Blue Table Painting Weekly Project Update


Shawn and sons, Griffin and Jonah


30x packages ready to go out!

  • April 24.  Long time with no update.  But guys, I'm here every day moving it forward.  I was setting up artist appointments yesterday.
  • April 4.  Tara will be up to date with shipping today.  If you don't have a tracking number for a project that should be on the way by tonight, get in touch with me.  
  • March 28.  Thank you for stopping by.  I am here, as always, every day.  As you can see, projects are working their way through month after month.  Want to chat me up in chat mode?  Try Skype ID bluetablepainting  I always have it up.  I'm running an awesome Champions RPG with all miniatures with my sons as well as Master Assembler Rick.  It's going tremendously.
  • March 26.  Thank you.  Thank you so much for using BTP for your project.  I am here every day, getting everything moved ahead.  I have now permanently opened up the "just get it done" special.  Assembly is now surging ahead.  You'll notice a lot of projects moving to "Ready to Paint".
  • March 24.  I am taking a few days off.  Mostly.  Still going to work mornings to get projects moved ahead.
  • March 22.  Thank you all so much for coming by my update page.  As you may notice, things get moved forward and updated every day here.  Thirteen years and going strong.  It's spring in Utah and the trees are flowering.  Plus it rained today which reminds me of Oregon.  It's great.  I am so happy.
  • March 19.  Spending the weekend getting all projects ready for attention.  This means paperwork.  Went to see Logan (awesome) and Kong (lame).
  • March 15.  I have a new assistant.  Her name is Tara.  She is English and burned out on running a series of various bakeries.  We got all the packages out today.  Because of her I was able to enjoy last weekend with my kids rather than packing all day long.  It was great.  I want to thank all of you my great clients.  My heart is full of gratefulness.  Thank you. 
  • Also, I am caught up on emails.  If you are waiting for a response you better re-send.
  • March 12.  It is a good Sunday.  It feels like Spring.  I know it sounds odd, but I enjoy answering my emails.  I get to talk to You.  All my love and thanks to all my wonderful clients. Did you know that for seventy active projects, this page receives well over a hundred visitors every day?  I can't figure it out.  But I am here, doing my best to move every project down the line and it gets better every day.  Enjoy your Sunday and don't forget to smile.
  • March 11.  Thank you.  Thank you to all my clients.  I appreciate the business very much.  I am spending the day with my daughter.
  • March 8. 2017 and still turning over the projects.  BTP was founded on January 1st, 2004.  That's thirteen years folks. Three new projects on the docket now, all unpacked.
  • March 7.  Everything is chugging away.  Picked up packages.  Doing receiving tomorrow.
  • February 27.  Thank you so much for being here.  I am mostly caught up on my emails hooray for me.
  • February 25. Valhalla Kickstarter is up in about a week.  Don't miss out, tickets are almost impossible to get.
  •  Please send things to this address:
    c/o Blakfyre Games
    391 S Main St
    Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Models Incoming

If you see your project here, but know that your package has arrived, please contact Shawn right away.
Send models to:
Your Name, Project Name
c/o Blakfyre Games
391 S Main St
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Thousand Sons 01 AFOR
Tyranids 01 JSIN
Harlequins 01 CWHE needs one more model from Blakfyre 4/28
Ork Warboss 01 AMOS conversion on bike, directly to Brody
Salamanders 01 JBEN
Wood Elves 01 PHOD
Dark Elves 01 MMUN
Fantasy Figures 01 GGAR backorder, coming from UK
Ork Assassins 01 DLEW on the way
Skaven 01 JKEL order
Eldar 01 TCUN order

Hordes 02 OJOH order
Carcharadons 01 SFUR order
Dark Vengeance BKIE   artistic license
Khorne 02 MWIL  order
Thousand Sons 01 WPAR models incoming (backorder)
Star Wars 19 PHOD
RPG Figures 01 THOF
Space Wolves 01 JGES
Mechanicum 01 DGRA

Tau 02 PGLA reorder- some models in
World Eaters 01 JBAR models incoming

Package is here, not opened yet.

This is a holding area for projects.  A specialist will soon look over your instructions and make sure the document is vetted for the artist.  Projects marked with * mean that we are waiting for you to respond to our email Request for final instructions or there is something else needed.

Shawn needs to finish paperwork  That's what the * means
Tzeentch 01 JSCH * hardcopy instructions
Old West 01 BMAR *
Fantasy Figures 01 SKRE *
Stargate 01 NEDW *
Eldar 01 DSVO *
Khador 01 DBRA *

Waiting for Assembly
Assigned to an assembler in 1-14 days, typically but not always.  

Thousand Sons 01 AFIS  
Adeptus Mechanicus 03 AZOM
Black Templars 02 JRUF  60% done. extensive conversions

Active Assembly
This means that an assembler is working on your project.

Slaanesh 01 MHOL *

RPG Figures 01 JWID *
Space Hulk 01 MHIR
Eldar 01 AHOW *
Necrons 01 NEVA
Adeptus Mechanicus 01 DHEM *
Scythe 02 DMCN*
Infinity 03 JHOR *
Legion 05 KREN*

Ork Gargants 01 RSCH
Space Marines 01 CSCH
Dark Angels 02 AWIN
Autarch 01 PKUN *

Waiting for Painting

Your project is secure at the studio.  On occasion, because of the specialty nature of a project, it takes longer.  For example: your project might need a specific painter or need special skills that only a few painters possess.  In ideal conditions there should be no projects lingering here for more than seven days.
Tau 05 TOXB
Barbarians 01 BARM

Grey Knights 01 WNOE
Dropzone 01 RSCH

Active Painting
This means that a painter is working on your project and expected completion is in 1-14 days  Painters come in Wednesday-Friday so the other days there's not that much movement.
It will then go to digital photography where you will get HD pics on Flickr for review.

on hiatus for ski season

Chaos Space Marines 01 CYUE

Space Wolves 01 CHOL 90% done

on hiatus two weeks

Eldar 01 CSCH

Starship Troopers 01 PGOO

Grey Knights 03 DHOH  top priority
RPG Figures 01 SLAT
Thousand Sons 01 DWOO
RPG Figures 01 RSCH

Orcs 01 SVAN  pending to finish specialty items, painting has started

Age of Sigmar 01 BKIE  artistic license

Warlord 01 MSCH very close

Wood Elves 01 TPAF  eta mid-late April


Stormcasts 01 ESTA
Chaos Space Marines 01 MHOL

Orboros 01 TOSB
RPG Figures 01 CRAS
Goatfolk 01 MWIL
Sisters of Battle 01 MRIS

Touchups being performed
RPG Figures 01 PBAR general touchup
Renegades 01 SCAR weapons and packs detailed
Harlequins 02 CSAR bases and canopies
Eldar Corsairs 07 DAND faces and magnets


 Digital Photography
Your project is waiting to get pictures taken.

