sewed up by Saturday afternoon. A few people even showed up on Christmas Eve (Renn, Zanna and Ben). I am ever so impressed. BTP staff "get it" and they don't need to be prodded into action.

I only sold one studio army, leaving the Tyranids and Orks to use for Batreps. And the High Elves. We have Ogres just done and Skaven en route. I had hoped to get the Ogres up by the weekend, but alas not so. But they are done. Price tag: $2400.

While out and about I caved to the years-long temptation to get Starcraft II. I got to the counter but came to my senses. No Starcraft for me yet.

As we approach eight years of BTP I have a sense of satisfaction. So far so good. All that work has paid off and I am optimistic. There were dark times around the four year mark, five year mark. It was hard. Recently I have concluded that the best thing you can do for another human is to give them a job. Or can you really "give" that? A job brings self-reliance, self-respect and all the necessities (and sometimes niceties) of life. It is the cure for poverty. Every poor person, if they only had a job they could do, and maybe even enjoyed, would not want for the necessities. I'm thinking of how I can make that happen for low-skill workers. Hmmm... I'm more concerned with my own workers for now. How can I turn this into a true middle-class profession where BTP workers/artists can own their own home, pay their own medical bills, and afford the niceties of life. The middle class is getting ripped in two in the US. I am filled with a mix of compassion and (non-violent) rage.

So far so good though. Last year when we had about ten workers I did a round of interviews and I could see the agony and desperation in people's eyes. It filled me with a grim determination: how many could I save from this misery? I had to find the right people for the job, with the right skill, but also an appreciation and understanding for how great it is to work for BTP. Since then I've pulled about ten more people into the life boat.

What is at the heart of Christian life? To go about doing good. To bind up the wounds of the afflicted. God's own work: to life up the Fallen. And to do it quietly and anonymously.

I am feeling good. I found a great local chiro who is non-invasive and homeopathic-style. So my back feels a ton better. And inside my soul I feel a remarkable sense of calm. God (that guy I met) has been good to me; merciful and kind. His goodness is unmerited, apparently a free gift.

Next week: Fantasy Batrep with Ogres and getting in the maximum number of games of War Machine. And 40K of course. In 2012 we are really going to ramp up our game.

Christmas Day
I'm at home with the family. Last night and this morning we just had the typical, even stereo-typical, Christmas. Reading the Christmas story, tree, presents, pajamas. Well, maybe it's not typical. Anyway, I'm enjoying my family all this morning, just hanging out. My four kids (ages 3, 6, 10, 12) are a delight; they are so thankful, obedient, kind and individual. I can't get enough of them. Half me and half their mom, the woman I love.

My desire to get to work is temporarily suppressed.

PS- my big splurge for the kids was an Xbox 360. Now to hunt down more good games for it.

Forge World Order

I need to make a proxy Forge World order. Current rate is +30%. That means if the cost to make the order (ie you order it from FW and send to BTP) is $100 USD then you would get a $130 credit.

The order is substantial, around $2200 USD.

Five Armies- on the block


$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)

Black Templars Apocalypse army = $1815 SOLD!
Black Skulls force (terminators, dread, LR) = $310 SOLD!
Dark Angels army = $1215 on HOLD again
Warriors of Chaos army = $1525
Khorne Daemons army = $1315 SOLD!
Flesh Hounds + Karanak (11 models) = $75 SOLD!
Greater Daemon of Tzeentch A = $85
Greater Daemon of Tzeentch B = $85
Ultraforge Vulture Daemon = $175
Khorne Daemons x25 = $155 SOLD!
Dwarfs army = $1150

Bin of Death Korps heavy weapons x24 (sight unseen, as-is) $420 SOLD!
(I have done a cursory examination of these, they appear to be complete and in good order)

Bin of Skorne titans (including Molik Karn, sight unseen, as-is) $180
The rest should have more details forthcoming and/or be put up on our website

Contact me at for availability. Generally, I will not hold armies except for a very short period of time while payment is conducted. I will be completely incommunicado this Sunday (Christmas). The Post is likely closed Monday so armies purchased over the weekend will likely be shipped Tuesday.

