Sisters of Avelorn concept army

Would you like this done for you?  The cost is 

$1120 for materials
$2490 for painting
$850 for assembly and kit-work 

This army is dual-use, it can be used as a Wood Elves army as well.  The two Treeman (one Ancient) are the only models that are only for one side. 

Unit Name Level QTY
Light Elf Mage (from Avatars of War) 6 1
High Elf Hero on Ibex (Based on Morvahna) 6 1
Flamespyre Phoenix 4 1
Asharath from Raging Heroes (as BSB) 6 1
Handmaiden of the Everqueen 6 1
Lothern Sea Guard (from Sisters of Avelorn kit) 4 30
Silver Helm (Sisters of Avelorn/Sisters of Thorn) 4 15
Phoenix Guard 4 30
Sisters of Avelorn 3 20
Lothern Skycutter 4 1
Repeater Bolt Thrower and two crew 4 2
Treeman 4 2
Giant Eagle 4 2
Alarrielle the Radiant 6 1

What needs to get ordered
3x Sisters of Avelorn (for Sea Guard)
2x Sisters of Avelorn (for Silver Helms and Bolt Throwers)
2x Sisters of Avelorn (as themselves)
1x Sisters of Avelorn (Skycutter crew and extras)
3x Wildwood Rangers (for Phoenix Guard, BTP absorbs, credited) $120
1x Alarielle the Radiant
3x Sisters of the the Thorn boxes
3x Sisters of the the Thorn boxes (BTP absorbs, credited) $120
1x Handmaiden of the Everqueen
1x Phoenix
2x Bolt Throwers
2x Giant Eagles
2x Treemen

1x Avatars of War Light Elf Mage
1x Raging Heroes Asharah
1x Privateer Press Morvahna on Ibex

Please pull move trays as follows, as well as plating the entire army
Eight 20mm 5x2
Three cavalry 5x1

Magnetize all flyers on rods!
This entire army has to fit into a 720 Battlefoam case, so please convert and assemble with this in mind.
This is a concept army, so please bear in mind that you will need to assemble with reasonableness.  If something seems amiss or out of scale please bring it to Shawn’s attention right away.

1x Alarielle the Radiant—assemble stock
1x Mage (based on Avatars of War Light Elf Mage)—Assemble stock
1x Hero Battle Standard Bearer (based on Raging Heroes Asharah)—Assemble but give a suitably cool banner.  Use the book left arm and take the staff tip and make that the header on the banner.  Don’t just use that piece, though, you wil need to actually brass rod or work something up that is durable.
1x Handmaiden of the Everqueen—Assemble stock
1x Morvahna (convert on to cavalry base, and replace torso with plastics to fit with the rest of the army)

30x Lothern Sea Guard—You are using three Sisters of Avelorn kits for this.  Instead of the flaming bows, though, you will use the regular bows from the Shadow Warrior parts within the same kit.  You are converting two of the front rankers (the two that are not command models) into spear wielding models.  This will introduce the spear element to the unit and indicate WYSIWYG that they are sea guard rather than regular archers.  If you can somehow introduce natural-looking spears to the remainder, then do that as well.

15x Silver Helms—You are using Sisters of Thorn as the base model.  You further have two boxes of Sisters of Avelorn here, for twenty models.  Use fifteen for this unit and set the remainder aside as they are needed as crew for various other units.  Use the Sisters of Avelorn torsos on the riders.  Set the torsos for the Sisters of Thorn aside as you will use them for other conversions.  You will convert on high elf lances or something equivalent.  Once the models are together and you sort through the various bitz it should be obvious what will work ascetically.

30x Phoenix Guard—Now you are using the Sisters of Avelorn as the base model.   But it gets a little tricky here.  You will need to make them have Halberds.  You’re going to use the blades from the Wildwood Rangers.  You may need to alter this kitbash as needed, for example, the whole arms of the wildwood rangers might fit and that might look good.

1x Skycutter—Just get Sisters of Avelorn on there with the right armament.

2x Giant Eagles—stock, whatever is provided for this item.

1x Flamespyre Phoenix—stock

2x Bolt Throwers—Sisters of Avelorn for crew.  Be sure they still have the equipment and trappings of the crew (not just their regular weapons).

20x Sisters of Avelorn as themselves.

2x Treemen—one as Ancient the other as regular.



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