One Door

Chapter 1

Cer'Edrion ip Phar bows deeply.
Almendra: narrows her eyes at Cer.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: shrugs.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: " I do not believe we have meet yet"" I am Atilla"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "My name is Cer'Edrion ip Phar.  Most people call me Cer."
Atilla: **Cer' is looking at a homely, but buff, Frizzy red-haired Dwarf, carrying an axe.
Atilla: < Atilla uses the ladies room>
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar ATTACKS using his Composite Shortbow, rolling  18 
Terjon deftly dodges
Terjon: catching the flying missile in his teeth


GM: It is the night before the meeting in Arabel.  You are at the Dancing Dracolisk Inn.
Terjon sits at the bar, away from the other patrons, sipping a reddish ale.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "You are Terjon, correct?"
Terjon: "I am Terjon, and I welcome you to this dusty corner of the bar."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: is a very tall elf, slim and muscular, dressed in simple, dark silken clothing.  Every inch of exposed flesh shows the marks of hardship, but he moves with the fluid, controlled grace of an insect predator.
Terjon slides a stool over for Cer
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: is missing the tip of his right ear, has a large, dark scar passing down the left side of his face from hairline to jaw, and has a deep, angry red branding scar on his right cheek.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Daglar said you were going to be involved in the attempt to find Darm."
GM: --C
Terjon: "It seems I have heard of you as well friend. We share a common purpose then."


Stinking Drunkard: takes off his boots.
Stinking Drunkard: tries not to stare at Cer.
Terjon: "Do you know this Daglar well?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Friend isn't a word to be used lightly."
Terjon: "If you are not my enemy, then what else could you be but my friend?"
Stinking Drunkard: sidles up closer.
Terjon keeps his eyes on the drunkard
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Everyone is your enemy until proven otherwise, from what this world has shown me.  Regardless, it seems we'll be working together.
Stinking Drunkard: "Shrite. Damstrate!"

*Note that the Woodsman below uses the same idiom; "damstrate"*

Stinking Drunkard: "Werkin!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Can I help you?"
Stinking Drunkard: lifts his tankard as if to toast but then peers into it to find it empty.
Terjon: "Rather gloomy outlook that. Ah an acquaintance of yours?"
Stinking Drunkard: shows Cer his empty tankard.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Pathetic."
Stinking Drunkard: shows his tankard, hopefully, to Terjon.
Terjon: "No thanks, I have one"
Bartender: waves his hands at the drunkard as if to shoo him away.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "No, never met him.  Daglar is a clanmate of Darm's, and Darm is one who I would call friend."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "How have you come to be involved in this quest?"
Stinking Drunkard: moves away
Terjon: "Daglar has told me precious little about this mission. Seems a bit tight-lipped about it. But it's a chance to earn some coin and may prove a sufficient challenge for my skills"
GM: --C Spot check
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to spot anything odd or out of the ordinary, rolling 14 + A0+ R8 = 22
GM: Cer does not recognize the drunk.
Stinking Drunkard: stumbles out of the Inn.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "It may prove more than sufficient, but we'll see how your mettle tests in the darkness.  Excuse me for one moment, though."
Terjon: "Certainly"
Clean-cut boy: "Good sirs.  Wity at your service.  Your rooms are ready, if you will.  Can I be of service."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Wity: "Sir!  The rooms are upstairs!"
Terjon: "Not yet lad.. After I finish my ale."
Wity: "As you wish, sir!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I'll be back shortly."
Townsperson: passes out in front of door.


(Cer'Edrion ip Phar to GM):  I'm pursuing this drunkard, if he can be found.
Terjon looks around the room for other mercenaries, or folks who might be looking at him funny (being used to that as a half-elf)
(Cer'Edrion ip Phar to GM):  figured as much.  :)
GM: Cer exits into the moonlit street.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: At this time of night there are but a few people, only a cooper shutting his shop...
GM: And two night-watch standing at the corner talking to a young woman upon her balcony.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: --C Spot check
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to spot anything odd or out of the ordinary, rolling 11 + A0+ R8 = 19
GM: You see a dead sparrow lying in a pool of water.  Nothing else unusual.
GM: --C
GM: --T
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Is the inn two stories or one?
Terjon finished his ale
GM: It is two stories.  A festhall on the lower level and rooms on the top.
Wity: waits expectantly nearby.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Any awning or overhang on the first story that would let me get onto the roof quickly?
Wity: "Help you up with your things, sir?"
GM: The building has numerous handholds and ledges.  Climb DC9, DC 12 if you want to go up fast.
Townsperson: wakes up and walks out of the Inn.
Terjon: "I can manage boy, just lead the way."
GM: Cer virtually flies up the side of the building.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Wity: leads you to the stairs and up to your room.
Terjon inspects the room, and if suitable, hands the lad a copper
Wity: "The dwarf maid and the lass from Immersea have retired already.  They are of your company, no?"
GM: --C Spot check
GM: No sign of the drunk.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:


GM: Excellent!  The sun rises on a new day...
GM: It is Day One of the campaign...
Terjon will be up before dawn exercising
GM: Wity comes and sees that you are well attended to.  You are served breakfast.  Your expenses are picked up by the Maermeet tab.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: When you finish breakfast, Wity awaits to see that you are properly shown to Daglar's Smithy.


Almendra: Arrives at breakfast exactly on time.
Almendra: is in her full armor.  "I should tend to Cinder before we leave."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Almendra: "I've never seen a man eat so.  You are with our company, I presume?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Correctly."
Almendra: "I come at the behest of the Shazoon family of Immersea.  I am Almendra Shazoon."
Wity: goes up to Terjon.  "Shine your boots for a copper, sir?"
Terjon: "Well met Almendra"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I am Cer'Edrion ip Phar.  Most call me Cer."
Almendra: "I am most pleased to make all of your acquaintances.  I have already met Atilla."
Almendra: "Atilla is a fine warrior and I am sure her skills will be most needed on our journey."


Atilla: Terjon:
Almendra: "I think that foremost we should take an inventory of skills and contributions that each could make to the expedition."
Almendra: "Who would like to go first?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: "who is leading the party?"
Almendra: remains silent.
Atilla: "Well I am not much of a speaker, but I am a good fighter"
Almendra: "You are also an accomplished trapper, if I do not mistake."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I suspect I am most familiar with the terrain we will be travelling into.  Darm and I were captured at the same time, but we were separated."
Almendra: "Then you would be the expedition leader.  I heard that one of our number knew the way."
Terjon: "I agree, I know very little about our quest. Cer knows the most about what we might face and thus should lead us."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I have never claimed to be a leader of men, but I will show you the way."
Almendra: "I come from a line of skilled diplomats and I have thorough experience in the dealings of man..."
Almendra: "I would propose that I represent the group in our social dealings if none protest."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I have no objection, although unless you speak the language of the Derro, I may have to negotiate with them if it comes to that."
Almendra: smoothes her white hair from out of her face.
Almendra: "I do not speak that tongue, common only."
Almendra: "I am accustomed to having interpreters."
Clean-cut boy: enters the inn through the sturdy double doors.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I might do such a thing."
Terjon: "I'm afraid all I can offer is my fighting skills, and I have performed as a scout in the past"
Clean-cut boy: "Gentle folk.  It is time.  Do not let me hasten you unduly, but Lord Maermeet calls."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "As for my skills, I am a .. scout."
Almendra: "I am no slouch when it comes to sword play."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "My scars will attest that I have seen my time in combat and come through alive."
Almendra: "I am also skilled in the handling of beasts of burden and also the care and maintenance of metal armors."
Clean-cut boy: leads you from the inn and down the now-busy Arabel streets.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:


GM: Daglar's Smithy is located at the corner of two prominent streets in Arabel.  The city is awash in the reflected yellow light of the morning sun as it rises above the morning winter haze.   Like most of the buildings in Arabel, the smithy is constructed of white basalt.  Its walls are made blocks cut in the shape of axe heads lending to an overall architecture that seems more like a fortress.  You are met at the door by a dark-haired boy of about twelve years of age.  He snaps to attention before you.
Clean-cut boy: "Why yes, and I'm a good a courier as the next if not better!"
Clean-cut boy: "Shall I get you the price first?"
Atilla: "but of course"
GM: The boy who met you at the Inn dashes off!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Announce us to Daglar, boy."
Clean-cut boy: leads you inside the smithy.

Clean-cut boy: The heat of the immense smithing room is infernal.  The clanging of hammers and hiss of white hot metal in water is deafening.  About a dozen dwarves and men alike are working up a sweat, oblivious to your passing as you wind your way through the room to an inconspicuous, rectangular wooden door in the back.  The boy produces an iron-chain necklace from underneath his green tunic.  He presses a round, rune-encrusted medallion against a metal plate on the door.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The medallion is obviously well-worn and is made from iron with copper runes.
GM: Atilla sees that all manner of fine weapons are being forged, but many mundane things, such as horse shoes and nails, as well.
GM: Beyond is a squared chamber, with a vaulted ceiling....
GM: The trophy room is a round chamber dominated by a round stone table in the center.  Shafts of lazy morning light from skylights illuminate the chipped and worn knot & dogtooth patterns.  There are scores of awe-inspiring trophies upon the walls:  greatswords & shields from fallen warriors, dragonscale hides, horns & racks mounted on wooden plaques, and the heads of all manner of fell creatures.


GM: Daglar is an imposing figure; years of wealthy living have not erased the hard lines of decades of hard toil and the scars of innumerable campaigns.  His twin-braided beard is snow white and reaches to the ground.  His fat fingers are adorned with dazzling works of gemcraft.  His deep-set brown eyes glitter out at you over a ruddy nose.  "Hail and well met my hardy expeditioneers!"
Almendra: "Hail, Lord Maermeet."
Almendra: opens her arms, palms up.
Almendra: "In peace I come to you and your clan.  Prosperity to your kinsmen and wealth to your generations."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I greet the Lord of the Maermeet.  May our paths lead to honor."
Terjon: "Well met, Daglar."
Daglar Maermeet: "Come!  Let us gather 'round and talk of your journey to come."
Daglar Maermeet: snaps his fingers and the page enters.
Daglar Maermeet: "Fetch me the maps!  Post haste!"
Clean-cut boy: Dashes out of the room.
Daglar Maermeet: "There are others who have signed on for the expedition and they will join you at Hornshield."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Who might they be?"
Daglar Maermeet: "Some woman warrior from the southern reaches.  An apprentice wizard from this fair city. "
Daglar Maermeet: "A bit light on the magic.  And that's the way it should be."
Daglar Maermeet: "Those Derro come from solid stock, even if they are evil, and they are highly resistant to the effects of arcane magicks."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "A dagger between the shoulder blades seems to hamper their style, though."
Daglar Maermeet: "Please.  I forget my manners.  Have a seat."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Daglar Maermeet: "Well, spoken Cer."
Almendra: lays her shield and sword on the table.

GM: The room is a round chamber dominated by a round stone table in the center.  Shafts of lazy morning light from skylights illuminate the chipped and worn knot & dogtooth patterns.  There are scores of awe-inspiring trophies upon the walls:  greatswords & shields from fallen warriors, dragonscale hides, horns & racks mounted on wooden plaques, and the heads of all manner of fell creatures.
GM: Daglar is an imposing figure; years of wealthy living have not erased the hard lines of decades of hard toil and the scars of innumerable campaigns.  His twin-braided beard is snow white and reaches to the ground.  His fat fingers are adorned with dazzling works of gemcraft.  His deep-set brown eyes glitter out at you over a ruddy nose.  "Hail and well met my hardy expeditioneers!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I greet lord of the Maermeet.  May our paths lead to honor."
GM: Let's get going again.
GM: If you are here, say "Aye"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Aye
Terjon: "It is an Honor Lord Maermeet. May you tankard be ever full"
Terjon: Aye
Kishara: Aye
Daglar Maermeet: "We should go over the terms of your agreement first."
Daglar Maermeet: "I will be paying each a sum of 400 gold crowns for bringing back Darm Bladesmith...
Daglar Maermeet: ... or a token that you have found his remains...
Daglar Maermeet: ...additionally I will pay your party a sum of 1,000 gold if he should be brought back in good condition...
Daglar Maermeet: ... but only 800 for his remains."
Daglar Maermeet: "That's 400 each just for going now.  Payable in advance."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I would sooner return to slavery than accept your gold for rescuing my friend, but I understand others may not have my good intentions."
Daglar Maermeet: "The bonus will be paid or not upon your return."
Almendra: looks at Cer quizzically.
Atilla: "my intentions are good, but my pockets are empty"
Daglar Maermeet: "I was speaking to those who are here in response to summons, not allies of the clan."
Terjon nods his agreement with the terms.
Clean-cut boy: comes in with the maps.
Clean-cut boy: "The Warrior Woman from Topaz is here, milord."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Daglar Maermeet: "Well show her in, dunderhead!"
Daglar Maermeet: "Greetings, I am Daglar Maermeet."
Daglar Maermeet: "We were just discussing the terms of our agreement."
Clean-cut boy: waits nearby.
Daglar Maermeet: "Now then...
Daglar Maermeet: ... let's look at the maps."
Terjon peers at the map
Daglar Maermeet: Spreads an impressive map out on the table with his stubby fingers.
Daglar Maermeet: "It is just over 100 miles to High Tower, a day's travel on horseback."
Daglar Maermeet: "If you do not have your own steeds I can provide some for your use."
Daglar Maermeet: "At High Tower you will be able to stay with my kinsman, Duril Maermeet."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: is a tall, tightly muscled elf with close-cropped black hair and dull, iron grey eyes.  Every inch of exposed flesh shows the marks of hardship.  A large scar runs down the left side of his face from hairline to jaw, and an angry red brand scar sits on his right cheek.
Daglar Maermeet: "Unless you wish to make accommodations of your own.  I don't care how you get there."
Daglar Maermeet: "Then it will be about a half day's journey southward through the Storm Horn mountains to Hornshield."
Daglar Maermeet: "From there you will have to make your own way.  Be ware of Bellion Mishael, the High Marshall...
Daglar Maermeet: ... he is leery of adventuring parties passing through his land.  It might be wise to consult with him in your doings...
Daglar Maermeet: He is recently married to Lady Rima Azhoun of the ruling family...
Daglar Maermeet: I trust you all have picked up your equipment?"
Almendra: "I have, milord, and thanks for your generosity."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon nods
Kishara nods
Daglar Maermeet: "Do any wish to probe my deep wisdom?"
Daglar Maermeet: strokes his beard and sits back in his chair.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Although Atilla has made the wise point of searching for healing draughts.  I suspect finding such things would be beneficial."
Atilla: "You mentioned Derro?"
Kishara: " Would you favor me with  a horse m'lord?"
Terjon: "I assume that Cer has an idea of where to look, and what kind of hardships we might face?"
Daglar Maermeet: "Yes, the Storm Horns used to be infested with them until the War of the Marches."
Daglar Maermeet: "My stable boy, Hamux, will see to your needs with regards to horses."
Daglar Maermeet: to page, "Fetch Hamux."
Terjon: "I would also be needing a horse kind Lord"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes.  The Jagged Horn clan of Derro rules over the territories we will be venturing into."
Atilla: "and it is with them that you expect us to find Darmet?"
Daglar Maermeet: "According to this elf Darm was taken by the Derro and what may have become of him in the last year..."
Daglar Maermeet: "I wouldn't say 'rules', they are little more than brigands."
Daglar Maermeet: "If there is nothing more, I will leave you to your own devices."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Habit.  Sorry.  When a filthy Derro whips you with a barb lash whenever you fail to call them the ruler of the mountains, you tend to develop ... patterns of speech."
Atilla: "so Cer' was travelling with Darm? He can fill us in on the horrid tale of their capture."
Daglar Maermeet: "True enough.  I cannot think of a fate terrible enough for those wretches."
Terjon: "Thank you for your hospitality. I hope we find your kin and return him safely."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Oh, I can.  Trust me."
Atilla: "Always a pleasure doing dealing with your clan"
Daglar Maermeet: "One last thing..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Almendra: chuckles at Cer's comment.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes?"
Daglar Maermeet: "Darm was last mixed up with some infernal mages on the Sea of Dragons.  He sent me this strange hide to make armor of."
Daglar Maermeet: "Let him know that his order is ready."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I was curious as to whether you had succeeded.  That was a fearsome beast to fight, it nearly tore me in half."
Daglar Maermeet: "I wish you all the best of fortune, and may you make your own fortune!"
Clean-cut boy: takes you all out past the smith and down the street to the stables.
GM: The long and short of all this is that you can pick up supplies.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "May the fires of the Forge Lords light your paths to glory, Daglar."


GM: Almendra has her own horse, "Cinder".
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: will pick out a sturdy, well-behaved horse.  Probably a mature mare.
Terjon: I will pick a tamer one as I haven't ridden for quite some time, usually travel by my own two feet.
Clean-cut boy: returns, panting, and reports to Atilla
Clean-cut boy: "Sir... er ... Lady ...
Atilla: "I heard that mares are best , if we need we can drink their milk"
Clean-cut boy: "I have found your healing draughts.  I ran all over but at last I found the best!  Tranf the Alchemist is selling them for 45 crowns each."
Almendra: "Do the horses have names, young sir?"
Atilla: "Crowns? how many gold?"
Hamux the stable boy: "Yes, milady.  This gentle brown mare for the gentleman (Terjon) is called by the name of Molasses."
Kishara: < She eyes a spotted grey mare barely larger than a pony...>
Clean-cut boy: "Crowns are gold pieces, sir."
GM: Hamux leads the spotted grey mare to Kishara.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Which way to Tranf's laboratory, boy?"
Terjon: "I hope your faster than your name suggests if the time comes for it"
Clean-cut boy: "I'll be glad to fetch the elixirs for you if you wish, sir."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "And it'd be a fine day at the sweet shop, I'd wager."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Hamux the stable boy: "And this black stallion with the star on its muzzle will be for the elven lord, if you please."
Clean-cut boy: grins broadly.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Don't call me lord, I was such a thing once, but that legacy is long gone.  I am just Cer."
Atilla: "I will take two Young boy""here is the 90+2 copper for yourself"
Hamux the stable boy: "As you wish, Cer, I think this one will be best suited for the mountains.  He's gone as far as High Tower before."
Terjon: "I would also take 2 draughts"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Well met, then, but if he throws me and I live to tell the tale, we'll have words when I return, lad."
Clean-cut boy: "Yipeee!" and sprints away.
Hamux the stable boy: "The stallion's name is Bad Temper."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Hamux, which way to the alchemist's laboratory?"
GM: Right!  Horses: Cinder, Molasses, Stubby, Bad Temper, and Smokestack.
Hamux the stable boy: whistles with his fingers in his mouth.
Barzub: "Yes sirreeee!" salutex Hamux
Hamux the stable boy: "Take this fine Cer to Tranf's shop."  bows lowly to Barzub "If you would please my good Lord"
Barzub: "Why yes, milady."  and he curtseys to Hamux like a lass.
GM: It is apparent that the "-boys" have some kind of sub-culture going on.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: So, Cer is going to Tranf's Lab?
GM: Bad Temper attempts to bite a passer by.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I let him.
Terjon: "I must visit the temple before we leave, where should we meet back up to depart?"
Atilla: "Where the heck are you going Cer'? we need to be filled in."
Townsperson: "OOOOOUUUUUUCH!"  But then he looks at you and sulks away.
Atilla: "Cer?""Cer?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We'll meet back at the inn.  I'm going to purchase healing draughts.  I'll fill you in over lunch."
GM: Going to the Inn means you're ready to go.  Otherwise you are at Tranf's Lab.
Terjon: "So much for filling us in.. a man of few words.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon: "If you will excuse me I must attend to my mid-morning prayers"
GM: It's clear that introductions are in order.  I'm going to prompt each of you in turn.  Tell us about your character.

GM: If you wish to include your class and race then you may do so as well.
GM: --A
Atilla: Homely, fire-red haired, female Dwarf. "What I lack in brain I make up for in strength. my father always told me" 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Tall, well-muscled elf with black hair and iron-grey eyes.  Very heavily scarred, (anyone with any familiarity with the drow will recognize the brand on his face), a man of few words.  (Elf, rogue)
GM: --T
Terjon: 5'9" lean yet with a strong frame. He has black hair, green eyes and the usual half-elven features. He wears no armor and carries a quarter staff.


GM: The journey to Hornshield is uneventful except for being stopped by the Patrol just east of High Tower.
Kishara: < Human, primitive looking, attractive, but barbaric...>
Atilla: ooc How many days?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Along the way, Cer will inform the group about the capture and the strength of the Jagged horn clan.
GM: One and a half days.


Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Darm, myself, and a few others had penetrated deep into the caverns beneath the citadel when we were ambushed by the Derro.  I never should have allowed it to happen."
Almendra: listens intently.

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "The battle was short and brutal.  They numbered over a hundred and twenty warriors to our tiny band of 10 hearty adventurers.  By the end of the battle, we were captured and separated."

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I was enslaved and was forced to serve the Jagged Horn clan for almost 6 months before I was able to escape.  We had managed to kill about 30 of their warriors in the battle, and they made certain that I felt many harsh blows for each of their fellows who we had felled."

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Their warriors are led by 8 lieutenants, each as cunning and foul as you would expect a Derro who clawed their way up through the ranks to become.  The lieutenants take their orders from 4 savants, Derro who practice magics as twisted as their grimy bodies."

Kishara: "What's a Derro? I'm not from around here."
Almendra: "Derro are evil dwarves..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Evil dwarves of the underdark.  They are to dwarves as drow are to my people."
Almendra: "They live under the mountains and are known for their resistance to magic."
Kishara: "Ahhh..."
Almendra: "We will deal with them using steel."
Almendra: "Since they cannot use beneficial magic on each other, they will most likely use harmful magic on us!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "They have managed to tame a pack of demonic creatures they call howlers, and were working on befriending other foul creatures to use as hunting beasts when I managed to make good my escape."
Almendra: nods gravely,  "Demons!  I will be glad to come to grips with this foe."
Almendra: "My brother was taken by the Derro not too long ago."
Atilla: "I suppose in the next city we should see if anyone knows any more recent info. about this"
Almendra: "It was this very way that he was passing."
Almendra: "But do not let me interrupt you, Cer."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Aye, they raid the mountains surrounding the Wyvernhunt."
Atilla: "so the Derro have far reaches?""Sorry to disturb your tale"


Almendra: "Hey!  I see the walls of Hornshield!"
GM: If you have not already done so, check out the Hornshield picture in the Mountain' album.
GM: You see dirt roads winding over low green hills.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "A ... friend of mine came back to me.  Together, we were able to escape the watchful eyes of the Derro, and I swam downstream past their fungus farm."

Atilla: "swollen, swollen, swollen, man my ass is swollen, Raw Hide."

