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Say goodbye to "your" car.

Ninjas made me do it

Sunday AM we pulled out of Sundance with a trailer full of goods.  After dropping it all off at the studio we finally got home to our lovely children (we = Tamie and me).  The last two weeks have been awesome, but I am glad to be back at work and routine.

We are nearly caught up at the studio.  A lot of hard work and setting up new staff.  We are just finishing up a ton of emails, so we beg your indulgence.  We've got multiple people working on it overtime.

Now on to the picture.  Willow comes into the bedroom and asks for an egg.  There are hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, already peeled so I tell here to "go get one silly".  However, she only found the non-boiled eggs and one after another broke them on the floor looking for the hard-boiled eggs.

Her shirt says "Ninjas made me do it".  Priceless.

Heads up: we are having a huge spring cleaning at the studio and you'll be able to buy a lot of stuff that isn't normalliy on the block.  Shooting for Tuesday on that.

Now Accepting New Terrain Projects (plus list of current)

If you have a Terrain project with BTP, we are underway to some extent or another.  Here is what we have on the docket.  All dates are soft, but conservative.  I really think they will be done on or before that date.  My new apprentice, Elise, and I will be actively working on these during the coming two weeks (and have been working this last few weeks).

After that we will have zero to do!  So now is a great time to set up your terrain project!  Turnaround will be express lane because the plan is to have Elise (or X terrain-maker) working on terrain only full time.

Usually we need to work in a budget of $400-800 with a very general description of what's wanted.  We do vastly more complex sets of terrain which can range from $1200-3200. 

We don't ship terrain out of country except with clean hands for damage (ie we can't be responsible for how the package is handled between here and there) AND actual shipping costs.  We gladly ship in the US for our standard rate of $9 per package.

Retribution CS- This is highest priority as it is the oldest order, but we are still puzzling out some elements.  This is the least obvious-solution of all the terrain projects.  Bear with us, it will have a better result.  This is due for completion by May 8th.

Hellish Temple NG- This is completed.  We will have video early next week and with approval we're ready to ship.  I just wasn't happy with the ramps.  Hell isn't wheelchair accessible.  So, we made steps instead.  Sharp, hurt-yourself steps.

Tyranids JL- This set of capillary towers and related "advanced invasion" terrain is due for completion by May 10th.

Eldar Outpost- A ruined Eldar outpost on an alien planet is already underway in construction and should be completed by May 4th.  Will consist of 21x pieces.

Chemical Plant- This is done.  It's the main board for Valhalla, two table's worth dense and ultra-dense for one Infinity board.  This board makes me happy to look at it.

War Machine Village JS- This project is nearly done and should be submitted for approval by May 1 (Tuesday).

If you have a terrain project with us, but don't see it on this list please contact me right away.

Interview at Adepticon

Valhalla is awesome


It was great seeing you, Tamie and the BTP crew at Adepticon. I feel lucky to be able to support your venture and everyone I spoke to in Chicago had nothing but good things to say about BTP in general.

I will say Adepticon cannot even remotely hold a candle to Valhalla though. If Adepticon is the Woodstock of gaming, then Valhalla is the Oscars and luxurious after parties:)

Cant wait for Valhalla!

No 1 Fan,

And another email

Shawn, thought you might enjoy knowing that Beasts of War put a couple shots of you dancing into their intro video for Adepticon coverage. I was watching their footage on Dust Warfare and had to take a second look at the beginning. There is no confusing those high kicking legs!

Appreciate all the work your team puts into the site, keep it up.

Brian M.

Chaos Dwarfs studio army and shadow army

The full spread on the 3500 point studio Chaos Dwarfs army is in the $2680 plus ship.  If you allow Artistic License you save $100.

Unit Name QTY
Sorceror on Bale Taurus L5 1
Daemonsmiths L3 3
Sorceror on foot L5 1
Infernal Guard L3 40
Dreadquake Mortar L3 1
Magma Cannon L3 3
Death Shrieker Rocket L3 2
Bull Centaur conversion L3 3
Bull Centaur hero conversion L3 1
SkullCracker L3 1

The toned down version at 2500 points is more like $1880 plus ship.  These quotes are limited time limited quantitiy.

Unit Name QTY
Sorceror on Bale Taurus L5 0
Daemonsmiths L3 4
Sorceror on foot L5 1
Infernal Guard L3 40
Dreadquake Mortar L3 1
Magma Cannon L3 3
Death Shrieker Rocket L3 2
Bull Centaur conversion L3 0
Bull Centaur hero conversion L3 0
SkullCracker L3 0

Save $70 on this one with Artistic License.

