Wish List

Here's how it works.

Send me something I want and I'll do something for you.  You are of course welcome to send something just out of your own goodness or perhaps as a thank you.

I want to improve my situation in life as well as that of my family, workers and the community.

Send items ATTN Shawn to:
55 East 100 North
Spanish Fork UT 84660

If you want to take me up on one of my offers, just email me at jazzmouth@yahoo.com my personal email and include "Wish List" in your subject line.

Inside the package (or in the email notes), include your own contact information so I know who to credit appropriately.  You can use a credit to pay for or pay off a project.

Gift Cards

Pick up a gift card for $100 (multiples OK, up to a total of $500).  A physical gift card is OK, sent to the regular address above OR an email-type one to jazzmouth@yahoo.com

Men's Warehouse
Christopher and Banks 
Office Max

What you get for each multiple of $100
A) a www.bluetablestore.com gift certificate for $130 (this buys about $200 retail worth of stuff)
B) a service credit for BTP assembly and painting for $110
C) I will make four videos of your choice*

Studio Dark Elves Army
Oh, the batreps that we can do with this one.  Plus minis for D and D.

1x Battle Magic: Dark Elves
1x Cauldron of Blood
1x Dreadlord on Black Dragon
1x Shadowblade
1x Black Ark Fleetmaster
1x Sorceress
3x boxes of Witch Elves
1x box Corsairs
2x boxes Doomfire Warlocks
3x boxes Black Guard
2x Reaper Bolt Throwers
1x box Shades
1x War Hydra
2x boxes Dreadspears

This is about $720 retail

What you get
Pick one of the following

A) a www.bluetablestore.com gift certificate for $1000
B) a service credit for BTP assembly and painting for $800
C) I will make thirty videos of your choice*

*For making you vids I will do the following

  • A batrep with armies that I have, you pick.  I will get an opponent of your choice depending on if they are available.  Remember that a batrep counts as four vids.  If I can I will use a list of your choice, assuming I have the models.
  • I will comment on virtually any subject (personal, hobby, or business as you like) at length
  • I will interview any staff member on almost any subject (hobby or business)
  • Army list commentary by myself or a staff member of your choice (including army building advice)



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