Custom Terrain Sets

Custom terrain is $400-900 for a table's worth.  That's 16-24 pieces. As the budget goes up we increase complexity and/or quantity.  You pay half down and give rough instructions (two or three sentences usually) and we get started.

Turnaround is the same as standard 3-5 weeks with a 12 week outside limit (very odd to take that long, almost never happens).  We don't ship terrain outside the continental US except 1) you absolve us of any damage, 2) you pay actual shipping.

You can also buy approximate copies of sets that we have already done as follows.

Alien Spires = $350 (16 pieces, or 24 pieces at $450)

Eldar-esque Ruins with Alien Foliage = $450
Forest Ruins = $450
Water Temple = $850
Hellish Temple = $850

Add set of objective counters to a Temple set = $75
Burned out Village = $550
Elfin Ruins = $450

Elfin Ruins deluxe = $850

Runic Ruins = $400 (20 pieces), $600 (30 pieces), $800 (40 pieces)
Desert Spires = $650 (this was shown as "Jade Spires", and you can have regular trees instead of alien puffballs)

Steampunk Factory = $625

Ruined Imperial Outpost on Alien Planet = $550

Bombed Out City (you can get a burned out vehicle to match your game case-by-case) $850

Burned out Village Building = three for $120
Alien Kelp Tree Cluster = six for $120

Let's keep Elise employed!  She will be caught up in 10-14 days, so set up now so we can dovetail your terrain right into the schedule.



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