Got this nice email in today.  So few people bother to say something nice, so it's always something special.

Hey hey Blue table painting!

I wanted to start this email by saying you probably get more complainers than anything else, so i wanted to take this time to personally thank the both of you and your entire staff for my project. Your customer service is second to none and when a problem arose someone was there to meet it head on. I constantly read your blog and watch your bat reps and bought a ticket to Valhalla because it seems like so much fun. everything your company stands for is everything that is right in this world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and i WILL be ordering from you guys again.

Steven P.


Hey hey Shawn BOOM!!

I notice that you use army builder and pen and paper to create your armies. If you have a smart phone, look up battlescribe it's a free app that let's you build armies and store the list on your phone ! It's good for warmachine warhammer ect!


Death Guard and Daemons Trade Incoming

1 Lord
10 Terminators
30 Plague Marines
2 Rhinos
1 Land Raider

Skull Taker
20 Bloodletters
3 Bloodcrushers
10 Flamers
5 Screamers

Deamon Prince and Tzeench special Character from this list.

Hawk Wargames Releases Scenery

Got an email from Dave at Hawk Wargames this morning.


Today Hawk Wargames is pleased to announce the release of a brand new and complete resin 10mm modular scenery system! The range includes a wide variety of architectural styles and parts in a system designed to maximise creative potential and freedom. In total, this release encompasses over 100 new products, all now available to pre-order! (shipping from 6th December).

Upgraded versions of our Premium Large and Mega army deals are also available with a choice of Aluminium hard case or fabric carrying case. For a limited time, customers can upgrade from the standard Premium versions at no extra cost in our Xmas promotion! (Offer ends 2nd January, 2013).

Tickets are also now available for our Open Day and Dropzone Commander Tournament, which will be held on 26th January 2013 - venue: Grand Hotel, Trafalgar Square, London. More information on this event will follow next week!

Our website upgrade also includes the release of our polished acrylic flight stands and innovative Hawk Widgets as separate products.

All this is now available to view and order on our website (

Thanks for reading!

- Dave

Get Well Soon!

[emails like this make it all worth it]

Dear Shawn,

[Just before Thanksgiving] I was rushed to the ER and then the next thing I know I'm having back surgery so again I'm sorry I wasnt able to keep in touch but I will make up for it now I was released on Thanksgiving of all days.

I would like to say few things.  My wife and kids were a great help and a blessing but they couldn't be there all the time while I was recovering. That's when Blue Table Painting came in I had my Nook and was able to watch your battle reports and I also dreamed about my Beastmen army coming from dark forests blending in to woods dark forms moving then a loud bellow from Grunt One-horn and the cries of fear from the humans as they know their fate.

I think I'm just trying to say thank you.

You and your team helped me take my mind off the pain and the worry.


Round and Round

Hello loyal BTP fan, what a delight it is to write a blog post for you today.  I will try and write more.  You have to understand, I've been up at 5:30am and I pass out by 9:00pm tops.

The studio is in high gear.  As time goes on we become more coordinated.  It takes time for people to get to know and trust each other.  I see staff starting to play games with each other.  On Saturday there were like eight staffers (and Mike D.) down for Infinity.  It's a long-term dream of mine to see staff doing spontaneous game days.  That was really cool.

For my part I am laser-beam focused on Inquiries.  That means setting up new projects and also making sure current projects get through.  Several times a week we do a walk through to be sure everything is on track.  We almost all the way through a pretty huge logjam.  Victims of our own success.  But turnaround is vastly improving.  Some projects are making it through in just a week or two.  I'm working very diligently on this.

I haven't had the time to do Batreps, sorry to say.  I really want to get the studio Skaven on the table.

For the next four to six months I plan on consolidating the studio with only moderate gains.  We are focusing on fundamentals, just like a good team.  How good can we make it?  How close-knit can the team become?  Then I think we will be ready for the much greater things that lay ahead.

Breaking Dawn 2 is out this weekend.  I wonder who my wife is going to see that with.  Read more on my personal blog.

Ordering Models

BTP typically orders many thousands of dollars of models per week.  At this time over 90% of projects at BTP are on track.  The remainder are queued up for attention.  If you are a client and you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

 Forge World.  We are looking for clients to order models on our behalf for which we offer an amplification of your money towards your project of 20%.  There are two reasons for this.  One, we have in the past had trouble with Forge World charging our bank account but not registering as transaction completed.  Two, on the net it costs less for us to provide $X of service (assembly/painting) than to buy direct from Forge World.  Currently there are only four projects with FW items needed.   We are currently working with several clients on this type of deal which should see all Forge World items on the way.

We anticipate that within 7-14 days every single model needed for every single project will be in the studio OR on the way.

--Shawn Gately


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