For a project to be shipped we need approval and payment.  If you want alterations to your project we are more than happy to accommodate.  If you paid, and you like the work, your project should not appear here!  Contact

Most of these projects have been shipped or are ready to ship (ie packed up), I need to update the list.  
Guild Ball 01 ESCH
RPG Figures 01 TGEG
Legion 03 JSHE  base markings
Trollbloods 01 JPIE  finishing work
Titans 01 JDUC
Nurgle Marines 02 WCOR
RPG Figures 01 GSTA
RPG Figures 01 GSTA
RPG Figures 01 RBLO
Silver Tower 01 ABAS  magnets being implanted
Cygnar 01 CRAN
Infinity 02 BFRE
RPG Figures 02 MARM
Bolt Action 01 AYOU
Infinity 01 RSCH
Tau 01 ACHA

Adeptus Mechanicus 01 NEVA
Imperial Fists 02 JMCE  packed
Warriors of Chaos 02 ABAS
Blood Bowl 01 ETAL packed
Hordes 01 BKIE  artistic license
Old West 01 PMAN
Kingdom Death 02 ENIE
Boardgames 02 ECHI
Triumvarate 01 JSCH
Kingdom Death  RGOO
Orcs 01 SLIU
Chaos Space Marines 04 SOSB
Space Marines 01 JLOE
Zombies 01 RLYO
Descent 01 RCER

Space Marines 06 ASHA astral lionsw
Boardgames 01 TCHA
Eldar 02 JAND

Blood Bowl 01 PGLA
Imperial Guard 03 RARA
Infinity 01 BFRE
 Eldar 01 KWIL finishing touches
Undead 01 TBJU
RPG Figures 01 RHED
Space Wolves 02 ELAU
Infinity 01 OSIM
Tau 05 CSTO

 Blood Bowl 01 ASHI
Marvel 01 TCRO
Space Marines 03 SCAR
Dark Angels 01 DGRO  needs a vid
Magnus 01 ARAY
RPG Figures 01 MGU
Ironjaws 01 TANS 
Seraphon 01 WGAU
Dwarves 02 JCOS
Grey Knights 01 DHOH
Lord of Change 01 DHEA
Scythe 01 DMCN
Zombicide 01 MSTA
Tau 03 TOXB
Scions 01 CSCH
Eldar 01 KSOL
Empire 01 JBRI
Orcs 01 PMET
Titans 01 ASAD
RPG Figures 01 ZHAM
Guild Ball 01 KMAL
Hordes 01 OJOH
Talisman 01 BBON
Chaos Heroes 01 DHOU 12/30
 Daemons 01 CCUL"khorne dogs"
Blood Bowl 01 DCLE  Expressed 12/19
Cthulhu Wars 01 JCHR  Expressed 12/19
Warhammer Quest 01 NTAR
RPG Figures 01 SSTR
Darklands 01 ENIE 
Genestealer Cult 01 BGUR
ASPR shields, one shield left
Thief 01 CJEN  expedited- additional model coming 12-18
 Khorne 01 CBRO
Tau 01 ASAD
Marines 01 SSTR
Fantasy Figures 03A SCOL
Fantasy Figures 03B SCOL
Tyranids 01 SSTU
Imperial Fists 01 JMCE
Dark Angels 01 AWIN
Madness 01 PDUP
Adeptus Mechanicus 01 DHEM
Reaper 02 MCOL  11/25
Space Marines Heroes 01 JMOY
RPG Figures 01 ABUR  one figure
RPG Figures 01 PPIE
Cryx 08 JBAC
Halo 01 TKOL
Chaos Space Marines 03 JHOK
Fantasy Figures 02 SCOL
Seraphon 02 AROO
Heroes 01 MROS
Primarchs 01 NEVA
Khador 01 MCON touchups
Tyranids 01 CGAR
Khorne 01 MWIL 
Trollbloods 01 TPLA
Yashima 01 SSU
Imperial Guard 01 KLUS returning
RPG Figures 01 GAVE
Zombicide 01 AMAD
Tau 02 TOXB
Warhammer 01 KMUR
Tau 01 DMOS
Khador 01 WMOS
Space Marines 02 LNIC
Dungeon Lair 02 RROL 

Dark Eldar 01 GJOH  packed
Genestealers 01 CSCH
Scions 01 TBRO packed
Cygnar 01 SCAS packed
Beastclaws 01 MJUL goblins
Roller Derby 01 JCAR
Boardgames 01 ECHI
Nurgle Marines 01 WCOR
Imperial Guard 02 RSIS etc = 08/15
Cygnar 01 CWEI  rework
Iron Warriors 01 PDOU   packed
Space Wolves 01 CFAI packed
Drop Pods 01 TGIL packed
RPG Figures 02 RMOR

Skaven 01 MGOT
Brimstone 01 RDEE 
Dwarves 01 JCOS
Dwarfs 04 SZAG
Bolt Action 01 TBRI
RPG Figures 04 ASMI
Templars 01 RDAV
Guild Ball 01 LROD
Ultramarines 01 GBER
Blood Angels 01 AYOU
Board Games 01 MHAR
Infinity 01 NRAM
Infinity 02 DBLA
Infinity 02 BFLE
Salamanders 02 AVAN
Primarch 01 JPER
Space Wolves 01 ELAU  
Iron Hands 01 JKLE  etc = Aug 20
Necron Overlord 01 ZMOH
Raging Heroes 01 JDUC
Khorne 01 CSCH
Skin Wolves 01 RDUN
Ultramarines 01 CFOW finishing one model
War Machine 63 BFRE

Guild Ball 01 BDAN
Super Dungeon Explore 01 SMER proceeding
Infinity 01 MSTE
Goblin Basing 01 DMIL  
Infinity 01 GCUE
Seraphon 01 AROO
Deathwatch 01 JMCC
Fortune and Glory 01 JLAM  done
Space Marines 01 SCAR

