Monday January 28, 2008

Picture: an Eldar Biel Tan Falcon. This is part of a trio of fully magnetized tanks. I know they're good because I wish they were mine!

Yesterday was insane. I had a huge inbox of inquiries, now all answered. I've also been working on house formulas for painting glazes.

I spent several hours working with a rookie painter. Invariably, we bring on experienced artists, but almost all are rookies with regards to painting miniatures full time. Nothing could prepare you for doing this full time professionally. The battlefield is littered with the bodies of those who thought this would be a good idea.

See Angela have a nervous breakdown. I will probably not keep this up for long. This is not the typical sentiment of artists, BUT I recorded it to lend credence to my warnings to new painters. Painting for personal satisfaction is one thing: painting a relentless load of figures week in and week out is another.

I am very picky about who I bring on board. I am merciless for those first six months. All artists must learn the three inch punch. You're more likely to wash out as a painter at BTP in the first three months than you are joining the Navy Seals. However, once an artist is over the hump, the retention is really good.

Speaking of which, we are light in the area of Assembly. I need to find someone who can fill that need, doing Assembly mostly and filling in as a Painter as needed. You need to be able to assemble a lot of figures week after week, and do it cleanly and with expert, narrative conversions, bases, and (basic) green stuff. If you're interested, drop me an email with some information about yourself. This is a full-time deal! Several people have even moved here successfully.

It takes about a year for a BTP painter to really get his or her "sea legs". That's when it gets good.

This weekend I'm having a Paint Fest out at my house for Blue Table's artists. I plan on working on the Sentinels for my Imperial Guard Lions Rampant army.

Various Artists dropped by and it was ever so nice to chat with them. I was at the studio until 10pm. My wife wasn't happy about that, but that's what it took to get the job done!

As some may have heard, the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has passed away. My wife and I were very sad. It is likely that he will be succeeded by Thomas S. Monson. Both are grandfatherly figures to us, full of wisdom and encouragement. Gordon B. Hinckley was always so optimistic, telling us young people that we had everything to live for and that life would just keep getting better.



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