Anomalous Reading

I got up at 5am. I forgot to shave this morning and the scritchiness of my bristles is keeping me awake. I tried to grow a beard once and didn't like it. Clean-shaven for me.

I had a dream that I was a teacher again, on a field trip with other teachers and their classes. I'm leading a group of kids single-file through the forest, meadows on either side of the trail. Then I see a white bear cub nearby. That's a bad sign because mother can't be far, and sure enough here she comes, sniffing the air wanting to know why all these people are near her cub. I urge the students to keep moving, without running. The mother bear is now in the trail behind me. I am standing between her and the students. She is now moving faster and instead of retreating I am moving towards her. I realize that there is no other option-- to fight and surely die. I am ready. But it turns out that as I step forward, completely resolved, the bear turns away back into the forest.

Last night I went to a raw dinner (ie uncooked veggies only) with my wife. It was up in the hills above Spanish Fork, nearer the crest of the mountains. It was close to heaven with a perfect evening breeze, sitting on the front porch for a bit reading my books and spending some time with my lovely wife.

What more can I say?

It was just me and Willow at church today. She loves her nursery class. "I'm going to class!" she says, bobbing her head back and forth, curls bouncing, "I'm going to see my new friends!" She's so happy all the time, an absolute delight.

Another lazy Sunday afternoon has passed. I ate potatoes with butter, salt and pepper, and my wife made some brown rice with curry and veggies for dinner. Cherry lemonade.

I took the boys to the studio to play some Champions, and I have to say that system is a lot more complex than I remember, but I am determined.

Re-route main power to the Deflector!

I love Saturdays. Mostly by myself at the studio, lazy family time with the family both morning and evening. I'm usually caught up by evening.

My kids have been watching X-Men cartoons and the other day my eldest daughter (12) out-nerded me by telling me the whole plot-line. It was a proud moment.

Just a reminder to locals: come down today and look through our trade stock. We have an absolute metric ton of models all at 50% off retail. And for non-locals, we have a lot of stuff up in the Currently For Sale section. It's completely updated with about 400 listings. I've been tinkering with the pricing so it's worth a second-look.

Strike Force

Hello all, those still around.

I just read this really excellent article on job searching. I think most or all of it is very, very insightful.

Yesterday I started work at 5am and just steamed on through until like 9pm. I was so tired that I couldn't sleep. It was brutal. But I did get a good night's sleep. I've been reading some articles on the various revolutions in the Middle East and I couldn't help but reflect on how great it is to be able to express dissent without fear of reprisal. cI mean, we got it good in the US... comparatively.

I am almost caught up at the studio, which is a nice feeling. My inbox is pretty much empty so I'm kind of drumming my fingers to set up new projects.

We finished a studio army, the 2500 pt Desert Strike Force. I'm quite proud of it. It's been a dream army of mine for quite a while, and it's awesome on all levels; looks good, plays hard, and with a solid theme. It looks spectacular on that middle east type board.

Purchase info.

I have some Champions books now and I've been reading them with not a small amount of relish. Sixth edition is absolutely fantastic, well done all around and I can't wait to play it. I am dreaming these days of having more time. I haven't taken a real vacation in seven years-- always working. Not that I'm getting tired of it. I have quite a pleasant existence overall, and if anything I need to be more grateful.

I have brought on two new painters and both are turning out quite well. They are in a trial period so we'll see how it goes. This round of hiring brought in some incredibly well qualified applicants. The standard is getting quite high-- people with impressive portfolios.

Last few days I've had a terrible persistent cough making it hard for my poor wife to sleep. And baby had quite a fever last night, so a miserable tunnel all around there. Baby is better. I'm headed to the doctor on the morrow-- this is ridiculous.

Dark Elf Army by Tim McCowan

An old friend of mine in the miniatures painting biz has to sell off his prize Dark Elf army to raise emergency funds. I recommend taking a look. All the best to you Tim!


Unlimited Control of Space Matter and Time

Aren't you people bored yet?

Today was the typical Sunday; hanging out at home, church, watching TV. My wife cooked steak and corn for dinner. I also made myself a potato. Wheeee!

