Imperial Guard Incoming

I got a trade coming in, a bit of an unusual one. Unpainted. Needs assembly/painting.

1 Creed and Kell (metal)
2 Banner & medic (metal)
1 Old female commissar (metal)
1 wounded guardsman (metal)
4 Imperial Officers (metal)
9 Psykers (metal)
16 Kasrkin Plasma Gunners (metal)
18 Kasrkin Melta Gunners (metal)
13 Kasrkin Flamers (metal)
14 Kasrkin Grenaders (metal)
16 Kasrkin Vox casters (metal)
68 Kasrkin Infantry (metal)
14 Kasrkin Squad Leaders (metal)

5 leman russes
4 leman russes unopened
2 Hellhounds
4 valkryies

2 Baneblades

Ron Paul Stuff

I just bought yard signs and so forth off the Ron Paul site. If you are turned off politics because there just isn't any point well now is the time for you to get excited.

I make regular small donations. If this is what it takes, for however many years, to finally see the undoing of the IRS, the Fed and all the causes of the trouble, then I will consider it a small price to pay.


Tau and Eldar Sight Unseen

Got in two enormous armies today, all in custom foam (part of the deal) and with loads of magnetization, conversions and Forge World goodies, all current edition and looking good.

Again for client "TO" if you care to dig around on the site for pics. Here is what is in them.

Eldar $6400 (slated for splitup on 6-7-11)
Tau $5200 (on hold until 6-9-11)

This is the price for money (paypal, check, MO, or cash). We need money! I will probably leave it up for this bargain rate for three to eight days (maybe, maybe not) then just split them up into units in which case the total is likely to look more like $7500-8500 per collection.

I also picked up some Ultramarines elite infantry, about forty-five pieces, almost all of them something special which will be up for sale soon as individual models or squads.

Unit Name QTY
Tau Ethereal Caste 1
Tau XV8 Battlesuit 17
Tau XV25 Stealth suit 17
Tau XV15 Stealth suit 12
Tau Fire Warriors 48
Tau Fire Warriors Human Auxiliaries 49
Tau Pathfinders 16
Tau Piranha 9
Tetras 4
Gun Drones 24
Shield Drones 42
Objective Markers 5
Tau Hammerhead (both options plus stingray) 4
Tau Sniper Drone Team (box of 4 models) 3
Tau Commander Shadowsun (3 models) 1
XV-88 Broadside 6
XV9 Hazard Close Support Armor 3
XV-89 Crisis Battlesuit 8
Remoras 4
Tiger Shark AX-1-0 1
Barracuda 2

Unit Name QTY
Autarch 4
Farseer 3
Farseer or other Hero on Jetbike conversion 1
Bonesinger 1
Warlock on Jetbike conversion L4 2
Phoenix Lord 5
Prince Yriel - Autarch of Iyanden 1
Eldrad Ulthran Farseer of Ulthwe 1
Fire Dragon 10
Howling Banshees 11
Striking Scorpion 21
Wraithguard 10
Harlequin Shadowseer L5 1
Dire Avenger 22
Guardians 45
Heavy Weapon Platform (box of 3 models) 2
Jetbike 16
Shrieker Jetbike 8
Rangers (box of 5 models) 4
Wave Serpent 4
>> All weapons magnetized plus other models 7
Swooping Hawks 11
Shining Spears (box of 3 models) 2
Vyper 6
Dark Reapers (box of 5 models) 2
Fire Prism/Falcon/Firestorm 6
Heavy Weapon Platform (box of 3 models) 3
War Walker 3
Wraithlord 1
Scorpion Type II heavy grav tank 2

Testimonial- Salamanders

Good morning people of blue table painting,

I wanted to take a moment of time to say thank you for the hard work and time you put into your projects. Just a few short months ago I went out on a limb and ordered some items. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your professionalism and how great the customer service I received was. The turnaround from ordered to complete and in my hand was very reasonable. I have been so pleased that I even used your service for my brother’s birthday present this year. (He has stated, that it’s the best present he has received in years (iron warriors 01em)).

That being said, I participated in my first Warhammer 40k tournament this last Saturday. Even though I did not come anywhere near winning I learned a lot and had a blast. The best part of the tournament came at the end when I won 50.00 for the best painted character. VULKAN (from salamanders 01em). They took pictures and he will even make it in a local magazine.

So thank you for making my first tournament memorable and for the outstanding work on my guys.


Ed M.

40K Incoming

I have enormous apocalypse-sized armies for Tau, Saim-Hann Eldar and Ultramarines coming in trade-back. Probably at least 8,000 pts each. These were done 2007-2011 for client initials "TO" if you care to look them up in our various galleries.

Also, I am looking for a Retribution of Scyrah hardback. I'm willing to pay $50 for one.

How does he keep smiling?


Return of the Queen

My wife left for Oregon ten days ago. She and the girls stayed at her late Grandmother's house (now a sort of guest house). My eleven year-old daughter loves Oregon and wishes she could stay. She appreciates the greenery and lavish parks, and a sense of adventure. Oregon means getting away from her brothers.