GM: It is perhaps three hours until the setting of the sun and it reflects the white basalt walls of the city.
Atilla: "Sorry again Cer'"
GM: A spectacular sight.
Almendra: "Is that a dwarven ballad?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Perhaps 300 yards later, I came to a cylindrical cavern patrolled by Derro, but bypassed them and escaped through a waterfall, coming out on the side of White Feather mountain."
Kishara: "Atilla, you are supposed to ride with your feet, and not your ass..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon: "Cer, do you have reason to think that your friend is still alive and being held by the Derro?"
GM: The city of Hornshield has two parts; the walled portion and the tiny clusters of farm houses outside.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I found a trail near the waterfall, I suspect the proper entrance to their stronghold is near there."
GM: There are perhaps a dozen wagons moving about the road here.
Kishara: "I'll adjust your stirrups so next time your ride should be better..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Aye.  They are too cruel to kill their victims..  I suspect that Darm lives."
Townsperson: looks intently at your party from about a 100 yards away.  He calls a halt to his wagon.
Terjon: "Was Darm kept in another area of their stronghold then/"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We were separated.  Had we been together, we would have found a way to escape."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "It may have seemed like 300 years, but I am fairly certain that only 6 months passed in the clutches of the Derro."
Terjon: What is the person in the wagon doing?
GM: The townsperson is clad in brown leather with a heavy black cloak.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: is looking for a particular dagger on the townsperson...
Kishara: "Cer... Something's up..."
Townsperson: blows a shrill whistle that echoes through the hills.
GM: Too far to tell.
Terjon: "What the..."
GM: The person in the wagon was leading his oxen on foot.
Townsperson: Continues along the road.
GM: --T Spot check
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Stay wary.  I'll catch up." 
GM: The remainder of the townsfolk that seem to be going about their business.  Some have stopped to look at you, but then continue on their way.
GM: Cer disappears.
Terjon: "Steady now.. Let's move forward as a group"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Almendra: "Agreed.  There are the city gates.  We should find lodging."
GM: Cer sees that the man has reached a cluster of low wooden houses...
GM: and is unloading firewood from his cart.
Townsperson: "Rhapsody!  A little help here."
Rhapsody: "Shut yer pie hole!"
Almendra: "My father once stayed here.  He says the only decent place in town is the Purple Peacock."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: --C


GM: As you approach the city gates, an armed patrol sallies forth...
Kishara: GM: It consists of three men dressed in chain mail...
GM: They canter up to your party...
Cormyrian Patrol: "Hail travelers"
Terjon: "Let Almendra handle this.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Can Cer see these proceedings?
Almendra: "Hail good sirs.  We travel under the auspices of Daglar Maermeet of Arabel.  We are about that Lord's business."
Cormyrian Patrol Captain: "Have you a travelling recommendation or a writ of some kind?"
GM: You see that the Captain is missing his left hand.
Almendra: "Aye. Let me produce it herewith."
Almendra: digs the recommendation from her map case.
Cormyrian Patrol Captain: "This appears to be in order."  He produces a signet medallion and stamps the paper.
Cormyrian Patrol Captain: "I am Basil Elkhorn.  On behalf of the High Marshall I bid you welcome to our fair city."
GM: Cer can see the proceedings.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cormyrian Patrol: rides back to the gate.
Cormyrian Patrol Captain: hangs back until he sees his comrades away...
Basil: Rides up to you again.
Basil: "I would know your business here, if you please."
Almendra: looks to her companions expectantly.
Terjon: "We have been tasked by Lord Maermeet..."
Basil: "You do not ride with the standard of the Maermeet clan, and you carry no goods of steel or leather."
(Kishara to Terjon):  I want to buy your men!

"Let Almendra Handle this..."

OK now what, Oh brilliant one?"

Terjon: "To seek out word of his kin that has gone missing in these parts"
Terjon: "Perhaps you may be able to assist us?"
Basil: "I very well may, but not myself."
Basil: "Where would this kin be missing to?:
Terjon: "Understood.. but we are weary and would seek refreshment and lodging in your fine city. Perhaps you could direct us there so we can tell you the rest of the tale."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Almendra: "Actually, we can be found at the Purple Peacock Inn if you wish to speak more to us."
Basil: "I will.  Fare well to you then."

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: meets up with the group at the Purple Peacock Inn.
Terjon: Off to the purple Peacock.. and a bath if they have one..
Kishara: " A day and a half in the saddle calls for a bath, and good food."


GM: Very well, Day 2 ends with a hot bath and a warm bed. 
GM: The Purple Peacock is a Good inn and costs 2gp per night.  That includes stabling for your horses.
GM: There are a few hours of daylight left and I would like to hear what your characters do during this time before retiring to the Inn.
Terjon: I would like to look around the town a bit before retiring, if the townsfolk won't be offended.
Attila Redwork: wanders about town and gets a feel for what services are available.  Since we're going to use this as a base we may as well be familiar with it.
Almendra: gives Cinder a good brush down and goes outside the walls to visit with the commoners.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I'm going to scout around the town and try to find out what's being said about Bellion Mishael.
Attila Redwork: Terjon and Kishara, would you like to come with.
Terjon: I would definitely rather have company.. Thanks
Kishara: "If there is a fletcher about, I would like to buy some arrow hafts."
GM: You can all buy equipment here, just make the adjustment on your character sheet.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Uxliat's been awfully quiet.  Has he learned to shut the hell up?
GM: Bellion Mishael was a famed leader in a war that broke out here about five years ago.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Who was the war with?
GM: The goblinoid races of the marshes to the west.
GM: Bellion has brought order to the town, but a little too much for some tastes.
GM: He favors the Elkhorn trading coster above others, though not officially.
GM: He has put renewed emphasis on mining which has the farmers (who depend on clean water from the mtns) in an uproar.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Does the Maermeet clan have their own iron sources, or do they buy from Hornshield?
Terjon: Are the townsfolk friendly towards us?
GM: On top of all this he has started an ambitious project to build a road through the mountains eastward.
Kishara: "Cer, shouldn't we talk to the lady Goldsberry as well?
GM: The townsfolk are very friendly.  They are excited to be visited by people from so many different places.
GM: You find out that the Maermeet clan does a healthy business with Hornshield and that Daglar himself is very influential with the Black Hammer trading coster.

Almendra: "Didn't you say that you thought the proper entrance was near the waterfall?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes.  Somewhere on White Feather mountain.
Terjon: "Perhaps the local miners might know of another way?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "It seems unlikely that any local miner who knew a way into the Derro stronghold would be free at the moment, but it may be worth checking into."
Terjon: "What kind of arrangement do the miners have with the Derro? If the Derro are so territorial, the miners wouldn't get much work done"
Kishara: "What's up with the road Bellion is trying to build through the mountains?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I don't believe the miners and the Derro engage the same territory."
Almendra: "We should talk to Atheni Goldberry.  My father knows her."
Terjon: "Kishara, the road makes sense as it would become a major trade route.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "She probably knows plenty about this town, being an innkeeper.  I'd wager we can get some good information from her, Almendra."
GM: Yes it would!  You find out that the road and the extra mining activity are the talk of the town.
Kishara: "Is he having any problems with building the road?"
GM: The road follows the course of the Plunge river.  It does not pass through Derro territory.
GM: You also find out that the Derro keep to the high mountains and come down for raids.
GM: So, the miners do not have territory conflicts with the Derro as such.
GM: But the Derro do like to come down and take their gold!
GM: There is another factor here: White Feather and some of the surrounding area has some volcanic activity and there are hot springs and such.
Terjon: "Cer, are the Derro liable to negotiate? They don't sound very approachable, but I suppose if they are greedy enough.."
GM: Normally, Derro would be found below the snow line.
Almendra: "The Derro are ancient enemies of the dwarves I would imagine."
Almendra: "If they wanted money for him they will have sold him already, I would think, a very real possibility."
GM: You are back at the Purple Peacock.  It is a fine wooden structure with curving architectures.  The rooms surround the central area where a hearth fire glows.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Difficult to say.  I suspect enough gold will buy his freedom if he still lives.  Regardless, brute force is not an option, so it's negotiation or stealth."
Almendra: "Or we can see to it that we only face part of their forces at a time."
Almendra: "What works against us is that we cannot retreat easily to a safe place."
Terjon: "Then hopefully we will find another way in, as I don't feel that we can negotiate, and I don't relish a fight on their home ground."
Atheni Goldberry: "Hail good folk.  Welcome to the Purple Peacock, finest inn in Hornshield."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "And I fear that without a cleric in our group, any such strategy will lead to a war of attrition which we cannot hope to win."
Almendra: I have healing powers.  Also, we might buy curative elixirs."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Almendra recommends your inn quite heartily, lady goldberry.  I hope it lives up to her praise."
Almendra: "Almendra Shazoon, at your service."
GM: Atheni is a fine figure of a woman, almost supernaturally radiant.
GM: One local suggested that she might have parentage of a nymph or dryad.
Terjon: "Erm.. Uh.. Terjon .. .. Pleased you.."
Atheni Goldberry: laughs like silver.  "Pleased to meet you as well." and offers Terjon her hand.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atheni Goldberry: "Ha!  I hope it will be praiseworthy.  I will bring you drink to refresh you as you desire."
Kishara: When AAtheni looks at her Kishara says "Kishara, daughter of Kisha the Seer...".
Atheni Goldberry: puts her hand to her chest as if to swoon, "What a gentleman!"
Atheni Goldberry: "We know your father well at this place.  A true statesman if I ever met one."
Almendra: "He was promoted to the Council of three at Immersea!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Attila Redwork: looks at Cer curiously.
Attila Redwork: "What was that, Cer?  Dare I ask?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Best not."
Atheni Goldberry: "If you don't mind the inquiry, what are you doing this far out?"
Woodsman: stamps his feet and coughs in Atheni's direction.
Terjon: "Kishara, did you inherit the gift of sight from your mother?"
Attila Redwork: "Protein.  When we were trapped in the Colhdor Mines we had to eat lots of protein."
Kishara: Kishara answered Terjon. "Alas, not... but the gods saw fit to give me skills with a spear instead."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atheni Goldberry: "Again, if you don't mind the inquiry, what are you doing this far out?"
Almendra: looks at Cer.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Daglar Maermeet sends us to find his lost kinsman, Darm."
Atheni Goldberry: "He is in the city?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Darm and I were captured by the Jagged Horn Derro.  I escaped.  Darm did not."
Atheni Goldberry: gasps.  "Derro," she whispers, "Many of our folk travelling with the caravans have been taken by the Demon Dwarves."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "To call them dwarves sullies the name Moradin gave his children.  Call them as Derro in my presence, for the sake of my friend Darm."
Atheni Goldberry: "As you wish.  There are many who would help your cause."
Atheni Goldberry: "We have been fortunate that the Derro have not preyed upon many of the Elkhorn caravans coming from northward."
Atheni Goldberry: "When do you set forth?  On the morrow?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I am glad to hear this.  It has been said that Bellion Mishael is wary of adventurers.  Might you know of a way to earn his favor in this endeavor?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "As quickly as possible.  If there is a chance my friend lives, I would not have him suffer their filthy slavery one second longer than he must."
Atheni Goldberry: "Bellion likes people to ask his permission.  Go to the Council Hall and ask for his blessing in your endeavor."
Atheni Goldberry: "His wife, Lady Rima, is a reasonable soul and will no doubt favor your expedition."
Kishara: "Hmmmm.... Lady Goldberry... you think the Derro would set upon the northern caravans if they could?"
Atheni Goldberry: "If you court his wife's favor he will not refuse you, at least not openly, and certainly not before the people."
Atheni Goldberry: "They can set upon them.  It is but good fortune that we have been spared mostly."
Almendra: "Who would lend us aid in our endeavor?  You mentioned that there were many who had lost relatives to the raids."
Woodsman: "Could I get some service here!  A little love for the locals!"
Atheni Goldberry: "Alishea!  Come out on the floor and help your mother.  Be a dear."
Alishea Goldberry: "Coming mother!"
Alishea Goldberry: has clearly inherited her mother's good genes.
Kishara: "Lady Goldberry, What message would you have us carry to the Derro?"
Atheni Goldberry: "I will see what I can do.  Uletsabe, for one.  She has a son lost to them.  She confided to me that she would rather be dead than live with the uncertainty of his fate."
Atheni Goldberry: "Message?  Death to all their kind."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "You are a woman after my own heart, Lady Goldberry."
Kishara: "Let it be so..."
Atheni Goldberry: "I must tend to the other customers now.  I take my leave of you for now.  I will call for Uletsabe.  Perhaps she can come at this late hour."
Atheni Goldberry: moves off to tend to the dozen or so other patrons.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I must eat, what is the kitchen serving today?"
GM: I need to know your sleeping arrangements.  It's two to a room.
GM: You are all served food and drink to your heart's content.
Kishara: "Terjon! Snap out of it male!"
Kishara: "It doesn't become you well..."
Terjon: "Sleep.. Oh Yeah..I guess I'd be with Cer then."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I will pay for a room of my own.  I have a tendency to sleep.. restlessly, I would disturb my roommate."
Almendra: "Let's get ready to set out tomorrow morning.  We can go by the council hall first."
Attila Redwork: "I guess you're with me, Terjon"
Kishara: "I prefer separate rooming arrangements as well."
Terjon: "What Kishara? I'm sorry did you say something?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon: "Yes, it's you and me Atilla.. I hope you don't snore.."


Woodsman: stomps over to your group.
Woodsman: is covered with thick brown facial hair and reeks of sweat and lumber.
Woodsman: "I hear you're going to give those Derro bastards a whoopin"
Kishara: "Yes?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Kishara: "So?"
Woodsman: "Well, give 'em a stomp on the 'ead for me brother."
Terjon: "What happened to your brother?"
Kishara: "Your Brother?"

*Here's that clue*

Woodsman: "Just... I wish you well on your journey... damstrate."

*did you catch that?*

Kishara: "What's your name stranger?'
Woodsman: "... Rogga Redaxe, m'am."
Woodsman: nods and moves off.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: If he is carrying a dagger, it is concealed beneath his thick fur coat.
GM: Kishara notes his facial features.
Terjon: "Humm.. DO you suppose the Derro might have spies in town?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Any resemblance between him and the drunk?
GM: Same color eyes, dark brown.
Kishara: "Terjon, it would be wise to plan if that were so..."
Terjon: OOC Not that I'm paranoid by nature.. it's just that spies are everywhere, and they are they are after me.
Almendra: "How would Derro change themselves.  It requires great magic to change shape from a dwarf to a man-shape."
Terjon: "I'm afraid by now news of our mission is well spread. Perhaps the Derro do have some human allies."
Kishara: "Hmmm... hirelings... paid spies... no need to shapechange."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Almendra: "I see.  True enough."
Woodsman: slaps some coppers on his table and stomps out.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Well, the day's labors have worn me down.  I'm going to retire."


(Cer'Edrion ip Phar to GM):  I go stealth mode and follow the woodsman.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Alishea Goldberry: Serves Terjon his wine, smiling softly.
GM: I am going to handle Cer's sidetrack first.
GM: The woodsman goes out into the street.  Lanterns in front of some of the buildings reflect off of the wet cobblestones.
GM: The woodsman goes down the street a few buildings, past an abandoned two-story glass-blowers shop and goes down  an alley.
Alishea Goldberry: "I hope I can see you again, Terjon."
Terjon: "Uh..ermm.. me too"
GM: Kishara traps her room successfully.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The woodsman seems oblivious to you. ..
GM: When he gets to the end of the alley he sheds his coat, dropping it to the ground.
GM: He then walks up the wall as if it were level ground and goes onto the roof.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: When Cer gets to the rooftop he sees that the stone shingles are in disrepair.  There is a broken skylight and he just sees a hand disappearing into it.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: You see a dilapidated glass shop, full of rotting planks and broken glassware...
GM: Hunched in the corner, cross-legged in front of a small countertop is the image I just sent to you.
GM: You see this as you peek in, you are not yet let down fifteen feet from skylight to floor.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:

*unknown to the group, I rolled a "2" for the figure's Spot check*

GM: While the figure is facing the center of the room (there is an open window with a cloth curtain nearby), it seems oblivious to you.
GM: The figure seems to be preparing some sort of mixture using small vials and a tiny mortar.
GM: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: You realize that the figure is facing the center of the room and the skylight is over the center of the room?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Hm.  Okay.  Then I try to figure out what it's doing with those glass vials.
GM: Carefully creating some kind of paste.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Any guesses as to what it might be?
GM: He has a hand crossbow on the floor next to him.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I climb down into the room, not dropping into the center, but hanging onto the rafters and scurrying along the ceiling.
GM: AND trying to be stealthy?!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Because I'm freaking Batman.
GM: Well, BATMAN, it looks like you're having some luck.  The figure appears to not notice you.

*A lousy "4" for my Spot check*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Do I have any idea what this thing is?
GM: It looks like a human.  Just like the picture I sent.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Yeah, except for the creepy freaking yellow eye in the center of its palm!

GM: A closer look reveals it to be a glass eye.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Well that's something, at least.  Even so, it walks up walls just like me.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: That's creepy enough.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I watch the thing and try to figure out what it's doing.  If it picks up the crossbow and pints it at me, I'll have something to say about it, but until then, I'm just waiting.
GM: The figure carefully goes about mixing stuff for about ten minutes.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I don't suppose it's carrying a platinum inlaid dagger?
GM: Then it takes out a quiver of bolts and begins to gently smear each bolt head with the blue paste.
GM: Yes, in fact a dagger identical to the one you found on the stinking drunkard!
GM: The crossbow has a top-loading clip on it that must hold about eight or ten bolts.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Can I maneuver to a point directly over this thing, or near enough that I can drop down and attack in one fluid, sneak-attack-like motion?
GM: Let's have the Hide and the Climb again.  There are plenty of hand and foot holds on the dilapidated ceiling.


GM: You maneuver above the figure and he continues his work.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  13 
GM: Probably.  But let the dice FALL WHERE THEY MAY!  Let's have one last contest of Spot vs Hide, BATMAN!
GM: You catch the figure completely flat-footed. 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: so 17
GM: You plant Ironfang firmly in his neck!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I believe the chameleon skin will be manifesting its plates now.
GM: It's a solid hit, but not lethal.  The figure jumps up with a start.
GM: With lightning speed, the figure scoops up its crossbow and moves next to the window.  You are now in the corner and he about ten feet away.
GM: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: screw it.  I charge the punk.  If he's 10 feet away..
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  11 
GM: The figure whips its dark cloak about it and ducks out of the way.
GM: He stays put, draws his curved black sword with his free hand and lets fly a single bolt at you.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  12 
GM: Your swipe goes clear.
GM: The bolt misses.
GM: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  9 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: whiff.
GM: He attacks with his sword this time.
Cloaked Figure: A close call!
Cloaked Figure: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  23 
GM: Cer notices that his blade is coated with a blue liquid.
GM: You connect. 
GM: You plant Ironfang in the figure's abdomen, but it appears to be a flesh wound.
Cloaked Figure: As you swing at him he dives under your block and hits you in your left knee.
GM: Make a Fortitude save!

*Mwahahaha!  Poison!*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar makes a Fortitude check, rolling 17 + 1 = 18
GM: Amazingly, Cer feels OK.
GM: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: How does this thing look?  Does it appear to be suffering from its wounds?
GM: Oh yeah, he's in bad shape, bleeding from the neck and abdomen.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  25 for a possible critical hit (x2).
GM: Your last strike goes up under the sternum and into his vitals!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: that could've gone better, I suppose, but I won't complain.
GM: A warm spray of blood hits your hand as the figure gurgles and slumps to the floor!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:


Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: Well, HH, you really made the game.  You rule!
GM: I admire a man who gives up a basic bodily need to gaming.
GM: I've given them all up at one time or another!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Sleep is for the weak.  4 hours will do just fine.  :)  But I really need to go potty now, so I'm gonna run.  Thanks for running, as always a pleasure to play.
Kishara: Thanks Cer!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar bows deeply
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Thank you.  :)
Kishara: I'll be seeing you Shawn! Online of course. :)

Chapter 2


GM: It is 6am, a cold and clear morning.  Everyone is at the Purple Peacock.
GM: Two members of your company came separately after a brief visit to the Blue Bull Inn.
Furnok the Justifier: after I eat. I go see Bellion Mishael
GM: Several people will most likely want to go to see Lord Mishael with you.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Almendra: "Cer!  Are you not well?
Atheni Goldberry: "Good day to you travelers!  I see that most of you have arisen with the dawn."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Nay.  I've been poisoned.  Not fatal, but I'm certainly under the weather."
Atheni Goldberry: "I will be preparing your morning meal."
Almendra: "Poisoned!?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Aye, too much strong ale last night.  I'll tell you the story later."
Kishara: After a bit of morning weapons practice, heads downstairs for breakfast, carrying only her dagger
Atheni Goldberry: "I will be preparing wheat flatcakes with Heatherberries and Aronia sauce."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I'll take a stack of 12.  Do you have sausage?"
Kishara: Walking in, Kishara looks at Atheni "ahhh... just in time, I see..."
GM: So, the following people are in the Festhall: Cer, Furnok, Kishara, Pendril, and Almendra.
GM: Where's Atilla?
Atilla: .
Kishara: "Good morning, companions... " Kishara looks over Cer, noting his pale demeanor.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Morning, goodness I'm famished"
Kishara: She also sees the newcomers.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I'd like a pitcher of milk, too, if you could bring that with my meal."

Terjon: snores loudly, one hand dragging on the floor.
Atheni Goldberry: "Why, you look like death warmed over.  I'll get that milk right away for you, love."

