Blood Angels army puzzle

Got a Blood Angels army in my personal collection.  Not sure how to go about making this into a finished force.

5 x Baal Predators (1 nicely painted, 1 bad, 1 primed, 2x magnetized)
Furioso Dreadnought (painted)
Blood Angels Drop Pod (painted)
5 x Blood Angel TH/SS Termiantors (painted)
Asteroth Themed Land Raider Crusader
Blood Angels Vindicator (nicely painted)
4 x Sanguinary priests (2x painted, 1 NIB and 1 bitz)
20 x Blood Angel Assault Marines (GW Shoulder pads, 10x painted, 10x semi painted, a few magnetized)
3 x Rhinos (1 magnetized, 1 on sprue, 1 semi in box)
4 x Devastators w/ Plasma Cannons
1 x Devastators w/ Lascanon
4 x Devastators Missile Launchers
9 x Tactical Squad (primed)
1 x Land Speeder Magnetized
5 x Sanguinary Guard (primed)
7 x Honor Guard w/ Sanguinary Jump Packs, 4 x Meltaguns, a few magnetized
14 x Blood Angels Vanguard w/ LOTS of magnetizing
5 x Death Company on sprue
5 x Assault Marines on sprue (minus jump packs)

My Lizardmen 8th Edition Army

Time for some wishlisting and high hoping for Lizardmen.  In a world where I can get it any way I want it...

I am all for that, and encourage you to do it, too.  In fact, I had 2500 pts of Eldar and 2500 pts of High Elves just come off my vision board.  So heya! it works.

Let's start out with a big scary block of Saurus Warriors.

Saurus Warriors (hand weapon and shields) x30 full command = 360 pts
Saurus Warriors (spears and shields) x30 full command = 360 pts

Maybe run them as an almighty scary unit in a horde.  Yup, that's solid

And the following heroes.  Even if they are named I will mostly use them as just generic heroes and thus the points below.  They are all awesome figures.

Slann Mage Priest = 450 pts
Chakax = 200 pts
Gor Rok = 200 pts
Scar Veteran Battle Standard Bearer = 150 pts
1x Hero on Carnosaur = 400 pts

20x Temple Guard (2x boxes) = 350 pts
6x Terradons/Ripperdactyls (2x boxes) = 250 pts
1x Stegadon = 215 pts
2x Bastiladon = 300 pts
3x Razordon Packs = 200 pts
1x Troglodon = 200 pts

So, total = 2500-3500 pts depending on configuration

White Scars Army List

I saw this over the weekend at a local small-time tournament. Took #1, cause it hit HARD, shot well, and MOVED!

"White Scars" Space Marines Amy List.

Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan [Warlord]
Space Marine Chaplain w/ Bolt Pistol & Corzius Arcanum - on Space Marine Bike

x3 Techmarine w/ Power Weapon, Servo Harness & Space Marine Bike

x3 SpacesMarine Bike Squadrons
- x5 Bikers (normal)
- x2 Bikers w/ Meltagun
- x1 Sargent w/ Power FWeapon (Lance)
+ 1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-Melta

Fast Attack
x3 Land Speeder Squadron
- x1 Land Speeder w/ x2 Multi-Meltas


What he did was take 1 squad and add the Techmarine, Kor'sarro Khan, and the Chaplain as one big mega-death squad.

The other 2 squads were Combat Squad'd so the Sarge and Melta Bikers, and the Attack Biker are one squad - the other 5 are another squad.  He has the Techmarine join the melta-heavy squads.

The aggressive squads (Meltas/Sarge and Techmarine) would zoom forward and take care of problems and issues, the 5-man gunner bikers would focus more on Objective holding.

The death-squad would go after high-priority targets (such as Warlord) and the like.
The 3 separate landspeeders move to assist.  Generally they go after tanks (dual meltas good for that).

While this has no direct Anti-Air, the twin-linked bolters on the bikes along with ALL THE MELTA tends to shoot down good numbers of flying things.

- there's my two cents.

Fan and Friend
Alternatively - talking to the guy.
You can drop the 3 Land Speeders,for a Stormraven Gunship
- 1 Stormraven w/ Hurricane Bolters.  [this leaves the list 5 points shy, so Extra Armour on the flyer]

Imperial Guard Army List

Hello Shawn,
                      I love to play Imperial Guard and it is the army that pulled me into the 40k universe. I like the new allies rule and everything that it can bring to the table. But... First love is " Mon première amour" (in French), so I made this Imperial Guard list allied with a Imperial Armored Battle Group, simply because when you have Imperial Guard on the board you want more of it. This would be my fun Dream List to play, and still be able to handle anything in my gaming group.