The boys and I have been bach-in it up, subsisting on pizza and day-old Chinese. We went out for hawaiian shave ice every day and watched Iron Man cartoons every night.

Having my wife back is an absolute delight. I am in love with her now more than ever.

It now marks a week until we make the almighty one-day push into the new studio.

War Machine and Hordes are being played heavily at the studio. And by that I mean multiple spontaneous games during the week.
Mike, Khador and Skorne
Renn, Khador
James, Cryx
Shawn, Retribution and Cygnar
Cameron, Legion and Cygnar

I got a Trollbloods force ready to paint.

We are trading in War Machine at 50% of retail (rather than 25% for most others right now).

We're doing a Dark Eldar vs Dark Eldar game tomorrow. The goal as you know is to put up two Batreps a week. Generally this will be one GW-type game and another with an alternate game. This is actually skewed as 90% or more of sci-fi-fantasy miniatures games are GW.

Warmachine Video Game

This looks like it's going to be good.

Worthy Painting

I've been working with a guy in the UK to help him set up his painting shop. He's a solid human being and his paintwork is solid. Here's an email I got from him:

Hi Shawn Here's info on the studio. Here is the new email for now youtube channel, no videos are up yet but will be by tonight or by the weekend. here is a link to the stuff

on sale on ebay
Will ship items worldwide

Website should be up soon but for the time being i will be working from ebay and youtube

Thanks for all the time you have spent with me.
Kind regards Nick Benneworth

Bits and Bobs

Got in a bitz and Privateer Press order on Saturday. I am expecting a supplemental order of Privateer Press stuff. That should move forward about six of eight Warmahordes projects we have going, if not all of them.

We are running white hot now with a whole slew of projects due to come out of painting this week. This means that the clouds are clearing and now is a great time to get something set up.

I am still running my L2/4 special (half of L3/5 for painting) which is super for people ready to get it going.

Personally, I am feeling super. I had a great Sunday, one of the best days of my life. Tamie is out of town and that makes me sad, I'm starting to miss her. .

I have at the moment of this writing, just finished a three hour, 1am to 4am shift (read: I went to bed super-early and woke up in the middle of the night!). I am caught up with all emails with the exception of client initials:
I will get to your thing once I am at the studio this morning.

In other news, we will be at the new studio on July 2nd. Don't worry about sending your package to the wrong place, there will be some overlap and we are all set up for complete address forwarding with various shippers.

New address:
Blue Table Painting, Inc.
55 East 100 North
Spanish Fork UT 84660

Desert Trap- fan fiction for Bretonnians

Go forth with courage without delay, into the uncharted to receive your reward.

Those words were immortalised on the stone that sat at the entrance to the main hall of the ebony stone fortress, each word printed with gold. It was the only stone to seem out of place in the room as well as in place. Every stone was locked to another, forming the ebony shield, guarding the knights and soldiers of the Kingdom of Bretonnia, all rushing about as they prepared for war. The lord, Lord Jeannot Gidie of Lyons, stood discussing with a few other knights of the Grail for the upcoming campaign into Estalia, who was being assailed by legions of undead warriors from the east. Others, such as the knights of the realm, strolled about the castle, followed by there squires and fellow knights, while Yeoman and other such peasantry rushed about getting their last equipment ready for the seas they would be traveling on.

While all this happened, three boys sat in front of the stone, reading it over and over. They were awe stricken by it, and adoring it.

“Yves! Régis! Adrien! Up and about you rascals,” called the lord walking over to them, his accent very thick and strong. His strolled to them gently, his chainmail and plate-mail scrapping against one another while his beautifully blue tunic with the silver dragon on his chest, seemed to make him more imposing. On his belt were three swords, each having a handle capable for one hand to hold it, and even then it was heavy enough for it to require two hands.

The Lord of Lyons was tall, nearly six and three inches tall, and with his cold steel blue eyes made him always looking like he was scolding the boys. However, at the moment his eyes were soft and caring, as he was concerned for his young children, as well as for the men under his lordship and domain. Even the peasants.

“Papa!” the boys called jumping up and clamouring to him, which he knelt down and embraced them softly, hard to do with armour and tunic adored. He chuckled and smiled at all of them, pulling them away from his neck.

“My boys, you will make great knights all of you,” he said ruffling Régis hair, the white streaks of hair in his beard now showing.

“Papa, will you destroy the damned monsters of nightmares?” Yves asked, his fiery red hair making him look like an angry dog. His hair, a fair bit messier then it should be at his age. His eyes, the same colour as his fathers, shown with enthusiasm and eagerness to join his father.

“Yes papa! Will you!?!” explained the second, Régis called out, just as eager. His hair, though long and well kept, was the same as his fathers, a dark and deep brown, faint streaks fo blonde running through them. Adrien remained silent; staring into his father’s deep and encompassing eyes as he smiled at the three young boys.

“Listening to the wild tales and dreams of Brother Achille again ‘ave we boys?” he asked, chuckling deeply, before shaking his head softly, “I tell you what now, we will. Me, brother Achille, Brother Pierre, and even Brother Louie will destroy those damned monsters of the sand in the glory of the King of Bretonnia!” he said calling out, before chuckling and embracing his sons again. They were about 13 years of age and well into the training for knighthood, which he was fairly proud of. The three were born at the same time, granting him not just a second child, but a third and fourth. Unfortunately, his beloved wife and mother to his boys died during it, making him grieve for several months, feeling lost without his love.