This can be a bit less if we just convert the war machines.  I'm unsure how I'm going to tackle it at the moment.


Forge World Order Needed

Need someone to place a FW order.  It's at +30% for those of you familiar with how it works.

The USD cost is going to be right around $400-500.

Adepticon 2012 back home

Adepticon 2012 is now past.  I took extensive footage of the event on the Youtube channel.

On the way home we had a brainstorm session.  We (BTP) want to host a convention for Promoters, like popular podcasts, later this year.  We will have out 5-7 big names, and they will each get two tickets at no charge.  They just need to get their people here and we'll put them up in a mansion at Sundance (or a similar location) and feed them like kings for two or three days.  During that time we'll talk about the industry, cross-pollinate information, and most importantly review games.  Up and coming games are welcome to send materials/models which we will have previously assembled and painted.  We will test the games as well, publicizing some games and making our thoughts known to you, the gaming community.

So, A) what promoters should we have up?  We're thinking definitely 40K Radio.  And B) what games would you like reviewed?

Our trip back from Adepticon was uneventful.  A layover in Denver and lunch at Quizno's.  It was an all-together enjoyable flight, very nicely done by Frontier.  We are definitely using the Provo airport in the future.  It's about ten minutes from home and small enough to feel personal.

At the fountain

Adepticon 2012 part 01 the trip

Early Wednesday morning my wife and I got up and headed to the Provo Airport. It's a small ariport. We picked up Sarah, Jon and Mike E. at the studio along with four cases of excellently painted models.

We went with Frontier Airlines, a mid-sized plane. I was reading up on the Orboros book, trying to figure out if I want to add any new units to my army and the answer is NO, but I should also take a look at Domination for expansion figures first. We had a layover in Denver of about 90 minutes. I picked up some cookies after we ate a lunch at the Chophouse. No steak for me. I'm drastically reducing the amount of meat I'm eating. I've got to pace myself.

At Denver we picked up Brett and James which brought our coterie up to seven souls.

I found out that of our group I'm the only one that doesn't like to travel. I don't like it one bit Sam I Am.

On the descent into Chicago there was quite a bit of turbulence and both my wife and I had barf bags on the ready. It was the worst landing I've ever experienced. Though I managed to breathe it through, and NOT blow chunks, I was covered in "you're about to puke" sweat.

Then we crammed all seven us, covered with luggage for a wonderful hourlong trip through the Chicago ghetto in rush-hour traffic. Expert navigation by Sarah saw us through.

We wandered through the setup of the great hall, just the bare bones of the convention up by now and ran into Brandon from Grey Matter Musings as well as a few organizers. The boys went for a swim and I took Tamie and Sarah out to dinner at HC.

But a picture is worth a thousand words so here's a vid of it all. If not vid then I'm still processing.

Also, we are still on deck for taking orders and setting up new projects. We have staff at the studio taking care of everything. So, please don't hold back. We are at your service as always.

Master Lot List

Update: this is expired.

All Lots are now going up on our webstore, should all be up by June 18th (Monday).

New lots are going up for sale here. 

I am keeping up the list below just for historical record.  These items are only available now in our webstore.

Please do not pick up any of these lots from the website directly. Instead, email us at for availability. Don't pay or assume you have the lot until you get explicit confirmation.

Contact Shawn at if you are interested in anything. Or call 801 372 8545. We need money via CC (by phone or email) or Paypal. Paypal address is Check availability before buying. Prices subject to change, so act quickly.

$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)

We combine shipping so you pay only the one flat amount even if you get multiple lots.

We are considering offers on these lots so don't be shy. No offense taken. Bulk deals also welcome (and given!). All lots are limited time, limited quantity. All lots are sold as-is, they are second-hand.

Be sure to refer to full lot title and #. This is first come, first served. Whoever gives get the go ahead and gives me money gets the lot.