Atheni Goldberry: "Thanks to Atilla for building our fire this morning."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: checking it out
Furnok the Justifier: "Good Morning all, I'm Furnok cleric of Tyr, "
Atilla: "Well met Furnok"

GM: Those waiting for breakfast are at a long oaken table with low-back chairs.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Good morning, I'm C.." "Cer'Edrion ip Phar.  Call me Cer."
(Furnok the Justifier to GM):  I have cast Endure Elements on myself
Atilla: "maybe the cleric should look over Cer'"
GM: In the center of the table are pitchers with ladles full of erro, a sweet milk, rice, and wheat-heart drink.
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Kishara: "Greetings Furnok of Tyr, I am Kishara of Topaz, daughter of Kisha the Seer..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Nay, not right now.  Perhaps later, though.  I'll live through breakfast, I'm sure."
Kishara: Nods to Pendril as well.
GM: You guys should plan your agenda for the morning.  You will set out in about three hours.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:

Atilla: "So don't we have some people to see?"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Kishara - "I believe we've not met, I'm Pendril"
Almendra: looks at Cer and furrows her brow.
Furnok the Justifier: "any service I can provide to the company, In the name of Tyr
GM: oog did anyone notice that the average Cha for the party (besides Almendra) is like 8.5?
Furnok the Justifier: "would be my service"
Almendra: "We will no doubt be traveling through narrow ravines and treacherous ledges."
Kishara: "Perhaps we should wait a day or two to travel... Cer looks unwell."
Almendra: "We should perhaps determine the order in which we shall march."
GM: Good looks are hardly useful when a Trog is smashing your face in!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I'll manage.  I'll not delay Darm's rescue for the sake of my own health."
Almendra: "Well spoken Cer, but I don't think you've told us how you came to be poisoned."
Atilla: " we should at least visit the local hierarchy"
Furnok the Justifier: to Cer " help I may provide now or latter"
Kishara:   "You can't rescue him if you are dead... Attila, What say you?"
Almendra: "Agreed, Atilla.  I think it would be wise to notify the High Marshall of our expedition."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "As I said, too much strong ale.  A tale for quieter environs with less ears to hear the embarrassing tale, I promise."
GM: "There is only one person in the room, and that is a townsperson bringing in firewood."
Furnok the Justifier:
Atheni Goldberry: comes back with two platters heaped with swaying pillars of steaming flatcakes!
GM: Their hearty aroma fills the room.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "mmmm, do you mind if I help myself, Atheni?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Perhaps after breakfast we could discuss the laughable tale of the drinking binge I went on last night."
GM: She soon returns with silver troughs full of sauces and fruit.
Atilla: "Cer knows his own strength, and would be fool to die on the hike up."
Atheni Goldberry: "The roof is upheld by your coin."  She says, using an old merchant's quote.
Kishara: "Mmmmm... "
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I think we may need another platter of these." 
Pendril of Wyvernspur:

*I think the party reactions say something about each personality*

Almendra: "It is strange to think that some of us may not sit at a meal with us when we return."
Atheni Goldberry: "As you wish, good sir."
Almendra: shrugs.
Atilla: Almendra-"Do not think such thought, the gods are on our side, I'm sure"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Death is the only certainty in life, Almendra.  Best only to hope to acquit oneself well in the task."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "truly said, Almendra"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Cer-"have grub worms to feed in there?"


Almendra: "I think that those with outdoorsman skills and fighting skills should take the lead."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Mrphrmphr"
Almendra: "And perhaps a sword in the rear as well."
Atilla: "I am best at the flank"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I will scout ahead."
Atilla: "though someone with more observation will want to join me in the back, maybe Furnok?"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "This good food makes one long for home"
Almendra: "And where is home, Pendril?"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "I am stonger of character than of body, I prefer the middle"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Wyvernspur is my home in the mountains."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: "I had a portrait done, but the artist was horrible so I used it for kindling, I have another sketch though"
Almendra: "That lies but fifty miles north of here, does it not?"

Pendril of Wyvernspur: "You know your geography, sir"
Kishara: "So you are familiar with this area?"
Furnok the Justifier:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "I am a stranger in this place, seeking knowledge"
Almendra: "As to our order of march...
Atilla: "I like it in the rear"
Almendra: ... I will take the lead with Cinder and Terjon."
Atilla: "again, Furnok Do you care to join me in the flank?'
Kishara: <"Furnok... Perhaps you have something that can speed Cer's recovery? Would you at least look at him?"
Furnok the Justifier: "I will look if he so wishes"
Almendra: "I think that Furnok should follow us as backup to us swords."
Atilla: "she, a common mistake."

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Perhaps a bit later." 
Atilla: "maybe we can also receive the guidance of a towns person"
Kishara: "Good Morning, Terjon... Better hurry as the flatcakes are almost all gone..."
Furnok the Justifier: "I will back up the Knight"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Almendra: "Pendril perhaps should follow with Atilla nearby."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "I agree, will follow Atilla"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Gur mrpnng."
Kishara: " Please... more hotcakes for the table..."
Atheni Goldberry: "If you don't mind me interjecting, I have a friend who will be interested in joining your group."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Terjon - "Greetings, I am Pendril, and you are?"
Atheni Goldberry: "This friend is a master tracker and knows the layout of these mountains quite well."
Terjon: "Terjon, well met Pendril"
Furnok the Justifier: "I will be glad to meet this tracker"
Almendra: "Good morning Terjon.  We were discussing our marching order."
Almendra: "You will be taking point with Cer and I."
Kishara: "Well... maybe the flatcakes will cure your illness...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Food always helps."
Furnok the Justifier: "will we be marching or riding"
Almendra: "Who, then, will form the rearguard?"
Furnok the Justifier: "the dwarf"
Atilla: "aye, and Pendril"
Almendra: "I for one believe that we should bring at least one horse to carry supplies."
Furnok the Justifier: "mule"
Almendra: "Very well then, that settles marching order."
Atilla: "Cinder is coming?
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "yes, a mule is a wise investment."
Almendra: "Precisely.  I think I should bring Cinder as our pack animal."
Almendra: "Though she is a purebred war-horse, she will serve exceptionally."
Atheni Goldberry: "Actually, she's in the kitchen.  I'll go fetch her."
Atheni Goldberry: Leaves.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "After we've met this friend of Atheni's, perhaps we could adjourn to my room."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Agreed"
Almendra: "I have our marching order as: Cer, Almendra, Terjon, Furnok, Pendril, and Atilla.
Furnok the Justifier: "ok"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atheni Goldberry: Returns with a tall, flaxen-haired woman in a deep blue winter coat.
Kishara: "Where do you want me?"


Uletsabe: "A fair morning to you all."
Almendra: "Ah!  You would be perfect as our rearguard, unless you have an objection?"
Atilla: "Kishara can march in front o' Pendril"
Almendra: "Then Atilla is our rearguard?"
Almendra: "I strongly feel that there should be a person in back at all times to be aware of our hindquarters."
Furnok the Justifier: "Good morning Uletsabe"
Atilla: "I really do not care, what ever you think is best"
Uletsabe: "I am Uletsabe Jotun of Elkhorn.  I offer my services to you as a tracker and marksman."
Atilla: "where would Kishara like to be"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon: "Welcome Uletsabe, I am Terjon, and I am glad to meet you"
Almendra: "It seems to me that Kishara would be the best rearguard with Atilla roving to front or rear as needed."
Atilla: "Well met, Uletsabe."
Kishara: "Lady Atilla, just about anywhere will do, I'll have my bow ready in our journey."
Terjon: "Your services should prove welcome on this trek"
Uletsabe: "I am most familiar with this area.  The Jotuns have lived here for nigh unto a century."
Kishara: "Uletsabe, I am Kishara of Topaz... A pleasure to make your acquaintance."
Uletsabe: "Have you any questions regarding the terrain or inhabitants?"
Atilla: "will you be joining us on our way to see Bellion Mishael?"
Uletsabe: "I meet you all with grace."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Will the terrain permit horse travel?"
Uletsabe: "My husband's family is not on good terms with Bellion Mishael.  It would be wise that I should meet you at the trailhead."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "What is the trouble?"
Uletsabe: "Yes.  The snows are not thick this time of year."
Atilla: "then if the party agrees we will meet in three or four hours at high noon, at the trail head"
Uletsabe: "If you plan on being at the summit only a few days it would be better to carry our gear."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Are there any dangers of travel that we should be aware of?"
Uletsabe: "The weather has warmed and Hag's Hair will have begun to flow."
Atilla: "are there any extra supplies we should pick up in town before we met?"
Atilla: "we are not sure what to plan for."
Uletsabe: "This will also weaken the snowpack in the upper reaches, especially near White Feather.  We will need to be alert for avalanches."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I should probably buy more rations."
GM: After reviewing the party's supplies she suggests bringing tents and extra rations as well as coils of strong rope.

Uletsabe: "If you are going to see Bellion, it is best to go announced; send someone before you to say that you are coming."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Anything else we should be concerned about?  Bandits?  Wild animals?"

Uletsabe: "It is considered poor form to appear in the Hall unexpectedly."
Terjon: "I'll go if no one objects"
Atilla: "none"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Uletsabe: "All manner of foul things inhabit the mountains; ice trolls, waterfall fiends, snow crawlers, wandering bands of orcs or goblins...
Almendra: "Perhaps I should accompany you Terjon."
Almendra: "It is likely that my father has contacts at the Hall."

Uletsabe: ... but mostly the Derro.  Their beady eyes look from crevices and holes."
Terjon: "Perhaps you can just go.. you would be better received than I to be sure.."
Uletsabe: "It is my hatred of that kind that brings me to you."
Atilla: "I , as well as anyone else who wants, will go for supplies, then we can meet at the Hall at a designated time."
Uletsabe: "Three sons I have lost to the Demon Dwarves."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "A woman after my own heart."
(Kishara to Pendril of Wyvernspur):  Thanks, Got it!
Furnok the Justifier: "I would like to go, see this Bellion Mishael"
Kishara: "Care if I join you this morning Atilla?"
Atilla: "always a pleasure"
Almendra: "While you are the rough sort I believe that it would not hurt for you to come along."

Terjon: "Very well Almendra, I will accompany you, but afterwards I should be about my morning meditations and prayers"

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I have some shopping to do.  But I should be able to make the meeting at the hall.  Uletsabe, how long do you estimate the trip will take?"
Atilla: "hey Cer' are you feelin' better? We might want to head out, day is fast going."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I would speak to you in private before we leave this inn."
Kishara: Lady Goldberry, Breakfast was good, Thank You!"
GM: Almendra, Terjon, and Furnok are going to announce the group at the Council Hall.
GM: Others may buy equipment.
GM: We are not going to role-play the three going to Council Hall....
GM: They go, are met by Lady Mishael who will receive the group in one hour to review their business.
GM: Right now I'd like each to tell me what they do for the hour (besides the three).
Atilla: "where's Pendril?"
Pendril of Wyvernspur:


Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Last night I noticed something odd about the woodsman who was so friendly to us.  Notably, that he was the same man as an odd drunkard in .  So I followed him.  He threw off his disguise and walked directly up the wall of the alley I tracked him to.  I watched him as he prepared and poisoned crossbow bolts, and trusting that he meant us no good, I braced him.  He wounded me with a poisoned weapon before I managed to kill him.  Someone does not mean our group well."
Kishara: "Mmmmm...."
Terjon: "By Helm's ever vigilant eye! Evil stalks us!"
Almendra: "Who would possibly not want our group to succeed?"
Almendra: "Well spoken, Terjon."
(Cer'Edrion ip Phar to GM):  That's fine.  I buy a boatload of rations and a number of healing potions, if possible.
Terjon: "The forces arrayed against us must know well our journey and purpose.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I doubt he was the agent of the Derro, if they knew of our mission, they would simply ambush us in force.  Do any of you have reason to suspect that a man carrying this dagger would mean you harm?"
Almendra: "The expedition WAS announced throughout the environs of Arabel."
Almendra: shakes her head, "no".
Atilla: Terjon: "Aye, and perhaps there are those who wish it not to succeed. Perhaps they are not in league with the Derro though as Cer suggests"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "True, but why would the Derro hire an assassin to attack us rather than simply waiting until we were at a vulnerable point?  It is someone else, who either wishes harm to one of us, or wishes harm to the Maermeet clan."
Atilla: maybe the guy who is building the road has some gain in keeping the Derro around.
Atilla: "I plan a little genocide"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Genocide is not our goal.  Rescuing Darm and the rest of the captives of the Derro is."
Atilla: "of course Cer'"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Regardless, we must be wary and be careful who we call friend until our true enemies and allies make themselves known to us."
Furnok the Justifier:
Uletsabe: "It is true that the Derro is a key group in the goings on of the region.  But the New Road is as likely to be troubled by them as the North Road."
Terjon: "Were there any other clues of this assassin's identity? Any markings, or symbols?"
Uletsabe: "And genocide sounds fine to me."
Furnok the Justifier:
Kishara: "Mayhaps, there is more than one group that would like to see Darm harmed"
Almendra: "If the assassin is worth his salt he will not leave a trail."
Uletsabe: "I will acquire tents and provisions and have them brought to the trail head."
Furnok the Justifier: "then lets hope he wasn't worth his salt"
Uletsabe: gives you all directions to the trailhead.

Furnok the Justifier:
Atilla: "then we are taking our separate leave? Cer' do you plan to join us?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I will do some shopping and then meet you at the hall."
Terjon: I suggest we talk no more about our journey but to those we know.. I am concerned about how much should be revealed to Bellion as well."
GM: If you have business in town before the party meets at Council Hall you should whisper them to me now.
Furnok the Justifier: "Cer' do you need any healing"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Not unless you can cure the lingering effects of the poison his blade carried."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "True!  We should reveal as little as possible."
Atilla: "we are an attractive party and our mission, as well as  to where is well known. WE might try and gain allies.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Attractive is not a word I would use, Atilla."
Atilla: "but, I am often called a dumbass."
Atilla: "So, we on our way?"


Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We should make the best use of our time we can.  We will see what help can be garnered at the council meeting."
GM: You find yourselves outside the Council Hall
GM: it is about 8am.

GM: To your surprise...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: You find Atheni Goldberry awaiting you out front wearing a white robe and a black scarf.

Atheni Goldberry: "I just came to wish you luck."
Furnok the Justifier: "thank you"

Terjon: "Urm.. Thank you lady"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Don't you have an inn to run?"
Atheni Goldberry: "I'll be glad to put in a good word for you if you wish.  It is customary for the ladies of the realm to wait at the Doors."
Furnok the Justifier:
Atheni Goldberry: "I can scarcely run my Inn when my patrons are being killed in the passes.  Besides, my husband is useful for something!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Furnok the Justifier: "thank you lady Goldberry a good word would be nice"
GM: The Council Hall is an imposing room, flanked on the sides by tremendous pillars of white marble...
GM: Carved oaken furniture and colored cloth pillows form areas where nobles can meet along the sides of the room...

GM: Various functionaries are quietly going about their business...
GM: You pass a farmer patriarch arguing over taxes owed....


GM: You are greeted by Lady Rima Mishael
Lady Mishael: "Greetings travelers from afar.  The doors have been made open for you. Let us adjourn to a council chamber to discuss your business."
GM: She takes you into a lozenge-shaped side room set with carved cedar screens and a window overlooking the city.
Furnok the Justifier:
GM: There are low, padded furnishings here and two small trees in ceramic urns flanking the tall window.
Lady Mishael: "I has been announced to me that you intend on making an expedition into the mountains...
Furnok the Justifier:
Lady Mishael: Remind me, good Furnok, what it was you were seeking, my scribe was not clear on that point."
Furnok the Justifier: "To free Darm Bladesmith from the Derro"
Furnok the Justifier: "Any help you may provide would be welcome"
Lady Mishael: raises her eyebrows.  "Yes, but I will need to know what you want help WITH."
Furnok the Justifier: "Information about the surrounding mountains"

Lady Mishael: "Not being from this region I cannot give you much information about these mountains, but what little I have I will give you."
Lady Mishael: "However, I can both provide information and help you in your travels."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Lady Mishael: "I will give you the sanction of our city to travel in this province provided you include in your number my nephew-in-law."
Furnok the Justifier: "Of course your families Good favor would be Welcome"
Lady Mishael: "He is of my husband's kin and is a renowned expeditioneer and mountain climber."
Furnok the Justifier: "Good ..sounds like a fine lad"
(Terjon to Atilla):  She wants to keep tabs on us...

*Yeeesh Terjon, so paranoid!*

Lady Mishael: "I have no doubt that he will prove himself very useful."
Lady Mishael: "You will accept his company, then?"
Furnok the Justifier: "yes"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Except, good Lady, we have the intention of embarking on our expedition within a few hours."
Furnok the Justifier: "If he can be ready"
(Atilla to Terjon):  We have no choice.
Lady Mishael: "It is my understanding that he is already encamped at Old Man's Beard.  Pass by there with a writ I will provide..."

(Terjon to Atilla):  Aye..
Lady Mishael: "That will command him to accompany you.  My chief scribe will provide you a travelling recommendation."
Lady Mishael: "If you will excuse me for a moment, I will return shortly."
Lady Mishael: nods and slides out of the room.

*This shows something about the various alignments, as well*

GM: --Any
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon: "What about Uletsabe?"
Terjon: "I know, but isn't she on bad terms with this family?"
Almendra: "We don't know why.  It could be a small matter, or a matter of custom."
Furnok the Justifier: "we still need the recommendation"
Furnok the Justifier: "don't we ?"
Almendra: "It would seem that Mishael's nephew would be the only one in the group with a differing agenda."
Terjon: "Friction does not help our cause, but your right Furnok, I suppose we need it"
Almendra: "We need the recommendation if we do not want to be harassed by patrols."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "What patrols?  In the Forbidden mountains?"
Furnok the Justifier: "I will watch him"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Look, we're going way into the wilds.  Once we get our man, we're outta here!"
Almendra: "Let's vote then.  Aye for accepting the escort."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Aye"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Nay.  Don't need the papers."
Furnok the Justifier: "aye"
Almendra: "Aye.  We should follow the law of the land, even when not palatable."
Terjon: "we were harassed by a patrol upon our arrival here and we were advised to get Bellion's approval for our quest. Although it goes against my better judgement."
Terjon: "I say aye"
Almendra: "Then the matter is settled.  We'll have Uletsabe guide us to Old Man's Feared and we'll be on our way."
GM: A reticent scribe in pale blue robes enters and hands you a wooden scrollcase with a purple tassel.

Scribe: "I am Lady Mishael's chief scribe sir."
Scribe: "I was tasked to give you a map, a writ, and travelling papers."
Furnok the Justifier: "I will take it" ooc if nobody else wants it

Almendra: nods as Furnok takes the case.
Furnok the Justifier:


GM: Yeeeeee haw!
GM: You guys are on your way.
GM: You pick up a very quiet nephew on the way to the trailhead where Uletsabe awaits.
GM: The sky is clear, but the wind has picked up, lashing your legs with motes of ice.
Furnok the Justifier:
GM: Almendra has equipped Cinder to carry the tents and what not.
Kishara: We are only taking Cinder?

*The following are more good uses of the whisper function*

(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  did you get a mule
(Atilla to Furnok the Justifier):  Cinder is Alemendra's horse. the only one we are taking.
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  I know who Cinder is . So you didn't get a mule

(Atilla to Furnok the Justifier):  yea, but we are leaving all other steeds here.
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):
you going to leave your treasure in the Paladin hands
(Atilla to Furnok the Justifier):  my equip. yes my treasure no, most was spent on supplies.
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  that you "FIND"
(Atilla to Furnok the Justifier):  a mule will not be helpful in these rough mountains
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  WHATEVER
(Atilla to Furnok the Justifier):  do you want me to buy a mule? I have not sent my things yet
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  NO


GM: Once at the trailhead, Uletsabe explains what your course will be through the mountains.

Uletsabe: "The course lies twelve miles before us."
Furnok the Justifier:

*Interesting character development on the part of Terjon*

Uletsabe: "That is not a great distance except we will be passing through very steep places."
Uletsabe: "We will pass through three small valleys on our way up, following the course of the Spinster."
Uletsabe: "Locals know this river as 'Hag's Hair', a name given it by the miners that once lived up here."
Uletsabe: "Once we reach White Feather it will be up to you to say where we should go."
Yayl: "I am a man of few words.  I will do as I am bidden, I guess."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Uletsabe: nods.

Terjon: "Let us begin them, daylight is a wasting!"
Almendra: "Where shall Uletsabe be in our marching order?  Yayl
Terjon: "Yayl is an accomplished mountaineer, perhaps he should be in front?"
Uletsabe: "I am a marksman and it would be best if my aim were unobstructed."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Both should be near the front so they can point out terrain hazards."
GM: Furnok senses that Yayl does not want to be here.
Yayl: "I'd just as soon not be out in front.  This is your trip, not mine."
Furnok the Justifier: "Yayl you can march by me"
Uletsabe: "Agreed!  And my aim will not be obstructed."
GM: --All, Int checks
GM: Your group heads into the mountains!
Furnok the Justifier:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar attempts to hide, rolling 17 + A5+ R16 = 38
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to move without a sound, rolling 10 + A5+ R9 = 24
GM: Terjon finds many good sling stones near the river.
GM: The Spinster is not a wide river, really more of a glorified stream.

GM: Your boots crunch in the frozen snow as you hike the first four miles of your journey.


Uletsabe: "We are going to be coming into Silver Delve soon."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Uletsabe: "This was a mining outpost at one time, but it has since fallen into complete disuse.  I doubt we will find one stone upon the other."
Yayl: "I've been up here last year.  Some of the foundations are intact."
GM: --C Spot
Furnok the Justifier: "is it worth checking out..Yayl"
Uletsabe: Your party comes to a crest in the trail that overlooks a small valley.
GM: You need to imagine a slight encrustation of snow covering everything.
GM: This is the view coming from the south.  Uletsabe leads you across a shallow ford to the west bank where the trail continues.
Furnok the Justifier: "Yayl"
GM: It's not a trail really, only small game may have passed here.

GM: Cer has found signs of large animals; bear, deer, and what not, but nothing unduly large.
Yayl: "Yeah, what?"

Furnok the Justifier: "Is it worth checking out.."

Yayl: "What?  Just some foundations here.  Nothing more than a few feet high.  Sturdy miner construction my ass."
Furnok the Justifier: "I'll take that as a no"


GM: Cer notices a pile of rocks, to the left (West) of the trail that looks like they were piled up there, on the side of the hill.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: As Cer peers at the rocks there is an explosion of dirt and debris!
GM: The rest of you are about 150 feet behind Cer.
GM: With a hiss, a terrifying brown and green creature lunges from the ground at Cer!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I think I'll be using my dodge bonus against this fellow.
Furnok the Justifier:
GM: Anyone who takes a whole round to do nothing but run can move at 4x their base rate (30 for humans, 20 for shorties)
GM: Your lightning reflexes allow you to dodge out of the way.
Terjon: stopping within sling range.
Kishara: "By Freeia..."
GM: Now this is our first combat...
Furnok the Justifier:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The creature lunges again at Cer's retreating form!
GM: The thing's maw is like a furnace and it's mandibles close around your... neck!
GM: The thing also lashes out at you with it's fore-talons.
GM: Both missing!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: phew.


GM: The thing begins to shake Cer like a rag doll.
Furnok the Justifier:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The thing has grabbed you firmly about the neck.
GM: You can still quaff a potion.
GM: The stone falls short.
GM: --A
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Weaves a pattern in the air.  Two spheres of bright yellow light streak out and strike the beast.
GM: Attila can run 60 feet.
GM: Atilla is now 80 feet away.
Uletsabe: Fires two arrows with blinding speed.
Uletsabe: Both find their mark and bury themselves in the creature's hide.
Yayl: moves up cautiously.
Furnok the Justifier:
GM: Furnok is now 70 feet away.