Armies are sold as-is. There might be some defects even after we go over them for touchups.

New Website for BTP (in progress)

Note that the web designer apparently just put up a random pic-- we didn't paint that hammerhead.

Treasure Trove 2011

Thank you for visiting the Treasure Trove sale page for 2011.

UPDATE: More lots going up Thursday afternoon.

Contact Shawn at if you are interested in anything. Or call 801 372 8545. We need money via CC (by phone or email) or Paypal. Paypal address is Check availability before buying.

$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)

Holiday hours: regular business hours throughout the week and 10am to 3pm on Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas Day. Open Monday December 26th.

We are considering offers on these lots so don't be shy. No offense taken. Bulk deals also welcome (and given!). All lots are limited time, limited quantity.

Be sure to refer to full lot title and #. This is first come, first served. Whoever gives get the go ahead and gives me money gets the lot.

#1 Fungus Nids $6400
#2 Valkyrie/Vendetta with loads of Forge World extras $235
#3 Baneblade (new) $40 SOLD
#4 Bin o Necrons as-is $45 SOLD!
#5 Imperial Guard in blue and grey $240 SOLD
#6 Imperial Fists Vehicles $320 PULLED
#7 Reaper Dwarfs and Fantasy Figures $290 SOLD!
#8 Catachans $180
#9 Daemons boxes $90 SOLD
#10 Wood Elves boxes $90 SOLD

#11 Dark Elves boxes $90 SOLD
#12 Wood Elves painted $150 SOLD
#13 Dark Eldar boxes $270 ($260 if you drop the blisters) SOLD
#14 Grey Knights $75 SOLD!
#15 Starship Troopers $20 SOLD aj
#16 Vintage Warhammer/40K boxes $90 for the lot or $10 each SOLD
#17 Rainforest Elves $550 SOLD
#18 Ultramarines Tank $75
#19 Bad Moonz Ork army $2450
#20 Ice-themed Jetbikes $325 SOLD

#21 Hordes starter forces $120 SOLD
#22 Vampire Counts boxes $95 SOLD!
#23A Dwarfs boxes $140
#23B Lizardmen boxes $65 SOLD
#24 Tau/Kroot boxes $80 SOLD
#25 Ork Boxes $165 SOLD!
#26 Space Wolves second wave army $1575 SOLD
#27A High Elf coastal watch army $1550
#27B (apparently I can't count) Creeping Death Dark Eldar army $650 SOLD
#28 Space Hulk $425 SOLD
#29 Deathwing Army $330 SOLD
#30 Ultramarines Terminators and heroes $250

#31 Eldar boxes $35 SOLD
#32 Tyranids boxes $35 SOLD
#33 Shrine of the Aquila $17 SOLD
#34 Fantasy Buildings $30 SOLD
#35 Grey Knights terminator army $775 (current high offer $600) SOLD!
#36 pair of Valkyries $50 SOLD

#40 Grey Knights mixed army $270 SOLD
#41 Bretonnian Sprues $15 SOLD
#42 Blood Bowl Teams $40
#43 Space Ork Sprues $10 SOLD
#44 High Elf Vintage Infantry $15 SOLD
#45 Dark Eldar Warriors $5 SOLD
#46 Orcs and Goblins Vintage blisters $15 SOLD
#48 Vampire Counts Metals $5 SOLD
#49 Empire Metals $90 SOLD
#50 Oddball Storm Raven $20 temp hold 10 hrs for JP = SOLD

#51 High Elf Vintage Models $40 SOLD
#52 Realm of Chaos Champions $140 SOLD
#54 Imperial Guard bin of blisters and bags $220 SOLD
#55 Hero on Pegasus and Handgunners $25
#57 Empire Boxes $220 SOLD!
#58 Tyranid Genestealers etc $70 SOLD!
#59 Tomb Kings bin $90 SOLD!
#60 Tau bin $55 SOLD

Lastly, I am likely to do another round of this on Friday, so keep your eyes peeled if you miss out. Not for sure, but likely.

Expedited Necrons Testimonial

Got my Necrons today and was 100% satisfied with them and how impressed I am with the expedited service you offer. This has been my third full army I have had done through BTP, it was also the largest of the three. Even though the army was done in just two weeks there was no drop in quality, in fact I think this is the best looking army I have received through BTP.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who was involved with my project.