Spring Cleaning: note some items being moved to the webstore
257 Eldar Armorcast Phantom Titan $950
259 Virtually Priceless Orboros alternate sculpt army $925
260 Studio Vampire Counts $2900  sold! MS
261 Games Day Dwarf $35 sold! to TD
264 Lilyth $12
268 Griffin Hero $33
269 Kelts $24
270 River Troll moved to webstore
272 Giant Barbarian $15
274 Snake Men X5 $35
279 Dire Troll Mauler moved to webstore
280 Gnome Assassin $17
281 Rusty Jack $20
284 Rackam water Elemental $55
285 Sea Scorpions $65
286 Ogre Tyrant $40
287 Giant $110
301 Khorne wolves $1250
304 1000 Sons Rhino ($15)  Sold to MJ
312 Salamanders Starter Army ($150)  Sold!
316 Terminator Captain ($35)
320 Ultramarines Army ($1340)
324 Ultramarines Vehicles ($340)  Being pulled into our webstore.
327 Necrons Army ($1420)  temporarily $950 waiting for money from TG
330 Eldar Scorpion ($280)
332 Chaos space marine dark slaanesh army  $950

348 War Machine Baggies x3 plus Vor pulled to webstore

349 OOP Salamanders $225  Waiting for money from CF
350 Dogs of War $85-sold to JB
351 Warmaster Undead $75
353 Mordheim Gang $20
354 Planetary Empires $25-sold to JB
355 Wood Elves $525

356 Ice Crystal Terrain (does not include board) $225 (US shipping only)
357 Runic Ruins Terrain (50 pieces) $750 (US shipping only)
358 Studio Beastmen 2500 pts $950 (temporary price) Sold to FM!

359 Trollbloods x3 Impaler, Axer and Madrak $70
360 Forge World Nob Bikers plus Boss  $140-Sold to RH
361 Empire Boxes $75-Sold to JD
362 Chaos Space Marine Army $525  Sold to MJ
363 Laboratory Experiment Nids  Pulled to webstore
1x Tyrant
3x Tyrant Gaurd
30x Genestealers
3x Broodlords
1x Doom of Malantai
3x Zoanthropes
1x Trygon
8x Shrikes
20x Gargoyles
3x Lictor
1x Deathleaper
9x Warriors
1x Carnifex (unpainted)
30x Termagants
+$40 for full touchup

364 Lord of the Rings Card Game $25
365 Skorne Army $275 Sold to RG
366 Spawn of the Four Gods $25  Sold to MJ
367 Deathguard Army $275 (+$130 to finish the paintwork - sold to BG
368 Plaguebearers x9 $29

369 Wood Elves huge lot $325 Sold! to JM
370 Bretonnians huge lot $335 Sold! to CM
371 Dystopian Wars $145
372  Black and Crusty Tyranids $325  Sold! to TW
373 Studio Retribution Army $1640
2x Heavy Myrmidons (magnetized for at least two options each, I think three)
1x Griffon
1x Chimera
1x Rahn
1x Kaelyssa
1x Epic Eiryss
2x Mage Hunter Assassin
10x Halberdiers

18x Battle Mages
20x Dawnguard
4x Dawnguard unit attachment (4 models)
2x Snipers
1x Magister
2x Arcanist

Note: I'll be incommunicado on Sunday.  Will be answering any further inquiries on Monday AM.
374 Imperial Guard Rangers $35  Sold to RM
375 Earth-tone High Elves $125  Sold to OM
376 1000 Sons $75  Sold to TA
377 Brettonian Infantry $55
378 Space Marine Bikes $85  Sold to TA
379 Nurgle Marines and Bikes $75
380 Genestealers x33   $75  sold! to JS
381 Penal Legion x40  $85  Sold RM
382 Orcs Galore $375  sold to KW!

New lots are going up for sale here.  This is looking to be our new platform.  If all goes well, about 200 lots will be going up this week.

383  Rusted Rhino
384 Crisis Battlesuits in Blue x3
385-450 New lots are going up for sale here. 


Here's an article with some interesting insights. I believe it is authored by Ron Paul.

Last week President Obama made some rather shocking comments at a press conference regarding the Supreme Court’s deliberation on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. His comments belie a grasp of constitutional concepts so lacking that perhaps the University of Chicago Law School should offer a refund to any students “taught” constitutional law by then-Professor Obama!

He said, “Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” It almost sounds as if he believes the test of constitutionally is whether a majority approves of the bill, as opposed to whether the legislation lies within one of the express powers of the federal government. In fact, the very design of the Constitution, with power split amongst two branches of the legislature which write the laws, an executive who administers the laws, and an independent judiciary which resolves disputes regarding meaning of the laws, was designed to thwart popular will and preserve liberty.

President Obama continued in his comments, “For years, what we’ve heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint, that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. Well, there’s a good example, and I’m pretty confident that this court will recognize that and not take that step.”

President Obama seems to misunderstand that the criticism of an activist judiciary is not that it is overturning unconstitutional federal laws, but instead that it is usurping the authority to intervene in areas, such as abortion, where the Constitution reserves authority to the states. In fact, upholding clearly unconstitutional laws such as Obamacare because the justices bowed to the “will of the people” or believed the individual mandate was good social policy could be considered an example of judicial activism.

