Get Well Soon!

[emails like this make it all worth it]

Dear Shawn,

[Just before Thanksgiving] I was rushed to the ER and then the next thing I know I'm having back surgery so again I'm sorry I wasnt able to keep in touch but I will make up for it now I was released on Thanksgiving of all days.

I would like to say few things.  My wife and kids were a great help and a blessing but they couldn't be there all the time while I was recovering. That's when Blue Table Painting came in I had my Nook and was able to watch your battle reports and I also dreamed about my Beastmen army coming from dark forests blending in to woods dark forms moving then a loud bellow from Grunt One-horn and the cries of fear from the humans as they know their fate.

I think I'm just trying to say thank you.

You and your team helped me take my mind off the pain and the worry.




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