Demogorgon 01 JDIN
Imperial Guard 01 JTIR
Black Templars 01 JDUC  etc = 7/30
Chaos Space Marines 01 DWAT
Necrons 01 SROS 
Dark Eldar 01 WPAY
Imperial Fists 01 SWEL  rework done
RPG Figures 01 DCAR  rework done
Warlord 01 ABUY waiting for ship
Space Hulk 01 DING  finished
Orboros 01 NMCG
Warhammer Quest 01 DCLE  etc 06/30
Lizardmen 01 MSCH  
Orks 03 RDAV
Ultramarines 01 MFRE
RPG Figures 01 CBLA single figure
AdMech 01 BSTO 
Shadowrun 01 AARO
Baseball 02 ESCH one model
RPG Figures 01 CSTE
Orks 01 DCAT
Imperial Guard 01 GGAR
Terrans 01 HNEN expeditiousness
Super Dungeon Explore 01 NTEN returned, will be re-shipped
RPG Figures (Ratfolk) 01 MSTI
Blood Bowl 02 BTEW
RPG Figures 02 ASMI
RPG Heroes 03 ASMI
Frostgrave 01 BWHI
Cygnar 01 DSTA  followup work
Dark Elves 02 CMCH
Blood Bowl 01 JLAZ
Logan Grimnar 01 AHWA
Tau 01 JLAM

Tau 01 TOXB
Harlequins 01 CSAR
Fantasy Figures 01 SCOL
Dark Angels 03 BTOB
Dark Angels 01 JVAL
Dungeon Lair 01 RROL
Star Wars 17 PHOD
Eldar 01 PWAL
Tau 01 PGLA
Necromunda 01 MBOV
Grey Knights 01 AMUR
Jungle Tau 01 RCHA
Titan 01 JLIC
Dark Elves 01 CMCH witch elves peeled into 02 

Space Marines 01 AWEA
Sculptures 01 KGAA

Sisters of Sigmar 01 NVIT
Tyranids 02 MFAR
Dark Angels 01 and 02 LHUL rework 
Space Marines 05 ASHA
Dark Eldar 01 JWIC
Demons 01 DCLA  ready to ship, in holding pattern
Tau 01 CGEN held to ship later
Reaper 01 BYOU part D big guys
Deathwing 01 TTAF 
War of Kings re-do HROB
Baseball Figures 01 ESCH
Cryx 02 DLAB
Salamanders 01 JNEW
Bretonnians 02 JROS
Dark Angels 01 MFAB
Warriors of Chaos 04 WLEA
Dreadfleet 01 JKIN
Terrain 01 RSCH
Legion 02 BROU
Dwarfs 01 AYOU 

Infinity 01 RHIG
Orks 01 CSTA rush
 Trollbloods 06 JLAM
Star Wars 15 PHOD
Star Wars 16 PHOD
Dropzone 01 JBAC
Space Marines 01 JLIC

High Elves 02 BBOW
Adeptus Mechanicus 02 TONE
Emperor's Children 01 JRHO
Figures 01 SDER  tattoo work done!
Khador 02 MCON
Tyranids 01 BWER finishing additional arms
Tyranids 01 MOTE
Blood Angels 01 TRIC 

Super Dungeon Explore 07 WZEI

Trollbloods 05 JLAM
War Machine 62 BFRE Skorne 
Reaper 01 BYOU part A
Kingdom Death 01 ENIE
 Retribution 01 BESC
Imperial Fists 01 MLAW
Dark Angels 01 PHAN  slc

High Elves 02 EAVE now combined with 01
WHUN fillers
Tau 02 BWER  Finishing work
Star Wars 14 PHOD
Chaos Space Marines 01 JROB
 RPG Figures 02 TCHR
Minions 01 WSAC
Wolfsung 01 DCLE
Necrons 02 BWER lava bases
Blood Angels 01 JLIG
Tau 01 JMAJ
Space Marine Diorama 01 DJAN

Tau 01 AVAN
Dark Angels 01 TLES
Orks 01 JSTR
Reaper 01 WSHA 

Bretonnians 01 JROS
Empire 01 CHOL
Orks 01 GASS

Flames of War 02 DCLO 
Tyranids 01 MFAR

Space Marines 05 ADAK
Chaos Space Marines 01 SWET
High Elves 01 BBOW
CMOO repairs 
Bretonnians 02 ASCR
40K Heroes 01 JJON
Space Marines 01 RHUG
Primarchs 01 PMUR
Lizardmen 01 DMAR etc=12/15
Death Korps 01 NEVA etc=12/21
Lizardmen 01 JMIL magnetized arm is done, ready to pack
Tyranids 01 HBOR 
Malifaux 01 DROD  
Adeptus Mechanicus 01 TONE
Admech 02 AZOM
Abaddon 01 AMIS
Cryx 01 DLAB
Bretonnians 01 ASCR  now rolled into part 02
 Star Wars 01 AYOU
 Ravenguard 02 NYAX  rework
High Elves 01 EAVE
Reaper 05 BBIN
Corsairs 06 DAND
Khorne 01 RWIL
Orks 01 WPRI Ork Biker Boss 
Super Dungeon Explore 01 WSAC
US Army 01 RDYR 
Tau 01 BWER

Infinity 01 RFRE  
Stormcast 01 DDES
Infinity 01 JMEC
Infinity 02/03 JHOR
Retribution 05 MVON  
Terra Folk 01 LPUR

Trollbloods 01 RDAV

Warriors of Chaos 01 ASCR vid is done
Arena Rex 02 JCAM
Space Marines 01 JNEL rework
Ogres 01 AFUL  waiting for client final approval
Star Wars 04 TOXB

Salamanders 01 AVAN 
Infinity 01 AIRI
Salamanders 01 NVAU etc=10/30
Kingdom Death 01 DGUE
Savage Worlds 01 MKRI
Infinity 01 JFLA 
RPG Figures 02 SHAR
Malifaux 03 TMAT
Tau 01 KAUM 
Blood Angels 02 MRUK
Eldar 02 SMAT 
Star Wars 11 PHOD
Assasins 01 CSIM
Mimic 01 SMIL
Ogres 01 MLEE
Imperial Guard 01 MKAR   etc=10/30
Adeptus Mechanicus 02 ADET
Blood Angels 01 WONE  
Grey Knights 01 JAND 
War Machine 01 JSNO and Space Hulk
Space Wolves 01 PSAN
Eliphas 01 DHER Sovereign fox
Baneblade 01 NWIL etc=10/05
Dark Angels 02 BTOB
Iron Wolves 01 DAND
Wood Elves 01 MNGU  etc=09/21
Flames of War 01 DCLO

Grey Knights 01 AAKE
Necrons 01 BWER 
Mice and Mystics 01 THAM 
Word Bearers 01 TWRI
Grey Knights librarian 01 NEDW
Blood Bowl JHUG
Blood Angels 01 AJAV
Discworld 01 TCHR etc=08/03
Infinity Tohaa 02 BSMI
Cryx 07 JBAC
Strongpoint 01 JBAC
Cryx 06 JBAC
Mirai 01 SBAR
Legion 02 AHIC
Orks 01 MKLI 
Grey Knights 01 CCHA
Tau 01 EBEE
40K Heroes 01 FLOP
Thousand Sons 01 LMUR
High Elves 01 OSTR (Wood Elves)
Retribution 03 TSOB