The founders never intended the judiciary to have the last word on whether or not a law is constitutional. The judiciary is equal to the Congress and the President, not superior. Representatives, senators, presidents, and judges all have an independent duty to determine a law’s constitutionality. The founders would be horrified by the attitude of many lawmakers that they can pass whatever laws they want and federal judges will then determine whether or not the law is constitutional.

Additionally, state governments have the authority to protect their citizens from federal laws that threaten liberty. If the Supreme Court rules that Obamacare is constitutional, I hope state legislators will exercise their powers to pass legislation allowing their citizens to opt-out of the national health care plan.

Unfortunately, even many of my colleagues who correctly argue Obamacare’s unconstitutionality support the President when he asserts the power to send troops into battle without a declaration of war, or have citizens indefinitely detained and even assassinated on little more than his own authority. Other of my colleagues not only cheer the unconstitutional monstrosity of Obamacare, but support the President’s actions to defy the Senate’s appointment powers, and legislate by executive order.

Even worse, some members will only challenge a President’s unconstitutional actions if the President is from a different political party. The defeat of Obamacare in the courts would provide a stark reminder that the limits of government are set by the Constitution, not the will of the President, Congress, or even the Supreme Court. However, the victory would be short lived as long as the legislative branch refuses to do its duty to abide by the Constitutional limits and exercises its powers to ensure the other two branches do likewise.

Shield and Hammer Sketches

Mike E. did these sketches for a client-- a commission for some custom sculpts.

Would you like something done?

Deathguard army on the block

This post is for the Deathguard army featured on our Youtube studio update "Water Temple".

I am at home now, so I don't have the army in front of me to tell you what's in it exactly, but the models were shown on Youtube. The cost is $1150 if you pick it up by April 17th (Tuesday). Otherwise it will be the normal price of $1310. You will need to give Renn 7-14 days to complete it.

Ship is $9/15/25/35 depending on what country you are in.


Frostbite Skaven on the block (sold)

This is a highly converted army painted to a L4/6 standard. It comes complete with magnetized movement trays. It easily sails past the 5000 point mark. This is a trade-back. It has been reviewed and repaired and will go through painting for touchups before being sent out.

Normal Price: $6700
Current Price: $3600
Temporary Special: We want to raise some money for Adepticon today, so for the next 24 hours (through April 17th 2012) it is on the block for $2600. That's money, we need a Paypal or CC payment. You can pounce on it right now. Or wait around for the vid I'm making today.

To pay, or with questions, call 801 372 8545 OR email

If you hunt around on our website you can find some still pics.

Army List
5000 Pts - Skaven Roster

Clanrats (31#, 195 pts)
29 Clanrats, 195 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Clawleader (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Ratling Gun Weapon Team (Ratling Gun; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Clanrats (31#, 210 pts)
29 Clanrats, 210 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Clawleader (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (Warpfire Thrower; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Clanrats (31#, 210 pts)
29 Clanrats, 210 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Clawleader (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (Warpfire Thrower; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Clanrats (31#, 210 pts)
29 Clanrats, 210 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Clawleader (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)
1 Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (Warpfire Thrower; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Rat Swarm (4#, 100 pts)
4 Rat Swarm, 100 pts (Swarm; Unbreakable)

Stormvermin (41#, 425 pts)
39 Stormvermin, 425 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Halberd; Heavy Armour)
1 Fangleader (Hand Weapon; Halberd; Heavy Armour)
1 Poisoned Attacks
1 Storm Banner
1 Ratling Gun Weapon Team (Ratling Gun; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Plague Monks (39#, 298 pts)
38 Plague Monks, 298 pts (Beserk Rage; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack; Frenzy)
1 Bringer-of-the-Word (Beserk Rage; Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack; Frenzy)

Plague Censer Bearers (10#, 173 pts)
9 Plague Censer Bearers, 173 pts (Beserk Rage; Plague Censer; Frenzy; Hatred; Skirmishers)
1 Plague Chanter (Beserk Rage; Plague Censer; Frenzy; Hatred; Skirmishers)

Plague Censer Bearers (10#, 173 pts)
9 Plague Censer Bearers, 173 pts (Beserk Rage; Plague Censer; Frenzy; Hatred; Skirmishers)
1 Plague Chanter (Beserk Rage; Plague Censer; Frenzy; Hatred; Skirmishers)