Imperial Guard Primary Detachment
1160 Pts

Company Commander
4 Plasma Gun, 1 Plasma Pistol

- Platoon Commander
    4 Melta, 1 Plasma Pistol
- (20) Infantry
     2 Grenade Launcher, Commissar
- (10) Infantry
- Special Weapon Squad (in Vendetta)
     3 Melta
- Special Weapon Squad (in Vendetta)
     3 Melta
- Sabre Weapon Battery (Taken from the Armored Battle group in the Primary Detachment)
     3 Twin-Linked Autocannon
- Sabre Weapon Battery (Taken from the Armored Battle group in the Primary Detachment)
     3 Twin-Linked Autocannon
- Veterans
     3 Plasma Gun, Autocannon

Fast Attack
- Vendetta
- Vendetta

Allied Detachment
690 Pts
- Company Command Tank
     Vanquisher, Lascannon, Co-Axial Heavy Stubber, Beast Hunter Shells

- Commissar Tank
     Vanquisher, Lascannon, Co-Axial Heavy Stubber, Beast Hunter Shells

- Thunderer
- Thunderer

This list is a little bit more advanced and will require some practice. It is an aggressive list with infantry assisted by tough Tanks charging the middle of the board, but has also the option to stay still. If you would like to twist the list, I would drop 1 Thunderer from the allied group and add 2 Imperial Guard Heavy Artillery Siege Battery has Heavy Support in the Primary Detachment.

Thank you for all the great work that you do, I am having a blast

Tau Army Lists

1850 Pts - Tau Empire Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1849

HQ: Commander (3#, 197 pts)
   1 Commander, 173 pts = (base cost 85 + Fusion Blaster x2 30 + Vectored Retro-Thrusters 5 + Drone Controller 8 + Puretide Engram Neurochip 15 + XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit 25) + Onager Gauntlet 5
      1 Marker Drone, 12 pts
      1 Marker Drone, 12 pts

Elite: XV104 Riptide (1#, 210 pts)
   1 XV104 Riptide, 210 pts = (base cost 180 + Ion Accelerator 5) + Early Warning Override 5 + Velocity Tracker 20

Elite: XV104 Riptide (1#, 210 pts)
   1 XV104 Riptide, 210 pts = (base cost 180 + Ion Accelerator 5) + Early Warning Override 5 + Velocity Tracker 20

Elite: XV8 Crisis Team (3#, 176 pts)
   1 XV8 Crisis Team, 0 pts
      1 Crisis Shas'vre, 62 pts = (base cost 22 + Fusion Blaster x2 30) + Shas'vre 10
      1 Crisis Shas'ui, 57 pts = (base cost 22 + Fusion Blaster x2 30) + Target Lock 5
      1 Crisis Shas'ui, 57 pts = (base cost 22 + Fusion Blaster x2 30) + Target Lock 5

Troops: Fire Warrior Team (10#, 100 pts)
   1 Fire Warrior Team, 0 pts
      9 Fire Warriors, 81 pts = 9 * 9
         1 Fire Warrior Shas'ui, 19 pts

Troops: Fire Warrior Team (9#, 144 pts)
   1 Fire Warrior Team, 0 pts
      5 Fire Warriors, Pulse Carbines, 45 pts = 5 * 9
         1 Fire Warrior Shas'ui, Pulse Carbine, 19 pts
      1 Devilfish, 80 pts

Troops: Fire Warrior Team (9#, 144 pts)
   1 Fire Warrior Team, 0 pts
      5 Fire Warriors, Pulse Carbines, 45 pts = 5 * 9
         1 Fire Warrior Shas'ui, Pulse Carbine, 19 pts
      1 Devilfish, 80 pts

Troops: Fire Warrior Team (9#, 144 pts)
   1 Fire Warrior Team, 0 pts
      5 Fire Warriors, Pulse Carbines, 45 pts = 5 * 9
         1 Fire Warrior Shas'ui, Pulse Carbine, 19 pts
      1 Devilfish, 80 pts

Fast Attack: Pathfinder Team (8#, 98 pts)
   1 Pathfinder Team, 0 pts
      7 Pathfinders, 77 pts = 7 * 11
         1 Pathfinder Shas'ui, 21 pts

Heavy Support: Hammerhead Gunship (1#, 146 pts)
   1 Hammerhead Gunship, 146 pts = (base cost 125 + Submunition Rounds 5 + Disruption Pod 15) + Blacksun Filter 1

Heavy Support: Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship (1#, 130 pts)
   1 Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship, 130 pts = (base cost 115 + Disruption Pod 15)

Fast Attack: Razorshark Strike Fighter (1#, 150 pts)
   1 Razorshark Strike Fighter, 150 pts = (base cost 145 + Missile Pod 5)

Validation Report:
c-1. File Version: 1.22 For Bug Reports/; b-1. Roster Options: Named or Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Normal Mission; b-2. Levels of Alliance: Battle Brothers
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
HQ: 1 (1 - 2)
Elite: 3 (0 - 3)
Troops: 4 (2 - 6)
Fast: 2 (0 - 3)
Heavy: 2 (0 - 3)
Fort: 0 (0 - 1)

Hey Shawn, here's a studio army list modified from a Tau Army list I've been bouncing around that I've found to be enjoyable to play with.  The Tau Commander supports the army by firing first, letting the Drones tag the primary target with his high BS, allowing the Pathfinders to shoot next making their Markerlights at BS5, allowing multiple elements of the army to followup.  The Fire Warriors in Devilfishes would remain quite safe constantly moving, while their disembark movements would allow multiple uses of Fish of Fury, given their extended range of 18" vs 12" rapid fire.  Also the amount of Fusion in the army would be handy for any dangerous threats, and the Riptides would hunt nuisances like the Heldrake and Vendettas.  Overall I find it to be quite fun and balanced, but still capable to be beaten by a normal list.

