Some Comments on Dwarfs

Hey Shawn,

I hope this is the right email to get you on. Just watched through your review on the Dwarfs book. I'm mid way through building an army. It's my first fantasy army so I can't say I know what's really good off the bat but I thought I'd point out a few things you missed, in case they interest you.

The first is some of the big points & type changes. First you mentioned Longbeards. These cost 1 point more than before but you no longer need to take any warriors to have them. Rangers moved from Core to Rare and are a separate entry rather than an upgrade for other Core.

The Cannon went up 30 points, making it cost as much as an Organ Gun. Now you glanced over the Organ Gun, but they seem to me one of the best things in rare. You roll two artillery dice to see how many hits you get. Roll one misfire and you are merely -1 to hit. You have to roll two to get onto the misfire table. The thing is, for 25pts you can take the rune of forging which allows you to reroll misfires. Very powerful.

Gyrocopters changed a lot. They used to be 140pts in Rare, so 80pts in Special is kind of crazy. Another small but amazing change is the Runelord/smith which give all weapons in their unit the armour piercing rule (amongst many other cool things)

Finally there is a runic banner called Strollaz's rune (35pts) that can be fun to get onto many units as it gives them vanguard. Given dwarfs big weakness is movement speed, a 12" move before the first turn is rather powerful, especially if you give it to several units

Anyway, just wanted to share. I've been a big fan of BTP for a while and love your videos (especially the batreps, probably the best out there). Hopefully one day I can afford to come across the pond to Valhalla.


Martin P.

Bio-mechanical Dance

Haven't posted on here for a while.  Using Facebook mostly.

It is 2am and I'm typing away on my old laptop.  The right SHIFT key is broken so I had to completely rewire my typing skills to use only the left.  Sad but true.  A new laptop is low on the budget priority.

This last week I've been working on getting my PA set up.  It's a long-time goal of mine and while I've always looked at this as a luxury, once I sat down and did the math it started to make a lot of sense.  If my own efforts were simply amplified I could pick up a lot more revenue.  I lose steam for being distracted and disorganized.  My windmilling tactic which worked well in times past as a one man band is now outmoded.

I was sick last week.  However, as part of my effort to maintain a positive outlook at all times, I have changed the phrase to "my amazing body was busy making viral anti-bodies".  Which is true.  I read up on it.  My body is amazing and fights off viruses all the time in a wondrous bio-mechanical dance.  The funny thing is that I was still working while laid out in bed.

Sherlock.  Check it out on Netflix.  What an ingenious series.

Also been working to classical music and I actually think it increases my productivity by 5%.

My wife and I are making a play to get into our dream home.  It won't be for lack of trying.  For those that follow the Gately saga you know that we spent quite a bit of time and effort to find what we really wanted.  It was a harder question than I first thought.  Most people I think just figure once they get a break or make better money then they'll decide.  Well, I think it works the other way.  Decide first.  Not only should you count your chickens before they hatch but you should sketch up some blueprints for an expanded chicken coop.

Here are a few teasers.

Now there's part of me that wants to keep this to myself.  Not putting my big plans out there for fear of embarrassment if they fail.  That's no way to live!  If one thing doesn't work out, no matter, just keep working it another way.  Another incarnation of the same thing.  I firmly believe that consciousness determines reality or put another way attitude determines altitude.

Tony Robbins has a great take on this.  Most people (and I include myself here, though I am re-wiring my brain) set up an escape hatch in their own mind.  If it doesn't work out they won't be too disappointed and thus mentally set themselves up to cushion the unpleasant sensation of failure.  However this very thing leads to the failure to begin with as it sabotages the creative effort.  Bam. 

Today is Saturday.  I'm headed up to SLC to have a meeting with Epoch Studioz to see about acquiring the whole of their resources.  The sculpts here are just incredible and I have just the manpower and facility to make it work Wish me the best.

The studio is thrumming along strongly.  Every day getting more and more muscular.  The trade stock program is booming, we can't get the lots up fast enough.

I'm making up the how as I go along, not the what.  I have a clear vision of my desired end result.  The How is a creative effort.  Oh and in other news, one of my favorite books is now on Youtube.  I listen to it while I'm sleeping as well which gives me strange and wonderful dreams. 

It is your good fortune to have spent the time to read this post.  Feel free to take a picture with me so you can prove that you really knew me.


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