Rat Ogres (6#, 176 pts)
4 Rat Ogres, 176 pts (Beserk Rage; Causes Fear; Frenzy; Stomp)
2 Packmaster (Hand Weapon; Whip; Light Armour)

Warplock Jezzails (5#, 100 pts)
5 Warplock Jezzails, 100 pts (Hand Weapon; Warplock Jezzail)

Warplock Jezzails (5#, 100 pts)
5 Warplock Jezzails, 100 pts (Hand Weapon; Warplock Jezzail)

Warplock Jezzails (5#, 100 pts)
5 Warplock Jezzails, 100 pts (Hand Weapon; Warplock Jezzail)

Doomwheel (1#, 150 pts)
1 Doomwheel, 150 pts (Causes Terror; Immune to Psychology; Large Target)
1 Crew (Warlock & Rats)

Doomwheel (1#, 150 pts)
1 Doomwheel, 150 pts (Causes Terror; Immune to Psychology; Large Target)
1 Crew (Warlock & Rats)

Hell Pit Abomination (1#, 235 pts)
1 Hell Pit Abomination, 235 pts (Causes Terror; Large Target; Regenerate; Stubborn; Thunder Stomp)

Plagueclaw Catapult (1#, 100 pts)
1 Plagueclaw Catapult, 100 pts
1 Plague Monk Crew

Plagueclaw Catapult (1#, 100 pts)
1 Plagueclaw Catapult, 100 pts
1 Plague Monk Crew

Warp Lightning Cannon (1#, 90 pts)
1 Warp Lightning Cannon, 90 pts
1 Engineer & Crew

Grey Seer (1#, 240 pts)
1 Grey Seer, 240 pts (Hand Weapon)
1 Warpstone Tokens

Grey Seer (3#, 440 pts)
1 Grey Seer, 440 pts (General; Hand Weapon)
1 Warpstone Tokens
1 Screaming Bell (Causes Fear; Large Target; Magic Resistance (2); Unbreakable)
1 Rat Ogre Crew

Ikit Claw (1#, 395 pts)
1 Ikit Claw, 395 pts
1 Iron Frame (Warpfire Thrower)
1 Storm Daemon
1 Warplock Pistol

Warlord (2#, 128 pts)
1 Warlord, 128 pts (Hand Weapon; Halberd; Heavy Armour)
1 War-Litter

Assassin (1#, 120 pts)
1 Assassin, 120 pts (Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Throwing Star; Extra Attack; Poisoned Attacks; Scouts)

Chieftain (1#, 70 pts)
1 Chieftain (Battle Standard Bearer), 70 pts (Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Battle Standard Bearer)

Plague Priest (1#, 100 pts)
1 Plague Priest, 100 pts (Beserk Rage; Hand Weapon; Frenzy)

Plague Priest (3#, 250 pts)
1 Plague Priest, 250 pts (Beserk Rage; Hand Weapon; Frenzy)
1 Plague Furnace (Beserk Rage; Frenzy; Large Target; Magic Resistance (2); Unbreakable)
1 Plague Monk Crew (Beserk Rage; Frenzy)

Warlock Engineer (1#, 100 pts)
1 Warlock Engineer, 100 pts (Level 2 Wizard; Hand Weapon)

Warlock Engineer (1#, 100 pts)
1 Warlock Engineer, 100 pts (Level 2 Wizard; Hand Weapon)

Validation Report:
Army Subtype: Skaven Army; Edition: 8th Edition; Game Type: Normal Game
Total points exceed maximum allowed roster size (max 5000).

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 1203 (0 - 1250)
Points of Heroes: 740 (0 - 1250)
Points of Core: 1250 (1250 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 1120 (0 - 2500)
Points of Rare: 825 (0 - 1250)

Total Roster Cost: 5238

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

Upcoming Projects

I had someone contact me as a potential investor-type person. This is the email I sent back to him. I thought some other people might be interested.

Right now BTP is looking good. The hard part is over. Everything we want to do is do-able with just time in a year or two. Well, at least the minor stuff.

Upcoming projects:

Renovations on the studio-- that means finishing work on the building. $60-80K

Machinery-- laser cutter, that's what we principally need. We're in a great position to sell the heck out of supplementary projects like templates. We also want to use it for terrain. There is a LOT we could do with a machine like that. A thing where you buy and own the machine but lease it to us at a profit, like a rent-to-own arrangement might be right for you, and also let us get started making money off it without waiting six months to buy it out right. $10-25K

Supplemental products-- we need infrastructure (ie casting machines, maybe 3D printer) for making specialty bases and other supplemental pieces for models. This is an emerging market and not too late for strong new players to enter the field. This goes very, very well with what we do ie make armies. It's easy to get someone to upgrade their army to have cool bases. I would like to see BTP be the front-runner with this type of thing. $5-15K

Valhalla-- We are going to build a high-class wargaming resort, something like a Rivendell. $2-4M That's probably 4-6 years out.