He smiled at them, picking up Adrien and walking over to the stone, “My boys do you know what it means?” he asked them, Régis and Yves on either side, thinking for a moment.

“Papa?” a quiet little voice suddenly piping up, the pale red eyes of the child looking at the stone, “Does it mean we must ride out and take the world on with all of our courage and might? Right papa?” he asked, quiet as ever. The lord smiled, his beard stretching to match is soft smile.

“Aye my boy. You may be quiet and small, but you have the mind of a great tactician and the skills of a fabled swordsman,” he said, kissing his boy on the head and placing him down with his brothers. They all were triplet, but all looked different, from Yves fiery red hair, to Adrien’s small build. They were his children and he couldn’t help but smiled because they were his children. Each had a skill the other didn’t. Yvres, who was the largest and strongest, could not right a horse, and was personally loathing the fact that he couldn’t ride well. Adrien, on the other hand, was a great with a sword and lance, but was small and under built, though his fierce attitude only shone in battle. Régis was best of both, though showed a great preference for a sword then the lance, and loved to ride to his hearts content.

“My boys, your brother Jacque will be coming with me and my sister, the young Damsel Laetitia, will stay and watch over you as you finish your training and prepare to join me in three years time. Understood boys?” he stated, receiving a nod from the three boys in complete sync. As he finished, a tall joyous lad, eyes matching their fathers, marched up, flanked by two Men-at-Arms, both carrying a pole-arm and shield.

“Father, we are ready to depart. My regiment of Men-at-Arms are ready, and I’ve prepared my sword for battle,” he said, hand calmly grasped upon the pommel of his sword. In his other was a helm, a bronzed dragon holding a shield, while the shield upon his back was blue, silver dragon emblazed on it, with a quarter of the shield white with a black De-fleur. He smiled as his brothers, “How are the three knights of our family doing this fineeve boys?” he asked, Régis walking over and grinning stupidly up at his brother.

“We’re fine Jacque, just saying good bye to Papa,” he replied for his brothers. Jacque smiled and ruffled his hair gently, chuckling before looking at their father, whom nodded gently, and looked at the three again.

“I promise to see you when I return or when you come to join us. Come Jacque. We must march to the port of Lille, and make sail for Estalia and the castles of the knights in Araby,” he said patting each of his sons on their heads before walking off with his first-born to the gates of the castle. He mounted his warhorse, and waved for the knights of his small realm to follow him. All the knights raised their lances up and cheered, riding off.

The three lads stood and watched as the column of knights passed by them, at least a mere hundred, followed by the rare mounted yeomen, who rode past horns and bugles ringing out. The three boys rushed up the castles tower, clamouring onto the ramparts of the walls to see the emassed army of peasants marching past. It came from the realm of Bastonne, the mustered yellow shields with the crimson red dragon.

They march in thunderous step towards the coast.

6 Years later.

Adrien sat atop his steed staring at the desert field and sighed softly. He ran his hand over a bronzed grail. He had somehow achieved this, almost completely by accident, and now, on the windswept desert of Araby, he was about to take up the vendetta that his father had left to do 6 years earlier.

“M’lord!” a man said rushing up the sand dune to him, shield protecting him from the wind, “M’lord! We are in position and ready for your orders, m’lord,” he said stopping next to him. Adrien looked at the man, and nodded.

“Are the yeoman hidden with the Damsels?” he asked looking back at the field of battle. He could see the sandstorm slowly lifting. He could see the ventures of previous battle the lord of another realm, Knight Marcus, a man who came from the Montfort. He army lay in ruin, the now slowly disappearing bodies of the lost Men-at-arms and yeoman, the black shields and banners now slowly disappearing into the white sands.

“Aye m’lord, they are hidden as you ask. As well as your brother’s regiments and two detachments of other men-at-arms, m’lord,” the reply came quickly. Again Adrien nodded, eyes still watching the sands engulf the lost army of Montfort. His eyes, now hardened, glanced over large black banner disappear, marking the graves of 1000 men. The Tomb Kings had claimed another large toll from the Bretonnian crusaders.

“Good. Return to your post and hold your line. Order the Trebuchets and yeoman who are not hidden to fire when the enemy is in range. We have the advantage, soldier, and we will take victory,” he said, turning walking down to his mount, were at least 30 other knights stood. Ten, excluding himself, were grail knights and were to take the lead of the charge, supported by 20 knights of the Realm. They were the left flanks charge line, while there was another group of 30 knights of the realm on the left, lead by Régis, his brother. In the middle, a group of 6 knights, all dismounted, lead the Men-at-arms and held the bulk of the position in order. But this wasn’t the plan. Behind a bulk of the forces was an cove, which they would lure the Tomb Kings legion into there, so the Yeoman, Trebuchets, as well as other men rain doom, death and destruction down upon the doomed legion, while the knights encircled them, charged in, with the Men-at-arms, more than a 1000 men at arms squeezed them towards the knights. He knew this plan would work, as the knights who quested for the grail themselves, charged any large beasts for them to take them down.

