BTP Fantasy Camp

All right you die hard BTP fans.  Here is your chance to change your life.  Learn about assembly, painting, converting and maybe a little about life and business.  Come out and have the full BTP experience.

Set this up with Shawn at

Here's how it works.  You stay at a beautiful local house, six minutes from the studio.  This house is not otherwise occupied.  It is beautifully appointed, peaceful, and stocked with all sorts of bachelor and comfort food for your enjoyment.  This is where you live while you're here.  Shawn will be your roomie, your flatmate.

Every day, you come in to the studio and can hang out and paint with the crew and otherwise be part of BTP life.  You can paint your own figures, or pick them up from us (we can even have an army ready and assembled for when you arrive).

If you wish it, Shawn (that's me!  I'm writing this) will be glad to mentor you and give you ideas for life and help you find your own way OR business mentoring.  But that's really up to you.  Not everyone will care for that aspect.  You should know that I am a formally trained mentor.

Transportation is provided.  You'll get a ride to and from the airport, and to and from the studio every day.

Here are the costs:

Six days (Monday to Saturday) $1200

What you get:
1) Lodging (your own room with a dedicated bath)
2) Food (just make your own comfort stuff, simple for about two meals a day, you'll probably eat out for lunches)
3)  The BTP experience, access to the studio most waking hours.  Learn to paint awesomely and efficiently and get in some games with the crew.  Or a battle report with Shawn or other BTP luminary like Rich or Thomas.


  • Extend to ten days +$500
  • Reduce to four days -$300
  • BTP provides models for you = cost of the models plus assembly
  • Shawn intensively trains/mentors you for business +$1200 (20 hours minimum)
Here are some concept pics of the house-- it is not yet furnished, that's happening in the coming weeks.


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