The Game-- Ah, the gamer's dream! To make our own miniatures battles game. Probably the most foolish venture as there are numerous well-established actors in the market and a whole crowd of people trying to enter. We're thinking a small-scale Fantasy skirmish game. Sort of like Infinity with Wizards. The scale of the project makes the cost vary wildly. To enter as a serious competitor I think would take at least $500K. To do it at a humbler, smarter, toe in the water stage would be in the $5-20K range. Like most of this other stuff I am well-suited to enter as I already have a customer and advertising base. I'm not just cold-starting it.

The Game Shop and Warehouse-- in the next 12 months we're going to open a brick and mortar game shop next to the studio and sell board games as well as nerdy game shop stuff. This goes along with having a warehouse so that when someone orders an army from us we just have everything in stock. $5-10K to renovate (simply) and set up infrastructure (eg shelves), and more like $80-120K possibly more. The object of the game here is to reduce army turnaround time from 3-5 weeks to ONE week!

Well, that's the overview, probably too much information to just give out to someone that I don't know at all.


Warlike People

I came across this website today. I haven't read the whole thing.

I put this out there because there is now a potential Mormon presidential candidate, who as far as I know is in favor of the various wars (or whatever they are called) around the globe. I don't think this is consistent with Mormon life-view.

This is just my opinion, mind you. But what else would you expect to see here? I have yet to read up on Romney. As you all know I am an admirer of Ron Paul.

Also, I don't profess to be a "good" Mormon either.

Empire Input from Germany

Good evening Shawn (it is acutally 2:45 AM in Germany),

first of all let me tell you that I love your youtube channel. Since I have found it I watch nearly every new clip to get impressions, or just for fun because of your happiness.
I wish there would be anything like bluetablepainting in Germany...

But why am I writing?
As an Empire (and Ogre) tournament player in Germany I was very excited to watch your Empire Army Book review, but I was a bit shocked after I have seen it.
If you are really going to build an Empire Army you maybe should reconsider some of your troop choices. It seems to me that you do not have much 8th Ed. experience; no offense... I love the job you are doing and I really like your Bat.-Reps but in case of Warhammer Fantasy they are lacking a bit of rule knowledge and gaming experience. (In case of Warhammer 40k your Bat.-Reps are great. I am a Tyranid player myself and I have learned some nasty things because of you...)

Okay, back to topic: The Empire:

Warrior Priests:
Warrior Priests are great! They are one of the must have chars in your army! They give the unit they are attached to "hatred", so they will re-roll all failed "to-hit-rolls" in the first combat turn. Furthermore they have nasty spells to improve the units. Oh... an they can generate power dice.
The Arch Lector is a natural born leader because he is just 5 points more than the Imperial General, has the same Ld and gives the unit hatred and so on.

Troop Choices:
Please, pleeeeaaase go with Halberds (40 to be precise). These State Troopers will hit the enemy real hard. S4 and I3 is really good, especially if they are boosted by a Warrior Priest and maybe a Orcanium. This way you can get (if you get the warrior priests spell off) +1 to hit, re-roll to hit and re-roll to wound. They will dish out some damage.

Sword fighters are okay but they are really defensive. They usually will be killed within 2-3 combat phases. Their only chance is to be stubborn (because of ranks) and to hope that there will be a flank charge that could hurt the enemy.

Concerning detachments: You should reconsider your plans on detachments... The problem is that your detachment usually is to small to threaten the enemy. In 8th Edition big blocks win ;). Just pick some troops of 10 musketeers and/or 10 crossbowmen as detachment. They can deflect enemy charges and harass the enemy with their shooting.

Great Swords: Wonderful Unit. Get 35-40. They will crush the enemy and are very reliable. Join a warrior priest and everything is fine.

One last thing:

The Hellblast Canon:
I have done the math and gave it a try: This gun is wonderful. Get a Technikus and place him near this multi-barreled wonder. You won't be disappointed.

So... this is enough for today :D
I hope this will help you to get a fun and hard hitting Imperial Army. Believe me... they are more fun than those pointy-ears.