I am watching X-Men Evolution cartoons with the kids. They are loving it. It's cool to see them get excited over stuff I loved myself as a kid.

My younger son stuck a pea in his ear which my wife expertly removed.

Took a nap.

Life of Riley stuff.

Bring Cash

Hey you locals! I am in the studio today until 5pm having 50% off on trade stock (most at least).


All right, apparently I need the Hero System 6th edition core rulebook (parts 01 and 02).

A PDF would be super-groovy. Would be glad to pay or trade.

Looking for a first edition Champions rulebook for nostalgia.

And then pretty much a round of 6th ed. Champions books.


We didn't paint this model. It's the much more detailed inspiration for the studio Imperial Guard army now being painted. It's a treasure. That will be for sale soon.

Started up a bargain section for models for sale today.

I got up early today and put in a quite solid day. I had to cancel D&D as only Mike and Jason showed up. I think my group is disgruntled that I canceled last night. But right now I'm doing whatever it takes to make the ends meet at the business.

A guest came down for a visit and played a game of 40K with Thomas. There's a Batrep coming about that. Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves.

I'm still looking for Champions books. To whit:
Champions first edition (for nostalgia)
Champions Sixth edition books (core book, powers, universe, villains books of the various three types)
Champions adventures of any stripe

I would offer a "store credit" of $35 each for the sixth edition rulebooks, and retail value for others. I would prefer to trade for things that we have on hand, then secondarily, services. A bulk deal for a group would be keen.

Around 7:30 I went to the ward pool party. It was so great to visit with neighbors over a picnic-style dinner. I do so love the people in our ward! Willow had a snot-nose run all over her face then she played in the sandbox she was like a sprinkle donut. The swimming. Willow wanted to go down the slide thirteen times. Each time she turned to me to say (as we were flying down) "this is so fun dah-dee". She's a delight. I can't get enough of her and the other kids. Half me and half the woman I love. I got ten mosquito bites. Then I went back to work for a bit.

Once home we all rinsed off, put the swimsuits in the wash, and then two episodes of Dr. Seuss before bed. Life if super good. Now for some episodes of Voyager.

There Goes Rabbit He

Sometimes human reaction is illogical. For example, right now I feel like curling up in fetal Linkposition in abject defeat. Maximum hours and still not enough. Sigh.

How shall I start? It's the new building. There are times that I think that I should have just played it safe and sound at the last plateau. Did I bite off more than I can chew? This is nonsense when I am thinking straight. There is a cowardly rabbit in me who squeals when the fur is ripped out. But that rabbit must die! And underneath all the second-guessing, and futility is a real man, a morning son who is ready to get his knuckles bloody for something greater.

Raaaaaaargh! Chaaaaaaarge!

I've spent the last week doing interviews for the painting position opened by Janene and/or just another person to pick up the slack. I like meeting new people and we're a lot better at interviewing nowadays. The schedule was brutal, probably five hours a day, and that on top of the catchup that invariably follows Valhalla. But that effort has paid off. I am officially caught up tonight.

The quality of candidates this round was noticeably higher than in the past.

I'm ready to set up new projects.

Also, if you've had your eye on something around the studio now is the time to contact me. I want to convert those models into cash.

Ron Paul at Iowa Straw Poll

1. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (4823, 28.55%)

2. Congressman Ron Paul (4671, 27.65%)

3. Governor Tim Pawlenty (2293, 13.57%)

4. Senator Rick Santorum (1657, 9.81%)

5. Herman Cain (1456, 8.62%)

6. Governor Rick Perry (718, 3.62%) write-in

7. Governor Mitt Romney (567, 3.36%)

8. Speaker Newt Gingrich (385, 2.28%)

9. Governor Jon Huntsman (69, 0.41%)

10. Congressman Thad McCotter (35, 0.21%)

Now watch this video. (Jon Stewart)

I also came across this extended version of the followup on Fox where Ron Paul gets a little more love, but you can tell a few of the moderators are choking on it. It's like the guy on the right wants to just announce the front-runner because Ron Paul is second, like "Here's first place aaaaand I guess that's it goodbye folks." One says Bachmann is the "big winner" but the margin is less than ONE percent between first and second. That's "barely a winner".