GM: It looks like Cer wriggles free for a moment but the two combatants are dancing around each other.
GM: But in the end the creature envelopes Cer and attaches its mandibles around his torso.
GM: The thing begins flailing at Cer with it's talons.
GM: But Cer's armor protects him.
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  are you excited yet

GM: As Kishara gets about fifty feet from Cer it seems that the ground around her collapses and another one bursts from the ground!

GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 18

Kishara: ac:16
Hideous Creature: attempts to grab Kishara and drag her into the ground!
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Weaves another spell, discharging a ball of yellow light at the first creature.
Hideous Creature: fails to grab hold of Kishara!
Hideous Creature: And finds its talon attacks deftly parried!
Hideous Creature: Hisses in frustration!
Terjon: Terjon lashes out with his quarterstaff, rolling 13 + 1 = 14
GM: Terjon's staff bounces off the creature's thick hide.
Uletsabe: fires two more arrows.
Uletsabe: proves her worth again, landing another arrow in Cer's assailant.
Yayl: unslings his short bow and nocks an arrow.
Furnok the Justifier:
Almendra: having tied up Cinder, runs to Kishara's aid.
GM: So, Furnok is moving cautiously?
GM: Atilla, since you moved last round, you are only 15 feet away from the one that is attacking Kishara.
GM: Furnok can come to the aid of Kishara this round.  Make your attack roll.
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d20 for a result of 9
GM: Cer is in mortal combat, about 50 feet from Kishara, further up the trail.
GM: Kishara is also being attacked but is being aided in close combat by Atilla, Terjon, and Furnok.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Full attack, using Iron Fang and Shrike's Wing to slash at the creature's neck
GM: Almendra is almost to where Kishara is.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  7
GM: Pendril and Uletsabe are both supporting Cer with ranged attacks.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Dang.


Hideous Creature: lunges at Cer, swiping at him with its talons after biting.
Hideous Creature: Cer feels his organs popping as the thing's mandibles crush his ribs!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Hideous Creature: Drags Cer into its hole.
Hideous Creature: attacks Kishara.
Hideous Creature: The thing's talon grazes Kishara's shin.
Kishara: "Here... Eat this Wyrm!"
Kishara: Kishara makes a short spear attack, parrying left, then thrusting in and down rolling a 16 + 5 = 21
GM: Kishara connects under the beast's head.
GM: --T
Terjon: Terjon lashes out with his quarterstaff, rolling 14 + 1 = 15

Kishara: Kisharas' spear thrust was good and she did 7 + 2 = 9 damage.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: draws his light crossbow and loads a bolt.
Hideous Creature: spouts brown ichor.
Hideous Creature: --A
Uletsabe: charges at full speed to Cer.
Uletsabe: You are to where Kishara is this round.
Atilla: ooc fineCer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: You guys have given the creature quite a beating and it hisses in fury.
Terjon: Cer tastes like chicken..

*Although not noted at the time, this is quite a traumatic occurrence for Almendra*

Almendra: Drops her sword.  Her hands are shaking.
Furnok the Justifier: +2
Hideous Creature: drags Cer's bleeding form into the ground!  Horrible gurgling noises ensue.
GM: Kishara starts to feel numb in her leg.


Hideous Creature: Lashes out at Kishara again.
Kishara: "By Freeia... poison...These wyrms are poisonous..."
Hideous Creature: strikes Kishara in the left arm with a sickle-shaped talon!
GM: --K, ANOTHER fort save
Kishara: Kishara makes a short spear attack, parrying left, then thrusting in and down rolling a 20 + 5 = 25
Kishara: Kishara makes a short spear attack, parrying left, then thrusting in and down rolling a 13 + 5 = 18
GM: Even though her left arm has gone completely limp, she manages to plant her spear in the thing's eye!


GM: Kishara feels her spear go through the creature's brain and crack the back of its skull.  With a pitiful wail and convulsing coils it slumps to the ground!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "After the other one!  Cer may still be alive!"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: runs at full speed to the far hole.
Uletsabe: runs at full tilt, reaching the first hole and ducking inside, short sword drawn.
Furnok the Justifier:

Attila Redwork: Runs to the hole.
GM: When you all reach the hole here is what you see...
GM: Kishara and Furnok are hanging back to treat her wound?
Kishara: Yes... she'll wait...
GM: Furnok removes the poison, he is fairly certain.
GM: Kishara's arm and leg are still numb, -5 penalty, -5' move
GM: The hole is about five or six feet in diameter and goes downward into the fetid earth.


GM: You see Uletsabe rounding a corner about 20' ahead, her sword and sunrod drawn.
GM: her bow has been slung around her shoulder.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: moves hastily into the hole, light crossbow out.
GM: --T
Almendra: Dives into the hole after Pendril.
GM: Terjon catches up to Uletsabe after a fork in the passage...
GM: She's down the right passage and you see her savagely stabbing at the thing with her short sword.
Uletsabe: "That's it you        !  Give 'im up!"
GM: Terjon and Pendril see that the creature has dropped Cer's inert form and is now dealing with Uletsabe.
GM: The creature does not appear to have attempted to feed on Cer.
Uletsabe: Uletsabe connects with her short sword, jabbing at the thing's head.
GM: --T
Terjon: Terjon lashes out with his quarterstaff, rolling 20 + 1 = 21
Almendra: "Fall back!  Uletsabe!  Make it come to us!  Terjon, block the left passage!"


Hideous Creature: Slashes Uletsabe across the face!
GM: The thing looks desperate.
Furnok the Justifier:
Attila Redwork: Enters the tunnels and takes up a defensive position with Almendra.
Uletsabe: Drops back five feet and strikes.
Uletsabe: "Take that you demon from Hell!"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: misses.
Hideous Creature: gurgles, and from deep within its throat issues a vapor of hot steam.
Hideous Creature: sprays scalding water and bile down the passageway.

GM: Uletsabe is fried.  She falls screaming to the floor.
Terjon: Terjon lashes out with his quarterstaff, rolling 7 + 1 = 8
Kishara: By Freeia...
Attila Redwork: Charges down the tunnel, ululating like a berserker.


Hideous Creature: Wails piteously, chunks of chitin and flesh missing.
Hideous Creature: But with surprising vigor lashes out at Terjon!
GM: Terjon ducks and weaves!
Kishara: "Aaaiiieieieie"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: misses yet again.
Kishara: Kishara makes a short spear attack, parrying left, then thrusting in and down rolling a 2 + 5 = 7
Kishara: missed...
Terjon: Terjon lashes out with his quarterstaff, rolling 1 + 1 = 2
GM: Now's your chance.
Almendra: "Finish it!"
Attila Redwork: fails to connect with her axe.

Almendra: stabs in from over Atilla.
Almendra: And misses as well!
Hideous Creature: Attacks Terjon again, slowly retreating down the tunnel (5')


Hideous Creature: slashes Terjon across the right knee.
GM: Now that the creature has backed up, Cer's body is in the passageway just in front of it.
GM: Terjon's leg begins to go numb.
Kishara: "AIIIIAAAAAAA!!!"
Kishara: I leap forward thrusting with the spear... The spear is brushed aside...
Pendril of Wyvernspur: plants a bolt in its belly.
GM rolls 1d6 for a result of 2
Uletsabe: steams in a heap on the ground.
Terjon: Terjon lashes out with his quarterstaff, rolling 10 + 1 = 11
Attila Redwork: "Lousy greased axe!"
Almendra: thrusts with her silvery longsword again and connects.
GM: but it is only a grazing wound.


GM: --K
Kishara: "DIE FOUL WYRM!!!"

Kishara: Kishara Leaps forward and thrusts rolling a 12 + 2 = 14
Kishara: I leap forward thrusting with the spear... The spear is brushed aside...
Almendra: drops her sword.
Hideous Creature: lunges at Terjon.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The creature's foul fangs close around Terjon's right arm!
Terjon: "arrrgghh!!"
GM: there is a snapping noise as the thing grabs on and twists!

*That's gotta hurt!*

GM: The thing begins to drag Terjon farther down the tunnel.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  11
Kishara: Kishara Leaps forward and thrusts rolling a 19 + 2 = 21
Kishara: Kisharas' spear thrust was good and she did 8 + 2 = 10 damage.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tumbles out of the combat area, rolling 15 + A5+ R8 = 28
Pendril of Wyvernspur: misses.
Almendra: fumbles to recover her sword.
Kishara: Kishara makes a short spear attack, parrying left, then thrusting in and down rolling a 18 + 5 = 23

Attila Redwork: guards the side passage, "There may be more."
Terjon: Terjon tastes like chicken..

*Truly amazing.  Played out like a true amazon!*

Kishara: The vile Wyrm twitches and collapses as the strength of the beast fades... Still holding Terjon it crumples to the ground...
Terjon: "ungghh"
Almendra: is badly burned
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Uletsabe: is lying on the ground, steaming but alive
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Is in fine condition.
Yayl: Is admiring the clouds as they pass overhead.  He takes a deep breath of fresh mountain air.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: uncorks a healing potion and pours it down Terjon's throat.
Terjon: Yayl, that weasel..
GM: Take your actions and roll for your own healing.
Kishara: "Anybody find anything else of interest in these tunnels?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Almendra, do you have healing abilities?"
Terjon: "ahh.. much better"
Almendra: looks shaken.  "... huh?  Yes.  I do."
Terjon: "Atilla, do you hear more coming?"
Kishara: "Would you have me look at you? or at him?
Attila Redwork: "Nay, I hear nothing."
Terjon: "I'm ok now Kishara, thanks.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Tend to Uletsabe."
Almendra: kneels down next to Uletsabe.
Almendra: begins to pray softly and pass her hands over Uletsabe's burned skin.
Uletsabe: becomes conscious.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Let's get the hell out of here."
Terjon: "Right, Cer.. Let's go.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Kishara: "I Agree, Best thing you have spoken today!"
Terjon: "Cer, what were those things?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Hungry, I'd say."
GM: So, you guys pull back out of the tunnels?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Yep
Terjon: Yup.
Kishara: OOC: " See Daglar knew what he was doing when he hired a few extra warriors for the party.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Fortunately Cer was unconscious for the battle and didn't get to see Yayl's performance, or he'd be busy gutting him right now.
Almendra: attempts to heal Kishara's poison before it has any more effect.
Kishara: Thanks!
Terjon: "Almendra, I could use some help with the beasts poison"
GM: Yes, Furnok is more skilled."


GM: Terjon's joints progressively stiffen until he cannot move.
Yayl: looks at his fingernails.
Yayl: "What the hell happened down there?"
Terjon: Oh.. that's just great.. If I could move I'd tear him apart!
Yayl: Saunters over to where Terjon lay on the ground.
Yayl: "Yep.  Them snow crawlers 'll do it to ya every time!"
Terjon: "Urrghgggg!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "What I'd like to know is why you weren't in there helping."
Yayl: "We'll have to camp out here until he recovers."
Yayl: "What!  I was guarding our supplies!"
Kishara: "Not here..."
Yayl: "I exposed myself to extreme risk staying up here alone while y'all ran off without me."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Let me make this clear to you, you pampered coward."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If I ever find myself in battle with you again and see you slacking to save your own skin, I'll make certain that you regret it."
GM: Furnok has done all that was possible.
Yayl: shrugs, "whatever."
Uletsabe: "Yayl speaks true.  He'll be at least a day like that.  We could strap him to the horse..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Do snow crawlers move at night?"
Kishara: "Anybody have any empty flasks? The blood of this Wyrm is poisonous"
Yayl: "They move all the time.  They move when they need to; waiting most of the time."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: If we camp on one of these buildings' foundations, will we be safe?
Yayl: "Yeah, I do have some flasks.  I'll go harvest them.  Who's going to guard me while I go into the tunnel?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I'll keep an eye out for you."
Kishara: "We'll take the one on the surface..."
Kishara: "Let's harvest it..."
GM: Yayl goes to the first one, on the surface and squeezes the fore-talons' poison into a ceramic flask.
Yayl: "Yeah, they take their prey and leave it for their young to eat."
Terjon: "move to...  hard rock..  maybe... can't dig..     "
Yayl: "What's he mumbling about?"
Almendra: looks around nervously.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "How many generally live in an area?"
Uletsabe: returns from a short-range foray.  "There's a solid foundation about 50 yards north."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Yayl: "A mated pair.  Otherwise solitary."
Yayl: "I'd be surprised to see more than two."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "well, we killed two of these damned things.  What about offspring?"
Yayl: "The parents'll eat any they can find.  No these two were guarding their clutch of eggs."
Kishara: "I would warrant there are more warms around here..."
Yayl: "You saying' I'm wrong?"
Almendra: Moves to the foundation.
Terjon: "destroy....eggs... pant wheeze"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Almendra, can you heal me?  I'm going to go in there and destroy the eggs."
Almendra: "I can't believe I let the group down like that," the says softly.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "At least you tried." 
Almendra: "Yes, I have some crystal cordial.  It is very powerful and I have but five draughts."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Nay, I have my own healing draughts.  I was curious if you had other healing abilities that wouldn't consume resources."
Almendra: "I do not withhold it from you.  If you are in need."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Leads the horses (Cinder and Smokestack) over to the campsite.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Nay, the group will need it later.  I'll just have to make sure I'm not attacked while I'm down there."
Almendra: "I used all my divine energy to heal Uletsabe."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yayl, is there any reason why we shouldn't destroy the eggs?"
Kishara: "You care if I join you"
GM: The valley runs north/south.  You are near the trail, above a small waterfall, on the foundation of a ruined mill.
Kishara: "I'm feeling a bit better..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If you're up for it, the company's welcome, but if we see another one of those things, we run.  I'm not up for fighting another."
Kishara: "Agreed... and we destroy the eggs if we can..."
GM: So, who goes on the foray into the tunnels?
Kishara: find them...
GM: Pendril stays behind along with Uletsabe.
GM: Yayl says he'll go.
Almendra: "What use will I be?  I might just drop my sword... again"
Terjon: "Goo.. kill.. eggs... for.. me.. wheeze"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Very well.  You seem to be uninjured, Yayl, you can take point."
Yayl: "Very well, but I don't think we should kill the eggs.  They are worth quite a sum of money."
Kishara: "Do not worry, Lady, any extra swords will be good in this venture... and yours is welcome at our side."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Can you guarantee that they won't hatch and become problematic for us before we're done with this expedition?"
Uletsabe: "I think I will go with you after all."
Kishara: " A good Wyrm is a dead Wyrm"
Yayl: "The crawlers come to the lower elevations before spring to lay eggs.  The eggs need to be warmer in order to hatch."
Yayl: "As long as we keep them cold, there should be no problem, but we will need to turn back."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We destroy the eggs, then."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Let's go."
Yayl: shrugs, "You're throwing away a small fortune."
GM: OK, I'll make a long story short...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Better to throw away a small fortune and arrive in time to save my friend Darm."
Yayl: "You're off to save a friend?  How noble."
Terjon: "Let.. Yayl take .. eggs... back.."
GM: You find no more Snow Crawlers.


GM: You find that the entirety of Silver Delve is riddled with underground tunnels, shored up by the rock-hard "paper" that the creatures produce.
Terjon: "If... he... wants them ... so.. bad.. good riddance.."
GM: Like he doesn't believe you to be so altruistic.
GM: You also come across a chamber whose entrance has been holed up with "paper"
GM: As you hack through it the hot reek of decomposing bodies hits you full in the face.
Terjon: ".. to ... them both..pant"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Nobility doesn't have anything to do with lands or titles, -boy-.  Don't speak of that which you don't know."
Yayl: "Whaddaya mean Terjie?  I need help carrying them back.  There's bound to be hundreds."
GM: Back to the chamber now...
GM: In the center of the room you see a pile of dismembered corpses, mostly animals... mostly.
GM: --All
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: Cer finds, in total, three humanoid and one elven corpse.
GM: It is unnaturally hot in this chamber.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Where will the eggs be?"
Yayl: Moves over to the far wall.
Yayl: pokes along the wall with his rapier.
Yayl: "Here."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: about three feet up there is a narrow tunnel (about three feet wide) that has been papered over.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: Behind the paper is a hole filled with clear ooze and dozens and dozens of bluish purple eggs the size of grapefruits.
GM: No dwarven bodies.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Kishara, might I borrow one of your spears?"
Yayl: "So, what now?  They fetch about 50 gold each in Hornshield."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We destroy them."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Yayl: "Suit yourself."
GM: Imagine large shrimp in blue syrup.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Shrimp-ka-bob!
Kishara: Kishara searches the chamber for dropped weapons, jewelry, coins or other useful objects. She'll look over the dead as well>
Yayl: "I'm going back to the surface."
GM: That's game.  I'll email you what you find in the chamber.

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Yayl's so lucky Cer's good-aligned.  So tempted to drag him into a side tunnel and dump his guts out on the floor..

Kishara: "Cer... Look, I have found some things..."
Kishara: "arrows... and other stuff"

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Gather them up, they're no use to the dead.  Best not to burn the bodies, we have to walk out of here and smoke rises.  They're already as buried as they're going to get."


GM: When Uletsabe notices the Elkhorn family pendant...
Kishara: Good Round... How did you pull through Cer?
GM: a look of dismay crosses her face...
GM: She begins to closely examine the rotting faces.
Uletsabe: put her hands to her mouth and sinks to her knees.
Uletsabe: "Young Elsander...."
Kishara: "hhhmmm... must be one of her kin folk..."
Uletsabe: "No! We take them to the surface to give them proper rites!"
Kishara: "Ok, but we burn everything else..."



*They are discussing on and off the dividing of the snow crawler loot*

*I moved all references to this discussion here because it cluttered up the other interactions*

GM: Terjon is a Monk.  He has armor restrictions.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC He's a monk, they don't wear armor.  Messes
with their Kung-Fu Action grip.  :)
Atilla: i lay claimes to the     
Atilla: ooc any objections?
Furnok the Justifier: no
Kishara: no...
Kishara: " I will take a pick of the remainder, after everyone else has
had a pick..."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "As for myself, I would take only what the Lady
Uletsabe would give freely.  Her grief must be respected."

*For some reason I thought he cast Identify*

GM: The sunrods and thunderstone radiat slight magic as befits their
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
GM: The chainmail detects for Alteration, as well as the two-handed
GM: The chainmail is extraordinarily light (5 lbs) and woven with
enchantments of strength (+6 armor bonus,  -2 armor check)
GM: Th     s agate ring also detects for Alteration, it is a Ring of
Terjon: "If none object, I could use the extra warmth.. My simple
clothing does little to protect me"
GM: Someone was looking at the flask of green syrup?
Atilla: "I got this sweet, though elven armor, and the      , I am
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC I am, at the very least.
Kishara: "I do not object Terjon..."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Examining for magic, if nothing else
GM: It is magical.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Useless to me."
GM: Pendril is unable to identify what the syrup is with his spell.
Furnok the Justifier: " anyone wish to try a drink the syrup"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Does it radiate magic?
GM: Yes, the syrup radiates magic, and strongly!
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC What I wouldn't give for a pearl right now.
Almendra: "I propose that any unused items of value be put into a cache
until we can return to town."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "If the lady Uletsabe does not object, I would
take the syrup.  I may be able to divine more of its purpose with longer
GM: Who has the flask of green syrup.
Furnok the Justifier: "Pendril"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Unless there are any objections, Pendril's
got it ATM.

*What the heck does "ATM" mean?


Observer: Jamie here, off and on, observing...
GM: Jamie is our webmistress.  Everyone, say hi to Jamie!
GM: "Hi, Jamie!!!"
Kishara: Hi Jamie!
Furnok the Justifier: "Hello Jamie"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Hi, Jamie.  Nice page you put together.
Kishara: We are just waiting on Terjon, Right?
GM: Right.
Observer: Thanks, I am just updating some last minute stuff as we
GM: Let's go ahead and start.
GM: ...
Furnok the Justifier: "Can anyone identify the green syrup?"

GM: The sky is almost clear overhead.  You are all encamped on the
stone foundation of a destroyed mill.

Kishara: ooc: Yes Jamie, Good Work on the Webpages!
GM: Terjon lay with his head on his bedroll, immobile.
GM: You have explored the snow crawler tunnels and extricated all of
the valuables.


GM: Under the guidance of Uletsabe the three human and one elven body
have been brought to the surface and layed on another foundation nearby.
Atilla: Hello jamie
GM: They show signs of advanced decay and their reek is tremendous.
GM: Without a word, Uletsabe has taken her family token and the Elkhorn
arrows found on the body of her boy.
GM: --Any
Furnok the Justifier:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Yayl: sits overlooking Silvermere, whittling a stake.
Furnok the Justifier:
Almendra: "I had not thought of how to handle the material goods we
might find."
Uletsabe: "Thank you, Furnok."
Furnok the Justifier: "Your Welcome"
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Uletsabe: and Furnok ceremoniously pile rocks on the fallen.
Yayl: throws rocks out onto the small lake.
Almendra: sits by Terjon, monitoring him.
Kishara: "To the families of lost kin, we owe the
items found to them..."
Almendra: moves Terjon's blankets around his neck and shoulders.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: about being disrespectful to the dead without being hypocritical>


GM: Speak of the (paralyzed) Devil.
Terjon: Hey All :-)
Kishara: OOC: A HP Roll for additional hp is in order, Kishara
GM: OK, here it comes, pray to your gods!
GM: (d10 right?)
Kishara: ooc:yes
GM rolls 1d10 for a result of 9
Kishara: OOC:ahh... good!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Woohoo for Kishara!  :)
GM: What does that bring Kishara's HP to?
Kishara: 20
Kishara: 21
Kishara: 9 + 1con hp
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Was furnok using healing to help us out while
we rested last night?
Terjon: OOC: Do I heal any HP during my forced rest?
Furnok the Justifier: "yes"
GM: Terjon heals the standard amount for a full day's rest.
Kishara: ooc: current Hp 18, down 3...
Almendra: "We should use our healing powers this day that we may regain
them the next."
Terjon: OOC: 8 of 14 now..
Almendra: "I have spent my divine energies to mend Uletsabe's burns."
Furnok the Justifier: times today>
GM: Requests for Furnok?  He can roll the 1d8.
Atilla: "none needed here"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC For the heal skill, It's a heal roll, DC 15, if
you succeed, people heal 2 points per level per day of rest rather than
Kishara: OOC: Is Uletsabe Conscious?
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d8 for a result of 8
Almendra: "I am well."
Uletsabe: "Thank you, Furnok, Almendra has tended to me."
Furnok the Justifier: times today>
Almendra: "Pendril, can you find out if any of these things are
magical?"  The waves her hand over the items at Terjon's feet, that you
recovered from the tunnels.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Kishara: "Uletsabe... You know any of these items?" the items Almendra is referring to>
Terjon: OOC: Thanks Cer, Now I'm 12 or 14
Terjon: OOC: 12 of 14 that is.
Uletsabe: "I know that the green chainmail is of Elven manufacture."
Pendril of Wyvernspur:   "A simple feat for one of my blood." 