Okay. I will not read everything again. It is 2:55 and I am getting tired.
I hope that there will be some more Warhammer Fantasy Bat-Reps in future and I am looking forward to this.
If you have some questions, or if I could help you concerning WH Fantasy, just ask.
Oh. BTW: If you want to watch some english WHF Bat-Raps take a look at: "VaulSC" at youtube. He has got a bit tournament orientated playing style and maybe you can learn some tricks.

So have fun and keep up the good work.

Cheers from Germany,


Amusement Park

Me eating a lamb shank. Poor lamb.

I was up at 6:30am or so this morning. Should I get to work early, or play a quick game of Starcraft 2? Those Zerg never saw it coming!

The kids are on spring break so we're doing family stuff. Today we headed to Trafalga which is sort of a mini-amusement park and the kids had a great time. We ate greasy fast food: onion rings, chicken nuggets, fries, and nachos. Just keep it coming cookie!

So... greasy... gut... churning... oh how I wish I had ate some veggies!

The important thing is that the kids had a GREAT time and I got to be part of that. I am so glad now that the business is running more smoothly and I don't have to be on deck ALL the time.

We're going to the zoo tomorrow. Or something. Mom plans all that and does a fantastic job at it. My predominant feeling right now is one of gratitude. I am ever, ever so thankful for the good things in my life. I marvel at my good fortune and blessings. I give glory and thanks to God (that guy I met) for His continuing mercy and providence. I can only hope that I am sufficiently merciful to my fellow man.

I need to get some Batreps in. We also need more locals to do colorful batreps. We pay a credit of $30 to do one. Think about that.

I had to reschedule with Josh (hmmm... play a WHF batrep or spend the day with my kids? Toughie). But I'd still love to do one this week.

A major thought I've had these last months is that poverty is cured by work. Gainful employment solves poverty. You can't be poor when you have a good job. Keyword = good. I know it's possible to be poor and have an insufficient job. So my new goal in life is to organize people and resources such that I can truly cure poverty for as many people as I can. Am I wrong?

In the moment

Right now I just got my new Empire army book. I'm watching Futurama and eating Americone Dream ice cream. That's the life.

Dwarf army on the block

In today's studio update I will show a handsomely painted Dwarf army that we have on the block .


2250 Pts - Dwarfs Roster

Dwarf Lord (1#, 176 pts)
1 Dwarf Lord, 176 pts (Always Strikes Last; General; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shieldbearers)

Runelord (4#, 315 pts)
1 Runelord, 315 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)
1 Anvil of Doom
2 Anvil Guards (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield)

Dragon Slayer (1#, 50 pts)
1 Dragon Slayer, 50 pts (Hand Weapon; Slayer; Unbreakable)

Dragon Slayer (1#, 50 pts)
1 Dragon Slayer, 50 pts (Hand Weapon; Slayer; Unbreakable)

Master Engineer (1#, 70 pts)
1 Master Engineer, 70 pts (Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Thane (1#, 69 pts)
1 Thane, 69 pts (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Thane (1#, 69 pts)
1 Thane, 69 pts (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Gromril Armor)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)
10 Thunderers, 140 pts (Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour)

Dwarf Warriors (20#, 285 pts)
19 Longbeards, 285 pts (Always Strikes Last; Upgrade to Longbeards; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)
1 Veteran (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Dwarf Warriors (20#, 225 pts)
19 Dwarf Warriors, 225 pts (Always Strikes Last; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)
1 Veteran (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Dwarf Warriors (20#, 205 pts)
19 Dwarf Warriors, 205 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield)
1 Veteran (Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield)

Artillery Battery (4#, 90 pts)
1 Cannon, 90 pts (Cannon)
3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 80 pts)
1 Grudge Thrower, 80 pts (Stone Thrower)
3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 140 pts)
1 Flame Cannon, 140 pts
3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Artillery Battery (4#, 120 pts)
1 Organ Gun, 120 pts
3 Crew (Hand Weapon; Light Armour)

Validation Report:
Army Subtype: Dwarf Army; Edition: 8th Edition; Game Type: Normal Game
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 491 (0 - 562.5)
Points of Heroes: 308 (0 - 562.5)
Points of Core: 855 (562.5 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 170 (0 - 1125)
Points of Rare: 260 (0 - 562.5)

Total Roster Cost: 2084 (no magic or runes)

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

How to Apply at BTP

Job Description

Looking for someone to paint and/or assemble miniatures for wargames. This is fine detail work with complex instructions.

Other types of jobs will be available, see below for a general description. This particular ad is for an art position so just alter accordingly for various other positions.