Warriors of Chaos 01 AAVE
Malifaux 02 TMAT
Daemon Prince 01 AMOS
Warriors of Chaos 03 WLEA waiting for other parts to be done

It's in the shipping room ready to get packed up. 
Harlequins weaponry for T. Gross
Dark Eldar 01 CMON
 AdMech 01 AZOM
 Eldar 01 MRUK 
Cygnar 01 JMUR
War Machine 61 BFRE 
Anima Tactics 01 BKNO
Emperor's Children 01 JRHO
 Tau 01 JMON
Super Dungeon Explore 06 WZEI
Red Dwarves 03 SZAG
Mordheim 01 JSJO
Retribution 01 CYOA
Blood Angels 01 JRUP
Fantasy 01 TROC
Star Wars 10 PHOD
Space Marines 01 HMUR
Space Marines 02 BLIN iron hands

Unusual Circumstances
So many things could be going on here!  Usually we are waiting on something from you the client.  This can also be the temporary home of a project this is getting modifications done.

Lich King 01 JFRA 

Star Wars 01 RRIC *
Wild West 01 SDZY
Contest Marines 01 ADET waiting on transmutation
Space Marines 01 JWON
Grey Knights 01 JWOY
Space Marines 01 AAND client sending models
Warriors of Chaos 01 SYEO

Tomb Kings 01 RDES
Relic Knight 01 JGAT
Space Marines 01 CCHE please contact Shawn

Instant Gratification
If you have a project in the pre-assembly stage or "unusual circumstances" and would like to just switch out for an existing item that I  have on hand (ie drop your project and just have me send you something I have ready), let's do that.  Take the amount that you paid (in cash) and give yourself 10% bonus on top of that.  You will come out smelling like a rose.

Double Your Money
OR convert to a coupon credit at +20% good for six months.  So let's say you paid $400 cash for your project as a deposit, that would get you a $480 webstore credit which would in turn buy around $800 worth of stuff.

Semi Trucks
ASHA in process
RSCH in process
JVAL done
JWIL in process
CSTO resolved
WLEA done
NEVA done
JRUF assigned


Sam picking up a new project

Completed 2015
As a matter of interest here are projects we have completed in recent months.  We have finished over 1500 projects since Spring 2013.  Lifetime BTP has finished 6000-8000 projects, a record unheard of in this industry. This is also interesting because you can also see the types of armies we are painting, a reflection of the hobby as a whole?
Blood Ravens 01 FJOH
Eldar 01 JNIC  shipped!
Convergence 01 DCYR   shipped!
 Firestorm Armada 01 JGRA
 Descent 02 TBES    shipped!
MRUK x2 packages (Orks and Menoth)    shipped!
Disneykins 01 BCAS  shipped!
Black Templars 01 COBR   shipped!
Legion 01 BROU
Space Marines 01 AHYD librarian  shipped!
Battlegeddon 01 JEDW  shipped!
Chaos Space Marines 01 MVAR (2x packages)  shipped!
New Dawn 01 DBAN     shipped!
Blood Angels 01 LPIE   shipped!
Titans 01 NROY  shipped!
Space Marines 01 LNIC
Blood Angels 03 B SPRO    shipped!
Menoth 01 AING  shipped!
Historicals 01 CGIA  shipped!

Necrons 01 RHAR 
Blood Angels 01 ETAY mephiston    shipped!
Blood Angels 01 JMES   shipped!
Vampire Counts 05 WHUN
Tyranids 02 JNIC 
Space Marines 01 DGEA white scars etc=08/28 done early!
*Black Templars 01 BMAN etc=08/21
Ravenwing 01 LHUL finish in August 
Lizardmen 01 MKAR
Cygnar 01 GLOP
Menoth 01 SWIS etc=08/10
Dwarfs 01 AGI
Cygnar 03 WPAY 
Dark Angels 01 JDON
High Elves 02 CSCH
Tyranids 01 RGOO
Tyranids 01 KBEE video coming!  Also touchups on Tyranids 01 KBEE
Tau 01 SLAN assembly only etc=08/10

Chaos Space Marines 01 TJAS
40K 01 JRAT
Khador 03 RDAV
Generic 01 JWU

Empire 01 BBOW
Eldar 01 ALEE
Lord of the Rings 01 NWAL
Wood Elves 01 SRAC
 Grey Knights 01 BBUR

Arena Rex 01 JCAM

Nagash 01 ABAD
Titans 01 BADR Bio Titan
Assassinorum 01 BGAR
Dark Angels 01 CWEL
Space Wolves 05 CNEL
High Elves 01 CSCH
Space Marines 01 JBEN

Firestorm Armada 01 JSCO
Dragonborn 01 JLAR
Relic Knights 01 JBUR
RPG Figures 01 JLAM
Grey Knights 01 JAND
Imperial Fists 01 MHAR
Space Wolves 01 PBIR
Space Marines 01 PALL
Dark Elves 01 RARA
RPG Figures 03 RBLO

Admech 01 MGU
Ancients 01 ECRI
Anime Kits 01 MRIS
Beastmen 01 SMER

Blood Angels 01 AKEN Allen K.
Blood Angels 01 SPRO
Blood Angels 01 SWIL
Blood Angels 02 AJAV
Blood Angels 02 SPRO
Blood Angels 02 SPRO
Blood Angels 03 SPRO
Blood Bowl 01 BTEW
Blood Ravens 02 JRIV
Chaos Space Marines 01 CSTE
Chaos Space Marines 03 SOSB
Chaos Space Marines 05 OSER
Chaos Space Marines JMAC
Convergence 01 NBRI
Cryx 01 TANS
Cygnar 02 MVEL
Cygnar 02 WPAY
Update: over fifty packages going out!
Daemons 01 AFUE
Daemons 01 CMAR
Dark Angels 01 BTOB
Dark Eldar 01 CCHE
Dark Elves 01 JROJ
Descent 01 SFOX
Dwarves 01 CBAY
Eldar 01 ACHU
Eldar 01 CFOX
Eldar 01 FPER
Eldar 01 JWAL HOTI
Eldar 01 JWAL HOTI
Eldar 01 LWIL
Eldar 01 MIZZ
Kitty got claws
Eldar 01 MWOL
Eldar 02 JMIL
Elysians 01 PSCH
Empire 01 MCHR
Erkenbrand 01 JOHA
Fantasy Dwarfs 02 SZAG
Fantasy Scenery 02 JWEN
Freeblades 02 RKOE
Generic 01 SMAR
Goblins 01 KSKO
Grey Knights 01 JBLA
Grey Knights 01 MBAK
Grey Knights 01 SCOH
Grey Knights 02 JBLA
Hero Forge 01 JLEO
High Elves 01 KMOY
High Elves Phoenix 01 TBJU
Hordes REIT
Impact 01 PRAN
Impact 01 SWEI
Imperial Assault 01 BMCQ
Imperial Assault 01 PHOD
Imperial Guard 01 ASPR
Imperial Guard 01 CCOO
Imperial Guard 01 CNEL
Imperial Guard 01 JBEN
Imperial Guard 01 TBRE
Imperial Guard 02 BSTE
Infinity 01 BFLE
Infinity 01 BMUR op. icestorm
Infinity 01 MANS
Infinity 01 Pan O SSCH
Infinity 02 EMAH Nomads 2 mdls
Infinity 04 AFEL
Infinity Aleph 03 JHOR
Infinity PanO 01 DMAR
Infinity Yu Jing 01 CNEL
Infinity Yu-Jing 01 JHOH
Khador 01 JBAC
Khador 01 JTLU
Khador 01 MTHO
Khador 01 RDAV
Legion 01 FWAC Archangel
Legion 01 MCOL
Legion 01 MRIS