“M’lord, shall we?” a feminine voice came, making Adrien turn to look at a very beautiful woman.

“Yes, m’lady Louisette,” he said, nodding to the prophetess of the Damsel, and smiling, “We will,” he said mounting up and rolling his shoulders, the heavy red steel armour heavy, both in his duty and sand.

He looked ahead as the storm finally disappeared, and the glint of steel and gold could be seen in the distance.

They were upon them, the legions of Skeleton soldiers marching forward. Adrien, who now felt the largest shiver in his life since he made his first charge at the head of the knights errant 3 years prior. His body tensed up and he brought his finger to his grail hanging around his neck, silently praying.

“The lines are drawn, and we are ready to begin,” whispered a man softly. The legion advanced and attacked the Men-at-arms who now acted as the bait for his trap. They fell quickly, before the order was given, and the men fell back. They rushed back, the Yeomen laying fire upon the walking dead. Adrien growled, feeling the urge to rush in and save his knights and men, but bit his tongue. The flaming arrows fell upon them, as the men-at-arms rushed past them. Adrien continued to bite his tongue as he counted the knights.


The last of the men rush past the Yeoman as they too fell back heading for the hidden trap.

“Wait!” he hissed, feeling that the men were tensing up, ready to fight. He rolled his shoulders again, watching the legion march forward, heading into his trap. As the last of the skeletons disappeared, Adrien raised his hands. From the dunes beside him and from the ones across the field, rose several dozen men at arms rushing out to the now blood stained desert sand. They rush and reformed, his brother Jacque in the middle of the 176 men leading them with his red blade, his blue tunic and shield identifying him among the yellow and red tunics and shields of the men at arms. Adrien raised his sword and pointed at the ridge.

“Attack! Attack in the name of the King Louen Leoncoeur! CHARGE!” the voice rose up as the men-at-arms rushed forward, up the hill past the dead men from the just happened slaughter.

Adrien stabbed his spurs into his horse, which sprang forward, heading towards the enemy’s rear. He grabbed his lance and pulled it from the ground as his shield hand replaced his sword to its sheath and let his dangle from his shoulder. He raised it up as the lance caught aflame, the flame not harming him. His shield now back in his hands, he felt he rush of hot air past his ears, and roots crawled along the ground with them, racing jsut as fast at the tombs damn legion. Adrien just smiled, knowing that the Prophetess was protecting them, as the knight, all 31, formed a wall of lances and shields around her, charging forward. As they reached the peak of the rest of the army appeared, rushing at the enemy. Knights, mounted and not, rushed forward at the enemy, leading the men at arms, and crashed into skeletal warriors, steeds and other sorts of creatures. He heard the cries for glory, protection and for victory as the lines collided against each shield and weapons clashing against one another.

“Charge! Lance them!” he says. In moments he lances his first enemy, a mounted skeleton, crushing it and making bones shatter and spiral away flaming as he crashed through the lines.

Several minutes passed as he crushing the enemy under foot and the flurry of melee took up. He let his lance’s flame encompass a wall of men, before it was knocked away from him by a halberd wielding skeleton. A few moments passed and he felt the blunt end of the spear knocking him off. He fell, a loud crash as he hit the ground, which he scrambled back up, drawing out the first of his swords, slashing through several skeletons. He parried and hacked his way through dozens of skeletons and beasts till he came upon his brother, who was also on foot now.

“Brother! Where’s the line?” he called, Régis moving past him to cut down a halberd wielding a skeleton.

“I don’t know Adrien! I got knocked off. Look for the Liche! We take it out we take out this legions power!” he called, raising his shield to block a halberd coming down on him.

“Find it! Kill it! We win! Got it!” he called back, sweating in his helmet, panting. He swung his blade around and wretched it into the body of a large scorpion beast. He felt something inside as his blade snapped.

He left it there as the beast rolled over, withering in pain, as Adrien moved on, drawing his blade and rushing into the next batch of enemies. He cut them down, running into some men at arms, who rushed to him, forming a wall around him.

“Push for the centre! We must find the Liche! When we do, we have to kill it!” he proclaimed as two knights of the quests finished cutting down a giant beast of stone and metal, cutting of its wings and thrusting their blades through its skull. Around him the flurry continued as the screams of death raged. A giant stone rained crushing dozens of skeletons under it, while rolling deeper into the army. Adrien slashed the next enemy, having it blocked by a turquoise shield and deflecting it away from him. Luckily he was saved by one of the men-at-arms thrusting his pole-arm through it and making it sunder appear.

The battle continued on, as he hacked and slashed his way through at least a dozen more enemies’ constructs, his second sword shattering against a halberd. Each cut made him feel weaker and there seemed to be no end to the skeletal warriors of the sand. His third blade came out, and thrust it into the shell of the next enemy.

“M’lord!” came a call, a paragon of a knight group rushed beside him and cut down a large serpent construct, its glowing green eyes flickering into blackness as it head fell to the ground.