See what we do at

Must have:
1) some kind of art background or skill. Something that you can show at an interview (eg actual artwork, images on a laptop)
2) reliable work history (held a full-time job at least one year at some point in time)
3) familiar with miniatures battles games OR background in a related field of art
4) lives within 30 minutes of Spanish Fork, UT (the closer the better)
5) non-smoker
6) US citizen

What we value:
1) reliability (you do what you say you're going to do)
2) cheerfulness
3) familiarity with the hobby of miniatures battles
4) experience assembling figures
How to Apply
Contact: Shawn
Phone: 801-372-8545

Contact Shannon at with a short cover letter that addresses all of the “must have” items above. Resume helps but is not necessary. Important: please put "Painter Needed- Your Name" as the subject line. Do not call.

If you are still in college, please wait until you graduate, drop out (which I respect), or are within three months of graduation.

PS- under no circumstance during the process should you divulge information related to protected class: race, gender, age, religion, marital status, etc. We are only interested in you as it relates to performance of the job.

Other Notes
Pay for positions starts at $8 during a test period and moves to $11 per hour and possibly higher with good performance.  Some positions are salaried.  Most positions have a bonus schedule based on performance.

We are accepting application from out of the area but only if you're willing to move here (Utah Valley, Utah). You will have a Skype interview to start, so be sure you are set up on Skype first.

If you are interested in another position rather than painter just alter the subject line eg 'Inquiries and Ordering- Your Name'

Digital Photographer
Front Desk
Trade Stockist

Follow your Dreams

Pic: out at Greek food with my wife on our anniversary. No one does lamb like the Greeks! It's a shame what the banks did to that country. Yes, squarely on the banks.

Right now, at this moment, it's 3:30am. I'm watching "The IT Crowd" for the fifth time through and it still makes me laugh out loud. People with no social skills can be funny. I need to watch The Big Bang Theory. I just have a hard time believing it. Their teeth are too straight and white.

As I mentioned in a recent morning show I've moved into the guest room to get some sense of order and peace. I worry that maybe by saying that it sounds like my marriage is on the rocks, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you're married with kids you've got to find some sanity somehow. It's a temporary thing. Or maybe long-term. Who knows what I'm going to do next.

Tamie comes down to visit me. We pretend that she's my hot neighbor from the upstairs apartment.

The room is orderly and has only the minimum of objects needed. Minimalist. I'm paring down my possessions. When was I happiest in life? When I had the least amount of things.

It's my family that is making me happy these days.

The studio is running well. We've had some cracks appearing as the studio has grown and we're working hard to get everything to run smoothly. Our main problem right now is man-power. Not enough people to do the work. It's not an emergency, we're only like a week on the net behind. So, I've got everyone pushed to the max while we do some careful hiring. No matter how bad we need people we don't make "desperation hires".

So the studio is in a constant state of growth, so we are constantly interviewing. You should contact me via email to apply if you're interested. We might not be hiring for a particular thing at a particular moment but it's clear that I've got to keep the door open. I anticipate we'll be filling part/full-time spots between now and March 2013 to the tune of about 8-12 positions.

Here are the general areas:
Promotions (yes, you could make batreps for a living)
Inquiries and Ordering (getting projects from a request for a quote to ready for assembly)
Digital Photography
Front Desk
Trade Stock


I had a dream last night. This is a dream.

I had a dream last night. This is a dream.

I arrived at work at my school in California. My six-year old son was in the car with me. As I was gathering my things together I told him to go in. A few moment later I headed in myself to get my classroom ready for the day when I realized that he was not in the classroom with me. I went out into the halls and saw that (as usual) all the doors were chained shut. I had used my key to get in and he must have been locked out and going all around trying to find a way in.

I went looking for him, calling for him, and found a chain-link-fence gate with some kids waiting outside in the cold on the asphalt. And there was my darling Griffin, slumped against the gate little tears running down his cheeks, looking dejected. I called to him and when he saw me he stood up and started to cry out loud. My love and longing for him melted the metal of the gate, phasing him through it and directly into my arms.

I love that child. When I got up this morning I gave him extra hugs.

Fourth Amendment

Read this:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

That's the fourth amendment of the US Constitution, a human, civil, unalienable right that you have given to you by God Himself.

Now read this article.


Back to our roots. If you understand these two videos, you will understand what's happening inside the Republican party. Note that a party is just that, like a tent under which people of roughly similar, but perhaps to some extent disparate views can gather.

A man who is pruning a tree does not hate the tree. Rather, if he loves his tree, he had better prune it from time to time.



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