Lizardmen 01 TLEH
Lizardmen 02 JMIL
Magnus 01 CZAV
Malifaux Outcasts 01 ABAC

Menoth 01 MRUK
Mice and Mystics 01 WLOR
mimic 01 CSTA

Misc 01 AFIG
Miscellaneous 01 JTHO
Modern wargaming 01 DLIU
Napoleonics 01 JLEE
Necrons 01 JHOR
Necrons 01 PWAL
Necrons 01 VWES
Okko 01 BJAM
Orboros 01 MLON
Orboros 02 JETT
Orks 01 JRAM
Orks 01 MRUK
Orks 02 DBRI
Orks 02 RDAV
PHR 01 dropzone commander

Willow: resident cuteness expert
Willow: resident cuteness expert
Pinups 01 SCAM
Reaper 01 BBIN
Reaper 01 MCOL
Reaper 01 MKRI
Reaper 02 BBIN
Relic Knights 02 DCLA
RPG Figures 01 ASMI
RPG Figures 01 GVAN
Smaug 01 DSTA
Space Hulk 01 JBRI
Space Marines 01 BLIN
Space Marines 01 JKEI
Space Marines 01 JMES
Space Marines 01 MRED
Space Marines 01 NYAX
Space Marines 01 RFLO
Space Marines 01 SNOO
Space Marines 02 ASHA
Space Marines 03 ASHA
Space Marines 03 TSOB
Space Marines 04 ASHA
Space Marines 05 ASHA
Space Wolves 01 KPOR
Space Wolves 01 PMCN 2x heroes
Space Wolves 02 ABEY
Star Wars 01 DFIS
Star Wars 01 JAMA
Star Wars 09 PHOD
Star Wars 09 PHOD
Super Dungeon Explore 02 JCOO
Tanks 01 SLYM
Tau 01 JAND
Tau 01 LMAC
Tau 01 WTUR
Tau 03 SSWI
Terrain Boards 01 JSAP
Toad Dragon 01 CJOH
Trollbloods 01 DSAW
Trollbloods 02 DSAW
Trollbloods 02 JLAM
Tyranids 01 ADAK
Tyranids 01 BMUL trade
Tyranids 01 CEMI
Tyranids 01 JLAN assembly only
Tyranids 01 JNIC
Tyranids 01 RLAD
Vampire Counts 01 KROM
Vampire Counts 01 SORO
Vostroyans 01 ABAD
War Machine 59 BFRE
War Machine 60 BFRE
Warriors of Chaos 01 AROY
Warriors of Chaos 01 CALB
West Winds 01 AFOR
White Scars 01 JWAL HOTI
White Scars 01 JWAL HOTI
Wood Elves 01 PFIE
X Wing 03 TOXB
X-Wing 01 CONE

Holding Pattern there is a reason for this
Daemons 01 BJOH
Warzone 01 CRIN waiting for client address

White Scars 01 NSAS

Need something from client
Adeptus Mechanicus 01 KSMI new file format required


Old posts

  • February 24. I'm here.  It's a snowy day in Utah. 
  • February 16. Hello many many people who visit this page every day. I am here, peacefully going about my business.
  • February 13.  I'm here just buzzing along.  Had some mashed potatoes (that I made) this morning with carrots and italian parsley.  Good breakfast.  I am on the hunt for AT-43 models, want to trade some in?  Come on people, you come here every day to look, why not get off the bench and interact. 
  • Valentine's Day is coming soon.  Better get moving now.  Don't be that guy picking through the leavings of the flower section at 5:30pm on his way home.
  • February 9. 2017.  Today is a big packing day.  Going to buy supplies this morning.
  • February 6.  I am back in the saddle.  Tomorrow is a big packing day.  I have a stack higher than my head lined up!
  • February 3.  It's been one very productive week.  I will be hard to get a hold of this weekend.
  • February 1.  Picked up all packages.  Got in a bunch of trades, loads of stuff ready to go up on the store. 
  • January 28.  Thank you for dropping by.  More people visit this "project update" site than actually have projects.  Bit of a mystery.  Anyway, I'm here every day, working to get every project down the field and completed.  If you knew the story of the last two years, the Saga really, your eyes would pop out of year collective heads.  I feel amazing this last month as the project load looks to be not only under control, but many projects are getting near-instant attention.  And that makes me happy.
  • January 25.  Working away at it every day.
  • January 18.  Thank you for visiting.  Pretty soon ALL projects will be in active status, being worked on by an artist.
  • January 16.  I am caught up on emails and answering each new one as it comes in.  If you are waiting on a response from me, best to re-send.
  • Friday the 13th!  Lucky day.  It's smooth sailing.
  • January 10.  Didn't get out packages, they are all wrapped up now, though.  Always more than I previously thought.  I have now shored up assembly, it is going to get white hot in the coming weeks.
  • January 9.  It's Monday and I'm in the saddle!  Got 62x emails to plow.  Also doing two interviews and getting out a number of packages.
  • January 3.  Packing day.