“Yes Sir Godfrey, what is it!” he replied parrying a blade, a solid thump against his shield. He swept at the monster from under the shield; breaking is spine and watching it collapse.

“We have confirmed that the Liche is attempting to make a push for the Damsels and Prophetess’s! We have to kill it now!” Godfrey reply, fear in his voice, as he chopped another beast in two.

“Agreed! Send a signal for the knights who remain mounted to head to protect the damsels and charge the lines of the nearest damned monsters!” he called. The paragon nodded, turning away and making his way through the lines of the men-at-arms and knights, who all surge forward to kill the enemy.

Adrien felt a surge of energy through him as he felt hsi skin and muscles become stronger, and he smiled, “CHARGE MEN!! DESTROY THESE MONSTORITIES!!” he called thrusting his sword through a skeleton, its bones dissipating to sand and dust. The enemy began to slow, and fewer monsters rushed at them.

“Incoming!” someone screamed and instinct took over as Adrien raised his shield, and felt the sting of arrows rain down upon the men and him. The wards around him protected, and he thanked the lady for protecting him, but he could see the arrows and punched clean through his shield and one had punched through the shield and into his arm, making him flinch in pain. His eyes watered for a moment as swung his sword through the arrow, making him still capable fo fighting without arrow’s stuck out of the shield, which made him look around him. At least a dozen Men-at-Arms were felled with the arrows having passed easily through there chainmail and studded leather.

Adrien growled and looked forward, to raise his shield to a ball of terrifying energy against him. His shield, enchanted as it was, let the energy roll off him as the next wave of arrow’s fell on the men. He understood now, and signalled for the men to rush forward. He stepped forward as a line of knights pressed on. He chopped around his shield and dropped another skeleton with his blade. His eyes narrowed, seeing the twisting sands of magic wrap around the lead skeleton for a formation of Ushabti, wielding large two hand weapons.

Unspeakable words escaped from the liche’s mouth as its started to cast another spell.

“Sir Francis, Edwin and Mathias, you lead the knights against the left, while Sir Andros, Comgal and I will take the center. Sir Brodie, Lochlann and Théo attack teh right! Everyone else support us in our assault!” Adrien called to the knights around him, before leapt forward, several knights following with the rush, crashing against the standing corpses. Adrien parried a blow from a jackal like monster, wrenching his sword through its skull, before pushing it back with his shield. Another knight wasn’t as lucky, a crocodile Ushabti swung its blade and removed the knights arm from the shoulder down, before bringing the blade back across the knights chest and cutting the armour clean open, breaking the knights ribs and killing him. Adrien pressed on, the knights of the quest dealing with the Crocodile Ushabti a moment later. He clung to his sword in his hand as he parried yet another blow, thrusting it into the gut of another Ushabti. He pulled it out to see it light aflame, smiling.

“Brother! Take the head of the monstrous wretch ahead of you!” call Yvres. He held a banner eternal aflame, making Adrien smile in his helm, turning to the Liche, who’s mouth continued to move, spouting the wretched spells of the dead sands at him. Adrien moved forward, swinging his hand towards the liche, feeling it parried. He blocked the Liche staff himself, feeling the it smash against his shield. He swung the blade again at the liche, only to have it parried again. He growled, and swung his shield against liche and knocked it against the ground. He turned and parried a blow from a jackal Ushabti and pushed it back with his shield, only to have a knight with a great weapon chop it clean in half and let its body fall to the ground.

Adrien spun on his foot, thrusting his flaming blade at the Liche. The blade embedded itself into the shell of the beast, receiving a long and powerful groan from the skeletons now dissipating mouth. Its jaw unhinged as the scream became more powerful, before becoming silent as the body turned to sand and the beast around him too began to turn to sand, only to have the men cut them down, faster and faster, until none remain. Nothing, but sand.

Adrien looked about, as the knights began to gather the fallen knights, while Damsels and Prophetess dealt with the wounded. He moves to the rear, seeing the yeoman collecting their dead. He sighed.

It was a victory, but a heavy losses to his crusade, and from what he could already see, only a third of his peasants remained and at least a tenth of his knights had been killed. He waved off the last of the knights and when about, finding his lance and picked it up, walking towards the ridge.

“I hope that this pleased you papa,” he said quietly, “For I have finished your vendetta and now you may rest.”

Bits and Bobs

Got in a bitz and Privateer Press order on Saturday. I am expecting a supplemental order of Privateer Press stuff. That should move forward about six of eight Warmahordes projects we have going, if not all of them.

We are running white hot now with a whole slew of projects due to come out of painting this week. This means that the clouds are clearing and now is a great time to get something set up.

I am still running my L2/4 special (half of L3/5 for painting) which is super for people ready to get it going.

Personally, I am feeling super. I had a great Sunday, one of the best days of my life. Tamie is out of town and that makes me sad, I'm starting to miss her.

Utah State Convention

Friday night was a night of restless sleep. For it was State Convention on Saturday. I got up bright and early. I was going to rent a car to make the trip as my old put-put van is probably on her last legs, but it was too expensive, so I just kept to the slow lane.