Uletsabe: "The medallion is a family heirloom, and the Elkhorn arrows
also belonged to my son."
Kishara: "I mean does it belong to anyone you knew of, from the
Uletsabe: "No, only these."
Kishara: " You have my sympathies..."
Furnok the Justifier: not>"we all must be in top form to save Darm"

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Roll 'em, furnok.  :)
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d8 for a result of 7


*This is a very interesting exchange, IMHO*

Atilla: "I think I heard Yayl talking about
Derro in his sleep last night maybe we should question him further?"
Furnok the Justifier: +2
Terjon: exhale>
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Thank you."

Furnok the Justifier: "Your Welcome"
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
GM: The two-handed sword enhances the bearer's strength (+1 Str)
Atilla: " hey I am 4' 6" , if the gods grant I will fit into the armor.
It does not seem that anyone else is able to take it. Unless there are
other plans?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I have no need of it."
GM: The gods do grant it.
Furnok the Justifier: +2
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d8 for a result of 7
Terjon: "Thank you Furnok"

Furnok the Justifier:  to Terjon "Your Welcome , Tyr rewards Courage"

Terjon: "And Helm smiles on those who come to the aid
of friends"

Furnok the Justifier: "PRAISE THE GODS"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Did that bow belong to your son?
Terjon: "Atilla, are you going to talk to Yayl?"
Uletsabe: examines the bow.  "I do not believe so, though its make is
of the mountain cities."
Atilla: her banded armor, and put into the cache>
Atilla: " I am not the brain, I am the brawn"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "It seems as though it might make use of my
strength, it is almost difficult to draw."
Furnok the Justifier: "Tell me more about what Yayl said in
his sleep"

Atilla: " just like he was talkin' to them, like he had seen them
Terjon: "do not discount your abilities Atilla. I think it would be
best for Almendra to speak with Yayl, My anger towards him would not help
our conversation"
Furnok the Justifier: "any Names"
Furnok the Justifier: "I will talk to him"
Kishara: cache>
Atilla: " not much, justs some mumblings"
Furnok the Justifier:
Yayl: sits on a small cliff overlooking the Silvermere.
GM: He is methodically chucking small rocks down onto its glistening


Furnok the Justifier: "Tell Me all you know of the Derro"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Ah, the subtle, subtle priests of Tyr.  So
sneaky you could bash down a door with one.  :)
GM: "They have been in these mountains longer than mankind has."
Yayl: "They have been in these mountains longer than mankind has."
Furnok the Justifier: "Do you know any derro "
Yayl: "They are a cruel race, utterly beyond our morals."
Yayl: "Yes.  I have killed many."
Furnok the Justifier: "Befreinded any"
Yayl: "They would think nothing of hunting you for sport, any more than
you would think of killing a pig for sausage."
Yayl: "Sure.  I've got lots of good buddies among the Demon Dwarves."
Yayl: "What the hell kind of question is that?"
Furnok the Justifier: "A straight one"
Furnok the Justifier: "You talk in your sleep"
Yayl: "Yes, I'm in league with the Derro.  I'm an evil sorceror!  I
like to spank little doggies!"
Yayl: furrows his brow.
Furnok the Justifier: stern look
Yayl: widens his eyes and spreads his hands open.
Yayl: "You want a piece of me?"
Furnok the Justifier: Sense Motive
GM: Very good.  Let's have the roll.
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d20 for a result of 2
Furnok the Justifier: ooc dang
GM: Ouch.  He is being sarcastic.
GM: He is making fun of you.
Uletsabe: moves up to Furnok.
Uletsabe: "Maybe we should just get our camp fire going.  It will be
dark soon."
Atilla: "I'll keep 1st watch"
GM: Yes, ladies, let's have the SOP for guard duty.  I may need it
Yayl: "I have no need of sleep.  I will keep watch the whole time.  Any
of you are welcome to join me.  Four eyes are better than two."
Terjon: "I'll just um, stay right here.. I need to keep meditating and
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Cer only needs to rest for 4 hours a night, so
he'll take the last half of guard duty.
GM: You will need to cover the eight hours.
Almendra: "I propose that we divide the evening into four watches of
two hours each."
GM: Good one, Terjon!
Atilla: "I'll take 1st"
GM: Get it?  Terjon's paralyzed.
Kishara: "I'll keep watch with you... "
Uletsabe: "I will take the last watch.  I keep farmer's hours."
Furnok the Justifier: "I'll take 2 nd "
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I will take 3rd and 4th."
Almendra: "And third?"
Atilla: Atill: Kishara, Cer, Ultsabe. Furnok Should rest.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Almendra, would you take 2nd with Furnok?  Yayl
and I can take 3rd watch together."
GM: So, Kishara is on watch after Atilla?
Almendra: "Well and good.  He must restore his divine energy."
Kishara: OOC: With Atilla..
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "I would aid with the keeping of the watch, but
my sorcerous powers require me to rest or be exhausted."
Furnok the Justifier: "Any more healing need "
Atilla: "nay"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "No, but thank you for your kind offer.  You are
a credit to Tyr, Furnok."
Kishara: < nods affirmatively as in " Yes, I do.">


GM: Later that evening Uletsabe approached Furnok alone.
Uletsabe: whispers with a hand gently on his arm, "Yayl is no slouch
with sword or bow.  He is one of th     t renowned swordsmen of the
region and has won many duels among the nobles."
Uletsabe: "To win his enmity is to have the enmity of the ruling class.
Furnok the Justifier: cure light wounds +2
Uletsabe: "That he is no winner of hearts is true, but that does not
make him our enemy."
Furnok the Justifier: "Tyr will Judge in the End"
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d8 for a result of 2
Uletsabe: "Just something to think about."

GM: Great comeback, Furnok.
Kishara: "Thank you priest.." "Tis good as
Furnok the Justifier: "Your Welcome"
Furnok the Justifier: go


Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC I imagine Cer will want to have a talk with
Yayl while we're on watch together.
Kishara: ooc: go
GM: He's not talkative.  He just sits on a high rock near the camp.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Once the camp has settled down after the change of
the watch, perhaps 45 minutes into third watch, Cer approaches Yayl.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I will make no pretense of being your friend.  I
think you are a spoiled child, and I cannot fathom your reasons for
being sent on or coming on this expedition.  Regardless, I will do my best
to prevent you from coming to a bad end."
Yayl: "Uh, thanks."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I do not know if what Atilla said is true.  But I
know no reason for her to lie.  So I will do my best to prevent you
from coming to a bad end when I say this."
Yayl: stares at you blankly.
GM: Is Cer done speaking?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If you have come to betray us, let your first
betrayal be to kill me.  If it is not, nothing will save you."
Yayl: "I'll keep that in mind."  and grins.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: camp>
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC done
Yayl: "Think on this, though..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes?"
Yayl: "If I were here to 'betray' you, wouldn't you think I would be
Yayl: "You think I am not honest, that shows..."
Yayl: "I don't want to be here.  But I *have* to come along until
you've done your business.  I'm not here to make friends."
Yayl: "That's all."  He waves his hand as if to dismiss you.
GM: During the night...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "If my birthright were mine, you'd be
kneeling when you spoke to me." 


GM: clouds gather and a light snowfal begins.  The weather turns slate
GM: Almendra sees that Cinder is taken care of and helps Kishara pack
her horse, Smokestack.
GM: You reach the third valley, about ten miles into the mountains,
without incident.
Uletsabe: "This is Frost Sliver."
GM: Please refer to pic 11 in the Chapter Two Album
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Continues to eat ravenously on a daily basis
GM: You should also peruse pics 6 through 10.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Man, I gotta stop using OOC so much.  That last
bit was in character.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: his supply of rations>
GM: --All Spot OR Listen checks, whichever is better.
Kishara using her dagger, her bow, and her knowledge of hunting and
gathering attempts to secure a meal for herself and one companion
rolling... 14 +5 = 19
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to spot anything odd or
out of the ordinary, rolling 4 + A0+ R8 = 12
Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 1d20 for a result of 14
Kishara Listens to hear anything unusual... rolling 5 +1 = 6
Pendril of Wyvernspur: +2 for 16.
Atilla: 10
GM: Kishara is able to catch a few snow hares.
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 2
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 4
GM: --F and K, Spot rolls.
Furnok the Justifier rolls 0d20 for a result of 0
GM: Did everyone get to see the pic of Frost Sliver?
Terjon: "It feels great to be mobile again!" awhile leaping to a rock or stump for the sheer joy of it>
Terjon: OOC: yup saw the pic.

Atilla: "burrr"

Kishara rolls 1d20 for a result of 14 = 14
GM: Which reminds me...  The poison reduced your Str by 16 points. 
Let's see how much you have recovered...
GM rolls 4d6 for a result of 12
GM: Terjon still feels weak and shaky, but it functional.  He is at 8
Yayl: "It takes a long time to fully come back from a 'crawler bite!"
Terjon: OOC: Ok.. not so much rock jumping :-)
Atilla: "no singin' in the rain for you terjon"
Almendra: pats Cinder on the head lovingly.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC People under care of someone with the
healing skill (aka Furnok) recover ability score damage at double normal
rate, FYI...
Furnok the Justifier: ooc anything I can do with healing skill
GM: I already factored that in.  His amazing recovery so far is due in
great part to your skills.
Furnok the Justifier: ok
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Yeah, probably so.  Him at 8 str is better
than him at 2.  :)
Kishara: < To Atilla> "Snow you mean, little one." tosses the hares to the center of the group> "Lunch..."
Kishara: "Who wants hare?"


GM: It is first Pendril who notices the figure watching from a distance
through the trees.
GM: Please refer to pic 12.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Thank you, Kishara."
Furnok the Justifier: "Thank you Kishara, "
Atilla: "Amazon women Rule"
Furnok the Justifier: "who is that"
Terjon: "pant, pant.. Thank you, I am famished after but a short
Furnok the Justifier:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Ahem.  It would appear that we have company." 

Kishara: along with spear quarrel>
GM: The well-dressed figure is standing on a rock outcropping.
Atilla: "maybe we should invite him for lunch?"
GM: --Any, each one action.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: How far away is the figure?
Kishara: Looks like I'll need to be gathering up a few more
GM: Excellent!  50 yards.
Furnok the Justifier: sense motive
Furnok the Justifier rolls 0d20 for a result of 0
Uletsabe: looks at the figure sidelong and then withdraws.
Atilla: "I am sure he notices us noticing him, "friend o' foe" 'im"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Wait."  "Hail.  What is your purpose?"
Atilla: "oh drow, I didn't notice
Pendril of Wyvernspur: intent>


*My iGM had been acting funny since I tried to send the group a pic and then it froze up so I had to dump everyone.  Bad.*

Kishara: already done... have snow hare... Just need to cook it...
Furnok the Justifier: let's cook it up
GM: OK, Looks like we're ready to start again.
GM: Let's back up one round.
GM: Pendril spots the figure and each person gets one action.
GM: --All
Furnok the Justifier: sense motive
Atilla: OOC we are all staring at the Drow
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d20 for a result of 1
Pendril of Wyvernspur:   I think we have company.
Furnok the Justifier: sorry
Atilla: "not very sensitve today Furnok?"
Uletsabe: "It is a Dark Elf!  They are enemies of all that live in the light!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Hail.  What is your purpose here?"
GM: The cloaked figure is standing on a rock outcropping, where the hill suddenly drops, about 50 yards away.
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  I need to warm it up

Cloaked Figure: descends around the side of the outcropping and approaches you.
GM: The owl that is with it flies nearby.
GM: --All, One action.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Do not attack until I give the word.  Had this drow wished to attack, they could have done so from stealth."
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Furnok the Justifier:
GM: --All, Spot checks
Terjon: Terjon carefully looks around, rolling 12 + 4 = 16!
Kishara: "looks like we need more hare..."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Pendril of Wyvernspur tries to spot anything odd or out of the ordinary, rolling 16 + A0+ R8 = 24
Atilla: 10
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d20 for a result of 6
Kishara rolls 1d20 for a result of 8 = 8
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC mm, that was for cer.  Forgot that pendril has cer's skills still on him.
Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 1d20 for a result of 2
Pendril of Wyvernspur: +2 = 4
GM: Thank you.  The figure does not speak, but skirts around trees until it stops about 10 yards away.
Cloaked Figure: passes its eyes over your group, slowly.
Cloaked Figure: --All, one action
GM: --All, one action
Furnok the Justifier: sense motive
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d20 for a result of 3
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If you would parley, do so now."
Furnok the Justifier: +5
Drow: speaks in a strange accent, not too thick, "I would know your business in our domain."
Furnok the Justifier: "who are you"
Almendra: stays silent, near Cinder.
Atilla: "where's Yayl at"
Drow: "You, then, human, are the leader here?"  referring to Furnok.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "And who might this domain belong to?"
GM: Yayl is hanging back, as usual.
Furnok the Justifier: "I will speak for us"
Drow: "It belongs to me and my kind.  Do you people not know who your leader is."
Drow: "I would speak to the greatest of you."
GM: --Any
Furnok the Justifier: "You do not belong here Drow, go back to the underdark"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We have not battled amongst ourselves to decide that, as is your custom."
Terjon: OOC: that would not be me.

Atilla: "we are all friggin' great, speak with all of us"
Drow: cocks her head at Atilla.

Drow: sneers at Cer's comment.
GM: We already rolled for that, Kishara.
Atilla: "furnonk?"
Drow: "Weakling surfacers.  I would know your business.  State it to me plainly."
Furnok the Justifier: "what"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We go to White Feather mountain."
(Kishara to GM):  Ok... thanks...
GM: Is Cer still speaking in Drow or Undercommon?
GM: The drow has been speaking in common.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Yes
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC No, then.
Furnok the Justifier: "State Your business drow
Drow: "What business have you at Krek'Zk Feeq?"

*Cer later realizes that he's never heard of any of those words- they don't seem to be words spoken in Drow*

Atilla: "hey, we are passing through to white feather mountain, on a rescue mission."
Drow: Arches an eyebrow.  "To rescue what, or who?"

Atilla: "who, and what do you care"

Furnok the Justifier: "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION DROW"

GM: The owl has landed on a tree behind the drow, about 20 feet up.
Drow: "My kind cares because this is our domain.  You have passed here without leave."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Perhaps it would be wise to remember manners, Furnok.  We are in unfamiliar territory."
Drow: "Are you insensate?  Are you slow of speech?  Who or what are you here to rescue?"
Atilla: "fair enough, we go to rescue a dwarf friend.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Have you sworn subservience to the ?  Our business here is with them.  We will not interfere with your people if you do not harass us."
Atilla: "we just want to eat lunch, you can join, then be on our way"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We come to rescue Darm Bladesmith."

Drow: "Very well.  You have been forthright and hospitable.  I will trouble you no more."
Drow: "I wish you well on your mission.  We shall probably visit you again."

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I would ask a question of you."
Furnok the Justifier: "join us for lunch"
Drow: looks at Cer quizzically.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I seek news of Alyel k'zri Ch'urd, priestess of Lolth.  Have you heard of her?"

*The drow responds in Common*

Drow: "I do not have time to parley with you longer.  I take my leave."
Drow: starts to walk away.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: "Shall I throw the hares on the spit, then we can get, out of here."
Terjon: "Cer, what is troubling you?"
Kishara using her dagger, her bow, and her knowledge of hunting and gathering attempts to secure a meal for herself and one companion rolling... 5 +5 = 10
Drow: disappears into the forest, the owl flying close behind.
Furnok the Justifier:


Cer'Edrion ip Phar:  
Uletsabe: "We will need to camp here."
Uletsabe: "Darkness falls, but if this is the land of the Dark Elves we should reconsider."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Stay here, Terjon.  This does not concern you."
Terjon: "I can't let you go alone here amongst enemies!"
Atilla: "we shall journy a bit further then, Kishara can hunt along the way, Cer', Well I am sure he will catch up."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If death be the cost of finding my love, I will pay it.  Do you have reason to pay that price with me?  Go back to the camp, I will rejoin you."
Atilla: "Any objections, or aditions?"
Almendra: "I agree, let us forge on and find a more hospitable spot."
Furnok the Justifier: ooc how far can we travel before dark
Terjon: "You are needed by the group and by Darm.. Your death does nothing to aid either"
Atilla: "Cer', don't be a wanker, let's get goin'"
Yayl: "Once we clear Frost Sliver we should find a more defensible position."
Yayl: "It is only a half mile to the base of White Feather.  There will be slate fields there amongst the forest."
Furnok the Justifier: "can we make it before dark"
GM: It is about 5pm and the sun is setting low and red to the west.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Very well."
Kishara: "No more rabbit here..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC er, Terjon, even.
GM: The party encamps at the base of White Feather with their backs to a stony cliff face.
Furnok the Justifier:


GM: The dark grey slate provides a smooth surface to pitch a tent after the covering of snow is brushed aside.
Almendra: "Since we approach our destination on the morrow morning I think it would be wise if we were to discuss our tactics."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Uletsabe: "The Derro are children of the earth and magic does not take to them easily."
Uletsabe: "We should be sure not to waste resources attacking them with magic."
Furnok the Justifier:
Terjon: "What exactly IS our destination? Have you thought of an entrance into the Derro domain?"
Almendra: "We will in tunnels or caves most like.  I think that swinging weapons will not be effectual."
Atilla: "so we are goin' in and taking chuncks out of thier force until we find Darm. Is Yayl going into the caverns with us?"

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We cannot take them by force, Atilla."
Terjon: "I hope there is still some chance of getting in undetected, I don't wish to fight them unless we must"
Yayl: "I will wait outside if that is all the same to you.  The horses will not be able to enter."
Uletsabe: "The Derro watch from crevices and from under rocks.  We should be wary of their eyes.  If we are discovered we are lost."
Uletsabe: "This band has taken well-guarded caravans and should their force be brought against us we would be lost."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC D'oh.  Scratch the former firelight thing.  I don't think we should have a fire..
Terjon: OOC: Too late, they are cooking the rabit
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Good point.  Argh.
Terjon: "Is there a way to approach where they might not see us? Perhaps a few of us should scout ahead?"
Furnok the Justifier: OOC oh well all ready done
Kishara: "See here Atiila?... If anyone attacks in the night, rush to the spot for cover from arrows"
Kishara: " Or darts..."
GM: I will give you the position of the mountain and what Cer knows about where you are going.  I have not given his player the exact details.
Terjon: "I do not like the idea of seperating the group, but a few of us might..."
GM: White Feather, as you may recall, is almost perpetually wrapped in steam.
Terjon: "Sneak ahead and find a hidden trail of entrance"
Atilla: "Hello, what happened last time, we cannot afford that again, we might not be so lucky."
GM: You are encamped at the southern foot of the mount.
GM: It is a two mile hike to the place where Cer found his exit when he escaped.
GM: These are treacherous mountain trails covered with deep snow.
Kishara: "What do you suppose the Derro, and the Drow are all buddy... buddy? They probably know we are coming already... They just don't knw which way we'll be coming from..."
Uletsabe: "Why do you think they know we're coming, Kishara?"
Almendra: "They don't know that Cer knows the way to their stronghold."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "The Derro and the Drow are not known for their friendly relations with each other."
Uletsabe: "Many expeditions have gone into the mountains looking for it over the years, and none have found it-- that returned."
Kishara: "Mmmm Cer, that's good to know"
Almendra: grimaces as she looks at the roasting bunnies.
Almendra: "I used to have a pet rabbit."
Yayl: pulls out his hunting knife and gets to work on a stick.
Terjon: "Yet the drow might give information to the Derro should it be somehow to thier advantage."

Almendra: "I thought it was impressive that the Drow spoke such good common."
Uletsabe: "They are a rare sight in these mountains."
Furnok the Justifier: "Very Intesting yes"
Furnok the Justifier: "Interesting"

Kishara: "Next time we meet with Drow, we may be able to work that knowledge to our advantage."
Almendra: "In a way our position is betrayed already.  If that drow were in league with the Derro then they are undoubtedly appraised of our approach."
Kishara: "That was my meaning..."
Almendra: "I wish we could have heard him speak in Drow.  That language gives me the shivers."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If that drow were in league with the derro, they would have remained silent and unseen and simply pointed out the location of a group of 9 strong, healthy slaves."

Furnok the Justifier: "maybe we need to double our guard tonight"
Atilla: "who fookin' cares, speculation, what are we goin' to do when we get there?"
Uletsabe: "That is odd.  Why approach us at all?  Why would they care our business?"
Kishara: "I volunteer to take two watches..."
Terjon: "Cer, you mentioned earlier that you did not think we could enter the stronghold by the way you escaped. Does anyone know of another way?"
Almendra: "Didn't you say they would have an entrance nearby?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I suspect I know where the main entrance to their stronghold is.  Or at least, an entrance."
Uletsabe: "I wish there were a way to follow the waterfall up."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I could climb it."
Terjon: "I too could climb it.. we have rope"
Uletsabe: "I mean, didn't you say that you used a waterway to get out."


GM: Let's move on to Day 5.  Any last actions?

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes, but it would be several hundred feet upstream, most of it underwater.  I don't believe we could do it without water-breathing magics."
Atilla: "maybe it is frozen"" the waterfall"
GM: I will assume that you double the watches.
Furnok the Justifier: "anyone need healing"
Kishara: OOC: yup, double watch for moi...
GM: The snowfall becomes heavy during the night, and in the morning a blanket of white has covered the camp.
Kishara: "Cer maybe the Derro are not attacking until they know whether we know their secrets."
GM: You resume your climb of White Feather.  The wind has died down and the snowfall lightens.
Terjon: OOC: To GM (Is my STR back?)
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Again, I can see no reason they would wait.  They outnumber us so greatly that it would be no challenge for them."
GM: As you ascend you can see the range of lesser mountains below you...


GM: --All Spot OR Listen
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to spot anything odd or out of the ordinary, rolling 13 + A0+ R8 = 21
Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 1d20 for a result of 11
Kishara Listens to hear anything unusual... rolling 12 +1 = 13
Pendril of Wyvernspur: +2
Terjon: 'The trails are treacherous, perhaps we should gear up to prevent accidents"
Furnok the Justifier rolls 1d20 for a result of 9
Terjon: Terjon carefully looks around, rolling 16 + 4 = 20!
GM: I would like Cer and Terjon, only to look at pic 13.
Terjon: OOC OK, got it.
GM: You are going up the spine of a tall ridge.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Everyone, scatter, get under cover."
Almendra: looks around, "What is it?"
(Furnok the Justifier to Atilla):  yes
Uletsabe: lays low near a snowdrift, takes out her bow.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "now!" 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar attempts to hide, rolling 11 + A5+ R16 = 32
Almendra: grabs for Cinder's reins.

