Wanted List

I am looking to acquire the following models (through purchase or trade). I would prefer assembled but unpainted (but other conditions OK).  Current in-print edition models only, please.

1x Skaven Lightning Cannon
60x Skaven Clanrats (plastic, in print)
1x Verminlord Skreech
1x Thanquol and Boneripper

Mierce Miniatures "Shaggoths"
12x Dragon Ogres
1x Dark Elves Dragon

1x Lord Arcanum on Dracoline
1x Astreia Solbright
6x Evocators on Dracolines
1x Sequitors
6x Vanguard Palladors
6x Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows

Genestealer Cult:
3x Trucks of any type
10x Jackals/Wolfquads
4x various new characters

1x Durthu (or a regular treeman with the bitz needed)
6x Kurnoth Hunters
10x Dryads
1x Drycha Hamadryeth

Nighthaunt Army 

Whatever composition

5x Eldar Cockpit covers

15x Eldar Rangers
3x Rhinoxen-- Just need the bodies, but riders too is OK

Send information/offers to projects@bluetablepainting.com

Check www.bluetablestore.com 
My standing offer for any models on my list is a webstore coupon for 70% of the retail value of your trade.  Bear in mind that since most of my items are discounted generously, you are likely to get a favorable retail to retail trade.

We can also work out for money.  I pay 50% of retail for models in favorable condition, and 30-40% for not-so-great.



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