The establishment underestimates our resolve. When Ron Paul lost in the republican primary nigh these four years ago he made a humble, personal speech wherein he described how his campaign was going to become a movement. I heard that in my basement business and understood that I would need to be working to prepare four years for now.

I kept my Ron Paul 2008 sign up in my front yard for three years until someone recently stole it. Then, I put up five signs. How do you like me now? And come what may I will have that sign up for eight more years. It's a symbol to me, lower only than the United States flag. A symbol that I am in my soul a free man and that I know what it means to be free, and that I dream of the same true freedom that my ancestors had in the early days of this country.

Ron Paul is Obi Wan Kenobi. He's a stone cold jedi master.

I get this a lot:

"I like Ron Paul but I'm not voting for him."

(????) "Have you read any of his books?"


Go read a blinking book for blinksakes. You owe it to your life to read a book by Ron Paul. I recommend "The Revolution" as a good start.

Anyway, here's the video.


Valhalla- the Experience

We had a Great time at Valhalla!!

The guests, now part of the Valhalla family, were wonderful.
The Battles- epic.
The food- plentiful and never ending.
The theater and movies- awesome.
The spa- relaxing.
The setting- beautiful and serene.

Here's what some of our Valhalla family have to say:

"Hey hey Blue Table people!!

... I wish to thank you from all of us. For allowing us to share in this wonderful event and be part of your family for 4 days. It is an experence I will never forget and one I hope to repeat.

I have been to dozens of GT's, cons, and major tourneys. Valhalla topped everything before this. The players and (family) staff were the highest quality imaginable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart..."

G. L. and family -from California

"Hey Shawn,

After this weekend I really feel obligated to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to attend Valhalla. The awesome reality of the event really blew all of my expectations out of the water. Meeting you and the BTP staff, not to mention [the guys from 40K radio], was an awesome experience and hanging out with the people who I've only been watching on my computer screen before was so cool! It was a flurry of cool people, cool gaming and great memories!

So again, thank you so much! I don't think that there's time in the world to say that enough!


T. A. -from Boston

Signal from the Collective

Valhalla is a four day gaming event that we run up at Sundance, a resort up in the mountains of Utah. We rent a spectacular forest mansion and play miniatures battles games on awesome boards. And stuff our faces.

Sadly, I still have to work during Valhalla, and it was a pretty depressing weekend for sales. So kind of a mixed bag for me. But don't get me wrong, Valhalla was super-awesome. I got in a game with my Dark Eldar army, which I love everything about (it).

I always think twice about saying anything bad that's going on in my life on the blog because it sounds like I'm complaining. But I suppose there's nothing wrong with acknowledging personal challenges.

So, this morning (Sunday) I woke up around 9am, super late for me for sure. I was up on the "bridge" a bridge-shaped loft four stories up on the mansion. There is a fireplace up there (which we don't use). To either side are half-doors that lead out to a small balcony like a hundred fifty feet up in the trees. At night, I open both doors to a perfect seventy-five degrees, and the sound of the river in the ravine below, and fall asleep. In the morning the birds start singing as the lights turn up on the world. It's absolutely fantastic. I can't get enough.

Than a breakfast of quiche and five chocolate chip cookies. To make a long story short after that it was a nightmare morning trying to get back home. I missed the ordination of my nephew to Elder (we rushed to Salt Lake but didn't make it) but were in time for a family BBQ. Then back to Spanish Fork 40 minutes south to teach the Elder's Quorum lesson. Then to clean the church. Then to pick up the truck at the studio. Then home finally.

So sweet to take a shower and just lay on the bed.

I'm keen on picking up some Champions books. Not sure which edition is good.

Speaking of RPGs I'm pretty stoked about Tuesday D&D. Think I'm going to change it to Wednesdays.

Necrons Needed

Looking for 9x Pariahs and 2x Destroyer Lords (not painted!).