*There are three rounds to this encounter.  The party has a chance to attack the thing with ranged attacks (and possibly drive it off), the creature strikes, and lastly a chance for ranged parting shots.  I was amazed at how much damage the group was able to do.*

GM: You may all now look at pic 13
GM: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: 1 ) does it have a rider, 2 ) where is it headed?
GM: No rider.  Headed straight for the group!
Furnok the Justifier:
GM: We are now in combat rounds.  I will prompt you for actions.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: Round 1
GM: There are no trees on the ridge.
GM: --K  --C
Kishara: OOC: This is a flying thing?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I'm assuming I can't attack it this round?
GM: Yes,flying.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: You cannot attack with a melee weapon, no.
GM: --K  --P
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
GM: Roll HD affected.
Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 2d4 for a result of 7
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Will save, DC 14
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 18
iGM: Listen server open for players...
Pendril of Wyvernspur: d'oh!
GM: No apparent effect.

*Unbeknownst to Pendril, this creature has 6HD and cannot be affected by Sleep.  I rolled the save anyway to hide that fact.*

GM: --T  --U
Kishara: ooc: monta still coming!
GM: Go!  It's within 50 feet!
Terjon: Terjon fires a sling stone at his foe , rolling 2 + 5 = 7
GM: 40 feet!

GM: 30 feet!
Uletsabe: Fires two arrows in rapid succession.
GM: The sling bullet flies wide.
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 14
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 1
GM rolls 1d6 for a result of 4
GM: --A
GM: --F
Almendra: seeing that the beast is coming for her, she readies her sword and stands next to Cinder.
GM: --A  The beast is upon you!  Strike now!
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 4
Furnok the Justifier:
Furnok the Justifier: 18 +6, Critical
GM: AC is 17
GM: --A  --C (you can strike now)
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  10 
(Atilla to GM):  the strike was for atilla
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  6  and fumbles.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: whiff whiff
Kishara: "By Freeia, that is an ugly creature..."
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 20
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: 12+6, Atilla hits
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 13
GM: Roll damage!  Atilla!
Atilla: damage 9, do i get +s
Atilla: rolls 5 for second strike damage
GM: Atilla leaves a horrible gash along the creature's belly as it swoops mere feet from the tops of your heads!
Kishara: ooc: Good Strike A!
GM: A line of steaming blood streaks the snow as it flies off!


Atilla: "well I'm sure we are noticed now"
GM: The beast grabs Cinder with its wicked talons and takes the noble horse away, whinnying in terror!
Atilla: OOC I thought Cinder was lying down?

*OOG Almendra thought the thing was coming for her.  Since her fumble at the snow crawler cavern Almendra has thought herself not very brave or useful and so decided to stand with the rest of the group.*

Terjon: OOC: Can I take another shot as the beast retreats?
GM: You can all make a ranged attack as the beast retreats if you wish.
Terjon: Terjon fires a sling stone at his foe , rolling 7 + 5 = 12
GM: Take into accound a range of 60 feet.
GM: AC is 17
Atilla: "it is injured we can track it
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon: OOC Why do I bother :-)
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "make it let go of the horse, if you can."
Uxliat!: "At last!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Uxliat!: "I fly!  I fly!  Like an arrow from a Tartar's bow!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: no script for the longbow.  This +7, +whatever that damned arrow gives me.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d20 for a result of 8
GM: The jade-headed arrow streaks after the retreating figures and disappears.
Uletsabe: fires two arrows in rapid succession!
Kishara: Kishara aims her shortbow, lets her breath out and releases the arrow rolling a 20 + 6 = 26
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 11
Kishara: Kishara quickly nocks another arrow and fires rolling a 2 + 6 = 8
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 4
GM rolls 1d6 for a result of 6
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Yeah, Kishara.  You crit-monster!  Roll threat!
Kishara rolls 1d20 for a result of 10 = 10
Kishara: not!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC damn.
GM: The beast has paid dearly for its meal!
Atilla: "only one?"
Kishara: The arrow strikes true and Kishara does 2 damage
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
GM: But in the end it disappears into the mist, flapping to gain altitude with its cumbersome prey.
Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 1d4 for a result of 4
Pendril of Wyvernspur: 5
Yayl: "Whoah!  That was cool!  That horse is sooo dead!"
Almendra: continues down the slope, but then stops, sword drooping in the snow.
Almendra: "...  cinder..."
Atilla: OOC like we didn't know it was comming when the GM asked for our cinder equuipment.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC *laugh*  Yep.
Yayl: "Take your best shot, pansy-boy!"
Terjon: Terjon strikes out with his deadly feet and fists, rolling 7 + 2 = 9
Yayl: "Please tell me you really want this!"
Terjon: OOC: Is he flat footed?
GM: Yes,  flat footed.  That gives him an AC of, well, more than 9.
Terjon: OOC: Oh well.
Pendril of Wyvernspur:   "Nothing I can say will bring Cinder back.  I am sorry."
Yayl: "That, folks, is what Wyvernspur is named after."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Terjon: "You deserve far worse. The horse meant much to her"
Terjon: "And you are a pig"
Yayl: "Well, I'd just like to see you give it to me."
Yayl: "So what, I'll buy the pretty lady a new horse when we get into town."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Shut up, Yayl, or I'll teach you a lesson your armsmaster would weep to see."
Atilla: "hey maybe we should move on."
Yayl: Shuts up.


GM: So, folks, what's the plan?
GM: Continue on in the present course?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We should get going."
Kishara: "Lady Almendra, you can ride on Smokestack if you are so inclined."
Atilla: "A, go after our equip. B, go on."
Terjon: "I agree with Atilla, can we track the beast's blood trail?"
Almendra: "No, blessed Ilmater, not this.  Not that way."
Uletsabe: "We are bound to see worse before we are through.  Lucky it wasn't one of us."
Atilla: "next time the horses lay on the ground."
GM: Anyone with anything remotely resembling tracking skill can easily follow this blood trail.
GM: However,
GM: The beast is flying over almost impassable ground, sheer cliffs and escarpments.
Kishara: "Anybody here have a grappling hook?"
Furnok the Justifier: "It is part of the balance of life. Let us move on."
Atilla: "yes of course"
GM: I'm just waiting on a group decision.  The A and B are your two basic choices.
Kishara: "Tie off the grapple to a rope. If one comes again, mayhaps we can capture it."
Furnok the Justifier: "Let us not forget about the tourtures Darm is enduring."
Atilla: "it will not come again it is fed."
Yayl: "No way, that thing is eating lunch right now.  It's sleep off the kill for days."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC has Uxliat returned yet?
Kishara: " And I suppose that's the only Wyverspur in these here mountains..."
GM: I'm going to be prepping a map that I will email.   Let's have a five minute recess.
Yayl: shrugs.  "Could be more, I guess."
Terjon: "If the terrain prevents us from following then we have no choice but to go on."
GM: Uxliat has not returned.
Kishara: OOC: We can use the grapple for other stuff too, like climbing. It would be good to have handy.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "I have one."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC D'oh, wrong window again.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I have one."
Kishara: "Just be sure that if we are going to grapple a flying beast that big, that we quickly tie off the grapple to something strong enough to hold that beast."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Damn it woulda been good if I'd managed to sleep that thing.  :)
Kishara: OOC: Wouldv'e been good if I rolled a 12 or more on my crit roll too...
GM: THAT would have been great!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC if only it had rolled a 7 instead of an 18..  *sigh*  C'est la vie.

*This was kind of spontaneous and cool, I thought*



GM: Your party has climbed the two arduous miles up the side of White Feather.
Kishara: OOC: Well maybe the beast will get indigestion and that arrow will be the death of it yet...
GM: The trail is a ledge overlooking the Frost Sliver far below.  No shrubs or greenery of any kind graces the mountain and the snow is deep.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I hope that damned arrow comes back soon.  It was the only one I was carrying."
Kishara: " A have a dozen arrows to spare, Cer..."
GM: You may all now open your email and look at the map.  Not much to look at yet, but it give the general idea.  Up is North.  You are on the western face of the mountain.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Three or four would be fine.  I'll give them back when Uxliat returns."
GM: The ledge comes to an end and where it does you can see a small waterfall that streams out of the mountainside. 
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Does everyone have the mountaineer's pack with 100 feet of rope?
Terjon: OOC: I think so.. I do at least
GM: a haze of steam rises from it, contributing to the immense wreath of white that swathes the peak year long.
Atilla: " I am carrin' lot's of rope"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "It occurs to me that it may be possible for us to take the same route in that Cer used in his flight from the Derro."
Furnok the Justifier: "I have rope from the supplies I was given"
Kishara: "End of the trail for you smokestack"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "I was just noticing that we are all carrying many feet of rope.  If just one person could make it all the way upstream into that waterfall with the rope and tie it off, we could pull ourselves along underwater.  Much faster than swimming against the stream."
(Atilla to GM):  Atilla will stop and look closer at the wall.

Terjon: "I have a potion that alows the drinker to swim easily"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "The green syrup we found in the snow crawlers' cavern enhances a person's strength greatly, that in conjunction with your potion might allow the strongest of us to make it without too much difficulty."
Yayl: "Have a good time.  I'll stay out here and ... guard the horses... I mean horse."  He snickers.
Atilla: "there seems to be a hollow spot in the cliff here about 20' north of the trail end"
Kishara: "Cer, are there any portions of the river that is completely void of air pockets?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Do I remember?
Atilla: "I could probaly bust through, It might be another way in"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes, about 120 feet up, there is a small pocket of air."
Terjon: "It might make a lot of noise breaking through Atilla"
Kishara: "Guard the remaining horse well, for tis owned by none other than Daglar Maermeet."
Uletsabe: takes guard at the rear.  Looking around carefully, bow nocked.
Terjon: "I will volunteer to make the swim, and if I do not make it, Atilla can try the other route"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Have you fully recovered your strength yet?"
Terjon: "After resting my strength has recovered"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Stay your strength, Atilla.  Let us try the stealthiest route first."
GM: Terjon is at 10 Str now?
Atilla: "this is stealthy, they will never expect it"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Surprising and stealthy are two different things, Atilla."
Terjon: OOC: Depends if Furnok helped me during the last night..
Atilla: "or should we stand out here like targets while we hope terjon makes it"
Furnok the Justifier: "Of course"
GM: --F Healing roll
(Furnok the Justifier to GM):  how's that done?

GM: Here's the deal on swimming...
(Furnok the Justifier to GM):  8+5
Atilla: "is this better?"
GM: Furnok helped you, you regain +2 Str
GM: That would be 11 by my reckoning.
GM: I am making the many handholds you'll have and the current force cancel each other out.
Terjon: OOC: Ok.
GM: You will have to swim 120 feet at half your move, that's 15 feet per round.
Atilla: "but i can not find a seem so"
GM: I'm going to make the DC =13
GM: Do you make any preparations?  What is everyone doing?
Kishara: "Get Terjon a grapnel hook, to hold the line in place..."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC I think Atilla just knocked down the wall.
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
GM: Atilla makes a resounding "CLANG" on the cliff face.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: A shower of basalt and stone flakes showers down.  Nothing more.

*These are the Listen rolls for the two sentries.  I gave it a DC of 15: -10 for hearing a burly dwarf hitting a wall with her battle axe +25 for hearing it through a stone wall three hundred feet away.*

GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 6
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 1

GM: You drink all three doses?
Terjon: OOC: One dose
Terjon: OOC how long do they last?
Terjon: OOC or would I know?


GM: I will not harass you about reaching the waterfall.  Your companions see you safely to the waterfal.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: You would not know duration.
GM: I will track it.
GM: You will need to travel along.  Make Swim rolls as I prompt you and I will tell you how far you have gone.
GM: Terjon picks his way across the ice-encrusted cliff face...
GM: five hundred feet below the cold and grey stones below!
GM: He reaches the top of the steaming falls and worms his way in!
GM: --T Swim roll
Terjon rolls 1d20 for a result of 7
(Atilla to GM):  do i need to roll below my ability check?
why didn't the wall bust down?
Terjon: + STR and Potion
GM: The potion!  yes!
Terjon: Swimiming potion is +10 to circumstance check
GM: Wait, you drank a potion of swimming AND the green syrup potion?
(Atilla to GM):  Atilla will keep picking away at it.
Terjon: Yup
GM: Well, that's a different story.
GM: As you drink the green syrup your skin turns green and your muscles bulge with the supernatural might of a ....
(Atilla to GM):  sure
Terjon: OOC: Just remembered my Master telling me never to mix drinks :-)
Kishara: OOC: Basically, Terj, you'll make it unless you roll a 1 on a swim check...
GM: With almost no effort you glide through the subterranean stream, finding the air pocket and at last you emerge in a small cavern.
GM: --T Listen
Terjon: Terjon carefully listens, rolling 2 + 5 = 7!
GM: It is pitch black and you hear the rush of water in the hollow place.
GM: With tremendous clanking noises, Atilla begins to hack at the wall with her axe.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Atilla, stop!"
GM: You get out of the stream?
Terjon: Yes

*I thought this situation was a great place for Atilla to develop her personality.  I was impressed on how she ran it.*

Atilla: "oh yea, I am a friggin' dwarf, I hate water, good luck gettin' me to go that way."
GM: Terjon feels around for something to anchor the rope on?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Which do you prefer, swimming, or being captured by demon dwarves?"
Terjon: Yes.. I have low light vision, but I doubt it helps here
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 19
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 7
Atilla: "we take our chances either way."
GM: No, it is completely black.
Kishara: < To Atilla > "ahh... Little one... We can go together if you like... Tie another rope to me if it makes you more comfortable... I won't let you drown."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes, but this way has a much lower chance of alerting them than         through the mountain."
GM: --T
Kishara: "Us Amazons have to stick together..."
Atilla: "if that is the case we're s.o.l.'cause I have already started        "
GM: After a minute or so, Terjon finds a rock formation to tie the rope to.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC I already told you guys about the guards in the shaft above the river, just so Terjon remembers.."
GM: --T
GM: The effects of the Strength potion have worn off.
GM: --hold
GM: I'd like each person to review their equpment and consider the effects of a thorough dousing.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: With the exception of Terjon, I want to know what your next set of actions are; esp. what order you go in.
Almendra: Takes off her plate mail and puts it in a sack.
Atilla: +6 oops
Uletsabe: leaves heavy outdoor equipment on Smokestack.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer strips himself of non-essential equip and begins climbing up the tunnel.  "Atilla, you'll be alone out here.  Come with us, I promise nothing will happen to you."
Yayl: "She won't be alone.  I'll be here!"
GM: So, everyone's going in?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Only because you're a coward."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Kishara: "Come on little one... Time for a short walk in a cold stream..."
Kishara: "Tie yourself to me, and let's go!"
Yayl: strips his heavy outdoors gear and heads over to the waterfall.

*Again!  Stubborn!*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Keeping sunrods, torches, rations, thunderstone, oil, water, sp. component pouch, weapons, and chameleon skin.  Food and torches are in a bag tied to belt on chameleon skin, everything else is inside.
GM: Again, for the sake of moving the game along I'm not going to harass you on the point of getting across the cliff face to the waterfall.
GM: I'm ruling that it takes each person ten rounds to get to the waterfall with three rounds between people going in
Almendra: goes in!
Uletsabe: Waits until last.
Yayl: goes in after Kishara
Furnok the Justifier:
Yayl: It takes a further 20 rounds to swim upstream.  Mishaps only occur on a roll of a "1" with all your precautions.

*Did all you get that?  That means THIRTY rounds until the first person to enter -Cer- is able to reach Terjon.*

GM: It takes a further 20 rounds to swim upstream.  Mishaps only occur on a roll of a "1" with all your precautions.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d20 for a result of 12

*These were the rolls for Almendra and Uletsabe- although Uletsabe stayed behind with Atilla at the last moment.*

GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 15
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 18
GM: Now, Terjon!

*Terjon's Listen roll.*
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 19

Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 1d20 for a result of 11


Terjon: Can I hear anything?
GM: As Terjon finishes securing the rope he hears low, oh so low, guttural whispers above him, echoing through the cavern.
GM: --T
Terjon: Still pitch dark?
Atilla: OOC how far has Atilla dug?
GM: With continued exertion she has hewn away six inches of stone....
GM: Still pitch black!
GM: But now Atilla sees seams and weaknesses in the rock, as if it had been made into clay, formed into a wall, and then hardened.



*I had asked Cer to greet the players as I was delayed.  A few days before a windstorm had knocked over a tree in our back yard.  I had to go cut it up.*


Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Greetings.....
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d10 for a result of 4
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: d'oh.  Was hoping that d10 hit die would do more for me than 4 extra hps.  Ah well.
GM: That's the way the cookie crumbles.  Are you above average overall?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: yeah, just slightly.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Raising dex to 21 at level, too.  I'll send you the updated CS template.
GM: I'm going to email you a file about Derro culture.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Kewl.

Kishara: Good Morning
Kishara checks her Initiative, rolling 7 + 4 = 7
Kishara makes a short spear attack, parrying left, then thrusting in and down rolling a 5 + 6 = 11
Kishara: ...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Morning, how are you?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  27 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  25 for a possible critical hit (x2).

Terjon: OOC: Howdy all!
Kishara: Hi Terjon!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Good morning, Terjon.  How's it going?
Terjon: OOC: Great.. Hey I'm early for once! How are you Cer?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Good, a bit tired, but good.
Terjon: OOC: Me too. Ran a live session last night.. Didn't get to bed until around 3am.

Terjon: OOC: But I have enough caffine in me to drop an elephant,, so I'm ready to go!
*Now THAT's my kind of player!*

Kishara: 3e D&D?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC I still haven't slept yet, and no caffeine for me, so...  If I fall asleep at the keyboard... :)
Terjon: Nope.. GURPS.. Black Ops campaign
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Is Atilla showing up today?
GM: I had contact with her last night.  She's coming.
GM: I am so ready for today's session.
GM: My job requires me to get up at 4:30am and on the weekends I tend to wake up at the same time.
Terjon: OOC: This sounds bad.. GM is really excited..we are sooo in for it.
GM: I pass out around 9:30pm whether I want to or not.
GM: My objective: to challenge you to your utmost limits.
GM: Cer, you'll be playing Pendril again today.
Kishara: ohhh.. great...
GM: I have a couple players on the burner but none ready yet.
GM: You should look over the Draconic Wand.
Terjon: OOC: On the burner? And in the oven, and on a spit... har


GM: I'll be back in about 10 minutes and we'll get started.
Terjon: O'tay
GM: In the meantime I think Cer has some info for the party.

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Right-eo...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC So, as we stay hidden in the grotto above the river, Cer relays some information to the party...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "We must be wary from this point forth."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "The derro are fond of traps.  Their sentries are too lazy to be trusted completely, and so they rely upon foul creatures to serve them and clever traps to delay intruders."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "This lair is also designed to confuse and disorient.  There are many corridors which double back upon themselves, or wind aimlessly only to dead-end or lead the unaware into a trap."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "When we encounter the Derro themselves, my experience can only provide a few insights, but we must use them well if we are to have any advantage over the "
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Hi, Atilla.  Just briefing the party on some stuff Cer tells people while we're hiding in the grotto above the river (after meeting with you and Uletsabe and Furnok.)
Terjon: "Perhaps Atilla's dwarven blood will help us find the correct path through these mazes"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "They value strength above all else.  No other virtue matters to the Derro."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Hi, Furnok.
Furnok: "Greetings"
Terjon: OOC: who has detect traps?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Their leaders are the strongest warriors among them, and the savants.  The savants are magic-users, and they possess the ability to manipulate stone.  The derro practically worship them as gods."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "The average derro values his skin above all else, though.  They will flee at the first sign that the battle is going against them, to find a more defensible point.  The caverns are designed to be easily flooded or collapsed in places, so keep this in mind."
Almendra: "Do you think that we have alerted them to our presence?"
Uletsabe: "With your yelling on the ridge perhaps!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Let us not place blame at this point.  If they are aware of us, so be it.  It would not appear so, though, since we are not swimming through crossbow bolts."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Atilla, your abilities will likely come in handy."
Almendra: lowers her head.
GM: Did everyone read the post script on the last session about Atilla's sub-adventure?
Terjon: OOC: Yup read it..
Kishara: ooc: yup


Almendra: "Atilla, what did you say was the signature on that note?"
Atilla: "alphrado, or something of the nature"
Furnok: "I left the note in place as to not draw anymore attention to ourselves"
Terjon: "Does that name sound familiar Almendra?"
Furnok: "Yes that was the proper name"
Almendra: "By Ilmater," she whispers, "That was my brother."
Almendra: turns away.