I stopped by the gas station and picked up my traditional convention food: honey roasted cashews. I also got two Nut Rolls and two Zero bars and two waters. As you know I like things in even numbers.

The Convention ended up being seven hours without intermission. I wolfed down a chili dog while in my seat for lunch. The convention numbers 3000 state delegates who represent almost everyone in Utah. My guiding principle is that I spurn the consolidation of power. I do not like career politicians, there should be turnover of common men and women.

There was a Ron Paul display there. I nearly shrieked with delight. Oh, who am I to deny it? I did shriek with delight. And during the convention itself, when guest-speaker Grover Norquist gave Dr. Paul his props, I let out a whoop that could be heard by thousands. I picked up a few yard signs and a new resolution to donate and dedicate to the cause.

Once home, it was overcast. I was returned to the bosom of my family. Tamie is out of town, so it's just me and the boys. Bach-in it up. I took them out for hawaiian shave ice, then to the store for staple foods. That includes cookies and ice cream.

I found out that Sarah had nearly painted her arms off while I was sitting on my duff at convention. The ceiling of the new building is massive. Massive. At least I wasn't feeling sorry for myself anymore.

I was hoping to finish the War Machine batrep with Mike, but by the time I got back it was too late. I have with me the Orboros, Retribution and MK2 rulebooks for study. I have ordered additional units including two more groups of Shyeel Battle Mages. I want to try a full-on Rahn army. Really mess with people. I want to get in more games, but I put work first. The day is coming...

Sunday morning is perfect. Quiet and raining, just resting up. The boys are quietly playing their games and making breakfast. I had waffles with whipped cream, sausage and cantaloupe. The cantaloup was perfectly ripe. I picked a good one.

Plans for armies: the Junkyard Orks are coming back, a massive tradeback. I will be making a Dark Eldar army as well, for Valhalla (Aug 11-14). We are preparing desert world terrain. The foundation is already laid. Six weeks left until that, or is it seven?

Tide of Grey Knight Terminators

Picked up this list off YTTH.

Effectively it is fifty Grey Knights Terminators and two Inquisitor Lords. And about a zillion psycannon shots.

We can do this A-Z for $1600. Cost drops by $400 if you go with L2/4 split. And conversely +$400 for upgrade to L4/6 split.

Green and White

Utah in Spring is incomparable. It's like living in a painting.

The mountains are still capped in snow, wreathed in clouds, and with vibrant green now, growing up the sides.

I picked up the boys and took them to T-ball. It was like a picture of heaven, all the people sitting under a line of aspens, on the grass, and the kids shrieking in excitement and running around. My handsome summer-haired boy of six in his red baseball cap.

A crack of thunder broke up the game. In the not too distant ways a silent sheet of black rain falling in the south valley, like a curtain coming our way.

We went out to get a shave-ice (like a snow cone). The boys bobbing back to the car with baseball-sized clown-head looking globes. I dropped mine on the parking lot, the head of it just slipped off.

We went to the store where I stopped by the eyeglass shop for a quick exam. I have a followup appointment tomorrow.

On the way home, with the two boys in the back, and the windows rolled down, left arm out in the breeze, it was a moment of bliss. All my cares seemed to melt away into a child-like summer reverie.

Dream of the Snowy Arena

I had a dream last night. Just now in fact. It's 3:58am.

This is the music I am hearing during this dream.

Open to the middle of a field thick with high summer grass. It is night, as it almost always is. A warm breeze gently moves the stalks.

I'm working on a terrain project, a round board, an arena (like the one we have at the studio). I'm painting it with a brush, a familiar feeling. The shape of the board is like an endless yin-yang, a loop of two on/off ramps.

I wander off for some reason and when I come back it has snowed. I'm trudging towards the board again, to finish it. I have to finish this project, it only needs one more thing.

A young woman skips up to me, sort of a run. Early twenties. She knows me and I know her. She is dark-haired. She hooks her arm into my left arm. She's trying to pull me in a different direction. Instead, I'm pulling her along. I have to get to the project, just to finish that one thing. She smiles.

I almost get to the board, crunching through a thin layer of snow. Grass is poking through in patches. There are blackberry bushes crusted in white all around. The round board is beneath an arbor now. She says to me "you were always like this, violent with your passions." I stop and look at her. She takes both my hands now. Her hands are so warm and soft. I look intently into her face. I sense now that she is trying to burn her face into my mind so I will remember. It works. I would recognize her anywhere now. "Do I know you from before?" I ask. "Of course you do."

She has a squarish face, long, but not disproportionate. Very beautiful. Her hair is straight and lustrous, but pulled up in a hasty bun with a hairpin. Her eyes are like a doe's, deep brown almost black. Her skin is definitely Latin, a mid-range brown. Her mouth is one of those that when at rest you can see her front teeth, perfect white teeth.

As I turn with one last pull to get back to my brush she pulls hard on my right hand, sort of spinning me around and in one fluid motion leans up to kiss me on the face. It is a light kiss, barely touching. Her eyes are closed. At that precise instant I wake up.

Interpretation: I am eager to point out first that while this seems awfully romantic, it is not like that in the dream. It's more like a profound friendship or knowing someone.