  • December 27.  If you look at the bottom part of this page you'll see a HUGE list of projects that we've completed in recent history.  And new projects are rolling off the line all the time.
  • December 22.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  For all who have continued to support BTP the last few years, I express my heartfelt appreciation.
  • December 19. Braved the PO today to get out almost every package and it was a lot.  An audible groan went up from the line as I went to the teller with a twenty foot tall stack of boxes.  Going again tomorrow.  A LOT of people visit this page every day.  It's about 48/68 projects being actively worked on somehow, a high percentage. I am now allowing myself to take a shower and collapse for the night.
  • December 14.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for keeping me and my crew (and my family) flush with work, and making our lives better.  I have been blackout sick the last few days, still catching up.
  • December 7.  If you have a project due for Christmas, contact me right away!  I don't want to miss anything.
  • December 6.  Got 24x packages packed up and ready to go.
  • November 30.  I am catching up on emails over the weekend.  Hold tight!
  • November 26.  I am doing Logistics the next few days: review equipment, prepare contracts, interview artists, and so forth.  Get those projects under the brush!
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I'm answering emails today.  
  • November 21.  Remember to grab one of the six slots for my December L3 special.  December special 
  • November 20.  Life is good.  I'm here every day getting projects through.
  • November 19.  Running my L3 December special (starting now Nov 19, so get the limited slots while they're hot)  December special now.  It's so good people are always asking about it.
  • November 17.  The majority of projects are sailing through easily and on time.  New talent is producing some solid work. 
  • November 16.  If delays in your project have caused you grief, I really am sorry.  I know a blanket apology isn't as good, but if you want one individually, give me a call at 801 372 7661.  And if I'm over four months (yeesh!) and really craving some closure, I have "stuff" and you're welcome to get some of it and be done. Among other things, you can get a webstore credit for in the amount of whatever you paid plus 10%.  And since most items are about half off, that's double your money.  And the credit is good for six months so you have a while to see what good stuff goes up there. Again, I am sorry, and I hope you're not carrying it around inside.
  • November 15.  I have been training my ass off.  Three talented new recruits are producing some promising results.
  • November 14. I am here every day.  Today I am writing up contracts and getting projects lined up for artists.
  • November 11.  I am taking new orders.  
  • November 10.  More packing.  Working with new apprentice: Maddie.
  • November 9. I have interviewed loads of new artists for an opening and they are so talented.  I'm really spoiled for choice.  I'm behind on my emails.
  • November 8.  Just sent out ten packages.  That should clear up all that needs to go out.  I put some new lots up on  It's around half price there.
  • October 30.  This page gets a LOT of view.  Why is that?  Today I'm putting up new listings on  
  • October 29.  BTP Painter Katya has arrived in Moscow safe and sound.  I am running my DnD game tonight.  Taking a day off.  Running Errands with my darling Willow.
  • October 28. Unpacked a bunch of packages today.  It's dirty work but someone has to do it.
  • October 27. Another gorgeous Autumn day
  • October 25.  Another run to the PO and it is all out.  I have sent tracking numbers.  Met with three artists: Virginia, Rick and Katya.
  • October 23.  Hello tons of people who come here every day.  All packed up.  Finished Trollbloods (except grass) tonight.
  • October 21. I have my teenage daughter for the weekend.  We are packing up ALL packages, working on the last few of them today.  If in US you should see your models middle of the coming week.  We ship "signature required".  Still looking for another assembler.
  • October 19.  Good morning hundreds of people who for some reason visit this page every day (but don't buy anything or say anything). Packing and shipping today.  Thank you all for choosing BTP.  I am working every day to move things downfield.
  • October 18. I am working on Instructions today.Update: I prepped a lot of projects today.
  • October 15. Massive packing spree.  All ready to go out on Monday. I'm down to fifty emails and I'm knocking them out.  Time to get some painting done!
  • October 13. Running all day. 
  • October 11.  Interviewed a part time assembler.  Katya came by with some Zombicide, she is doing a ton better, and super lucky to even be alive-- she told me the whole story.  Also a few other artists.  I kicked back all projects today.  Organized my office and vacuumed.  I have like ten things to pack up, with goal of out by Friday as many of them are whole armies.
  • October 10.  I am looking for a few Genestealer Cult sections of the Overkill game.
  • October 9.  After Valhalla I'm super behind on my emails, please hold tight.
  • October 4.  Almost all (but like five) packages are on the way.  I'll be sending out tracking soon.  I got to actually get in a few games!  I am still setting up new projects.
  • Valhalla starts today.  I will be back on October 10th.  I'm doing tons of great videos.  I am making one last great push to get out packages today (all).
  • September 27.  Guys, I am going from dawn to dusk keeping the normal items going and on top of that painting four armies for Valhalla.  It's not going to clear up until October 10.  I have to make a postal run Friday.  I would LOVE to set up some new projects.  That's all I ask.  Many projects are getting done in a speedy 2-4 weeks.
  • September 26.  Met w Rick and Virginia this morning, new projects lined up.  I have a LOT to do in prep for Valhalla next week.
  • September 21.  Running all day to get those project lined up!
  • September 20.  Packed a number of packages today.  It is a beautiful day.  I interviewed a new artist.
  • 2016
  • September 16.  Sent out 13x packages today, and another round is going out soon. I met with Rick this morning.  I actually slept in and was awoken by the knock, so he got greeted at the door by a crazy wizard (the hair).  We talked about next level stuff for like an hour.  Also met with Vi and I now have two projects waiting in digital photography.
  • September 11.  Long-time BTP painter Katya had a stroke.  She is very young for such an event and we are sending her waves of positive vibes.
  • September 10.  Met with Tiffany to go over her Deathgaurd project.  All is looking good.  I am packing up a few packages and going to PO tomorrow AM.And Katie, look for the vid.
  • September 9.  I meet with a few artists a day.  Today I met with Mike and we put the finishing work on a Death Korps army.
  • September 5.  Want to settle up your project at 10% off?  Today's the day.  You can also make a tidy expansion to your project with one of our Labor Week Specials--   For September 5-10 (pick one):
    A) 40% off on painting with Artistic License.
    B) 40% off on painting L3 for large projects (200+ models)
    C) 50% off on painting for large Boardgame projects with "just get it done" level of painting.  50+ figures.
  • September 4.  I'm here every day, moving things along.  Today I trained Virginia, an extremely talented painter.  She's already going on her first project!
  • August 31.  Met with Wes and loaded him up for Assembly.  I am conducting two interviews today for new painters.  The first one was Virginia and she is insanely talented and starting her trial run in a few days.
  • August 29.  I feel amazing today.  Already working along steadily.
  • August 26.  Caitlin (the woman from my Gladiator Games vid) is on board now and starting on some projects.  I feel completely fortunate
  • August 25.  Got out 25x packages today.  I feel awesome.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  To all of you.  Thank you so much.