- Fernando R.

1851 Points competitive list
Tau with Eldar Allies
Primary Detachment Tau 1401
HQ 285
Shadowsun 135
Commander 85, Cyclic Ion Blaster 15, Multi Spectrum Sensor Suite 15, Drone Controller 8, Advanced Targeting System 3
2 x Marker Drone 24 = 150
Troops 550
7 Fire Warriors 63, Bonded 7, Devilfish 80 = 150
6 Fire Warriors 54, Bonded 6, Devilfish 80 = 140
20 Kroot 120, Sniper Rounds 20 = 140
20 Kroot 120
Elites 436
XV8 Team 66, TL Fusion B 20, Target L 5, TL Missile P 20, Target L 5, TL Missile P 20 = 136
Riptide 180, Velocity Tracker 20, Early Warning Override 5, Ion Acc 5 = 210
Stealth Team (3) 90
Heavy Support 130
Sky Ray 115, Disruption Pod 15 = 130
Allies 450
HQ 110
Autarch 70, Fusion Gun 10, Falchous Wing 30 = 110
Troops 60
5 Rangers 60
Heavy Support 280
Wraithknight 240, Sun Cannon Scatter Shield 40

The suggested colour scheme for this army, I had them down as based on a water world of sinking buildings and tiny islands, so deep blues and sea greens (you could almost say teal :P) with a orange accent for the sept markings.
This list allows for a lot of infiltration and advanced deployment of your army to give a good deal of tactical flexibility,
you can be up close straight away and still have two large monstrous creatures for your opponent to worry about running
and gunning up the field!
Would be cool to know what you think
Love all your stuff can't wait to see a batrep with the new tau and eldar!
all the best,
As far as deployment the units break down like this
Shadowsun with the xv8 team to give them stealth and shrouded they can then infiltrate close to any armour you need taking out!
The commander with the stealthsuits to give him stealth and shrouded and they have the option to infiltrate close to any infantry you need to target and his MSSS will let that unit have the ignores cover rule for shooting and can provide effective marker lights!
Fire warriors in devilfish serve as mobile scoring units to grab objectives, the sniper kroot can infiltrate to prioritise any characters or monstrous creatures! The remaining kroot outflank.
The riptide provides counters to reserve fliers with the interceptor and skyfire rules while the skyray gives solid anti-air.
On the eldar side the rangers can sit on an objective with improved cover saves for some resilience, the autarch can run 48 inches a turn an be all over the board re rolling cover saves and denying objectives an hunting tanks! And the wraithlord is there to give you another tough relentless monstrous creature to deal with. The idea behind this army is that you can be all over the board at once or surround you opponent whislt being prepared for anything from reserves, it gives heavy fire power and mobility to capture objectives!
I have played against imperial guard which was a challenge with not a huge amount of shots but the kroot are good against infantry with snipers rending, against black templars and other space marines it proved to be very effective with better mobility and concentrating fire power. It gave my opponents a lot to think about and I feel it really is a list where you cant ignore anything! I hope that helps and look forward to see which list you pick for each category!

Ghost Miniatures

A while back I did a vid on alternate jetbike sculpts.  A fan got back to me with this little gem...

I found this link...
The person is located perhaps in Almaty Kazakistan- part of the old Soviet Union. All is in Russian. I will ask my Russian wife to translate- yes mail order bride so to speak. So she is from deep inside Russia and will help us- soon. You have an employee with a Ukrainian wife- She could probably help you too from this site. Anyway- I will not forget you and do what I can to get these toys for me and to share with you the HOW to acquire. They are awesome!

I think the prices are displayed for us- not cheap. I wish it were in Rubles!

Sci-Fi Jetbakers:
2 вида одиночных:
- Type A
- Type F + дополнительная рука с копьем
3 вида отрядов:
- Type G (3 байкера + дополнительная пушка)
- Type S (5 байкеров + детали для "главного")
- Type W (4 байкера + дополнительные руки с копьями)

Стоимость каждого заказа рассчитывается индивидуально, основываясь на общем количестве.

Расчетные стоимости
Sci-Fi Jetbakers:

- Set A1 (одиночная модель Type A) - 22,5$*
- Set F1 (одиночная модель Type F) - 22,5$*
  • при добавлении к другим сетам стоимость снижается.
- Set G3 (1 полный сет Type G) - 50$
- Set G6 (2 полных сета Type G) - 97$
- Set G9 (3 полных сета Type G) - 140$
- Set G12 (4 полных сета Type G) - 180$

- Set S5 (сет из пяти Type S + части для главного) - 97$
- Set S9 (сет из девяти Type S + части для главного) - 162$

- Set W4 (1 полный сет Type W) - 76$
- Set W8 (2 полных сета Type W) - 144$
- Set W10 (2 полных сета Type W + 2 модели) - 175$

Faithful BTP fan.


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