Nurgle Special

Painting L3 for Nurgle (40K or Fantasy).

Infantry $4.50
Large Infantry $6.00
Daemon Prince $12.00
Vehicles $20.00

Prices may vary according to circumstance and details. We need broad (but not complete) artistic license.

Minimum Order = $400

Limited quantity = 3 orders

Ron Paul Money BOMB today December 16th

I'll be donating until it hurts. If I want freedom I'm going to have to do something about it. It must be earned and maintained. I would consider money to be a small price.
Here's the link to info.


Gatelynomics 101- Payroll Effects


Technical info on Payroll.

At least try

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” — Edmund Burke

Also, getting in a Menoth trade soon:

High Allegient Amon Ad-Raza

2x Crusader Heavy Warjacks (one fully painted and professionally painted and one plastic)

A Vanquisher Heavy Warjack (unpainted)

A Revenger Light Warjack (partially painted)

A Devout Light Warjack (partially painted)

A Repenter Light Warjack (partially painted)

A full 6 model unit of the new Choir of Menoth (unpainted and rand new product)

A full 6 model unit of Daughters of the Flame (unpainted)

A Vassel Mechanik (unpainted and new)

A FULL Protectorate of Menoth Faction Deck including multiple cards for every model above

A full set of Amon Ad-Raza counter tokens

A Kreoss model (missing weapon, will include if found and partially painted)


Wasn't feeling well over the weekend so I took a Nyquil and it got lodged halfway down the pipe. I mean really lodged. I ran to the bathroom sink and retched, in the end, so hard that it pulled nearly every muscle in my torso. I could feel them popping in rapid succession. Monday I could barely move. But that didn't stop me! I can't let a perfectly good Monday morning go to waste.

I am currently caught up. Just waiting around to set up new projects. Studio Necrons are out of assembly. Color? Why teal of course. And due to be painted, mostly completed, this week.

We are looking at picking up a couch for the studio. Second hand it was like a tenth of the normal cost. Yay! Going to look at it this morning (Tuesday). I'm pretty stoked. This is the Christmas present for studio and staff. A nicety.

Here's what's making me smile today: Cats of War.

As many know I have reactivated a secondary Youtube channel: gatelymusings I plan on continuing the Gatelynomics series there as well as personal stuff.

Week in Review

So, what is going on?

At BTP we're doing a notable round of hiring. It's different this time because I am not only trying to fill a position right now, but set up for the coming year. We've got about twenty on the roster and I think it will be more like thirty by the end of 2012. And fifty by the end of 2013. That will put us at the max capacity for the current building.

It's a pretty good round. I have to narrow forty applicants down to one hire and a few potentials. It's like American Idol. During the first rounds it's all about weeding out the train wrecks (who invariably cannot self examine). But then it's the good stuff. While it is time consuming, it's well worth it. I really like humans.

I figure it takes $500-1000 worth of man-hours-labor to get a good hire. We are very, very picky about who we let paint your miniatures. Layers upon layers of tests and trials. But it is draining.

At this moment I'm eating fruits, vegetables and water. I am thick with the heavy food I've been eating the last week: pumpkin pie and steak. Just wolfing it all down. Thank you God for this great life. I don't deserve it.

We wanted to do more Batreps this week and indeed I had Jon (tall skinny guy who used to do assembly for us) come in for a Fantasy rep with his Goblins. Classic matchup: gobbos v high elves. BUT guess what? I had an interview go overly long and there was no way to do it.

More to come.

Christmas Deadline

If you have a project needed by Christmas you should check in with me TODAY!

Yup. Just sitting here watching my Inbox. Just waiting for you to email with an inquiry. Ready to set up new projects. Ayup.

Just hanging out.

Why Mormons Should Vote for Ron Paul (?!)

Interesting article on the topic.

Salamanders Incoming

I got a sweet, sweet Salamanders army coming in.

Pics here
And here

You can nail it for $850 (money) (normally right around $1900) if you just want to pick it up in the next day or so.