Atilla: "as a dwarf I can notice manipulated stone, but none of my skills really aid us"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Well, most of us aren't, Cer."
Kishara: "here let me take a look at that..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Well, the Derro are fond of manipulating stone.  If you can spot it before the rest of us can, it may very well save us."
Furnok: "Terjon, I am sorry I have been a little disturbed by that body,may I help you?"
Almendra: "Was it... perchance ... Alphedro?"
Kishara attempts to use her healing skills on Terjon rolling 4 +2 = 6
Kishara: "They look bad... these bolt wounds..."
Terjon: "Thanks Furnok, I could use a little of Tyr's blessing right now"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "You must be strong, Almendra.  Lest the fate that befell your brother befall all of us, as well."
GM: The walls are formed of dark slate, striated grey and black.  The air is humid and cool, but much warmer than outside.
Furnok: -Rolls a 6 +2
Terjon: OOC: Furnok, was that 8 points of healing or a skill roll?
Furnok: OOC healing
Uletsabe: nocks an arrow and peers into the gloom westward.
Terjon: "Thank you again Furnok."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "When we encounter them, we must be certain to either be undetected or capture or kill all of them.  It is the only way we will survive."
GM: I need to know two things....
GM: Where the group is located and what you are using as a light source.
GM: I just sent an updated map.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC I'm operating under the assumption that we're in the tunnel above the waterfall (where the derro guards were waiting for Terjon), using his sunrod, preferably muffled to avoid being too terribly bright but still allowing the LL vision people to see pretty far.
GM: I thought you were on the ledge as well.
GM: Uletsabe is at the junction where Terjon killed the second Derro Sentry.
Terjon: "Almendra, did you know your brother was part of an expedition to this place?"
GM: We will refer to the first cavern as the Sentry Cavern from now on.
Almendra: "He was a healer, travelling to Skull Crag with a caravan."
Almendra: "Like me, he wished to seek his fortune far from the noble courts of Immersea and Suzail."
Almendra: "When I heard that his caravan was beset by brigands I feared the worst.  Now that fear is confirmed."
Almendra: "At least I can lay it to rest.  Cer speaks the truth, we must not let ourselves grow careless.  Perhaps we can still aid some of those who suffer."
Almendra: "I am a disciple of Ilmater, god of mercy for those who suffer.  I have come to the right place!"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Before we risk encountering the Derro, it would be wise of me to use this magic when it will be easy, rather than in the midst of combat.  It is a blessing of Dragon's might, carrying the strength of my ancestors with it." 
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC zapping each member of the party with the dragon wand.
Atilla: "you ain't usen that elf majic on me"
Atilla: "dammable elf"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Pendril's human, by the way.
Terjon: "I hope Helm grants us the strength to save as many poor souls as we can."
Atilla: "I couln't tell with that robe on"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "I understand your reluctance to trust magic, friend Atilla, but we must use every edge we can.  I swear that I will do you no harm with this."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC D'oh!  I hate running two copies of iPC!
Atilla: "I will give way to you on this one."
GM: Those affected by the wand gain +3 Str and +4hp.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC that was from Pendril
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC The +4 hp are temporary, and can go above maximum, get used up first by damage, etcetera.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Does anyone refuse?
GM: I need to know your light source.  Only Cer, Terjon, and Atilla have unusual vision.
Furnok: "I will accept your majic, Pendril."
Kishara: ooc: nope!
Atilla: "no"
Kishara: "I will accept your enchantments, mage..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC A sunrod, heavily muffled.
Terjon: "Helm usually requires that his faithful rely on thier own abilities, but under the circumstances.."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC What about Yayl?
Yayl: is kneeling on the ledge.
Uletsabe: turns her head about, listening.
Terjon: "Cer, should we start moving? How often do they change sentries?"
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 6
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Do I know?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "The longer we wait, the worse it gets.  Let's go."
Uletsabe: "I hear dripping water to the northeast."
Terjon: "Cer, perhaps you and Atilla should go first, you can look for traps and Atilla can look for unusual stone work."
Uletsabe: "And running water to the southeast, if my senses to not cheat me."
Atilla: "my pleasure"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "This is a good plan.  And the dwarf sees better in the dark than I do."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Pendril, can you make light?"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Tis a pittance for one of my powers.  Of course."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Good.  Be prepared to create a light if we encounter the Derro.  It will hurt them far worse than it hurts us."
Pendril of Wyvernspur:


*The guess made later that this was just an area where the Derro would lead intruders to fall into traps was correct.  The going was slow, but the party navigated it successfully.  A lesser party would have suffered here.*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Let's go."
Terjon: "I can take rear guard since I can see a little better in the dark than those with only human blood"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "The humans should stay in the middle and carry the muffled light.  Then none of us are blind but we stand the least chance of giving ourselves away."
Atilla, you up to staying a little later to get a few griplets put together for attacks and skills?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Any questions?"
GM: You will only be able to go single file, stooping.
Uletsabe: "Cursed wretches!  My longbow is useless!"
Uletsabe: draws her short sword.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC is the tunnel small enough to use a shortbow in?
Terjon: "Uletsabe, pehaps you can use one of the Sentries crossbows?"
GM: I have the marching order as Cer, Uletsabe, Almendra, Furnok, Pendril, Atilla, and Terjon?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Atilla should be up front with Cer.
Uletsabe: "I will take one, and some bolts as well, thought I will be at a great disadvantage with this ... crossbow."
Kishara: ooc: GM Kishara is where?
Atilla: "I am here with Cer'"
GM: So, Atilla is near the front?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If you would be better with a shortbow, you can use mine."
Uletsabe: "Thank you.  That is more my style!"
Atilla: "Up front, I am short enough the arrows will pass over my head, I am sure."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Use it in good health."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Furnok: "Keeps to center so he can heal both sides>
GM: Which way are you going?
(New Character to GM):  Ok I got on the website and have the character sheet. I have also looked it over
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC heading towards where the derro sentry was running when Terjon killed him
(New Character to GM):  ok
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Hiding, moving silently, and searching for traps

*I rolled most of the Spot checks secretly*
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 12
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 19
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 15
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 7
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 15
GM: The derro's body lies in a twisted heap on the ground.
Terjon: " THe derro was fiddling with something on the wall here"
GM: The corridor smells like a damp shower with a faint meat locker odor.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC My cer window just crashed he'll be right back.
GM: The narrow passage splits left and right.
Uletsabe: "I heard water coming from the East, to our right."
iGM: Character sheet received from New Character                
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Do you know which way he was going when you killed him?"
Almendra: put on her armor while everyone was talking.
GM: I am imposing a temporary circumstance penalty of -1 due to your soaking clothes, armor and equipment.
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 19iGM: Player connection closed on server  4
Terjon: "He was either trying to go through the wall, or getting into a hidden stash"
Atilla: OOC not including Atilla, Furnok, and Ultsabe. right?
Atilla: OOC didn't you see him playing with a finger like object?

Terjon: OOC Does Terjon suffer the penalty? He wears no armor, and simple clothes"
GM: Penalty only for those who swam in!
Terjon: OOC Yup Atilla...
GM: I will exempt Terjon and Cer.
GM: Which way do you go?  Atilla is in the front.
Atilla: "we should surch the body for a key and go the Derro way in right?
GM: I assumed you guys searched the bodies already and I sent a .txt file with what you found.  I will send it again now.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I think he was playing with one of the metal vials I found, not a key."
Atilla: "o.k. then to the right!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC regardless, we should go right.  It's unlikely that the river curves around, and Cer swam down the river to escape from their camp.
GM: You proceed about thirty feet and the passage curves to the left.  Presently, you come to a passage that branches off to the left.
GM: Atilla senses that the passage goes down at about a 2 degree angle.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar listens carefully to his surroundings, rolling 19 + A0+ R7 = 26
GM: Atilla is fairly sure that hardly anyone has passed this way.  Uletsabe notes that you are looking at the floor.
Uletsabe: "It seems this way is less used than a one-legged stool"
GM: Walls and floor look clear here.

GM: I will assume that everyone is advancing cautiously and keeping an eye out for anything unusual.  I will make appropriate rolls.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Perhaps we should go back to the first branching, before the place where Terjon dueled with this guard?"
GM: That is, not by the same player as Atilla.
Terjon: OOC That's better.. thought I was seeing double there :-)
Kishara: ooc: makes the doppleganger attack really work!
Terjon: OOC: Furnok is in the middle with Pendril
GM: You can continue straight or go to the left.  Both passages disappear into the gloom.
GM: Atilla is sure that she hears a trickle of water from the right passage.
Atilla: "o.k. then right!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: "it is hard for a dwarf to go sraight, but lets go"
GM: I am sending an updated map.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Just for clarity's sake, I have both weapons at the ready with a sunrod hanging from my belt.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Sunrod is not lit, yet.
Kishara: "By Freeia... this is a dismal place."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: "seems to be a pressure plate, we should steer clear."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: Avoiding the stone indicated by Atilla, the party arrives at the end of the passage where the tunnel continues only to the left...
Atilla: "I am also thinking do we want to travel in the less traveled regions of this infernal place, or do we want to go the more traveled route next time?

[Cathedral and Shaft Up]


GM: The juncture is a natural cavern with striated ribbons of stone on the cieling formed by aeons of dripping water...
GM: Above a small, steaming pool (about six feet across) is a natural fissure in the cieling.  It narrows to a three foot crack and continues unabated into the gloom.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Should we investigate that?"
iGM:     * Character information received from Observer...
Furnok: "Sure"
Furnok: "Get Atilla to do that"
Uletsabe: "We must go west again, or prepare for a climb.  Would the Derro use such an ascent as an entry to their home?"
GM: Players should have the Caverns album available, I'll be refering to that.
Atilla: "Gee, Furnok you sure are willing to offer me out, didn't you learn to say please."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I doubt it.  They are lazy, the only time I've seen a derro go to any effort was to inflict pain."
Furnok: "Please"
Terjon: "Judging from the climbing gear on the sentry, they could use any passage in these caves.."
Atilla: "And now chuckling, did you drink some cave water?"

GM: If you refer to the pic "Cathedral" you will see what the ribbon formations look like.

Furnok: "No... I don't feel like getting sick."

Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
*This was an excellent observation:  I prefer to have players say what they are looking for rather than just "looking around for anything unusual".  You will have better results this way.  I make the DC pretty high for "anything unusual".*

Uletsabe: "If it is not the way, perhaps we should investigate it, perhaps it will come in useful to know our way."
GM: The shaft does not appear to have been molested for quite some time.
Uletsabe: moves to guard the east passage.

Atilla: "possible escape route."
*Good thinking!*

GM: Atilla notes that the water seems fresh but has the faintest smell of sulphur.
GM: It drips ever so slowly from the ribbon points and trickles down the wall.  There are deposits of slimy algae on the wall.

Kishara: "or places to hide for foul creatures... be wary Atilla."
Furnok: "How high is it?"
GM: Please refer to pic  1 "Shaft going up"
GM: The water is only six inches deep.
GM: But Atilla is wary anyway!
GM: The shaft does not appear to have an end.  It goes up for about forty feet and jogs to the north out of sight.
Atilla: "I have seen a fish the size of my thumb devour an entire cow, small packages can carry a big punch. Let's get out of here."
Almendra: "Perhaps Cer could scout ahead."
Uletsabe: "What in the Nine Hells kind of fish was that?"
Kishara: "Not too far ahead... hopefully"


*You would think he'd learn his lesson!*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "I'll take a look, at any rate.  I won't go far."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: "deep in this jungle we were passing through, the party members called it an Atilla."
Uletsabe: "A little fish named Atilla?"
Uletsabe: chuckles.
Kishara: "Aye little one, no doubt it was not edible..."
Furnok: "Probably seeing things..."
Furnok: "Too much ale."
GM: Cer's form disappears into the shadows.
GM: I am going to put what he sees and encounters in the main box for your edification and entertainment!
Atilla: "So my fellow companions, what are we looking for, the dungeons?"
GM: Hold on a sec, there buckaroo!  You scale a full 500 feet!  There are deposits of algae here and there and the constant trickle of steaming water from above.  As you approach the
GM: 500 foot mark you see sunlight streaming down, faintly and indirectly...
Atilla: "Or the sleeping chambers of the higher Derro?"
GM: You also hear loud chomping and gurgling noises, like an oversized crocodile eating a cow!
Furnok: "I don't think the Derro would put that much energy into getting to bed..."
GM: Cer is gone about ten minutes so far.
Atilla: OOC Cinder?
GM: --C
GM: Also, the tunnel has turned northward as well.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC You're kidding, right?  500 feet?
Furnok: "Maybe someone should go with him."
GM: No, he's gone 500 feet.

*500 feet up.  The shaft is actually longer than that, about 800 feet if you count the northerly slope.*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Where are these chomping and gurgling noises coming from?
Atilla: "So we are looking for the Dungeons."
GM: The noises are coming from above.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Right, then, back down to the group.
Kishara: "Little amazon, we are looking for the warrens of the Derro... there they would keep prisoners.
Kishara: "There will also be more of the dark dwarves about"
Kishara: "and some of their allies and beasts, no doubt..."
Furnok: "I wonder what Atilla is talking about"
Atilla: "the derro are nocturnal right, so now is when the sleep. right?"
GM: --C
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I climb back down the shaft.
GM: Cer rejoins the group.
Kishara: "I know not of dark dwarves..."
Almendra: plays absent-mindedly with her hair.
Terjon: "Seems like Cer has been gone quite awhile.. Ah.. there he is"
Kishara: "There! he returns."
Uletsabe: "I'm glad there was no repeat of last time he scouted ahead."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "It's about 500 feet up, I could see sunlight but hear chomping and gurgling noises.  Probably not worth the trouble as an escape route if we're going to have to fight a troll or something at the top."

*Yes, but wouldn't it be better not to fight the creature when not pursued?*

Kishara: "... Aye..."
Terjon: "That's a bit of a tough climb, especially for those in heavy armor."
Almendra: "You didn't see what it was?"
Atilla: "Cer' are the Derro nocturnal?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Nay, my last experience in scouting has taught me to be a little more cautious."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Nay, my last experience in scouting has taught me to be a little more cautious."
Atilla: "moving on"
Uletsabe: "But you say you saw sunlight?"
Kishara: "A way out, if need be... "
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes, worth remembering, at any rate.  Let's not waste any more time on this, though."
Uletsabe: "Should we not then clear the way first?  No good tripping over the broom we left by the door!"
GM: The party proceeds East then?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "What, you want to climb a 500 foot chimney and fight god knows what just so we might have an alternate escape route?  I'll settle for the river, if needs be."
Kishara: "I vote for east... If he lives, Darm needs us."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The passage goes about fifty more feet when a passage opens up to your left, heading South.
GM: The passage also continues straight ahead.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar listens carefully to his surroundings, rolling 8 + A0+ R7 = 15
GM: Cer notes no unusual sounds.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The passage goes for another fifty feet and curves sharply to the left.
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 18
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 12
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 5
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 7
GM: Once past the curve, Cer notes another set shale flagstone similar to the other that you found.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Atilla: "we should be extra wary of our path, including traps on the walls"
GM: Avoiding the suspicious stone, the party continues Southward now for about eighty feet when the tunnel turns sharply to the left again.
GM: I am sending a map in about 60 seconds.


Kishara: "Three fingers... a trap, two, a door or passage, one, an enemy..."
Kishara: ooc: might as well prepare for a bit of stealth action...
GM: He appears to have disappeared.
Kishara: ooc: invisible?
Kishara: ooc: hand signals, for when we need to move silently... anybody have any others?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC a raised fist meaning stop
Terjon: OCC One hand parallel with the ground, palm down, other hand underneath with middle finger extended.. "bury me, I'm screwed" :-)
Kishara: ooc: only if your dice are sucky.... heh....
Terjon: OOC Furnok appears again.. He's like a ghost :-)

Atilla: "o.k. an elf, a human, and a dwarf go into a bar and order three ales. when the ales arrive a fly land in each one. The elf distainfully pushes the ale aside, havin' nothin' to do with it. The human picks out the fly and drinks the ale in a gulp. The dwarf gingerly picks out the fly, holds it over the glass, and screams "Spit it you ye basterd spit it out." Starts to chuckle.
Uletsabe: "That's a good one, Atilla!"
Almendra: crinkles her forehead.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC we playing again?
Yayl: tries to discreetly adjust his balls.
GM: OK, that's five.  --Any
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 9
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 18
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 18
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 20
GM: It is Atilla this time that stops Cer short as he is about to step on one of the unusual stones as you pass the curve.
Terjon: OOC: back
GM: You have returned to your starting point.  Did everyone get the map?
Kishara: ooc: ayup
Terjon: ooc: si
Yayl: "And to think I could be sitting at home right now..."
Atilla: OOC yep
Kishara: "Ok little one... Did you hear the one about the man that couldn't spell?                                              He spent the night in a warehouse..."
GM: I'll make a long story short for you: the three passages going inwards towards the center of this area meet.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "It is adventures like these which will endear you to the people you rule one day, Yayl."
Almendra: "I don't get it.  Can someone explain it to me?"
Yayl: "Yippee.  I can't wait to be endeared."
Uletsabe: chuckles and shakes her head, "Perhaps we should save the jokes for later?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Yes.  Later."


Terjon: "Let us go back to the passage that we have not yet explored"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "The passage is probably meant for the guards to lure intruders into traps.  Let's go back to the first branching."
GM: From the top of the ledge in the Sentry Cavern there is a passage that goes East.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC that's where cer's going
Atilla: OOC or not?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Incidentally, keep in mind the thing where elves automatically search for secret doors, if there happen to be any around..
(Terjon to GM):  Should we just designate a party caller so we can move things along at a quicker pace?
(Cer'Edrion ip Phar to Terjon):  Yeah, I think so.  Nobody wants to wander off on their own.
GM: I'm on that like fruit flies on a fruit pie!
GM: You follow the East passage to where it forks...
GM: The left passage is a dead end after thirty feet...
GM: Down the right passage you hear rushing water...
GM: and you can see that it goes but thirty feet and opens up into a larger chamber.
Terjon: OOC: In the interest of moving the game along, I suggest we designate someone as the party caller who will speak for all party actions until we need to take individual control of our characters. Any objections?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Nope.
Kishara: ooc: nope
Furnok: "none"
GM: Well, who's going to call?  And call soon!
Atilla: OOC are you waiting for me?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I will, I'm in the lead, it makes th     t sense.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Unless you want to, Atilla.
GM: --C
Terjon: OOC: Fine, I second that.. Go for it Cer.
Atilla: "nay, youv'e got a cute tushie."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Alright.  Cer peeks into the larger cavern, and then, assuming his head isn't bitten off by a dragon, we check the place out.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Searching for traps and being careful and generally as alert as a group of people in constant mortal danger would be.
GM: I am assuming that all members of the party are using their Spot ability.  I am also taking into consideration Elven or Dwarven abilities.
Atilla: OOC you rule!


GM: As the party approaches the southern cavern the unmistakable odor of garbage assails their senses.
GM: At the end of the tunnel the passage empties out over a cavern through which a stream wends its way through scattered rocks and boulders...
GM: A thick layer of foamy brown garbage covers the floor of the cavern...
GM: Here and there you can pick out a broken bone or a skull.
GM: It is about a thirty foot drop from the wide ledge mouth.
GM: There do not appear to be any other exits except where the water enters and leaves.
GM: --Any
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Is there a convenient place to tie a rope off somewhere around here?
Atilla: "maybe we can tromp upstream, to where Cer escaped from. As long as we do not heve to swim."
Kishara: "We goin upstream Cer?"
GM: This area is not familiar to Cer.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I didn't pass through here when I made my escape."
Terjon: Terjon carefully looks around, rolling 19 + 4 = 23!
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Pendril of Wyvernspur tries to spot anything odd or out of the ordinary, rolling 9 + A0+ R8 = 17

*They were up against an Offal Dweller in its home.  The DC was 29 to see it!  If I'm not mistaken the creature gets something like +13 to hid in its own lair.*

GM: The ceiling is adorned with pale yellow stalactites; the fruits of millenia of dripping.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC D'oh, pendril doesn't have that much spot.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC How much farther upstream was the fungus farm from the ledge with the guards?

*Did I answer this?  It's like 1500 feet more if I do not mistake.*

Kishara: "You hear the one about the tight-       dwarf. He was so cheap he bought beans to save on having to buy bubble bath."
GM: Besides, I'm making Spot rolls for you.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Is there a convenient place to tie a rope off somewhere around here?
GM: There are several good places to tie a rope.  Small stalagmites and other formations litter the tunnels.
Furnok: "I didn't know you amazons were so funny. Kishara"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar begins using the rope, rolling 4 + A5+ R4 = 13
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: +2 for silk rope.
GM: Rope is secured.
Almendra: draws her short bow and takes up position on the ledge.
Uletsabe: does the same.
GM: Cer observes that the cavern is a rough square about sixty feet across...
GM: The North half of the cave from which you are approaching turns out to actually be filled with water covered with a layer of debris and refuse....
GM: Cer sinks almost to his waist in it as he touches down.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Yuck.

*Yeah, that is nasty.  I'll never forget our High School field trip to the sewage treatment plant.  There's this brown crusty foam that forms...*

GM: There are large rocks and boulders that make the room a veritable maze for the rank offal that drifts through here.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Uletsabe: --Anyone else, actions?
GM: --Anyone else, actions?
GM: --C Spot
Kishara: "So a cleric, and a politician end their lives here in the forgotten realms, and are standing at Freeia's gates... Freeia herself comes to give them their places in heaven. To the Cleric, she gives a key which leads to a small, simple humble cottage. To the politican, she gives the keys to Freeias' palace...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to spot anything odd or out of the ordinary, rolling 16 + A0+ R8 = 24

*Still no luck with that Spot roll*

Terjon: GM: --T Climb roll DC 10
Terjon: Terjon attempts to scale the surface in front of him, rolling 7 + 8 = 15!
GM: --C roll d20
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 2
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d20 for a result of 5
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: If that's initiative, I've got +5
GM: --Hold except Atilla and Furnok
GM: Yes, actions.  I did not make an album for this session.  Please check your email!  There's a little surprise there!
Kishara: The Cleric is upset, and asks why he only gets a cottage in heaven, while the politician gets Freeias' luxurious palace. Freeia answers, "there are many clerics here in my realm, but this is the first politician that made it here."

[Offal Dweller]


GM: Near the center of the room there is a gurgle, like a burp from under the layer of refuse, and THAT rises out and lunges at Cer!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  29 for a possible critical hit (x2).
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  7  and fumbles.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  11 
Terjon: "Cer!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I'll be using my dodge bonus against the offal dweller.
GM: AC is 17.  Terjon is on a boulder ten feet away.
GM: --Hold actions, we are in combat rounds.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar strikes inflicting <*ERROR IN CALCULATION FORMULA*> points of damage.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d6 for a result of 2
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: +2 for 4
GM: Cer is not surprised.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: AC is 21 versus this thing.
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 6
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 10
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 5
Kishara: ooc: we still have melee bonuses from Pendrils enchantments?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Oh, yeah,  I would have done +3
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: so 5
GM: Cer finds it difficult to move about in the muck and one of the thing's horrible grasping mouths latches on to him.
GM rolls 1d6 for a result of 1
GM: C=1,  Ouch!
GM: --C

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC this isn't one of those things where I'm auto-grappled, is it?
GM: Don't start with me, young man!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Just curious.  :)

*Say, that give me an idea...*

GM: --K
Terjon: OOC: Okay archers, it's time for air support!
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 9
Kishara aims her shortbow, lets her breath out and releases the arrow rolling a 6 + 6 = 12
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 13
Kishara: ooc: missed...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  18 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  19 
Uletsabe: lets fly two arrows in rapid succession, her hands a blur of action.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC or was my action to do the earlier attack?
GM: This is the first normal round.  Your party has initiative.
GM: --P
GM: --T
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Terjon: Terjon fires a storm of sharp metal shuriken towards his foe at point blank range! , rolling 19+7 = 26 ,7+7 = 14 ,3+7 = 10
GM: One shuriken strikes the thing on one of its rubbery arms.
Kishara: ooc: ooohhh... nice Terjon...
Terjon: 2 pts of damage
GM: Cer is doing some damage, no?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: oh, right.  :)
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d6 for a result of 5
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d6 for a result of 6
GM: --A
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: One of those +3, the other +5
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: So 19 points.
GM: Cer begins to pummel the creature, streaks of brownish-purple ichor spray onto the walls!
GM: With a gurgling sqeal the thing tries to withdraw beneath the surface of the water.
GM: Characters on the ledge may make ranged attacks now if they have a ranged weapon ready.
Kishara aims her shortbow, lets her breath out and releases the arrow rolling a 5 + 6 = 11
GM: Cer may make an attack of opportunity.
Kishara: Kishara quickly nocks another arrow and fires rolling a 16 + 6 = 22
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  26 for a possible critical hit (x2).
Kishara: The arrow strikes true and Kishara does 5 damage
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 2
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 9
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar lashes out with Ironfang, rolling  11 
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 15
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d6 for a result of 5
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: 10 with ironfang
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Pendril of Wyvernspur fires his light crossbow, rolling  16 
GM: Ironfang lodges firmly in the thing's central eye...
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OO, so close.
GM: Purple juice squirts from a half-dozen wounds as the thing rolls over, floating belly up.