The round board is most certainly this world, or a world. Or perhaps a life or segment of a life, with an on-ramp and an off-ramp. And around it a second world (or is it the first?). Summer is life, winter is death. Something coming to a close. Or maybe it's spring.

We are creators. Owning a shop where toys are made, and being at heart a toy-maker myself is very profound. You can't take that sort of thing out of a soul; it persists.

Blackberry bushes mean Oregon for sure. Also a symbol of childhood. A hedge that keeps things out. No getting past blackberry bushes, best to just go around.

The snow and the grass, summer and winter turning are all death and rebirth themes. Something is about to change. The young woman represents change and also a companion or helper during a transition. She is waiting patiently because there is only that one last thing to do.

Holy Hell's Horses! Is she the angel of death?

Or maybe I'm just having anxiety about moving to the new studio. It matters not. My life was ever Yours, Gracious Lord.

Warmachine Two Player Battle Box

Privateer Press announced a two player box for their Warmachine game. It is available in September for $99.99. This box rocks! It is in the style of GW's Assault on Black Reach and Isle of Blood. As far as I can tell, the miniatures are just packaged together, not simpler re-sculpts of current models. The value of this box is HUGE!

You get models for two factions, Khador and Menoth.

Commander Sorscha
Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
Destroyer Heavy Warjack
5 Man-O-War Shocktroopers

High Exemplar Kreoss
Crusader Heavy Warjack
Vanquisher Heavy Warjack
Repenter Light Warjack
5 Exemplar Cinerators

That's about a $230 value in miniatures. In addition, you get a mini rulebook, an introductory guide, dice, a ruler, and the corresponding stat cards. There has never been a better time to get into the Warmachine/Hordes games. Privateer Press just keeps getting better and better.

If you want to commission this box it will cost $90 for assembly, and $350 for a level 3/5 split. Add $120 for a level 4/6 split.

We'll do a detailed review as soon as we can get one in hand. September can't get here too soon.

Black Templars Testimonial


I received my Grimaldus and Retinue miniatures on Saturday, and they are totally awesome, they look fantastic!! I can't thank you guys enough. Hope to do more business with you in the near future.


Iron Warriors for sale

Just put this Iron Warriors army on the block. Get it while it's hot.

Tom Woods

I read a book by this guy: Meltdown. Great stuff.

Storm of Magic Snips and Comments

Just pulled off
This release/Warhammer expansion due next month (July 9th) appears huge. A hardbound rulesbook, multiple sets of templates, dice and magic cards. Numerous monster kits AND supposedly plastic (ie not finecast) hero models that make some prior GW models look like they were sculpted by 2 year olds...

Some snippets of the rules:
- The 8 Lores get new spells (the front card on the Magic Deck pack seems to be a Lore of Shadow spell)
- Casting value of 35+
- A nice Undivided Sorcerer (on the big picture, far right on the throne)
- Sorcerer on Manticore
- A chimera which hopefully has quite a few options
- An ... interesting Tzeentch Sorcerer, but I'm biased with Mono-Nurgle anyway
- A cockatrice with a Heroic Killing Blow shooting attack


I've been doing a LOT more video these last couple of weeks, with a goal of getting up at least two a day. Right now I think it's at least four or five hours of footage a week. That's why the blog has been a little light.

The future of the blog: it will stay the same except have more written wargaming content. Our goal is to have the best and most prolific content out there by a long shot. We produce at least one army a day, why shouldn't we? If I just documented all the projects we are doing there wouldn't be enough time in the day to watch it all. Add to that Batreps and "human" content and it's all the nutrition a growing mind needs.

Got shirts up for sale.
And the first run of resin bases. Our bases come cleaned and ready to go.

Models for sale are in the Gallery section.
If you want to buy something email me first to confirm that we have it. We will physically pull the item then you can pay (we can send a Paypal money request if you want).

As you know, we played one turn of a Khador vs Retribution War Machine batrep before Valhalla. We should be finishing that game today. I am pretty much caught up with everything. Just waiting on new orders. Drumming my fingers.

The other day we lost Willow. We couldn't find her anywhere. Well, my wife couldn't, I was at work. Anyway, she found her sleeping in my car. The next morning I discovered that she must have turned on the headlights. My battery was dead. Willow is the delight of our lives, every day she learns new words. She says "I wuv you dah-dee". She makes faces. Even her little tantrums are adorable.

These days I feel like I am inside a giant compactor and it just keeps lowering and lowering. An inescapable pressure. I keep fighting and fighting but I'm up against the wall of sixteen hour days. In my mind I know it has an end, so I am holding up. I have to pay off all expenses associated with the new building this year. Then basically we are clear. I just need to set up projects and be sure they are completed, everything organized just right. Calling up on God in the hour of need.

Just a little venting there. Don't get all worried about me. Sarah hates that, because then I get her worked up but she doesn't just goldfish back to happy-go-lucky like I do.