  • Guys, I am still working through emails so if you're waiting on a response from me please just hold tight.
  • August 17.  Answering emails and packing today.  Packages going out tomorrow.
  • August 15.  Paperwork day today!  Yay!
  • August 13. Down to 17x emails which is really low, been working on them all day.
  • August 12. Twelve packages in today.   This puts the balance of projects yet further downfield.  Yay.  Also had Wes, Katie and Katya by.  Turnaround is getting hotter and hotter.  Had a project be finished in sixteen days recently.  I'm going to take a day (mostly) off tomorrow.
  • August 10.  Don't worry, I'm here every day.   Met with Tyler today and got him lined up for a spread of new projects in August/September/October.  Sent out twelve packages.  Ten more going out soon.  I need to get $ for school clothes and supplies for my kiddos.   
  • August 9.  I am getting down to my FLGS to pick up packages soon.  Don't panic!
  • August 5. Met w/Katie.  She's a powerhouse.
  • August 4. I have 55 emails to answer today, got ten done already.  Not that many really, about a full working day.  Plus I'm taking pics of completed projects (there are four). Update: cranked out forty-five emails today.  Got in thirty leaves twenty for tomorrow.
  • August 3.  Twenty packages packed up today, and ready to go out.  Everything caught up.  Yay!  I'm watching "Friends" on Netflix and I'm on season six.  I can actually feel myself getting stupider. 
  • August 2.  I am here every day, moving projects forward.  My goal- have all projects that are in the studio assigned to artist by August 15th.
  •  August 1.  Wow, over a week since I wrote a blurb.  Well, I'm moving forward every day.  Sent out a ton of projects in the mail the other day, just a few oddball sizes left (for which I bought boxes today).  Plus the usual emails, not much to write home about.  Also, I have my seven year old daughter for a few days and we went to the park to feed the geese.  Canada Geese are in the park in giant flocks and she was standing the middle of a swarm of about fifty.  Magic.  Also, working on a studio Rotbringers army and my buddy Jared is doing Sylvaneth.
  • There are a LOT of people visiting this page every day.  Way more than the amount of active clients.  I only have one thing to say: 40K, warhammer, miniatures painting service, age of sigmar, infinity, how to paint, valhalla, malifaux, dropzone commander, war machine, hordes, privateer press.  Also, check out the new special for this week.
  • July 21. All orders are packed up and ready to go, even webstore orders.
  • July 20. I'm behind on shipping, will get them out by Friday.  USPS Priority will see most to you by Monday in the US.
  • July 16. Still recovering from Salt Lake Gladiator Games.
  • July 14.  Only five days left for the assembly special. Got in eleven packages yesterday.  All have been updated below.
  • July 11.  Guess what?  Approximately 50/80 projects are in some kind of active state of work or assignment.  Also, check out  I've got a lot of cool new listings up.
  • July 10.  I am packing for the next few days. 
  • July 8 2016. I'm getting new listings up on  I'm doing a weekend special: $20 off on an order of $100 or more using cost TZ20   I'm supposed to be packing packages but I'm putting it off.
  • July 7... late.  Today was incredibly productive.  I interviewed and hired a new artist (a hobbyist) and met with two other artists for training and critiquing.  Met with a local soloist to discuss collaboration, and also did a battle report.  Plus answering emails.
  • July 7.  More people visit this page each day than have projects out.  What is going on?  All projects are on track for completion.  I now have twelve artists active and I intend on assigning 80% of all projects in the next few weeks.
  • July 6. Arianna and I met to go over her projects and discuss color schemes and techniques.
  • July 5.  I am here.  Wes came by.  He is now working on ten conversion-type projects for July and early August.  Everything that you see under his name is being worked on.
  • July 4.  Happy Independence Day.  I am working this weekend, today included.  I have no plans. 
  •  June 30.  Still ONE slot for my half-off special.  Also, I want to get two sets of Silver Tower booked up in July.  Special is $75 for the box set if you commission it.  Costs for 51x figures is: $825 for painting L3/4 and $198 for assembly.
  •  June 22. Tyler came by yesterday to go over details-- his work is looking really good.  Also met with Rick and assigned a project.  And new assembler Mike.  All work is looking good.  My goal is to assign all projects to active work by July 14th.
  • June 21. Got in a lot of packages, and unpacked them.  Prep work for delivery to artists has begun.
  • June 20. Don't worry, I'm here every day!  Got two new artists oriented and trained in BTP style and they are already working on new projects.  Welcome Emily and Tyler.
  • June 14. I am answering emails all day.  I feel at peace.  I am doing the best I can, and then I go to sleep.  I have four new artists getting orientation in the next week.  they are all very talented and have eye-popping portfolios.  A lot of Fine Arts degrees coming through.  That's on top of the four new artists that are already trained and cracking the whip on projects currently.  So with twelve artists thumping, it should make short work of the whole sixty projects in line right now.
  • June 25.  I will do any army-sized project (or huge project) for HALF the painting cost.  Limited time (July 1-5).  Two slots only.
  • June 24. Katie, Geoff, and Emily by today.
  • June 23 2016.  Please remember guys, that it's just me answering all emails.  I'm going as fast as I can! I have an office assistant now (she's great!) but I'm still training her on everything.
  • June 12. Taking a day off to be with the family and to work on the Ultimate Fantasy Roleplaying project.
  • June 10.  Hello all, I am here every day.  You can reach me at 801 372 7661
  • June 9. I was going sixteen hours yesterday.  Oh yeah!
  • June 8.  A few weeks ago my main assembler conked out unexpectedly.  I have been solving this by having painters do basic assembly.  Simple and effective.  I have also brought on EIGHT new artists in recent weeks.  They are very talented and motivated and already producing outstanding work.  The backlog will start to melt away soon! 
  • June 7. I am raising a notable amount of money to get the new studio set up ($13K).  If anyone wants to back this I'm willing to discuss all sorts of arrangements.
  • June 2.  Training of new talent is proceeding very well.
  • I have hired two new painters.  They are very, very talented and will start their orientation on May 27th.  Melissa and Geoff.  Would you like to meet them?
  • There are a lot of people visiting this page, way more than normal.  Why is this?
  • May 23rd-- over the weekend I met with three artists and assigned projects.  I interviewed two new potential artists.  Many projects need to be updated on this sheet.  I also have a TON of digital photography waiting.
  • May 20th-- checking out a new round of projects today and over the weekend.  I am on the ball. 
  • May 18th-- I have projects lined up for artists to work on them.  I am interviewing replacements for Josh soon.  Those are some big shoes to fill..
  • May 17th-- Got in nine packages today.
  • May 16th-- a comprehensive inventory of is now complete.  All projects that are paid for (except CSAR) are shipped. If you are in the US, you should have them by Thursday, May 19th.
  • May 9th-- artists are coming and going with projects.  Got in about seven packages today.
  • May 7th-- going to pick up packages at FLGS on Monday.  There are six!  Plus models that were ordered.  I'm offering one (1) wholesale account
  • May 6th-- I went by the old studio and found No packages.  Packages sent to my FLGS are being received easily and successfully.
  • May 5th-- I had a staffer go by USPS, UPS and Fedex today and we have NO packages there.  Also the old Spanish Fork studio (nothing) SO if you show a package as delivered we need to look into it right away!

