Full Death Korps army

This army is now on the webstore.  Here they are.

 All models painted are at BTP L3 or higher.  We could finish the army quite handily, providing for you a complete finished army.  You would save naturally on assembly and painting as a lot of this work is done.

If you are interested in just a part of this, or just one model, don't worry if there are no takers on this within a day or two it will be up again and split up into individual units.

OK, one pic

-10 Man Death Korps of Krieg Infantry squad "2 are painted well and are also completely based" X7 (that's 70 infantrymen)
-2 Platoon Command Squads "1 Painted well and based"
-1 Command HQ Squad
-1 10 man Grenadier Squad "Painted well and not based"
-6 Autocannon Teams
-6 Death Riders "1 Painted not based"
-4 Heavy Mortars "3 Painted well"
-3 Medusa Siege Guns "3 Painted well"
-Death Korps of Krieg Artillery Crew X4
-Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Artillery Crew X3 "Un-assembled and still in boxes"
-1 Forge World Mars Pattern Leman Russ Vanquisher Tank
-2 Forge World Mars Pattern Leman Russ Demolisher Tanks "Both Painted very well, with normal Battlecannon options" and trench rails upgrade
-1 Avenger Strike Fighter Flyer
-1 Games Workshop metal Tech Priest



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