Ron Paul is running for President. He's the last hope for this country. Every other candidate will pursue the exact same monetary policy (deficit spending, counterfeit bills) and foreign policy (secret wars, bases all over at enormous expense). Only Ron Paul is truly different. To you apathetics I say that if you don't do anything for 2012 I will be ashamed to call you my countrymen. Even if you fight for the statists well at least you fought for something so there's some respect for that. To the others I say: bow down and like dogs lick the hands that feed you.

You can feel the difference.


Cygnar army on the block

Just put this up for sale today.

This is a good loadout and ready to play. Comes with a deck of Cygnar cards. The heavy warjack is magnetized for three options.

Tomb Kings off the block

OK, Tomb Kings are off the block for the time being. However, I just put up the Rainforest Elves and the rest of the Empire.

You buy something off the site
by sending the list of what you want to I confirm they are available and send you a Paypal bill OR just a total. You can pay by check if you want. Or Credit Card by phone 801 372 8545.

There are over a hundred listings.

Also, the shirts are in. Be sure to buy a shirt.

Ron Paul Money Bomb

I just donated to Ron Paul's June 5 money bomb.

If you care about sound money and the national debt you need to do something about it. Time to get moving.

Here is a most excellent current interview with Ron Paul that sounds about right.

Studio Tomb Kings

What's in the studio Tomb Kings army. Now up for bulk deal at $2550 (cash!) (normally $5064) sight unseen. That's what you give up for the price reduction; no pics, just save me the trouble. This coming week I will have them broken up into various lots at closer to the normal price.

1x Tomb King (from new plastics)
1x Liche High Priest (conversion from new plastics and other bitz)
1x Tomb Prince with flail of skulls (I use as necrotect)
1x Tomb Herald (new standard from plastics using Khalida model)
1x Liche Priest (conversion)

In fact all the characters are converted very handsomely.

100x Skeleton Warriors with two full commands (converted banner)
48x Skeleton Archers
10x Skeletal Horsemen
10x Skeletal Heavy Horsemen
3x Tomb Scorpion
20x OOP Tomb Guard
20x new Tomb Guard
2x Warsphinx
1x Necrosphinx (magnetized to also be Warsphinx)
1x Necrolith Colossus (converted with new plastics used)
1x Casket of Souls
1x Screaming Skull Catapult
3x Ushabti with great weapons
6x Necropolis Knights (full command)
6x Chariots (one with a metal character figure, which can be a champ or quite handsomely as a character)

Well, folks you can't pass that up. Don't end up crying because you missed it.

Oh, and by the way it is all on magnetized movement trays.

Pine and Leather

Important note: I am still answering emails and booking orders. Keeping up. Don't stop with the inquiries. I need them to keep paying the bills!

Yesterday I got up early (this is Thursday I'm talking about) to go to the studio. A few guests for Vahalla were there. They had arrived pre-dawn at the rail station in Provo (about ten minutes north of Spanish Fork).

There is absolutely no reason that people in the western states shouldn't be coming to Valhalla. Don't come by plane, use the train! These two brothers bought round trip tickets for about $200 each. These were private bunk room tickets so they got to just sleep the whole way. And apparently the food was good too. Traveling by rail is the way to go. I imagine it comes from the East too.

1) no security checkpoint. Just get on.
2) take your armies on with you so no baggage abuse. You don't check your baggage.

Apparently tickets are only $100 round trip from closer states.

We got everything loaded up (an immense Tomb Kings board, five studio armies etc.) and headed up with my wife and the two train brothers. It was beautiful. The trees are green now, and the whole resort has come to life; tulips everywhere.

Once up at the (what to call it?) cabin/mansion we settled in. I got in a game then had dinner. Long about 10pm I was so tired I just passed out. So I guess I got six hours of sleep now. My usual shift.

Some things we're talking about:

1) Valhalla is a thing, we are determined to move it forward. There is still lack of information that keeps people from coming. For example: you don't need to bring your own army. If you don't have an army we have some for you to use. All painted and appropriately beefy points. Also, once you buy your Valhalla ticket you don't need to buy anything else (we pick you up, feed you, lodge you, and entertain you).

2) a fusion of Ultimate D&D and Warhammer. During the course of the adventure you play games of Warhammer to represent the larger battles where your characters have Warhammer stats and are special characters. For this one we just want to go one day more (Wednesday AM to Saturday PM with checkout Sunday AM). Not sure on the date just yet.

3) as it stands now we only have one Valhalla scheduled for 2011, that's 40K August 11-14. Don't worry about the weather, it's much cooler up in the mountains. We hope to announce one more date at least for 2011. By Fall we should have the 2012 schedule up.

In other news things are proceeding apace with the new studio. Everything is cleared for take-off.

Tomb Kings

Valhalla is in full swing. I am putting up a batrep right now (I played a one-off game against Lizardmen). Next week the Tomb Kings terrain will be up for sale. It is 40+ pieces, many of them substantive. The cost is $2400 shipped in US (only). This does not include the boards unless you are willing to pick up, or cover complete cost of shipping. This is sight unseen. I will have pics and vids up over the weekend.

I will also have a 5000 point Tomb Kings army up: $2600 no questions asked, sight unseen. Otherwise it will be up piecemeal on the website of the coming week.


I am out today, will be answering emails later tonight.


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