How to Apply at BTP

Job Description

Looking for someone to paint and/or assemble miniatures for wargames. This is fine detail work with complex instructions.

Other types of jobs will be available, see below for a general description. This particular ad is for an art position so just alter accordingly for various other positions.

See what we do at

Must have:
1) some kind of art background or skill. Something that you can show at an interview (eg actual artwork, images on a laptop)
2) reliable work history (held a full-time job at least one year at some point in time)
3) familiar with miniatures battles games OR background in a related field of art
4) lives within 30 minutes of Spanish Fork, UT (the closer the better)
5) non-smoker
6) US citizen

What we value:
1) reliability (you do what you say you're going to do)
2) cheerfulness
3) familiarity with the hobby of miniatures battles
4) experience assembling figures
How to Apply
Contact: Shawn
Phone: 801-372-8545

Contact Shannon at with a short cover letter that addresses all of the “must have” items above. Resume helps but is not necessary. Important: please put "Painter Needed- Your Name" as the subject line. Do not call.

If you are still in college, please wait until you graduate, drop out (which I respect), or are within three months of graduation.

PS- under no circumstance during the process should you divulge information related to protected class: race, gender, age, religion, marital status, etc. We are only interested in you as it relates to performance of the job.

Other Notes
Pay for positions starts at $8 during a test period and moves to $11 per hour and possibly higher with good performance.  Some positions are salaried.  Most positions have a bonus schedule based on performance.

We are accepting application from out of the area but only if you're willing to move here (Utah Valley, Utah). You will have a Skype interview to start, so be sure you are set up on Skype first.

If you are interested in another position rather than painter just alter the subject line eg 'Inquiries and Ordering- Your Name'

Digital Photographer
Front Desk
Trade Stockist



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