A Few Photons Never Hurt Anybody

The principal concern on my mind these days is the monolithic (and limited) obligations associated with our renovations of the building. I have to round up a fair bit of money this week. Monday preferably. It's going to be a rough August, September and October, but if we make it through all should be well.

We are working on transferring all things from the for sale gallery to the for sale section (with automated checkout). Everything is still available if you just email me; likewise if you have a credit you can just contact me, tell me what you want and I'll pull it manually.

And now to family matters. Tamie was up in Montana with family and my little Willow visiting relatives. I was pretty aggrieved that she left me during a tough time with the older three kids. But some rearranging the schedule saw me through.

One magic afternoon we went to the Hawaiian shave ice stand, the kids with their little bikes. I have four children ages 2-12. I think it's easier to have four kids than one. The one child relies on parents for familial attention, but four tend to rely on each other for entertainment and problem-solving. Not knocking certain number of kids or telling you how to live your life, just making an observation of my own case. I absolutely love my family. I can't get enough of them.

Today I just read D&D books and watched Voyager. We went to church, but only for about an hour. When my wife finally rolled into town, and we unloaded her luggage it was a joyous reunion. Willow hugged me quite hard and for a long time, patting me vigorously. My royal queen is once again at my side.

Epic on the Block

See them and Buy them here.

Epic scale Space Marines

2x Warhound Titan
1x Space Marine Land Raider box (4x land raiders)
3x sprues of Space Marine vehicles (7x tanks per sprue)
2x sprues of Space Marine infantry
1x Land Speeders sprue
1x Imperial Thunderbolts sprue
1x Imperial Marauders sprue
2x Thunderhawk blisters
2x Dreadnought blisters
2x Space Marine Vindicator blisters (4x vehicles per blister)
1x box Reaver Titan
1x Terminators blister

Epic scale Orks
1x Ork Gargant box
2x Ork Warband box
1x Orks Stompa Mob box
2x Ork Fighta Bommaz blister
3x Ork Battlefortress blister
1x Ork Deth Koptas blister
5x Ork Gunfortress blister
1x Ork Warbikes blister
2x Ork Warbuggies blister
7x Various Sprues

Empire Army on the Block

All right folks, here it is.

I am starting to move everything from the For Sale Gallery (where you have to email me) to the For Sale auto-checkout section (like a regular website buy-it-on-the-spot).

Force #1
All on magnetized movement trays. L3 all around except heroes at L5. All second-hand sales as-is.

10x Handgunners $105
10x Handgunners $105
10x Handgunners $105
10x Spearmen full command $105
10x Spearmen full command $105
15x Greatswords full command (metal) $135
6x Knights of the Empire full command $105
6x Knights of the Empire full command $105
5x Outriders $85
5x Pistoliers $95
1x Cannon and crew $70
1x Cannon and crew $70
1x Mortar and crew $70
1x Mounted General L5 $45
1x Battle Standard Bearer L5 $45
1x Engineer $9

Force #2
20x Swordsmen full command $245
8x Knights of the Empire full command $145
10x Greatswords full command $125
1x Heavens Wizard mounted $25
1x Captain on Foot $15
10x Handgunners

Force #3
I haven't even put this on a vid yet, but it's coming. Heroes are L3. Magnetized trays all around for this one:

10x Handgunners command $75
10x Handgunners command $75
10x Handgunners $75
10x Handgunners $75
20x Swordsmen $115
20x Swordsmen $115
7x Knights of the Empire $45
1x Light Wizard (metal) with yellow orb on foot $15
1x Light Wizard (metal) with blue orb on foot $15
1x Light Wizard (metal) with yellow orb mounted $15
1x Engineer with Long Rifle $9
1x General on Hippogriff $45
1x General on Pegasus $45
1x Steam Tank L2 Old school $55
26x Spearmen no command $140

And about 20x old school metal figures, medieval sorts from Reaper, Ral Partha and such, all painted to a very basic standard. $9 each. You can pick them all up (24x of them) for $180 sight-unseen if you want.


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