*Unbeknownst to the party I designed this encounter strictly according to the DM guide CR chart.  This was a CR4 creature.  Supposedly this is a challenge for a group of four fourth level adventurers.  Our party consists of nine second level adventurers who managed to inflict more than 40 points of damage in just a few rounds.  I think that there are lots of factors besides party level that I need to consider when designing encounters.  I believe that a well-run, well-equipped party can handle things more difficult than this.*

Terjon: OOC Nice job Cer!!!
Kishara: "Good to go!... any more of those creatures down here...?
Atilla: "maybe we should try and weight this thing down so there isn't a dead moster in the Derro garbage can."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Furnok: "Kudos Cer'"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Not surprising that the derro would keep a monster in their garbage can."
Atilla: "slice the belly, maybe there is treasure"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Kishara: "Good idea little one.... we should search this pit for anything useful..."
Terjon: "Errff"
Furnok: "at least it might fill with water and sink."
GM: Cer's dirty work pays off.  In the thing's gizzard he finds a number of rings and gemstones.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: There are three rings, two of gold and one silver.  The silver is adorned with three stones of chaledony.
Atilla: OOC offel you mean Cer'
GM: The gemstones are three in number as well and appear to be uncut jacinths.

*The value of the jacinths is 10gp each.  The rings are worth 100gp each except the one set with Chalcedony, it is worth 150gp*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Pendril, could you see if any of these are magical?"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Perhaps I should examine the other objects from the derro guards as well, but yes."
GM: Kishara sees no sign of activity.
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Terjon: OOC; Did I recover my shuriken?
GM: None of the objects has a radiation of magic.
iGM: Character sheet received from Kishara                      
iGM:     * Character information received from Kishara...
GM: Terjon is able to locate his shuriken.   One is lodged firmly in the hardened fecal matter of a Derro warrior.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC LOL@
Terjon: OOC: Ewww :-)
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "Nay, none of that be magical" 
Kishara: ooc: Hey Terj, maybe you can poison someone with that...>
GM: No other radiations in the room.
Terjon: OOC: only if you carry it for me :-)
GM: --Any
Kishara: ooc: "DON'T... get me started... heh heh..."
Atilla: "where was Cer' goin' anyhow just to visit the offel monster?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I was hoping to find another way out of here."
GM: The arrow is ruined beyond repair.


GM: Where the stream enters there is a fissure about four feet in height and fiteen feet broad.
Kishara: "13 left..."
GM: The stream occupies all but the top one foot of that.
Atilla: "moving on"
Atilla: "besides we are not really looking for a way out"
Terjon: OOC: Cer.. Lead on!
GM: Cer does not find anything of interest besides a few decaying weapons.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Another way out of this room, I meant, and it looks like we've found one.  I'm guessing the Derro dump their garbage in this stream and it winds up here.  If we go upstream, we find the Derro."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC I'd have put more points in Swimming if I'd known we were going to be playing the amphibious assault game, although I should've remembered to expect it from you.  :)

*While I knew it was possible to go this route I really didn't expect you to take it.  It presents some interesting twists.*

GM: You guys are the ones choosing to go upstream.  There was a land approach to where you are now, Atilla found it.
GM: You guys should discuss your options.  BRB the baby just woke.
Kishara: ooc: ok for swimming... how bout Atilla though... she prefers the dry appraoch, no?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC she should be able to walk upstream without any difficulty.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC I can't remember a game of yours I've played in that didn't have a cave full of water in it, along with creepy swamp music to set the mood.  :)
Atilla: "by the great gods, Isn't there another way?"
Kishara: Kishara looks at the 4'6"..... dwarf
Terjon: ooc: We should tie ourselves together with rope if we move up the stream.. no telling what kinds of            sink holes are there
Kishara: "On my back little one?"
Terjon: ooc: naw she will be the Atilla fish! har har..
Kishara: "we have an advantage of surprise coming from the water, they would never guess a dwarf would come by that way..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "You don't have to swim, atilla.  You can walk."
Kishara: "Terjon, I like the tie-off idea, where we are attached to each other... makes rescues easier...
Atilla: "well then, I suppose"
Kishara: "Want to borrow one of my short spears, little one?"
Atilla: "I would prefer something a little less valuable, maybe a decreped weapon"
Pendril of Wyvernspur: "It should be easy enough to tie us all together, and a prudent maneuver, at that."
Kishara: "Anybody have a staff Atilla could borrow?"
Terjon: "Here Atilla"
GM: So, you guys decide to go off upstream?
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Yep.
Kishara: ayup...
GM: I will make this a short story.
GM: You all die a horrible screaming death!
GM: Just kidding!

Atilla: "ahhh this old broken staff, from the offel will suffice."
GM: I'm assuming you keep the same marching order?
Kishara: Kishara shoulders her bow, and takes out Ashanka>
GM: Since you have taken such precautions I will not harass you on the point of making the journey...
GM: The stream is slow flowing and with at least a foot of breathing space at all times....
GM: But this makes it no less harrowing!  The cold water and confined space make the weaker of will feel as if they are drowning, crushed by the oppressive weight of the mountain.
GM: How are the humans seeing where they are going?
Atilla: "o.k. when I am in water past my knees, I consider that swimming. Just for future reference."
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Sunrod, muffled.
GM: So, the sunrod on very dimly?
GM: The way is long and tiring.  Your muscles ache as you go up the water-filled fissure for about 500 feet.
GM: Never knowing what sorts of things might be lurking in the dark water...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:


GM: Slowly, you percieve the sound of rushing water ahead, and a dim bluish glow, almost imperceptible...
GM: About 100 feet ahead you see where a waterfall rushes into the fissure from above.
GM: --Caller
GM: You have been proceeding in a roughly Eastward direction.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: We continue forward slowly and carefully, being sure not to reveal ourselves to anyone who might be watching from the top of the waterfall.
GM: As you approach the waterfall you see that it, in turn, issues from the bottom of a narrow and rocky ravine, perhaps ten feet wide...


*Any number of things could have gone wrong here*

GM: At the top of both cliff faces you see two Derro warriors chatting in their hard language...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: Across the narrow chasm is laid a broad wooden plank.
Atilla: "if we attempt an attack and fail it willnot be as easy to go after them."
GM: Only the front three party members can see up.
Kishara: ooc: how much natural light here?
GM: From the cieling of the passageway above the chasm there is a faint bluish glow.
GM: Patches of luminescent fungi grow here and there.
Kishara: ooc: moonlight strength, or less?
GM: Less.
Atilla: "maybe Cer' the brave should go up for an attack why we try and draw their attention"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Are there two total guards, or 4?
GM: Remember, anything in quotes is actually said by your character.
Terjon: "What do you see up there?"
GM: Your characters are not telepathic either!
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 15
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 10
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 19
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 14
Kishara: ooc: strength of current?

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Unless they're freaking batmen, if they're chatting at the top of a waterfall and we're whispering to each other at the bottom, they won't be able to hear us.
*Good point.*

GM: You are in four feet deep water.  The falls are ten feet high and it is a further twenty feet to the top of the chasm.  There are four sentries, two on each side.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Terjon can free climb.  Anyone else?"
Terjon: "Cer and I could climb up on either side. Atilla and the rest could make some distraction"
Atilla: "mayb ewe could cover ourselves in blu     s and try to stelth past them"
Kishara: Not too good at it though...
Atilla: "I am not to bad at climbing."
GM: I am assuming that you are all whispering now.
Furnok: "Not I"
GM: I am composing a tactical layout.  Check you email in about one minute.
Terjon: "Well How about the archers take positions, Cer and I Stealth over and climb up.. The archers fire and we leap up on the ledge?"
Almendra: "But what lies beyond the sentries?"
Almendra: "Why would they guard this spot?"
Kishara: 'Seems like a good plan... we can cover their approach as well..."
Uletsabe: "Maybe these control the bridge.  If you call that a bridge."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I could try to sneak past them, you can cover me with bows if I'm spotted."
Almendra: "A single scream and we're dead!"
Yayl: "Maybe we can bribe them!"
Yayl: "I'm great at that!"
Terjon: "Cer, I still think we should both go up.. I'm not as stealthy as you but I'm no slouch"
Almendra: clenches her blade.  She draws a strand of hair to her mouth.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Very well, then.  Terjon and I climb up and the rest cover with bows."
Terjon: OOC: She is loosing it folks..
Kishara: ooc: suggestion: in the tactical maps a red spot to mark party...
Uletsabe: tries to dry her bowstring by shaking it.
Uletsabe: Red spot coming right up!
Kishara: ooc: never mind, I know where we are on this map... I just meant for the future...
Terjon: "Furnok, a prayer on our behalf wouldn't hurt either."
Furnok: "Always"
Kishara: "Be prepared to avenge the death of your brother....
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Almendra.  Keep calm.  If this goes well, they'll be dead before they know we're there."
GM: We're going to go into combat rounds now.
GM: Round 1
GM: --C
GM: I am assuming that this is all simultaneous.

*I must admit that this situation was handled very well.*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Hides, moves silently, and begins scaling the right (from his perspective) side of the cliff.
Kishara: ooc: do we still benefit from Pendrils enchantment?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar attempts to hide, rolling 11 + A5+ R17 = 33
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to move without a sound, rolling 17 + A5+ R9 = 31
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar tries to climb the stucture before him, rolling 14 + A2+ R11 = 27
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Yep, until we rest.
GM: --K
Almendra: nocks an arrow and move up to the left side of the exit.
Uletsabe: does likewise but to the right.
GM: Both women are staying well out of view, just barely peeking up.
GM: Kishara is in the center.
Kishara: ooc: wetbow modifiers?
GM: There is a -1 circumstance penalty for conditions.
GM: --P
GM: --T
Terjon: Terjon attempts to hide, rolling 5 + 10 = 15!
Terjon: Terjon attempts to move silently, rolling 20 + 10 = 30!
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Terjon: Terjon attempts to scale the surface in front of him, rolling 18 + 8 = 26!
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC Nice going Terjon!  :)
GM: --A
GM: --F
GM: I am going to rule that the DC to see your party (not necessarily a certain member) is 22.
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 11
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 7
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 20
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 1

*I had assigned a DC of 22.  That would mean a natural 20 to spot the party.  I took into account the normal factors.  Additionally, the guards were inattentive and the waterfall masked most sounds.  I can't believe I rolled a 20!*

GM: Kishara sees one of the guard's eyes widen as Terjon nears the top!
GM: It is one on Cer'
GM: s side to the right.
GM: The Sentries fumble for their crossbows.
GM: --C
Pendril of Wyvernspur: OOC have I made it to the top yet?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Have I made it to the top yet?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC This two windows thing is Killing me!
GM: You are about five feet from the top.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: AC is 15
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  14 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: +1 for higher strength, +2 for charging
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d6 for a result of 1
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: 4 points.
GM: With a look of surprise the guard falls, clutching his own intestines!
GM: --K
Terjon: Terjon's unarmed attack finds it's mark, doing 3 + 2 = 5 points of damage!
Kishara aims her shortbow, lets her breath out and releases the arrow rolling a 4 + 5 = 9
Kishara aims her shortbow, lets her breath out and releases the arrow rolling a 17 + 5 = 22
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 1
The arrow strikes true and Kishara does 2 damage
Uletsabe: drops her bow into the water.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC what's yayl doing?  Tell me he has the guts to use a bow!  :)
GM: Please state whether you are targeting a guard on the right (Cer) or left.
GM: --T
GM: Terjon is five feet from the top as well.
Terjon: Terjon strikes out with his deadly feet and fists, rolling 2 + 4 = 6
GM: AC is 16, my mistake.
GM: And Terjon's second roll?
GM: --A
GM: --F
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 20
Terjon: OOC: Didn't know that I could do FOF since I just charged up..
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 20
Terjon: Terjon strikes out with his deadly feet and fists, rolling 6 + 4 = 10
GM: Whiff!
GM rolls 2d6 for a result of 6
Furnok rolls 1d20 for a result of 13
Almendra: shoots true!  Her arrow lodges in the throat of one of the sentries who falls with a muffled gurgle into the river!
Atilla: OOC now I know how Cer' feels
Atilla rolls 1d20 for a result of 20
Atilla: +11
GM: Atilla makes it all the way to the top!
GM: Her fury knows no bounds!
Kishara: "lil Spidey, Go!"

Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
GM: Two guards are alive.
GM: Did Pendril not take an action?
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Nope.
Pendril of Wyvernspur: casting sleep would be his action.
GM: Hope this works!
Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 2d4 for a result of 6
Pendril of Wyvernspur: DC 14 will save
GM: They have spell resistance of 18 as well.
Pendril of Wyvernspur rolls 1d20 for a result of 19
Pendril of Wyvernspur: Which matters not to a descendant of the true dragon-blooded sorcerers.
GM: Here comes the save...
GM rolls 1d20 for a result of 2
Pendril of Wyvernspur:
Terjon: OOC: You show em Pendril!

*That was amazing!*


GM: Round 2
Derro Warrior: "N'T Ado sa.... aaa..."
GM: One is still standing.
Derro Warrior: runs at full speed away from Cer.
GM: "Migo!  Sen!"
Derro Warrior: "Migo!  Sen!"

*This is Derro for "Enemies!  Enemies!"  The word "Sen" is a suffix that means "many", so literally this would mean more like "Many foes!"*

GM: --C  Opp
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   My charge will catch him next round, even assuming he lives through my AoO
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Cer'Edrion ip Phar thrusts with Shrike's Wing, rolling  26 
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d6 for a result of 1
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: 4 points
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Cer speaks Derro.
GM: Cer plants his blade in the base of the crying creature's spine!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Derro Warrior: "Migo!  Yeeerta  ... a... gurgle"

*"Yerta" is the command for "awake" or "arise"*

GM: Well, folks, let me tell you what you see.
Kishara: "Lady Almendra... Well Done..."
Terjon: .. "You want this one alive?"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The chasm is in the elbow of a passage, much wider and taller than those heretofore...
GM: that extends North to your left hand and West to your right (Cer is that direction)....
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: There are no other Derro in sight, but now that silence has returned you can hear their guttural conversations echoing from unseen places.
GM: Cer crosses the bridge then?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: SIlence being a relative term near a 20 foot waterfall.  :)
GM: It's a ten foot waterfall.  It's th     t quiet waterfall you've ever heard.  The water tumbles gently from its lip and hardly makes a splash.
Atilla: OOC Atilla, who climbed the Trejon side, can bind him.>
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Yeah, I cross the bridge. I check it for obvious traps first.
GM: There are three obvious directions you could go.  Two I have named and the third is to follow the stream farther up.  From here the tunnel it follows is a full twelve feet in height.
GM: --Any
Terjon: "Thanks Atilla." "Pendril saved my hide there.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Yayl, I'm going to hand the bodies down to you."
Yayl: "Ready."
GM: oog who is playing Furnok now?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC I make sure this sleeping guard is bound and gagged first.  :)
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: You mentioned the binding and gagging.
Terjon: "Helm is having a fine laugh at me of late"
(Furnok to GM):  Hey brother it is I.
Yayl: Takes the three bodies to the base of the waterfall and secures them to rocks out of sight.
Kishara: "You don't say? You climbed well enough to meet the Derro. Perhaps Helm is testing your courage?"
Kishara: "Instead of your fighting abilities..."
GM: Furnok finds that they have equipment similar to the bodies heretofore searched.
Furnok: OOC got it.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "Two options : One - interrogate this guard and see if we can't learn more about the layout of this place and whether or not Darm is still alive.  Two - Kill him and get moving."
Terjon: "Courage I have enough of.. it's my buffoonery in combat that causes him to chuckle"


Terjon: "Let's talk to the guard"
Atilla: " I do not feel that the Derro would be easily questioned, It is worth a shot, but I'll be ready to take his head off if he starts to scream."
Kishara: "His life for information, and good information at that..."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "I think he can be persuaded."
Terjon: "Lets take him back the way we came so if he does make a sound.."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "We go into the stream cavern for this, just in case."
GM: Where is the party gathered right now?
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC we're heading back under the lip of the cavern with guard in tow.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Trying to remove any sign  of our presence here quickly before we leave.
GM: You are at the base of the falls again.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
GM: The water is about three feet deep and the cieling six feet high.  It is one of the more hospitable areas in the stream fissure.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Hospitable is second to "far enough away that his screams won't be heard".
GM: You will need to move further downstream.  300 feet seems sufficient.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Done.
GM: Here is my ruling:  Those with Intimidation skill may attempt the interrogation.
GM: Given the circumstances, and other "pressures" you may apply, I'm lowering the DC to a rock bottom DC 6.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Once we're there, Cer puts the sunrod right in this guys face  on full bright, raps his head on the ceiling and then dunks him under water for maybe 45 seconds.
Kishara: ooc: don't roll a one...
Terjon: OOC: O missed that course at the temple :-)
Furnok: "I will apply a little Sense motive when the questioning begins."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: while he's still gagged.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: Once he's awake, we'll start questioning him.  :)
Cer'Edrion ip Phar rolls 1d20 for a result of 19
Derro Warrior: Struggles.  Tries to shut his eyes.
GM: Ask questions!
Atilla: "i will apply a little chopping of the head if neccessary."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Answer my questions true or I'll cripple you so you're helpless like a halfling and send you naked and clanless out into the flatlands."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Scream or yell and I'll do worse."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "You had a dwarf named Darm, captured maybe 6 months ago.  Is he alive?"
Derro Warrior: "Zo ne beZa"

*The Derro have two ways to say "I".  "Zo" is used when addressing an inferior, it is the honorific form of "I".  "So" is used when addressing a superior.  Derro see things in strict sense of pecking order.*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:

Derro Warrior: sputter!  "Ne Beza! Ne!"
*"Ne" is a prefix meaning "not" or "don't".  That it is repeated again after the verb "beza" (to know) is for emphasis.  This phrase means "I really, really don't know!"

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Who would know?"

Derro Warrior: "Iyab iozar uend"
*"There are many different dwarves."  Iyab = There are/is, iozar = different kinds, or a lot, uend = dwarf.*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: I describe Darm.
Derro Warrior: Nods eagerly!
Derro Warrior: "We have that one.  He is a slave.  He is not dead!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Who owns him?"
(Furnok to GM):  Is he lying. Should I roll
Derro Warrior: "Vrool, our chieftan"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "When does your relief come?"
Derro Warrior: "Not for another ten hours."
(Furnok to GM):  +7

Dice Roll: 1d20
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "If you lie to me again I take one of your eyes."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "When does your relief come?"
Furnok: "Cer' I sense he is lying. The relif is sooner"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Cer's kinda merciless, I'm coming to realize. :)
Derro Warrior: "Did I say ten hours?  I meant ten minutes!"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Do I know where the chieftain lives?
(Furnok to GM):  Keep me posted.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "ten minutes until his relief comes"
GM: No
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Where does Vrool live?"
Derro Warrior: "In a cave"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
Derro Warrior: "I mean, in a cave at the head of the water.  From where flows the water."

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Last chance, runt-of-the-litter.  Make me angry again and I take your strength from you."
*Excellent play on Derro psychology.  They believe that by killing them their enemies can take their essence and part of the strength of the Derro race.*

Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "How do we get there quickly?"
Derro Warrior: looks truly terrified.
Derro Warrior: "There is no easy way!  We are everywhere."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "Wrong answer, I'm starting to get angry." 
Derro Warrior: "Follow the passage opposite my post."
Derro Warrior: "A right, a left, and the second left."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:   "think he's telling the truth?"

GM: Furnok doesn't seem to get any reading.
Furnok: "It is hard to tell with him bound"
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "It'll have to do, we're almost out of time."  "Let's go."
Cer'Edrion ip Phar:
(Furnok to GM):  Electronic dice suck.

*At this point I whispered the following to Kishara.*

GM: You see a Derro warrior approach the chasm from the north.  He is scarred horribly and wears heavier armor and more equipment.  At first he curses to himself.  Then he stoops down near the edge, looking at the floor.  His eyes widen...

(Kishara to GM):  Just one Derro? are more following him...
Atilla: OOC 911 we have an alignment change.
Almendra: "You're going to let him die?  Didn't we promise to let him go?"
(Kishara to GM):  Well, looks like it's time for a shoertbow attack, aiming for the throat...
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: "I never said anything about letting him live.  We can't let him go, and this is no worse than having your guts ripped out with a sword."
(Kishara to GM):  I'm all over it... here we go...
Kishara aims her shortbow, lets her breath out and releases the arrow rolling a 3 + 5 = 8
Kishara quickly nocks another arrow and fires rolling a 19 + 5 = 24
Kishara: ooc: DM AC?
Almendra: AC =19
Kishara rolls  for a result of 19 = 19
GM: That's a critical!
Kishara rolls  for a result of 19 = 19
The arrow strikes true and Kishara does 2 damage
Kishara: "The Throat.....>
GM: She's not attacking Cer!
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Okay, I was afraid she was.  If she's killing the derro, I'm fine with that.
The arrow strikes true and Kishara does 4 damage
The arrow strikes true and Kishara does 6 damage
Kishara: ooc: total of 12
GM: The strike would have killed a lesser warrior but it just lodges in the neck muscle, sending him reeling back.
GM: From Kishara's vantage point she simply sees the warrior flee out of sight.
Kishara: "By Freeia"

*Well, that's a kicker to end on!  I wonder what will happen.  Its a good thing that Kishara had the foresight to hang back and guard.*


*Warning!  Nothing interesting from here on out.*

GM: It's 3:00 and my wife will be picking me up soon.  I need to get ready.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC What the heck just happened?
GM: That's exactly what he asks Kishara when he and the others wade up to where she's standing guard.
GM: --K Climb
GM: DC = 12
Kishara makes a Climbing check, rolling 6 +4 = 10
(Atilla to Kishara):  I have unfortunately been called away. you have my e-mail. Let me know of another convientent time. If only Sat. is good that's o.k. Keep in touch. RU
(Kishara to Atilla):  Will do...

Kishara makes a Climbing check, rolling 4 +4 = 8
(Atilla to Kishara):  Thank You (C:
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Keep in mind that your strength is 3 points higher, so if it was odd you'd be at +2 to climb checks.
(Kishara to Atilla):  Catch you later!
GM: By the time Kishara gains the top of the chasm...
GM: She sees the figure rounding a bend to the North about forty feet away.
GM: That's a wrap for this week.  Thanks for coming.
Cer'Edrion ip Phar: OOC Thanks for running it.  :)
Terjon: Thanks! Twas great as usual!
Kishara: OK... Thanks! Good round.
Atilla: "hasta sabado>



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