  • Hello beloved clients, thank you so much for your business.  I met with Chris yesterday and got two projects in, and assigned four new projects.  I am doing shipping Wednesday.  All projects marked "Completed" should already be TO you if in US.
  • I have found the new studio.  It is... amazing. Better than the Valhalla locations we've had at Sundance. I'm rounding up cash for the up front costs.  I'm offering one (1) wholesale account   Email me for details.  ONE.  Also, I'm going to be running the School of Paintology and Ultimate DnD there.  It's all coming together... mwahahahahahaaaa!
  • I am down to nine utility emails now.  Response time is very swift now and I'm ready to set up new projects over the weekend.  Also, if you show "Models Incoming" but know that your package is in my area, contact me right away.  I have several staffers picking up and re-routing packages to me.
  • Wednesday 4/20.  Hope you're all having a good time. With very very low overhead, BTP is powering forward on production.  I am down to 40 emails from an all time high of 220 about a week ago.
  • For the time being, send packages signature required to Blue Table Painting, c/o Blakfyre Games  391 S Main St, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

  • Katelyn was in today and packed up the remainder of the projects that were ready and shipped out about ten boxes.  Jeff picked up about twelve projects for assembly.  All projects are in progress in one form or another.  If you are sending in a package, and your tracking shows as delivered BUT it still lists as "Models Incoming" here they you should contact me.
  • Got a LOT done today!  Monday.  
  • I got a mystery package from "L. Chandler".  Who is?
  • I am in SLC.  New studio will be up and running in the April 15-30 range.  In the meantime we are running the studio "guerrilla warfare" style, meeting with artists one on one.
  • I am behind on emails, caught up on shipping.
  •  I am in the studio every day this week, rest assured everything is getting methodical attention.
  • Studio is closed part-day today Jan 27 for a training run.  It's best to text me (or call if you wish) at 801 372 7661 my personal cell. 
  • I am back in the studio.  Running three February Specials
    • February specials (for new set up from Feb 2-28): For a whole army where you order models* through BTP, the cost of models is 32% off. For Example: a $150 Storm Surge is $102. 
    • Two slots open for the massive instant gratification that is the Call to Arms program I feel very good about this service. 
    • All Xenos races for 40K are 20% off on painting with artistic license (we pick color scheme within reason). That can be a huge savings. 
    •  February 2-10 you get $50 of free conversion work (on a project of $250 or more) this is cumulative with others
    • *There are limitations-- commonly available models only, like GW plastics or stuff you get through a distributor. Not Forge World or specialist imports for example
      **specials are limited time, limited quantity and may end early.
      ***specials are not cumulative with other specials.
* For Call to Arms program (large armies), and only applies to commonly available items (ie not imports, special orders, or Forge World).  Limited time, limited quantity.
  • Friday 12/18.  I'm here all day finishing up before I hibernate for two weeks.  The last part of December I will be focusing on setting up projects (especially Call to Arms) projects for January.    So, I am available via e  I have Chad (you remember Chad?) coming in 1-5pm Monday and Tuesday next week.  Other than that, artists mostly have two weeks of work lined up. 
  • Almost all packages are packed up and due to be shipped out today.  I am setting up Call to Arms projects for January.  Today I am advancing a LOT of projects into assembly as noted below 12/15/2015
  • Karina is coming in Tuesday to pack all packages.  Contact me on Monday night if you want to verify that your package is lined up in the packing room.  Next train is on Wednesday.
  • Friday through Sunday I'll be answering emails/inquiries.  Zero down, eighty to go! This coming week I'm making a huge push to get projects into assembly/painting.
  • Thank you to all cleints!  Got in a bunch of packages today, so that area is updated.
  • It is my goal to finish all current projects in December, January, and February while at the same time ramp up "project by appointment" during that same time.  If you want to set up an army-sized project for a specific time slot I am taking orders for completion in January.
  • I am hiring new painters.
  • Monday 11/30 answering a ton of emails.
  • Thursday 11/19/2015 I'm getting projects ready to go into Assembly so be sure your Instructions sheets are in.  I am very pleased to say that only seven projects still need materials in, which means that the project flow is going a lot more smoothly.
  • Tuesday, I took a day off and now I'm back. Bretonnian mega-project is now done and I'm turning to project prep (getting projects into assembly).
  •  I am  back and in the saddle, Monday at 9am.  Answering emails!  Karina is due in today to do packing.
  •  I am out of town for the weekend and answering emails.  Ready to set up new projects.
  • Email is back up and running
  • Please use to contact me!
  • Karina came in tonight (October 26) and packed up like twenty packages. I'm working on Instructions tonight to get projects ready to go into assembly tomorrow
  • Three new painters on a trial week has turned into one new hire.
  • Over thirty packages went out the last few days!
  • Interviewing new artists, three interviews so far this week with trials of talented new artists coming in for BTP training tomorrow 10/08
  • BTP is up and going strong.  TONS of packages getting packed up today.
  • BTP will be closed from now until Friday, October 2nd.  All projects are on track for completion.  Artists have two weeks of projects to work on.  Project Update web page is current.  I have a staffer collecting packages.
  • If you want to set up a whole army project, Skype bluetablepainting
  • We are backlogged in shipping so just hold tight.  Packergirl Tamie is out for the week, but US residents will get their deliveries in the September 21-25 range.
  • *old posts at bottom
  • Answered a ton of emails over LD weekend, down to about 18 all told which is amazing.
  • Time to hire a new painter.
  • Email count 33 Main, 9 Projects, 3 Inquiries.  This is a VERY low count.  I am catching up!
  • Please don't send cases or transports with your models.  There is an extra charge to ship them back as they are so bulky.
  • Monday August 10th.  I have a personal life now, yay for me.  If you have a project and would like to switch it out for an existing army or collection that BTP owns of equal or slightly higher value (your favor) I want to do that.  My goal: get the project load from 105~ to 60.
  • Friday August 7th- I am answering people who want quotes for the next three days.  Steve our old inquiries guy will be answering as many of the fifty or so inquiry emails on Sunday as he can.  Welcome back Steve!
  • Active artists: 12
  • BTP historically finishes 100-170 projects every quarter (three months)
  • Right now, the status at BTP is that there is a lump of project going into assembly.  This will get smoothed out as it takes the assemblers 1-2 weeks to get it all done.
  • If your project does not appear on the list, please contact UNLESS you have sent your deposit within the last eight days in which case you should just rest easy.


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