This Makes me Drool



Infinity Update

I've been corresponding with Corvus Belli recently. It's a company from Spain that makes Infinity. There are remarkable parallels between our two companies. Anyway, they are sending me some models with which to do demo games. Here's a letter I got from Carlos which I thought might be of general interest.

Hello, Shawn.

I’m Carlos, from CB. Nice to receive a message from you.

Fernando told me to help you with Demo army lists and rules.

I’m sending here two army lists for demo games, as you requested.

Let me put here a few photos of the miniatures that will feature in that demo game.


This will be a 7 miniature army, made by just 2 products.

ALEPH starter Pack (Six miniatures)

MARUT (Big powerful robot)

Japanese Sectorial Army

This will be a 10 miniature army, made with this products:

JSA Starter Pack (6 miniatures)

Aragoto Senkenbutai (2 bike riders)

O-Yoroi Kidobutai (Big tripulated armor)

Ninja (Yes, a ninja)

We will send you these miniatures ASAP.

By the way, using our website, you would be able to download everything necessary for playing. Let me put here some links and introduce you to everything:

Quickstart Rules by Beasts of War. These could be also useful for understanding the basic game mechanics:

Basic full Rules from the first book:

Weapon and Army lists form the first Book:

Rules from the expansion Book (Infinity: Human Sphere):

Weapon and Army lists from the Expansion Book (Infinity: Human Sphere):

Ok, looks a bit dense. I know. That is why I did these Youtube videos. Making everything more visually understandable. I recommend you to watch these videos before trying to get into the game.

Ok, those were the BASIC ones. Enough to get into the rules. BUT, people find them very useful as a support tool. So we decided to make more with the most complicated rules:

Cammo Rules Video 1:

Cammo Rules Video 2:

Cammo Rules Video 3:

We are actually remaking this last videos with new versions with new voice over by Warren from Beasts of War. They be probably published by the end of the week.

I’m sending to you with this message two Army lists made with this program: Devil team´s Infinity Army 3.0:

In this program you will also find link to the: Infinity Wiki: This site is a free online Wikipedia of the rules, very useful for rules clarification or just to finish any forum flame.

And I guess that is all.

Have a nice day.

Industrial Terrain Review


I received the industrial terrain on Saturday, and it looks great! We spent some time setting it up and we played a short game with it, which was a lot of fun. My son really was into setting up the different pieces and seeing how it all fits together. I really like the 3D feel it gives the game as the troops move up and around the different levels. The terrain gets a big thumbs up from me!



A Mind of Sufficient Power

When I sleep I have dreams. The dreams are not what I would choose. It's a surprise. I know that I have dreams, just as much as I know that I have waking experience.

Who is making my dreams?

If it's someone inside of me then it's a part of me I don't control. In my dreams I sometimes see writing. It's unclear, like an image being held in my mind, but the letters are there, and in deep dreams I get names of people and places.

If a more powerful mind were to sleep, could it create a photorealistic world? Could it create an entire lifetime? Could it create dreams within dreams?

Weaponize a Pumpkin

At this moment I am at the studio, enjoying the peace of an empty upstairs. I can hear the clock ticking.

I'm eager to set up new projects. Yup, ready whenever you are.

The plan: finish up my inbox and hopefully get in a game. I got in my cards from Privateer Press (only $0.50 per card yay, but $8 for ship, groan) for Warpwolf Stalkers and Warpborn Skinwalkers. Nice. Naturally I didn't have the cards because I used Confrontation models. In fact, I'm on the hunt for some Fiannas to be my Druids. Anyone?

My wife is now up and about, feeling good and back to her super-cheerful self. She's still a little sore. The last few days have been a carousel of Sisters from the neighborhood bringing food and helping out with the kids and home. What a delight. I am a firm believer in the ability of local community.

I'm re-watching the two only seasons of Better Off Ted. Well, it's going in the background while I do my work!

Last night I got an almighty muscle cramp just below my right clavicle. I couldn't figure out why. Flashback! On Thursday my fellow scoutmaster and I took the boys bowling. Josh and I got our own lane and got in a contest to see how fast we could throw the ball. I want to take the staff bowling. What a blast.


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