Ultimate Fantasy Roleplaying

Update: I'm not doing this anymore.

Ultimate Fantasy Roleplaying
Imagine a week of adventure with beautiful miniatures, inspirational terrain, and challenging play.  All of this in a Valhalla-esque palace.  A Fantasy RPG vacation.*

Nothing like this has been seen before.

I’m taking the classic adventure White Plume Mountain, and re-writing it for 2016 standards, with new and expanded areas.  Then, I’m creating full scale terrain for the entire thing, a feast for the eyes as top notch miniatures are put on the board.  An experience like no other.

You arrive on Monday (or Sunday evening the night before) at Salt Lake International airport.  You’re picked up and taken out to the mansion.  A custom hero figure has been made for your character*  As you enter and feast your eyes on the art gallery quality surroundings, a feeling of relief and wonder comes over you.

The party arrives at the Inn one by one and becomes acquainted with the quest that awaits.  Taking stock of provisions and magic, you make plans for what might lie ahead.  Thus begins a week-long challenge to recover the three artifacts from White Plume Mountain.  The mountain is quaking with centuries of furious white hot magma, and at the end of the last session on Friday, the entire mountain is filled with its rage—killing everything for miles, so you will have to act quickly.

On Saturday, the survivors (now bonded in battle and hardship) will head back to their homelands.

Always, Your cruel but loving DM,
Shawn Gately

Contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for purchase or info
Tickets are $1350 for five days of high adventure.  If you are a friend of the studio (ie a client or Valhalla attendee that we know) you get $100 off.  You get another $100 off if you book before June 10th.

All Monday through Friday
Dated TBD

More Details

  • I will send you a Guide for character creation and event standard.  Pathfinder system.  Starting Level is 8th.  By the time we are done you will be to 11th level.
  • Starting Monday night we run two sessions a day for a total of thirty hours of play during the week.
  • I will capture the nostalgia of old school pen and paper wargaming with never-before-experienced elements of top of the line wargaming.  Those of you who have been to Valhalla will know what I’m talking about.  I am making nods to the greats, and if you played White Plume Mountain as a kid, you will smile as you see some familiar elements.
  • We will have other boards out for Wargames (like Warhammer or War Machine), so bring stuff for that, too.  I will also have some great board games for our down time.  We’ll be playing around six hours a day, so that leaves at least a similar amount of time for other activities.
  • There at a TON of great places to go in SLC and I’m glad to show you around or give you pointers on great places.
  • You can arrive the evening before, and also leave the morning after the Monday through Friday adventuring time, so this is FIVE days packed solid with pulse-pounding RPG action.
  • I will have two assistants: one as a concierge who will also be handling meals, and another as an assistant DM.
  • In the month leading up to the adventure I will be in contact with the party to create characters.  You will create two characters actually, in the event of untimely death. 
  • I will be running this adventure a total of four times with very possible followups.
  • There will be a total of thirty three dimensional, high quality realistic terrain maps
  • The pics here are just of some RPG projects that BTP has done and is just a teaser for the minis that are being made for this event.
  • You should bring all the books  you need, but I will have copies of almost everything that is made for Pathfinder.  Sometimes multiples.
  • The location pictured may change.  If so, it will be in an equivalently awesome venue. If for whatever reason the event is cancelled, your ticket is converted into a $1100 credit for BTP products/services.

*maybe two, it is a dangerous world after all!

 Brave heroes take to the wilderness to gain entrance to White Plume Mountain.

 Many bizarre constructs still survive from when Keraptis made his lair here.
An Ogre Magi tests your wits.  After centuries of enslavement he is in no mood for fools.

 Endevagil the bronze dragon can prove a timely ally.

 Washboard abs like these come from many years of adventuring.  They deserve to be shown off.


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